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Issues in Contemporary Theory--15 weeks
Page numbers preceded by NA refer to readings from the course¶s principal text, The Norton Anthology of Theory and Criticism, edited by Vincent Leitch et al. I will provide copies of the other selections which I have marked with an asterisk. August 23rd Introduction August 25th Aesthetics and Synesthetics, readings: Immanuel Kant, from Critique of Judgement, NA 504-13, 521-35 *Benedetto Croce, from Aesthetica in Nuce, Critical Tradition, 449-62 * Susan Langer, ³Poetic Creation,´ Critical Tradition, 534-42 *Susan Sontag, ³Against Interpretation,´ Critical Tradition, 545-550 ---------------------August 30th Formalism and Structuralism, readings: Roman Jakobson, ³Linguistics and Poetics,´ NA 1258-65 TzvetanTodorov, ³Structural Analysis of Narrative, NA 2099-2106 Hayden White, ³The Historical Text as Literary Artifact,´ NA 1712-29 Mikhail Bakhtin, from ³Discourse in the Novel,´ NA 1190-1201

NA 1336-49 George Poulet. Louis Althusser. Henry Louis Gates. from The Interpretation of Dreams." from All the Fun¶s in How You Say a Thing. ³Marxism and Historicism.´ vii-xxv. from Marxism and Literature.´ 101-112. NA 2251-54 Stephen Knapp and Walter Benn Michaels. Introduction. Capital. forward and ³Intimate Immensity. The Political Unconscious. ³Boundless Wealth from a Finite Store.´ NA 1317-33 ---------------------September 27th *from Gaston Bachelard. readings: Karl Marx.´ NA 2243-49 Frederic Jameson. The Power of Forms in the English Renaissance. 183-210 September 29th Psychology and Psychoanalysis. The Communist Manifesto. from Literary Theory: An Introduction.´ NA 2169-75 ---------------------- . Stephen Greenblatt. ³The Mirror Stage. ³Ideology and Ideological State Apparatuses.´ NA 2460-75 ----------------------September 20th introduction. ³Language. selections from Economic and Philosophic Manuscripts. NA 919-47 Jacques Lacan. 179-98 *Timothy Steele.´ NA 1285-90 Julia Kristeva.´ 51-63. readings: Sigmund Freud.´ NA 1121-34 Jean-Paul Sartre. ³The Semiotic Chora Ordering the Drives. Joanne Feit Diehl. NA 1937-60 September 15th Historicism and Historical Scholarship. ³Poetry and Gender. ³Literary History as a Challenge to Literary Theory.´ New Literary History. chapters 1 and 5. ³Poetry and Literary Theory. NA 1567-75 Terry Eagleton. conclusion.´ from Poetic Design. ³Why Write?´. 122.´ NA 1550-64 *Frederic Jameson. ix-lxxii September 22nd Existentialism and Phenomenology Martin Heidegger.´ NA 1488-1505 Raymond Williams. 115-66 ------------------September 13th Marxism. and others. 151-72 -------------------September 6th Labor Day September 8th *Michael Riffaterre. ³Phenomenology of Reading.³Poetry and Politics. Edward Larrissy. readings: *Reed Way Dasenbrock. The Poetics of Space. 1979ff. ³Form in Free Verse. ³The Rise of English. all from the Blackwell Companion to Twentieth-Century Poetry *Stephen Adam. NA 764-788.September 1st Poetics. The Semiotics of Poetry. A Bondswoman¶s Narrative. readings: Hans Robert Jauss. ³Against Theory.´ 189-200.

3-46.´ NA 1466-70 Wolfgang Iser. intro.´ NA 1745-48. 211-219.The History of Sexuality. 3-10. The Shadow of the Other.´ 1822-1830 Peter Brooks. ix-xii. NA 1636-66 .´ NA 2071-89 Jane Tompkins.´ NA 2129-43 -----------------October 25th from Kate Flint. 70-109.´ NA 2108-2126 --------------------October 11th from Franco Moretti.´ Critical Tradition. chapters on Antigone and Hecuba October 20th Reader-Response Theory. readings: *selections from Emmanuel Levinas. 52-59. 45-57. Moral Boundaries (introduction and chapter 5. ³Kochinnenako in Academe.´ NA 1223-40 Jürgen Habermas.´ NA 1673-82 Stanley Fish. 1-21. ³Of Grammatology. 25-39. ³Freud¶s Masterplots. 92-97. Atlas of the European Novel. 483-89 -------------------October 18th from Martha Nussbaum. from Distinction: A Social Critique of the Judgement of Taste. Jessica Benjamin. ³The Work of Art in the Age of Mechanical Reproduction. 1753-59 Pierre Bourdieu. 19-22. 122-25)) *selections from Wayne Booth. ³The Structural Transformation of the Public Sphere. "Where Does the Misery Come From?" in Feminism and Psychoanalysis.October 4th *Jacqueline Rose. readings: Walter Benjamin. Ethics and Infinity. October 6th Deconstruction and Narratology. ³Interpreting the Variorum. ³Me and My Shadow. Richard Feldstein and Judith Roof. ³Interaction Between Text and Reader. ³The Death of the Author. preface to second edition. vi-ix. 326-30 (chapters on "Theory and Women's Reading. ³The Culture Industry. readings: Roland Barthes. from Discipline and Punish: The Birth of the Prison.´ NA 1166-86 Theodor Adorno and Max Herkheimer. The Reproduction of Mothering. 187-252. The Frailty of Goodness. The Company We Keep: The Ethics of Fiction. 85-101. xi-xx. 710-736 Paula Gunn Allen. readings: Jacques Derrida. The Woman Reader. Humanism of the Other. *selections from Jane Tronto. Nancy Chodorow.and chapter 1 (on European bildungsroman) October 13th Ethics and Literature." "Reading Practices. 125155." "Conclusion) October 27th Cultural Studies. 141-58. NA 1809-14 -----------------November 1st Michel Foucault. eds. introduction.

³On the Abolition of the English Department. Pedagogy.´ NA 2146-65 Sandra Gilbert and Susan Gubar.´ NA 2257-66 ------------------November 15th Frantz Fanon.´ NA 1313-17 Henry Louis Gates.´ NA 2434-38 Bonnie Zimmerman.´ NA 2092-97 December 1st from Edward Said. ³Can the Subaltern Speak. from Borderlands/La Frontera: The New Mestiza. Interpretation. readings: Gloria Anzaldúa.´ 2488-2501 -------------------Thanksgiving -------------------November 29th Post-Colonial theory. ³What Has Never Been. readings: Hélène Cixous. 1762-80 Eve Sedgwick. ³Homosocial Desire. ³Talking Black. ³The Negro Artist and the Racial Mountain. Feminist Theory: From Margin to Center (1984) November 10th Race theory. from The Madwoman in the Attic. ³Visual Pleasure and Narrative Cinema. readings: Gerald Vizenor. ³The Laugh of the Medusa.November 3rd Feminism. readings: Adrienne Rich..´ NA 2302-2315 Judith Butler.´ NA 2197-228 NgugiwaThiong¶o. White Masks November 17th Gay/Lesbian/Sexuality.´ NA 2181-92 ------------------November 8th Bell Hooks. Black Skin. NA 2023-35 Laura Mulvey. from Compulsory Heterosexuality. Culture and Imperialism ------------------December 6th Ecocriticism. ³Toward a Black Feminist Criticism. Murphy December 8th from Jonathan Bate.´ NA 2039-56 Annette Kolodny. The Song of the Earth . from ³Gender Trouble. readings: *selection from Carolyn Merchant. ³The Race for Theory.´ NA 2340-59 Barbara Smith. ed. Greta Gaard and Patrick D.´ NA 2424-32 Barbara Christian. Radical Ecology *selection from Gary Snyder *selections from Ecofeminist Literary Criticism: Theory. NA 2211-23 GayatriSpivak. ³Dancing Through the Minefields. ³Manifest Manners.´ NA 1977-86 Langston Hughes. Jr.

literature and economics. literature and film. bibliographical and editorial theory. literature and law. Some other topics: literary history. . book studies. rhetorical studies. myth criticism. literature and philosophy. literature and science. hypertext. history of ideas. genre theory. new historicism. literature and religion. performance studies. literature and music. autobiographical and biographical exam week: Students will meet to give a precis of the argument of their final essays to the class.

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