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Address: 211, Jamal Mansion, Nagdevi Street, 3rd Floor, Mumbai 400003. Office: 23400129 Mobile: 989277077 Page 1 of 5

2.2 PROJECT OUTLINE The website will be designed as per the reference layout. CONCEPT. Jamal Mansion. PROJECT. Mumbai 400003. Office: 23400129 Mobile: 989277077 Page 2 of 5 . 1. CONCEPT 1. and should have convenient design for quick loading and easy to use interface. It will be developed with client side Flash intro. 3rd Floor.Web Design and Development To Mr. 4. HTML and JavaScript. COSTING AND PAYMENTS TIMELINE 1. The website should be sleekcorporate. 3. This proposal document is prepared in the accordance of the discussion in regards to your requirement of HTML Website. This document will serve as the official proposal from Webzone For better understanding of this proposal. The client has being suggested a dual HTML website 1. we have divided it into following sections. Address: 211.1 PROJECT BACKGROUND The Client wants to develop a brand new website. banners and snippets. Arpit and Sandip Dear Sir. Nagdevi Street.

Mumbai 400003. Jamal Mansion. Nagdevi Street. For Contents it should be in MS Word or MS Notepad files. The Client is expected to provide all the required data in electronic format. or comma separated files. For Data it should be in any database (DB).2. PROJECT HTML Website o o o Layouting and Design as per reference website Flash Banners Easy Inter Website Navigation Following links will be there on the above HTML Website o Contact us o o Locations o About us o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o Why Rotex Products Specialization Catalog downloads Product and it's family hierarchy Client login product presentation access to client Achievements of rotex News Media Links Work with rotex Online job posting Online resume submital Inquiry page. Office: 23400129 Mobile: 989277077 Page 3 of 5 . All images should be in JPEG. PRE-REQUISTISE • • The Client is required to provide us a liaison officer with minimum computer skills to understand the application and supervise and provide assistance. TIF or PSD format. 3rd Floor. The Client should provide the authority to retrieve any required information required for this particular project. • Address: 211.

Jamal Mansion. Change in Web Layout once the designs are confirmed. 50 % on final upload.OUT OF SCOPE • • • • • Dealing with data and contents in a non-electronic environment. Nagdevi Street. Bank Fund Transfer Charges or any miscellaneous charges that might occur. COSTING AND PAYMENTS COSTING STRUCTURE The estimated cost prices for the above requirement(s) are: The costs will INR 25000* for the entire project as per the details provided by you. Request for any data to be entered manually. Invoice will require an additional 12. 2008 * The above price excludes the applicable Service Tax. Any change in above proposal will result in change in the above price. 3rd Floor. PAYMENT STRUCTURE 50 % Advance on contracting. 3. Mumbai 400003. Address: 211. Providing Web Hosting Services other then as a Value Add Services. Office: 23400129 Mobile: 989277077 Page 4 of 5 . Any logical changes which affects the overall terms of this project.36 % (Service Tax) This Proposal is valid up to 5th September.

in @ Rs. Darukhanawala +91-989277077 -------VALUE ADDED SERVICES Domain name and Web hosting Services Get world classes hosting services for unbelievable price Domain name Registration 1. Mustafa A. Jamal @ Rs. . This approximation is based on the readiness and availability of contents. I hope you will find my proposal interesting. 4000 per year Address: 211.500/yr 2. . TIMELINE This project will require approximate 25 working days or 200 Working hours to complete. Thank you for your time. Office: 23400129 Mobile: 989277077 Page 5 of 5 . Regards.5. 500/yr 3. please feel free to contact me. If you need any clarification on the above Nagdevi Street. client-vendor interaction. 3rd Floor. 800/yr 50 MB Linux – @ Rs. . quick acquisition of third party tools and the date of commencement of project. Mumbai 400003.

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