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Company's Slogan Company's Vision Company's Mission Special Notes Company Type Industry Sector Products / Services An action packed year HT Media strives to be a visionary organization and not an organization with a vision. In our endeavour to have a shared understanding, alignment and commitment, we have derived our company¶s vision that sets the course and empowers people to take action. Private Sector Entertainment and Media

1. Printing/Publication of Newspapers 2. Printing/Publication of Periodicals 3. Radio & Television Broadcasting and Related Services Our values drive us towards our goals of expansion, diversification and excellence. These values define our philosophy of operations, guide our important decisions and determine our commitment and achievement.

and Miss Worldwide India etc. As part of its expansion into electronic media. Moreover. HT Media launched a national business newspaper ± Mint. entered the FM radio market in key Indian cities with its channel Fever 104. HT Media. Hindustan aspires to become an ally to its readers in their quest for success. It has consistently been ranked amongst the top 10 news sites in the world by Forbes and offers in-depth coverage and analysis to its is the integrated offering with Mint. is one of the largest news portals in the country. livemint. In addition to high-quality reportage. combines the editorial strength of Mint with a best-inclass web interface and a selection of online tools that aid the users to stay on top of the developments in the business world as well as help them with investments. PACE has made the newspaper an integral part of a child¶s curriculum. The groups business . with over 10 million unique visitors and 100 million page views per month. This has been done successfully using several events and seminars like Hindustan Times Leadership Summit. has remarkably maintained the tradition of ours as the first Indian media company to have organized this expo. As part of its aggressive growth strategy and endeavours to build a robust Internet business. in February 2007 ± with an exclusive agreement with Wall Street Journal to publish Journal-branded news and information in India. The business news website. set our company in the league of top notch organisations which are always in the lookout of avenues to widen their clientele. and runs Shine. livemint. inaugurated by Mahatma Gandhi in 1924. it fetched huge ad revenues to the company. Livemint. in consulting partnership with Virgin Radio. much to the chagrin of other media houses. is India¶s largest single-edition daily. Print Works 2010 . Firefly acquired a social networking site ± Desimartini. This division identifies growth companies and enters into strategic partnerships with them. The overall objective is to create a strategic platform wherein different companies can come together and benefit with the synergies of partnering with each other. recognizing the importance of Internet as the most important media vehicle of the Riding on the phenomenal success of the newspaper in Delhi. The group has also been highly active in programmes with school children through PACE (Partnerships for Action in Education) covers business and related news in India as well as across the± for jobseekers and employers. The ambition for the brand is to become a partner of progress for the youth in the Hindi belt. Mint Luxury Summit. The events and marketing solutions have been working with new innovative thought ideas to help businesses reach their target users.HT Media Limited is a mammoth player in the print media in India. Hindustan Times made a successful entry into the commercial capital of India ± Mumbai. A front-runner of all NIE initiatives of the country.Print Works a one stop shop for space selling in any of the publications in HT. Hindustan Times. the flagship publication of the group. The group now intends to further consolidate its already established position as a vibrant and modern media powerhouse. It is ensconced in the minds of people as a newspaper of editorial excellence and integrity. The novel concept. the Hindi daily from HT Media. Delhi Shopping Festival. 2 channel in Delhi in a span of just two"Strategic Partnerships" . in July 2005. The group has diversified itself across different media to access consumers and businesses. Hindustan. Firefly e-ventures was launched as an HT Media company. has been is growing phenomenally. is a name to reckon with in today's times. The group's news portal Hindustantimes. continuously endeavours to add value to education and a new dimension to classroom it took place barely a few months after the media marketing departments .a trusted partner of schools. Firefly also launched an education portal. Held for five days in April has crossed 5 million. The registrations on Shine. bringing about significant value addition in and around the editorial product. which has grown to become the No. The extent of its presence is undisputed in that it is the top leader in the English newspaper market in North India and occupies second place in the Hindi newspaper market in North India and East India. aimed at students passing out of school and college to help them take the right decision about their higher education. dedicated to cater to the advertising needs of growth companies by providing them a cashless form of advertising and building up their brands thereby enhancing the value of the business. Hindustan Times. HTCampus.

etc. a mega prize of Toyota Fortuner will also be given after a lucky draw.of Hindustan Times. diversification and excellence. we believe our values drive us towards our committed goals of expansion. together.. It won¶t be wrong to say that Print Works reaped the harvest. Hindustan and Mint were integrated. Burda Druck GmbH is one of Europe¶s leading media companies. is positioned to provide an array of value-added services to its Domestic and . the highly efficient workflow ensures quality.. HT Burda Media Ltd. Services Given its lineage. The company¶s core competency is its digital pre-press. To woo the advertisers. both partners bring over 100 years of experience in printing. is a joint venture between HT Media Ltd. Pioneers in their respective fields. media. video. India. As a longtime partner of the Hubert Burda Media publishers and a variety of external publishing and Akzidenzkunden in different industries. At HT Burda Media Ltd. web applications. Burda Druck GmbH knows first and what it takes. engaged primarily in the business of magazine publishing and commercial printing. seeds of which were sown during this integration. IT workflows. Along with its subsidiary companies. and Burda Druck GmbH. it reaches across the wide spectrum of photography. Print & Digital Services Stand out! Standing out in today's cluttered market place is by far the biggest challenge brand marketer's face. The joint venture leverages HT Media's world-class expertise in printing and publishing and Burda's large global multimedia operation. Handling mold manufacturing with great precision. HT Burda HT Burda Media Ltd. Germany. combining it with India's unique competitive advantage to offer publishers international printing standards at a cost advantage.

and IKEA. The two Rotogravure Presses can produce more than 50. France. fashion and lifestyle apart from interactive features like celebrity chats. It brings to its loyal and discerning audience. which is primarily a news website with 10 million unique visitors and over 100 million pages viewed per HindustanTimes.. are aligned towards bringing international quality standards and services to all our customers through timely deliveries at a cost advantage.000 copies per was ranked amongst the top 10 international news sites by Forbes in is today a leader in the online news space. at HT Burda Media Ltd. exclusive. please visit our website at www.. HT Syndication is the largest news aggregator and distributor of news content from the Indian subcontinent (India. Gravure printing is environment friendly since 90% of the chemical in the vapour form from print is captured back. HT Syndication To meet the growing demand of news content across the world. saddle stitch and finish online 96 pages (A4) with self-cover (same inner and cover paper) at the same speed. Hindustantimes. The Gravure press has 16 cylinder circumferences that allow for different cut-off sizes. It brings to its readers live scores. along with in-depth web exclusives on politics.International customers. Reel width can go up to 2. entertainment. they are more efficient in paper builds on the stories carried in the newspaper and is updated round the clock with latest and breaking news stories along with exclusive coverage by its editorial staff. Sweden. HT Syndication is also the.45 m so the number of pages printed per forme can be 96 pages per sheet for A4 Visit: http://www. authentic and unbiased content. reprocessed and recycled. Rotogravure printing and paper gives better opacity. the site is today one of the most popular destinations for news and information content seekers on the web. The printed paper is also easily recycled for use at paper mills. Since Gravure presses can accommodate variations in height and width due to the number of cylinder circumferences available. One of the presses can print. Hindustantimes. For a complete list of the offerings available from HT Burda. and Nepal). is a popular destination for cricketing bytes. Sri A comprehensive news launched its content syndication business in 2004. Speed ± 40.000 tonnes of paper per year. discussion forums etc.hindustantimes. business. ball by ball updates and player and team statistics at the click of a button. The site also provides sections written by popular columnists. involving conversion of 15. Gravure colour is generally deeper and richer than offset. new economy. Bangladesh.more Radio . business tools. HTBurda Media Ltd. In addition to the news content. high-calibre content along with in-depth reportage that allows its surfers to follow a story in depth. It carries along the legacy of bringing to its readers credible. These machines can print from 36 to 110 gsm.htburda. Hindustantimes. Gravure presses can run a lighter and less expensive paper. HindustanTimes.000 tonnes of paper in the first year. Gravure can print on coated and supercalendered paper that is lighter than 39 gsm. has already bagged two prestigious orders from OUTIROR.. We.

The company entered the private FM radio market in the four main cities of Delhi. Mumbai. Mumbai. Fever 104 FM is a contemporary hits music station that plays a mix of regional. . national and international hits. Bangalore and Kolkata. Fever 104 FM . was formed in technical collaboration with the Virgin group.It¶s all about the music Fever 104 FM. owned by HT Media Limited.HT Media Limited Fever 104 FM is the premium radio station currently operational in the Indian cities of Delhi. Bangalore and Kolkata with the brand Fever 104 FM. Strategic Partnerships Building Synergetic Partnership Overall objective is to create a strategic platform wherein different companies can come together and benefit with the synergies of partnering with each other.

How is it structured? Key Features of Strategic Partnerships: Who should be interested? 1. can avail of the same through HT Strategic Partnerships. In such a case they can avail of the benefits accruing to HT Strategic Partnerships. Who do we help companies reach out to? . and brand communications. Free media planning advisory services and creative development by experienced resources and experts in brand communication. y Access to the vast and experienced pool of management expertise of HT Media for any kind of guidance and support. media planning. As a strategic partner. y Complete flexibility to advertise across different media properties of HT Media group and for any of the products of the company. thereby enhancing the value of the business. The overall objective is to create a strategic platform wherein different companies can come together and benefit with the synergies of partnering with each other. companies enjoy the following benefits in addition to advertising: y y Media spends enables them to build the brand faster. 2. and thereby grow their business faster. However they may be lacking media expertise to do so. All companies planning to expand their operations need to build their brand. The motive is to cater to the advertising needs of growth companies by providing them platform of advertising and building up their brands. Companies who require intellectual capital free of cost in areas of strategy.Building partnerships µStrategic Partnerships¶division was started by HT Media at the start of the year 2008. This division identifies growth companies and enters into strategic partnerships with them.

companies have Access to intellectual capital in the field of media advisory services and creative development.2 crore individuals as per 2007 IRS Round 2) Key audience in Delhi NCR. Access to the vast and experienced pool of HT Media management for any kind of guidance and support in growth of the company. y y y List of Partners Click here to see our list of partners pdf (size .12KB) . Bangalore and Kolkata through Fever 104 FM Niche high quality readership through business paper µMint¶ Large audience in India and outside (NRIs) through different internet portals owned by HT Media Focussed audience through various BTL activities.Strategic partnership with HT Media would enable a company to reach out to: y y y y y A massive English and Hindi reading audience across the country (combined readership of more than 1. Mumbai. Opportunity to explore probable mutual synergies with a group of companies that HT Media is already in strategic relationships with. customized events organized by specialized marketing solutions group of HT Media Why is it better than simple advertising? As a strategic partner.

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