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Wallonia and Brussels). Flanders is set in a flat landscape.Dutch . One of the primary purposes of this declaration is to encourage and facilitate mobility between higher education systems and institutions in Europe. Brussels hosts both the European Commission and the Council of Ministers. 5 . Flanders and the province of Antwerp In the north of Belgium. The central location of Belgium within the European Union and its economic importance have contributed to its international significance. Albert II. Whereas the Communities are responsible for person-related matters like culture and education. 21 million people who live in the Netherlands and Flanders share a common language . Belgium is still one country. 29 countries in Europe signed the Bologna Declaration. There is no such language as ‘Belgian’. Although Belgium is a small country. Surrounded by three numerically stronger languages. French. is officially bilingual (Dutch and French). 3 languages are spoken here.which is the sixth most important language in the European Union. the ‘Low Countries’ reflects the geography of the area occupied by Flanders and the Netherlands. The historical name. French-speaking and German-speaking) and 3 regions (Flanders. The main objectives of the EU are to introduce the concept of European citizenship. It should be pointed out that the inhabitants of the Netherlands also speak Dutch. The Flemish people in the north of Belgium speak Dutch. security and justice. German and English. two cultures and three languages Belgium consists of 2 main parts: the northern part Flanders (Vlaanderen) and the southern part Wallonia. Brussels. the regions take care of territory-related matters such as social and economic affairs. The reigning monarch. which carries with it a number of civil and political rights for European citizens and to develop an atmosphere of freedom. more than 50 years later.1 | Europe. while the Walloons in the south speak French. Despite the fact that the regions are continually gaining power. the EU has 25 members. Belgium. Belgium.e. The proximity of Flanders to the North Sea means that it has a temperate climate with mild winters and cool summers. Flanders. Antwerp Destination Europe The European Union (EU) is the result of a process of co-operation and integration which began in 1951. In 1999. The EU also encourages the development of the international market and the freedom of movement of people. Today. the capital of Belgium. is the sixth king of Belgium since the declaration of independence from the Netherlands in 1830. Since 1989 several constitutional reforms have turned Belgium into a federal state consisting of 3 Communities (Dutch-speaking. In the eastern part of the country there is a small German-speaking population. i.

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the Elisabeth Hospital and the St Jacob’s. theatres etc. The river Scheldt has always played an important role in defence and trade. the Low Countries were separated in 1585 into an independent north. For the year 2004 UNESCO has granted the city the title of “World Book Capital” on the basis of the unusually rich literary environment that it offers. contemporary and future book capital .among them many artists. The river Scheldt has played a fundamental role in the development of the city. This led to the decline of Antwerp’s position as a major harbour and centre of trade. is of major importance to economic and cultural life in Flanders. the province of Antwerp is the most important Flemish region.and East-Flanders to the west. and gives the city its international dimension. Antwerp is an area of major economic importance. the province has the highest concentration of industrial enterprises in Belgium. As a result of the religious wars of the time. The city of Antwerp Antwerp. The City of Antwerp has developed an international programme -ABC2004. Antwerp was one of the most important cities of the age. As the home of more than 86. The Hessenhuis. The art of printing. FLANDERS. Almost half the population of Antwerp . museums. With a population of more than 1. ABC2004 wants to promote Antwerp internationally as a historic. and Flemish-Brabant to the south.EUROPE. which aims to generate an even bigger impact for Antwerp as a book capital. however.AUHA) can be found all over the province. with the city of Antwerp as the main centre. The fourteenth century was a period of economic growth and population increase. which resulted in major building activities. the province covers roughly 16% of the entire population of Belgium. the first half of the seventeenth century was a time of cultural importance when many of the important figures that are associated with the city. Mechelen or Turnhout are to be found in more rural surroundings. the Vleeshuis and the city hall are examples of mercantile buildings from that period.000 companies. such as Rubens and Van Dyck.a city that loves words. and a southern part under Spanish rule. scientists and talented craftsmen emigrated to the north as a result of the partition. The settlement of Antwerp goes back to Roman times. From a cultural point of view. During the fifteenth and sixteenth centuries the city expanded considerably. were alive. Our Lady’s Cathedral. for example. at the end of the sixteenth century.with the support of the Flemish Community and the Province of Antwerp. The harbour of Antwerp is one of the largest in the world. The city currently has an official municipal poet (Bart Moeyaert) and an apartment for a Writer in Residence. St Paul’s and Carolus Borromeus churches were all built at that time. There was a crisis. ANTWERP The province of Antwerp is one of 5 Flemish provinces. a city with about half a million inhabitants. Although the closing of the river Scheldt led to a period of economic recession in the south. Antwerp became one of the cities of the Hanseatic League and an important financial centre. The partner institutions of the Antwerp University Association (university and university colleges . It is situated between Limburg in the east. are only a few aspects of the cultural wealth of the province. The campuses of Lier. The City of Antwerp is using all its literary advantages and pursuing a coordinated and continuous policy. From a cultural point of view. flourished in Antwerp under the influence of Christoffel Plantin.6 million. Its many churches. 7 . West. BELGIUM.


com/antwerp.htm > www. its diamonds and its fashion business. FLANDERS. The city is famous for its diamonds. a process which employs about 75.be > www.use-it.000 people. like London and Paris. BELGIUM. Ever since.trabel. Antwerp. The fashion district just off the Meir shopping street is certainly worth visiting. The diamond district is located around the central station. One-fifth of Belgium’s Gross National Product is generated in Antwerp. Further information and pictures can be found by visiting the following sites: > www. ANTWERP In the nineteenth century Antwerp recovered economically and demographically.com/antwerp. Thanks to the effort of numerous young designers. is now a major centre in the fashion world. Apart from its cathedral. Industrial activity in Antwerp is export-based and capital intensive. which has an international reputation. Every year more than 100 million tonnes of goods pass through the port. 9 . but also to acquired advantages such as high productivity. The success of these activities is partly due to the favourable natural surroundings.visitantwerp. The Antwerp diamond trade is by far the largest in the world in terms of volume.htm > www. and a favourable economic climate. The petrochemical and pharmaceutical industries. there has been a continued effort to make the old city an attractive and pleasant place in which to live.EUROPE. Antwerp can also be proud of its zoo. and a major car assembly plant also contribute significantly to the economic importance of Antwerp.aviewoncities.be/antwerpen/eng/ More detailed information about cultural life in Antwerp can be found in part 5 ‘Culture & Leisure’. Rubens.

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The implementation of the Bologna Declaration in Flanders revolves around three essential factors: . rationalizing course supply. A student receives a degree after having collected the required number of credits for the subjects that make up the qualification. medicine and dentistry at the university. the Flemish Minister of Education started a process to reform the Flemish system of higher education. improving the quality assurance system and promoting life long learning. In the shortterm. After signing the Bologna Declaration. improving transparency. 29 European Ministries of Education. However. including Flanders’.establishment of a common system of accreditation between the different European educational systems. … and the Bologna process In 1999. university curricula are typically more academic and generic.Master’ structure .. Whereas most training programmes at the university colleges prepare students for a specific profession. and courses that focus on art at the university colleges. the Declaration poses many challenges: Internationalisation. employability and Europe’s overall development. All students who have obtained a certificate of secondary education or an equivalent foreign diploma. The use of the ECTS credit system (60 credits per academic year) is also compulsory.g. some courses are subject to an entrance exam. These are. The essence of the declaration is the creation of a European area of higher education as a way to stimulate mobility. important issues on the higher education policy agenda in Europe. such as nursing and translation work. and will remain. signed the Bologna Declaration. 11 . are admitted to tertiary education. Each subject represents a minimum of 3 credits. The reforms have meant that there is greater focus on objectives and outcomes.re-organisation of the curriculum into the ‘Bachelor . e. They agreed to reform their systems of higher education by 2010 at the latest.foundation of ‘associations’ between universities and university colleges. One credit represents 25 to 30 hours of a student’s workload. .2 | Studying at the Antwerp University Association (AUHA) The structure of higher education in Flanders … Higher education in Flanders is organised at universities and at university colleges (‘hogescholen’). More about these three essential factors: • Bachelor – Master in Flanders Flanders has introduced the new system by decree in 2004-2005. and task-based and problem-solving education has become more central.

both private and public. The University of Antwerp. as both universities and university colleges have been subject to external inspections for quite a number of years already. although some programmes last longer depending on the field of study. The first bachelor’s programmes started in the academic year 2004-2005 and the first master’s programmes will be introduced in the academic year 2007-2008. Professional bachelor’s degrees give access to some master’s programmes after a ‘bridging’ course. which work together on a basis of trust and mutual respect. started their first year before the academic year 2004-2005). remain unaffected by the new system. Flanders has developed considerable experience in this. There is a difference between a profession-oriented bachelor’s degree and an academic bachelor’s degree. Its aim is to guarantee a certain level of quality in higher education across the European Union. • The Antwerp University Association The process of harmonising European higher education. always in the framework of an university ‘association’. Academic bachelor’s degrees give direct access to master’s programmes. communication. has led to broader co-operation between the university and the university colleges. In total the Antwerp University Association has approximately 30. The Association consists of academic and vocational institutions. compatible and readable degrees across the European continent. Master’s programmes are organised at universities and university colleges. It is actively involved in the debate on intercultural issues and diversity in society and within member institutions. Academic bachelor’s degrees prepare students for advanced studies at master’s level. This new system has been introduced gradually. Fifteen workgroups (ICT. internationalisation. • Accreditation The main goal of the Bologna Declaration is to create a system of higher education with comparable. Moreover Flanders and the Netherlands have created a joint accreditation agency (NVAO: Netherlands-Flanders Accreditation Organisation). In the meantime. Hogeschool Antwerpen. These degrees are awarded by universities and university colleges within the framework of an university ‘association’ (see below). students who have enrolled in the previous system (i. Karel de GroteHogeschool and the Antwerp Maritime Academy: five institutions for higher education in Antwerp are cooperating under the name ‘Antwerp University Association’. as initiated by the Bologna Declaration. 12 . Master’s programmes are characterised by the integration of education and research and a master’s dissertation. Courses are therefore practice-oriented and include periods of work placement.) formed by members of the partner institutions.e. etc. These degrees are only awarded by the university colleges.000 students. finance. make up the Association. The accreditation will enable comparisons of quality to be made for different degree programmes across borders. Professional bachelor’s degrees prepare students for specific professions. They cover at least 60 ECTS credits (one year of study). Plantijnhogeschool.STUDYING AT THE ANTWERP UNIVERSITY ASSOCIATION After successfully completing 180 ECTS-credits (a study period of at least three years) students obtain a bachelor’s degree.

auha.associatie-antwerpen.highereducation. Antwerp University Association . B-2000 Antwerpen T +32 3 212 16 75 F +32 3 212 16 81 E info@auha.be or www.be Direct access (or via a preparatory programme) Access via a bridging programme More info: www.be PHD Degree Advanced Master’s Programme Master’s Degree Advanced Bachelor’s Programme Professional Bachelor’s Degree Academic Bachelor’s Degree Offered at University Colleges Offered at Universities & at University Colleges in the framework of an association Offered at Universities 13 Minimum 180 ECTS credits Minimum 60 ECTS Minimum 60 ECTS . researchers and visiting professors.be www. The Association covers the full spectrum of high quality education and research.AUHA Lange Nieuwstraat 55.STUDYING AT THE ANTWERP UNIVERSITY ASSOCIATION The institutions of the Antwerp University Association have the resources and the experience which make them attractive international partners. Every year they also receive a large number of international students. They have countless bilateral agreements for international co-operation concluded with partner institutions all over the world. They are active in a wide variety of exchange programmes.

• The Hogeschool Antwerpen was founded in 1995. The international structure is fully integrated within the university colleges at both departmental and central level.000. About the University of Antwerp The University of Antwerp (UA) is a merge of 3 university institutions. Each institution is spread over several campuses. and as such competes for grants in an international context. Mechelen. 14 . The University of Antwerp is the third largest university in Flanders. with a student population of almost 10. and Universitaire Instelling Antwerpen (UIA. biomedical and veterinary sciences. now: City Campus). with their different campuses. The academic year at the University of Antwerp starts at the end of September. It offers education in the arts. Information on the location of your study programme is available at your host institution. Trimesters/semesters are normally followed by a revision and examination period as well as by a short holiday. They are situated at different locations in the city centre and its surroundings. A considerable number of master’s programmes are offered in English and a few in other languages. formerly known as: Universitair Centrum Antwerpen (RUCA. The premises are situated between the city and the port of Antwerp. For some disciplines there are also some courses offered in English. It focuses largely on scientific research. now: Campus Middelheim/Groenenborger). while the university colleges start mid-September. You can find the name of your international officer under part 4 and under part 8. pharmaceutical. now: Campus Drie Eiken). Furthermore. applied economic sciences. The University of Antwerp is an entrepreneurial university. law. Lier. For further information. The year is divided into two semesters. Resits take place at the end of August and in September. Summer recess starts at the end of June or the beginning of July. • The Antwerp Maritime Academy is the only institution in Belgium that provides maritime training at an academic level. a university hospital is linked to the university. The University of Antwerp was awarded the ECTS quality label in 2004. About the University Colleges of Antwerp (Hogescholen) The university colleges. political and social sciences. have a long tradition of their own. the language of instruction is Dutch. The different departments are located in Antwerp. natural and medical sciences. The City Campus is situated in the historic city centre while the other three campuses are situated in the green surroundings to the south of the city. except for some specific programmes where a trimester system exists. please contact the individual higher education institutions. and Turnhout. They are also active partners in various European exchange programmes.STUDYING AT THE ANTWERP UNIVERSITY ASSOCIATION Education at the Antwerp University Association For bachelor’s programmes in Flanders. commercial engineering. and has a total of almost 500 students in both the ‘Deck’ and ‘Engine’ departments. In 1995. the University of Antwerp was the first to start intensive collaboration with the university colleges of the province even before it became part of the educational system in Flanders. instructional and educational sciences. following the merger of 17 institutions. Universitaire Faculteiten Sint-Ignatius Antwerpen (UFSIA.

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socio-educational care work. industrial science and technology. For more information please contact the Antwerp University Association. Karel de Grote-Hogeschool and Hogeschool Antwerpen **** interuniversity programme All courses available for the academic year 2006-2007 For up-to-date information. • The Plantijnhogeschool was founded in 1995. teaching. after several institutes merged together and covers almost 3. but the excellent relationship with this institution makes it possible to take common decisions. This institution also offers postgraduate courses and specialised training programmes for commercial and nonprofit making organisations. physiotherapy. Altogether the Karel de Grote-Hogeschool offers about 70 courses and has 6 departments: arts. Spanish. applied social studies and health care. including visual arts. The Institute of Tropical Medicine (Prins Leopold Instituut voor Tropische Geneeskunde) is not a partner within the Association. following the merger of 13 Catholic university collegesin Antwerp with approximately 7. health care. consult http://www.200 students.200 students.highereducation. and in the arts. and electro mechanics. dance. • The Karel de Grote-Hogeschool was founded in 1995. commercial sciences and business administration. industrial science and technology. it provides academic Bachelor programmes in architecture. drama and music. business management. health care and teacher training. social work.STUDYING AT THE ANTWERP UNIVERSITY ASSOCIATION Besides professional Bachelor programmes in business administration. industrial sciences and technology. translation and interpreting. The Plantijnhogeschool consists of four campuses and offers courses in the following subjects: communication management. English. Italian) or the Germanic Languages (Dutch.be 16 . D D(E) D/E D/FR ** courses are organized in Dutch courses are organized in Dutch only some specific subdegrees (not mentioned in thes overview) have courses in English courses are organized both in Dutch and in English courses are organized both in Dutch and in French at least one language chosen from the Romance Languages (French. industrial sciences and technology. teacher education. industrial design. German) *** co-operation between University of Antwerp.300 students. Together all these departments attract over 7.

STUDYING AT THE ANTWERP UNIVERSITY ASSOCIATION Antwerp Maritime Academy Karel de Grote-Hogeschool Hogeschool Antwerpen University of Antwerp Plantijnhogeschool Universiteit Antwerpen Hogere Zeevaartschool Hogeschool Antwerpen Karel de Grote-Hogeschool Plantijnhogeschool UA: HA: KdG: Plantijn: AMA: Universiteit Antwerpen Hogeschool Antwerpen Karel de Grote Hogeschool Plantijn Hogeschool Antwerp Maritime Academy Academic Bachelor Professional Bachelor Bachelor and Master Bachelor and Master Advanced Master AcBa PrBa BaMa BaMa AdMa PL UA AMA HA n KdG n Degree PrBa BaMa BaMa n n n n n n n n n n n n n n n n n n n n n n n n n n n n n n n n n n Language Code Applied Computer Science Applied Economic Sciences: Business Administration Applied Economic Siences: Economic Policy Applied Engineering: Biochemistry Applied Engineering: Chemistry Applied Engineering: Construction Applied Engineering: Electromechanics Applied Engineering: Electronics-ICT Applied Linguistics Architecture Art & Design Audiovisual Technology: Photography Automotive Technology Biochemistry and Biotechnology Bio-Engineering Science Biology Bio-Medical Laboratory Technology Biomedical Science Business Engineering Business Engineering in Management Information Systems Business Management Chemistry Chemistry Communication Management Communication Studies Communication Studies Political Communication Conservation of Monuments and Sites Conservation Studies D D D/E D D D D D D D D D D D D D D D D D D(E) D D D(E) D D D D D n n BaMa BaMa BaMa BaMa BaMa AcBa BaMa BaMa PrBa PrBa BaMa AcBa BaMa PrBa BaMa BaMa BaMa PrBa PrBa BaMa PrBa AcBa Ma Ma Ma BaMa 17 .

STUDYING AT THE ANTWERP UNIVERSITY ASSOCIATION UA n AMA HA KdG PL Ma n n Culture Management Dance Drama Ecological and Marine Management Electromechanics Electronics-ICT Graphical and Digital Media History Hotel Management Information and Library Sciences Information Science Instructional and Educational Sciences Interior Architecture Interpreting Journalism Law Linguistics and Literature ** Linguistics Linguistics and Literature ** Literature of the Modernity Multilingual Professional Communication Theater Studies Management and Communication Marine Engineering Mathematics Medicine Midwifery Molecular Biology Multimedia and Communication Technology Music Nautical Sciences Nursery Education Nursing Nursing and Obstetrics/Midwifery *** Nutrition and Dietetics Occupational Therapy Office Management Pharmaceutical sciences D/E D D E D D D D D D D D D D D D D D D D D D D/E D/FR D D D E D D D/FR D D D D D D D PrBa BaMa Ma n n n PrBa PrBa PrBa BaMa n n n n n n n n n n n n n n n n n n n n n n n n n n n n n n n n n n n n n n n n PrBa Ma BaMa Ma BaMa Ma PrBa BaMa AcBa Ma Ma Ma Ma Ma Ma PrBa BaMa BaMa PrBa Ma PrBa BaMa BaMa PrBa PrBa Ma PrBa PrBa PrBa AcBa 18 .

STUDYING AT THE ANTWERP UNIVERSITY ASSOCIATION UA n n n n AMA HA KdG PL Ma Ma BaMa BaMa n Drug Development Pharmaceutical care Philosophy Physics Physiotherapy Political Sciences Political Communication International Politics Primary Education Product Development Real Estate Secondary Education Social and Economic Sciences Social Work Social Work and Welfare Studies *** Socio-Educational Care Work Sociology Translation Urban Design and Spatial Planning Veterinary science Women’s Studies Advanced Management Studies Advanced Studies in Computer Sciences Advanced Studies in Linguistics **** American Studies **** Applied Econometrics **** D D D D D D D D D D D D D D D D D D D D D D D E E E BaMa AcBa Ma Ma n n n n n n n n n n n n n n n n n n n n n n n n n n n n n n n n n n n n n n n n n PrBa BaMa PrBa PrBa BaMa PrBa Ma PrBa BaMa Ma Ma AcBa Ma AdMa AdMa AdMa AdMa AdMa AdMa AdMa AdMa AdMa AdMa AdMa AdMa AdMa AdMa AdMa AdMa AdMa Archival Science: Cultural Heritage Management and Records Management D Biomedical Imaging Business Administration Business Administration (Executive MBA) Business Law Computer Auditing Development Evaluation and Management Disabled Person’s Care E-business Economics of International Trade and European Integration **** Educational Management Environmental Science D D E D D/E E D D/E E D D 19 .

STUDYING AT THE ANTWERP UNIVERSITY ASSOCIATION UA AMA HA KdG PL n n n n n n n n n n n n n n n n n n n n n n n n n n n n n n n n n AdMa AdMa AdMa AdMa AdMa AdMa AdMa AdMa AdMa AdMa AdMa AdMa AdMa AdMa AdMa AdMa AdMa AdMa AdMa AdMa AdMa AdMa AdMa AdMa AdMa AdMa AdMa AdMa AdMa AdMa AdMa AdMa AdMa Executive MBA Moscow (part-time) Family Medicine**** Finance Global Management Globalisation and Economic Development Governance and Development Health Data Management**** Hospital Hygiene and Infection Hospital Pharmacy**** Human Resource Management Human Resource Studies Industrial Pharmacy**** Insurance medicine and medico-legal expertise**** International Relations and Diplomacy Laboratory Medicine Literary Studies**** Management Management and Development Management Studies Maritime and Transport Law Maritime Sciences Maritime Sciences **** Nanophysics Occupational Medicine**** Personal Financial Planning Public Administration Public Management Real Estate Management Tax Law Theatre Studies**** Transport and Maritime Economics Transport and Maritime Management Youth Health Care**** D D E E E E D D D D D D D D D D D/E D D D D D E D D/E D D D/E D D E E D 20 .

The level is tailored to suit international students. and timetables) and admittance procedures students should contact the international co-ordinator at the appropriate department/faculty. have to pay the full tuition fee. The institutions of the Antwerp University Association’s only offer a limited (but growing) number of courses in English. Courses ‘Dutch as a foreign language’ are organized at the beginning of each semester and during the academic year. Terms of admission for other international students Students who make their own arrangements and are not coming in the framework of a European or bilateral exchange agreement. thesis work. Courses are available at different levels. not as exchange students) with one of the institutions of the Antwerp University Association may first have to fulfill some language requirements in accordance with the Flemish law. (S)he will advise students on their study programme and will ensure that reports and grades for their work are sent to the home institution. or write a thesis (dissertation. Students practice basic skills like reading. Language courses The institutions of the Antwerp University Association organize Dutch language courses which are specifically tailored to the needs of participants. projects. It is essential that the home university institution fully accredits the study programme in Antwerp.STUDYING AT THE ANTWERP UNIVERSITY ASSOCIATION Admission of exchange students Exchange students who wish to attend a particular course or programme. Terms of admission for exchange students in the framework of European exchange programmes or bilateral agreements. see part 4 and part 8). Students who are coming to Antwerp in the framework of a European or bilateral exchange agreement do not have to pay a tuition fee at the host institution. Grammar and vocabulary are introduced in a communicative way. carry out a project. • Acceptance by the host institution For more information about the course programme (subjects. The language of instruction in Flanders is Dutch. have to be accepted by the guest institution and the department/faculty concerned. The ability to master the language of instruction is crucial to international students. (S)he will tell the students whom to contact for further information on the course programme (courses. 21 . Language requirements The Dutch language Dutch is one of the less widely spoken and taught languages of the EU: 21 million people speak Dutch (15 million in the Netherlands and 6 million in Flanders). First. Students wishing to register as full-time degree students (i. Some of the Association’s institutions may require students to submit proof of sufficient knowledge of Dutch before admission is allowed. They should contact the international co-ordinator at the host institution well in advance. The Antwerp Maritime Academy is the only institution with full courses in both Dutch and French. paper). listening and writing. projects. speaking.e. • Provide evidence of exchange student status. thesis work. They will have to meet the following requirements: • Approval of the home institution. and time-tables) and admission procedure. it is necessary to contact the international coordinator at the host institution (for addresses.

> http://europa.STUDYING AT THE ANTWERP UNIVERSITY ASSOCIATION • Erasmus Intensive Language Courses (EILC) The EILC is an initiative of the European Commission and gives Erasmus students the opportunity to study the Dutch language before starting their exchange period. This course is free of charge for exchange students. A system of continuous assessment is used. both oral and written. The language course provides not only a linguistic and cultural preparation. > www. 60h or 90h. Institute for Language and Communication.eu 22 . Erasmus students who wish to sign up for this course can apply for an EILC-grant. 45h. The EILC-courses are free of charge for students who have been granted an EILC-scholarship. The primary aim of these Dutch classes is to introduce the basic skills of the language. This course focuses on communicative skills (listening.int/comm/education/programmes/socrates/erasmus/eilc/index_en. After an intensive lasting two weeks. which allows them to participate for free. Throughout the course several short tests are organized. in order to stimulate the integration of students in their new surroundings.html • Karel de Grote-Hogeschool This institution offers an intensive EILC in Dutch for two weeks (5 hours a day) in September and in January.Dutch Language Course) • University of Antwerp The university’s language centre LINGUAPOLIS. The winners of an EILC-scholarship receive a supplementary Erasmus grant from their National Agency or home institution for the duration of the course. comprehension and speaking) and gives an introduction to Flemish society and culture.int/comm/education/programmes/socrates/erasmus/eilc/index_en. Moreover intensive and less intensive daytime and evening courses are also offered at 4 different levels consisting of either 30h. For non-EILC-courses. to check students’ progress.ha. > http://europa. the Dutch course becomes an integrated part of the study programme consisting of two hours per week (altogether 62 contact hours). daytime course) will be organized before the start of the academic year (beginning of September).eu. which is responsible for forwarding the applications to the course organizers. A Dutch EILC is offered in September and in January for Erasmus students. An EILC is offered in September and in January .a must for students who will be attending classes in Dutch.eu. The course offers an introduction to Dutch grammar and pronunciation with practice in comprehension and use of Dutch in daily life. Applications should be submitted to the student’s home institution. organises various intensive language courses at the beginning of each semester and during the academic year.html • Hogeschool Antwerpen An introductory Dutch course (level one.linguapolis. it is also an excellent opportunity to socialise with other international students and to make new friends in a new environment. These courses are free of charge. 60 hours. > www. a small fee has to be paid.be (choose English . Students are encouraged to use Dutch as often as possible when they come into daily contact with Flemish people so that they can apply their knowledge of the language in everyday situations.

Norwegian. vocabulary and grammar complete with feedback and pedagogical help screens. Finnish. including Dutch. various exercises are available on reading. Polish. language courses at different levels are organised at the Linguapolis. Spanish. Rumanian.STUDYING AT THE ANTWERP UNIVERSITY ASSOCIATION Other languages There are plenty of opportunities in Antwerp to acquire or improve foreign language skills. listening. Danish. Turkish.linguapolis. Japanese. Each CD-ROM contains ten video recordings. Chinese. writing. In addition. Greek.linguapolis. > www. For more information: > www. French. Distance learning LINC (an Interactive Approach to Language and Culture) consists of a serie of language learning materials on CD-ROM.eu . For every language there are 3 levels. together with transcripts and explanations of relevant social and cultural issues. English. Campus Drie Eiken in 19 languages: Arabic. There are CD-ROMs for 18 languages. Portuguese. Swedish. Hungarian. pronunciation. Italian. Each semester. Russian. German.eu 23 .

24 .

00 until 23.eurolines.com By train Antwerp is easy to reach by train. timetables and prices > www. Antwerp can be reached from the UK by Eurostar via Brussels. Within the province and the city of Antwerp transport is organised by the public transport company “De Lijn”. There are direct rail links with different cities in France. The train to Antwerp takes approximately one hour (you have to change at “Brussel Noord” station) and costs € 6 for a single ticket. timetables and prices. near Charleroi.00 (Brussels airport to Antwerp) and from 05.30 until 22. The Eurolines bus goes to the centre of the city (Van Stralenstraat 8. There are flights from all major European cities as well as from the most important overseas metropolis. From the bus station “Rooseveltplaats”. Antwerp has two main stations: Central Station and Berchem station. This is a one-way ticket that enables you to go by public bus (line A) to any train station in Belgium. you will arrive at the airport of Brussels South.00 (Antwerp to Brussels airport).3 | Transport and Travel GETTING TO ANTWERP By air The international airport of Brussels (Zaventem) is the most frequently used gateway to Antwerp. > www. It runs from 07.brusselsairport.charleroi-airport.be: information about trams and buses 25 .be: information about the Belgian rail-network: train connections (travelling in Belgium and Europe). It takes approximately 1h and 30 minutes to reach Antwerp Central Station from Charleroi. > www. or by taking the ferry-rail link via Ostend (Ramsgate/Ostend) or Zeebrugge (Hull/Zeebrugge). 2060 Antwerpen). The European high-speed train project includes the Thalys. Various airlines fly into Brussels airport.be/bus If you fly with Ryanair. there are direct bus links to various other towns and cities. Buses leave to all parts of the city from Antwerp Central Station. The bus runs every hour and reaches the centre of Antwerp (De Keyserlei . It is located at about 45 kilometers from the centre of Antwerp. > www.b-rail. By bus If you are looking for a cheap way to come to Antwerp you could travel with ‘Eurolines’. the Netherlands and Germany. You can then buy a ‘bulk’ ticket for €10 at the Ryanair desk at Charleroi airport. the Eurostar and the Eurotunnel.delijn. International railway lines link Brussels and Antwerp to several other major European cities. > www.Century Center) in approximately 40 minutes. From the airport you can travel to Antwerp by taking the SN Brussels Airport Express bus or train. A single ticket costs €8 (info: T +32 (0)5 233 40 00).com: detailed information on destinations. which is close to the Central Station.

Smoking is not allowed. E19. French. there is no minimum age. Ekeren.. and no license or insurance are required. 26 .be By public transport Trains Belgium has the most dense rail network in the world.TRANSPORT & TRAVEL By car All destinations are within easy reach by car. Keep in mind that a ticket is valid for one day only. However. Wilrijk and Zandvliet). Trains run at regular intervals between 6 a. GETTING AROUND IN ANTWERP By bike (or motorbike) Cycling and walking are amongst the most popular ways of getting to classes.m. For more detailed information go to the “De Lijn” shop in the city centre (Rooseveltplaats T +32 3 232 75 23). This means that you can travel in the city of Antwerp and its surrounding suburbs (Berchem. Antwerp itself lies at the crossroads of the E17. E34. To avoid bicycle theft.fietshaven. The following rates apply when you take a tram or bus: • A single ticket within the city: €1. be sure to lock your bike at all times. You can purchase this from the tram or bus driver.buzzy.be: train connections. € 30 for 6 months and € 50 for 10 months. With the tickets mentioned below you can travel throughout the whole district of Antwerp. Deurne. and a standard return (round-trip) fare is double the price of a single (oneway) fare. Merksem.2. > www.5. later in the evenings only a selection of trains runs until about 11 p. Berendrecht. timetables and prices (in Dutch.b-rail. it can be less expensive to buy one of the following tickets. English. There are first and second class compartments. Anyone may ride a bicycle in Belgium. Bicycle storage is often available in railway stations and schools. Trains run less frequently during the weekends.m.be: the site of “De Lijn” for their youth magazine (also available on every bus and tram) Trams and buses Antwerp has a dense public transportation network. and 8 p. Telephone numbers of some information desks (in 4 languages): Antwerp Central Station: +32 3 204 20 40 Berchem Station: +32 2 528 28 28 Useful Internet sites: > www. Renting a bike Students of the Antwerp University Association can rent a bike for cheap at the “Fietshaven” (“bike harbour”): € 20 for 3 months. But if you buy this single ticket in presale at “De Lijn” shops or several bookstores it will cost you € 1. Lillo. and German) > www. either free of charge or for a small fee. Borgerhout. Hoboken. It allows you to use public transportation (buses and trams) for one hour. Buses and trams are available to take you to many different parts of the city. and E313 motorways.m.

otherwise the driver might pass your stop.delijn.30 for those under 25 years of age. During the weekend. € 0. With this type of ticket you take the tram or bus on the first leg of your journey and then return by taxi. in which case you will get a rebate of € 2 per person on the taxi fare. As prices are subject to change please telephone +32 3 218 14 06 or consult www. night buses are provided. for which you pay € 8 (i. • A Tov ticket will cost you €1. it is cheaper to buy a “Lijnkaart” for 10 rides.e. This can be bought from the bus or tram driver. Once you have done this. Whenever you travel by tram or bus you have to validate your ticket by inserting it into the yellow device that can be found on buses and trams. 27 . It is only worth buying a monthly pass when you use public transportation on a regular and frequent basis.TRANSPORT & TRAVEL If you have to travel several times a week.50 for those between 25 and 64. • A monthly pass costs € 20. A timetable for these night buses is available in any “De Lijn” shop. or € 25.50. your ticket will be valid for sixty minutes. This can be bought from one of the “De Lijn” shops. be. A ticket costs € 2 and can be bought on the bus. Press one of the blue buttons to ring the bell when you are about to reach your destination .8 per journey).

When buying always remember that the purchase price of a car does not cover the total expense involved.75 between 22 p. On occasion there are promotional offers that make travelling by taxi more affordable. harsh penalties will be imposed. Alternatives include buying a used car. and for renting a car it is 21. On top of this you have to pay a specific amount (€1. Drinking and driving is a serious offence in Belgium. In order to drive a car in Belgium you must have a Belgian driving licence or a licence recognized by Belgian law. if your blood contains more than 0. and the ‘green insurance card’ which is issued upon payment of the insurance fee should always be kept in the car. taxis are quite expensive and hence not very student-friendly. a limit you can reach by drinking 2 glasses of beer or small glasses of wine).m. the speed limit is 120 km/h on motorways. The minimum age to drive a car is 18. This is the so-called “BOB campaign”. In Belgium. and 22 p. which suggests that when a group of people go out for the evening they should always appoint one person for the night (called BOB) who stays sober so that he or she can drive everyone home safely. 90 km/h on other roads and 50 km/h in builtup areas. You always have to pay a standard rate (even before you start driving) which is € 2. Around schools and in some residential areas.m. Insurance. It is also worth bearing in mind that finding parking space in Antwerp can be difficult and expensive. Unless otherwise indicated.e. The registration form (‘pink card’) should also be kept in the car at all times. traffic moves on the right-hand side of the road. there is a speed limit of 30 km/h. and € 4.5‰ of alcohol. 28 .75 between 6 a. the car has to have a valid licence plate. such as the Central Station. including unlimited third party liability. Rooseveltplaats. You can find taxis at various fixed locations around Antwerp. Groenplaats. Finally.TRANSPORT & TRAVEL Taxis In general. is obligatory. there is a well-known campaign to prevent drinking and driving.40) for each kilometer travelled. and 6 a. etc.m. we do not advise students to bring their own car.m. If you are breathalysed and found positive (i. For this reason. It is also possible to call a taxi or hail one on the street by raising your hand. Here are some telephone numbers of taxi companies in Antwerp: AAT (Algemene Antwerpse Taxicentrale): 03 216 16 16 ANTWERP TAX: 03 238 38 38 By car In Belgium. or using a rental car. Buying a new car in Belgium is expensive.

Fnac bookshop (Groenplaats) in the city centre of Antwerp. • Bed and breakfast or “gastenkamers”: check at the tourist information centre. Ostend (1h 35 minutes) and Namur (2h 10 minutes).html. Toerisme Vlaanderen (T +32 2 504 03 90) or in provincial or local tourist offices (For addresses. Luxemburg (3h 45 minutes) and Dinant (2h 10 minutes) can also be easily reached.TRANSPORT & TRAVEL GETTING OUT OF ANTWERP Travelling in Belgium Transport While staying in Antwerp it is worthwhile taking some time off to visit some of the other parts of Belgium. You can also find a list on their website: www. or are available to buy at the Standaard Boekhandel Antwerpen Reisgids (Meirbrug 2. accommodation and places of interest.be 29 . The more adventurous will appreciate the following: Rough Guide. or alternatively have a look at www. T +32 3 232 72 18) will give you an overview of what is available. A wide selection of travel guides can also be found at the public library. The “Vlaamse Jeugdherbergcentrale” (Van Stralenstraat 40. 71)). The city of Antwerp is a good point of departure.belgique-tourisme. A list of youth hostels in the French-speaking part of the country can be found at www. see Part 8 ‘Contacts’ (p. The coastal tram links the seaside resorts and stops in the centre of every seaside town. There are direct connections to Leuven (40 minutes). Useful information (guides.be . If you are looking for more in-depth information try the Insight Guides. You are most likely to find them at the “Grote Markt” in the city centre. Accommodation There are many different types of accommodation to choose from when travelling in Belgium: • Hotels: the website “Toerisme Vlaanderen” is a database of hotels where you can choose your ideal type of accommodation.be > www.hotels-belgium. From here. nearly all major tourist destinations can be reached by train. You are allowed to take your bike on the train for a small fee.net Travel guides Different kinds of travel guide are available to fulfill every need. be/fietsroutes/Routes. Nearly every small town has a tourist information centre where you can get information about transport. buses and trams are available to take you to towns and the farthest corners of the countryside. Lonely Planet. Ghent (50 minutes). 2000 Antwerpen). maps.toerismevlaanderen.vjh.) about cycling tours can be obtained from the “Grote Routepaden” in Antwerp (Flanders Youth Hostel Federation T +32 3 232 72 18). Bruges (1h and 20 minutes).kompascamping. • Campsites: a useful website can be found at www. • Youth hostels: there are 22 youth hostels in Flanders. Brussels (40 minutes).or alternatively call the main office for more information (T +32 2 219 56 76). and Le Guide du Routard.be. You can also take your bike to tour around. In addition to the rail network. Useful websites with a lot of tourist information and links: > www. Maps can be found at http://users. 2060 Antwerp.laj. com. Tourist offices The best way to become well-informed about different travel opportunities is to drop in at the provincial or local tourist information centers.pandora. etc.

Jacobsmarkt 84.be for details of travelling around Europe by train.be • Joker Toerisme.airstop.b-rail.be). Amsterdam. 03 231 72 68.1h30 minutes via Brussels. www. www.eurolines.) And London is only a three hour journey away by train (the Eurostar). www. 03 225 31 61.TRANSPORT & TRAVEL Travelling outside Belgium Travel agencies Some travel agencies offer special student prices and specialise in organising trips and holidays for students: • Usit connections. 30 . Paris or London are all worth a visit. 2000 Antwerp. St. 2000 Antwerp. Blauwtorenplein 10. Paris can be easily reached by taking the train called the Thalys . 2000 Antwerp. 070 23 31 88. (Thalys tickets are cheaper if you book them well in advance. or www.connections.be • Airstop.joker.be If you would like to visit some of Belgium’s neighbouring countries check the Eurolines buses website (www. There is a direct rail link between Antwerp and Amsterdam (2h 10 minutes). Melkmarkt 23.


32 .

be/en/addresses/abroad/default.Proof of solvency . T +32 (0)2 501 81 11.4 | Arrival & Accommodation BEFORE LEAVING FOR BELGIUM Going abroad for a longer period is always the start of an adventure. Iceland and Liechtenstein 33 . When visiting the Embassy or Consulate you will need the following documents: . All other nationalities should apply for a student visa with the Belgian embassy or consulate of their current place of residence before leaving for Belgium.fgov.asp The Federal Public Service Foreign Affairs.Certificate of good conduct . certifying that you will leave Flanders (Belgium) upon the completion of your studies .Financial support declaration More information on the application procedure can be found at: http://www.diplomatie. This is why it is important that you do not set out unprepared.org 1 EEA: EU + Norway. Visa requirements.Permission to enrol at the higher education institution .Recent passport pictures. Information about language courses is given in part 2 ‘Studying at the Antwerp University Association’.diplobel. Please apply through your home institution well in advance before leaving if you would like to take a Dutch language course. formalities before leaving Belgium Nationals of the European Economic Area countries1 or from Monaco or Switzerland may stay in Belgium on the strength of a national passport or identity card. You are requested to complete and return the registration and/or accommodation form.Declaration signed by yourself. www.Medical certificate .be/en/addresses/abroad/default.be.studenttravelinformation. signed on the back .fgov. if they want to stay in Belgium for longer than 3 months. B-1000 Brussels. and bring all necessary documents with you to Antwerp. info@diplobel. Make sure that you have been given the status of exchange student by your home university before leaving.Valid passport (with at least one year’s validity remaining) .asp Addresses of the nearest Belgian embassy or consulate in your home country can be found at: http://www. which you received from the host institution. Additional information can be downloaded from www.be Registration at the home institution During the summer months the International Relations Office will send information packages to all announced exchange students in order to prepare them for their stay in Antwerp.diplobel. Rue des Petits Carmes 15.


ARRIVAL & ACCOMMODATION For some countries. approval by the Belgian authorities can take up to 3 months and even longer.ac. ARRIVAL IN ANTWERP Your first night .ac. B-2020 Antwerpen U237 (building U. in that case you will receive information from the housing service well in advance. For more details about youth hostels please refer to the section entitled ‘Settling in Antwerp’. 2nd floor) +32 3 265 35 43 (Patricia De Clopper) + 32 3 265 35 61 (Nele Voorspoels) + 32 3 265 35 59 (Jill Aerts) + 32 3 265 35 60 (Martine Depauw) + 32 3 265 36 22 international@ua. Some institutions arrange accommodation for you before arrival. mobility of teaching staff) International Relations Office Universiteit Antwerpen – Campus Groenenborger Groenenborgerlaan 171. “godmother” or “godfather”. It is therefor necessary that you start the visa application procedure well in advance! Students are urged not to come on a tourist visa. Campus Groenenborger and Campus Drie Eiken. You will get a discount for this first night. Addresses of the Antwerp University Association (University–University colleges) UNIVERSITY OF ANTWERP The University of Antwerp is spread over 4 campuses: the City Campus. All students who will be staying in Antwerp for longer than 3 months must register with the town administration office/the Department of Foreigners (through the International Office!) within 8 working days of arrival. or the housing service of your guest institution to start all arrangements for finding suitable accommodation. The City Campus is situated in the old historic city centre while the other three campuses are situated in the leafy suburbs to the south of the city.an interesting tip If your host institution recommends that you arrive in advance or during the summer months to find a room of your own choice. visa. Meanwhile.be/international Mailing address Office Phone General fax number General email Website 35 . More information can be found under the section entitled ‘Registration in the host town’. unless they wish to return after 3 months. you can spend the first few nights in a youth hostel.ua.be www. Campus Middelheim. contact your student “buddy”. The International Relations Office is situated at Campus Groenenborger Name Patricia De Clopper (Institutional Socrates Co-ordinator) Nele Voorspoels (incoming exchange students) Jill Aerts (outgoing exchange students) Martine Depauw (work permits.

502 From Central Station: bus 27.connection with bus 21. 502 From the Central Station: line 21. 501. 33. 502 From Groenplaats: line 25. 21. 32 From Berchem Station to Rijnkaai: line 9 Regional connections: Rooseveltplaats By coach from airport De Keyserlei – Century Centre (close to the Central Station) Campus Middelheim Main buildings: Middelheimlaan 1 (building A).connection with bus: 21. 501. 502 Campus Groenenborger Main building: Groenenborgerlaan (building T). 32. 25. 32. 32. 502 From Groenplaats: line 25. B-2020 Antwerp T +32 3 265 30 51 How to get to Campus Middelheim By train From Berchem Station: bus 21. 26 (to nearest stop) From Wilrijk to the Central Station: line17.ARRIVAL & ACCOMMODATION City Campus Main building: Prinsstraat 13. 501.connection with bus: 21. 501. 501. 3. Lange Nieuwstraat: line 10 From the Central Station or Berchem Station: line 11 From Berchem Station to Meirbrug: line 8 From Groenplaats to Minderbroedersrui: line 4 By metro From the Central Station to Opera. 502 By coach from airport Stop Central Station . 32. 33. 501. 501. 26 (stop “BIST” . 502 By coach from airport Stop Central Station . 502) From Central Station: line 21. 27. 502) By bus From Berchem Station: bus 21. 501. 27. 501. 501. 27. 502 By tram From Central Station and Groenplaats: line 15 (direction Mortsel – stop “Koninklijkelaan” . 502 From Central Station: bus 27. B-2000 Antwerp T +32 3 220 41 11 How to get to the City Campus By train The Central Station is within walking distance (15 minutes) By tram From the Central Station: line 12 (stop at Rooseveltplaats) (to nearest stop) From the Central Station to Kipdorp. 27. 15 By bus From Wilrijk to Groenplaats: line 22. 27.connection with bus 21. 32. 502 36 . 27. 501. 26 stop “BIST” . 27. 21. Meir or Groenplaats: line 2. B-2020 Antwerp T +32 3 265 32 11 How to get to Campus Groenenborger By train From Berchem Station: bus 21.connection with bus 21. 501. 27. 501. 502 By tram From the Central Station and Groenplaats: line 15 (direction Mortsel – stop “Koninklijkelaan”) By bus From Berchem Station: bus 21. 21.

You can also take a bus that stops at the corner “Rijnkaai/Londenstraat” which leaves you with a walk of about 1500m to the institution.ha. 26 From Groenplaats: line 22.heymans@hzs.rylant@ha.be Website www. 26 From Central Station: line 17 By coach from airport Stop “Crown Plaza Hotel” or “De Keyserlei – Century Centre” – connection with bus: 17 (direction Wilrijk) UNIVERSITY COLLEGES Antwerp Maritime Academy Noordkasteel – Oost 6.hzs.ARRIVAL & ACCOMMODATION Campus Drie Eiken Main building: Universiteitsplein 1 (building G).be 37 . Hogeschool Antwerpen Keizerstraat 15. B-2610 Wilrijk T +32 3 820 20 81/82 How to get to Campus Drie Eiken By train From Central Station (Pelikaanstraat): bus 17 From Berchem Station: bus 21 By bus From Berchem Station: line 21 (to the south side of the campus). B-2000 Antwerp Phone + 32 3 213 93 26 Fax number + 32 3 213 93 41 Email f. at the beginning of the Scheldelaan. B-2030 Antwerp T +32 3 205 64 30 International Relations Office Name Sophie Deltour and Steve Heymans Mailing address International Relations Office Antwerp Maritime Academy Noordkasteel – Oost 6. B-2000 Antwerp T +32 3 213 93 00 International Relations Office Name Frank Rylant Mailing address International Relations Office Hogeschool Antwerpen Keizerstraat 15. 25.be How to get to the Antwerp Maritime Academy The Antwerp Maritime Academy can be found between the river Scheldt and the harbour. B-2030 Antwerp Phone + 32 3 205 64 35/74 Fax number + 32 3 205 64 72 Email sophie. 25.deltour@hzs. By bus From Rooseveltplaats: line 35 and 37.be Website www.be / steve.

be Based on the arrival information we receive. B-2000 Antwerpen Phone + 32 3 221 07 09 Fax number + 32 3 221 07 01 Email marleen.at number 15 .continue along the Meir towards the city centre. B-2000 Antwerp T +32 3 221 07 00 International Relations Office Name Marleen Matyn Mailing address International Relations Office Plantijnhogeschool Meistraat 5. several connections by bus and metro By busFrom Central Station or from Berchem Station: 27 (direction Wilrijk) By metro From the Central Station: line 2 (direction Hoboken).be The central International Relations Office makes practical arrangements with each individual student before his/her arrival.be Website www. 2018 Antwerp). and . How to get to the Karel de Grote-Hogeschool? By train From the Central Station or from Berchem Station. each incoming student has to register at the central International Relations Office (Van Schoonbekestraat 143.ARRIVAL & ACCOMMODATION How to get to the Hogeschool Antwerpen? The Hogeschool Antwerpen is situated within walking distance of the Central Station. From here take the De Keyserlei.be Website www. where you will find .plantijn. Then take the fifth street on the right (Lange Klarenstraat) and continue straight on.after crossing the central boulevard . line 15 (direction Mortsel) Plantijnhogeschool Meistraat 5. B-2018 Antwerp Phone + 32 3 241 03 00 Fax number + 32 3 241 16 86 Email helene.vanbrabant@kdg. Karel de Grote-Hogeschool Van Schoonbekestraat 143. 38 . you will be welcomed by a “student buddy” who will assist you with all practical arrangements.matyn@plantijn.the central administration office of the Hogeschool Antwerpen.kdg. After crossing the Lange Nieuwstraat and the Sint Jacobsmarkt turn left into the Keizerstraat. Within 8 working days of arrival. B-2018 Antwerp T +32 3 213 26 26 International Relations Office Name Helene Vanbrabant Mailing address International Relations Office Karel de Grote-Hogeschool Van Schoonbekestraat 143.

tram or bus By bus From Berchem Station: line 9 (stop “Komedieplaats”) By metro From the Central Station: line 2. Please contact the international office if you have any problems. An orientation session will be held for all exchange students at the start of each semester (term). The International relations office organizes a “registration session” for students living in Antwerpen-Wilrijk (post code 2610) or in the city centre (post code 2000) at the beginning of each semester. The first person on campus that you will probably meet upon your arrival in Antwerp will either be the international officer (or your “student buddy” or “godmother”/”godfather”) or the housing co-ordinator. 33 for visa requirements and formalities before leaving Belgium. Registration in the host town All students who will be staying in Antwerp for longer than 3 months must register with the town administration office. During the registration session students have to submit the following documents: • 2 copies of the ID card or national passport (incl. Upon arrival you are expected to have carried out all necessary registration formalities concerning your studies and your arrival.How to get to the Plantijnhogeschool? By train: From the Central Station or from Berchem Station. several connections by metro. A student card and a registration certificate will be given to you upon arrival. For questions about your study programme you can ask the international academic co-ordinator of the department in question. Please also check p. 15 (stop “Meir”) By tram From the Central Station to Rooseveltplaats: line 12 From Berchem Station: line 8 From Berchem: line 7 (stop “Oudaan”) Registration at the host institution Please contact the international co-ordinator of the host institution well in advance to learn about the registration formalities and to receive the necessary forms. visa + entrance stamp + place and date of issue + date of expiry) • 1 original + 1 copy of the certificate of registration delivered by the host institution • 1 copy of the rental agreement • 5 passport pictures sized 3. 3. Department of Foreigners (“Dienst Bevolking/Afdeling Vreemdelingen”) in the town or area where they are living within 8 working days after arrival. 39 .5 x 4. It is recommended that students inform the host institution of their expected date of arrival in advance.5 cm – white background – no photocopies! (for non-EU citizen: 4 passport pictures) The IRO will pass on your registration file to the appropriate administrative department and will contact you when your residence permit card is available.


00 p.m.hoboken@stad.m.borgerhout@ stad.antwerpen.00 p. (but then they are extremely busy). and Tuesdays from 5.ekeren@stad.m.wilrijk@stad. T +32 2 501 81 11.merksem@stad.00 p.be Antwerp-Deurne (2100) Maurice Dequeerckeplein 1 T +32 3 360 45 11 district.antwerpen.m.antwerpen.deurne@stad. It is possible to open an account as of the age of 12.org LIVING IN ANTWERP Financial matters Arranging your financial affairs Money and banks Currency: the euro (€) Anyone under the age of 25 can open and close a bank account free of charge.m.00 p. From September until June these offices are also open on Thursday from 5.mohr@cs. info@diplobel.be Antwerp-Borgerhout (2140) Moorkensplein 1 T +32 3 270 17 11 district..m.m.p.00 p.m.be These offices are open to the public from Monday to Friday from 9.antwerpen.antwerpen. The Federal Public Service Foreign Affairs.00 p.m.00 a.be Antwerp-Ekeren (2180) Veltwijcklaan 27 T +32 3 543 29 30 district.be Antwerp-Berchem (2600) Grotesteenweg 150 T +32 3 286 40 20 district.antwerpen.antwerpen@stad.be Open from Monday to Friday from 9. Most bank cards also have a PROTON chip 41 .ARRIVAL & ACCOMMODATION Addresses Town Administration.be Antwerpen-Hoboken (2660)Marneflaan 3 T +32 3 820 30 30 district. but it may be useful in order to keep more fully informed. Department of Foreigners Antwerp Centre (2000) Lange Gasthuiststraat 21 T +32 3 201 34 11 district.antwerpen.mohr@cs.be Antwerpen-Merksem (2170) Burgemeester Jozef Nolfplein 1 T +32 3 641 72 11 district. and also on Wednesdays from 2. until 12. until 4. Edegem (2650) Kontichstraat 19 T +32 3 289 26 50 gemeentebestuur@edegem. At the same time it is advisable to apply for a bank card which gives you access to the cash machines / ATMs (Automatic Teller Machines).antwerpen.m.be Antwerpen-Wilrijk (2610) Bist 1 T +32 3 820 53 11 district.antwerpen. B-1000 Brussels. until 7. until 7.30 p..be Antwerp-Zandvliet-Lillo (2040) Antwerpsebaan 140 T +32 3 568 38 10 krien.antwerpen.berchem@stad.00 p.be Antwerp-Berendrecht (2040) Antwerpsebaan 140 T +32 3 568 38 10 krien. Rue des Petits Carmes 15. until 3.be.diplomatie. Registration with the Embassy or Consulate Registration with the embassy or consulate in Belgium/Antwerp is optional. www.

be ‘Bank’ holidays Banks. For further details. Phone banking services mean that bank cards also enable you to pay for transactions by phone. such as information about the location of local branches.dexia.com info@fortisbank. B-2000 Antwerpen T 03 204 62 11 / F 03 204 68 80 general T 0800 16 789 www. B-2000 Antwerpen T 03 206 83 27 / F 03 206 83 11 www. The device that allows to pay by proton can be found in many shops at the checkout.be KBC Schoenmarkt 20. Free of charge.ARRIVAL & ACCOMMODATION that allows you to use the card as an ‘electronic purse’.kbc.be www.fortisbank. Conditions and services may differ from bank to bank. They only ask a fee when using your card outside Belgium. or consult their website: Fortis Bank This bank offers the ‘Move@Fortis Account’ for foreign students. Meir 48.com Dexia Bank Nationalestraat 124b.rubbens@kbc. contact the customer service help line of the bank concerned.be studentenkantoor. B-2000 Antwerpen T 03 238 75 50 / F 03 248 65 49 www. public offices and shops are closed on the following days: November 1st All Saints Day Allerheiligen November 2nd All Soul’s Day (public offices only) Allerzielen November 11th Armistice Day Wapenstilstand December 25th Christmas Day Kerstmis December 26th Boxing Day Tweede Kerstdag January 1st New Year’s Day Nieuwjaar Easter Sunday Paaszondag Easter Monday Paasmaandag May 1st Labour Day Feest van de Arbeid 40 days after Easter Ascension Day Onze Heer Hemelvaart 50 days after Easter Whit Sunday Pinksteren Whit Monday Pinkstermaandag July 11th Flemish Community Day Vlaamse Feestdag (public offices only) July 21st National Day Nationale Feestdag August 15th Assumption Day Onze Lieve Vrouw Hemelvaart 42 .be info@dexia.antwerpen@kbc. which means that you can load a certain amount of ‘cash’ onto your bank card at cash machines.axionweb.be antwerpen.

47 per hour 20-year-olds: € 6.30 1 kg sugar € 1. • You can also present yourself as a job-seeker at a number of places.49 1 litre milk € 0. which vary according to age: 19-year-olds: € 6. Moreover.studentjobweb. department stores. Most jobs require a sound knowledge of Dutch.60 1 kg apples € 1.60 3 kg oranges € 2. In case you have more questions. dial +32 3 213 78 10 and you will receive a free brochure (in Dutch or French). such as clothing stores. Employers often compensate overtime with hours or days off.62 to € 3. … In order to access the web page. The law specifies minimum wage rates for working students. in order to help students find a suitable student job.09 Bar of chocolate € ±0.35 per hour Overtime is not always paid extra.44 Small chicken € 4. Jobweb also provides you with more information on regulations.80 1 kg potatoes € 0.24 Jam € 1. they developed a job database (www. Ask for more information at the social service of your host institution. where you can get information about student jobs. A few tips: • Several temp agencies allow you to register as a job-seeking student.91 per hour 21-year-olds: € 7.60 Coffee (250g) € 2.be). Conditions may vary.00 1 kg bananas € 2.28 Breakfast cereals € 1.12 1 kg rice € 0. you need to obtain a password from the social service of your host institution. For students from outside the EU and the new member states it might be more difficult to get a job since they need a work permit card.ARRIVAL & ACCOMMODATION Working All institutions of the Antwerp University Association have their own ‘job service’ (employment service). … Cost of living General costs Living in Antwerp will cost you around € 550 per month. This covers the following and is an approximation: Rent € 230 Meals € 190 Transport/Leisure € 113 Course materials € 25 Detailed costs The following list will give you an idea of other costs Small load of bread € 1. mentioning that you are an exchange student.59 to € 5. However a special section mentions jobs not requiring knowledge of the Dutch language.70 Portion of fries € 1. restaurants.50 E 43 .

More information about getting rid of household waste (rubbish/ garbage) is given in the section entitled ‘public utilities’. The cheapest supermarkets are Aldi. Colruyt. where fresh vegetables.50 Cigarettes (20) € 3. but the supermarket chains (Carrefour. in Wilrijk on Tuesday). The local tourist information offices will be glad to give you further information. The same goes for fruit and vegetables. rice.20 Shower gel € 2. “voordeel” indicate bargain. However.90 Writing pad € 1.00 p. Lydl and Colruyt. It is best to check opening hours as these may vary from town to town. Market days Apart from a weekly market day in almost every town and metropolitan area. and are closed on Sundays (although there are exceptions).m.50 A glass of beer in a café € 1. They are usually open between 9.…) can be bought at special markets or in special shops.50 Telephone card € 10. meat markets.80 Washing powder € 3. and art markets. meat and fish can be bought at reasonable prices. Aldi and Lydl) have their own-brand goods which cost less.m. particularly with regard to basic food such as bread. It is held on Saturdays (when exotic food is on sale) and Sundays. The Vogelmarkt in Antwerp is well worth visiting. Belgians are smart shoppers.. You can find night shops all over town. water. and 6. “aanbieding”. Whilst “opruiming”. especially cheese. Look for “wekelijkse rustdag” or closing day. Dairy products. sometimes even later. etc.00 (or more) Newspaper € 0. when you will find the square full of old furniture. These are rather expensive.00 Tooth paste € 1. Note: “reclame”.50 Toilet paper (4 rolls) € 1. and sometimes some excellent bargains.00 a. animal markets. so look for the stalls with the longest queues! Small grocery stores are more expensive. can be bought cheaply at local markets (in Antwerp on Saturday and Sunday. “solden”. milk. flower markets. “uitverkoop” indicate sales (in January and July). 44 . vegetable markets. knick-knacks.26 Roll of film € 3.50 A glass of coca cola in a café € 1. The famous Vrijdagmarkt takes place on Fridays. Delhaize. at Aldi or Lydl you will not find any official bags for your rubbish (garbage). Second-hand goods (furniture.50 A cup of coffee/tea in a café € 1. there are other more specialised markets which are certainly worth a visit.85 These are average prices of brand name products. including antique markets. clothes.ARRIVAL & ACCOMMODATION Sandwich € 2. GB.

“New International Youth Hotel” Provinciestraat 256.be/uk/centres/scoutel. Youth hostels are also an option when friends visit and need somewhere to stay for a short while at little cost. B-2018 Antwerpen T +32 3 230 05 22 F +32 3 281 09 33 e-mail: niyh@telenet. If you are a youth hostel association member you can rent a room with breakfast at cheap rates. “godmother” or “godfather”.be 45 .be B. B-2000 Antwerpen T +32 3 238 47 82 “Scoutel” Stoomstraat 3-7. B-2000 Antwerpen T +32 3 237 37 48 e-mail: dema. In such cases accommodation for the first few days can be found in a student hostel (you will get a discount for the first night).be www.cools@skynet.youthhotel.asp Near the Central Station. or the international co-ordinator to start the accommodation-seeking process. and € 15 for those who are older.vvksm. Youth hostels in Antwerp: A. B-2018 Antwerpen T +32 3 226 46 06 F +32 3 232 63 92 e-mail: scoutel@vvksm.ARRIVAL & ACCOMMODATION Settling in Antwerp Youth hostels Some students prefer to arrive in advance or during the summer months to find a room of their own choice. In the meantime you should contact your “student buddy”.be “Sleep Inn” Bolivarplaats 1. Membership costs € 9 for those under 26 years of age. ANTWERP SOUTH (near Campus Middelheim. Campus Groenenborger & Campus Drie Eiken) “Op Sinjoorke” Eric Sasselaan 2. B-2020 Antwerpen T +32 3 238 02 73 F +32 3 248 19 32 e-mail: antwerpen@vjh. ANTWERP CENTRE (historical city centre) “Boomerang Youth Hostel” Lange Leemstraat 95-97.be www.

bezinningshuizen.be.be www. especially with regard to short stays. The price of a room. Host institutions help students find rooms.be/N/JHB/antwerpen.kdg. B-2020 Antwerp T +32 3 287 35 61 e-mail: onthaal. The city of Antwerp has no shortage in suitable student accommodation. More information can also be obtained from the social services at your host institution: www. Some institutions have their own halls of residence. or signs saying “studentenkamers” (student rooms). studios and apartments.… You can consult the database at: www. sovo@plantijn. 46 . Kotweb also provides you with useful information on rental agreements. Telephone numbers of landlords are also available.be/html/TPC.be. If you want to look for accommodation yourself.sovoha. you should search for orange “te huur” (for rent) signs in house windows. The average price for a basic room in the city centre is € 250.htm Can be reached by taking tram 2 and buses 25 or 27. provided that they apply well in advance.tpc@tiscali. Rooms on campus are generally cheaper than private student rooms. that offers a wide selection of available rooms. called KOTWEB. tenants’ rights and obligations. fire insurance.studentkotweb. www. flat or studio varies according to the neighbourhood and the type of accommodation (studios and flats are more expensive).be .ARRIVAL & ACCOMMODATION www.be. If you want a list of what is available you have to ask for a login and password with the International Relations Office or the housing service of your host institution. garbage selection. “Theologisch & Pastoraal Centrum” Groenenborgerlaan 149. All institutions located within the city of Antwerp have developed a database of accredited student accommodation. The international coordinator of the host institution will be able to inform you on the necessary formalities.vjh.html Housing There are several areas in Antwerp where students live.

your landlord has to respect the rules of tenancy and provide a compensation as well as a notice period in case he or she wishes to terminate the rental agreement. you can turn to the social services office of your host institution. Usually the rental agreement stipulates that you need to take out fire insurance. in principle. More information can be obtained from: kotweb@ua. keep well-informed. The rental agreement will specify several things: the amount of the security deposit. the duration. obligations.so make sure to pay attention to the details of the agreement. rent.g. You can get a copy of a model agreement at your host institution or download one in several languages from www. If the KOTWEB rental agreement is used. You can see an insurance agency (for phone numbers. you should write a registered letter to the landlord. otherwise he or she continues to be responsible for the rent. This usually requires that the terms of giving notice are also kept. etc. make sure that you read the contract carefully! In turn.be) or draw up an agreement with your landlord. notice period(s). which costs about € 25 to € 37.be. When you sign the contract as a group. the University of Antwerp is the only institution that offers free fire insurance. 47 . A contract is binding. check the Yellow Pages www. one copy of the agreement has to be deposited with the international co-ordinator or with the housing service. In the event that he or she still does not return your money after a second letter. If you are the only person who signs the contract.studentkotweb. A security deposit of 1 month (sometimes 2 or even 3 months maximum) is to be paid to the landlord before or upon arrival. so think twice and do not agree to rent accommodation you are not completely happy with. Student rooms are always rented by the month.ARRIVAL & ACCOMMODATION The rental agreement Host institutions have standardised agreement forms for student accommodation. on certain conditions. you are also the only one responsible for fulfilling it. the contract cannot be broken before the end of the rental period. then all co-signers have the same rental rights and obligations. The owner can ask each tenant to respect the rental agreement. If these agreements are used. fire insurance is covered by the institution. When you agree to a contract for a specific duration. Any termination of a tenancy should always be done in writing and you should always bear in mind the specified notice period. If you are having trouble recovering the deposit.ac. which will be returned to you upon departure if no damage has been ascertained to the room or its furniture. and be sure of your choice. In order to qualify. Read the agreement carefully! For advice. Getting out of a rental agreement is not easy. Your co-occupiers cannot rely on the contract to reside in the house but neither can they be compelled to pay rent. Again. you can see a magistrate (justice of the peace). which means that. When a co-tenant wants to give notice. The other institutions do not cover fire insurance! For more information see part 6 ‘Health & Insurance’. but even without such stipulations you need to get insurance. pets). rights and prohibitions (e. But first try to find assistance and advice at the international office or housing office of your host institution. so once it has been signed there is no backing out of it . Make sure the landlord gives you a receipt! The landlord can request you to open a joint bank account for the depos. Rent should be paid on the first day of the month.be.yellowpages. written authorisation from the landlord is required and the name of the leaving tenant has to be deleted from the contract. then that time period is binding.

they can only be used for a washbasin (i. vermin. JAC (Youth Advice Centre) gives free information.huurdersbond. If you draw up a place description the landlord cannot make you pay for damage that was already there. You can get help and specialised advice on all kinds of tenants’ issues. sink) or in kitchens. equally important point is. but it can protect you against improper claims afterwards. Membership costs € 11.W. Do not plug all the cracks and slits.Z. The law does not oblige you to draw up one of these descriptions. Five-litre water heaters are not suitable for showers. unsafe water or heating devices. Also make sure that the heater for the shower is connected to a vent. You have to mention even the smallest damage because failing to write everything down can later be pinned on you! Safety and comfort Housing facilities Your room or apartment should be in a good condition. your budget: does the room fit your budget? Are there supplementary costs? What is the cost of water. Does the accommodation have central heating? • Plumbing: Is there hot water? If you have to share a bathroom with others. vent) in the door of the bathroom. At the end of the rental period. Langstraat 102 B-2140 Antwerpen-Borgerhout www. Ensure that there is a good air supply.e. written description of the state of the room. please contact the housing service at your host institution or contact JAC (Youth Advice Centre) or the Tenant’s Union. something which is officially required. You can turn to them with all sorts of questions. Dangerous electrical fittings. Make sure that everything is filled in accurately. unsafe stairs. of course. More info: www. Address: Tenants’ Union/Huurdersbond Antwerpen V. etc.ARRIVAL & ACCOMMODATION If something is broken or does not function in your accommodation.12:00) e-mail: antwerpen. are not allowed.be T 03 272 27 42 (9:00 . What should be on the list? First of all you should look for a room that suits your needs: furnished or unfurnished. will there be 48 . Find out if there is an air grate (i. gas and electricity? Also pay attention to the following: • Heating: Does it actually work? Does it use gas (watch out for safety) or electricity (expensive!). Make sure the heating system is safe. advice and assistance to people under 25.huurdersbond@antwerpen. A number of legal regulations have to be followed. heating and plumbing systems. in a quiet or a lively neighbourhood? How many people live in the building? Are they all students? Another. kitchen or bedroom. If you have any trouble with any of these matters.jac. large or small. Place description A ‘place description’ is a detailed. the landlord is obliged to carry out repairs (at his/her expense) to electrical. it will be compared to the actual condition of the room.be Tenants’ union: an organisation that defends the interests of tenants. It is the tenant’s responsibility has to inform the landlord of any defects.e. It should be drawn up before you move into the room and needs to be signed by both parties.15.be It is always a good idea to make a checklist before you start looking for accommodation.

for very little money. Non-refundable glass bottles and jars (no deposit: “geen statiegeld”) can be disposed of in green/white containers (i.m. is the air supply (i. a recycling centre. Paper should be put in a box or bound together. such as chemicals. paint.25 each (60 litres). Collection days vary according to the neighbourhood. goes into special blue bags which cost € 0. written down in the rental agreement. fruit and garden waste) in your room (which is obviously not ideal) or is there a storage area for garbage? Is there a place to put your bicycle? Is there a telephone? When inquiring about rental costs do not forget to ask whether water. Public utilities Rubbish/garbage is collected once or twice a week.e. You can also have your laundry done for you. etc. you could visit “Kringloop”. kitchen utensils. or the Vrijdagmarkt (see p. ventilation) in the room sufficient? • Are there damp spots on the walls? Are there curtains or do you have to bring your own? Are cooking utensils provided? • Another useful tip: When you want to decorate your room (“kot”).21. but this may turn out to be quite expensive. In some cases extra charges will be included for maintenance. • What about rubbish (i. bottle banks) on street corners and squares. Other waste material.e. the evening before it is due to be collected. can you use both a personal computer and an audio system? • Do doors and windows close properly? If you have a heater that uses gas.00 p. The way you have to sort your waste can vary in the different communities. fruit and garden waste (GFT Groenten/Fruit/ Tuinafval). You need special green bags for vegetable. It cannot be changed during the rental period.e.ARRIVAL & ACCOMMODATION enough water for everyone? How is the plumbing maintained? Is there sufficient ventilation? • Electrical fittings: Are they safe? Are there plenty of sockets? Which and how many devices can you use? For example. Do you have to pay a fixed amount or is it calculated according to meter readings? Very often a landlord will ask for an advance of approximately € 50. and medicine should be kept separately and disposed of at the local rubbish dump. There are a number of launderettes and dry-cleaning places. Other waste material. especially for dry-cleaning. A 50 litre green bag costs € 0. Smaller household items can also be bought cheaply in small retail shops (such as Krak or Wibra). gas. The electric current is 220 volts (50 volts (50 cycles AC)). It is best to check because fines can be high! 49 . garbage)? Do you have to leave GFT bags (bags with vegetable. is fixed. which should be put on the pavement outside your place of accommodation in special plastic bags (for sale in supermarkets and general stores).42. extra pots and pans. Tap water is safe for use as drinking water (sometimes included in the rent). This charge. but not prior to 8. A 15 litre bag costs € 0. such as cans and plastic bottles. 46). There you can buy a variety of items like furniture. At the end of the rental period this sum is compared with the real costs by reading the meters and then you either get a refund or may be required to pay extra. and electricity are included.

and hot meals. 2060 Antwerpen. In most public libraries you can also use e-mail and the Internet for a small fee. The course centre even has a free cyber café. visits.65 and € 4. snacks and sandwiches around € 1. You can find their addresses via www. where you can surf the Internet for a limited period.be. Furthermore. information. Messages and important information about activities. Internet use and access to CD-ROMs for the students of that institution.goldenpages. Please check the institution’s library guidelines. The students of the University of Antwerp have access to and can borrow books for free from all the libraries on the different university campuses.be Generaal Armstrongweg 1 2020 Antwerpen T 03 241 99 41 50 . Contact: www. An interlibrary loan system exists between most libraries. are sent by means of the exchange students’ mailing list. There are reductions for students of the University of Antwerp in all the student restaurants on the different university campuses. these offer a choice of cold lunches for around € 2. usually between € 2. Students who would like to send a message to all exchange students can use this mailing list as well by sending their message to the International Relations Office. Public libraries: all towns have public libraries. Between the public libraries there is an interlibrary loan system.00. etc. A good selection of books in foreign languages is available. In most institutional libraries you can use e-mail and surf the Internet for free (sometimes. there are lots of cyber cafés where you can surf the Internet for about € 5 per hour.be) under “openbare bibliotheken” or “gemeente”.yellowpages. the European Student Network. from the International Relations Offices and from ESN. a small fee is charged).65.50. ICT facilities All institutions provide free use of PCs for word processing. In each town the main library runs a record and CD-ROM collection as well. You can find their addresses in the Yellow Pages (www. A small annual membership fee is required. T 03 260 38 00) and in some smaller branches (at Deurne and Ekeren) there is a cyber café as well. The city of Antwerp also offers free computer Internet lessons. free of charge. Libraries Institutional libraries: the University and “Hogescholen” have their own library. These can be rented for a small fee. jobs.digipolis.ARRIVAL & ACCOMMODATION Services Student restaurants Students are welcome to use the student restaurants or cafeterias. Some campuses offer exchange students a free e-mail account during their stay. The students of the University of Antwerp have access to all ICT facilities on the different UA campuses. In the main library in Antwerp (De Coninckplein.

be/voordeelkaarten/isic/index_nl. The extensive list of places that provide discounts for ISIC-card holders can be found at the following web address: www. cultural events and entertainment.be www. the CJP card (Cultural Youth Pass) and the ISIC (International Student Identity Card). The ISIC gives you discounts on lodging. It is the only internationally recognised student ID card that proves you are a student. e. A schematic overview: CJP International Student Card International Student Identity Card Price € 10 postage included €9 Conditions • younger than 26 years old • between 12 and 31 years old • full-time student • full-time student Extra advantages • CJP gift cheques • help line emergency number • CJP magazine (6x year) • several discounts Validity (duration) 1 year 1 year Application address and telephone CJP Connections c/o Kaaitheater Melkmarkt 23 Sainctelettesquare 19 2000 Antwerpen 1000 Brussel T 03 225 31 61 T 02 203 02 00 cjp@cjp. Their help line is a telephone number that you can always call in an emergency.htm 51 . museum tickets.cjp.be Website www.connections. This card is also officially supported by UNESCO to improve relations between students.be ats@connections.connections. To obtain an ISIC-card in Belgium.g.ARRIVAL & ACCOMMODATION Student Cards and Student Associations Student cards A student cards and a registration certificate will be delivered to you by the host institution after arrival. travelling. This card is valid in more than 90 countries.org www.be/voordeelkaarten/isic/index€nl.htm. There is one condition: you have to be a full-time student.istc. There are several more commercial student cards that can help you save money. you have to go to the Connections travel agency.


Student clubs/associations In every institution and/or faculty, student associations organise cultural, sporting, political, and other typical student activities. ESN, the Erasmus Student Network, is also active in the province. ESN is the official European organisation that tries to give structure to all local initiatives around the European Exchange Programme called Erasmus. ESN tries to get you settled, helping you out with whatever practical problems you may encounter. In addition, they give you information about Flemish student life and its traditions. This is done through various kinds of activities: cultural excursions, sporting activities, counselling sessions, and information meetings. Their main goal is to get students involved as much as possible with the great mixture of cultures, traditions and experiences that Erasmus stands for. Most institutions have their own ESN representative. Website: www.esnantwerp.be. Information about your ESN representative can be obtained from your host institution. Participating in one or more ESN activities is the ideal way to get to feel more at home in Antwerp. Do not hesitate to contact them at: www.esnantwerp.be. Please contact the international co-ordinator of the host institution for further details. Antwerp has a very broad system of student associations. Nearly every faculty has at least one association, most of the time even one for each subject/discipline. The associations organize several activities throughout the year. This goes from a “cantus” (singing songs and drinking beer) to a party or even a grand ball and cultural excursions. Students are not obliged to join a students’ association, but it is an easy and pleasant way to get to know lots of new people and to speed up your integration process. The leadership (the “praesidium”) or the members can also give you some information on student life in Antwerp and about different courses. Membership is quite cheap (approximately € 5) and offers several advantages when taking part in an association’s activities (usually an entrance fee discount of €1 or € 2). Towards the end of the academic year – around the time of the Easter holidays - new “praesidiums” are chosen. This means a lot of free gifts on offer to students, such as a free breakfast, free drinks and/or food. Overview of student clubs/associations University of Antwerp Acura (culture) Aesculapia (medicine) Biomedica (biomedical sciences) Campinaria (for students staying in student halls of residence) Demetris (applied biological sciences) Diefka (veterinary science) EKA (European issues) ESN (European Student Network) Fabiant (biology) KDA (chemistry) Klio (history) Mistral (literature and linguistics: French, Italian and Spanish) NSK (applied economic sciences – commercial engineering) Prisma (incoming srudents at City Campus) PSW (political and social sciences) PTP (residence Ten Prinsenhove; for students staying in the student’s hall of the stads-campus


Skald (literature and linguistics: Dutch, English and German) Sofia (law) Sportraad UA (sport) TTT (philosophy, history and classics) UFKA (pharmaceutical sciences) Wikings (applied economic sciences - commercial engineering) WINAK (mathematics, computer sciences, physics) Karel de Grote-Hogeschool Brabo (industrial sciences and technology) Eligia (commercial sciences and business management) ESN (European Student Network) Expeditia (dispatching and secretarial studies) Groep E (industrial engineering) Magistra (teacher education) Socio (social work) Transfusia (health care) Hogeschool Antwerpen De Stuivers (health care) ESN (European Student Network) Kinesia (physiotherapy) Translatio (translation and interpreting) Vulcanis (industrial engineering) Plantijnhogeschool Dionysos (hotel management) ESN (European Student Network) Media (communication management) Nucleo (chemistry, laboratory and food technology) Technica (electro-mechanics) Antwerp Maritime Academy Argonaut ESN (European Student Network) For more information about student associations, check www.studiant.be or the websites of the individual student associations.





Culture & Leisure

General information for visitors The Flemish are fond of the good things in life. They like an “easy” atmosphere – as shown by the abundance of pubs (“cafés”)! One can also satisfy one’s appetite for culture in Antwerp. Theatre, opera, and film tailored to all types of audience are available. The city also offers a wealth of exhibitions and other cultural events. A list of museums in the province of Antwerp can be found in tourist information brochures, the telephone directory, and on the city’s official website. > www.visitantwerp.be As far as sport is concerned, football, cycling, and tennis are particularly popular. There are plenty of opportunities for sports lovers to practice and keep up with their favourite sports. The following paragraphs contain a general overview of things to know and places to visit in Antwerp. Cultural life in Antwerp Antwerp is very proud of its rich historical heritage. In the 17th century many famous painters, sculptors, instrument builders and printers were born and lived in Antwerp. Rubens, Jordaens, Van Dyck, Jan Breugel and Erasmus II Quellinus are a few of the most famous painters of this time who worked in Antwerp. The many museums and churches in the city all contain splendid art treasures. There is the Royal Museum of Fine Arts in the south district next to a large range of municipal and provincial museums: from the ethnological, through to photography and contemporary art. The Middelheim open air park of sculpture, with its biannual contemporary sculpture exhibition, is well-renowned. Walking through the city, one will discover many art galleries. The different architectural styles of houses and churches offer an interesting overview of the long history of the city. Entrance to municipal museums is free to students who live in the city upon submission of a valid student card. All municipal museums and the Royal Museum of Fine Arts are free on the last Wednesday of each month for all visitors. All museums, both municipal and provincial, are generally open from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. and are closed every Monday. For more specific information visit: http://www.visitantwerp.be/musea_uk.html or http://museum.antwerpen.be A trip to one of the animal parks of Antwerp is a good day out. The Antwerp zoo is one or the oldest and most famous zoos in the world. This park, next to the Central Station, delights visitors with a wide variety of animals in a beautiful scenery. Plankendael in Mechelen is a large park which is lovely to walk through. Plankendael and the Zoo both co-operate in the European Endangered Species Programme.

near to the Central Station is a brand new futuristic complex with 35 aquariums featuring a fascinating collection of exotic fish and animals in their natural biotope. such as Cartoons and the Film Museum. performing dance.deroma.be Special prices for students are available. social services pays the rest. The effictive price of ten tickets would be up to 67 euro.desingel.be Arenbergschouwburg www. music and architectural exhibitions.be/index.cartoons-cinema. Each booklet also provides a free membership for the city library of Antwerp.5voor12. The programme can be found online. The Flemish Opera www. “deSingel” is a cultural centre which has an international programme of contemporary art.devlaamseopera. show classic and alternative films. concert halls and cinemas.cfm?PageID=326&cid=METRO Cartoons > www. Students can buy one booklet in an academic year. The famous Flemish Opera housed in the recently renovated historical building has its own orchestra and choir and an annual repertoire. In addition.50 for opera performances an € 7. the international Art Centre “deSingel”. Participating institutes are: Arenbergschouwbrug. deSingel.be click on film In summer. from early silent movies to the most recent releases. Students can use culture checks.be Royal Flemish Philarmonic www. the Queen Elisabeth Auditorium.arenbergschouwburg. 56 .monty. are sold at the special rate of € 12.be Koninklijk Ballet van Vlaanderen www. Programmes can be consulted and tickets can be bought online.defilharmonie. Other cinemas.be Film Museum > www.be deSingel www.ugc. Current and past genres can all be seen and heard in a large number of theatres. At the social services of the university colleges and the university students can buy a booklet containing 10 checks for 10 different cultural institutes in Antwerp. the City Theatre and the Bourla Playhouse.CULTURE & LEISURE Aquatopia. Books are offered for sale from the end of September and checks are valuable until September the year after. carillon (bells) concerts are held every Monday evening at the Cathedral of Our Lady and attract a large crowd: people come together on the squares surrounding the cathedral to have a drink and enjoy the music. using the best available film.be/NL/reservation/ChoixResa.be De Monty www. UGC and Metropolis show the latest blockbuster films.be Petrol www. theatre and concert life.zuiderpershuis.kinepolis. theatre. various smaller but equally interesting theatre houses and companies can be found all over the city. All information can be found at the social services department of the university colleges and the university. Large theatres and opera houses include the Flemish Opera. Flemish Opera and many others. Antwerp is a centre for film. Cartoons.operaexplorer.jgi?REGION=2 Metropolis > www.be/petrol De Roma www.be / www.be Zuiderpershuis www. Students only pay 15 euro for one booklet. At the Flemish Opera tickets still available 15 minutes prior to the performance. Cinema Antwerp has a number of cinemas.koninklijkballetvanvlaanderen.muhka.50 for operas in concert version and concerts. UGC > www.

a programme can be found in newspapers and in free brochures such as ‘Zone03’ and ‘Week Up’ (als available online: www. Information about museum cards. attractions) to the city in the framework of “de zomer van Antwerpen” (www. festivals. www.be. 57 .com or at the reception desk of Fnac shops.CULTURE & LEISURE Plenty of outdoor activities are organised. There are also a number of local radio and television channels. All through the year. circus. bike rental and guided city tours can all be obtained from the Tourist Information Office. Tickets for concerts.teleticketservice. zva. Films and international programmes on Flemish television are shown in their original version with subtitles in Dutch (with the exception of natural history programmes. the VRT (Flemish Radio and Television). Programmes can be found in the newspaper and weekly TV guides. shows can also be bought on ticket sites such as www. dance.be). TMF and many others. which are often dubbed). JIM. tickets.be) at the end of july and laundry day in september (www. sfinks. as well as several commercial stations such as VTM (Flemish Television Company). Radio and television Flanders has a public broadcasting corporation.sherpa. www. VT4 (Flemish Television 4).be). KANAAL 2 (Channel 2).laundryday.com. In July and August groups from all over the world bring their performances (theatre. lots of cultural events are organised.weekup. such as the world music ‘sfinks festival’ (www. Many foreign broadcasters are also available on cable television.be).

Prinsstraat 32.be Protestant service Lange Winkelstraat 5. The Antwerp University Association adheres to active pluralism.ac. Judaism. Protestantism. T 03 325 98 63 Contact: Angelos Kamalidis 58 .be/pastoraledienst Contact person: Johan Vanhoutte: johan. The Belgian constitution recognizes and finances certain religions and life stances. housed at the city campus of the university (Hof van Liere. 2000 Antwerpen. Anglicanism. 2000 Antwerpen. Antwerp is a home to a range of different religions and beliefs. Prinsstraat 13.vanhoutte@ua. T 02 512 21 90 or 03 232 01 87 Islamic service Wipstraat 16. Islam and Orthodox. This focuses on the knowledge and experience of different values and persuasions and wishes to intensify the discerning dialogue between members in a respectful atmosphere. The non-confessional organizations heve been constitutionally recognized since 1993 on equal footing with the recognized religions. The Pieter Gillis centre. 2000 Antwerpen) aimes to offer a forum on communication and philosophical issues and to stimulate philosophical reflection within the activities of the university and the university colleges of the association. T 03 231 02 56 Contact person: Egbert Rooze Jewish service Bouwmeesterstraat 7. 2000 Antwerpen. 2018 Antwerpen. T 03 232 47 49 Orthodox service Ter Rivierenlaan 153. human and moral significance in Belgian society. Contact details: Roman Catholic service Pastorale dienst. 2100 Antwerpen. based on their general social. T 03 220 46 17 www.CULTURE & LEISURE Life stances & Active pluralism Being a multicultural city.ac. At this moment there are six recognised life stances in Belgium: Catholicism.ua. The authorities have deliberately chosen to maintain an array of values in order to create a liveable society.

South American and vegetarian. people usually have three meals a day: breakfast consisting of bread (or nowadays often breakfast cereal). Asian. mussels. Lunch prices in cheaper restaurants vary between € 8 and € 10 for a main course. warm drinks and wine are. lokaal 1. Wining and dining Flemish drinking habits Flanders has plenty of tradition and history when it comes to beer. of course. There are restaurants and pubs in every price range.be Sports and recreation There are different parks in and around the city where you can walk and enjoy the scenery.ac. food tastes have become increasingly international. Some pubs offer a limited menu as well. Student associations usually have a leaflet with information about student restaurants as well. Some institutions also have their own sports centre. Over the last few decades. Flemish eating habits In Flanders. It is possible to have hot and cold meals all day.. the city of Antwerp has a large number and a great variety of restaurants. also available in pubs and restaurants. Spanish. and various stews (rabbit cooked in Trappist beer. Nearly every district has its own sports centre. and a hot meal for dinner. Trappist Westmalle. Information on other restaurants can be obtained at the local tourist information office. Soft drinks. French fries are still a popular snack. which are open to the public. For additional information about cultural matters through student associations refer to part 4 ‘Arrival & Accommodation’. Italian. On the left bank of the river Scheldt you can find St Anneke beach – the place to go sunbathing. and afternoon coffee may come with pancakes or waffles. 59 .slembrouck@ua. T 03 220 45 24 www. which is served around 6 p.be/moreelconsulent Contact person: Jurgen Slembrouck jurgen. or Gentse Waterzooi. Typical beers from the province of Antwerp are De Koninck.65 and € 5. The menu ranges from traditional Flemish cuisine to French. Eating out in Antwerp As a metropolis. Typical Flemish dishes are steak and chips. 2000 Antwerpen. 2018 Antwerpen.m. Chinese. and between € 10 and € 15 for a three-course meal (drinks not included). There are quite a lot of municipal swimming pools.ac. as well as student restaurants and cafeterias: these offer snacks and sandwiches and a choice of hot and cold two-course lunches at prices between € 2.ua. T 03 440 25 81 Contact person: Ann Turner Non-confessional organisations Venusstraat 35. a kind of chicken stew). Gouden Carolus and Duvel. In addition there is a large choice of restaurants that offer something for all tastes and budgets. Lunchtime snacks (usually cold) are also available for those who wish to spend less. a sandwich at lunchtimes.CULTURE & LEISURE Anglican service Gretrystraat 39. Information can be obtained from the local co-ordinator. and some cater specifically for students at lunchtime. tennis courts and student sports clubs.3A. ‘Student Cards & Student Associations’.

60 .

unexpected illness or accidents which occur while you are abroad. either in your home country or upon arrival in Belgium.studenttravelinformation. complementary insurance for hospital or other medical expenses. Some institutions also insure transfers to and from the institute and excursions approved by the institution. Medical care As medical treatment can be extremely expensive it is essential that foreign students have health insurance. No supplementary fee is to be paid. a copy of the duly signed contract has to be submitted to the housing service. if institution’s standardised accommodation contract is used.6 | Health and Insurance Accidents & third party liability In most cases student registration at the host institution will include accident and third party liability insurance during educational and recreational activities in all buildings of the institution. More information can be found at: www. Through the university. Some insurers provide broader. which the student will not be reimbursed for. repatriation.28 a day. The European Health Insurance Card (replaces the forms E128 or E111) facilitates access to health care during their study stay abroad. They should bring along a European Health Insurance Card or a provisional replacement certificate. Insurance is valid for Belgium Nationals of the EEA or from Switzerland are insured during their stay in Belgium through the medical insurance company in their home country. Refunding of medical costs If you go to a doctor or receive other medical treatment during your period of study in 61 . It guarantees immediate reimbursement of medical bills and allows to obtain a reduction at the pharmacy.asp. which can be obtained from the home insurance company. Fire insurance Fire insurance is covered by the host institution. In this case. Another option is to arrange insurance through a private agency. Insurance is not valid for Belgium Students who have no valid health insurance coverage for Belgium can take out health insurance with a local health insurance federation in Antwerp. since this does not apply to all institutions.be/sip. They should inquire before leaving home whether their home insurance covers all medical costs for the entire period of stay in Belgium. In case of fire damage there can be an exemption of around €125. a very extensive insurance is offered with the Student Insurance Program (SIP) at the price of € 1. Please inquire with the international co-ordinator if this is the case at your host institution.

During weekends only a limited number of GP’s are on duty.int/comm/employment_social/healthcard/index_en. A weekly list of pharmacists that are on night and weekend duty is posted at every (closed) pharmacist. Emergency numbers (Noodnummers) For medical emergencies and fire services dial 100. dial 100 or 112 for an ambulance. However. You can always consult the international office if you are unsure what to do.kava. which you can take to a local health insurance federation (“ziekenfonds” or “mutualiteit”) for refunds or submit to your health insurance provider very soon after you return home.htm. Universiteitsplein 1.goldenpages. Pharmacies (apotheek) In Belgium medication and certain health products are only for sale in pharmacies. whereas they are sometimes sold in drugstores abroad. although an extra fee will be charged. even without a SIM card). Pharmacies are usually closed on Saturdays and Sundays. University of Antwerp Student Information Point for consultation hours (stip@ua. Gebouw G.roelandt@plantijn.goldenpages. You can dial 0900 10 512 or consult www. General Practitioners Some host institutions have a General Practitioner on campus who can be consulted by students on a daily basis.ac. Addresses of pharmacists on duty can also be found in newspapers and free local newspapers. be) under the section ‘Doctors’. It is also possible to contact a student psychologist. You will receive a medical receipt or proof of payment. If you are feeling down or depressed and want to talk about your problems. In the event of an emergency. you will have to pay any costs up front. 62 . 112 can be reached from any phone (fix or mobile.HEALTH & INSURANCE Antwerp. A list of all pharmacies can be found in a separate selection of the Golden Pages (www.be and click on “wachtdiensten”.eu.be A list of all general practitioners can also be found in the Golden Pages (www. Dial 0900 10 512 to find out which GP is on duty. More information on health insurance within Europe can be found at: http://europa. The European emergency number. For urgent police matters dial 101.be hilde. You are free to consult the doctor of your choice.be) Campus Drie Eiken.be) under the section ‘Pharmacists’. They will be listed on the answering machine of your GP and in newspapers and in free local papers. anonymously help is available 24h a day at phonenumber 106.be sovoha@ha. 2610 Wilrijk T 03 820 20 82 Hogescholen Karel de Grote-Hogeschool • Mieke Coenen T 03 259 01 55 Hogeschool Antwerpen • Social Services T 03 205 90 90 Plantijnhogeschool • Hilde Roelandt T 03 221 07 25 mieke.coenen@kdg. a limited number of pharmacists are on duty during the weekends and at night for urgent medication.

be) Dental care in Belgium is quite expensive. legal problems.uza.be T 03 640 21 11 Sint Vincentius.HEALTH & INSURANCE Dentists A list of all dentists can be found in the ‘Dentists’ section of the Golden Pages (www.be T 03 285 20 00 Eeuwfeestkliniek Monica.be T 03 240 20 20 Stuivenberg.zna.goldenpages. 2650 Edegem > www. as only a small percentage of the cost is refunded by the insurance for some treatments . 2170 Merksem > www. Algemeen Ziekenhuis Middelheim. 2000 Antwerpen > www.be T 03 280 31 11 Universitair Ziekenhuis Antwerpen. For other specific needs. abortion. In each town area there is at least 1 hospital with a 24 hour emergency unit. Bremstraat 70.zna. Wilrijkstraat 10.be T 03 234 41 11 63 . goldenpages. General hospitals A list of all hospitals can be found in the Telephone Directory and in the Golden Pages (www. specific help is available.and in some cases there is no refund at all. 2018 Antwerpen > www. For urgent dental problems during the weekend or on public holidays you can call 0903 99 591 to find out which dentist is on duty. 2018 Antwerpen > www. You can turn to the social service or the international relations office at your host institution and/or consult the list under part 8 ‘Contacts’ (p.be T 03 217 71 11 Sint Elisabeth.be) under the ‘Hospitals’ section.zna. Lindendreef 1. L.be T 03 821 30 00 Jan Palfijn. Leopoldstraat 26. Sint-Vincentiusstraat 20. such as psychological help. and advice about drugs and AIDS. 71).st-vincentius. Harmoniestraat 68. Lange Beeldekensstraat 267. 2060 Antwerpen > www.zna. 2020 Antwerpen > www.monica.

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bookshops or at telephone shops.09/min off-peak. Italy. 2000 Antwerp Opening hours: Mo. but is usually 00) and • the country code for Belgium: 32 • the area codes which are used for making local calls (omitting 0): for Antwerp and Lier: 3 for Turnhout 14 for Mechelen 15 • the telephone number Example If you want to call the tourist information office of the city of Antwerp from abroad. Sweden. at the Belgacom telephone shop in Antwerp and at the various host institutions. € 0. railway stations. The Netherlands. Calling Portugal. Switzerland. Finland and Norway is a bit more expensive (€ 0.6 PM T 03 201 66 20 65 . Fri: 9AM . Dialling in Belgium If you want to dial a phone number in Belgium dial: • 0 • area code • telephone number Telephone booths or phone boxes Telephone booths can be found all over town. Wed. Luxembourgh and Germany). dial the international prefix (this number varies per country. North America and Canada at the interzonal rate (€ 0.7 | Keeping in touch Using the phone Calling Belgium from abroad If you want to call Belgium from abroad. Belgacom Telephone Shop Antwerp Jezusstraat 1. Greece.18/min on peak hours). dial 0032 3 232 01 03 Calling abroad from Belgium If you want to dial a phone number abroad from Belgium dial: • 00 (international prefix) • country code • area code (omitting 0) • telephone number You can make international calls to Belgium’s neighbouring countries (France. Austria. Spain. In most booths you can only use telephone cards. Tue.20/min off-peak. which can be bought at post offices.25/min on peak hours). You can also find public telephones in post offices and railway stations. € 0.

Sint-Katelijnevest 44. and during the weekends and holidays. 2000 Antwerpen T 03 213 56 11 F 03 232 97 22 The Phone House Antwerpen. ProxiFun and ProxiPro. This allows you to choose 3 (national or international) phone numbers which you can call more cheaply.m. You have to put a specific amount of money onto the card before you can make a telephone call.m. Mobile phones Belgium has three mobile phone operators: Proximus. Meir 127. 2000 Antwerpen T 078 15 30 60 Mobistar Mobistar also offers the choice between a subscription and a calling card.belgacom. Pay&Go AnyTime and Pay&Go Student. 2000 Antwerpen T 03 227 41 81 F 03 227 41 62 E info@B-comnv. Retail outlets include: Mobistar Centre.05 per minute. The cheapest rates are from 7 p. In the city there are also ‘telephone-call centres’. Proximus You can choose between a subscription and a calling card. until 8 a. 2000 Antwerpen T 0495 51 81 50 F 03 231 94 00 Belcompany Meir. € 25 and € 50. 2000 Antwerpen T 078 15 30 60 The Phone House Antwerpen II. untill 8 a.be Fnac Antwerpen. For frequent callers cheaper rates can be obtained by using international calling cards from Belgacom or other companies.be/private for further information. Shopping Center Groenplaats.m. at sharply reduced rates. Keyserlei 2. where you can make calls to all corners of the world. Go to www. and during the weekends and holidays.KEEPING IN TOUCH A local phone call from a public telephone costs € 0. The calling card is called Tempo and you can choose between Easy. depending on the time of the day. There is also an option called ‘Top3’. Together and After School.025 per minute to € 0. 2000 Antwerpen 66 . The cheapest rate is from 7 p. Meir 38.m. Belgian telephone rates for international calls are rather high. The calling card is called Pay&Go and comes in three different Kinds: Pay&Go Original. Mobistar and Base. Retail outlets include: B-Com. For information on international rates call 0800 55 800 (English) or 0800 33 800 (French) for free. You can choose between €15. € 25 and € 50. The subscription formula means that payment has to be made at the end of each month and also consists of three formulae: ProxiTime. Meir 42. You can also reload your card with € 15.

to Base € 0. which can be compared to the call cards of the other operators. there are different tariffs. 2000 Antwerpen T 078 15 30 60 F 03 201 19 88 Base You can choose between a BASE Prepaid formula. 2000 Antwerpen T 0486/501.16.KEEPING IN TOUCH T 03 213 11 64 F 03 213 32 28 The Phone House Meir. to Base € 0. Sint-Katelijnevest 44. Meir 38.1649/min.be Please note. which is like the subscription method. or a BASE Postpaid formula.25 B-Com. Meir 38. Off-peak hours to Proximus € 0. Retail outlets include: BASE shop Antwerpen. if you call a mobile phone from a landline (fixed telephone). 2000 Antwerpen T 03 213 56 11 F 03 232 97 22 E info@B-comnv.2923/min. depending on the operator you are calling: Rush hour to Proximus € 0. 2000 Antwerpen T 078 15 30 60 F 03 232 09 27 Fnac Antwerpen.185 F 03/225. 2000 Antwerpen T 03 227 41 81 F 03 227 41 62 The Phone House.11 67 . to Mobistar € 0.1988/min.2481/min. to Mobistar € 0.11 to Mobistar € 0.11 to Base € 0. € 15 € 20 and € 30. Connection cost per call to Proximus € 0. € 10.1409/min. The amounts of the Prepaid formula differ from the other operators: you can reload with € 5. Meir 117. Shopping Center Groenplaats.1985/min.

68 .

crisis information and support centre for a wide range of problems) * Cardstop in case of loss of credit cards Eurocard/Master Card..... alcohol. Drugsline: information about drugs. aids. 24 hours.8 | Contacts Important telephone numbers 100 101 0800 123 12 106 1207 1307 1204 1225 03 217 75 95 070 245 245 02 649 95 55 02 648 40 14 070 344 344 03 221 13 33 02 233 22 11 03 224 10 52 02 533 75 75 078 15 15 15 078 15 10 20 09 238 26 26 078 15 40 60 untill early July 03 232 27 28 0800 173 64 03 271 16 16 03 201 49 11 078 35 35 35 urgent medical assistance and fire brigade police.: information) ‘tele-onthaal’. lesbian and bisexual people) Teleblok (problems preparing for your exams)* from the end of May Jongeren Advies Centrum (JAC) (Youth Advice Centre)* free help with any kind of problem Centrum voor Gelijke Kansen en Racismebestrijding (Centre for Equal Opportunities and Fight against Racism) Amnesty International Lost and found objects Electrabel Electricity and Gas * though it might be a better idea to contact the social services office at your host institution (SOVO) 69 . Holebifoon (for gay. for non-urgent cases (e. HIV.. Visa and Bancontact/Mister Cash Stadhuis Antwerpen (City Hall) Touring Wegenhulp (Car Problems) VTB – VAB (Car Problems) Europe Assistance Aids-telephone: information about safe sex..g. for urgent cases Antwerp police. a helpful ear for urgent psychological needs * to find telephone numbers in Belgium (Dutch) to find telephone numbers in Belgium (French) to find telephone numbers in foreign countries to send a telegram (only on weekdays) special centre for the treatment of burns anti-poison centre suicide prevention * help line (English speaking.

ac.rylant@ha.be Location: 5 campuses in Antwerp. INTERNATIONAL OFFICES University of Antwerp Groenenborgerlaan 171 (building U.be > www.be . 2nd floor).be > www. and 1 in Mechelen 70 . B-2020 Antwerpen Fax +32 3 265 36 22 E-mail: international@ua. 1 in Merksem.building U237 Martine Depauw Contact person for work permits. visa. F +32 3 205 64 72 sophie.be > www.depauw@ua. F +32 3 213 93 41 f.ac. On p.heymans@hzs.be .voorspoels@ua. B-2000 Antwerpen T +32 3 213 93 26. 1 in Wilrijk (Campus Drie Eiken) Antwerp Maritime Academy Sophie Deltour / Steve Heymans Noordkasteel – Oost 6. 50 you can find information about general services (campus restaurants. ICT-facilities) at the institutions of the AUHA. 1 in Lier.be/international Nele Voorspoels Contact person for incoming exchange students T +32 3 265 35 61 nele.be Location: 1 campus in Antwerp. mobility of researchers and teaching staff T +32 3 265 35 60 martine.hzs.building U237 Location: 3 campuses in Antwerp (City Campus + Campus Middelheim/Groenenborger).ua. near the harbour Hogeschool Antwerpen Frank Rylant Keizerstraat 15. libraries. B-2030 Antwerpen T +32 3 205 64 35/74.ac.ha.CONTACTS Institutions’ services For addresses of specific services of the host institutions please consult the institutions’ publications or contact the international co-ordinator.be steve. 1 in Turnhout.ac.deltour@hzs.

B-2000 Antwerpen T +32 3 213 93 26.be www. F +32 3 213 93 41 f.CONTACTS Karel de Grote-Hogeschool Helene Vanbrabant Van Schoonbekestraat 143.be www.linguapolis.huygen@ua.ha.3.plantijnhogeschool.eu Hogeschool Antwerpen Dutch Language Course.be www.linguapolis.kdg.ac.lotens@ua. Departement Vertalers & Tolken Schildersstraat 41.be Campus Drie Eiken Universiteitsplein 1 B-2610 Antwerpen .be Location: 11 campuses in Antwerp Plantijnhogeschool van de Provincie Antwerpen Marleen Matyn Meistraat 5.be Location: 2 campuses in Antwerp.220.matyn@plantijn.ac.48.Wilrijk T +32 3 820 27 87 F +32 3 820 27 86 christa.be www.vanbrabant@kdg. 1 in Boom LANGUAGE CENTRES University of Antwerp Linguapolis Institute for language and communication City Campus Prinsstraat 13 B-2000 Antwerpen T +32. B-2018 Antwerpen T + 32 3 241 03 00 F + 32 3 241 16 86 helene. B-2000 Antwerpen T +32 3 221 07 09 F +32 3 221 07 01 marleen.03 F +32 3 220 46 37 nadine.rylant@ha.be (choose English-Dutch Language Course) 71 .be www.

htm Cultural events and tickets Prospekta.antwerp. B-2018 Antwerpen T 03 240 63 73.com/antwerp.antwerpen.visitantwerpen.m.html TOURIST INFORMATION Province of Antwerp Toerisme Provincie Antwerpen Kon.m.aviewoncities.int/comm/education/programmes/socrates/erasmus/eilc/index_en. B-2000 Antwerpen T 03 232 01 03.trabel.30 p.45 p.m. F 03 231 19 37 info@tpa.htm > www. to 5. to 16.be > www. Sun-/holidays: 9 a.eu.30 a.45 p. B-2000 Antwerpen T +32 3 205 18 00. F 03 203 95 97 72 .be Mon-Sat: 9 a. > www. to 4.CONTACTS Karel de Grote-Hogeschool Erasmus Intensive Language Courses (EILC) Department of Commercial Sciences and Business Administration Centrum voor Talen Nationalestraat 5. F +32 3 205 18 44 Marleen. Grote Markt 13.dma. B-2000 Antwerpen T 03 203 95 85.m.m. Elizabethlei 16. City of Antwerp Tourist Office.com/antwerp.be > www.tpa.be > www.be Mon-Fri: 8. F 03 220 82 96 visit@stad.be http://europa. Grote Markt 13.m.coutuer@kdg.be > www.

9 | Glossary English-Dutch In the shop Type of shops a shop a bakery a bookstore a butcher’s a chemist’s a dairy shop a fish shop a florist a grocery store a hairdresser’s a newspaper shop a pharmacy What can you buy there? bread chicken coffee fish meat a potato rice tea vegetables a price money Practical expressions How much does that cost? Thank you / thanks / cheers een winkel een bakker een boekhandel een slager / beenhouwerij een drogist een zuivelhandel een viswinkel een bloemist een kruidenier / algemene voeding een kapper / kapsalon een krantenwinkel een apotheek brood kip koffie vis vlees een aardappel rijst thee groente(n) een prijs geld Hoeveel kost dat? Dank u / bedankt Frequently used words and expressions light licht heavy zwaar easy gemakkelijk difficult moeilijk left links right rechts pretty / nice mooi ugly lelijk 73 .

please? Personal pronouns I you he she we you they 74 zoet zuur donker minder meer lang kort vol leeg koud warm groot klein Waar is dat? Hoe gaat het met u? een universiteit mijnheer mevrouw een les / cursus een fout juist / goed fout een kamer een stoel een tafel een blad papier een taal Ik weet het niet Zou u dat kunnen herhalen? Kan u wat trager (langzamer) spreken alsjeblieft? ik jij hij zij wij jullie zij .sweet sour dark less more long short full empty cold warm big small Where is that? How are you doing? The classroom a university sir miss / madam a course a mistake correct / good wrong a room a chair a table a sheet of paper a language I don’t know Could you please repeat that? Could you speak slower.

The time Time of the day good morning good evening Days of the week Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday Time in general morning noon evening yesterday today tomorrow Me and my family My name is… a mother a father a son a daughter goedemorgen goedenavond maandag dinsdag woensdag donderdag vrijdag zaterdag zondag ochtend middag avond gisteren vandaag morgen Ik heet… / mijn naam is… een moeder een vader een zoon een dochter 75 .

76 .

10 | Index page page (Tele)phone Academic bachelor Accreditation Airplane Antwerp Association Bachelor – Master Bank Bed & Breakfast Beer Belgium Bike Bus Campsite Campus Drie Eiken Campus Middelheim Car Cathedral Church Climate Consulate Contact Cost Dentist Department of Foreigners Dutch Dutch language courses Embassy Europe Film Museum Financial Flanders Flemish Opera General practitioner / GP Golden Pages Harbour Antwerp Maritime Academy University College Hogeschool Antwerpen 65 13-20 12 25 7-9/55 12 11 41 29 52 5-9 26 26 29 37 36 26 56 58 5 41 70 43 64 39 21 21 41 5-9 56 41 11 56 62 69 37/70 14 14 14/37 Home institution Hospital Host institution Hotel Housing ICT Insurance Fire Health Language Courses International relations office Karel de Grote-Hogeschool Linguapolis Library Meal Museum Painters Pharmacy Plantijnhogeschool Professional bachelor Registration Student restaurant Scheldt deSingel Sports centre Stadscampus Student card Student’s union Taxi Theatre Tourist office Train Transport University of Antwerp Youth hostel Zoo 33 63 39 29 46 50 61 61 61 71 35 16/38 7 50 59 55 55 62 16/38 12 33/39 50 7 56 59 36 51 52 28 56 29/72 26 25 14/35 45 9/55 77 .

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Colophon Editorial Team University Nele Voorspoels Sara Bervoets Patricia De Clopper University Colleges Brigitta Bijloos (Karel de Grote-Hogeschool) Pauline Deleu (Plantijnhogeschool) Wouter De Pesseroey (Hogeschool Antwerpen) City of Antwerp Tom Ollivier Editorial coordinator Pauline Deleu Lay-out Erik Desombere Photography Stefan Dewickere Tony Gonzales (City of Antwerp) Printing Printing Antilope This booklet has been developed with the support of the European Union Socrates-Erasmus programme. Van Brabant (Karel de Grote-Hogeschool) P. July 2006 copyright: H. Van Hove (University) 80 .

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