Memorandum – March 4, 2011 From: the Gamma Delta pledge class of the Nu Psi chapter of Phi Mu Alpha Sinfonia

To: Associate Dean Sposato, Dean Stepniak, Associate Dean Walker Re: Service Project Dr.s Sposato, Stepniak, and Walker: What is one thing music students are often seeking (and lacking) when they are ready to practice? Music stands. We, the Gamma Delta pledge class of SU's Phi Mu Alpha chapter, wish to make a lasting contribution to our Alma Mater by placing music stands permanently in every practice room in Ruebush Hall as our pledge class service project. By our count, there are 35 practice rooms on the first and second floors of Ruebush combined. Our estimated cost is a little under $37 per practice room and includes: • An industry-standard Manhasset M48 Symphony Stand (approx. $29 each when bought in packs of 6) • A steel security cable with vinyl coating to prevent scratching to pianos or furniture (approx. $6 each) • A keyed-alike padlock (approx $2 each). Therefore, our fundrasing goal would be about $1,300.00 to supply every practice room with a stand that could be locked to the piano in the room for theft prevention. We will do all the work involved, including fundraising, purchasing, and installation. We only seek your approval to begin. Here is our tentative plan, pending your approval: • We will raise funds by a variety of means • We will purchase the stands, security cables, and padlocks • We will affix a tasteful sign to the back of each stand listing donors (unless a donor wishes to remain anonymous) • In each practice room, we will lock down the stand to the leg of the piano • As soon as our project is complete, the stands will become the property of Shenandoah Conservatory and we will turn the padlock keys over to the Conservatory office should a practice-room piano need to be moved or replaced It is our sincere hope that these stands will help our fellow students to focus on practicing by having one less thing to worry about when they enter the practice room; we also believe that these stands will also provide an extra “wow” factor for visitors and prospective students. If for any cause whatsoever we are unable to reach our fundraising goal, we will simply place stands in as many practice rooms as we can. If we exceed our fundraising goal, we will donate any extra funds to the University through the Office of Advancement and designate our gift for the Conservatory specifically. Thank you for your time. Please email if you have any questions, and please let us know if we have your approval to move forward as we would like to start right away.

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