Born in Bilonia town of Tripura, Shiv Prasad Choudhury (1957) is skillful in stone & wood carvings. After completion of her bachelors from government art college of Tripura, he wnt to Visva Bharati,Shant niketan for higher studies & refined his sculpting skills under the able guidelines of wellknown sculpurer Ajit Chakraverthy & Vikash Devnath. He arrived at the Arts department of Indiria Kala & Sangeet viswavidyalay in the year 1988. His sculpting skills refurbished with movement of time & place. His imagination took shape on teak,Khamaar & Sisham wood easily available in Chattishgarh. His sculputers took a complete transformation from what he used to carve during his stay in the sanitnikentan. Sculptors became more uncomplicated, tranquil & serene. He shaped his imaginations of tribal women of Chhattisgarh , daily life of village folks & contemporary events. He is not only adept in carving on wood but also in Bronze. The emotions & motility of his shaped configurations are worth reckoning.

As a scuplterer, the contribution of Ravindra Vitthal Dekate in several city,state & national level exhibition is of great importance. Engaged as an engineer in Viallai Steel plant, Mr Dekote never received any formal education in art yet he is continuing carving his creation like a proffetinal of the field. His configurations on materials collected from here & there do introduce our self with noble & imposing universe. His creations of drifting roots underground, compiling wood & metal, gives unprecedented viewing pleasure. Born in Bilaspur of chattisgarh , Rajesh Kumar Sharma(1972) recived his art education under the able guidance of Shiv prasha Choudhary at Inidira Kala & Sangeet Visvvidyalay. Rajesh, who used different aspect of sculptures during his education did involve more in wood carvings later in his carrer. Moreover his terracotta like creations of swines gives a substantive feeling. Getting attracted to innovatioions coming in the field, he used his skills for his compositions of instaltions of villages stuffs of Chhattisgarh. The impulses from his creations are quite genuine. Villages stufss like carpet,well, earhen pot & others forms often figure in his creations in a straight line . He was conferred with national award by national Lalit Kala Academy in the year 2001. These days Rajesh serves at the Gaddhi studio of Delhi as supervisor at the sculptor department. Young & dynamic sculperist Kishore Kumar Sharma(1975) is from Dongargarh region of Chhattisgarh who complted his art education from Inidira Kala & sangeet Visva Vidyalaya. He

village sports etc feels objective & worked up. His creations are filled human figures implanted with rubber in inconceivable ways. . His pieces on Tribal dance.expertises in using Iron scraps in to form various shapes. Uttam Soni(1978) was born in Durg & complited his studies from indira Kalal & sangeet Visvvidyalaya.

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