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Has actor Charlie Sheen gone off the deep end? 8.5 7.8 In millions

7.0 6.8 25 hr, 17min:

Or do his recent erratic actions and

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ramblings have any merit?

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one million

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sp en t al m os t $53,000 on he
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1990 lywood madam
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Marries Donna
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Sam and Lola).
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45 May, 1998 Marries Denise
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March, 2005
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. 30 , 20 05, Charlie push hope you… die, b—-.”
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23 April, 2006 shoved her whi
Bob and Max)
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e M ue lle r with Mueller.
May, 2008Marries Brook
charge s af te r an al le ged altercation
Charlie Anna John Chris Heath River mestic violence s time off from isode.
Arrested on do into rehab; takethat will pay him $1.8M per ep
Sheen Nicole Belushi Farley Ledger Phoenix Brooke Mueller Dec., 2009 ’s volunt ar
Announces he en. In May, he signs a two-ye
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ar deal
Smith worth of
Feb., 2010 Two an d a H al f M
rk’s Th e Pl az a H ot el , doing $7,000 at night.
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Reported mitt him,
What he said: Oct., 2010dam ag e. Th e N YP D says Sheen ad w ith Sh ee n at The Plaza, sues m.
star who was aiming she tried to extort
“I have a different brain; I have a different n, an adult film cl
Capri Anderso ed her. Sheen countersues, oup including
heart; I got tiger blood, man.” Nov., 2010 claim in g he ch ok
re he al lege dl y parties with a gr Half Men.
in Las Vegas whe ork on Two and
What 24,000 Goes on bender rippers — returns in time for w
Jan. 27, 2011 tion hiatus.
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21,300 porn stars and takes a produc
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program in his elled after Shee ode.
on Twitter: Begins a rehab nc
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$1.8M Number Appea rs on C N N ’s Piers Morgan Sh e claims he is underpaid —
ck Lorre. H
wants $3M per
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of tweets Feb. 28
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March 1
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Highest-paid TV actors What he said:
“The only thing I’m addicted 0.6%
Pay per episode, 2010
to right now is winning”
$550,000 1 nanosecond What happened 0.4%
$400,000+ $400,000 $395,000 on Twitter:
Time it took Charlie 0.3%
to cure his addiction: Per cent of all tweets
“I closed my eyes and containing #winning 0.2%
Charlie Sheen Jon Cryer Hugh Laurie Teri Hatcher Christopher Meloni in a nanosecond, 0.1%
Two and Two and House Felicity Huffman Mariska Hargitay I cured myself.’
a Half Men a Half Men Eva Longoria Law & Order: SUV 0%
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Desperate Housewives