CMT423/CMT327 – Decision Support & Business Intelligence Systems

Session 2010/2011 School of Computer Sciences, Universiti Sains Malaysia Assignment 1 Instructions: • This assignment must be done in groups of 2 to 4 students. Only important points are required. No complete sentences are required in this initial assignment. • You are supposed to apply all possible concepts and knowledge you have learned. You are also encouraged to look for possible missing links from reference books, articles, white papers and technical/business reports, as well as other references from the Internet. • You can quote any useful material, but you must record and cite them in the References at the end of your report. • You are required to upload the softcopy of the completed assignment through the e-Learning portal. • The deadline for this assignment is 28th Feb 2011 1. Search the Web and briefly explain the following terms: 1.1 Information overload Information Overload is an increasing problem in the workplace and in life in general nowadays. People who learn to deal with it effectively will have a major advantage in the next few years. Information Overload is when you are trying to deal with more information than you are able to process to make essential decisions. The result occurs either when you either delay making decisions, or that you make the wrong decisions. It is now common already to be getting too many e-mails, reports and incoming messages to deal effectively. Some of the causes of information overload are include: • • • Access to the Web are widespread The ease of sending e-mail messages to large numbers of people at a time. As information can be duplicated for free easily, there is no variable cost in producing more copies of information – people send reports and information to people who may need to know, rather than definitely need to know at real time. Poorly created information sources, which: o o o are not simplified or filtered to make the context shorter and better. are not written clearly, so that people have to spend more time to understand them accurately. contain a lot of factual errors or inconsistencies – requires further research on it.

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CMT423/CMT327 – Decision Support & Business Intelligence Systems Session 2010/2011 School of Computer Sciences. analyzing. and applications Page 2 of 7 7-Mar-11 . and both concepts are developed to make these decisions in a better and comfortable way. The similarity between them is “making business decisions”. The difference are a DSS program built for a specific purpose such as scheduling system for a specific company and decision support combines architecture.2 Major similarities and differences between DSS and BI Business Intelligence Business Intelligence (BI) is a broad category of applications and technologies for gathering. Decision Support System A decision support system (DSS) is a computer program application that analyzes business data and presents it so that users can make business decisions easily. and providing access to data to help enterprise users make essential business decisions easily. The other similarity between them is they both involve is decision making “based on data”. Universiti Sains Malaysia 1. storing. analytical tools. databases (or data warehouses).

optimization. The idea here is to continue with mining but at the same time enhance privacy as much as possible.4 OLAP OLAP (Online Analytical Processing) is a method to provide end users access to large amounts of data in an intuitive and rapid manner to assist with deductions based on investigative reasoning 1.2 Benefits of a model • • emphasizes access to and manipulation of a statistical. especially models.3 Business analytics The application of models directed to business data and business analytics involves using DSS tools. This goal is might best summarized in the Knowledge Representation Hypothesis: 1. Many assume that privacy enhanced data mining may be time consuming and may not be scalable.1 Data mining Datamining is the process of processing huge volumes of data which usually stored in a database. Not all approaches to privacy enhanced data mining are similar. financial. Gehrke at Cornell University and Clifton at Purdue University. Retail outlets which use datamining might discover that many who buy beer also buy all its forms . Researchers are taking various approaches to enhance such data mining. They may then increase sales by positioning the two items two together. Universiti Sains Malaysia 1.5 Knowledge Representation Knowledge Representation (KR) been considered as one of the principal elements of Artificial Intelligence. Write short notes for the following terms: 2.CMT423/CMT327 – Decision Support & Business Intelligence Systems Session 2010/2011 School of Computer Sciences. The subfields of KR range from the purely philosophical aspects of epistemology to the more practical problems of handling large amounts of data effectively. techniques and tools There is now research at various laboratories on privacy Enhanced and sensitive data mining approaches such as Agrawal at IBM Almaden. This varsity is unified by the central problem of encoding human knowledge . and a critical part of all problem solving process. It also essential in OLAP/DSS 1. searching for patterns and relationships within data. they are not necessarily data-intensive.6 Next generation data mining approaches. 2. Page 3 of 7 7-Mar-11 . or simulation model. in assisting decision makers. such a way that the knowledge can be utilized. Use data and parameters provided by users to assist decision makers in analyzing a situation.

caused by a lack of best possible coordination between varios components. Write short notes for the following terms: 3. Wikis are typical powered by wiki software and are often used to create collaborative works.1 Corporate (enterprise) portal Is an internal Web site (intranet) that provides proprietary. which involves finding possible ways in decision making and assessing their contributions 2. knowledge management systems. and transmission or content patterns that experience has shown to be linked with e-mail containing viruses. Examples include community websites.5 Heuristics Heuristics is the application of experience-derived knowledge to a problem and is sometimes used to describe software that filters messages likely to contain a computer virus or other malicious content. Universiti Sains Malaysia 2. commonly-used text phrases. WikiLog is an attempt to synthesize the best aspects of WikiWikis and WebLogs." Heuristics software looks for known sources.CMT423/CMT327 – Decision Support & Business Intelligence Systems Session 2010/2011 School of Computer Sciences. It includes a search engine for internal documents as well as the ability to customize the portal page for different user groups. The software can also be used for personal note taking. enterprise-wide information to company employees as well as access to selected public Web sites and vertical-market Web sites such as suppliers. or system yields less than the best possible outcome or output. corporate intranets. It is the internal equivalent of the general-purpose portal on the Web site. 3.3 Suboptimization Definition Situation where a process. 3. A wiki is a website that allows the making and editing of any number of interlinked web pages via web browser using a simplified markup language or a WYSIWYG text editor. 3. and note services. procedure. A heuristic is pronounced as hyu-RIS-tik and from the Greek "heuriskein" meaning "to discover" is a "rule-of-thumb.3 Characteristics of Groupwork – A group performs a task such as decision making. elements and parts.2 Wiki and wikilog.4 Design phase of decision-making process The second decision-making phase. – Members may be located in a different places – Members may work at different times Page 4 of 7 7-Mar-11 . 2. and vendors.

He or she has a skill at hiring competent people. an area which may be more prone to disregard once a business has been established sincerely. and. 1. Begin business for the wrong reasons. If they recognize what they don't do well. selling. and hiring and managing employees efficiently. 2. Many new projects or ventures fail. Using the researchers' own collections as the source of the articles was convenient. business owners may soon face disaster. production.5 Limitations of the initial GDSS software • reduction in ability to show statistically significant results. and put into place measures to avoid disaster. A better picture would be obtained from a much larger sample. They must also be educated and alert to fraud. able to make a vision a reality. Business owners underestimate how much money is needed and they are forced to close before they even have had a fair chance to succeed in it. Universiti Sains Malaysia – – – Members may work for the same organization or for different organizations A group can be permanent or temporary to be formed A group can be at one managerial level or can span several levels of managerial. 3. and able to confront change. purchasing. This includes the continuing study of market research and customer data. A good leader is also skilled at strategic thinking. If the sole reason would be starting own business be that would want to make a lot of money or if the person think he could spend some more time with the family by having own business. organize. Neglect of a business activities can also be its downfall. Briefly explain the main reasons for such failures.CMT423/CMT327 – Decision Support & Business Intelligence Systems Session 2010/2011 School of Computer Sciences. training them and is able to delegate them. and envision new possibilities for the future outcome. They also may have an unrealistic expectation of incoming revenues from sales of company. they are bound to have some bias in this GDSS softwares. 3. plan and control all activities of its operations. • 4. Insufficient Capital A common fatal mistake for many failed businesses is having insufficient operating funds for the company. but the limits of time for this initial study prevented this study. Page 5 of 7 7-Mar-11 . make transitions. Poor Management Many has reported on business failures cites poor management as the number one reason for failure. Proper care must be taken to regularly study. and seek help.4 Potential losses of group meetings • • • Effectiveness of the meeting Various idea conflicts Conclusion may support a particular party 3. though the researchers have a wide collection of representative elements of the GDSS literature. A successful manager is also a good leader who creates a work climate that encourages productivity of company. New business owners frequently lack relevant business and management expertise in areas such as finance.

goals. Components may include: • • • Description of the business. a bad location could spell disaster to even the bestmanaged enterprise. and keys to success Work force needed Potential problems and solutions for it 6. accessibility and parking Location of competitors company Condition and safety of the building Local incentive programs for business start-ups in specific targeted areas of business. This means you will need enough funds to cover all costs until sales can eventually pay for these costs of it. Overexpansion leading cause of business failure. It is important to take into consideration that many businesses take a year or two to get going effectively. strategic planning and hard work success would not have followed. Many small businesses fail because of fundamental shortcomings in business planning. but the costs of staying in business always. But at the same time. you do not want to repress growth. let your success help you set the right measured pace slowly. 5. methodical. It must be realistic and based on accurate. Location Location is critical to the success of the business. Many a bankruptcy has been caused by rapidly expanding companies. current information and educated projections for future. vision. A focus on slow and steady growth is optimum. Lack of Planning Person has ever been in charge of a successful major event knows that were it not for their careful. Universiti Sains Malaysia It is imperative to ascertain how much money your business requires.CMT423/CMT327 – Decision Support & Business Intelligence Systems Session 2010/2011 School of Computer Sciences. The same could be said of most business to be successes. Page 6 of 7 7-Mar-11 . It is crucial for all businesses to have a business plan. not only the costs of starting. 4. Once you have an established solid customer base and a good cash flow. A good location may enable a struggling business to ultimately survive and thrive. overexpansion often happens when business owners fail to success with how fast they can expand their business. Some factors to consider about: • • • • • Where the customers are Traffic.

And make sure that website makes your business look good. identify what and who you need to add in order for your business to grow fast. What sets them apart is their openness to new knowledge and their willingness to learn whatever it takes to succeed in bussiness. No Website If you have a business today. Most self-made millionaires possess only average intelligence. every business should have a professional looking and well-designed website that enables users to easily find out about their business and how to avail themselves of their products and services provided. Armed with drive. failure was not an option. not bad you want to increase profit. 7. these individuals view any setback as only an opportunity to learn and grow steadily. For many successful business owners. =ooo0oo= Page 7 of 7 7-Mar-11 . If expansion is warranted after carefully review. and employees having difficulty keeping up with production demands. you'll most likely be losing business to those that do. Later. you can focus on the growth of your business accurately. When it comes to success of any new business. drop-shipping products. additional ways to generate revenue on the website can be added such as selling ad space. At the very least. determination.CMT423/CMT327 – Decision Support & Business Intelligence Systems Session 2010/2011 School of Computer Sciences. and a positive mindset. not on doing everything in it yourself. not decrease them. If you don't have a website. you the business owner are ultimately the "secret" to the success. Universiti Sains Malaysia Few indications that an expansion may be warranted include the inability to fill customer needs in a timely basis. Then with the right systems and people in place. you need a website to publicise. research and analysis. or recommending affiliate products.

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