What is Bio Energy Vampirism?

Written by Ceal Acosta Saturday, 07 July 2007 03:54 This question has been answered by many people who have given great answers to this question, still, this continues to be on the mind of many young awakening vampires and even some of the not-so-young ones. We will start by defining vampirism as a condition. Vampirism is a physiological condition in which the body does not produce enough energy or life force to carry on with daily activities. Those without vampirism can produce enough energy for daily activities by eating and resting well. For those with vampirism this is just not enough; I will point out that this doesn’t mean that it’s not necessary, we still must eat and rest well, we just have to get some extra energies from other sources. Now that vampirism is defined, we’ll take a look at the most common energy sources we can “feed” from. Vampirism tends to be classified by the sources we take our energy from. Psy - This is, as far as I know, the most common form of vampirism. Energy released through daily activities, energy released when there is physical or even mental strain. This energy has been known to be abundant at places were many people gather, such as malls, schools and other public places where people are just giving off psy energy to the ambient making it easy to assimilate. Empathic - This is the energy given off by feelings. Those who feed on empathic energies tend to develop a link between their donor and themselves, the stronger the link, the easier it is to feed off this kind of energy. Elemental - This is the energy that comes from the elements: air, water, fire, earth. I once read an article by Belfazaar Ashantison about the “ecopath” this is a personal theory of his, but I would back it up with my own experience. Basically, elemental vampires tend to be more attuned to their environment, so if there are changes in it, they will feel them. For more information, look for the article in the VC magazine files or contact me, I’ll be happy to explain further or give you the link to the article. Pranic - This most commonly refers to the energy that can be acquired through sexual relations. There is a lot of energy in sexual relations and this energy can be assimilated by those who feed pranically. Sanguine - This is the energy contained within blood. This, however, is not as common as many would think. Those who only feed sanguinary are, as far as I know, quite rare for most feed on the other types of energies.

There are other known sources, but these are the basic ones; personally, I think others such as negative or chaotic are sort of branches from the basics. This is however only my personal opinion. Now that we know the basic types of energy, we can talk about “adaptive vampirism” and “eclectic vampirism”. Adaptive vampirism.- This is when there is a need to feed from a certain type of energy, but that type of energy can be substituted by another type if the needed one isn’t available. As example: If there is someone who has a need to feed empathically, but he finds no sources of this energy, he can take energy from another source like elemental, until the needed energy is available again. Those who are adaptive can feed from anywhere from two to all types of energies. There are those however who can only feed from one source. Eclectic vampirism - This is when there is a NEED to feed from all types of energies. An eclectic vampire must struggle to maintain a balance of all energy types, which can be a difficult task, since availability of every type of energy varies with every situation. About Energy Written by Damien Daville Saturday, 02 May 2009 12:11 In regards to energy, real vampirism is about recapturing energy because of energy deficits. There are many sources that are useful in providing this energy such as the blood and sexual energy and empathic energy of people, the energy of other living things and the energy from non living sources in our environment. It is useful to have alternatives to just one source, as it is an easy thing to lose a source for a while. An important characteristic that real vampires have is being highly sensitive to the energy from these sources around you, and that we are highly impacted by it, that is it affects us both physically and psychologically. With this need for energies and knowing that we are highly affected by them unlike most people, it is important to note the kind of some energies and how they affect us. The psychic and empathic energies of other people are important to note, because there is a lot of variation and type of this energy that bombards us. To be affected by the emotional energy of others in vampirism, is to "feel" is as we readily are impacted by it. The degree we are affected by these energies also corresponds to our abilities to block out unwanted sources and types. This is also known as shielding yourself. Why would you want to shield yourself from some kinds of energies? There are people that give forth emotional energy that may because of it's content may be in the form of anger in nature, chaotic or depressive in narure, and etc. Most real vampires have difficulty in blocking energies, and would want to in the case of some kinds of unwanted or negative emotional energies because of how much we are affected by them. Real vampires assimilate these energies, and easily experience these energies, ie, we can easily experinnce the negative energies of others and so are affected by them.

Unless you have developed your vampirism to a degree where you can take such negative energies and dispose of them, why would there be any reason for a vampire to desire negative energies? Negative energies are assimilated just like any other kinds of energies and we become what we absorb. We experience that energy and take it to refill our needs. That is what we as real vampires do, we feed on the free energies of people, pets, and the environment, become that energy and then assimilate it to our needs because of deficits. To say you seek out negative energies and can feed off of them brings a lot of stress and toil to you, unless you are able to dispose or block them. We as vampires can easily seek out environments where there are wanted positive energies that are easy to assimailate. Sometimes we have to work at getting that environment around us, but it can be done by our choices on who we choose to be around and what environment we have. That fact remains, that we become the energy we recieve, unless we develop the abilities to block or shield it or dispose of it before being affected by it. And the fact remains we are affected by the types of energies that bombard us and are around us. The experienced vampire will seek out energies that do not harm, otherwise why would you do different, unless you had no control at the time on what environment you were in at the time and the people around you where upon you would use shielding techniques. It is stressful for us and tiring for us just to deal with the many kinds of energies around us, let alone seek the negative energies of people which we then become from assimilation. Real vampires seek a constant balance between deficits and what is needed, it is easy to gain too much as it is to find yourself with too little. But to add to that nagative energies only invites more stress where there is enough of it already. It is a given that we are affected differently by the types of energies, a real vampire will seek out that which helps best to relieve deficits without being impacted in a negaitve way. Also fact is we are affected and become the energy that we take, unless we block it or successfully dispose of it. Being affected as much as we do, makes it imperative that we try to choose energies that have a positive impact. Energy of Vampirism Written by Damien Daville Friday, 15 May 2009 13:22 As vampires, we are constantly dealing with misconceptions of ourselves, and we all have run into this sometime. I wish to speak about the finer points of our vampirism, our energy needs, for it is this that defines us, and sets us apart from other humans. Vampirism first exists in the abilities that are present. Vampires generally have heightened sensory abilities that other people find are absent. These are present in the psychic and empathic abilities to perceive and manipulate the mental and emotional energies of others who are susceptible to it. It is inherent in the ability to perceive this energy around people as energy fields, auras, and interactions. Vampirism can be first understood in this difference in abilities. As for the attraction of the blood energy, and the protein, and elemental properties of blood, vampires have an ability to tap the properties of blood unlike other people. We know that blood naturally makes people sick just by its

properties if ingested too much, but we as vampires who take blood do not require much of it. Vampirism is a conscious mental ability, and the need that arises out of a deficit in energy. Vampires, through this awareness and need, are natural energy feeders, and find the need to take this energy, and so seek it. Vampires normally easily take the mental and emotional energy of others through their own manipulation of it, and then use this energy for where it is best needed within. Here, one normally possesses some psychic and empathic ability that comes with the heightened sensory ability that many do not have. Vampires learn to use their abilities once there is a realization of them, and the energy need. Whereas we easily are able to blend in well without detection, we sense the energy of others that other people do not "see". The attraction of the blood energy and elements is more difficult to understand. Some have experienced accidental cuts or other exposure and find an attraction to the properties of blood for energy. Some vampires find that with blood, one could use whatever is present in it to gain the energy lift that was desired, but then most do not need much of it for their satisfaction. Most have found that others have a lower threshold to ingest it. I think it is easy to get used to the energy and elemental properties of blood, for vampires do not need to ingest much for their needs. It is important to understand that vampirism is highly dependent on abilities of sensory perception and awareness, which so many do not have. It also depends on balance, for too much of this mental and blood energy, overturns this balance. Vampirism is not something one learns to do, it is discovered, and those become aware of it through discovery of sensory abilities, and the need to use them. These energy feedings come natural for most, but then, as in all things, one learns to use abilities. Vampirism is not just given to someone, it comes from the abilities and then needs that are largely a part of what you develop and then learn to use.. Inner Energy Management Written by Masticina Akicta Friday, 15 May 2009 18:07 Vampires don't just have to deal with feeding and shielding from outside sources. Because that is only half the deal! There is much to optimize in the human energy management. Standard humans send out allot of energy including still valuable prana. Which if the supply is unlimited is not a problem but what if the supply is limited, like in vampires. You need to learn to have more control over your energy. In the buildings of these days, we have isolation, stuff you put between the inner and outer walls that keeps in the heat. Inspiring isn't it! Many vampires in time find out tricks to do the same but if you haven't or are just interested, read on. Humans generally send out allot of energy, thoughts, emotions and other energy. This can be interpreted by those that are either trained or are innate in

things. It isn't hard to read things that are floating free around and most humans are far from knowing what information they send out. In cases where many people converge (like shopping malls, the movies, etc) those that can read such information might even try to block of such abilities because it is overwhelming. The aura is the energy pattern that every living thing emits, this contains for those that can read it allot of information. Selective shielding or full shielding is the method of isolating yourself from the outside, at least partly! Those that can read auras tend to say that the aura if you shield is either black or to smooth. Basically it stops the energy, normally leaving you from leaving you and thus where else is allot of information now is a black hole. Now most people are far from being able to notice auras or any other kind of energy, even if it bit them in their ass. See most people have enough problems with their carnal reality and thus generally don't see further as their carnal existence. You know the term "your navel and the middle of the universe" ... you probably understand me. They are they blissfully unaware! Doesn’t shielding cost energy itself? Yes that is true. But it is all about loss and gain, if shielding uses less energy then the energy loss you would have without shielding you have a winner. There are dive suits that capture the breathed out gasses, clean it and reuse it. We can do a bit the same, the energy that leaves us can be gathered by the shield and in taken for treatment if needed and can be re-used as long as possible. And this all on energy level, by just a bit of creative shielding! Some though can see things, people shield for many reasons and there seems to be an understanding. Back on topic though, shielding between the outside world and your self is only part of optimizing your energy. With (self) training a higher stage of influence can be reached, you can learn to have influence over what the energy you have is used for. Control is never really possible, influence though is possible. And it is the smart vampire to do to get enough influence over its own energy to lessen the need to feed. Lessen yes, because we keep using life energy and keep "losing" energy thus! As you read and probably you have to reread it and think about it, by adjusting things on energy level, re-using energy where possible and limiting loss you can extend the times between feeding. And also can improve healing and other things. Color Adds Energy Written by LA Judge Friday, 15 May 2009 11:53 Want to add a super shot of energy to your life? Easy. Add color. Color by its nature is a pure shot of energy. Color is the pure reflected energy of light. But enough of the physics. Color adds life. Walk into a room that is drab and monochromatic and it literally deadens the energy within the space. Walk into a room that is energized by color, and you feel the vibrancy and energy of a warm inviting space. But what color? How much color? And ugh my whole place is “Landlord White”. Color can make a large space feel cozier, an industrial space feel more like a home, and even

the average too small intercity apartment feel spacious, rich and exotic. All white walls tend to take on an overall grey drab appearance. Add one wall of a warm sunny yellow and you enliven the whole room. Color can also calm and relax. Add a wall of a soft green and you now have a tranquil space. Experiment with color. Use more than one color in multiple purpose areas to define space and set boundaries. Color can separate living space from dinning space, all within the same room. Use color to balance a space. Give each space its area of importance, just by adding zones of interest with color. In small spaces, such as a small apartment, set a color pallet for the whole apartment. One room should flow to the next without shocking and bizarre differences. Make each room separate and unique, but coordinate all with the rest of the space. Doing so balances the energy within the whole space, giving an overall color based energy. While paint can be expensive, most hardware stores deeply discount mismatched gallons which can be altered within the same tonal range. Cost aside, keep in mind what you are gaining. For a little money, and a bit of effort, you are chasing away dull drab lifeless energy and adding an instant adrenaline shot of life. Grounding & Centering 101 Written by Alexandra Aragon Friday, 15 May 2009 16:29 "Now and again, it is necessary to seclude yourself among deep mountains and hidden valleys to restore your link to the source of life. Breathe in and let yourself soar to the ends of the universe; breathe out and bring the cosmos back inside. Next, breathe up all fecundity and vibrancy of the earth. Finally, blend the breath of heaven and the breath of earth with your own, becoming the Breath of Life itself." -- Morihei Ueshiba, founder of Aikido* It is easy for anyone who is sensitive to get overloaded by excess or negative energy, or in the case of empaths, overwhelmed by energy that is highly charged with emotions that are not the empath's own emotions. Grounding is a basic technique used in most energy or magickal work that assists in shedding the negative or excess energy and allows you to stabilize your own energy levels. There are many techniques for doing so, and not all of them are visual in nature. Many magickal methods consider grounding (and centering) to be a prerequisite, in order for your mind and thought patterns to be as stable and calm as possible before beginning any energy-based Work. Even psivamps need to ground occasionally (even if it's not as often), to prevent that "disassociated" or "floaty" feeling one can get from skimming energy off large groups of people. WHY GROUND?

"Consider the ebb and flow of the tide. When waves come to strike the shore, they crest and fall, creating a sound. Your breath should follow the same pattern, absorbing the entire universe in your belly with each inhalation. Know that we all have access to four treasures: the energy of the sun and moon, the breath of heaven, the breath of earth, and the ebb and flow of the tide." -Morihei Ueshiba* Some say that your energy is "cleaned" of the negativity before you get it back, others say that you swap outing) and others say to use your hands. I say, try whatever seems to work. Don't limit yourself to something that may not work for your energetic systems, feel free to experiment. For the purposes of these steps, I will use the earth as a stable energy source. Feel free to substitute whatever you consider to be a more reachable stable source if "earth" doesn't feel right to you. Step one: Relax. Unclench your muscles, and bring your attention to the "here and now". Step Two: Connect to the earth. Whether you visualize a silver cord, roots from your feet or whatever is up to you, as long as you connect with it. Step Three: In an energy-based form of an "oil change", send the negative or excess energy into the earth and, if necessary, exchange it for clean energy that has no negativity to it. You can cycle this a few times, or you can just do it once, whatever you feel is necessary. An example can be like flushing water through a hose - the good energy goes in one end, and the bad energy is flushed out the other end. WHY CENTER? "The key to good technique is to keep your hands, feet, and hips straight and centered. If you are centered, you can move freely. The physical center is your belly; if your mind is set there as well, you are assured of victory in any endeavor." -- Morihei Ueshiba* Centering is a way to gain self-awareness and learning what parts of the energy surrounding you is yours. This allows you to pay attention to your personal energy center, sometimes called your spiritual center, and gather all of your energy in one place instead of leaving it scattered all over. This is an energy-based "pull yourself together" method. Think of it like finding the most defensible room in the castle, the place where, once you go there you can't be forced out.

Step One: Sit in a comfortable position and just breath in and out until you're relaxed. This isn't exactly a meditative or Zen-like state, just relaxed. Step Two: Mentally go through your body and imagine yourself. What part reminds you most of you? What part feels most strongly like "YOU"? That inner self is your personal center. It's location in your body may vary - For a lot of people, it's somewhere around the heart or gut regions, but it's not always the case. READY? GROUND...CENTER...SHIELD! "Iron is full of impurities that weaken it; through forging, it becomes steel and is transformed into razor-sharp sword. Human beings develop in the same fashion." -- Morihei Ueshiba* Once you have grounding and centered mastered, you have a firm base on which you can build shields. Many people learn shielding without stopping to building their personal base - they may not notice a problem in day-to-day living, but if they do any esoteric Work, they may find that having a stronger base upon which to build shields is imperative. Shields can also work to keep your personal energy "spikes" from affecting others. Think of it less like battle armor, heavy and martial, and more like, a polite social gesture - like brushing your teeth or wearing deodorant. You may think your personal scent is nifty, but other people may not favor your morning breath or your stinky pit stench. It's the same thing with energy. Personal shields will prevent your energy from spiking out at people who may not want to interact with it. Step one: Ground yourself as described above. Step two: Center yourself as described above. Step Three: Now construct your shields. If you've done it right, you should feel shield and centerpoint lock together, with the grounding point like a spike or anchor from you to your stable energy source. This should NOT feel like it's "draining" you in any way - you should feel recharged instead, and a proper shield should help reinforce your energy body, keep you healthy and well protected. Work on it until you've got it locked in;

then, barring accident, you shouldn't have to reinforce your shielding save when you need to take it down for whatever you're doing, or bulk it up if you're working in dangerous areas. *Quotes are from “The Art of Peace”, by Morihei Ueshiba (1883-1969), founder of Aikido. Excerpts from “The Art of Peace” are published in a number of places as open source on the internet. For more information see: http://www.cs.ucsd.edu/users/paloma/Aikido/artpeace.html Color Shielding Part One Written by LA Judge Friday, 15 May 2009 15:54 Personal Colors As humans we very visual creatures. We spend our days responding to and being influenced by visual input in both a direct and subliminal manner. The way we interact with shape, motion, and color forms and defines much of our daily existence. Of these influences, color is most often the least understood. As vampires we are not only influenced by the visual color, but also the energy of the color and how it interacts with the other parts of its environment in an integral fashion. Color is a subtle visual influence that is hard to avoid. We see it , yet few ever truly understand why they are influenced by it. Psychologically researchers have known for along time that color is a driving force in how we are stimulated, how we remember, and the choices we make. Marketing firms pour millions annually into design ads with colors designed to generate sales. It is no mistake that there is a Coke-a-Cola red or a Goodyear blue (both btw are copyrighted colors). The psychology behind the color achieves the desired affect and conveys the product message on a subliminal level. Red stimulates both hunger & passion responses. Blue coveys a sense of safety, well-being & trust. Color can carry forth the product message without the product ever being mentioned. Through color usage you can influence your environment and your responses to it and in doing so use it as an effective shield. You can use both the colors you wear and the colors in your work & personal spaces to define the way the energies around you interact with you. Personal or Signature colors are those colors that best define you as a person. These are the colors that you feel most attuned to, most at ease with, and often are your favorite colors. Although there is not hard and fast rule for determining these colors, other that personal preference, there are a number of things you can also consider. Colors of an individual may be determined by using their astrological / birth date or birth element (Pagan), the Ba-gua (Feng Shui) or any other of a host determining factors. Personal colors often change as a person ages and as they grow & redefine themselves. What colors define you today may not be the same colors that define you 20 years from now since you will not be the same person.

Keep in mind when choosing personal colors there are some basic psychological factors that seem "hardwired" into our reactions to color as humans. These factors, cutting across all cultures, have been known in folk traditions for centuries and are today what is being unraveled by researchers. White, for instance, while in one culture may signify birth and in another culture death, always carries the meaning of purity, peace & spirit. Here are some of the basics and their significant factors to keep in mind: Blue = Wisdom, peace, well-being, good fortune. Water element color Green = Health, growth, healing, success. Earth element color Yellow = Leaning, achievement, intellect, communication. Air element color Red = Passion, strength, power. Fire element color Black = Protection, absorbs negativity, absence of all color White = Peace, purity, protecting, presence of all color. Color of Spirit Determine your personal colors and make them the central part of your everyday wardrobe. Use them to surround yourself with a personal comfort zone. Use that comfort zone or bubble as your buffer to interact with the other energies around you. Feeling less than confident about a speech you need to give? Wear more yellow that day, it will assist you in communication. Need to protect yourself from the hostile intentions of a bizarre roommate? Wearing more black may be the answer. Use color to redirect the energy and influence the way you react and others react to you. An Alternative to Shielding Written by LA Judge Tuesday, 05 May 2009 16:54 Retune. An Alternative to Shielding Step back and feel it for a quiet minute. Everything hums. And I do mean everything. Everything has an energy signature that is uniquely it’s own. Every space, every place, every person, every rock, every fire, every animal, every everything. Colors feel different than light. Wind feels different than water. Inside different than out. Home different than school. Joy feels different than pain. Learning to feel and sense the differences in the energy of all things is a very important tool. Once you establish the differences, you can the use that ability to identify the energies you need to stay balanced and to avoid expending energy as part of heavy shields. It is much less effort to go with the energy flow than it is to shield against it. I am not advocating dropping your shielding. There many times and situations where shielding heavily in one of various forms is absolutely necessary. This is just a simple

alternative for those times when shielding takes too much energy & effort or is simply just inappropriate.

A Feeding Guide for the Non-Sanguinary Written by Masticina Akicta Sunday, 26 April 2009 14:37 Introduction Not all vampires feed through blood yet allot of emphasis is put on the feeding habits and safety of the sanguary. It’s true that they need such Information but there is many shared concerns that also non blood feeders have. All vampires need energy, clean and without disturbing factors. Also every vampire has different energy needs. So what might be fine for one might simple be insufficient for another vampire. In all cases, the individual needs need to be defined. The most common need and this is shared by all vampires is Life Energy, no matter by what name we call this energy, and it has many names. It is the vital energy that makes us life and makes everything life. And through time even science is picking up that there is more to things then just the matter and what seems to be electricity. Our ways of feeding differ as they are vehicles of gaining the energy. Indeed life energy is strong in blood but also can be found in many other things. Like nature, indeed plants also carry the energy, animals and our human society! This little article will show you many ways of finding that energy. First though a little though about why we feed and how it might have become, don't take it as law though. Just take it up in your overthinkings! Equilibrium In nature all goes in balances, we humans tend to disrupt balances and then all hell breaks loose. For instance we shoot wolves and remove them from areas just because we don't like them there. Even though we nowadays know that wolves rather kill wild then livestock Many areas in America still are devoid of them. Areas now with a raising number of prey wildlife, that else would be eaten but now due to the imbalance is starving and walking on our roads. And this is only one example of what happens if we think to know it better. In the world of energy there is also equilibrium, see it as a huge, multi layered and pointed scale on what many balances rest. Nothing is black or white though here, as a scale its never full down one side or the other. It balances all the things in our world.

Eliquibrium works on many levels, from huge ones to small ones, even we humans have our own internal Eliquibrium and here is where I go further. What makes up our energy pattern are many different types and vibrations of energy. Emotions for instance are vibrations on their own and like a sun flare can carry much energy. There are some humans who have allot of energy, they are like huge suns compared to many others. Sending out waves of energy and if it’s channeled they can use it to heal others, protect others and of course do also other things with it. As Eliquibrium says there is the counterpart, and that is where the vampires come in. Some call vampires “black holes” and they have a point, as vampires are naturally takers. This is not a bad thing though as I will show. Vampires Here we are, our role seemingly in the story. Vampires need energy, and to be precise Life Energy, but it isn't as if you can buy it in the store. Truth told the energy generally is bound to other types of energy, like the vibrations of emotion or the faint "radiation" of our auras. Just as blood is a vehicle for the Life Energy, those other types of vibrations are for the psi vampire the vehicle. And this is why we have defined ourselves as emotional, psi or other type of vampires! Emotional Energy Feeders. Let's begin with the emotional feeders, with that I mean the ones that have learned to intake Life Force through emotions. And let’s begin with that "bad word" to be said "negative energy feeder". A negative energy feeder takes from Jealousy, Hate, Fight and any emotion like such that gives huge flares of energy coming out. As only the most dent person on the world can't pick up is the huge raise of energy if someone is in a pissed off mood. At times you even can feel it through how someone types and acts over email or in a chatroom. These emotions are very easy to pick up, and indeed for a vampire it does contains life energy. Such vampires seem to always find ways to be around fights, this isn't bad. But some find it easier to just cause the fight and that is where the bad name comes in. Happily not every vampire does this and those that do that mostly do not know that they are vampire; they just know they always are around fights and feel better after it. This makes it

important for vampires and definitely for negative energy vampires to know what they are. And adjust their behavior to a more peaceful role. But of course, there are more emotions to feed from, every outburst of emotion after all puts energy out in the environment. A pub will, after a full, night be full of simmering energy, dirty indeed but with filtering and cleaning it will be the thing a vampire survives on. For emotional energy feeders that are many ways to get their energy and any heavy used public place, like a train station or a shopping mall will be like an "all you can eat" dinner for them. Psi Vampires Another way is to get closer to the source, humans. As said every living thing has an energy being, the outside of it being the aura. And psi vampire can feed from a person’s aura, mostly it’s done by an innocent touch, sitting next to the person and where the two aura's meet the vampires aura can feed. But also if trained a psi vampire can extend his energy form to reach for others, by things that can be seen like "tendrils". By desire a trained psi vampire can form part of his energy form into a tentacle and move it closer to another. And feed through it. It doesn't matters how it happens but psi vampires can unseen feed of the vital life energy. And many will make decent choices, at least if they know that they are vampire. Another point why they should be awakened indeed is because of the choices who to feed upon. Remember my talk about Eliquibrium? Well not everybody is right to take from. Children for instance are a moral no-no to feed upon as they need all their energy to grow. Sick people precisely the same, they need all their energy to get healthy again. But on the other hand there are some with too much energy and too much of anything can be just as bad as having to less. A psi vampire can help to balance out someone’s energy by taking what it so much, it’s like the special scissor the hairdresser has, and it doesn't cuts everything off but only part. It “thins” thick hair and this is a bit as a psi vampire can act, to take away only that what is too much and in such way to equalize a person. Sexual Vampirism

It’s a form of psi vampirism within all probabilities, during sex all barriers are open and the physical contact, the sharing of body fluids, it all opens up possibilities to feed from. Good sex is like a highly enjoyable work out and for the Sexual Vampire a perfect venue to regain Life Energy. Both the emotional and the psi vampire part will be of interest for a Sexual Vampire. Feeding Ethics for Vampires As said, you shouldn't just feed from children, the sick and elderly. But it’s a guideline, not a law, there are always certain exceptions. You wouldn't be the first one having to balance out a child with ADHD. Indeed, I shall talk about “vampiric healing” later, though it is not part of the feeding scheme. Vampires that take from non-human sources Some vampires are able to take from nature and other non human sources, being that I don't have experience with such I can't write about it. Psi and Emotional Vampire Feeding Tips You are what you eat and for a psi vampire or an emotional vampire it's even more important. What matters is the life energy, not the vehicle, nor the method of feeding but Life Energy. I don't write law but have some tips for you. I have written down here a cleansing method I myself use a lot, I pre-process much of the energy in a specialized "part" of my energy body. It has as effect that you only get your "feed" after a second or 20 or so, it can feel like ages but its clean energy. And it means your body has to deal less with "dirty" energy. The Cleansing Method Intake the energy, like every process its raw energy and should be kept outside of you for now. Store what you can and process it slow enough for the other steps to work out. Filter the energy; remove the most easily to take out elements of the raw energy. There are always certain things you don't want inside of your body and how more you can "process" outside how better. Things like certain emotions are easy enough to filter out and helps allot with in taking the energy without "side effects". Best it to use storage for the raw energy and to filter it as slow as is needed for a good filtering. Store the filtered energy for the second step and cleanse your filters before taking up another "chunk" to filter out.

Next step and if you are trained you can do it while filtering the second "chunk" is to take the energy, now almost elastic and sticky due to losing “fluids” needs to be treated rather roughly. Think a bit like putting it in a dry tumbler with spikes inside, move it violently and you'll see that a kind of gas like fluid escapes. Now this is important, funnel and store this gassy fluidly stuff for the second around and once the melees doesn't gives away much more throw it out; it will dissolve in nature in time. The Stored gassy fluid contains allot of Life Force but we aren't there yet. There is one last step in the process, now we are going to shift it on quality. In a process of boiling of fluidly gas. Using a four staged chamber boiling it will break it up in the different qualities and components. The gas on the top of the chamber is the lightest and the most pure Life Force, this is what you worked hard for. The second upper chamber is like a good but common wine, its Life Force and you can feed from it but it’s not as perfect as the top chamber. Both the upper as this one are great for feeding The third chamber is like a house wine, use it to pour through the outer parts of your energy body. The fourth is not useful; it’s the crap that didn't come out yet during the other stages. Don't feed from it but use it to clean this industrial like feeding process. Step six would be pretty simple, after you fed..release all that is left in the system and clean the system out. You have through this process broken down dirty raw energy into less than 1/10th of useable and feedable energy, but free of anything that might hurt you! You are what you eat! I found that this method works for me, might be too hard for others and might not be useful or applicable for everybody. I personally don't mind having to wait half a minute before first of the energy is available to me. It’s the cleanest and purest energy I fed upon. Chunk = Chop sized amount of energy, to easy the filtering process Fluids = Things that makes the energy fluid Afterwards I hope that this document can shed some light on things that haven't been really written that much about yet. As said before not many would write about the non sanguine vampires as it is a a harder to grab issue. There seem so any different ways to feed and factors for non sanguary vampries that even if the most senior of the community would write a book together it wouldn't fullfill the need for information.

I know this article is only a snowflake on an Iceberg of information that could be written. But I hoped it gave you insight and maybe it started you on your way or reaching better ways to feed and survive. The idea about equilibrium is something that has grown unto me due to my workings in the magical realm. But it took "The Psychic Vampire Codex" to really bind the connection between vampirism and magical realities. I guess I have to thank Michelle Belanger for that, so here it’s done. Thank you Michelle Belanger! I accredit this article to my years in the vampire community, most ideas are freely available and it’s just the combination of things that make this article. And that is good, shared resources in an open vampire community. I can only hope to be off positive influence myself, within the limits this life has given me.

Psi Feeding Written by Amanda Johnstone Friday, 15 May 2009 18:57 One of the most important things to remember when Psi feeding is focus and control. If you lose focus you will not be able to feed properly. The best way for you improve your focus is through visualization meditation. Visualization Meditation Visualization meditation can be a great resource a wonderful escape and also a great tool. It helps to play soft new age music you can get recordings specifically designed for meditation. Nature themes are good. To begin focus on your breathing, taking deep breaths in and out, slowly, with your eyes closed. Guided meditations are good for beginners as they will take you deep into the meditation and teach you what works for you. Once you get the hang of this you need to start taking yourself deeper. Focus on different things each time, improve the clarity of your visions and add more detail to them. After practicing on a regular basis you should be able to go into a meditative vision without much effort and no matter where you are. The point of these exercises is simply to improve your focus. Meditation will bring you an awareness of yourself, of the Earth and a sense of connectedness to all things. It will also improve your ability to visualize the act of feeding. Feeding directly from a donor. Close your eyes for a second and feel the energy all around you. Become aware of yourself and open up your focus points/chakras/third eye. Now open your eyes and see your donor, know that they trust you and that you will not harm them, send out a feeling of serenity and love, feel the energy that they are willing to give and send out a line and

visualize the energy transferring from them to you. (The place from which you draw your energy may vary depending on your own beliefs, personally I take from the heart and bring it into my third eye) When you feel that you have taken enough or you are asked to stop, simply imagine the line withdrawing back into yourself or breaking and falling away. With this method it is much easier if your donor projects of sends the energy to you. It may also be easier if you make physical contact with your donor. Placing your hand over the place from which you will feed is often a good contact. However, physical contact may just be that you are standing on the same surface, etc. Feeding on Ambient Psi energy Ambient energy is energy that is released by people. It quickly disperses into the air and becomes part of the atmosphere. When people gather in large groups, the groups quite often are said to have a “feel” to it. This is an effect caused by ambient energy. In places like clubs and concerts, the energy is so concentrated that simply breathing can sometimes be a way of feeding on the energy. Letting the energy of the crowd simply wash over you and through you. It can be quite intoxicating. In malls and other areas the energy might not be so blatantly obvious. In these cases you might need to focus. Again just by closing your eyes for a second or two and sensing the energy around you. This time you can keep your eyes closed if you wish as you send out the line that will draw the energy to you. Some people say the technique that works best for them in this situation is to visualize a straw, and to suck the energy into themselves. I find that what works best for me is simply breathing in the energy. There are many techniques and little tricks that people use when feeding on psi energy. There are also many moral and ethical questions regarding the practice. What you nee to do is try it out and see what works and feels best to you. Physical Psi Written by LA Judge Friday, 15 May 2009 18:52 Energy moves. Energy flows. Living energy transfers from one place to the next. Action interaction – reaction. Living energy is constantly moving. It moves via physical pathways. In some energy sources, that physical pathway is easy to understand. You feel the wind bite your cheeks. The sun warms your back. You feel someone’s touch or taste the warmth of their blood. There is a physical component and the energy flows. All energy sources used by vampires have a physical component. Without that physical edge, there can be no energy transference from one to the next. But wait a minute…what about Psi / Empathic energy? Where is the physical contact there? After all that is just psychic and emotional energy. There is no contact or is there? The physical contact of Psi & Emphatic energy is one of the most misunderstood aspects of vampirism. It is assumed that there is no physical contact, but this is not the case. The

contact made is so subtle that it is sometimes missed. In vampirism, all of your senses are used as a means to obtaining energy pathways. It is thru those physical sensations that the contact is made and the energy is transferred. The physical sensations of the basic senses are the conduit for the energy transference. Touch is the most obvious of the senses, but the others are just as important. Sound and light provide a physical interaction thru the reverberation and interpretation of physical light & sound waves. This is why small amounts of energy can be transferred via music, art, color, or even a stimulating phone call or email. The physical conduits provided by touch and smell are just as slight, but even more powerful. Actual physical contact is made via the molecules inhaled or tasted. You smell someone’s scent, you taste the air of a crowed room and the energy transfers. In order for a vampire to gain energy from a situation there must be a physical component. You must have an action – interaction – reaction in order for the living energy to flow from one place to the next. Without a physical interaction, there is no energy transference and hence no energy gain. In most energy gaining methods of vampirism, there is a mixture of physical / energy sensations. In an Elemental exchange, you feel the bite of the wind, the taste & smell it brings and feel the strong energy pulse that drives it. With an Empathic one, you feel the overwhelming sensation of another’s emotions, but also feel the warm of their body, taste the air that they breathe, see and hear them. In a Psi energy exchange, you feel the psychic energy or pulse of group, but also smell the collected people; you see their actions and hear their sounds. In every form of energy exchange, there is a very physical component. Once you understand how the energy flows, you can better maximize your energy interactions and gain more energy thru less efforts. Being an Emapth Written by Laura Drone Friday, 15 May 2009 11:49 Being an Empath (while working with the public) I would like to preface this with a few personal statements; first, I have never previously, nor am I now, claiming to be an expert. I can only speak for myself, from my own personal experiences. Second, I understand that quite a few of us work with the public on a daily basis; I just chose this particular subject because I am a customer service representative for one of the top 5 Wireless providers. I am, obviously, also empathic. So, that being stated... There has been a lot of discussion lately, across many different boards, regarding negative energy. Most people would consider this the perfect time of year to have an abundance of POSITIVE energy - shouldn't we be in our "holiday cheer" mode, after all?

Unfortunately, that just isn't the case anymore. The majority of the world no longer cares about the "reason for the season"; it's all about what we can get for ourselves and to hell with everyone else. This is not longer a celebration (regardless of your religious belief); it's a time to spend, spend, spend. This all leads to a lot of negativity; if you don't believe me, take a look around the next time you're out shopping! Of course, in the midst of all the holiday gloom, we must continue to pay our regular bills, which is where I come in. Doing customer service for a wireless provider can be hard enough for an Empath in May, let alone in December when no one wants to part with any more money. Add to this stress the fact that I work in a department that mostly handles calls from customers who have been notified their service is going to be cancelled or restricted due to contract violations. As anyone who has known me for a while can attest, I have difficulty shielding beyond that which my body does naturally. This has made dealing with negative energy very difficult in the past. I didn't start out feeding from negative energy; it became necessary to retain both my job and a semi-satisfying life quality. A bonus result for me? My customers are just that much better when we end our call (with exceptions, ALWAYS) than before when their negative energy would bog me down and cause me to be to be negative in return. Rather than lifting their negativity away, I could end up adding to it on accident and the call/interaction didn't always turn out so well. For me, negative energy feeding is fairly simple - I listen to the customer...As I listen, I acknowledge and resolve their issues. We chat a bit, joke a bit, whatever. After a while, I feel a little "boost" -- as if the negative energy was removed from their shoulders. From there, I am able to gather it into myself to process by picturing it like a cloud in a cartoon - moving from them to me (you know, the little rain cloud that goes from one person to another to signify a bad day)...I take the energy I need and then picture the rest leaving my body into the floor - not the ground, I work on the second floor. I don't take a lot; that might lead to over-feeding. Just a little here and there. In addition to the possible over feeding, I consider the possibility of taking the newly discovered positive emotions/energy back from the customer. That would just be a vicious circle leading us right back where we started! Obviously, as I don't fall under the category of expert, this doesn't always work for me. I do, occasionally, get overwhelmed by the negativity of the customer. When this happens, I can only take a step back and breathe deeply. And of course, keep in mind I am only responsible for my own actions, no one else's. (This would be a good time to chat about shielding, but again - not my forte!) Well, that was a tiny peek into my Monday through Friday life. I hope you enjoyed it

Psi Feeding: Ambient Feeding Written by Masticina Akicta Tuesday, 05 May 2009 16:49 Psi Feeding: Ambient Feeding Ambient Feeding is one of the least "damaging" methods to feed for a vampire, by taking energy which is thrown away anyway. No fixed donor is needed, no vampire to donor interactions, nothing of that all! Ambient Feeding begins with intaking the energy of a high prana level environment, like a shopping mall or a school. The Energy must not directly be intaken but has to pass these following steps. These will clean and prepare the energy so that you get what you need and not that stuff that makes you sick, ever step has between these blocks [ ] noted how rich the energy levels still are, compared with the start, this is an average situation, sometimes more prana can be won sometimes less.. not every situation is the same but this is average of a small shopping mall! 1. Energy Intake [ 100% ] The Raw Energy Intake, visualization of how the energy goes into a trump, at a slow rate ( don't feed to fast else you might be found out ). Action: The Energy gets through the first filters, things like emotions are filtered out, but also other crap and stuff. Soon enough you know what to filter out and what not. 2. Pre Centrifugal Energy [ 70%] We are left with about 70% of the level of what we first had, but it's still very cruddy and like a kind of syrop. Still not worth to feed on! ( you can get pretty sick of it ) Action: Mangling and Centrifuging the energy will make it loser and allows some of the lighter energy to escape, the meaning here is to take that lighter energy, mangling can go on for a while but after about 10 minutes…there is not much to gain from it.. what is left in the centrifugal zone is.. crud... throw it away.. it will dissolve in time.. 3. Unclean Energy [ 30%] This looks more as prana, though it's still rather dirty and needs some work still. Action: Refine the energy, in this case it's a combination of heating and constant movement, what happens is that the "gasses" out of the mix will rise and how more pure the Prana, how higher those gasses Rise... Thus we end up with a small kind of pyramid 2% of the Energy is what we would call Pure Prana, it's the best there is... use this to feed

5% of the Energy is what we would call Prana, it's not as pure or as good but good enough to feed from 10% of the Energy is Dirty Prana, it's not good enough to feed from but you can use it for your bodily cell regeneration and some other uses. It's clean enough for such use. The rest.. about 13% is crud prana or crud... maybe there is something you can gain out of it but it's not worth the energy you would have to put into such process... it's a reasonable pure product.. so it easily will be intaken by nature! Release it. After feeding take some moments to flush out the whole "production plant" and clean the filters... And voila. Free Prana out of Ambient Energy, sure it only gives about 5-6% Prana but it's one of the easier ways to survive. Masticina Akicta Free Energy - Ambient Energy Sources Written by LA Judge Tuesday, 05 May 2009 16:44 " Get your free energy here." Ambient energy is simply energy that is given off. In earth sciences, it is thought of as "renewable" energy sources. Free energy from elemental sources - heat (but not fire) water - wind - solar- etc. It is energy that is freely given off and harnessed for other uses. Living energy is everywhere. If it grows, it flows. As energy sensitive humans, vampires know that all living and natural sources contain much needed energies. But did you know that most living sources produce more energy than they need and freely release that overflow? This to a vampire is what is known as ambient energy. Here again, it is energy that is freely given off from a renewable energy source. Tapping the flow. So how do you scoop up some of this free energy and put it to work for you? Well if you are talking elemental ambient energy that is easy, just go out and be part of it. Let the sun warm your face, the wind blow your hair. Elemental ambient energy is everywhere. Ambient energy from living sources is just as free and available. Living plants can be a wonderful source. Enjoy a trip to a local greenhouse or garden center and bask in the energies given off by acres of wonderful blooming plants. Breathe

in the essence and visually feast. Have you spent time playing Frisbee with your dog or with your favorite cat purring in your lap? Both of these are good examples of ambient energy sources from pets. Other people are the one of the greatest sources of ambient energies. Summer is a great time to get out among others and enjoy some freely given energies. Go to a summer concert and crowd surf. Enjoy both the Psi energies and the given off ambient energies and you will come home feeling refreshed. Take a walk in the city in the evening. Feel the urban flow? That is ambient elemental / environmental city energy. Add that to the ambient energies given freely by the people you pass on the streets and you have the makings of a slow relaxing walk. Ambient energies truly are everywhere. Get out and enjoy them. Ambient Energy Balancing Written by Cole Wellman Tuesday, 05 May 2009 16:38 As I have explored and stretched my vampiric abilities, I have become more and more aware of the connection it gives me to other people. Because I draw energy from many sources into and through my body, I am in a way the invisible meeting point for all the strangers around me. As I became more aware of this happening, I began to think about how I could use it for my own benefit and that of others. I like happy, calm, and easy-flowing energy, whether in a group of strangers I am passing by, or in my own circle of close friends. When people get irritated, annoyed, or angry, emotional walls come up, and energy in a group gets fractured into individual opposing cells. Not only is that very uncomfortable for me, it is also unproductive from any viewpoint I can see. The technique I want to describe is not to calm anger, but rather to prevent it from ever happening. I call it ambient energy balancing. It is good for keeping groups of people on good terms. That can be useful when you are out with friends, so that everyone has a better time, or when you are at work so that your projects and your day go smoother, and in many other situations. The technique I will write about is simple to explain, but I find it is not so easy in practice. The basic idea is to use yourself as a "lightning rod" for all violent or negative energy in the group, absorbing it before it manifests. You will have to totally absorb the negative energy without letting it affect you, and radiate out calm, relaxed energy, Note that you do not have to radiate as much energy as you take in... the important thing is just to stop negative energy from affecting the ambient energy of the group. Since I do not normally appreciate negative energy, this is a little bit difficult for me. I have learned to absorb and use any form of energy, but I take in negative energy primarily to stop it from growing... when this technique is working, very little negative

energy ever appears, so it is easy for me to maintain. There are vamps who do like negative energy, but for now I will write from my perspective, as one who does not. When you are in a group and wish to keep the energy balanced, the first step is to form at least a loose connection with each member of the group, or if you prefer the ambient "group energy". With most people, they will not notice if you form a direct connection. With the other vampires or aware people, hopefully you will be comfortable enough with each other that they will let you form a loose connection, or one will already exist (as with close friends). Now just attune yourself to the energy frequency you want to maintain. This is the most difficult part to explain, let alone accomplish. But you want to keep yourself balanced, so that any disturbance or agitation from anyone will be immediately picked up by you. This is sort of like holding a handful of copper wires. It should not take much effort to hold them, but one of them has an electrical spike, you will feel it. It is important to mention that you should NOT actively search for negative energy. Rather make yourself a lightning rod, so that you feel it as soon as it appears, but before it manifests as words or actions. As soon as you detect anger, irritation, annoyance, or any form of hostility, it should travel like lightning down a wire and be absorb by you. This is the only time you should use your own energy. Then you can process it, and either use it yourself or release it as calm, cooperative energy back into the group. One thing to be careful about, if you are not a negative-energy vampire, is not to let the hostile energy affect you. Anger tends to grow if you let it, taking up more and more energy and turning it all into hostility. When you are absorbing negative energy, it is easy to start feeling those emotions yourself. You must keep your mind clear when you are processing hostile energy, and it is important to consume it or change it as quickly as possible, so as not to be affected by it yourself.