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Libya army transport

Wis. Senate Democrats to return soon, seek talk deal frozen after US
with Walker, lawmakers say - Washington Post approval (AP)
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(Top Stories - Google News) Republicans responsible for their -negotiable, and his office did not to come back. Never in our
Submitted at 3/7/2011 11:31:08 AM
Submitted at 3/7/2011 11:25:51 AM actions," Jauch said. "It will be a return an e-mail seeking comment wildest dreams could we imagine
chance to see whether the on Monday. this historical outpouring of AP - The U.S. government
The State Senate Democrats who Republicans are on the side of the If the Democrats return, the support from the public. quietly green-lighted a $77
left Wisconsin to block a vote on people who oppose this or on the Republicans, who hold a majority "Out action gave the people of million deal to provide at least 50
a bill that would severely curb side of a governor who is out of in the Senate, are expected to pass Wisconsin their voice back," he refurbished armored troop carriers
collective bargaining for most touch with the people." the measure. Walker has said the said, "and they are not going to be to Moammar Gadhafi's army,
public employees are planning to Although Jauch said the senators legislation is crucial in that it silent any longer about the assault approving a license that signaled
return soon, one of the lawmakers have plans to return, Democratic would give him and local leaders on workers and the middle class." growing American business
said Monday. leader Sen. Mark Miller continued the power to cut the pay of public The Democrats had been in contacts with his regime in the
State Sen. Robert Jauch said the to press for negotiations with employees and allow the state to negotiations with Republican months before Libya imploded in
14 Democrats are convinced that Walker in hopes of reaching a close its budget deficit without leaders over Walker's proposal, civil war.
passing the measure would compromise on what the governor raising taxes. On Friday he began but those talks have not yielded
severely damage their Republican calls his "budget-repair" measure. the process for laying off 1,500 any agreement. Meanwhile, recall Obama: Military
opponents. In a letter hand-delivered to state employees, notifying unions efforts have been mounted against
The fight over the bill proposed Walker's office Monday morning, that layoff notices would go out in Republican and Democratic state action against Libya
by Gov. Scott Walker (R) has Miller asked that Walker meet
drawn tens of thousands of with the Democratic senators near
15 days. The governor also said
that actual layoffs would occur in
This entry passed through the
possible (AP)
demonstrators to the state capitol the Wisconsin-Illinois border "to a month if legislators do not pass Full-Text RSS service — if this is (Yahoo! News: Most Viewed)
in Madison to oppose the budget f o r m a l l y r e s u m e s e r i o u s the bill. your content and you're reading it Submitted at 3/7/2011 11:56:37 AM
measure. Large majorities in state discussions as soon as possible." The Democrats who left the state on someone else's site, please read
and national polls have also "The people of Wisconsin are to block the measure say that our FAQ page at AP - President Barack Obama
shown support for the protesters. overwhelmingly supportive of us passage of the bill - as well as a content-only/faq.php warned Libya's leaders that the
Those developments have given reaching a bipartisan, negotiated budget by Walker that looks at Five Filters featured article: U.S. and its NATO allies are still
t h e D e m o c r a t i c s e n a t o r s compromise," Miller said in his deep cuts in aid for education and Comment Is Free But Freedom Is considering military options in
confidence to end their more than letter. "Senate Democrats stand for Wisconsin's local governments Slavery - An Exchange With The response to what he called
two-week exile, Jauch said. No ready to do just that. We ask that - would politically cripple Guardian's Economics Editor. "unacceptable" violence
date has been set for their return. you do the same." Republicans going forward. perpetrated by supporters of
"We should be returning soon in In the past, Walker has said that "It was an almost spontaneous Moammar Gadhafi.
order to provide an opportunity his measure to do away with most event when we left Wisconsin,"
for a vote and to hold the collective-bargaining rights is non Jauch said. "We always planned
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Liberals vs. SCOTUS conservatives (Politico)

(Yahoo! News: Most Viewed) Thomas. Alito has been criticized personally, to some extent,” said “This issue does not come up in a letter signed by more than 100
Submitted at 3/7/2011 3:43:00 AM for speaking at fundraising events Feldman, who clerked for retired vacuum,” Rep. Chris Murphy (D- law professors urging
for conservative groups opposed liberal Justice David Souter but Conn.) said last week after a press congressional hearings on the
Still reeling from a 2010 to Obama’s agenda. Only Chief nonetheless drew fire from the left conference unveiling a bill to Supreme Court’s ethics rules,
Supreme Court ruling that opened Justice John Roberts, the fourth for a February New York Times extend a judicial code of conduct which it indicated was prompted
the door to an explosion of staunch conservative on the court, op-ed arguing that the political to the Supreme Court and require by “questionable activities” by
political ads from corporate has been relatively immune from engagement of Thomas and Scalia justices to disclose why they did – Thomas, Scalia and Alito “that
interests, and fearful the court the same kind of criticism. pales in comparison to their or did not – recuse themselves give the appearance of
could overturn President Barack For liberals, the disposition – predecessors, and actually could from cases. partisanship.”
Obama’s healthcare overhaul, and, to some extent, the public help better inform their decisions. In explaining the impetus for the Among the activities with which
liberal groups have launched an perception – of the court is of The condemnation of the two bill, Murphy, who is running for liberal court critics have taken
aggressive – and at times personal looming concern as key aspects of justices seems “suspiciously Senate, cited the conservative issue:
– attack on the court’s most Obama’s ambitious domestic partisan,” Feldman wrote, and groups that cropped up after -Scalia and Thomas in January of
conservative justices. agenda appear on a collision other legal scholars and court Citizens United and aired tens of 2007 and 2008, respectively,
The sharp questioning of the course with the Supreme Court’s watchers from across the political millions of ads targeting attended events connected to the
impartiality and ethics of Justices conservative bloc, which has been spectrum have also dismissed the Democrats ( including him) in conservative donor conferences
Clarence Thomas, Antonin Scalia able to lure swing Justice campaign as a stretch, at best, and 2010. But Murphy also told organized by the billionaire
and to a lesser extent Samuel Anthony Kennedy on key cases, dangerous, at worst. POLITICO “my interest is industrialist Koch brothers, David
Alito represents the most including Citizens United. But Arn Pearson, a campaign certainly piqued by the fact that and Charles, who have donated or
concerted attack on a bloc of Obama’s surprisingly blunt finance and ethics lawyer who is a they may be taking on one of the raised millions for groups that
justices since the early 1970s, criticism of the majority’s vice president at the left-leaning most important piece of social aired hard-hitting ads attacking
when conservatives waged a long decision in that case during his watchdog group Common Cause, legislation in this generation – the Democrats, including at least one
campaign against the liberal 2010 state of the union address which has helped lead the liberal healthcare law.” that took advantage of the
justices of the Warren Court, most seemed to set the tone for the scrutiny of the court, said the Nan Aaron, president of the spending flexibility afforded them
notably Justices William O. scrutiny that followed. charges have both legal merit and liberal group Alliance for Justice, by Citizens United.
Douglas and Abe Fortas. “What we’re seeing is that there is popular traction. which endorsed Murphy’s bill, -Thomas’s wife Virginia formed a
Thomas and Scalia have been major concern among liberals that “In my memory, I haven’t seen said the effort has a wider target tea party non-profit group in late
accused of undermining public the four dyed-in-the-wool this level of brazen political than just the Citizens United 2009 that campaigned against the
confidence in the court by conservatives on the court – with activity” by Supreme Court decision or the healthcare law Democratic healthcare overhaul
engaging in partisan politics and Justice Kennedy when they’re justices, Pearson said last week, Democrats passed last year, which and formed a lobbying shop late
making decisions that could able to bring him on board – are adding “what you’re hearing is an is the subject of a handful of last year that sought meetings
benefit the political and financial now in a period of real activism,” outpouring of people being upset lawsuits working their way with a host of Republican
interests of their family and said Noah Feldman, a Harvard about the court being politicized through the federal courts and is freshman lawmakers who want to
associates. And both justices have law professor who wrote a book in a way that it hasn’t been in expected ultimately to be resolved repeal the overhaul.
faced calls for the Justice about the sometimes heated decades.” by the Supreme Court. - Thomas failed to report his
Department to investigate alleged battles surrounding the Common Cause frames the “There’s been a concerted effort wife’s income over the past
conflicts of interest and possibly jurisprudence of the liberal criticism as part of a non-partisan by the Roberts Court to take many decade, prompting the judge to
to invalidate their votes in the justices Franklin D. Roosevelt push to make the Supreme Court more business cases and to make amend 13 years’ worth of
2010 decision on political appointed to the Supreme Court. more ethical and transparent. But decisions in favor of large disclosure reports after Common
spending, Citizens United vs. “In this (modern) context, it’s not other liberal critics acknowledge corporations at the expense of Cause filed a complaint about the
Federal Election Commission. so surprising that attacks on the they’re motivated by the court’s everyday Americans,” said Aaron. missing information.
One low-profile liberal watchdog justices would veer from the rightward tack under Roberts, and Her group, which campaigned to -Scalia gave a January speech to a
group last week even asked the purely ideological into attempts to by the way conservatives have defeat the nominations of Roberts
Missouri Supreme Court to disbar delegitimize the justices capitalized on Citizens United. and Alito, last month released a LIBERALS page 3
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group of predominately “I don’t think there is even a wife … more positively inclined by the conservative Federalist year for which their tax filings
Republican lawmakers organized specter of a conflict of interest,” toward corporate interests.” Society, in which he said his were readily available.
by the House Tea Party Caucus. said Toobin. Likewise, Feldman was amused critics appear “bent on Rep. Louie Gohmert (R-Texas), a
-Alito attended a fundraising And Michael Waldman, by a December Times editorial undermining” the court and former state judge whose office
dinner for the conservative executive director of the left- urging Scalia to reject the Tea defended himself and his wife as drafted the Justice Department
American Spectator magazine. leaning Brennan Center for Party Caucus invitation lest he “focused on defending liberty.” letter, called Common Cause’s
Citing Virginia Thomas’s tea Justice at New York University’s “give the impression that he was Some on the right, meanwhile, campaign “a fundraising effort”
party group’s fundraising, as well School of Law, called the joining the throng — confirming have speculated that the liberal and suggested the goal is to
as the trips her husband and Scalia allegations that Thomas and his new moniker as the ‘Justice push to get Thomas to recuse intimidate the conservative
took to the Koch meetings, Scalia were biased by their from the Tea Party’.” from any healthcare case is really justices away from controversial
Common Cause in January asked affiliation with the Koch retreat In an interview with POLITICO, an effort to neutralize Republican decisions.
the Justice Department to “meritless. We see no basis for Feldman said “Justice Scalia had pressure to sideline liberal Justice “Judges are human and when
investigate whether the justices the accusations that the Justices’ his views a long time before there Elena Kagan from the case on there are threats made on you or
should have recused themselves decisions are based on anything was a tea party. Maybe the tea account of her work as Obama’s your family, as has been done to
from the Citizens United decision but the merits.” He warned that party is following Justice Scalia, solicitor general before joining the Justice Thomas, it affects you,” he
and to consider moving to vacate “people should think very hard but he’s definitely not following court. told POLITICO after a Thursday
the decision. before asking prosecutors to the tea party.” “The purpose of this isn’t really to press conference unveiling the
And Rep. Anthony Weiner (D- investigate judges just because Feldman compared the current pressure Thomas into a recusal, at letter.
N.Y.) is laying the groundwork they dislike the decisions they targeting of justices to the liberal which Thomas is almost certain to In fact, the threats referenced in
for a similar challenge should the make.” attacks on the Supreme Court in issue his trademark booming the letter were provoked by a
court overturn the healthcare In dismissing as “far-fetched” the 1920s and 1930s, when laugh, but to pre-empt the recusal conservative videographer at a
overhaul, having collected 90 Common Cause’s request that the justices (led by conservatives who argument for Elena Kagan,” the protest in which Common Cause
House Democrats’ signatures on a Justice Department investigate liberals branded ‘the Four conservative pundit Ed Morrissey participated outside January’s
letter urging Thomas to recuse whether the justices’ Koch Horsemen of the Apocalypse”) asserted recently. Koch donor conference in
himself from any healthcare case conference appearances warranted struck down progressive And congressional Republicans California.
because of his wife’s work. recusal, the Washington Post legislation as violating property last week went on offense against “After we impeach Clarence
“I don’t see this as part of some editorial board noted that liberal rights, as well as to the liberal court critics, alleging in a Thomas, what should we do with
broader tactical play,” said justices also have affiliated with conservative attacks on the liberal letter to the Justice Department him?” the videographer asks a
Weiner, who also intends to co- groups that have had interests Warren Court in the 1960s and that Common Cause’s efforts had handful of protestors featured in
sponsor Murphy’s bill. “But I can before the court. early 1970s. “incite(d) violence and his video. Among the responses
say this: if Justice Thomas does Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg, for Those attacks – which included encourage(d) racial slurs against offered – in at least one case after
not recuse himself and the court instance, appeared at a 2004 moves by congressional several Justices of the Supreme encouragement from the
rules (to strike down) the law, I lecture series cosponsored by the Republicans to impeach Fortas Court and their families” – and videographer, who tells the
will be making the point that this NOW Legal Defense and and Douglas over their acceptance also asking for an investigation of reluctant interviewee “you can say
is not a credible decision.” Education Fund, two weeks after of payments from foundations whether the advocacy group’s anything, we’re all friends” –
Yet, even liberal legal experts taking the liberal group’s side in a funded by controversial liberals – Supreme Court campaign violated were “Hang him” and “string him
have brushed off the complaints medical screening case before the eventually forced Fortas’s its tax-exempt status. up.”
as hollow. court. resignation from the court. Common Cause and the other Common Cause issued a
In an appearance with Weiner on And, though the justice’s late “The motivation was ideological liberal groups that have played a statement condemning the
CNN last month, the network’s husband, Martin Ginsburg, was but the form of the attacks could role in pressuring the conservative “hateful, narrow-minded
liberal legal commentator Jeffrey for years a partner in a high- be extremely personal,” Feldman justices – the Alliance for Justice, sentiments.” Spokeswoman Mary
Toobin flatly rejected the powered corporate law firm, said. Center for American Progress and Boyle asserted the video used
Democratic congressman’s call Harvard’s Feldman asserted in his Thomas himself pushed back on People for the American Way– misleading techniques including
for Thomas to recuse himself Times’ op-ed “surely no one the attacks in a speech late last had combined budgets of $65.4 LIBERALS page 9
from the healthcare case. believes that his career made his month to a symposium sponsored million in 2009, the most recent
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Obama is being driven towards Libya - The Guardian

(Top Stories - Google News) and intelligence to rebel forces. principally Nato but also Arab governmental statements about Egypt policy rule of encouraging
Submitted at 3/7/2011 11:51:09 AM Undeterred by Pentagon chief states, would be required before the humanitarian situation and by peaceful reform by friendly Arab
Robert Gates's warning that a no- any such steps were taken – the US offshore military build-up. governments. If regime forces
Gaddafi … 'momentum is fly zone (NFZ), as proposed by conjuring the prospect of an Iraq The language used in a statement continue to regain lost territory, if
building behind expanded, David Cameron, would be era, neo-Rumsfeldian "coalition of issued on Sunday by Ban Ki- casualties and evidence of mass
American-led involvement in the tantamount to declaring war, the willing". The White House has moon, the UN secretary-general, killings of civilians mount, if the
crisis'. Photograph: KeystoneUSA McCain said imposing a NFZ been vague about whether a new gave the impression the stakes are humanitarian crisis deepens, and
-ZUMA / Rex Features would not be difficult and would UN resolution is needed. Nato's rising. Ban said he was "deeply if political pressure intensifies in
Political pressure is growing on show "the president is serious secretary-general, Anders Fogh concerned about the fighting ... Washington, Obama may feel
Barack Obama to administer a when he says we need for Gaddafi Rasmussen, last week rejected which is claiming large numbers obliged to act.
coup de grace to Colonel Gaddafi, to go". The Republican senate intervention in Libya without of lives and threatens even more Critically, if the US calculates
if need be through direct US leader, Mitch McConnell, is specific UN authorisation but has carnage in the days ahead". that Gaddafi – wounded, vengeful
military intervention. In part it's arguing (again like Cameron) that nevertheless been ordered to draw US assets deployed close to and blaming the west for his woes
because policymakers and supplying weapons to the rebels " up "full-scope" contingency plans Libya now include the 26th – could ultimately survive in
commentators see a chance of a could be an option". Stephen that presumably include military Marine Expeditionary Unit Tripoli to fight another day, this
fresh, democratic start in Libya, Hadley, former president George action. Nato defence ministers comprising two amphibious moment of maximum weakness
and in part because they fear a Bush's national security adviser, will discuss Libyan options on assault ships, Harrier jump-jets, may be seen in Washington as a
vacuum that anti-western suggested immediate aerial arms Thursday. EU leaders are to meet attack helicopters, landing craft final, but finite, opportunity to get
Islamists and al-Qaida may fill. drops. the next day. and combat troops. The US can rid of him once and for all.
But Washington's war drums are Democrat John Kerry has also Rightwing commentators such as also call on numerous aircraft Gaddafi's survival would break
also beating faster out of concern jumped in, even though, given his John Yoo of the American based in Italy and elsewhere in the Arab hearts. It could also break
that Gaddafi, a long-reviled long experience on the senate Enterprise Institute, meanwhile Mediterranean plus special forces, Obama's whole fragile Middle
bogeyman first targeted by foreign affairs committee, he pour scorn on Obama who, Yoo technical and intelligence East strategy.
Ronald Reagan, may yet survive should know better by now. says, claims to uphold universal gathering units. Operations to This entry passed through the
the revolt. Apparently oblivious to Britain's values but uses international law disrupt the regime's Full-Text RSS service — if this is
John McCain, the 2008 SAS disastrous weekend to keep his "passivity and communications through "cyber your content and you're reading it
Republican presidential candidate, adventure in eastern Libya, Kerry confusion" concealed. "By putting attack" signal-jamming are being on someone else's site, please read
is leading the charge– said bombing Libya's military air aside the UN's antiquated rules prepared. Meanwhile, the USS our FAQ page at
coincidentally providing a bases, runways and airports could [restricting armed intervention], Enterprise aircraft carrier and its content-only/faq.php
salutary insight into how America be effective in containing the US can save lives, improve strike group is reportedly moving Five Filters featured article:
might act now had he and Sarah Gaddafi's air power. He claimed a global welfare and serve its own up the Red Sea, heading for the Comment Is Free But Freedom Is
Palin not been defeated by NFZ would not amount to national interests," Yoo wrote in Suez canal. Slavery - An Exchange With The
Obama. McCain is urging the military intervention. But he the Wall Street Journal. It's a sure bet Obama does not Guardian's Economics Editor.
White House to declare its added it should only be The sense that momentum is want to get involved militarily in
support for a Libyan provisional undertaken with international building behind expanded, Libya if he can help it. But he has
government, even though none agreement. American-led involvement in the demanded that Gaddafi step
presently exists, and provide Obama's position, so far, is that crisis is enhanced by possibly down. And the country is the
"technical assistance", training significant support from allies, over-dramatic UN and exception to his hands-off, post-
Suspect in East Coast rapes held on $1.5M bail (AP) Rio's week-long party
(Yahoo! News: Most Viewed) sexually assaulting at least 17 w a s a r r e s t e d l a s t w e e k , a (The Guardian World News) swing and ablaze with colour -
Submitted at 3/7/2011 11:56:44 AM women from Virginia to Rhode prosecutor said Monday in court. Submitted at 3/7/2011 11:39:28 AM with birds of paradise, samba
Island asked, "Why haven't you dancers and space travellers
AP - The man suspected of picked me up sooner?" when he Brazil's costume parade is in full
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Egyptian Protesters Raid State Security, Post Government

Secrets to Facebook
Neal Ungerleider (Fast International and Human Rights
Company) Watch alleged that widespread
Submitted at 3/7/2011 11:53:12 AM sexual and physical abuse of
prisoners took place.
Egyptian rebels stormed the Users posted to Amn Dawla
headquarters of the feared State Leaks a document indicating the
Security Intelligence Directorate Egyptian military had advance
this weekend. They stole files knowledge of a devastating
indicated that secret policemen terrorist attack at the scuba diving
spied on Facebook accounts, mecca of Sharm el-Sheikh in
harassed Coptic Christians and 2005. The terrorists at Sharm el-
had advance knowledge of Sheikh killed 88 people and
terrorist attacks. Then they posted severely injured more than 200.
the secret files--to a WikiLeaks- Users are constantly posting new
like Facebook group. scans to the Facebook page and to
Egyptian protesters who the various Twitter-based image
infiltrated the offices of Egypt's sharing services by using the
State Security apparatus on #amndawla hashtag. The use of
Saturday found exactly what they Facebook to create a website
were looking for: surveillance designed to give away
files on millions of Egyptian government secrets is sure to
citizens and caches of information create a headache for the
on hundreds of sensitive subjects. famously politics-wary company.
They also found secret torture and Yfrog Postings. According to the Egyptian protesters did a very security files to Twitpic, Yfrog However, any move to remove
chambers, evidence of vote Al Jazeera, the action involved 21st century thing with their new, and similar services. the Facebook group would create
rigging, possible complicity in hundreds of protesters and a liberated information cache: They Users posted to Amn Dawla massive negative publicity among
terrorism, state surveillance of the search for documents detailing the posted it to Facebook and other Leaks falsified voter registration the vociferous American
Christian minority and extensive hacking, targeting of human rights social networking sites. cards found in state security files supporters of the Egyptian youth
lists of passwords to Skype and groups, plus torture devices and A new Facebook group called for use by regime loyalists. uprising.
Facebook accounts used by secret detention rooms. The Amn Dawla Leaks(State Security Yfrog user @Pakinamer posted For more stories like this,
ordinary Egyptians. protestors left with plenty of those Leaks), which is posting scans of this photograph of a document follow@fastcompany on Twitter.
According to the Meta-Activism documents, although Egypt's secret Egyptian security files, detailing spying on Egypt's Coptic Email Neal Ungerleider, the
Project--and the Twitter/Facebook armed forces called them to return already has more than 12,000 Christian minority. author of this article, here.
accounts of Egyptians involved in them, as they were part of "a fans. Use of it is accompanied by Yfrog user @Pakinamer posted Read more of our coverage on
the State Security raid--the use of larger investigation into Egyptian protesters who have this photograph of protesters Egypt.
WikiLeaks was the primary corruption and rights violations." taken it upon themselves to examining the state security
inspiration for the Facebook page Then, following the discovery, upload scans of controversial state detention cells where Amnesty

Alabama county devises road map for debt crisis (Reuters)

(Yahoo! News: Most Viewed) Reuters - For years, Alabama's its image as the bad boy of county says it finally has a plan to
Jefferson County squirmed over municipal finance. Now the put its fiscal house in order.
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Apple's iPhone 5 May Get an All-Metal Makeover--Is That a

Good Thing?
Kit Eaton (Fast Company)
Submitted at 3/7/2011 11:48:27 AM

The iPad 2 is only just out in

public, but the iPhone 5 rumors
are now ramping up, with hints
the new phone may get an all-
metal makeover. Does this make
good sense?
The iPhone 1 had a 75%
aluminum rear face, if you
remember back through the mists
of time to 2007. A full 100%
unibody aluminum chassis eluded
the designers because of the
antenna design used in the phone-
-resulting in a slightly inelegant
black plastic portion for radio
transparency. Four years has just
scooted past, and now there're hot
new rumors the iPhone 5 will get
an aluminum unibody chassis--
tallying with Apple's design way. The glass back is said to same production lines as the all- making the chassis actually part Also, if Apple does bow to the
uniformity across the iMac, have increased the weight of the aluminum chassis of the iPad and of the radio system, since this public, learn these design lessons,
MacBook Pro and iPad lineups. phone, displeasing some Macs do, resulting in economies enabled very novel design and follow-up with an aluminum
According to Chinese source customers (and, arguably, of scale for Apple (and possibly choices. iPhone 5, the answer to any
Economic Daily News, which has pleasing others thanks to the sense enabling the rumored "cheap It's unlikely to let this cleverness question like "Did you get the
had some success in revealing of "quality" it gives the device), iPhone"). It makes the phone slide for the iPhone 5--the phone iPhone 4 wrong?" will be " bite
Apple's future plans in advance, and resulted in structural more resilient, and solves the would risk looking too much like my shiny metal butt!"
the redesign is guided by two weaknesses--since now you have camera-light-leak problem. every generic plastic Android To read more news like this,
headline-grabbing flaws of the two glass panels that could break There's just one issue. Antennas. phone out there. We don't know follow Fast Company on Twitter:
iPhone 4: The metallic frame if you dropped it. There were also Apple gets around the problem how Apple will reconcile the Click here.
antenna, and the all-glass back. In issues with white-painted iPhone that a metal chassis blocks problem, though we think it's Read More: Most Innovative
the case of the antenna, the 4s and insulating the rear camera wireless radio signals on its iPad unlikely to return to the ugly Companies: Apple
iPhone 4's redesign (probably from leaked light, and MacBooks by having a radio- plastic bar of the iPhone 1 and
falsely, given recent findings by So, a reinvention of the iPhone 5 transparent plastic "window" cut more likely it'll work innovatively
scientists) resulted in the " makes sense--Apple may well into the case--it's the Apple logo with yet another antenna redesign.
antennagate" issue, with have learned from the problems in both devices. The iPhone 4's And we're pretty certain it won't
allegations of wireless and redirected the phone's design redesign centered on a novel look like the rendering that
connectivity problems if the to include a new metal back, one approach to antennas...Apple was everyone's got on their website
phone was held in a particular that could probably roll off the very proud of its lateral thinking, today.
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Suspect in East Coast rapes held on Kilauea volcano in Hawaii

$1.5M bail (AP) sends lava into air as new
(Yahoo! News: Most Viewed)
Submitted at 3/7/2011 11:56:44 AM
Lopez, said he had attempted to
waive his client's appearance at
Authorities recently put up
electronic billboards in the states vent opens - The Guardian
the court hearing, which a judge where the attacks occurred and (Top Stories - Google News) constant eruption since 1983,
NEW HAVEN, Conn. – The man d e n i e d . L o p e z d e c l i n e d t o neighboring states, and they said a Submitted at 3/7/2011 11:07:02 AM could erupt or collapse without
suspected of sexually assaulting at comment afterward. Bail was set tip from Prince William County, warning, posing a threat to hikers.
least 17 women from Virginia to at $1.5 million. Va., directed them to Thomas. A fissure eruption spotted at In addition, potentially lethal
Rhode Island asked, "Why haven't Strollo said DNA from a cigarette Authorities in Prince William Kilauea volcano at the weekend is concentrations of sulphur dioxide
you picked me up sooner?" when that police saw Thomas discard County are charging him with now thought to be almost a third could be present up to half a mile
he was arrested last week, a after leaving a local court was rape, abduction, being a fugitive of a mile long. Photograph: Ho/ downwind of vent areas.
prosecutor said Monday in court. used to confirm that Thomas was and using of a firearm while AFP/Getty Images Babb told the Hawaii Tribune-
Aaron Thomas, 39, made his first the man wanted in the attacks, committing a felony. A new vent has opened at Herald that the fissure had
court appearance in New Haven which began in 1997. He said Thomas had lived previously in Kilauea, one of the world's most expanded and is now almost a
Superior Court in Connecticut, Thomas has lived in New Haven Maryland and Virginia, according active volcanoes, sending lava third of a mile long. He added that
wearing sunglasses and a baseball for about four years. to public records. shooting up to 20 metres into the scientists were moving into the
cap. The man responsible for the Thomas was arrested Friday on This entry passed through the air. remote area to observe the fissure
attacks has been dubbed the East Connecticut charges of first- Full-Text RSS service — if this is The fissure eruption was spotted and take readings.
Coast Rapist by authorities. degree sexual assault and risk of your content and you're reading it shortly after the floor at the Pu'u Following the latest activity, the
Prosecutor David Strollo said the injury to a minor. He tried to hang on someone else's site, please read O'o crater collapsed around 5pm Hawaii Volcanoes National Park
u n e m p l o y e d t r u c k d r i v e r himself Saturday in his cell but our FAQ page at local time on Saturday, the has closed a number of roads and
described himself as having "a Dr. was returned to jail after a brief content-only/faq.php Hawaiian Volcano Observatory trails. Kulanaokuaiki campground
Jekyll and Mr. Hyde" personality hospital stay. Five Filters featured article: said. was also closed until further
regarding women. Strollo said The East Coast Rapist is wanted Comment Is Free But Freedom Is It ran along the middle of notice. No homes are under threat.
Thomas made incriminating for 17 rapes and other attacks in Slavery - An Exchange With The Kilauea's east rift zone, about two This entry passed through the
statements about his involvement Connecticut, Maryland, Rhode Guardian's Economics Editor. miles west of Pu'u O'o. Full-Text RSS service — if this is
in the rapes to a marshal. Island and Virginia that began in "As a volcanogist, this is what we your content and you're reading it
Thomas' public defender, Joe 1997. do. These are the moments we on someone else's site, please read
wait for," volcanogist Janet Babb our FAQ page at
63 percent under 30 admit driving while told Hawaiian television station content-only/faq.php
on phone (AP) KHON2. "It is exciting to see an
eruption begin, particularly if you
Five Filters featured article:
Comment Is Free But Freedom Is
(Yahoo! News: Most Popular) poll that illustrates how can see it from the very start." Slavery - An Exchange With The
Submitted at 3/7/2011 11:37:51 AM widespread distracted driving is Scientists said areas near the vent Guardian's Economics Editor.
among young people and a plan to at Kilauea, which has been in
AP - The U.S. Department of help fight it.
Transportation and Consumer
Reports magazine have released a

White House promotes Muslim help against terrorism (AP)

(Yahoo! News: Most Popular) AP - The White House is pushing hearing on Islamic radicalism, Muslims as potential terrorists.
Submitted at 3/7/2011 12:16:11 PM a message of religious tolerance which has sparked protests on
ahead of this week's congressional grounds it unfairly singles out
8 Top News/ Newstablet Edition

Gowalla to Launch "Groupon or Living Social-type" Rewards

Austin Carr (Fast Company) won't be this new iteration of the partners, both larger brands and
Submitted at 3/7/2011 11:39:12 AM million-users-strong service. local businesses," says Williams.
Rather, Gowalla's buzz worthy While it's too early to say how a
"I started swearing to myself four a n n o u n c e m e n t w i l l r e v o l v e Groupon-like Gowalla would
or five years ago that I would around a new rewards system, work, one could imagine the big
never launch another product at which could rival deals platforms discounts you've come to expect
SXSW," says Josh Wiliams, of Foursquare and Facebook from daily coupon services
founder and CEO of Gowalla, the Places. integrated with Gowalla's check-
Austin-based check-in service. "Everyone talks about game- ins.
"That's never come true--my mechanics and badges, but the "What we're launching is
success record on that promise question for us is how we take definitely going to be a pilot or an
has just not been good." these beautiful icons and turn experiment," Williams says.
Already gearing up to make a them into something that has "Presuming that this all goes well,
are definitely more akin to, say, a Rewards platform in the next few
splash at this year's SXSW, the tangible value," Williams says. we'll be looking to expand."
Groupon or Living Social-type weeks with help from several
company today launched Gowalla "That's where our Rewards Read More: Most Innovative
thing, rather than just a dollar off major partners--whom he declined
3 for Android, creating a "freshly platform comes in. It allows us to Companies: Groupon
your coffee." to reveal. "Basically we're
baked" port of the popular iPhone t a k e r e w a r d s f r o m l o c a l
Gowalla will unveil the new launching with a select group of
app. But the real news at SXSW businesses and larger brands that

Sleepy Kochi, India, Gets a "SmartCity"

Jenara Nerenberg (Fast "This key step reflects our about who will occupy the new
Company) confidence in the vision for space. Will the IT companies be
Submitted at 3/7/2011 11:50:52 AM SmartCity Kochi and our accompanied by a flurry of fast
commitment to the people of food chains? In which case, the
A 246-acre IT park is to be built Kerala," said Abdul Latif Al resulting health consequences
in the Southern state of Kerala. Mulla, Vice Chairman of would create a whole other set of
Delhi's got its "Cyber city," the S m a r t C i t y K o c h i . problems. It remains to be seen
area in nearby Gurgaon where the SmartCity is a project of the whether or not Tecom will keep
likes of Yahoo!, Deloitte, and Dubai-based Tecom Investments, such tenants at bay.
other large multinationals reside. a company that specializes in Follow Fast Company on Twitter.
Now Kochi is getting its own c r e a t i n g k n o w l e d g e - b a s e d [Image adapted from Flickr user
version, a " SmartCity" with a communities around the world. continuing the expansion of the next 10 years, giving the tourism- Peter Fristedt]
focus on IT, and it is slated to "The progress that will result from SmartCity global network," said dependent city an alternative
become one of the largest IT the signing of a fresh lease Al Mulla. engine of economic growth, if all
business parks in India, spread agreement will give further SmartCity Kochi is also expected goes as planned. But the
across 246 acres. momentum to our plans of to generate 90,000 jobs over the investment also raises concerns

Collins' missed flights lead Bobcats to Temple (AP)

(Yahoo! News: Most Viewed) AP - Two missed flights have c h a n c e o f r e t u r n i n g t o t h e
ended guard Sherron Collins' C h a r l o t t e B o b c a t s .
Newstablet Edition Top News/ Business/ 9
LIBERALS Lava spews 65 feet
continued from page 3

“selective editing (and) baiting GOP quick to bash budget high after crater All Aboard The Rails
people,” and she called the call Cleaver rips Obama budget Jason Raznick conductor misses its stop signal,
for a Justice Department Cantor: Cuts to entitlements collapse (AP) (BloggingStocks) coming in light of a 2008 train
investigation of her group’s tax Winners and losers in the budget (Yahoo! News: Most Popular) Submitted at 3/7/2011 12:40:00 PM collision which killed 25 people.
status “laughable.” Budget touts clean energy This could possibly add 25% to
Submitted at 3/7/2011 11:34:10 AM
But Rep. Steve King (R-Iowa), This entry passed through the The Obama administration has CSX's free cash flow, which at
who joined Gohmert at the Full-Text RSS service — if this is agreed to scale back requirements these levels would make CSX and
AP - A new vent has opened at
Thursday press conference, called your content and you're reading it for new anticollision technology other rail companies undervalued
one of the world's most active
the campaign by Common Cause on someone else's site, please read on freight trains, known as by these metrics.
volcanoes, sending lava shooting
and other liberal groups “the our FAQ page at Positive Train Control (PTC). Jason is a co-founder of
up to 65 feet high, scientists at
beginning of an intimidation tactic content-only/faq.php This stands to benefit companies B e n z i n g a . c o m .
Kilauea volcano said Sunday.
that picks up and plays off of Five Filters featured article: such as CSX (CSX), Union All Aboard The Rails originally
what was referred to during the Comment Is Free But Freedom Is Pacific (UNP), Norfolk Southern appeared on BloggingStocks on
confirmation of Justice Thomas as Slavery - An Exchange With The (NSE) and Berkshire Hathaway's Mon, 07 Mar 2011 12:40:00 EST.
a ‘high-tech lynching.’” Guardian's Economics Editor. (BRK-A) Burlington Northern Please see our terms for use of
Simmi Aujla contributed to this Santa Fe. feeds. Permalink| Email this|
report. P T C t e c h n o l o g y w i l l Comments
Read More Stories from automatically stop the train if a

Chiefs' Player Suggests That Wealthy NFL Players Could

Funnel Money To Those That Would Be Most Affected By A
Kevin Baumer (Business won't be an issue and there will be Of course, just because Waters is
Insider) a new CBA by Friday, but Waters' charitable doesn't mean that he'll
Submitted at 3/7/2011 12:05:00 PM suggestion is intriguing. have an easy time convincing
It seems so simple, doesn't it? other wealthy NFL players to give
In Jim Trotter's enlightening intro The biggest weakness of the up significant portions of their
to Peter King's Monday Morning NFLPA, and all sports unions for bank accounts. We don't know
Quarterback column for SI, that matter, is that the guys that how that would play out, but this
Kansas City Chiefs guard Brian don't earn as much won't be able could be a good indicator of just
Waters revealed that he's looked to stomach a length lockout how unified the " all for one, and
into creating a fund in which the because they rely on regular pay one for all" union is.
league's high-earning players can checks. Waters' plan, if helped by Surely there would be obstacles not be insurmountable. If not, it's Bookmark the Sports Page >
funnel money to the marginal other big-earners, could eliminate to overcome for Waters and other hard to see why this idea has Join the conversation about this
guys that would be most affected that problem and thus make the NFL vets to basically hand money never really been conjured up story »
by a lockout. u n i o n m u c h s t r o n g e r f o r a to their buddies, but they might before.
Obviously the hope is that this p r o l o n g e d w o r k s t o p p a g e .
10 Business/ Newstablet Edition

How We Can Give The Internet A Leg Up Over Oppressive

Government Crackdowns
Tristan Louis (Business Insider) year but to make a long story access device and this site (or any that could help potentially move can be routed around.
Submitted at 3/7/2011 12:03:00 PM short, access to the internet can be other site) is what is making the the infrastructure beyond its The atmosphere is everything
controlled in 3 areas: at the source internet a global network… and it current state to a brand new that surrounds the cloud. It is the
T h e m y t h a r o u n d i n t e r n e t (where the servers allowing for is something that is largely world. space between the devices that are
creation is that it was initially creating and sharing content are outside the control of anyone but From cloud to atmosphere used for creation and consumption
thought as a communication located), at the receiving end the richest and most powerful With web 2.0, the idea of hosting of content.
network that could withstand an (where the computer or mobile people, organizations, and content on remote servers shared No one should own the
atomic bomb. While there is some device is receiving content) or in- governments. In the US, for by many and administered by few atmosphere: It surrounds us and
truth to the fact that packet between those two points (either example, it is mostly under the (Amazon, Google, etc..) has been we all contribute to its well-being
networks were initially designed using firewalls or shutting down control of telephone and cable commonly referred to as the and decay in an almost equal
with that intent, recent events the infrastructure altogether). companies, which themselves are cloud… and that analogy has been fashion.
such as the shutdown of the Repressive governments tend to working in conjunction with local, increasingly used to talk about the The atmosphere is the
internet in Egypt and Lybia seem work at all those points, often state, and federal regulators. internet as an amorphous group, infrastructure that makes the
to point to the frailty of the net managing to block portions of the A substantial part of the reason moving beyond the ground-based cloud possible.
infrastructure. network through a variety of for that control by large operators concepts of land lines and server It is a public internet (or a virtual
I would like to propose some means. For example, China has is that building out and farms to evoke something greater. common) where the internet
basic principles to launch an been able to shut down sites maintaining that infrastructure has At the same time, devices, public (or all of us) can interact.
effort to increase the resilience of located in China, block out sites been and still is a relatively whether they are mobile phones, … and the atmosphere needs all
the internet and help it grow located outside of China (through expensive effort. Laying down tablets, computers, or others, have of us to work together to ensure
beyond the current chokepoints what is often referred to as the and maintaining the cables and increasingly moved away from that a single party cannot poison
that have been created for it. great firewall of China), and has equipment used to distribute using cables to connect to the it.
The Infrastructure fairly tight control of the telecom captioned pictures of cats or internet, leveraging an alphabet A breath of Fresh Air
The internet, in my view, is a industry (the Red Army holds images from the latest revolt is soup of acronyms like EDGE, 3G, Today’s internet atmosphere can
c o m b i n a t i o n o f l o w - l e v e l substantial shareholder stakes in something that has required 4G, and Wi-Fi to access the be seen as largely divided
infrastructures and protocols that anyone doing business in China, investments in the billions, if not internet wirelessly. For the between control in the wireless
allow us all to connect to each including the telcos), giving it trillions of dollars globally. In purpose of further discussion, I space and control in the landline
other. It is, above all, a set of almost full control on the end to developed countries, that would like to know refer to space… and where control exists,
agreements between all parties end approach. infrastructure rebuilt happened wireless internet access as the the potential to cut off the air
involved as to what is and isn’t Activists have been moving sites mostly in the 1990s, one of the atmosphere. supply is stronger.
acceptable across the board. Some outside of China and using a greatest benefits from the dotcom Today, that space is still under Mobile phones and mobile
may argue otherwise (Some see variety of tools (most notably, explosions as investments in the the control of large entities, due to devices accessing the internet
t h e n e t a s t h e p h y s i c a l Tor) to bypass the great firewall early internet startups helped a combination of outdated over GSM, 3G, 4G, EDGE,
infrastructure that connect us; of China but they will be left subsidize one of the greatest intellectual property concepts and CDMA, WCDMA and other
some see the net as only the web; p o w e r l e s s i f t h e C h i n e s e buildouts in human history (in the foreceful lobbying by established acronym the telecom industry can
some see it as only companies like government decides to unplug the US alone, I would consider the players. However, many before throw at us are generally
Google, Facebook, etc… I don’t. I network infrastructure. effort to be on par with the great me have argued for opening up controlled by wireless telephone
see it as all encompassing.) At the end of the day, that pyramids). the wireless spectrum further. By companies. This is why one can
The infrastructure of the internet, infrastructure is currently the However, we have now learned using the atmosphere seldom take a device from one
however, is one that is still largely weakest point in the internet. The that wires are frail and the march nomenclature, I would argue that country to the next without being
held in private hands. I explored mess of wires and wireless of technology has fortunately locking down of the wireless
the subject at greater length last services that sits between your allowed us to move to something space is a form of pollution that HOW page 12
Newstablet Edition Business/ 11

Creating an Effective Twitter Image

Ted Tagalakis (Business also help “brand” your Twitter and informative tweets that Once you have tweeted a few Twitter community, they will be
Insider) account. If you can’t make a establish you as someone useful links or messages, you will much more likely to add you than
Submitted at 3/7/2011 12:03:00 PM background for yourself, there’s knowledgeable, or at least want to start making an effort to someone who is just blasting the
dozens of websites that offer high interested in, the keywords you actively recruit followers. Many Twitterverse with their affiliate
Twitter has become one of the quality backgrounds for free or are promoting. One of the marketers focus exclusively on links and hasn’t even bothered to
most popular ways for Internet you can hire a designer to create a quickest ways to begin twittering the quantity of followers, but this write an appropriate bio. As more
marketers to spread their message, custom background. You should is to create links to interesting can be somewhat short sighted people follow you, your account
but if you don’t know how to also take the time to personalize blog posts or articles you find in approach. A small targeted group will grow organically since people
harness this powerful tool, it can your avatar with your own picture your niche. If possible, provide a of followers is far more likely to will be re-tweeting your
actually negatively impact your or another image which is short commentary on the link convert than a massive information to their own
marketing campaign. On the other uniquely you. Next, consider what rather than just the link itself. A hodgepodge of followers. That followers, causing some of them
hand, a well executed Twitter you will say in your bio space. great tweet will provide an being said, gaining a substantial to add you. In addition, some
campaign may bolster your profits Your bio must be 160 characters interesting and informative piece following is the only way to marketers choose to pay for
and reputation on the Internet. or less. That’s a small amount of of information, while also successfully market on Twitter so Twitter followers. Paid services
Projecting the right the image on text, but you should not use it to provoking interaction. Returning it is important that you are can scale up your operation
Twitter is the first step to randomly keyword stuff. The best to the example of the marketer proactive in finding them. If you quickly and some Twitter users
successfully marketing your Twitter bios use full sentences who promotes Caribbean own a website, blog, or newsletter are more likely to follow accounts
products or services on the and weave a few choice keywords vacations, a good tweet may read be sure to mention your Twitter which are popular, but it is
world’s most popular into the bio description. For something like: “Scuba in username on them. Followers you important to consider the cost-to-
microblogging site. example, if you were tweeting Cozumel is great, but is Bonaire gain from this method are the best value ratio of these services. One
Projecting the right image starts about travel deals to the better?” followed by a link to an prospects because they have final tip to keep in mind: adding
from the moment you sign up for Caribbean, your bio might read article about scuba diving in already shown an interest in too many people at once may flag
Twitter. You should choose a user something like, “I’m a world Bonaire. This method is more whatever products, services, or your account as being spam and
name which is quickly identifiable traveler, who enjoys trips to likely to produce replies or re- information you are offering Twitter has integrated ways to
and unique to you. Many people Caribbean hotels. While on tweets than simply posting the through your Twitter feed. prevent this behavior into their
opt to register their first and last vacation I enjoy going to the link since it asks a question and However, it is important to find system.
name as their Twitter username beach, scuba diving, hiking, and even adds a little controversy, as new prospects on Twitter as well. Once you have established your
and then associate that name with watersports.” Taking the time to different readers will have Use Twitter to search for other presence as a trusted and
a business Twitter account. make your profile look just right different takes on which users who have the same interests interesting tweeter you can begin
Remember, you cannot use before adding followers will destination is better. This tweet as you and add them as friends. promoting your own products or
hyphens in your user name, but immediately set you apart from also manages to work in a few Some people you add will services on a limited basis.
you can use underscores. the thousands of marketers on keywords. Cozumel and Bonaire automatically reciprocate your Experts have suggested that you
After registering your account, Twitter who appear to be are both Caribbean destinations add, either manually or with should promote your own services
there’s several simple steps you spammers. and scuba is a bio keyword. software. Others will check out about 5% of the time on your own
can take to immediately begin Now that your Twitter page is Google’s Caffeine upgrade is your Twitter page before agreeing Twitter account. This prevents
building your Twitter reputation. personalized, it’s time to start focusing on social media, so it’s to add you. This is why it is so Twitter users, who have become
First, you should change the putting Twitter into action. more likely than ever that your important to build up your tweets sensitive to marketers spamming
background of your Twitter feed. Inexperienced marketers may start tweet will appear on Google, thus and personalize your page before them, from deleting your account.
Changing the look of your page plugging their services and increasing the need to include attempting to market yourself to Of course, if you are presenting
helps your feed look personalized products right away, but if you’re keywords and LSI directly into other Twitter users. When users truly useful information on your
and gives the impression that a interested in becoming a well your tweets. Just remember that who are weary of spammers go to blog or website, not just a sales
real person is running the page, respected Twitter marketer, you it’s more important to be clear and your Twitter page and notice that pitch, you can integrate those
rather than a spam bot. Depending will avoid this mistake. Instead, informative in your tweets than to you have made an effort to
on the background you use, it can you should provide several useful have them rank for keywords. contribute something useful to the CREATING page 13
12 Business/ Newstablet Edition
continued from page 10

forced to either switch carrier or keep things going. It’s a pattern access to the net because the place for all of us. As such, it has
be faced with relatively expensive that repeats itself in nature time operator is not running services in also become a threat to
fees for “roaming”. and again. Ants work together to that geographical area and established orders, and many are
The alternative for this is usually repair their farms after it’s been therefore doesn’t care to fighting to shut portions of it or
seen as WiFi, which allows flooded; bees work together to establishing any kind of peering all of it down.
anyone to set up a wireless fend off attack by a hungry bear; agreement with other companies Whether it is censorship in
hotspot as long as the upstream the whole ecosystem works in that country. Another extreme China, lockout in Lybia, blocking
provider (the one the WiFi
hotspot is connected to) agrees to
together to balance out preys and
predators. It’s an evolutionary
end of this is the current situation
in several middle eastern
wikileaks, or denial of service
attacks, the atmosphere should be
Western Digital
it. So while few cable and phone battle we can all take cues from. countries, where dictators can go resilient enough to route around Bulks Up with a $4.3
companies have objected to WiFi And it is one that the internet to the few operators of networks and to ensure that internet public
hotspots being connected by needs to take its cues from. For in their country and tell them to still has access to the public
Billion Storage Deal
individuals to date, they could the internet to survive in the long shut down or suffer the internet… and it is incumbent Tom Taulli (BloggingStocks)
easily shut down access to the run, it needs a healthy consequences. upon us all to figure out how to Submitted at 3/7/2011 12:30:00 PM
internet at those end points. atmosphere… and that’s where So the only way around such ensure the internet atmosphere is
What we now need is an you come in. issue is to distribute the control of not polluted by the fumes of Filed under: Major Movement,
infrastructure that would route As nature gives us cues about the atmosphere as widely as censorship. Deals
around those end points and collective action to ensure the possible: to create millions or A special thank you goes out to When it comes to hard-disk
create a mesh network between well being of all the group, even billions of particles that allow all Doc Searls and Kevin Werbach drives, Western Digital ( WDC) is
different hotspot that are not in the face of a threat against an systems to breathe easily. for helping me tighten up this the largest publicly traded
connected to each other. individual, we must find a way to In other words, the way to route piece. operator in the U.S. And with its
Cues From Nature work collectively to ensure the around any potential damage to Tristan Louis is the founder and recent deal, it will get much
The net interprets censorship as well being of the net in future. the atmosphere is to create a set of CEO of Keepskor and writes the larger. That is, the company has
damage and routes around it — A global mesh protocols that will allow any influential weblog, where agreed to pay $4.3 billion for the
John Gilmore I believe that markets, by their device to talk to each other and this was initially posted under the data storage business of Hitachi.
The atmosphere is resilient and own nature, can be one of the best agree to route traffic from and to title Internet Atmosphere. Based on the stock move for
tends to self-correct. For example, route around censorship. My main each other when needed. In the Join the conversation about this Western Digital, investors love
if a toxic particle shows up in the reason for that belief is that every next entry, I will introduce what I story » the transaction. In early Monday
atmosphere, other components of time a company closes a door in consider some of the basic See Also: trading, the shares were up a
the atmosphere can deal with it. the marketplace, one of its principles to define such a set of • "Mubarak!" "Gaddafi!" "Next sizzling 17.33% to $35.21.
And while an area of the competitors starts looking at protocols. I do not have all the Stop... Wall Street!" Continue reading Western Digital
atmosphere can be damaged at a keeping that door open as a technical solutions (but I expect • Revolutions In The Middle East Bulks Up with a $4.3 Billion
time, all the other areas can help competitive advantage. that some my readers will be Could Destabilize The Islamist Storage Deal
repair it over time. So, in the wireless space, an inspired to put the call to action Movement Globally Western Digital Bulks Up with a
So if there is pollution in Bhopal uneasy peace has been struck and figure out the technical • NIALL FERGUSON: $4.3 Billion Storage Deal
India, the overall atmosphere between the operators where most details) but I can provide a basic Democracy Is The Least Likely originally appeared on
eventually dissipates that of them agree to not shut down framework that people can build Outcome In The Middle East, BloggingStocks on Mon, 07 Mar
pollution and the system is most of the internet, because it is on. And Oil Could Spike To $200 2011 12:30:00 EST. Please see
restored. in their best economic interest to Wrap-up our terms for use of feeds.
All this happens without anyone do so. As the true embodiment of Permalink| Email this| Comments
pulling a trigger, or without any As I’ve highlighted earlier, Jefferson’s marketplace of
major catalytic event. It’s the however, there are certain areas exchange of ideas, the Internet
work of billions or trillions of where the market does not help. has now become a tool to increase
particles all working in For example, when a border is democracy, improve lives, and
conjunction with each other to crossed, a device can lose its hopefully make earth a better
Newstablet Edition Business/ Technology/ News Wire/ Food/ 13
Obama: NATO
Aflac Inches Toward weighing military
options in Libya crisis
$60 a Share (Reuters: Top News)
Joseph Lazzaro Submitted at 3/7/2011 11:56:46 AM
Submitted at 3/7/2011 1:00:00 PM Thomson Reuters is the world's
largest international multimedia
Filed under: AFLAC Inc (AFL), news agency, providing investing
Stocks to Buy news, world news, business news,
Totally unsexy play Aflac Inc. ( technology news, headline news,
AFL), an insurer that I first wrote small business news, news alerts,
about on May 28, 2009, at a price personal finance, stock market,
$1.20 annual dividend adds to the
of $36.07, has progressed toward and mutual funds information
attractive office.
$60 this winter. I still like the available on, video,
Continue reading Aflac Inches
stock at this stage, and here's why. mobile, and interactive television
Toward $60 a Share
Aflac's 2011 revenue will likely
increase an impressive 9% to
Aflac Inches Toward $60 a Share The Selloff Gets Worse, As Copper platforms. Thomson Reuters
journalists are subject to an
originally appeared on
11%, including a solid
performance in Japan (a major
BloggingStocks on Mon, 07 Mar Plunges, And The White House Editorial Handbook which
requires fair presentation and
2011 13:00:00 EST. Please see
market for AFL, with more than
14 million policies), despite
our terms for use of feeds. Discusses Arming The Rebels disclosure of relevant interests.
NYSE and AMEX quotes
Permalink| Email this| Comments Joe Weisenthal (Business It screams deflation.
difficult comparisons and delayed by at least 20 minutes.
Insider) And The White House says an
recovering consumer demand in Nasdaq delayed by at least 15
the United States. Meanwhile, a Submitted at 3/7/2011 12:07:35 PM option is that it could arm Mideast minutes. For a complete list of
rebels, though it has no plans to exchanges and delays, please
The selloff is getting worse. do so. click here.
Copper is getting hammered. It's The NASDAQ is off over 2%. This entry passed through the
down over 3%. Join the conversation about this Full-Text RSS service — if this is
Treasuries are rallying. story » your content and you're reading it
CREATING Smart Business: Jeremy Gutsche on someone else's site, please read
continued from page 11 our FAQ page at
links into your tweets more
Join the conversation about this
story » on His Exploiting Chaos Book - Five Filters featured article:
Comment Is Free But Freedom Is
By following these tips, you will
be well on your way to cultivating ( Slavery - An Exchange With The
a Twitter presence that is likely to (TREND HUNTER - The Latest recession, Jeremy Gutsche was Guardian's Economics Editor.
result in conversions. Good luck Trends) interviewed on Smart Business in
and Happy Tweeting! Submitted at 3/7/2011 11:58:02 AM regards to his book EXPLOITING
CHAOS, which features many
Produce Buyer's Guide ( As examples of how opportunity...
(Cooking Light: Editor's Picks) selecting produce with the best businesses begin to rise up once
nutrition and value. more following the recent
[ unable to retrieve
full-text content] Editors' tips for
14 News Wire/ Newstablet Edition

Wisconsin's Democrats ask for talks on unions

(Reuters: Top News) bill to close a budget gap in the that vote would give Democrats Ohio's Senate last week approved friends a free-ride on taxes, then
Submitted at 3/7/2011 11:02:20 AM current fiscal year. more leverage in seeking changes restrictions on public sector he guts the life out of the middle
The proposals have touched off to Walker's proposed 2011-13 two unions, and similar measures are class to pay for it. Two thirds of
A protester holds a flag as weeks of pro-union rallies at the -year budget. under consideration in several the corporations in Wisconsin
demonstrators continue to occupy Capitol Building in Madison and Walker proposed increased other states including Tennessee, don’t pay any taxes. And I heard
the state Capitol in protest against around the country to protest the payments for health care and Indiana, Kansas and Idaho. the Tea-Freaks had no idea. Of
proposed budget cuts in Madison, changes which Walker said are pension benefits for public (Writing by David Bailey, Editing coarse they didn’t, they’re to
Wisconsin February 27, 2011. needed to fix a state budget workers but also stripping most of by Greg McCune) dumb to think for themselves.
Credit: Reuters/Darren Hauck deficit. their unions of most key • Share this They do as Murdoch and the
By Jeff Mayers Walker's office did not collective bargaining provisions. • Link this Koch Brothers tell them. Hey
MADISON, Wisconsin| Mon immediately comment on the The Wisconsin Assembly has • Digg this Walker, can I get the Walker-
Mar 7, 2011 12:02pm EST letter. approved the Walker bill, but it • Email special tax rate, too? I’d also like
MADISON, Wisconsin(Reuters) Democrats on Sunday said they remains stalled in the Senate. The • Reprints a few dozen imaginary
- Wisconsin Democrats who fled had no immediate plans to return Senate needs only one Democrat subsidiaries in the Cayman’s, like
the state more than two weeks ago to Wisconsin and Miller on to show up for the vote to be TerryinNevada wrote: the big-boys. This way the Govt. /
to block a vote on a Republican Monday said state residents were completed. This new-found desire by these taxpayers will owe me money at
plan to limit public sector union "overwhelmingly supportive of us Walker has shown few signs of rogue Dems for a: “reasonable the end of the quarter, even
powers asked on Monday to reaching a bipartisan, negotiated compromise, telling reporters on negotiated settlement,…” is though I made 300 million in
"resume serious discussions" to compromise." Thursday that "extremist s i c k e n i n g . W h y d i d n ’ t t h e profits.
break the impasse. Some Senate Democrats met with elements" among 14 absent Congressional Dems have that This entry passed through the
Senate Minority Leader Mark Fitzgerald a week ago in Kenosha, Democrats had blocked progress. attitude when they rammed Full-Text RSS service — if this is
Miller appealed in a letter on Wisconsin, near the border with On Friday, Walker issued notices ObamaCare through Congress? your content and you're reading it
Monday for a face-to-face Illinois. Contacts between warning state workers of mass N o , f o r D e m s , I g u e s s , on someone else's site, please read
meeting with Republican Gov. Republicans and Democrats had layoffs in early April if “Reasonable” is to have their own our FAQ page at
Scott Walker and Senate Majority been slowly picking up over the Democrats do not approve the way. Normal_Guy wrote: content-only/faq.php
Leader Scott Fitzgerald "to reach past week. measures to curtail public sector Rather than let the Democrats Five Filters featured article:
a bipartisan solution to our On Sunday, Miller was quoted in union powers. hold the legislative process Comment Is Free But Freedom Is
differences ... ." the Wall Street Journal as saying Wisconsin has become the center h o s t a g e , t h e W i s c o n s i n Slavery - An Exchange With The
Wisconsin's 14 Senate Democrats that Democrats would return to of national attention because labor Republican Senators should Guardian's Economics Editor.
left the state on February 17 to the Capitol soon to vote on the unions fear approval of the simply “deem the bill passed…”
prevent a full Senate vote on the Republican bill. He told the restrictions could lead to other HemiHead66 wrote:
proposals, which were part of a Journal that moving forward with state doing so. Walker gives his corporate crony
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Libyan Rebels Fear Greater Assault

( halt for now a rebel advance that A British diplomat at the U.N. side in the past three days of Misrata, to the east of Tripoli
Submitted at 3/7/2011 10:27:29 AM began last week when fighters stressed that the draft resolution is fighting and 169 wounded. about halfway to Sirte. But
ventured beyond the opposition- being prepared in case it is needed The rebels regrouped about 40 Valerie Amos, United Nations
RAS LANOUF, Libya -- Libyan controlled eastern half of the but no decision has been made to miles to the east in Ras Lanouf, under-secretary-general for
warplanes launched multiple country. introduce it at the Security where MiG fighters circled over humanitarian affairs and
airstrikes Monday on opposition The rebels are now struggling to Council. He spoke on condition of rebel positions Monday before emergency relief coordinator, said
fighters regrouping at an oil port m a i n t a i n s u p p l y l i n e s f o r anonymity because the draft has launching airstrikes behind their in a statement that the Benghazi
on the Mediterranean coast, the weapons, ammunition and food, not been made public. front lines in the morning and Red Crescent reported that
second day of a harsh government with many living off junk food, Libya appears to be sliding afternoon. Misrata was under attack by
counteroffensive to thwart a rebel cookies and cans of tuna. They toward a civil war that could drag In and around Bin Jawwad, pro- government forces again Monday.
a d v a n c e t o w a r d M u a m m a r are waiting for rocket launchers, out for weeks, or even months, as regime forces were running There have been repeated
Qaddafi's stronghold in the capital tanks and other heavy weapons to rebels try to oust Qaddafi after 41 patrols Monday and there were government attempts to regain
Tripoli. arrive with reinforcements from years. Resorting to heavy use of minor reports of skirmishes with control of Misrata.
President Barack Obama said the their headquarters in the eastern air attacks signaled the regime's rebels on the outskirts. "Humanitarian organizations need
U.S. and its NATO allies are still city of Benghazi. concern that it needed to check One strike hit a road near the urgent access now," she said.
considering a military response to Meanwhile, the U.S. has moved the advance of the rebel force town's only gas station, destroying "People are injured and dying and
the violence and Britain and military forces closer to its shores toward Sirte -- Qaddafi's at least three vehicles and need help immediately."
France were drafting a U.N. to back up its demand that hometown and a bastion of wounding at least two people. The uprising against Qaddafi is
resolution that would establish a Qaddafi step down. But enforcing support for the longtime leader. The opposition also holds two already longer and much bloodier
no-fly zone. U.N. aid officials a no-fly zone could take weeks to Anti-Qaddafi forces would get a main battleground cities close to than the relatively quick revolts
said up to 1 million foreign organize, and U.S. Defense massive morale boost if they can Tripoli, and the government that overthrew the longtime
workers and others trapped in Secretary Robert Gates has noted blast through Sirte, a major appears to have solidified control authoritarian leaders of
Libya are expected to need that it must be preceded by a obstacle on the march toward Monday of one of them -- neighboring Egypt and Tunisia.
emergency aid because of fighting military operation to take out Tripoli. Zawiya. Just 30 miles outside Unusually heavy and sustained
in the North African nation. Libya's air defenses. British Libya's main population centers Tripoli, Zawiya had been the city shooting that erupted before dawn
The anti-government forces Foreign Minister William Hague lie along the country's main east- closest to the capital in opposition in Tripoli on Sunday gave rise to
trying to oust Qaddafi say they said Sunday that a no-fly zone west highway on the hands. rumors and reports that there had
will be outgunned if the regime over Libya is still in an early stage Mediterranean coast and the A Zawiya resident said been an assassination attempt
continues to unleash its air power of planning and ruled out the use struggle for control of the country government tanks and artillery against Qaddafi by someone
on them and are pleading for the of ground forces. is being waged between the opened fire on rebels around 9:00 inside the fortress-like barracks
international community to Obama said the U.S. will stand government and the rebels trying am and the attack hadn't stopped where he lives.
impose a no-fly zone to protect with the Libyan people as they to push the front line westward when he left the city at 1:30 p.m. But a government spokesman,
them from more strikes. However, face "unacceptable" violence. He toward the capital. All entrances to the city were Abdel-Majid al-Dursi, denied it
they oppose foreign troops on the said he has authorized millions of A force estimated at 500 to 1,000 under government control and the on Monday, calling the claims
ground. dollars in humanitarian aid. He fighters was pushing steadily rebels had been driven out of the "baseless rumors."
"We don't want a foreign military also sent a strong message to down the highway toward Tripoli city's central Martyr's Square and Hundreds if not thousands of
intervention, but we do want a no- Qaddafi, saying he and his when it was driven out of the a nearby mosque by the heaviest people have died since Libya's
fly zone, said rebel fighter Ali s u p p o r t e r s w i l l b e h e l d town of Bin Jawwad, 375 east of attack in several days. uprising began, although tight
Suleiman. "We are all waiting for responsible for the violence there. the capital, on Sunday by pro- "The tanks are everywhere," he restrictions on media make it near
one," he added. The rebels can Hague told the House of Qaddafi forces using helicopter said. "The hospital is running out impossible to get an accurate
take on "the rockets and the tanks, Commons Monday that Britain is gunships, artillery and rockets. of supplies. There are injured tally. More than 200,000 people
but not Qaddafi's air force" he "working closely with partners on Gebril Hewadi, a doctor at Al- everywhere who can't find a place have fled the country, most of
said. a contingency basis on elements Jalaa Hospital in Benghazi, said to go."
The government has managed to of a resolution on a no-fly zone." 30 have been killed on the rebel Rebels also held much of LIBYAN page 17
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U.S. could tap oil reserves as gasoline price surges

(Reuters: Top News) the past week, White House Chief economic recovery and damage authorized to be quoted by the users (you have to take
Submitted at 3/7/2011 7:39:32 AM of Staff William Daley told NBC President Barack Obama media. possession) can take out a
television's "Meet the Press" on politically as he moves toward a OPEC powerhouse Saudi Arabia contract on oil. ROWnine wrote:
A woman stands in front of gas Sunday: "We are looking at the 2012 re-election bid. has stepped up production It’s supply and demand. No
prices at a petrol kiosk in Dal options. The issue of the reserves NOT 2008 significantly, but oil prices remainshortage of people driving SUV’s
Mar, California March 1, 2011. is one we are considering." The U.S. Strategic Petroleum high. The risk for markets is that and club cab 4X4’s in my
Credit: Reuters/Mike Blake "It is something that only is done - Reserve holds 727 million barrels the wave of North African and neighborhood. No reason why
By Jackie Frank and Lewis - has been done -- in very rare of oil, or about 38 days of Middle East protests could spread Uncle Sam hasn’t put a $3
Krauskopf occasions. There's a bunch of consumption, and has only been to major Gulf oil producers, deficient surcharge on gas.
WASHINGTON/SINGAPORE| factors that have to be looked at tapped a handful of times since it cutting off supplies that would be Truckers are all claiming its gas
Mon Mar 7, 2011 8:39am EST and it is just not the price," he was created in the mid-1970s after impossible to make up from other prices but lots go one way with
W A S H I N G T O N / added. "All matters have to be on the Arab oil embargo. It was last producers. cargo. We don’t need to truck cars
SINGAPORE(Reuters) - The U.S. the table when you go through -- used in 2005 following Hurricane • Share this into the USA when we helped the
government reiterated that it could when you see the difficulty Katrina. • Link this auto makers stay profitable here.
tap its strategic oil reserves in coming out of this economic crisis Thus far the International Energy • Digg this We don’t need to truck vegetables
order to safeguard economic we're in and the fragility of it." Agency (IEA) -- which • Email and fruits into the USA when we
growth as surging gasoline prices He spoke just before a survey coordinates reserves policy • Reprints can grow them here. The farmers
increase pressure for action. showed the second-largest two- among the world's major energy can afford to hire folks legally
While longstanding U.S. policy is week rise in gasoline pump prices consuming countries -- has made xyz2055 wrote: here, they get adequate subsidies.
to release reserves only in the ever. The national average for a clear it will rely first on OPEC to This is all bull sh*t. This is the Cheap gas costs us to many US
e v e n t o f a s i g n i f i c a n t a n d gallon of self-serve, regular gas fill the void left by the violence in greed of wall street bankers lives and resources to keep our
immediate supply shortage, some was $3.50 on March 4, according Libya, which has cut off an (speculators). There is no REAL supply chains open!
a n a l y s t s s a y t h e O b a m a to the influential Lundberg Survey estimated 1 million barrels per shortage of oil. Just like there This entry passed through the
a d m i n i s t r a t i o n m a y f e e l of about 2,500 gas stations, up day (bpd) of output. wasn’t a shortage of oil in 2008. Full-Text RSS service — if this is
compelled to try to tamp down 32.7 cents from the February 18. IEA members South Korea and When is our government going to your content and you're reading it
prices that are being fueled both Congress has pressured the Japan, among the world's top 5 address the problem of wall street on someone else's site, please read
by outages in Libya and concern Obama administration to look to crude oil importers, have no speculation on oil. xyz2055 our FAQ page at
unrest could spread in the Middle the emergency oil supplies as an immediate plans to tap into wrote: content-only/faq.php
East. option to ease consumers' fears strategic reserves, sources said. For the last week of February, Five Filters featured article:
Reflecting market worries over over rising U.S. gasoline prices, "There is no concern at all over Cushing, Oklahoma (the central Comment Is Free But Freedom Is
unrest, crude futures prices were which are nearing the all-time supply shortages," said an official hub for oil in the U.S.) set an all Slavery - An Exchange With The
trading in Asia on Monday around high of $4.1124 per gallon hit on with Japan's Trade Ministry, time record for oil inventory. How Guardian's Economics Editor.
their highest levels in more than July 11, 2008, according to the which is in charge of the country's do you explain the rising cost of a
two years. Lundberg Survey. strategic oil reserves. commodity along with a record
Echoing comments made by a Higher oil prices could The official declined to be and rising inventory? Speculation.
number of Obama officials over u n d e r m i n e t h e f r a g i l e U . S . identified because he is not Change the rules so that only end

Retailer GAME introduces pre-orders on used games

Submitted at 3/7/2011 9:53:00 AM
pre-owned games, just a week owned rack at a slight discount. upcoming titles. It will save
after they come out. But now, GAME is making it gamers around £5 if they can
UK retailer GAME is trialling a Normally, you can waltz into even easier by offering wait seven days. Continue
new system that lets frugal your local game shop a few days guaranteed, money-down pre- reading...
gamers get their hands on cheap, after release and potentially pick up a recent game from the pre- orders for used versions of
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'East Coast Rapist' Suspect Due for First Court continued from page 15

them foreign workers. The exodus

Date is creating a humanitarian crisis

across the border with Tunisia --
another North African country in
( hospital stay. c o l l e c t e d a n d s u b s e q u e n t l y The assailant eluded police even
turmoil after an uprising in
Submitted at 3/7/2011 10:27:29 AM At the time of his arrest, Thomas matched by the state police though the crimes were often
January that ousted its longtime
was living in a two-story home in forensic lab confirming Thomas c o m m i t t e d o u t d o o r s , l a w
Authorities are crediting a new New Haven with his girlfriend, was the East Coast Rapist. e n f o r c e m e n t o f f i c i a l s s a y . leader.
digital billboard campaign in the reports. The turmoil is being felt more
Investigators reportedly got In some instances, the attacker
capture of a suspected serial rapist A task force of U.S. marshals and Thomas' DNA off a discarded wore a mask or hooded sweatshirt broadly still in the form of rising
accused of terrorizing women local police followed him around cigarette. oil prices. Libya's oil production
to conceal his face. He typically
with sexual assaults in at least -- looking for a chance to collect Police have a warrant charging approached women outdoors on has been seriously crippled by the
four states over 12 years. unrest.
his DNA -- after authorities Thomas with first-degree sexual foot and threatened them with a
Police say DNA confirmed that received a tip from Prince assault and risk of injury to a knife, screwdriver or a handgun, The conflict in Libya took a turn
39-year-old Aaron Thomas, an William County, Va., according minor and he was being held on investigators say. late last week when government
unemployed truck driver, is the to the station. opponents, backed by mutinous
$1 million bond, Johnson said. The only attack in New Haven
man law enforcement dubbed the army units and armed with
Police said that when they Authorities in Prince William came on Jan. 10, 2007. Police said
"East Coast Rapist." weaponry seized from
arrested Thomas on Friday, he County, Virginia, are charging the suspect entered a 27-year-old
Federal authorities arrested asked them, "What took you so him with being a fugitive as well woman's bedroom through an s t o r e h o u s e s , w e n t o n t h e
Thomas on Friday after receiving long?" the New Haven Register as rape and abduction charges and open window and threatened to offensive. At the same time, pro-
an anonymous tip linking him to reports. Qaddafi forces have conducted
use of a firearm while committing kill her sleeping infant son before
the assaults. The East Coast "It's just shocking to me," said 15- a felony. counteroffensives to try to retake
assaulting her.
Rapist is wanted for 17 rapes and year-old Dashawn Golding, who Thomas' arrest comes after the The last known attack occurred the towns and oil ports the rebels
other attacks in Connecticut, said his mother is Thomas' FBI, aided by police departments on Halloween night in 2009, when have captured since they moved
Maryland, Rhode Island and girlfriend. "She's crying a lot," he in seven states, announced a two teenagers on their way home out of the rebel-held east.
Virginia that began in 1997. The said of his mother. This entry passed through the
digital billboard campaign last in Woodbridge, Virginia, were
cases were all linked by DNA. Full-Text RSS service — if this is
A woman who answered the week in the hopes of nabbing the raped, authorities say.
During a press conference phone where neighbors said man who has assaulted women in Click here for more on the East your content and you're reading it
M o n d a y , l a w e n f o r c e m e n t Thomas lived with his girlfriend s t a t e s f r o m V i r g i n i a t o Coast Rapist from on someone else's site, please read
o f f i c i a l s c r e d i t e d a d i g i t a l said she was devastated. our FAQ page at
Connecticut, and as far back as Click here for more on the East
billboard campaign, launched last "I almost died," the woman told 1997. content-only/faq.php
Coast Rapist from the New Haven
week, in helping to track down The Associated Press before she U.S. Marshal Joe Faughnan said Register Five Filters featured article:
the suspect. The FBI, aided by hung up without giving her name. a tip from Prince William County The Associated Press contributed Comment Is Free But Freedom Is
police departments in seven "I'm scared to walk out my door. directed them to Thomas. Slavery - An Exchange With The
to this report
states, plastered black and white I'm just as innocent as the next Guardian's Economics Editor.
T h o m a s w a s n o t e n t i r e l y This entry passed through the
sketches of the rapist's face on person." unknown to law enforcement: He Full-Text RSS service — if this is
billboards in Maryland, Virginia, The woman, who said she met had been arrested in September in your content and you're reading it
Delaware, Connecticut, New Thomas outside a hospital where Woodbridge, Conn., on a larceny on someone else's site, please read
Jersey, New York and Rhode she works, said Thomas' 5-year- charge and was released on our FAQ page at
Island. old son was crying when he $1,000 bond, according to public content-only/faq.php
Thomas, who is set to appear learned of the charges. There was records. Five Filters featured article:
Monday in New Haven Superior a heavy police presence Saturday He had lived previously at Comment Is Free But Freedom Is
Court, tried to hang himself as investigators searched the a d d r e s s e s i n M a r y l a n d a n d Slavery - An Exchange With The
Saturday in his cell and was house. Virginia, according to public Guardian's Economics Editor.
returned to jail after a brief Lt. Julie Johnson said DNA was records.
18 News Wire/ Newstablet Edition

Designer Revives the Letterpress Through the iPad

(Epoch Times | All headlines) designer and typographer you’re same applied to the letters he
Submitted at 3/7/2011 10:54:18 AM able to experience the creation of wanted. In order to achieve the
typographical forms like people authentic look, Bonadies would
By Joshua Phillips did 50 years ago or 30 years ago need to track down the carved
Epoch Times Staff Created: Mar when people were still using letter letters scattered across the
7, 2011 Last Updated: Mar 7, presses at the end of an era,” he country. “What I’m doing is more
2011 said. to celebrate the beauty of wood
CLASSIC STYLE: A print made The iPad app, LetterMpress is type,” he said, adding that doing
in the LetterMpress app is currently in its pre-release form. otherwise would be
displayed on an iPad. The prints Users can position letters and “disingenuous.”
use photographs of actual prints symbols on a digital letterpress. The problem is that each of the
using traditional wood type. The app can be used to design letters is an antique, as are the
(Courtesy of Bonadies Creative) posters and images that can be letterpresses he needed to roll out
A m i d t o o l s a n d d u s t i n a transferred to other programs or prints with them. Acquiring the
M i d w e s t e r n b a r n r e s t s a printed for actual use. necessary pieces and completing
letter—carved and sanded with In order to capture the authentic the programming of the app
care, a remnant of a classic art look, the app uses high-resolution would cost around $15,000.
now forgotten. It was not long ago photographs of actual antique Bonadies turned to Kickstarter, a
that the letterpress—a tray of w o o d t y p e a n d t h e i r website where anyone can post
carved stamps—was the method corresponding prints. Bonadies
The wood type is left from an age that I call ‘idle assets’ that you projects and request donations.
for printing everything from expects the project to be finished
more elegant—from a time when could make use of,” Bonadies R e s p o n s e s c a m e l i k e a n
books to billboards. by early summer. Rekindling an avalanche.
a typographer would sit at his said.
The printing method which had Old Art
workbench, twisting his mustache The work ahead dawned on him “I didn’t expect it to take off like
previously survived the test of There are two main types of
while looking down through while speaking with friends in the it did,” Bonadies said. By March
time has begun its gradual l e t t e r s u s e d i n t h e o l d
bifocals at a wooden piece before computer programming industry. 6, with close to 45 days to go, the
decline, becoming yet another l e t t e r p r e s s e s — w o o d a n d
carefully smoothing its last edge. Recreating the look of the carved project received $24,710 in
casualty at the dawn of the m e t a l — y e t t h e c h o i c e f o r
For the typographer, his work l e t t e r s w o u l d b e n e a r l y donations through 880 backers.
computer age. Fueled by a love of Bonadies was simple. “There is
was his art. It was one of impossible. Every piece of the Read More . . . Typography
typographic art, however, Illinois- sort of an inherent beauty around
measurement and perfection, wood type comes from a different This entry passed through the
based designer John Bonadies wood type. It evokes a lot of
joined with a keen sense of grace kind of hard wood. Each with a Full-Text RSS service — if this is
hopes to change this through the history in its creation of a bygone
and style. Removing his apron unique grain and seasoned in a your content and you're reading it
Apple iPad. era. It’s really beautiful to look at and shaking off the sawdust, he way that only history can create. on someone else's site, please read
“ T h e i P a d a l l o w s y o u t o and it contrasts really nicely with
would wipe his brow, taking a “If you see an antique that is our FAQ page at
manipulate things with your hands the cast iron surface,” he said.
moment to admire his day’s work. distressed and then you see a content-only/faq.php
and fingers, and there is that OLD FASHIONED PRINTING:
Decades later, many of those replica in a store that is made to Five Filters featured article:
interactivity of placing and High resolution photographs of
s a m e w o o d e n m a s t e r p i e c e s look distressed, you can tell that Comment Is Free But Freedom Is
arranging elements on a surface,” l e t t e r s a r e a r r a n g e d i n t h e
remain hidden under a layer of that’s the ‘distressed look,’ Slavery - An Exchange With The
Bonadies said. LetterMpress iPad app, which is dust. “There is a lot of really whereas this antique chair or Guardian's Economics Editor.
“The goal that I had was not just made to duplicate the letterpress
beautiful stuff out there that has whatever has been distressed over
to make that letterpress look, but p r i n t e r s i n a d i g i t a l f o r m .
been sitting in cases and in barns 100 years,” Bonadies said. The
rather that process where as a (Courtesy of Bonadies Creative)
Newstablet Edition News Wire/ Technology/ 19

Sir Ben Kingsley Speaks at the Holocaust Museum

(Epoch Times | All headlines) accountant and collaborator in Kingsley said he thinks if
Submitted at 3/7/2011 3:32:14 PM compiling the list of Jews to be Schindler was asked why he did
transported to work in Schindler’s what he did, his answer would
By Anna Skibinsky factory and saved from facing the have been, “under the
Epoch Times Staff Created: Mar final eradication of the Jews of circumstances, what else could I
7, 2011 Last Updated: Mar 6, Krakow Ghetto who were sent to have done.”
2011 the Auschwitz concentration “We have to be careful not to
Sir Ben Kingsley, famous for his camp. outlaw tragedy,” said Kingsley,
portrayal of Gandhi, spoke about “To wear a yellow star in film is adding that when young children
his film roles at the United States an enormous responsibility,” are shown the movie "Schindler’s
Holocaust Memorial Museum last Kingsley said of the symbol that List," many do not understand or
week. (Courtesy of the U.S. the Nazis forced Jews to wear believe that it is based on history
Holocaust Memorial Museum/ during the Holocaust. and events that actually took
Miriam Lomaskin ) Actor Sir Ben “To wear a yellow star in a film is place.
Kingsley, famous for his portrayal very unsettling.” For Kingsley, Kingsley explained the
of Gandhi, spoke about his film playing the part of Itzhak Stern importance of using tragedy such
r o l e s a t t h e U n i t e d S t a t e s was all consuming, a role that he as the story of "Schindler’s List"
Holocaust Memorial Museum last said stretched and completely to teach the pitfalls of history.
week. drained him. This entry passed through the
Kingsley called himself an The actor explained that the body Full-Text RSS service — if this is
“ o f f s h o o t ” o f t h e o r i g i n a l and adrenaline does not know you your content and you're reading it
shamanistic storyteller saying that a r e a c t i n g . T h e r e w a s a n on someone else's site, please read
his major film roles have been a enormous stress that he felt our FAQ page at
conduit for empathy. He was playing persecuted Itzhak Stern “I had a strong aversion to transport,” Kingsley mimicked the content-only/faq.php
speaking during the program “The w h o s t r o v e i n s e c r e t w i t h Krakow,” Kingsley explained, jeering of some locals near Five Filters featured article:
P o w e r o f F i l m a n d t h e Schindler. depicting the bleakness of the Krakow when convoys of Jewish Comment Is Free But Freedom Is
H o l o c a u s t , ” o n M a r c h 1 . “Going to Krakow, I felt my ghetto, which is now a historical visitors arrived. He said this Slavery - An Exchange With The
Highlighting his roles in Jewish stomach was going to dissolve,” district and tourist destination. didn’t help, calling it “good ol' Guardian's Economics Editor.
Holocaust-themed films, Kingsley he said. Kingsley retold after-filming Europe” to underline the still
focused on the filming of Krakow is the town turned incidents of encountering residual prevailing anti-Semitic prejudices
"Schindler’s List," directed by Jewish Ghetto by Nazis and the anti-Semitism in places such as in Europe.
Steven Spielberg. In the film he modern day filming location for bars outside of the ghetto. “If we deny and ignore history, it
played Itzhak Stern, Schindler’s segments of "Schindler’s List." “ O h o h o h , h e r e ’ s a n o t h e r will repeat itself,” Kingsley said.

How to generate a viral hit in five steps

Submitted at 3/7/2011 8:43:00 AM
viral videos -- using them as Group's head of digital marketing Nixon discussed how best to
leverage for live ticket sales and David Emery; The Viral Factory's ensure that your music video
For music artists seeking to raise to generate sponsorship. strategy director Matt Smith; achieved viral success.
their profile, having a video that Last week, attended PIAS Entertainment Group's head Here are the five pieces of advice
goes viral can telescope their an event run by MusicTank, of digital marketing Darren from the event. Continue
career in a matter of weeks. entitled "It Started with a Click: Hemmings; MUZU TV's reading...
Some bands, such as OK Go, How to Spawn a Viral Hit". Harris, a panel including Beggars European head of marketing Rob
have made a career out of creating Chaired by MusicTank's Keith Gotlieb; and filmmaker Dan
20 News Wire/ Technology/ Finance/ Newstablet Edition

Team Headed to Playoffs After Teen Skype for Windows to

Player's Death Start Displaying Ads
( Leonard's small town near Lake estimated 1,400 fans watching. Audrey Watters
Submitted at 3/7/2011 10:27:29 AM Michigan remembered him Friday "Thirty seconds earlier, he was (ReadWriteWeb)
as an "all-American kid" whose laying in the winning bucket," Submitted at 3/7/2011 9:23:52 AM
A M i c h i g a n h i g h s c h o o l athletic heroics had been local said Ryan Klingler, basketball
basketball team still mourning the legend since middle school, when coach in Fennville, about 200 The popular VOIP service Skype
sudden death of its 16-year-old opposing coaches sometimes miles west of Detroit. "And then will start displaying advertising in
star player will compete in the asked to see his birth certificate, 10 seconds later ... everything's its Home tab beginning this week.
state tournament Monday night. reluctant to believe that someone pulled out from under you, from The company has just announced
The Fennville Blackhawks will so young could be so skilled. out of nowhere." the change, insisting that "the
compete in the Michigan High "He was a good kid, a good friend Click to read more about Wes Skype experience is our first
School Athletic Association boys to have and a good person to hang Leonard and the Fennville game priority." The move to bring
basketball state tournament just around with," DeMarcus McGee, from The Detroit News advertising to the Skype
days after Wes Leonard died. w h o p l a y e d f o o t b a l l a n d The Associated Press contributed environment comes as the
Leonard collapsed after scoring basketball with Leonard, said to this report. telephony company makes its other clients eventually. The ads
the victory shot in a game between sobs. "You never thought This entry passed through the move for a planned IPO this year. won't interrupt your VOIP
T h u r s d a y t h a t s e c u r e d t h e it could be him. He was so Full-Text RSS service — if this isWhile Skype has an estimated 177 experience - no "annoying pop-up
Blackhawks’ perfect season. healthy. It shouldn't happen." your content and you're reading itmillion active users, only around ads or flashy banner ads in middle
Officials said that Leonard, a After the teams exchanged 8.1 million are paying subscribers.
on someone else's site, please read of conversations," insists Skype.
junior, died from a heart attack handshakes following the game our FAQ page at The addition of advertising will Skype says the ads will only
after scoring the winning layup in Thursday night, Fennville players content-only/faq.php give the company another revenue appear occasionally, and the
Fennville's 57-55 victory over c e l e b r a t e d . S o m e b e g a n Five Filters featured article: stream. initial plan is to show one ad from
Bridgman. It capped a perfect 20- scrambling to organize a team Comment Is Free But Freedom Is Sponsor one brand per day. Ads are
0 r e g u l a r s e a s o n f o r t h e photo that would commemorate Slavery - An Exchange With The "We think this is an interesting rolling out in the U.S., U.K., and
Blackhawks and further cemented their undefeated record. That's Guardian's Economics Editor. opportunity for advertisers," says German markets first.
Leonard's status as Fennville's when the 6-foot-2, 215-pound Doug Bewsher, Skype's Chief The advertising may use non-
unquestioned star. Leonard collapsed, with an Marketing Office in an interview personally identifiable
in Ad Age. "This is a premium demographic data - your location,
$66,000 Samurai Stationary - The ST Questor share tip: placement to engage with our gender and age - in order to target
ads and deliver relevant content.
Dupont Samurai Preston Lighter and Pen Set Michael Page is worth users." Indeed, people spend a lot But you will be able to opt out of
is an Opulent Luxury ( keeping on a retainer of time on sites like Skype, and
while Bewsher notes that ads on allowing Skype to share this data
(Finance News - Business news other social networking sites like with advertisers.
(TREND HUNTER - The Latest buy for, and if you have $66,000 Skype has become immensely
Trends) dollars you don't need, you might from the UK and world) Facebook can be small and
unobtrusive, ads in Skype may popular, in no small part because
Submitted at 3/7/2011 11:46:02 AM want to consider the ST Dupont Submitted at 3/7/2011 8:03:23 AM
it's offered its services for free.
Samurai Preston Lighter and Pen offer more user engagement -
As Skype moves towards its
( If you know Set. Priced conservatively... The business of Michael Page is "click to call," perhaps.
initial public offering, ads appear
someone who seems impossible to recruitment and business is good. Currently, the advertising is set to
only appear in the Home tab in to be one path to monetize those
So what's not to like?
Skype for Windows, although the users.
company says it might experiment Discuss
with ads in other areas and with
Newstablet Edition News Wire/ Technology/ 21

Game Review: ‘Torchlight’ for Ask TUAW: The iPad 2

XBox Live Arcade Is Almost Here! Edition
(Epoch Times | All headlines) Ask TUAW (TUAW) the iPad 2. I am grandfathered
Submitted at 3/7/2011 10:43:33 AM Submitted at 3/7/2011 11:30:00 AM into the unlimited data package
for $30 a month.
Torchlight ( Runic Games The iPad is almost here, and in Can I transfer my data plan to my
Inc.)"Torchlight" is a wonderful honor of Apple's latest gadget, new iPad or are the data service
XBLA title brought to you from we're having an iPad edition of "subscriptions" connected to a
the creators of Diablo. It’s a Ask TUAW this week! We got a specific device?
lengthy RPG/action adventure few interesting queries from last Yes, you can! AT&T confirmed
game with a surprising amount of week's post, but this is going to with me that it will be possible to
depth in both the progression get mighty boring without your grandfather your unlimited data
system and the various quests and questions about the iPad 2, which plan to the iPad 2, but it hasn't
gameplay mechanics. will be released on Friday! released the exact mechanism for
Armed with various Here's what we need you to do: this upgrade. Most likely it will
combinations of weapons—from go to the comments of this post, involve removing your micro-
swords and axes, to bows and think of those niggling questions SIM from your original iPad and
pistols—and fueled with magic that keep you awake at night slapping it in your brand new iPad
power that you can unleash on thinking about your Mac, iPod, 2. We've got a few more days for
your foes, "Torchlight" sets you The game also looks fantastic, This entry passed through the iPad 2, iPhone or AppleTV, and everyone to figure out how it's
out into the dungeons below the not due to huge amounts of Full-Text RSS service — if this is fire away. You can also email going to work though.
eponymous town to try and save it technical detail, but a likeable your content and you're reading it your questions directly to ask [at] Continue reading Ask TUAW:
from an evil tyrant. Along the cartoon appearance which is on someone else's site, please read The iPad 2 Is Almost Here!
way you’ll encounter huge variety vibrant and enticing. our FAQ page at I'll be at my local Apple Store for Edition
in environments and enemies, Overall, for fans of RPGs and content-only/faq.php the iPad launch on Friday, will Ask TUAW: The iPad 2 Is
while leveling up and building f a n t a s y a d v e n t u r e g a m e s , Five Filters featured article: you? Almost Here! Edition originally
your character as you see fit. "Torchlight" is the XBLA game Comment Is Free But Freedom Is Onward to questions! appeared on TUAW on Mon, 07
There are loads of different spells you’ve been waiting for, boasting Slavery - An Exchange With The Chris (and a number of others!) Mar 2011 11:30:00 EST. Please
and abilities to create your great gameplay and charming Guardian's Economics Editor. asks: see our terms for use of feeds.
character into a formidable visual flair, as well as a I own a first generation AT&T Source| Permalink| Email this|
opponent. reasonable price. 3G iPad and will be upgrading to Comments

Making custom alert sounds for your Mac

Chris Ward (TUAW) sounds for it yourself. And, as The article walks you through convert your recordings to the Making custom alert sounds for
Submitted at 3/7/2011 12:00:00 PM luck would have it, there's a great capturing your own sounds using AIFF format needed for system your Mac originally appeared on
tutorial on how to do just this over a microphone and QuickTime sounds in OS X using iTunes or TUAW on Mon, 07 Mar 2011
When you're fed up with your at Macworld. Player in Snow Leopard, GarageBand, and then how to 12:00:00 EST. Please see our
Mac telling you it's not about to The article looks at both including how to get rid of initial insert the sounds into your system terms for use of feeds.
open the pod bay doors and recording your own sounds and pauses and the sound of you and attach them to specific events. Source| Permalink| Email this|
wondering if, Dave, you really using GarageBand to convert your clicking your mouse at the end of Again, it's a nice tutorial that we Comments
want to do that, you may want to sound files, and how to add the the recording. recommend you check out. Have
think about making some custom resulting sounds to your system. And it goes on to discuss how to fun.
22 World News/ Newstablet Edition

The New Rules: Leadership Fatigue Puts U.S., and

Globalization, at Crossroads
(World Politics Review: Articles) ongoing "megalomania" and That is what American "hubris" We are clearly headed for a East creating vast new
Submitted at 3/6/2011 11:12:00 PM "evil" of American "empire." actually delivered. Please world order characterized by connectivity networks with the
We'll be engaging in the same sort remember that the next time some multipolarity, something the South through South-South trade
Events in Libya are a further of system-administering activity TV pundit sells you the image of American-birthed system was and investment.
reminder for Americans that we that has marked our stunningly "unbridled" American military designed to both encourage and The challenge here is how to
stand at a crossroads in our successful stewardship of global power as the cause of global accommodate. But given how adjust great-power politics to
continuing evolution as the order since World War II. disorder instead of its cure. things turned out the last time we these profound forces of structural
world's sole full-service Let me be more blunt: As the With self-deprecation bordering collectively faced such a fluid change. Because of the West's
superpower. Unfortunately, we guardian of globalization, the U.S. on self-loathing, we now imagine structure, we would do well to connectivity to the East, we are by
are increasingly seeking change military has been the greatest a post-American world that is keep U.S. power, in all of its extension becoming more deeply
without cost, and shirking from force for peace the world has ever anything but. Just watch who forms, deeply embedded in the connected to the unstable South,
risk because we are tired of the known. Had America been scatters and who steps up as the geometry to come. with China as the primary
responsibility. We don't know removed from the global Facebook revolutions erupt across To continue the historical survey, conduit. Meanwhile, America's
who we are anymore, and our dynamics that governed the 20th the Arab world. While we might after salvaging Western Europe self-exhausting post-Sept. 11
president is a big part of that century, the mass murder never imagine ourselves the status quo from its half-century of civil war, unilateralist bender triggered the
problem. Instead of leading us, he would have ended. Indeed, it's power, we remain the world's the U.S. emerged as the illusion -- all the rage these days -
explains to us. Barack Obama entirely conceivable there would most vigorously revisionist force. progenitor of a new, far more just - of a G-Zero, post-American
would have us believe that he is now be no identifiable human As for the sheer "evil" that is our form of globalization -- one based world. The result, predictably
practicing strategic patience. But civilization left, once nuclear military-industrial complex, on actual free trade rather than enough for manic-depressive
many experts and ordinary weapons entered the killing again, let's examine what the colonialism. America then America, is that we've sworn off
citizens alike have concluded that equation. world looked like before that successfully replicated any overall responsibility for the
he is actually beset by strategic But the world did not keep establishment reared its ugly globalization further in East Asia South, even as we retain the right
incoherence-- in effect, a man sliding down that path of head. over the second half of the 20th to go anywhere and kill any
overmatched by the job. perpetual war. Instead, America The last great period of global century, setting the stage for the individuals -- preferably with
It is worth first examining the stepped up and changed structural change was the first half Pacific Century now unfolding. flying robots -- that we deem
larger picture: We live in a time everything by ushering in our now of the 20th century, a period that As a result, the vector of structure immediately threatening to our
of arguably the greatest structural -perpetual great-power peace. We saw a death toll of about 100 -building connectivity shifted narrowly defined national security
change in the global order yet introduced the international million across two world wars. from trans-Atlantic to trans- interests.
endured, with this historical liberal trade order known as That comes to an average of 2 Pacific. But if the connectivity The problem with this approach
moment's most amazing feature globalization and played loyal million deaths a year in a world of push of the past several decades is that China has neither the
being its relative and absolute Leviathan over its spread. What approximately 2 billion souls. has been from West to East, with intention nor the ability to step up
lack of mass violence. That is resulted was the collapse of Today, with far more little connectivity extended to the and play anything resembling a
something to consider when empires, an explosion of comprehensive worldwide South outside of the narrow trade responsible Leviathan over the
Americans contemplate military democracy, the persistent spread reporting, researchers report an of energy and raw materials, the restive South, where
intervention in Libya, because if of human rights, the liberation of average of less than 100,000 current connectivity dynamic is globalization's advance -- again,
we do take the step to prevent women, the doubling of life battle deaths annually in a world dramatically different. Now, the with a Chinese face -- produces a
larger-scale killing by engaging in expectancy, a roughly 10-fold fast approaching 7 billion people. dominant trends are: first, the East lot of near-term instability even as
some killing of our own, we will increase in adjusted global GDP Though admittedly crude, these cross-connecting back to the West it builds the basis for longer-term
not be adding to some and a profound and persistent calculations suggest a 90 percent via financial and investment flows stability.
fantastically imagined global reduction in battle deaths from absolute drop and a 99 percent as well as Asian companies
death count stemming from the state-based conflicts. relative drop in deaths due to war. "going global"; and second, the NEW page 25
Newstablet Edition World News/ 23

The Promise and Peril of Middle Eastern Revolutions

(World Politics Review: Articles) Tunisia, too, with its Ennahda, or inspire peoples long thought to be marginalize al-Qaida and its freedom through the judicious use
Submitted at 3/7/2011 6:02:00 AM Renaissance, party. Yes, Tunisian beaten into submission by hopes for a militant caliphate as of intellectual and financial
society may appear to be putatively immutable traditions well as the mullahs and their intercourse. These peaceful tools
History demonstrates that regaining its normal day-to-day and self-serving leaders. Both system of rule by Islamic jurists. are constantly underestimated,
revolutions often result in new or functioning, but the real tests for Bahrain and Yemen, for instance, The greatest roadblock to just as military clout is
renewed forms of despotism. One achieving enduring political could choose the path of freedom, however, is that Muslim overestimated. Indeed, a large
reason for caution regarding the freedom that avoids both nonviolent constitutional reform, countries from Morocco to Iran component of Washington's
future of the Arab Uprising is that theocracy and martial rule lie thereby excluding external power have few institutions in place to impotence vis-à-vis Tehran is the
few Middle Eastern countries ahead. Again, organizational players while reinvigorating their truly represent and protect their lack of economic leverage the
have political pasts not dominated experience will favor Islamists national politics. Likewise, the people. Citizens of those nations U.S. exercises there after years of
by monarchy, theocracy or the and military men over secularists establishment of reasonably free know that freedom means broad-spectrum sanctions.
military. So previous rebellions unless the latter swiftly enhance and representative political political and economic Arabs deserve respect and
ultimately enhanced rather than their cohesion and effectiveness. systems in Libya, Tunisia, Egypt, sustainability, but their past often admiration for their efforts to
mitigated socio-political Libya is an even more troubling Bahrain and Yemen -- even if seduces them into settling for the demand their rights from their
intolerance. After all, Iran's case. Like Tunisia, the country they are not completely free and illusion of stability via leaders, and, where possible, they
activist mullahs and al-Qaida's lacks major secular opposition fully representative at their totalitarianism in the form of need aid in rebuilding their
founders were the products of groups. Those that have coalesced inception -- would go a long way monarchy, oligarchy or theocracy. fractured societies. Yet with
rebellions against monarchist recently have few administrative toward establishing a powerful U.S. Secretary of State Hillary privilege also comes
totalitarianism, too. structures to ensure their long- and welcome new model for the Clinton has noted correctly that responsibility: They must rein in
It remains to be seen whether term viability. So while the end of Middle East. That fresh paradigm "political participation must be extremism and violence not just
Egypt will become more Moammar Gadhafi's rule would may very well set the stage for the open to all people across the directed at each other but also
democratic or return to military certainly be welcome, his ouster gradual or even sudden ouster of spectrum who reject violence, against other societies -- or else
rule, or if the turbulence of the may have the regrettable the theocrats ruling Iran and the uphold equality and agree to play they will face punitive measures
post-Mubarak period will open consequence of opening the dictator, Bashar al-Assad, ruling by the rules of democracy." In and the loss of their newfound
the door for the Muslim political door to Muslim Syria. It certainly would compel tandem, the White House has stature within the community of
Brotherhood to gain power. The fundamentalist organizations -- the monarchs of Jordan, the concluded that national nations.
Brotherhood claims to have the only ones with any legitimacy United Arab Emirates and Saudi organizations such as the Muslim Jamsheed K. Choksy is professor
changed, but its leaders still speak or track record as the political Arabia to begin seriously Brotherhood will adapt to of Central Eurasian, International,
of clashing with the U.S., the EU opposition. recasting their own political democracy because they do not and Islamic Studies and former
and Israel. Moreover, the Outcomes in Bahrain and Yemen systems. follow al-Qaida's transnational director of the Middle Eastern
Brotherhood did not renounce could have even worse Should Muslim majorities prevail goals. However, like military Studies Program at Indiana
violence voluntarily. It was consequences. If violent struggles in their quests for secular self- dictators, mullahs and monarchs, University. He also is a member
compelled to do so by a half- spread through those two nations, governance, they would be firmly Islamist groups need not aspire to of the National Council on the
century of counterviolence the battles will take on sectarian eschewing the replacement of one global hegemony to be intolerant Humanities at the U.S. National
directed at it by Gamal Abdel overtones -- poor Shiites versus form of totalitarianism for and undemocratic at home or Endowment for the Humanities.
Nasser, Anwar Sadat and Hosni privileged Sunnis. That may draw another. Essentially, today's adversarial around the world. Carol E. B. Choksy is adjunct
Mubarak. The latter used the Iran and Saudi Arabia, intent on protesters and rebels could Yet it is refreshing to see the lecturer in Strategic Intelligence
threat of an Islamist takeover to preserving their own authoritarian reshape the current repressive world's foremost superpower and Information Management at
justify his administration's regimes, into a proxy conflict. systems of the Middle East by taking a nonmilitary approach to Indiana University. She also is
excesses. The same danger may Yet, the hope that history is not demonstrating that radical change these new foreign policy CEO of IRAD Strategic
well be recycled by Egypt's High doomed to repeat itself seems can be democratic and secular challenges. America's most Consulting, Inc.
Military Council to rationalize a more than mere optimism in an rather than intolerant and enduring influences are its The views expressed are their
junta. age when technological advances fundamentalist. These political example of democracy and its
What holds for Egypt applies to expand the reach of ideas to transformations would ability to shape the cause of PROMISE page 25
24 World News/ Technology/ Newstablet Edition

The Limitations of a No-Fly Zone Over Libya

(World Politics Review: Articles) countries would lead this guide, imposing a no-fly zone will The no-fly zone in southern Iraq conflict in the short term, foster
Submitted at 3/6/2011 11:26:00 PM operation. Similarly, some not necessarily help rebel forces serves as another reminder that tensions between the U.N.
European and American leaders topple the regime. Though no-fly the imposition of such a regime Security Council's permanent
Unlike the successful uprisings in have publicly discussed the zones in Bosnia and northern Iraq does not always help opposition members and even potentially
neighboring Tunisia and Egypt, possibility of using NATO to successfully protected civilians forces or its supporters. While violate international law. It would,
characterized by largely unarmed impose a no-fly zone over Libya. from aerial attacks, they did not Saddam Hussein's military could however, all but guarantee an end
protests and government Supporters of a no-fly zone claim help Bosnia's Muslims and Croats not use its fighter jets, the no-fly to Gadhafi's 41-year rule and put
crackdowns with tear gas and that it would limit Gadhafi's win the civil war or Iraq's Kurds zone did not restrict the use of the Libyan opposition on the road
bullets, Libya is now in the midst ability to kill Libyans and fly in gain independence. Instead, in attack helicopters, and Iraqi to rebuilding the country and
of a full-bore violent civil war. mercenaries and other supplies both cases, the no-fly zones ground troops were free to quash establishing a new, democratic
Refusing to stand down, Col. from neighboring countries. forced the stronger side to the organized opposition. government.
Moammar Gadhafi has vowed "to Libyan opposition figures also recalibrate its strategies. With these three historical case That would likely create other
fight until the last man and last argue that a no-fly zone would In northern Iraq, Saddam studies in mind, the international potential challenges, as the U.S.
woman to defend Libya from east shift the balance of military power Hussein's government, knowing community must think hard about experience in Iraq amply
to west, north to south." While in their favor, a view shared by that geopolitical forces would what it hopes to achieve in Libya. demonstrates. But in the absence
rebel forces have taken control of U.S. Sens. John McCain and prevent the Kurds from declaring While it is possible that a no-fly of a real examination and
many town and cities, forces loyal Joseph Lieberman as well as by independence and recognizing zone will reduce civilian discussion of our goals in Libya,
to Gadhafi firmly control Tripoli, British Foreign Minister William that the region's mountainous casualties there, it will not stop we risk responding to the situation
the country's capital, and have Hague and his Italian counterpart, geography favored Kurdish them altogether. If the goal is to there with a policy that soothes
started to contest the rebels' Franco Frattini. Are these views rebels, decided to accept the de force a stalemate between forces our consciences without serving
control of strategic town and correct? facto autonomy of the region. In loyal to Gadhafi and the Libyan our interests.
cities over the past week. The There is little doubt that a no-fly Bosnia, the no-fly zone had little rebels in order to encourage peace Carlos L. Yordán is associate
fighter jets and attack helicopters zone would reduce the numbers of effect. Bosnian Serbs used their talks, then establishing a no-fly professor of political science and
at Gadhafi's disposal will enable civilian casualties, especially in advantage in heavy weaponry to zone makes strategic sense. director of Middle East Studies at
his forces to intensify the conflict, large towns and cities where terrorize Bosnia's Muslims and But if the objective is to oust Drew University.
leading to the deaths of many aerial attacks are at their most Croats. They also continued their Gadhafi from power, then a no-fly Photo: A U.S. Navy air traffic
more Libyans and expanding deadly. A no-fly zone would also ethnic cleansing tactics until the zone is not enough. That would controller monitors aircraft
Gadhafi's territorial control. limit the government's ability to United States and its European require, at minimum, the creation activity (U.S. Navy photo by
Opposition leaders have called on supply its forces and to fly in allies decided to directly of a coalition of the willing led by Bryan Niegel).
the United Nations to authorize mercenaries. But it would not challenge Bosnian Serb either African and Arab countries This entry passed through the
the imposition of a no-fly zone, necessarily stop these flows, aggression. As part of the Dayton or Western forces, or a Full-Text RSS service — if this is
but given Russia and China's which could be effectuated by peace strategy, which included a combination of both. Such a your content and you're reading it
resistance to these calls, the U.N. ground routes. The same is true of negotiated end to the conflict, coalition would need to be willing on someone else's site, please read
Security Council is unlikely to the arms embargo recently placed NATO fighter jets attacked to destroy the Libyan our FAQ page at
consider the request. There is a on the Gadhafi government, as Bosnian Serb positions, while the government's air defenses and arm content-only/faq.php
possibility that the Arab League many of Libya's neighbors lack Croat military helped Bosnian the Libyan opposition, while Five Filters featured article:
and the African Union may the resources or institutional Muslim and Bosnian Croat forces providing air cover when Comment Is Free But Freedom Is
partner to shut down Libya's capacity to enforce the embargo. to reclaim half of Bosnia's necessary. To be clear, this Slavery - An Exchange With The
airspace, but it is not clear which In addition, if history serves as a territory. strategy would escalate the Guardian's Economics Editor.

COFFEE, CHOCOLATE, TEA (Ad Coffee At its Best
ServeRSS) (AdServRSS Feed) Visit Starbucks Mighty Leaf
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continued from page 22 continued from page 23

Libya is a perfect example of suspicious of one another. actually accelerating the very own. our FAQ page at
where the world is now stuck: And if you know your history, decline we increasingly dread. Photo: A demonstrator in front of content-only/faq.php
America is very reticent to get that should make you nervous. Thomas P.M. Barnett is chief the Tunisian Ministry of the Five Filters featured article:
involved militarily, while China, The way forward for America is analyst at Wikistrat and a Interior (photo by Wikimedia user Comment Is Free But Freedom Is
for the first time in its history, clear enough: stop clinging to contributing editor for Esquire Ghassen Bradai, licensed under Slavery - An Exchange With The
engages in long-range military China as the preferred military magazine. His latest book is " the Creative Commons Universal Guardian's Economics Editor.
operations to evacuate its "near peer" and stop fantasizing, Great Powers: America and the Public Domain Dedication).
workforce there. Meanwhile, the as our new National Military World After Bush" (2009). His This entry passed through the
expanding civil war rages on, to Strategy does, that East Asia now weekly WPR column, The New Full-Text RSS service — if this is
everyone's moral and economic stands as the global system's Rules, appears every Monday. your content and you're reading it
distress. primary source of threat. Because Reach him and his blog at on someone else's site, please read
The point is not that America when we engage in such strategic
must invade Libya pronto to keep misdirection, we put at risk the Photo: President Barack Obama
Cat-Shaped Cameras -
the world as we know it from very East-West network bonds during a meeting at the White The Necono Digital
coming to an end. But if the that now serve as globalization's House, January 2009 (White Camera has Funky
United States and the West sit by primary source of stability, while House photo by Pete Souza).
while the Rest, risers that they are, discouraging the growing East- This entry passed through the Feline Features
manage nothing more than pious South network bonds that fuel Full-Text RSS service — if this is ( Ebooks for PCs,
warnings about needlessly butting
in, then we all run the risk of
globalization's continued advance.
If I were to critique Obama's lack
your content and you're reading it
on someone else's site, please read
(TREND HUNTER - The Latest Macs, Sony Readers,
collectively making the post- of strategic coherence, it would be our FAQ page at
Submitted at 3/7/2011 11:36:02 AM
mobile phones ...
American, G-Zero, do-nothing for buying into, and perpetuating, content-only/faq.php (Ad
storyline a self-fulfilling the post-American zeitgeist, Five Filters featured article: ( The Necono ServeRSS) (AdServRSS Feed)
prophecy. While that alone won't instead of building the great- Comment Is Free But Freedom Is Digital Camera is a quirky, cat-
stop the world from spinning, if it power bonds commensurate with Slavery - An Exchange With The shaped camera that reverts the art A vast range of ebooks from the
persists as a pattern, globalization this era's structural change. Guardian's Economics Editor. of photography back to when you world's leading academic, popular
will slide down another path: one Because our current strategic couldn't review what you've just and professional publishers
of regionalism, spheres of drift, in combination with our shot. It recreates the excitement of
influence and neocolonial burdens military retrenchment and none- a film camera, where...
that are intuitively hoarded by too-subtle demonization of our
great powers grown increasingly inevitable partner, China, is

What is the Best Way to Move Apps to the Cloud? Comment

and Earn Chance to Win a MacBook Air
Alex Williams (ReadWriteWeb) cloud. • How the conversation develops account is required to participate.
Submitted at 3/7/2011 10:30:00 AM To participate, add your comment month. Criteria • Accuracy Please take a few moments to read
to our contest post: Our criteria for choosing the • Strength of argument the full list of rules before joining
We have a new contest this How do you move applications to winners is as follows: • Concise writing in the conversation.
month. The winner will win a the cloud? • Depth of understanding • Originality We look forward to the
MacBook Air. Our question this Sponsor • Factual examples to back up conversation!
month is about moving apps from We'll review the comments and assertions The winners will be announced Discuss
an on-premise environment to the pick a winner at the end of the on the first of April. A Disqus
26 Technology/ Newstablet Edition

More DroidDream Details Emerge: It was Building a Mobile

Sarah Perez (ReadWriteWeb) purpose? This appears to still be identity theft - although that could threats like this are kept out of the
Submitted at 3/7/2011 9:55:53 AM somewhat of a mystery. Much of have come later - it was to set up Market in the future, a company
the code appeared to be a system for downloading and spokesperson would not go on
New details have emerged incomplete - a work in progress installing additional applications record to provide details.
regarding the purpose behind the where some of its most dangerous on the end users' phone without However, people with knowledge
DroidDream malware that was aspects were still yet to be their knowledge. DroidDream was of Google's plans say that the
found in over 50 applications in i m p l e m e n t e d . I n s t e a d , t h e laying the groundwork for a company will not take the
the Android Market last week. malware was configured to run comprehensive system of dramatic step of pre-screening
After a brief investigation, Google overnight - from the hours of 11 remotely-controlled Android applications for security issues
opted to use its "remote kill PM to 8 AM - when the phone's phones. A mobile botnet. prior to their inclusion in the
switch" this weekend to wipe the owner was probably sleeping and Zombie Androids. official Android Market. There
vicious apps off end users' mobile wouldn't notice strange behaviors DroidDream would have created will be no "curation" of apps, a la
phones. Google also promised on the phone, says Lookout. a mobile botnet similar to those Apple. The Android Market will
that going forward, it was "adding During this time, the malware UserID. This is "device-specific" we have today in the PC world. continue to be the open app store
a number of measures to help author(s) could send down new information, explains Google. Not There, infected, virus-laden it is today, where Google only
prevent malicious applications code and new instructions and ask personal info. Windows PCs are now controlled steps in after issues occur, not
using similar exploits from being the phone to do their bidding. What's really interesting is that by remote servers for purposes prior.
distributed through the Android Upon installation, DroidDream DroidDream had a commands that include everything from These plans seem to fit with what
Market" in the future. would initially root the phone, as section that dealt with details sending spam emails to launching Google says it's working on:
B u t h o w d a n g e r o u s w a s mentioned above, and install a relating to the Android Market: distributed denial of service closing security holes (aka
DroidDream, after all? What was second app that prevented its ratings, comments, assetIDs and attacks on remote targets. For "working with our partners to
it up to? And was it able to inflect removal. It then sent select i n s t a l l s t a t e s , s p e c i f i c a l l y . example, the attacks the online provide the fix for the underlying
any real damage to end users' information about the phone to a Although incomplete, Lookout group Anonymous launched security issues.") But Google can't
devices before it was removed? remote server, the "command and says it's possible the towards businesses and lock down Android completely,
Sponsor control server," which tells the author(s) intended to listen to organizations severing ties with nor does it want to. That leaves
According to Lookout, a security malware what actions to perform. Android Market downloads and Wikileaks were botnet-driven. A room for more mobile malware
firm which makes an anti- The details it collected, while possibly to trigger downloads and botnet's creator (the bot herder) creations to make their way to
malware application for Android disturbing of course, were not c o m m e n t s o n d o w n l o a d e d can rent out his zombie machines users' phones in the future. For
phones, DroidDream was the first really that bad in the grand applications. to others for financial gain. It can end users, it means the burden is
piece of malware to use an exploit scheme of things. It did not Those instructions could have be a lucrative business, in fact. It's on them to be vigilant with app
that gave it root permissions over attempt to determine a user's been there to boost the ratings of not surprising that someone would installations and security. And for
the device. In layman's terms, that password, phone number or its own malware-infected apps on attempt to build a botnet using Android developers, the challenge
means that the malware had sensitive financial information, it the Market and to leave comments mobile phones, given their will not only be getting their app
complete administrative control appears. It didn't steal your files that would give them an air of g r o w i n g m a r k e t s h a r e a n d discovered from a group of
over the phone. Or in iPhone or photos. It didn't login into your legitimacy. That, in turn, would capabilities. This won't be the last hundreds of thousands of others,
terms, it would be like you Gmail account and send out spam have encouraged more downloads time we see such malware, either, but establishing an app is safe and
downloaded an app that jailbroke (well...yet). Lookout says that of the apps in question. Mobile we can guarantee. This is only the trustworthy, too. Discuss
y o u r p h o n e w i t h o u t y o u r DroidDream gathered only the B o t n e t C r e a t i o n w a s beginning. What's Google Doing?
knowledge. Evil Androids Wake f o l l o w i n g i n f o : P r o d u c t I D , D r o i d D r e a m ' s E n d G o a l When asked what, specifically,
at Night, Do Server's Bidding Partner, IMSI, IMEI, Model and But at the end of the day, Google was doing to make good
But what was the malware's SDK value, language, country and DroidDream's goal was not on its promise to make sure
Newstablet Edition Technology/ 27

JVC Everio GS-TD1 Full HD 3D camcorder on sale now

Chris Davies (SlashGear)
Submitted at 3/7/2011 11:40:23 AM

JVC‘s Everio GS-TD1 – the first

Full HD 3D consumer camcorder
– has finally gone on sale, having
made its official debut back at
CES 2011 in January. Priced at
$1,699.95, the GS-TD1 pairs
two 3.32 megapixel CMOS
sensors with an F1.2 JVC 3D
Twin HD GT lens and a 3.5-inch
glasses-free 3D preview display,
along with 64GB of integrated
There’s also an SDXC memory
card slot. JVC offers three
different recording modes: the
new “LR Independent” format
(MP4 MVC) for Full HD; “Side-
by-Side” format (960 x 1080 X 2)
for AVCHD 3D recording; and
2D AVCHD shooting for regular
use. There’s support for YouTube
3D as well.
An SDXC card slot, 3D optical
5x zoom, Optical Axis Automatic
Stabilization System
and Automatic Parallax
Adjustment round out the main
specs. As we discovered back at
CES, the GS-TD1 packs an
impressive amount of tech into a
reasonably small package; find
more in our hands-on report here.
Press Release: consumer market that offers 3D What’s more, the camcorder can observed Dave Owen, Vice HD 3D recording and several
JVC First To Offer Full HD 3D video recording in Full High shoot 3D video that can be burned President, Consumer Video, JVC options for archiving and playing
Consumer Camcorder Definition. The new JVC GS- to a Blu-ray disc or DVD-R for U.S.A. “But what could be better back their 3D footage.”
New GS-TD1 3D camcorder now TD1 uses two camera lenses and 3D playback on a compatible Blu- than creating your own home The JVC GS-TD1 features a pair
available two imaging sensors – one for ray player. videos in 3D? We think there will of 3.32 megapixel CMOS sensors
WAYNE, NJ, March 7, 2011 each lens – to capture three- “With more commercially- be plenty of 3D TV buyers eager and a new JVC-developed high-
JVC today announced the dimensional images in much same produced 3D content coming to do just that. Furthermore, we speed imaging engine that
availability of a new 3D consumer way that human eyes work. along this year, sales of 3D TVs think they’ll appreciate that our
camcorder, the first on the JVC page 31
3D video shot using the GS-TD1. are expected to be strong,” new camcorder offers both Full
28 Technology/ Newstablet Edition

Skype adds adverts this week to Windows app

Chris Davies (SlashGear) display ads that can include audio
Submitted at 3/7/2011 10:41:59 AM or video. Since the ads are on
Skype, advertisers can add a Click
Skype has announced it will & Call button in the ad as another
begin showing adverts as part of call to action. In addition, it
the Skype for Windows home tab allows people to share the ad to
later this week, the first time their Facebook or Twitter
advertising has been promoted accounts, and with one-click, ads
within the app. The US, UK and can also be closed with the Close
Germany will be the first markets Ad button.
covered, while Groupon, Nokia, “The user experience on Skype is
Universal Pictures and Visa have always job number one. So, we’ve
all signed up to show their wares spent a lot of time working
on a daily basis. through the best way to show
Happily there’ll be a “hide ad” advertising in the Skype
button for users fed up of seeing environment. We believe our
each day’s deal, along with – as daily sponsorship ad from one
you’d expect from a VoIP brand per day is valuable for
company – a Click & Call button premier advertisers, but doesn’t
so that they’ll be able to get in detract from the experience for
touch straight away. Meanwhile a our users,” said Bewsher. “We are
share button will hook into just taking our first steps in this
Facebook and Twitter. space and we expect to test and
The decision is likely to frustrate learn a lot as we move forward.”
many users of Skype, though with “Many people log into Skype as
the company offering most of its part of their daily routine, just like
services free, it’s arguably a they check Groupon,” said Rob
surprise that it’s taken this long Solomon, president and COO of
for adverts to infiltrate. Earlier – Skype today announced the Skype has partnered with leading Universal Pictures, and Visa. Groupon. “We look forward to
this year Skype 5.0 dropped its launch of advertising in Skype advertising companies: Meebo in “We’re really pleased by the leveraging Skype’s new display
beta label and began charging for software, which will appear in the the US, Ad2One in the UK, and initial response among advertising to connect Groupon to
group video calls. Home tab of Skype for Windows Ströer Interactive in Germany to advertisers. We believe an even larger captive audience.”
Press Release: starting this week. This move sell advertising for Skype in each advertising on Skype helps fill a “Skype is known for great value
Skype launches new advertising represents the first time that of their respective markets. creative gap by giving brands a with its low-cost calls to mobiles
opportunity for the world’s advertising will appear in Skype, With 145 million average platform that has broad reach and and landline phones, and free
premier brands giving brands a unique monthly connected users for the global engagement, while also Skype-to-Skype voice and video
Groupon, Nokia, Universal opportunity to be part of the fourth quarter of 2010 and 29 supporting large-format, rich and calls. We believe that advertising,
Pictures, and Visa among first Skype experience, which has million concurrent users at peak interactive ads,” said Doug done in the right way, will help us
brands to advertise on Skype · enabled millions of people around times, Skype’s reach and engaged Bewsher, Chief Marketing Office continue to add more value into
Skype establishes advertising the world to do things together user base makes it an attractive for Skype. the Skype experience as a whole,”
sales partnerships in US, UK and when they’re apart through voice platform for brands to market Skype “Home” provides a said Bewsher.
Germany to sell advertising to and video calling, instant their products. The first sponsored large masthead space at Skype’s advertising sales partners
premier brands messaging, conferencing, and advertisers to sign up with Skype 650 × 170 pixels expandable to
LUXEMBOURG, 7 March 2011 more. include: Groupon, Nokia, 650 × 340 pixels for advertisers to SKYPE page 29
Newstablet Edition Technology/ 29
Missing in green tech: Long attention span continued from page 28

in the US, UK, and Germany will

(CNET of tax credits for renewable There was a session on strategic transporting fuels to its bases and help present advertisers with the
Submitted at 3/7/2011 11:48:53 AM energy projects was extended in materials and energy, where a generally reduce oil imports. opportunity to market on Skype.
the final moments of the last panel of experts discussed the Because military forces pay high “We’re excited to be partnering
Oil has climbed over $100 a Congress, but only for one year. importance of rare-earth elements energy costs, both in dollar terms with Meebo, Ad2One, and Ströer
barrel and there's historical unrest In a few months, that will create and other "energy-critical" and because of security Interactive. They give us great
in oil-producing countries of the uncertainty for financiers just as it materials. The supply of these vulnerabilities, the DOD is seen sales teams, reach and meaningful
Middle East. Yet, at times it's hard did last year. materials, used in hybrid cars, as potential customer for many advertiser relationships, right
to tell how strong the country's I stumbled into another instance efficient lighting, and defense green technologies. The Navy has from day one,” said Andy Sims,
commitment to clean-energy of short-term thinking at the MIT systems, isn't an acute problem ambitious program to cut fossil director of advertising for Skype.
technologies is. Energy Conference on Saturday today. But mining new sources fuel in half by 2020. “All three partners are leading
A vivid example is the Advanced while speaking with a venture and technology research for Panelist agreed it's unlikely that providers of advertising services,
Research Projects Agency-Energy capitalist. When I asked him what alternatives and cleaner extraction the U.S. in the short term will not have deep relationships with top
(ARPA-E), which was funded two his mood was regarding clean- methods typically takes five to 15 have legislation to limit carbon advertisers and agencies in their
years ago to research potential tech investing, he sighed and said years, panelists said. emissions to encourage markets, and have experience
breakthrough energy technologies investing in energy and materials The U.S. was the primary global development of low-carbon selling high-impact brand
and determine their commercial can be a tough sell within his supplier of rare earth elements in energy sources. But former CIA advertising.”
potential. firm. the 1970s but now the world's head James Woolsey argued that For more advertiser information,
The U.S. prides itself on its Imagine the scene: one investor focus has turned to China, which the national defense reasons for go to
technology and many people touts a digital media company that supplies some 95 percent of rare cutting OPEC's control are just as advertise.
believe that innovation will has the potential to mint millions earths and last year restricted its strong as environmental reasons. Relevant Entries on SlashGear
revitalize our economy. Economic in a few short years. By contrast, exports to Japan. "China has done "If you're moving away from oil, • Skype pull Windows Mobile
competitiveness was perhaps the the field of green tech covering us an immense favor by raising it kind of doesn't matter why as VoIP app
dominant theme at the ARPA-E energy, materials, and water can the visibility of these issues long as you're moving fast," • Skype no longer developing for
Summit, a conference held last be a long, hard slog. It may take before the supply constraints Woolsey said. new Windows Mobile OS
week. Yet in the continuing years to develop the science and occur," said MIT physics This entry passed through the • CES 2008: PSP Getting Skype
resolution budget, the House much more money to bring any professor Robert Jaffe, who Full-Text RSS service — if this is support?
allocated $50 million for ARPA-E product to market at a meaningful chaired a recent study on energy- your content and you're reading it • Skype for iPhone adds video
in fiscal year 2011, chopping the scale. Vacillating U.S. policy critical elements from the on someone else's site, please read calling over 3G/WiFi [Video]
DOE's requested budget by $250 certainly doesn't help, this American Physical Society's our FAQ page at • Skype app for iPhone coming
million. investor said. Panel on Public Affairs. ( Click content-only/faq.php soon?
It's another example of the zigzag What's the battle plan? for PDF.) Five Filters featured article:
nature of U.S. energy policy, If you go to enough energy In a panel on the military and Comment Is Free But Freedom Is
w h i c h p r o v i d e s f i n a n c i a l conferences, you will regularly energy, oil was, not surprisingly, Slavery - An Exchange With The
incentives to promote fossil fuel hear the mantra that the U.S. the top topic. The Defense Guardian's Economics Editor.
alternatives but the duration of the needs a consistent, long-term Department is starting to
commitment is often in question. energy policy. You didn't need to experiment with renewable
Another looming example: a look too hard to hear that repeated electricity and biofuels in an
program to provide grants instead at the MIT Energy Conference. effort to lessen its dependence on

Donate to World Vision (Ad Your gift to provide seeds, tools, and death for hungry children.
ServeRSS) (AdServRSS Feed) and training will be multiplied 4
times by grant funds, and can mean the difference between life
30 Technology/ Culture/ Newstablet Edition

Google Music Sync Working on Rooted Android Beat That! Google

Phones Acquires The UK’s For
Sarah Perez (ReadWriteWeb) users shared additional details demonstrated at Google's I/O
Submitted at 3/7/2011 11:12:28 AM with each other over the past few Developer conference in 2010. £37.7M
days, it has become clear that this This was the conference where Steve O'Hear (TechCrunch)
U s e r s o v e r o n t h e X D A - hack legitimately works on some Google first mentioned its plans
Submitted at 3/7/2011 11:21:35 AM
Developers forum have managed users' rooted phones. to offer music streaming to
t o g e t G o o g l e M u s i c s y n c For the uninitiated, rooting an Android users. But that was back Breaking: Google has acquired
working on their rooted Android Android phone is a specific in May 2010. In the current the financial product comparison
phones, even though the service process that allows a user to take version of Honeycomb (Android site for
has not officially launched. This complete control over their 3.0), the music player's syncing £37.7m. The news was first outed
was accomplished by removing device, with full administrative capability has been removed. by the blog but has
the stock music app that came powers. Once rooted, the user can This hack is by no means perfect since been made official. Writing
with their Android phone and make further customizations to - there are issues with the app on the UK company's site,
installing a different version the device, offload stock apps and force closing (erroring out), songs
them anywhere you have an only showing up in landscape BeatThatQuote Managing
i n s t e a d - t h e o n e f o u n d i n other non-movable apps over to
Internet connection. This is mode, long sync times, no Director, John Paleomylites, says
Honeycomb (Android 3.0), the their external storage card to free
similar to how other popular progress bar, and a host of other that the acquisition offers the
tablet-optimized implementation up more room on the phone,
streaming music applications like issues. But it is unofficial, after opportunity to "develop new and
of the Android mobile operating i n s t a l l c u s t o m A n d r o i d
Rdio, MOG, Spotify, mSpot, all. innovative options for personal
system. ROMs(modified versions of the
Rhapsody, Audiogalaxy and finance in the UK" by making use
After installation, the sync A n d r o i d O S w i t h d i f f e r e n t Those tempted to root their
others work, except that here, phones in the hopes of testing this of Google's engineering muscle.
process began and, according to interfaces and features), and much
Google is storing the music, not themselves should probably hold Of course, like almost any Google
the first user to notice this more.
another company. (Presumably, off, unless experienced with this purchase these days, the deal
phenomenon, the phone was now The XDA-Developers forum is a
unless there's a unknown process - it's not for the could raise the eyebrows of
syncing music, too. His collection popular online home to the
partnership in effect.) regulators, especially in regards to
of music synced overnight, he rooting community and is a technically challenged. In the
However, the XDA users don't meantime, plenty of applications, how it places the comparison
said. By morning, an option to treasure trove of information
know where exactly the music is like those mentioned above, are site's content in its search index.
"Stream Music" became available about hacks, customizations,
being synced to, leading one to available now and are much easier With that in mind, perhaps,
from within the music player applications and other tricks and
joke"right to RIAA!" Paleomylites talks up the
application. tips. Many Details Still Unknown to use.
Also, to be clear, the music possibility to "offer more
Sponsor In the thread regarding the Image credit: lead -
player is not the same one that is L i f e o f A n d r o i d ; p l a y e r transparency and better pricing
Google Music Sync Already Google music sync feature, it
actually shipping in Android screenshots, forum user RazorHail information than existing online
Works appears that after syncing the
Honeycomb tablets now (like the Discuss offerings."
We've been following the thread music to the "cloud" (the cloud in
on the XDA forums ever since the this case being Google's servers), Motorola Xoom), explains forum
blog Pocketnow made mention of you can remove the music files member otto888, but is a slightly
it late last week. As the forum from the device and still stream older version that was

What does your state do best?

(Holy Kaw!) Via DailyInfographic.
Submitted at 3/7/2011 11:44:00 AM Like infographics? So do we.
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Newstablet Edition Technology/ 31
continued from page 27

processes the two Full HD images zoom, Optical Axis Automatic be archived to a computer hard
– left and right images at 1920 x Stabilization System for disparity drive or Blu-ray disc drive. This
1080i resolution. Three shooting control to give depth to 3D Full HD material can be played
modes are offered, a key feature images, JVC’s BIPHONIC back in 3D by running the footage
that provides several options for technology for dynamic 3D sound back through the camcorder.
HD resolution and archiving of and Automatic Parallax · AVCHD 3D (Side-by-Side
3D footage. These three shooting Adjustment to optimize the 3D- mode) video can be burned to a
modes are: a new “LR
Independent” format (MP4 MVC)
that records in Full HD, the
video comfort zone.
The GS-TD1 operates like other
consumer JVC camcorders, with
DVD-R disc and played back in
3D on any AVCHD-compatible
Blu-ray player – including non-
Terminally Geeky: use
widely used “Side-by-Side”
format (960 x 1080 X 2) for
AVCHD 3D recording, and 2D
easy-to-use, intuitive controls. A
3.5” 3D touch panel LCD monitor
displays 3D images without any
3D AVCHD-compatible Blu-ray
players – when the disc was
created with a PC or JVC Share
automatic login more
AVCHD shooting.
The camcorder uses a F1.2 JVC
need for 3D glasses, making it
easy to check 3D images while
The JVC GZ-TD1 Full HD 3D securely
3D Twin HD GT Lens that sets a shooting and watch 3D playback camcorder is available now for TJ Luoma (TUAW) name, and then enter your
new standard in high-resolution in the field. $1,699.95. Submitted at 3/7/2011 11:00:00 AM password.
lenses, with extra-low-dispersion The GS-TD1 comes with new Relevant Entries on SlashGear What if you could have both?
glass for crisp, high-contrast Everio MediaBrowser 3D • JVC Launches New HD Imagine if you rebooted your What if you could have the
images, as well as multiple software (for Windows®) for full 1920x1080i Comsumer computer, and it automatically security of the login screen with
aspherical lenses for fine image management, editing and sharing Camcorder logged you in, launched all of the convenience of automatic
reproduction. The combination of of content. In addition to full- • JVC Everio X GZ-X900 goes your login apps, updated your login?
the fast F1.2 lens and the back- fledged video and still image on sale in Japan Dropbox folder, MobileMe, That's what I'm going to show
illuminated CMOS sensors editing, files can be uploaded • JVC Everio X GZ-X900 hands- e m a i l , R S S , T w i t t e r , a n d you how to do.
provides the GS-TD1 with effortlessly to social media sites on video & sample footage everything else without you even Continue reading Terminally
outstanding low light such as YouTube™ or Facebook, • JVC GS-TD1 Full HD 3D having to enter your password. Geeky: use automatic login more
performance. The GS-TD1 also and the software allows 3D video Camcorder hands-on That auto-login capability is built securely
features round iris diaphragms to be shared on YouTube. • JVC 4k2k consumer camcorder into your Mac, and in fact it may Terminally Geeky: use automatic
that enable beautiful bokeh effect For archiving and playing back “just around the corner” be the default setting on your login more securely originally
(background blurring) shooting of 3D recordings, there are several Mac, so this may be how you're appeared on TUAW on Mon, 07
video and stills alike. options depending on the shooting used to operating. But if you're Mar 2011 11:00:00 EST. Please
Additional highlights include mode used. like me, you disabled auto-login see our terms for use of feeds.
64GB of built-in flash memory, · Full HD 3D video, shot for security reasons, so when you Source| Permalink| Email this|
SDXC card slot, 3D optical 5x using the MP4 MVC mode, can reboot your Mac, it stops at the Comments
login screen, waiting for you to
enter (or click on) your login

Google tightens Android security after remote-killing malicious apps

Submitted at 3/7/2011 9:16:00 AM
malicious apps attacked upwards malware that was capable of Hot Sexy Videos, Screaming
of 250,000 phones. siphoning the phone user's data. Sexy Japanese Girls and Funny
Google has vowed to improve Early last week, on 1 March, The apps came from a studio Paint. Continue reading...
security measures on the Android Google became aware that about called Myournet, and included
Marketplace after a wave of 20 popular and free apps on the Android Market were carrying such must-download titles like
32 Technology/ Culture/ Newstablet Edition

Lenovo reveals specs on ThinkPad

(CNET as 320GB or an SSD with as
Submitted at 3/7/2011 11:54:11 AM much as 160GB of storage space.
Rounding up the list of features
Though Lenovo's upcoming are three USB 2.0 ports and a
ThinkPad X220 ultraportable USB 3.0 port available with the i7
sports a powerful CPU and plenty processor, a 720p high-definition
of RAM, its potential battery life Webcam, and an Intel Wi-Fi/
may be the biggest lure. WiMax adapter. Lenovo also
Lenovo's ThinkPad X220
ultraportable(Credit: Lenovo)
The X220 isn't on sale just yet,
offers some of its usual features,
such as a fingerprint reader as
well both a trackpad and the
iPad 2 line has formed
but Lenovo is providing an in-
depth glimpse at its specs thanks
familiar red trackpoint.
Lenovo hasn't yet revealed when
to an online PDF. The details X220 sports some other powerful the X220 will make its way to
in Texas
Dave Caolo (TUAW) course, it's quite possible that, in
confirm that the notebook can run specs. Using Intel's latest and now consumers or what it'll cost, but
some zany scheme to turn a profit,
without AC power for up to 23 bug-free Sandy Bridge Second we've reached out to the company Submitted at 3/7/2011 1:00:00 PM
the tent manufacturer produced
hours on a single charge via a Generation architecture, Lenovo to see if it can share any further A tent has appeared outside a more than one grey-and-white
slim external battery pack. But offers a choice of an i7, i5, or i3 details. Texas Apple Store, believed to model of that size and shape.
even without that external battery, processor. The 12.5-inch high- This entry passed through the belong to the first person line for iPad 2 sales will differ from the
the unit is capable of a still definition LED backlit display Full-Text RSS service — if this is an iPad 2. That, or deforestation is original iPad launch, as pre-orders
healthy 15 hours on its standard 9- provides a resolution of 1366x768 your content and you're reading it taking its toll on area Boy Scout are unavailable. That means, if
cell battery. with an option for in plane on someone else's site, please read
troops. you want to get an iPad in person
Lenovo also says that a low switching, a feature that promises our FAQ page at At right is a shot of the tent on on Friday, you must first wait in
power multimedia mode can boost better viewing at wider angles. content-only/faq.php McKinney Avenue in Dallas, line. See you then!
battery life by 30 percent, while And as an ultraportable, the X220 Five Filters featured article: which is serving as a temporary [Via The Mac Observer]
users can opt for either higher weighs in at less than 3 pounds, Comment Is Free But Freedom Is location for the Knox Street iPad 2 line has formed in Texas
performance or better battery life according to Lenovo. Slavery - An Exchange With The Apple Store while it's being originally appeared on TUAW on
through the unit's Turbo Boost+ The machine can handle up to Guardian's Economics Editor. renovated. Mon, 07 Mar 2011 13:00:00 EST.
mode, which builds upon Intel's 8GB of RAM and provides a Who's in the tent? It's been Please see our terms for use of
built-in Turbo Boost feature. choice of either a conventional
suggested that it's Justin Wagoner, feeds.
Aside from the battery life, the hard drive with a capacity as high who was also the first to line up Source| Permalink| Email this|
for the iPhone 4 in Texas. It sure Comments
looks like the same tent to us. Of

The Best of Both Worlds [Companion Piece]

(Lifehacker) How to Make Your iPhone (or
Submitted at 3/7/2011 9:10:00 AM Other iOS Device) More Like
Android More »
Newstablet Edition Technology/ 33

Bing cooking up instant search, HTML5 features

(CNET because our editors and writers
Submitted at 3/7/2011 11:55:25 AM receive hundreds of requests, we
cannot tell you when you may
Microsoft is preparing to make receive a response.
searching Bing an instantaneous Josh Lowensohn joined CNET in
affair. 2006 and now covers Microsoft.
According to blog Winrumors, Before that, Josh wrote about
which was tipped off to a preview everything from new Web start-
program Microsoft is running, the ups, to remote-controlled robots
company is planning to roll out a that watch your house.
special version of Bing for users This entry passed through the
with HTML5-compatible Full-Text RSS service — if this is
browsers. Those users will get a your content and you're reading it
few extra flourishes like instant on someone else's site, please read
results as they type queries, as our FAQ page at
well as animations and transitions Explorer 9-related media event on to bring instant results to Bing, doing with the results to make that content-only/faq.php
between pages. the 14th. despite knocking the feature when part of the process take less time. Five Filters featured article:
This new version is said to be A Microsoft representative it was launched by rival Google Even so, instant results have Comment Is Free But Freedom Is
launching around the same time declined to comment. back in September of last year. In proven to be a success for Google, Slavery - An Exchange With The
as the final release of Internet The preview page for Bing at an interview with USA Today with the company saying last Guardian's Economics Editor.
Explorer 9, which Microsoft is spills the beans on shortly after Google Instant's week that just 2 percent of users
expected to announce at the South the new features, without letting launch, Bing director Stefan had opted out of using the feature.
by Southwest conference, which users access them just yet.(Credit: Weitz said that while the feature If you have a question or
kicks off on Friday. Microsoft is CNET) was "slick," Microsoft's mission comment for Josh Lowensohn,
holding an invite-only, Internet Microsoft has long been expected was to attack what users were you can submit it here. However,

T-Mobile HTC Doubleshot tipped for CTIA 2011

Chris Davies (SlashGear) able to share any details beyond set to make its official debut at • Man Down! Man Down!
Submitted at 3/7/2011 10:29:24 AM the (code)name and the CTIA 2011 as well, and we’ll be SlashGear First Day at CTIA
expectation that the Doubleshot on hand at the show to bring back 2006 LA
A new HTC Android 2.3 will pack Gingerbread. all the details. • T-Mobile readying unlimited
Gingerbread smartphone has been From the name, however, we’re [ via Android Community; Image data plan
tipped to make its debut at CTIA guessing HTC may be giving the credit Coffeegeek] • Video of BlackBerry Pearl at
2011 early next month, on its way Doubleshot a dual-core processor Relevant Entries on SlashGear CTIA 2006
to an eventual release with T- or twin displays. It’s not the first • SlashGear goes to CTIA
Mobile USA. According to dual-core rumor we’ve heard for Wireless 2007
TmoNews‘ source, the HTC the company; the HTC Pyramid Snapdragon chip. We’ve heard • Sprint readying EVO View
Doubleshot is a lock-in for the made headlines in early February, independently that the Pyramid is tablet, Nexus S 4G and EVO 3D
phone show, though they’re not believed to tote a 1.2GHz for CTIA?
34 Technology/ Products/ Newstablet Edition

Ustream 2.0 For iPhone Lets You Broadcast And

View Live Video, All In One App
Alexia Tsotsis (TechCrunch)
Submitted at 3/7/2011 11:38:12 AM

Want to watch Charlie Sheen’s

Sheen’s Corner on mobile? Aspire
to be Charlie Sheen? Well, just
Interview: Street
like it did on Android back in artist Vhils on his
January, Ustream today has
combined both its Viewer and explosive murals
Broadcaster app into one all-
Submitted at 3/7/2011 11:13:00 AM
encompassing and newly
redesigned iPhone app allowing Street artist Vhils has teamed up
you to stream and watch live with band Orelha Negra to shoot
video all from your iPhone. a music video featuring the
Taking advantage of iPhone 4s creation of murals carved with
front facing camera, the Ustream explosives.
2.0 app allows you to easily log in The Portuguese artist, also known
to your Ustream account and live as Alexandre Farto, is renowned
broadcast or record video with
one click, letting you share your a “Please check your network out individual Ustreamer profiles Saturday brought in over 1.6 f o r h i s m u r a l s , w h i c h h e
broadcast on Twitter and connection” message for people and share what content you’re million views despite the show t r a d i t i o n a l l y c r e a t e s u s i n g
Facebook as well as launch chat who want to view video in less viewing both on Twitter and itself being less than impressive. stencils, chisels and drills --
or take a viewer yes/no poll. than ideal connectivity settings. Facebook. Something tells me we ain’t seen cutting either directly into walls
While the app retains full The Viewer part of the app lets While and others have nothing yet (I mean wait ’til or removing layers of advertising
functionality in both 3G and Wifi, you search for shows by Featured, these functionalities in their Sheen finds out about the app). posters. For the music video for
it does need a strong network to Category, and Ustream show iPhone apps for awhile, Ustream You can get the app either by M.I.R.I.A.M., he first of all
perform the heavy duty task of name. You can set up alerts on has been hitting it out of the park updating the Viewer app if carved the images and faces that
livestreaming video (Ustream tells your favorite content by hitting with its ability to attract the kind already installed or by clicking were to be filmed into the walls
the Remind Me button on the of content people want to view on here. before filling in the indentations
me that the quality is better in the
latest version). Ustream 2.0 also content you’re interested in or by the go ( Chilean Miner rescue CrunchBase Information Ustream with plaster and hiding the pre-
offers the option to record to your joining Ustream Crowds and anyone?). The service is just I n f o r m a t i o n p r o v i d e d b y carved murals. The plaster was
Events (viewable under More > about to hit 10 million users and CrunchBase laced with explosives so that
device in case of poor signal for when detonated, the plaster would
broadcasters but will throw down Favorites). You can also check Charlie Sheen’s debacle on
break away, leaving the murals
exposed and the rest of the wall
UFOs -- Ben the Over-Literal Dermestid Beetle Weighs In intact. Continue reading...
Woot (Woot! - One Day, One offal-scavenging beetle explains Shirt.Woot tees: When Donuts -
Deal) why we all believe in UFOs. It's Fly - friends.aspx?k=8916
Submitted at 3/7/2011 12:02:26 AM just space aliens he's skeptical friends.aspx?k=5500 Lizard Lift-
about. This video features art Off -
This week, everyone's favorite from the following reckoned friends.aspx?k=12609 Bird Brain
Newstablet Edition Technology/ Health/ 35

Hyperlocal Places Directory Fwix

Adds Social Data And Geotagging
To New Android And iOS Apps
Leena Rao (TechCrunch) Tweets, reviews, events and local
Submitted at 3/7/2011 10:50:50 AM news and blog posts.
This is all part of Fwix’s
Fwix is rolling out new versions evolution as a local data platform
of its iPhone and Android apps, that is organizing the world’s
which adds social geotagging to information by location. A
its hyperlocal places directory. As
we’ve reported last Fall, Fwix
originally launched as a
number of media publishers
building on top of the company’s
API including NBC, AT&T
Christian World
hyperlocal news aggregator but
has more recently been
Interactive, New York Times
Company, Viacom (, Adoption
transitioning to a hyperlocal and others. By indexing the Web (Ad a forever family. Christian World
places directory, sort of a cross by location, Fwix is operating in 7 ServeRSS) (AdServRSS Feed) Adoption currently offers
between AOL’s Patch and Google countries; 61,000 cities; and adoption programs in Bulgaria,
Places. defined down to 87,000 Christian World Adoption is one China, Ethiopia, Guatemala,
For neighborhoods, businesses neighborhoods in the US alone. of the largest international Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Russia
and points of interest, Fwix It Fwix says that its content and adoption agencies in the United and Ukraine. Explore our website
culls local data from 30,000 blogs platform reaches more than 30 States. Since 1991, Christian to learn more about international
and news feeds; status updates million uniques per month. World Adoption has placed adoption. Then, when you’re
from Twitter, Foursquare, SeeClickFix. Hyperlocal news is consolidating thousands of children from ready, call our friendly adoption
Gowalla, Google Buzz, and Fwix is launching new iPhone with acquisitions, and Fwix has an Africa, Asia, Eastern Europe and counselor, toll free, at
BrightKite; geo-tagged photos and Android apps that include the compelling take on the sector by Latin America. These children 1.888.97ADOPT.
from Flickr, Smugmug, and new places functionality to give offering its data as a platform. It now enjoy the love and security of
Picassa; local deals from users contextual information should be interesting to see if the
Groupon, LivingSocial, and around businesses and startup ends up getting swallowed
MobileSpinach; events from neighborhoods. So Fwix’s by a big media company in the
Eventbrite, Eventful, Zvents, technology will aggregate all the coming year. CrunchBase
Stubhub, Ticketmaster, reviews relevant social information around Information Fwix Information
from Yelp, Citysearch, you can look for information provided by CrunchBase
OpenTable, Yahoo! Local, and around destination and places on
Zagat; and government data from the fly. Fwix says it will be
SpotCrime, FixMyStreet, and geotagging check-ins, geotagged

requested page not found - Men's Fitness

(requested page not found - parse this page for content. on someone else's site, please read Comment Is Free But Freedom Is
Men's Fitness) This entry passed through the our FAQ page at Slavery - An Exchange With The
Full-Text RSS service — if this is content-only/faq.php Guardian's Economics Editor.
Sorry, Readability was unable to your content and you're reading it Five Filters featured article:
36 Technology/ Newstablet Edition

This Year, Do Your Taxes On The iPad With TurboTax

Erick Schonfeld (TechCrunch) will recognize the interface. It you can move your current year
Submitted at 3/7/2011 10:56:41 AM takes you through the same taxes over from the desktop
guided questions the online and version. So you can start on your
L a s t n i g h t , a f t e r m u c h desktop versions do, asks you computer and type in the bulk of
procrastination, I started my about your financial situation, and the data, and then move over to
taxes—on my couch with a movie keeps a tally of your refund up top the iPad and vice versa.
playing on the TV, using only my (or, gulp, taxes you still owe). Next year, you should be able to
iPad. I was testing out an early The app works in both landscape import data from previous years.
build of TurboTax, which is now and portrait mode, and knows And who knows, with the new
available for the iPad(in addition when to pop up a number keypad cameras in the iPad 2, maybe you
t o t h e o n l i n e a n d d e s k t o p or the full keyboard. will be able to simply take a
versions). I got through the bulk Just like the desktop version, the picture of all your tax forms like
of my taxes by the time the movie entire app resides on your iPad, you can with SnapTax for the
was over. with no need to connect to the TurboTax (starting at $29.99) thought entering all my personal iPhone(which only works with W-
Taxes are never fun, even on the Internet until you file. It is free to The one big drawback of the app and W-2 data on the iPad would 2s for now, but that’s a start).
iPad. But the new TurboTax iPad download and do your entire taxes for existing TurboTax users is that be a pain, but it really didn’t take CrunchBase Information Intuit
app makes it fairly seamless. on, but once you want to file, it you cannot import last year’s data. that long. And while you cannot iPad Information provided by
Anyone familiar with TurboTax costs the same as other versions of You have to start from scratch. I import data from previous years, CrunchBase

iSound DIY Apple speakers worthy of Jony Ive

Chris Davies (SlashGear) design for his own DIY creations. • JBL Creature III speakers are
Submitted at 3/7/2011 11:13:54 AM The original plan had been to Apple exclusive but work with
integrate a subwoofer into the PCs too
Apple doesn’t offer standalone desk, complete with box paths and • CES 2007 Cherry Picks: iSound
desktop speakers, but if they did a cavity at the back for a USB Time Travel
y o u c a n b e t t h e y ’ d l o o k hub, storage and a power supply. • Apple Speakers released
something like this. Brett wanted However, that’s been pushed back • Chill Pill portable speakers
a 2.1 speaker system to match his to phase two, and for now there’s released
27-inch LED Cinema Display, a regular sub lurking under the • Apple announces MacBook Air
and finding nothing he approved table. exactly in keeping with the grey worse than borrow the design with 128GB SSD option
of commercially, turned to a CNC A Dayton Audio amp powers the and black of the general color themselves.
machine, hand-built crossovers whole system, and the gold finish scheme – do a great job catching [ via Hack a Day]
and some beautifully minimalist to the speaker cones – while not the eye. Apple could do a lot Relevant Entries on SlashGear

Clothing Company Caricatures - Jonny Wan Creates Unique

Portraits That Combine a Variety of Styles (
(TREND HUNTER - The Latest ( Illustrator characters he has created himself. cultures and Victorian aesthetics...
Trends) Jonny Wan has created a series of These tribal-looking portraits
drawn portraits that feature combine inspiration from ancient
Newstablet Edition Policy/ 37

Romney Can't Withstand Obama's Kiss of Death

(AEI.Org: Articles) The facts suggest he has a steep overridden by the legislature. by taxpayer money through the pushed it, recognizing early on
Submitted at 3/6/2011 11:00:00 PM path ahead of him. Romney subsequently proclaimed state's Medicaid and that such complex legislation
Romney's 2006 remake of health that even with a legislature that Commonwealth Care programs, would have to be revised after its
March 7 (Bloomberg) -- The care in Massachusetts represented was 85 percent Democratic, he according to figures compiled by effects became clear.
2012 presidential campaign is an attempt to provide universal still got 95 percent of what he the Commonwealth Health "Will it work? I'm optimistic, but
finally stirring to life, with would- health coverage without a full wanted. Insurance Connector Authority. time will tell," Romney wrote in a
be Republican candidates Haley government takeover of the Romney has insisted that the Longer Waits 2006 Wall Street Journal op-ed.
Barbour and Mike Huckabee industry. Its central feature is an Massachusetts plan is "entirely Another troubling repercussion of "Legislative adjustments will
musing about whether Mitt individual mandate, requiring all different" from Obama's. A the new program has been its surely be needed along the way."
Romney should be disqualified by citizens to purchase health comparison of the two plans effect on the quality of medical I suspect the hyper-competent
s i m i l a r i t i e s b e t w e e n insurance if they can afford it. uncovers key similarities. care. The average wait time for Romney would have fixed
Massachusetts' Romneycare and Those who don't face steep fines. Legal Lynchpin new patients to see a primary-care problems as they emerged if he
Obamacare. Sound familiar? Both plans impose government- physician has risen to 53 days, hadn't stepped down after one
As if on cue, President Barack The rationale for the mandate designed purchasing exchanges according to the Massachusetts term at the start of 2007.
Obama defended his health- care was that it would end the free- that augment government control Medical Society, which represents Regardless, the right fixes haven't
overhaul in remarks to the nation's rider problem posed by uninsured of health care and include the doctors. That has led to increased been enacted, and the
governors by associating it with people relying on emergency care individual mandate, which has emergency-room visits. Massachusetts overhaul is looking
Romney's, an embrace the former (which by federal law must be become the lynchpin of In addition, insurance premiums like an unmitigated disaster.
Massachusetts governor surely provided) in lieu of health Republican legal challenges to have increased, suggesting that The Massachusetts experience
could do without. coverage. Obamacare. curing the free-rider problem shows us how bad it would be for
H o w A m e r i c a n s p e r c e i v e Connecting the Uninsured By contrast, the differences on brought no net cost savings. This the U.S. if Congress doesn't repeal
Romney's health legislation is The plan established subsidized which Romney hangs his is likely because the previously Obamacare. When it does go
shaping up to be an important health coverage through a so- presidential viability strike me as uninsured are seeking care much down, Romney will indirectly be
influence on whether he sinks or called connector, for people who few and relatively minor. They more often now that their responsible. Being the first to
swims in his expected second bid don't make enough to purchase include the fact that the 70-page insurance can foot the bill. drive off a cliff, however, hardly
f o r t h e p r e s i d e n c y . S i n c e insurance but are not eligible for Massachusetts bill, unlike its Romney often emphasizes that qualifies one for the White House.
Republican primary voters will be Medicaid. Because the newly much lengthier federal the biggest difference between his Kevin Hassett is the Director of
driven by a desire to repeal insured could then afford to see counterpart, didn't raise taxes on reform and Obama's is that his Economic-Policy Studies at AEI.
Obamacare, Romney needs to doctors in their offices, the plan individuals and businesses or applied only to the people of Photo Credit: Flickr user Sidereal
make a convincing case that what p r o m i s e d t o r e d u c e h e a l t h authorize trillions in new Massachusetts (as if somehow /Creative Commons
he did in Massachusetts is spending, since a doctor visit is spending. that's a governor's choice). He This entry passed through the
different -- maybe even a model much cheaper than a trip to an Nor can Romney rest his laurels adds that the way to fix America's Full-Text RSS service — if this is
for how to change what Obama emergency room. on quantifiable results. tough problems is to let states your content and you're reading it
enacted nationally. Governor Romney did veto On the plus side, the experiment and innovate and learn on someone else's site, please read
The irony is that Romney is right certain sections of the bill, implementation of Romneycare from each other. our FAQ page at
about this: Obamacare will be including a fee for businesses that has increased the percentage of Failure on Display content-only/faq.php
much easier to repeal precisely d o n ' t p r o v i d e i n s u r a n c e t o insured Massachusetts residents to The irony is that Romney is right Five Filters featured article:
because Massachusetts went first employees, coverage for "special an estimated 97 percent, but these about this: Obamacare will be Comment Is Free But Freedom Is
and failed so miserably. status aliens" and the creation of a gains have come at a tremendous much easier to repeal precisely Slavery - An Exchange With The
If Romney can't make that case, public health advisory council to cost to taxpayers and patients. because Massachusetts went first Guardian's Economics Editor.
his road to the Republican determine what benefits must be About 75 percent of the newly and failed so miserably.
nomination will make an Everest included in insurance plans. Each insured have coverage that is To his credit, Romney was
climb look like a Sunday stroll. of his eight line-item vetoes was largely or completely subsidized humble about the reform when he
38 Policy/ Economy/ Newstablet Edition

The Unhappy Paradox of Santa- Responding to the

Statism Recession: The Challenge for
(AEI.Org: Articles) impossible when what passes for
governing philosophy is little
trying to do more things than it
can do well, things that should be
Unemployment Insurance
Submitted at 3/6/2011 11:00:00 PM (AEI.Org: Articles) employers, followed by a
more than a bromide such as, left to the private sector and dramatic increase in the minimum
Submitted at 3/6/2011 11:00:00 PM
C i t i z e n s s a y t h e y w a n t "The government should do nice individuals." Forty-nine percent unemployment tax base from
g o v e r n m e n t t o h e l p t h e m . things for people." This is of respondents chose (a); 46% Read the full article as an Adobe $7,000 to $15,000 in 2014
Politicians oblige, but citizens essentially what the president chose (b). (The other 5% said they Acrobat PDF. (indexed by wage growth after
loathe the result. espoused in his inaugural address, didn't know.) By any measure, the U.S. labor 2014).2 The latter policy would
We have now seen President declaring that government should This article is available in full by market is in poor health, a have a direct effect on the 35
Obama's budget, which he says be judged on whether or not "it subscription to the Wall Street condition that is not likely to states that have a UI tax base less
will force Washington "to live helps families find jobs at a Journal. The full text will be immediately improve. In early t h a n $ 1 5 , 0 0 0 . T h i s a r t i c l e
within its means, while at the decent wage, care they can afford, posted to on Monday, February, Federal Reserve Chair provides an overview of the UI
same time investing in our a retirement that is dignified." March 14, 2011. Ben Bernanke cautioned that program, a description of the
future." That sounds great, until The president is hardly alone in Arthur Brooks is president AEI. ‘‘with output growth likely to be impact of the recession, an
y o u s e e t h e n u m b e r s : T h e this Santa-Statism. And to be Photo Credit: Flickr user Phiend/ moderate for a while and with assessment of state preparedness
president's budget will increase sure, polls about the government Creative Commons e m p l o y e r s r e p o r t e d l y s t i l l pre-recession, and a brief analysis
our national debt by more than $1 doing generic good things for This entry passed through the reluctant to add to their payrolls, of Obama’s proposal.
trillion next year, and by more people elicit positive responses, Full-Text RSS service — if this is it will be several years before the Alex Brill is a research fellow at
than $7 trillion in the next 10 e v e n i n t h e s e t i m e s o f your content and you're reading it unemployment rate has returned AEI.
years. So much for living within a n t i g o v e r n m e n t f e r v o r . I n on someone else's site, please read to a more normal level.’’1 Photo Credit: Flick user ChiBart/
our means. January, the right-leaning our FAQ page at Ongoing high unemployment is Creative Commons
The public can be forgiven for organization Resurgent Republic content-only/faq.php placing an unsustainable strain on This entry passed through the
believing that budget-cutting will asked Americans which of the Five Filters featured article: the unemployment insurance (UI) Full-Text RSS service — if this is
always be an exercise in futility. following statements comes closer Comment Is Free But Freedom Is system. Many states already face your content and you're reading it
Politicians respond with the to their view: (a) "Government Slavery - An Exchange With The insolvent UI trust funds and on someone else's site, please read
excuse that, well, cutting is hard should do more to solve problems Guardian's Economics Editor. mounting debt. Significant tax our FAQ page at
to do. The real problem, however, and help meet the needs of increases will be required to shore content-only/faq.php
is that cutting almost anything is people"; or (b) "Government is up the UI system. To address the Five Filters featured article:
UI budget woes, President Obama Comment Is Free But Freedom Is
proposes in his fiscal 2012 budget Slavery - An Exchange With The
a two-year forgiveness of interest Guardian's Economics Editor.
and penalties for states and

The Selloff Gets Worse, As Copper Plunges, And The White

House Discusses Arming The Rebels
Joe Weisenthal (Money Game) Copper is getting hammered. It's option is that it could arm Mideast Join the conversation about this
Submitted at 3/7/2011 12:07:35 PM down over 3%. rebels, though it has no plans to story »
Treasuries are rallying. do so.
The selloff is getting worse. It screams deflation. And The White House says an The NASDAQ is off over 2%.
Newstablet Edition Economy/ 39

The Oil Situation Is Only Going To Get Worse As This

Becomes A Sunni-Shiite Problem
David Kotok (Money Game) that is beyond this short missive. achieved a total return of 9.59%
Submitted at 3/7/2011 12:00:00 PM But we must note that Iran is now vs. SPY of 1.91% (January 27-
the dominant sponsor of Shiite March 4 closing prices). Extract
“… there’s so much unrest that Islam and Saudi Arabia is the energy, and the rest of the US
one can actually sense or imagine k e e p e r o f S u n n i t r a d i t i o n . stock market components have
unknown nano-particles of rage Readers and serious investors are been flat or down. We expect
colliding in mid-air...” (Source: a encouraged to study this schism. these trends to continue; US
private person who screens Think about it as you think about stocks have stopped discounting
Middle East media for me and Catholics vs. Protestants or the robust economic growth. There
w i t h w h o m I c o r r e s p o n d War of the Roses. Put that type is a lot of history demonstrating
frequently) of historical enmity into an the coincidence of recession and
“It ain’t over till its over.” –Yogi Islamic setting. No way is this an oil price spike.
Berra over. Cumberland is at maximum
We have no empathy for those Stratfor put the Bahrain situation overweight in energy ETFs. We
who bought into the “head fake” in this context. “There are continue to maintain a cash
rally last week and sold their negotiations under way between reserve. We believe the US stock
e n e r g y p o s i t i o n s b e c a u s e the Shiite-dominated opposition market will provide better
Venezuela’s Hugo Chavez was and the Sunni royal family… If redeployment opportunities for
their peace broker. One doesn’t there is to be a negotiated that cash.
make a peace until at least one of settlement, then the royal family,
truer world price. The US American citizens’ incomes and We are also overweight the
the antagonists has reached the the al-Khalifas, will have to shed
s t a n d a r d i s W e s t T e x a s sends it abroad to mostly despotic media ETF, whose symbol is
point of exhaustion. And, usually, some powers, which means that
Intermediate (WTI. It is trading regimes. Results: GDP growth IGN. Ned Davis databases
the peacemaker needs credibility. t h e S h i a a r e l i k e l y t o b e
at a discount to Brent. It normally will be slower, headline inflation s t r o n g l y a r g u e , “ M e d i a ,
Chavez? A p e a c e m a k e r ? empowered. If that happens, that
trades at a 5% premium. The will be higher, housing prices will advertising, broadcasting, Cable
Really? This turmoil hasn’t energizes Shia in Kuwait… And
discount has widened to about stay weak longer, and the US TV and movies & entertainment
peaked yet. then, of course, Saudi Arabia is 15% or nearly $15 dollars per employment recovery will be sub-industries, stand out as sector
The contagion in the Middle next.” outperformers when the oil prices
barrel. This is more than two diminished.
East and North Africa (MENA) Let’s get to oil prices, financial
standard deviations from average. Financial markets reveal the start to spike.” Note that IGN
continues to grow. In addition, markets and, lastly, to monetary
(Thanks to Strategas for data.) energy upward trend. XLE is the has also outperformed SPY
the spread to Sub-Saharan Africa policy in Europe vs. the United
US dependency on imported oil energy “spider” component of the consistently during the last 6
lies ahead, as the media images of States.
reveals the multi-decade failure of S&P 500 index. It is the only months. Our US portfolio weight
social network-induced protest Oil prices are headed higher and
our nation’s energy policy. We sector in the S&P 500 that has is 3%, which is about as high as
encourage copycats in those maybe much higher as inventory
will now pay that price in higher consistently outperformed the we would take a small sub-
countries. We are now tracking cushions diminish and as markets
gasoline, diesel, and other energy index in the last 6 months. industry like this.
the 20 MENA countries as well recognize the quality differences
-related costs. Every dollar a Energy was in this uptrend due to Let’s move on.
as others like Cameroon and in crude oil. Sweet Libyan crude
barrel translates into about 2.5 emerging-market economic Monetary policy and interest rate
Nigeria. cannot be replaced by Saudi crude cents per gallon of gasoline. recoveries and well before the outlooks are diverging between
One needs to put this MENA on a barrel-by-barrel basis. As
Every penny in the gas price MENA events exploded in the the US Federal Reserve and the
contagion into the millennium old Ed Yardeni wrote, “Saudi crude is Eurozone’s European Central
translates into about $1.5 billion news.
perspective of the Shia-Sunni cruder.”
in a national annual sales tax that Furthermore, since Egyptian
schism in Islam. Discussion of Brent crude is reflective of a OIL page 42
extracts part of 305 million event news hit the TV, XLE has
40 Economy/ Newstablet Edition

Gallup Survey Shows Unemployment Rate at 10.3% and

Rising, BLS Says 8.9% and Falling (Michael worsened considerably in Together, the picture just does
Shedlock) (Mish's Global February, increasing to 9.6% of not add up to the 200,000+ jobs a
Economic Trend Analysis) the workforce from 9.1% at the month many economists and
Submitted at 3/7/2011 2:18:00 AM end of January. A larger market cheerleaders expect.
A Gallup survey says the percentage of the U.S. workforce Risks Skewed to the Downside
unemployment rate in the US is is working part time and wanting The Gallup survey reflects what I
10.3% and rising. Meanwhile, the full-time work now than was the suggested would happen.
B L S s a y s i t ' s 8 . 9 % . T h e case a year ago (9.3%). Improvements last month have
comparison is not precise because Part-Time Workers Wanting Full given way to a relapse this month
Gallup does not seasonally adjust -Time Jobs (it just has not shown up in the
but the BLS does. Underemployment Surges in BLS reports).
H o w e v e r , o n a n e q u a l February not been significant enough to I still see no driver for job Moreover, critical budget issues
comparison basis, Gallup has the Underemployment, a measure positively a f f e c t growth, and that is just what affect states, and Congress is
unemployment rate where it was a that combines part-time workers u n d e r e m p l o y m e n t a n d G a l l u p s a y s . M o r e o v e r , I poised to cut spending. Together
year ago but the BLS shows a wanting full-time work with those unemployment. discussed this setup not as an with rising oil prices on a supply
drop of .5%. who are unemployed, surged in Warren Buffet said Wednesday afterthought, but in advance. shock, possible European interest
For BLS details please see BLS February to 19.9%. This resulted o n C N B C t h a t t h e U . S . Adding to that discussion, just rate hikes, a cutoff in Quantitative
Jobs Report: Nonfarm Payroll from the combination of a sharp unemployment rate should be in y e s t e r d a y I n o t e d B i g - B o x Easing, forced cutbacks in China
+192,000, Unemployment Rate 0.5-point increase since the end of the low 7% range by late 2012. If R e t a i l e r s R e c o n s i d e r S i z e ; due to overheating, and a stock
8.9%; Reflections on the Jobs J a n u a r y i n t h e p e r c e n t a g e that is going to be the case, the Saturation, Online Sales Affect market that is priced well beyond
Report. unemployed and a 0.5-point job creation environment must Store Expansion Plans and Hiring perfection, the best one can say is
Now let's take a look at the most i n c r e a s e i n t h e p e r c e n t a g e change dramatically from what it Needs that risks are hugely skewed to the
recent Gallup survey. working part time but wanting full i s t o d a y . E x p l a i n i n g t h e ... downside, both for the stock
G a l l u p F i n d s U . S . -time work. Underemployment is Differences Big-Box Decisions Affect Store market and the unemployment
Unemployment Hitting 10.3% in now higher than it was at this I was asked to shed some light on Hiring Plans picture.
February point a year ago (19.7%). the differences between these I am wondering, do we really Mike "Mish" Shedlock
Inquiring minds note Gallup Underemployment surveys. Except to reiterate an need "Walmart Express" at all? h t t p : / /
Finds U.S. Unemployment Hitting This deterioration in the jobs opinion from last year I cannot. At best it is a sign of total globaleconomicanalysis.blogspot.
10.3% in February situation combined with surging Last year I stated that normal saturation of big boxes and a turf com
Unemployment, as measured by gas prices, budget battles at the seasonal firing patterns may not battle for smaller cities and Click Here To Scroll Thru My
G a l l u p w i t h o u t s e a s o n a l federal and state level, and play out. My rationale was a neighborhoods. Recent Post List
adjustment, hit 10.3% in February declines on Wall Street tend to belief that we would not see the As such, think about store hiring Mike "Mish" Shedlock is a
-- up from 9.8% at the end of explain the recent plunge Gallup traditional release of employees in plans now vs. store hiring plans in registered investment advisor
January. The U.S. unemployment recorded in consumer confidence. the post-Christmas slump because t h e m i d s t o f t h e b i g - b o x representative for SitkaPacific
rate is now essentially the same as T h e y a l s o a l i g n w i t h t h e staffs were cut to the bone and commercial real estate boom. C a p i t a l M a n a g e m e n t . S i t k a
the 10.4% at the end of February continued"new normal" spending there was a marginal pickup in With the new "smaller is better" Pacific is an asset management
2010. patterns of early 2011. Although consumer demand. model, another commercial real f i r m w h o s e g o a l i s s t r o n g
U n e m p l o y m e n t R a t e N o t Gallup's Job Creation Index has That presumption now appears to estate boom remotely close to the performance and low volatility,
Seasonally Adjusted improved over the past year and b e t h e c a s e . H o w e v e r , t h e build-out that occurred in 2005- regardless of market direction.
The percentage of part-time showed modest improvement in question is not one of a few good 2007 is not in the cards.
workers who want full-time work February, the improvement has months of non-firing but rather Moreover, residential housing is GALLUP page 42
where to from here. still dead.
Newstablet Edition Economy/ 41

In Praise of Extreme Public Union Lunacy in San

Jose (Michael 214-member Confidential association, said it is not not waste money hiring
Shedlock) (Mish's Global Employees Organization, which Constant's prerogative to create employees they do not need.
Economic Trend Analysis) contends the city was required to his own "process and procedures," No one who stands up for the
Submitted at 3/6/2011 7:39:00 PM confer with the union before which she said conflict with labor taxpayer in public union
Hardly a week goes by in which I Constant decided to eliminate the agreements between the city and contracts. Worse yet, many of
do not see examples of extreme position. The job -- which the union. In Praise of Lunacy those contracts intrude on private CIVIL WAR LIVE:
public union idiocy. Nonetheless, r e q u i r e s a n s w e r i n g p h o n e s ,
it is rare to see an entirely new scheduling appointments and
I commend the sheer idiocy of rights as noted above. QADDAFI BOMBS
LaVerne Washington, president of The proper solution is the
concept prop up. Here's a new making photocopies, among other the employees' association, in complete elimination of public RAS LANUF AGAIN
one. duties -- pays about $70,000 a pressing this case. unions and all the slavery they Gus Lubin (Money Game)
Pete Constant, a San Jose year. LaVerne Washington shows stand for.
Submitted at 3/7/2011 11:42:00 AM
Councilman wants to answer his "My concern quite frankly is not without a doubt why the only Please see Paul Krugman,
own phone. However, union rules who decides the issues. It's getting solution to this madness is the Stephen Colbert, Bill Maher, Qaddafi's forces have started
dictate that he have a $70,000 a resolution on the core issue, total repudiation and complete others, Ignore Extortion, Bribery, bombing Ras Lanuf again.
assistant he does not even want. which is: Who should determine destruction of public unions. Coercion, and Slavery; No One In case you've lost track, that
What's even more ridiculous is the how I staff my office?" said I cheer Washington's idiocy Should Own You! for further means the oil port is currently
union has sent this matter to the Constant, who was re-elected last because this is just the kind of discussion of the slavery issue. controlled by the rebels. Various
courts to resolve. year to a second term representing thing that gets the public riled up Mike "Mish" Shedlock foreign correspondents are with
Please consider Internal Affairs: West San Jose. against public unions. It will h t t p : / / the rebels in Ras Lanuf, so this we
The fight over Councilman The City Council's only backfire. globaleconomicanalysis.blogspot. have photos of the air strikes.
Constant's missing secretary At a R e p u b l i c a n c o n t e n d s t h a t Union Slave Rules com The rebels are trying to march
time when San Jose faces more residents of the district support his Union rules prohibit citizens Click Here To Scroll Thru My toward Tripoli, but they've been
than a $100 million budget deficit ability to make decisions for from being volunteer fireman, Recent Post List Mike attacked in Ras Lanuf and Bin
and the prospect of hundreds of them. Besides, Constant said, he from volunteering to help their "Mish" Shedlock is a registered Jawwad. The next town on their
l a y o f f s , S a n J o s e C i t y prefers to do all of the secretarial schools, from seeking non-union investment advisor representative path is Surt, according to the
Councilman Pete Constant is work himself, with help from four employment, and from controlling for SitkaPacific Capital NYT.
b a t t l i n g w i t h a C i t y H a l l full-time council aides. their own lives. Management. Sitka Pacific is an Here's a guide to Qaddafi's
employees' union over whether he Councilman Constant contends Now we see union rules dictate a asset management firm whose formidable military >
should be forced to hire an that the $70,000 can be better city councilman who does not goal is strong performance and Join the conversation about this
administrative assistant. spent on things such as resource want to hire an assistant to waste low volatility, regardless of story »
Judge Kevin McKenney of Santa fairs, helping neighborhood $70,000 hiring one. market direction. Visit http://
Clara County Superior Court associations, an online database People cannot yell "fire" in a
recently ordered that the case be that updates Constant's office with movie theater, for good reason. account_management.html to
taken to a costly arbitration constituent information and For the same reason, union rights learn more about wealth
instead of the state's Public inquiries, and license fees for an to "organize" must stop at the management and capital
Employment Relations Board -- iPhone app that allows residents point when they tread on the preservation strategies of Sitka
something both Constant and the to easily report problems. rights of others to pursue Pacific.
city's attorneys had sought. But LaVerne Washington, employment, to do whatever they
That decision pleased the city's president of the employees' want with their own time, and to
42 Culture/ Finance/ Obituaries Newstablet Edition
OIL GALLUP John Lounge, 3-
continued from page 39 continued from page 40

Bank (ECB). This has several the “core.” Thus food and energy effects. Now we have an all-star Visit time shuttle crew
implications. prices are encouraging the ECB to lineup in Rome; and the issue of /account_management.html to
In the US, the Fed is worried tighten policy sooner rather than Europe’s recovery, monetary learn more about wealth member, dies (AP)
about employment and not about later. Our colleague Bill policy, and the energy impact will m a n a g e m e n t a n d c a p i t a l (Yahoo! News: Obituaries)
headline inflation. US policy Witherell just discussed the be part of the discussion. The preservation strategies of Sitka Submitted at 3/6/2011 9:26:34 PM
looks at “core” inflation for upgrading of our outlook for GIC delegation is up to 34. We Pacific.
estimates of the impact of Europe; he gave some specifics typically cut that off at 40 or so. AP - Three-time space shuttle
monetary policy. Energy and on how we are positioning within The other participants are from crew member John Lounge, who
food price spikes are viewed as those portfolios. See many European countries and was part of the first shuttle
“exogenous.” They are shocks to for Bill’s latest there is a significant number from mission after the 1986 shuttle
systems but they are not caused missive. Italy. Call GIC for details while Challenger disaster, has died at
by monetary policy. They can do Readers are also advised to there are still a few seats left. age 64.
economic damage that may consider the shifts in global 215-898-9453.
require monetary policy to ease
longer than otherwise would be
needed. Bernanke continues to
preferences for reserves. Oil
exporters have a lower USD
preference than oil importers,”
We have pasted the latest
version of the GIC conference
lineup below. Cumberland
10 remarkable
affirm his worry about jobs and
the economic recovery. At
says Barclays. Barclays expects
this shift to favor the euro. By
Advisors is a proud sponsor of
the Global Interdependence exoplanets
Cumberland, we consider the analyzing the Treasury flow data, C e n t e r , (Holy Kaw!) humans, it does hold the
chances of aborting QE2 to be they derive an estimate that every Submitted at 3/7/2011 11:55:00 AM distinction of being one of the
zero. The Fed will finish the $10 a barrel increase in oil price Join the conversation about this first rocky super-Earths ever
QE2 program and then pause to results in a $2.4 billion per month story » From a planetary perspective, discovered.
review data at the end of the of reduced demand for USD. See Also: there's no place like home -- as far • MOA-2007-BLG-192-L B: Or
summer. Shorter-term interest Barclays admits this is a difficult • Get Ready For An Impending as we know, at least. But that more succinctly MOA-192 b. The
rates in the US are likely to estimate to quantify. As to the Crude Correction By Mass hasn't stopped us from looking for planet orbits a star much smaller
remain where they are for all of direction, they are “confident.” Rollover other intriguing interstellar than the sun -- a star so small, in
2011 and, perhaps, much longer. Lastly, we remind readers about • Last Call For Oil At $102 – Get planets, some of which we might fact, that it can't sustain fusion
In Europe, the focus is more on a special meeting in Rome on Ready For The Profit Taking! even colonize in the distant future. reactions.
headline inflation. Europeans April 6-7-8. When we planned Finding these planets, known as • Kepler 11 F: The Kepler 11
tolerate higher unemployment the GIC conference a year ago, exoplanets since they are located solar system is interesting not just
rates more easily than we do. we had no idea that Libya would outside of our solar system, is because it has more planets than
Moreover, they manage their implode and that Italy would be difficult work. any we've observed outside our
monetary policy on the overall the point country dealing with the To date, NASA's New Worlds o w n , b u t a l s o b e c a u s e i t ' s
inflation rate outlook and not on energy impact and the Eurozone Atlas lists fewer than a thousand e x t r e m e l y c o m p a c t .
confirmed exoplanets, quite a
UK bank bonuses vs US bank bonuses small number considering the Full list at
(Finance News - Business news for his performance in 2010. The billions of stars in our galaxy Total aggregation of
from the UK and world) pay-out makes him the UK's best- alone. Read on to learn about H o w S t u f f W o r k s . c o m .
paid bank boss. But as far as some of their most amazing finds Photo credit: Fotolia
Submitted at 3/7/2011 11:04:04 AM
bonuses go, he is still trailing in this list of 10 cool exoplanets. Permalink| Leave a comment »
Barclays chief executive Bob behind his US rivals. • Gliese 876 D: While Gliese 876
Diamond has been handed d likely won't ever be home to
£10.1m in salary, bonus and stock
Newstablet Edition Economy/ Culture/ 43

Apple's Amazing iPad Business In 10 private islands we

Context (AAPL) wish we could afford
Dan Frommer (Money Game) (Holy Kaw!) purchased by actor Johnny Depp
Submitted at 3/7/2011 11:33:00 AM Submitted at 3/7/2011 11:50:00 AM for $3.6 million in 2004.
• Necker Island, British Virgin
Apple's iPad is already a massive Imagine you suddenly have more Islands: Richard Branson recalled
business. The most amazing thing money than you know what to do purchasing the undeveloped
is that it didn't exist a year ago. with. You have a home on every island for a mere $100,000 in
In the first 9 months of sales last continent and a private yacht 1978, estimating the 74-acre (30-
year, Apple sold almost 15 bigger than the house you grew up hectare) island's present-day value
million iPads, generating almost in. But still, something is missing. at somewhere around $60 million.
$10 billion in revenue. And that something is your own • Scott Island, British Columbia:
This year, analysts expect iPad private island. The $4.9 million price tag for
sales figures to nearly double, led With so many possible island Scott Island includes both a 4,500
by the iPad 2, which goes on sale hideaways to choose from, it's -square-foot residence and a
this Friday. hard to pick the most amazing. caretaker's cottage, both with
If iPad sales beat wild Some of the islands landed on this wraparound decks and second
expectations this year -- the same iPads generated $4.6 billion in Wii top 10 list because of their floor balconies.
way they did last year -- iPad sales, while Macs generated $5.4 The iPad has even crushed exquisite beauty and others
revenue could potentially reach billion. iPads smoked the Mac in Apple's iPhone and iPad in because their unapologetic, over- Full list at
$20 billion this year. unit shipments, though: 7.3 cumulative shipments over the the-top extravagance. Total aggregation of
That's crazy. And potentially million iPads vs. 4.1 million first 3 quarters. Of course, the • Little Hall's Pond Cay, H o w S t u f f W o r k s . c o m .
bigger than the Mac business was Macs. iPad probably wouldn't have been Bahamas: Surrounded by crystal Photo credit: Fotolia
in 2010, at $18.5 billion. Last In first-6-months unit sales, possible or nearly as successful clear Bahamian waters, this 45- Permalink| Leave a comment »
quarter, the 9-month-old iPad Apple beats the gadget hall of without the iPhone and iPod. acre (18.2-hectare) paradise was
business was almost as big as fame, including the Motorola View more at Business Insider
Apple's 26-year-old Mac business. RAZR, Sony PSP, and Nintendo

Top 10 Things to Look for to Find Your Dream Neighborhood

(HowStuffWorks Daily Feed) research when you're buying a There are so many things to reading to find out what those are Five Filters featured article:
Submitted at 3/7/2011 8:00:56 AM TV, you can always return it if consider when you're searching so you can start your search for Comment Is Free But Freedom Is
you realize it's not what you want. for the neighborhood of your the perfect neighborhood. Slavery - An Exchange With The
Before you even start looking for But you can't do the same when dreams: architectural style, safety, This entry passed through the Guardian's Economics Editor.
a place to buy or rent, you need to you sign a lease or a mortgage amenities and your commute, just Full-Text RSS service — if this is
consider the neighborhood. After and don't do your homework first. to name a few. And knowing your content and you're reading it
all, there's no point in falling in If you realize after you move that where to start can be daunting. on someone else's site, please read
love with a home in an area you the neighborhood's not for you, But there are 10 essentials you our FAQ page at
can't stand. If you don't do your it's too late. simply can't overlook. Keep content-only/faq.php
44 Culture/ Newstablet Edition

Testing Your Connection's Speed Just Got Competitive (and

Ryan Singel (Wired Top
Submitted at 3/7/2011 8:53:00 AM

The world’s most popular

broadband bandwidth speed
testing network is getting on the
social bandwagon, starting
Monday., which had 165
million unique users in 2010, is
now offering a way for users to
sign up, save their results, share
them with friends, create shared
tests, and even win badges.
The service will still allow
unregistered users to test their
cable, DSL, and 3G connections,
but registered users can combine
results from different devices and
locations. They can also easily
share their results and history by show up in a shared view. wickedly fast connection. Each had decently priced, super-fast “Users strong-armed us into it,”
publishing them on the web. So Suttles suggests there’s even wave comes with “badges” that a connections to show off to their Suttles said. “But we did add it
for instance, a user who starts to bigger uses for that kind of user can win, including ones for friends. and with good reason. Users can
have a problem with their collaboration. the fastest and slowest speeds, as The world’s most popular now log in, and they don’t lose
connection can send a link to their “If a city council wanted to collect well as a “Happy Panda” badge broadband bandwidth speed their history if they get a new
ISP to show them that they are broadband info on their for the most improved. testing network is getting on the computer or clear their cookies.”
experiencing a new drop in speed. community, they could create a Suttles himself isn’t immune to social bandwagon, starting The service will still allow
That’s useful because ISPs trust wave for the city, and all the the competitive aspect. When Monday. unregistered users to test their, according to results are crunched in real time,” demoing the site to Wired, he, which had 165 cable, DSL and 3G connections,
Suttles, in no small part because Suttles said. (If that sounds showed a Wave that included a million unique users in 2010, is but registered users can combine
many of them power their own suspiciously close to the FCC’s test from a Seattle Times reporter, now offering a way for users to results from different devices and
broadband testing systems using a attempt to collect broadband data who clocked in with 102 Mbps sign up, save their results, share locations. They can also easily
white-label version of nationally, it should — Suttles down and over 50 Mbps up, them with friends, create shared share their results and history by says he offered to hand that data putting him clearly in first place. tests and even win badges. publishing them on the web. So
Registered users can also create a to the FCC for free, to no avail.) Suttles, who has a 100 Mbps Doug Suttles, the founder of for instance, a user who starts to
“wave,” which is essentially a And then there’s vanity. Comcast connection at his house Ookla, the service’s parent have a problem with their
group that lets people share “People like to show off,” Suttles for testing purposes, ended the company, said he resisted the idea connection can send a link to their
results. So if an office adds Wi-Fi, said, pointing to a recently call, saying he was going to go for a long time, arguing that as a ISP to show them that they are
employees can all test the new popular Reddit thread where a post the high score. utility there was no need to have a
connection and have their results visitor to a Korea showed off a Now, if only the rest of America login system. TESTING page 46
Newstablet Edition Culture/ 45

Sleep Quality May Be Tied to Covert Brain Wave

Bruce Bower (Wired Top Northwestern University in
Stories) Chicago. Such awareness enables
Submitted at 3/7/2011 9:00:00 AM people to wake quickly in case of
danger, but too much alpha
Making waves isn’t conducive to activity might also have a
staying asleep, at least when the downside if it prevents a good
waves are a type of brain signal night of sleep.
associated with being awake. People with insomnia commonly
A type of brain activity known as complain that they are very light
an alpha wave emanates from the sleepers and are always aware of
back of the head when a person is their surroundings, Zee says.
awake but relaxing with eyes Although many insomniacs get a
closed. Scientists used to think full night of sleep, they report that
that the wave was subdued and their sleep is not restful. But
disappeared as a person fell laboratory tests often don’t show
deeper and deeper into sleep. any abnormalities.
But the alpha wave doesn’t “The classical way we’re scoring
disappear; it just goes undercover sleep may not give a good handle
during sleep, researchers report on what a patient really
online March 3 in PLoS One. The experiences,” she says. “This new
covert alpha wave may help way of analyzing depth of sleep
determine how deeply people may be used to get a better
sleep and how much noise is understanding of a patient’s
needed to rouse a sleeper. complaint.”
The finding “stresses that sleep is Image: cobalt123/Flickr
really a dynamic process,” says Scientists hadn’t ignored alpha volunteers down into discrete with how easily a person could be See Also:
Mathias Basner, a sleep waves on purpose, says study waves. The analysis revealed that awoken by traffic noises, loud This entry passed through the
researcher at the University of coauthor Scott McKinney, a sleep alpha waves never truly go away; talking or other sounds that might Full-Text RSS service — if this is
Pennsylvania in Philadelphia who scientist at Massachusetts General they just get drowned out by more be encountered in hospital or at your content and you're reading it
was not involved in the study. The Hospital and Harvard University. vigorous signals the way home in a city. When alpha wave on someone else's site, please read
study shows that sleep doesn’t Researchers typically measure spreading ripples from a small activity spiked just before a noise our FAQ page at
happen just in discrete blocks, as brain activity during sleep with rock dropped in a pond are was played, volunteers woke up content-only/faq.php
most charts of sleep stages would electroencephalographs, or EEGs, swamped by waves from a more easily than when alpha wave Five Filters featured article:
indicate. Instead, brain activity devices that use electrodes on the passing speedboat. activity was low, the researchers Comment Is Free But Freedom Is
changes from moment to moment scalp to detect electrical activity Alpha wave activity decreases as found. Slavery - An Exchange With The
during sleep. in the brain. The squiggly lines people enter ever-deeper levels of Alpha wave activity may be the Guardian's Economics Editor.
“It may suggest that something is recorded by the EEG can be hard sleep and increases as people brain’s way of keeping people
going on in the central nervous to interpret with the naked eye, so cycle back into more shallow aware of their surroundings
system that we don’t know about McKinney and his colleagues sleep stages. In study participants, during sleep, speculates Phyllis
and should maybe pay more used computer programs to break the ups and downs of alpha wave Zee, director of the Sleep
attention to,” Basner says. the EEG signals from 13 activity were closely associated Disorders Program at
46 Culture/ Finance/ Newstablet Edition

March Madness Live Streaming Comes to iPad

Jeremy Repanich (Wired Top TNT or truTV to catch the game products and services for Turner
Stories) they want to see most. Turner Sports, didn’t offer projections for
Submitted at 3/7/2011 9:00:00 AM Sports also built on the existing this year to, but he
March Madness On Demand does expect an uptick in viewers.
F r o m e v e r y N C A A m e n ’ s online platform and Apple’s That’s why his company been
basketball tourney game being iTunes Store— to create live working to reserve backend
broadcast in its entirety for the streams with enhanced statistics bandwidth to ensure consistently
first time, to free live streams of and social media integration for smooth streaming for fans.
each matchup on the web and iOS every contest, from the play-in Pages: 1 2 View All
devices, the second half of March game through the Final Four. This entry passed through the
is pretty much booked for college The result is a fan-friendly Full-Text RSS service — if this is
basketball fans. Hopefully, their experience that lets you watch any your content and you're reading it
loved ones and bosses will game anywhere, which means on someone else's site, please read
understand. streaming at work for many of us our FAQ page at
Last year the NCAA signed a in those first couple days of content-only/faq.php
new deal with CBS and Turner March Madness. Luckily, the life- During the 2010 edition, 8.3 championship online, a meager Five Filters featured article:
Sports to share the tournament saving Boss button (clicked 3.94 million unique viewers watched fraction of the 48.1 million people Comment Is Free But Freedom Is
broadcast rights for the next 14 million times during the 2010 or listened to 11.7 million hours who caught the game on TV, but Slavery - An Exchange With The
years. So starting this season, in tournament) is back to hide our of online streams of the NCAA s t i l l a 7 0 - p e r c e n t i n c r e a s e Guardian's Economics Editor.
addition to watching games on v i e w i n g f r o m d i s a p p r o v i n g tournament. And 575,000 users compared to 2009. Michael
CBS, fans can tune in to TBS, s u p e r i o r s . saw the 2010 Duke-Butler Adamson, vice president of new

TESTING Barclays chief Bob

continued from page 44

experiencing a new drop in speed. “If a city council wanted to collect user can win, including ones for had decently priced, superfast Diamond awarded
That’s useful because ISPs trust broadband info on their the fastest and slowest speeds, as connections to show off to their, according to community, they could create a well as a “Happy Panda” badge friends. £6.5m bonus
Suttles, in no small part because wave for the city, and all the for the most improved. This entry passed through the (Finance News - Business news
many of them power their own results are crunched in real time,” Suttles himself isn’t immune to Full-Text RSS service — if this is from the UK and world)
broadband testing systems using a Suttles said. (If that sounds the competitive aspect. When your content and you're reading it Submitted at 3/7/2011 7:32:14 AM
re-branded version of suspiciously close to the FCC’s demoing the site to Wired, he on someone else's site, please read attempt to collect broadband data showed a Wave that included a our FAQ page at Barclays' chief executive Bob
Registered users can also create a nationally, it should — Suttles test from a Seattle Times reporter, content-only/faq.php Diamond was confirmed as the
“wave,” which is essentially a says he offered to hand that data who clocked in with 102 Mbps Five Filters featured article: UK's best paid bank boss on
group that lets people share to the FCC for free, to no avail.) down and over 50 Mbps up, Comment Is Free But Freedom Is Monday - despite receiving a
results. So if an office adds Wi-Fi, And then there’s vanity. putting him clearly in first place. Slavery - An Exchange With The smaller-than-expected £6.5m
employees can all test the new “People like to show off,” Suttles Suttles, who has a 100 Mbps Guardian's Economics Editor. bonus for last year.
connection and have their results said, pointing to a recently Comcast connection at his house
show up in a shared view. popular Reddit thread where a for testing purposes, ended the
Suttles suggests there’s even visitor to a Korea showed off a call, saying he was going to go
bigger uses for that kind of wickedly fast connection. Each post the high score.
collaboration. wave comes with “badges” that a Now, if only the rest of America
Newstablet Edition Culture/ 47

Gaddafi's Craziest Quotes Quiz: Pregnancy Myths

(HowStuffWorks Daily Feed) operatives.) Here: Gaddafi has a (HowStuffWorks Daily Feed)
Submitted at 3/7/2011 8:00:56 AM cappuccino in Rome in 2009. Submitted at 3/7/2011 8:00:56 AM
View the full gallery, Gaddafi's
Libyan leader Colonel Mummar Craziest Quotes, at Gran believed it, and mom
Gaddafi has earned his reputation This entry passed through the believed it, but should you?
for being wackily quotable. In this Full-Text RSS service — if this is Pregnancy can be a wonderful but
LIFE gallery, we look at some of your content and you're reading it scary time, and those helpful old
his strangest remarks. First up: on someone else's site, please read wives' tales have survived for so
"Their ages are 17. They give our FAQ page at long because there's a grain of
them pills at night, they put content-only/faq.php truth in them, right? Well, not so
hallucinatory pills in their drinks, Five Filters featured article: fast. Just because they've hung
their milk, their coffee, their Comment Is Free But Freedom Is around doesn't make them factual. Kate Hudson Brings Her
Nescafe." (Claiming that February Slavery - An Exchange With The This pregnancy quiz will help you White Bikini South to
2011 protesters are acting on Guardian's Economics Editor. separate fact from fantasy when it on someone else's site, please read
drugs given to them by al-Qaeda our FAQ page at Mexico With Matt and
comes to being "in a family way".
Earn a point for every right content-only/faq.php Ryder!
Nicole and Kate Hit Paris answer! Save your score at the
end of the quiz.
Five Filters featured article: Allie Merriam (PopSugar)
Comment Is Free But Freedom Is
Slavery - An Exchange With The Submitted at 3/7/2011 8:33:12 AM
This entry passed through the
Fashion Week With Same Full-Text RSS service — if this is
your content and you're reading it
Guardian's Economics Editor. Kate Hudson covered up her
white bikini with a little wrap
-Dressed Liv and Kanye Pompeii couple reunited in while relaxing in Cabo with her
boyfriend, Matt Bellamy, and son
Allie Merriam (PopSugar) Ryder on a recent vacation! The
Submitted at 3/7/2011 9:21:18 AM
marble inscription trio headed to Mexico for a quick
getaway, but were back in time
Nicole Richie continued her (Holy Kaw!) " L ( u c i u s ) C a l t i l i u s L ( u c i ) for Ryder's baseball game in LA
stylish tour of Paris on Saturday Submitted at 3/7/2011 11:41:00 AM l ( i b e r t u s ) C o l l ( i n a t r i b u ) on Saturday. Kate's not one to be
by admiring the silver and gold [P]amphilus [...]ae uxori [...]mo." shy about her growing baby
hair at the Jean Paul Gaultier A married couple from Pompeii While four pieces referred to bump, as she also flaunted her
show during Fall Fashion Week have been reunited with the "Lucius Caltilius Pamphilus, new form in a curve-hugging
alongside Kanye West. The duo recovery of a missing piece of a freedman of Lucius, member of Roberto Cavalli gown last month
were equally dressed up yesterday 2000-year-old marble puzzle t h e C o l l i n i a n t r i b e , " t w o at the Grammys. Kate was at the
as well, when she threw on a m a d e o f s e v e r a l i n s c r i b e d fragments contained the Latin beach just under a year ago as she
leather dress to see what Riccardo fragments. Broken apart and word "uxori," indicating a wife. shot Something Borrowed in the
Tisci had designed for Givenchy. buried during the eruption of Full story at Discovery News. Hamptons, and we'll soon get to
slightly worse for the wear. She
Kanye stepped out for the second
was in top form, however, for a Mount Vesuvius in 79 A.D., the More news from Discovery see the results of her hard work
show in a monkey-print tee that p i e c e s b e l o n g e d t o a t o m b Communications. when the sweet-looking
new video for Longchamp. Make adaptation of the beloved book
was also sported by Liv Tyler- inscription. Permalink| Leave a comment »
sure to check out all of our hits theaters in two months. View
who do you think wore it better? Later reassembled by piecing
coverage from the front rows as Slideshow ›
Kate Moss, meanwhile, headed to together six fragments, it read:
things wrap up in the coming
the city just in time to hit the
days! View Slideshow ›
Givenchy afterparty, which she
was spotted leaving looking
48 Culture/ TV/ Newstablet Edition

Jennifer Aniston Has Dancing Babies,

Sienna Miller and Tom Cute Puppies, and a Double Rainbow
Sturridge Meet Up For a in Her Smartwater "Sex Tape"
Allie Merriam (PopSugar)
Late Night in London Submitted at 3/7/2011 7:57:22 AM

Lauren Turner (PopSugar) Jennifer Aniston had some fun

Submitted at 3/7/2011 9:55:30 AM with her buddies at smartwater for
a new video they're hoping goes Taxidermy
Sienna Miller met up with Tom viral! Or, as Jen put it, "I'm here
Sturridge at the Ivy Club after to talk to you about smartwater, lewdly dancing babies, a ton of
Reality Show:
finishing a performance of Flare but in this day and age I can't just
Path in London on Saturday night. do that, can I? . . . I have to make
adorable puppies, and even a This Is Happening
double rainbow- check out the
She's been hard at work on a video, apparently, that turns into Chris Harnick (TV Squad)
results below!
rehearsals for the play, which she a virus." She got a collection of Submitted at 3/7/2011 6:45:00 AM
recently promoted in a revealing trendy online people and things to
interview in the UK publication multiple times. Her former flame help her do so, including some Filed under: TV News
Time Out. Sienna's also been Jude Law also appears to be doing Taxidermy fans, rejoice! A show
making time for her friendship just fine after their split, since he's about stuffing dead things to
with Tom, though, and the duo busy partying at Carnival in make them look alive is heading
have been spotted hanging out Brazil. View Slideshow › to History Channel.
Yes, that's right, according to
Is It Worth Abandoning a Product Entertainment Weekly, History is
launching 'Mounted in Alaska,' a
You Love Due to Bad Customer series that follows a family-owned
taxidermy shop.
How to Make Your The More You Fail, The
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Newstablet Edition Politics-Left/ 49

Hague addresses MPs over botched Libya SAS mission

Andrew Sparrow (The Guardian director, is typical: "British trade days, but every now and then based on professional and military theory first floated by my
World News) and investment benefits greatly something happens that can have advice," he said. Timing and colleague Nicholas Watt in a blog
Submitted at 3/7/2011 11:49:03 AM from the strong support that the a permanent impact on someone's details of the mission were last week).
Duke of York provides in his role reputation. It is possible that we "operational matters decided by 4.34pm: Ben Wallace, a
Rolling coverage of all the day's as the UK's special representative might have witnessed such a the professionals", he said. One Conservative, asks if it is true that
political developments including f o r i n t e r n a t i o n a l t r a d e & moment. But Hague was helped Labour MP said he should resign, Libya has mustard gas. Doesn't
William Hague's statement on the i n v e s t m e n t . " enormously by the fact that he and another urged him to that show that Labour was wrong
botched Libya SAS mission That's it for today. Thanks for the received very little criticism from apologise. Hague did neither. But to claim that Libya had given up
5.20pm: Here's an afternoon comments. Conservative MPs, and he looked he did say he took full its WMD?
summary. 5.17pm: The BBC's Nick slightly more comfortable towards responsibility. "Ministers must Hague says Libya does have
• William Hague has said that he Robinson has just posted his the end of the session then he did have confidence in [the stocks of mustard gas. Britain has
takes "full responsibility" for the verdict on Hague's performance when listening to his Labour professionals'] judgments, as I do, asked for those stocks to be made
decision to order the mission that on a blog. Here's an extract. opposite number. and must take full ministerial secure. He does not know why the
led to MI6 officers and SAS The foreign secretary appeared 4.38pm: The statement is almost responsibility for all their actions Labour government did not make
soldiers being detained in Libya. demoralised or, perhaps, bored by over now. Here's a summary of and judgments and, of course, I this information public.
As he made a statement in the the attacks on him for what has the main points. do," he said. 4.32pm: Labour's Yasmin
Commons on the affair, Sir gone wrong in recent weeks. He • William Hague has said that he • Douglas Alexander said there Qureshi asks Hague if he will
Menzies Campbell, the former simply absorbed the blows which takes "full responsibility" for the was now "serious questions" apologise for what happened at
Lib Dem leader, asked him: "Isn't came from both the opposition decision to order the mission that about Hague's handling of the the weekend.
it clear that this mission was ill- and his own side without hitting led to MI6 officers and SAS crisis. His most devastating Hague says he has already made
conceived, poorly planned and back. soldiers being detained in Libya. intervention came when he quoted his position clear.
embarrassingly executed? What 4.57pm: Overall, this was In a Commons appearance that a spokesman for the Libyan 4.30pm: Andy Love, a Labour
are you going to do to restore the H a g u e ' s w o r s t h o u r i n t h e saw him being ridiculed by his opposition who told the Times MP, says the failed mission left
reputation of the United Kingdom Commons since becoming foreign Labour opposite number, Douglas that he did not understand why the Britain looking "risible" in
in relation to foreign policy in the secretary. He did not quite reach Alexander, Hague offered little British team did not just make a international circles.
Middle East?" For more details, the Gordon Brown scale in the fresh information about the normal appointment to see the Hague says other missions to
see 4.38pm. blame avoidance league, but there botched mission and padded out revolutionary council. "The Libya have been successful.
• Ed Miliband has paid tribute to is a sharp contrast between his his statement with a general British public are entitled to 4.27pm: Richard Drax, a
Prince Andrew."I worked with performance today and Caroline update about the situation in the wonder whether, if some new Conservative, says that if there
Prince Andrew when I was in Spelman's when she announced Middle East. Hague said that a neighbours moved into the foreign were a no-fly zone, helicopters
government and I saw him doing the forest privatisation U-turn. "serious misunderstanding" had secretary's street, he would would have to be available to
an important job in promoting She apologised profusely; Hague led to the MI6/SAS team being introduce himself by ringing the rescue any pilots shot down.
British trade and industry," the said as little about his mishap as detained. He failed to give a clear doorbell or instead choose to Where would they be based, given
Labour leader said on a visit to p o s s i b l e a n d , a l t h o u g h h e explanation as to why the team, climb over the fence in the middle that Britain does not have an
Northern Ireland. Miliband said it ostensibly took responsibility, he which was sent to Benghazi to of the night," he said. aircraft carrier available?
was up to the government to said that others were responsible make contact with the opposition, • Hague said that the Palestinian Hague says this is the kind of
decide what the prince's future as for the "timing and details" of the landed by helicopter at night, delegation in London was being issue that the contingency
a trade envoy should be. mission and he implied that MI6 instead of making a conventional upgraded to the diplomatic status planning is considering.
• UK Trade and Investment has or the military were to blame. daytime appointment. He of a mission. 4.23pm: John Baron, a
published a series of quotes from Douglas Alexander ridiculed the suggested that MI6 or the military I'll post a brief analysis in a Conservative, suggests that the
firms paying tribute to the work foreign secretary, using wit and were to blame. "When our staff go moment. lesson of this is that the British
Prince Andrew has done as a trade understatement to powerful effect. into a potentially dangerous 4.36pm: Labour's Paul Flynn should stop lecturing people on
envoy. This one, from Malcolm What happens in the chamber is situation, then the level of suggests the Tory ministers have
Brinded, the Shell managing normally of little relevance these protection is provided for them "overdosed on James Bond" (a HAGUE page 50
50 Newstablet Edition
continued from page 49

their affairs. links with Libya. Hague says that papers and that the notion that are "operational matters decided 3.38pm: Hague has just finished
4.22pm: Julian Brazier, a he has other issues to worry about Britain is a leader in the crisis by the professionals", he says. now. His statement was quite
Conservative, says "humanitarian at the moment, although he exists only in Hague's head. Has David Cameron and other lengthy, but he was padding it out
aid supported by military means" concedes that there are lessons to Hague considered resigning? colleagues were aware of this, he with plenty of general comments
is unlikely to be seen as aid. be learnt. Hague says he takes the doctrine says. about what is happening in the
Hague accepts that Brazier has a 4.07pm: Hague is still answering of ministerial responsibility Hague says Britain "led the way" region. He covered the MI6/SAS
point. He stresses that the questions. In response to a seriously. in getting Libya suspended from mission in just five sentences.
government is involved in question from the Tory, Bernard 3.56pm: Labour's Bob Ainsworth the UN human rights commission. Here is the full quote.
contingency planning. Jenkin, about taking credit for suggests that Hague is more British foreign policy has had an Last week I authorised the
4.19pm: Andrew Murrison, a what goes right and taking the concerned about being seen to be "extremely powerful" impact on dispatch of a small diplomatic
Conservative, asks what the EU blame for what goes wrong, doing something than actually the situation, he says. team to Eastern Libya in uncertain
foreign service is doing about the Hague jokes that, when he led the doing something. 3.48pm: Hague thanks Douglas circumstances which we judged
crisis. Conservative party for four years, 3.56pm: Sir Menzies Campbell, Alexander for paying tribute to required their protection to build
Hague says Lady Ashton, the EU he never came across this notion. the former Lib Dem leader, says the work of the SAS in rescuing on these initial contacts [with the
"foreign minister", has been 4.02pm: Here's the killer quote the mission was poorly conceived. people from the oil field areas. Libyan opposition] and to assess
making visits to the region. from Douglas Alexander that I 3.54pm: Labour's Jack Straw He is talking now about the Arab the scope for closer diplomatic
4.16pm: Labour's Jeremy Corbyn referred to at 3.46pm. Alexander says, in his experience, ministers League. (It sounds as if he is dialogue. I pay tribute to that
asks about Bahrain and Saudia started by reading out the Mustafa are always offered an impressive playing for time, before having to team. They were withdrawn
Arabia. Human rights is more Gheriani question from the Times: amount of operational detail about address Alexander's points about yesterday after a serious
important than selling arms, he "If this is an official delegation missions like this when asked to the MI6/SAS mission.) misunderstanding about their role
says. why did they come with a approve them. Are government 3.46pm: Douglas Alexander asks leading to temporary detention.
Hague says it is important for helicopter? Why didn't they ministers getting less detail than Hague if he would introduce This situation was resolved and
people to be allowed to protest [inform the revolutionary council] Labour ministers did? himself to new neighbours by they were able to meet [an
peacefully. that 'we are coming, we'd like to Hague says the situation has not knocking on the door - or by opposition leader]. However it
4.15pm: Labour's Barry Gardiner land at Benina airport', or come changed. But every operation is climbing into their garden in the was clearly better for this team to
asks who the "diplomats" on the through Egypt like all the different, he says. middle of the night. be withdrawn.
MI6/SAS mission were supposed journalists have done." Then 3.53pm: Hague says there would I'll post the full quote later. It was 3.36pm: Hague says Andrew
to be meeting. And why did they Alexander said this: have to be a "demonstrable need" a lethal line, made all the more Mitchell, the international
have multiple identities. The British public are entitled to for a no-fly zone for one to be effective by Alexander's deadpan development secretary, has visited
Hague says the group met the wonder whether, if some new imposed. There would have to be delivery. the region to find out about the
head of the revolutionary council. neighbours moved into the foreign support from other countries in 3.44pm: Douglas Alexander asks humanitarian crisis on Libya's
4.12pm: Rory Stewart, a secretary's street, he would the region, he says. Hague to confirm that the border.
Conservative, asks Hague to introduce himself by ringing the 3.49pm: Hague is still replying to revolutionary council HQ is just 3.35pm: Hague says 180 Britons
consider setting up escrow doorbell, or instead choose to Douglas Alexander. He says two miles away from where HMS are still in Libya. Some of them,
account for Libyan oil revenues. climb over the fence in the middle contingency planning should be Cumberland was docked in port. such as journalists, have said they
Hague says he is looking at ways of the night. done for a no-fly zone. Labour And he quotes the question from intend to stay.
of restricting the money going to 4.00pm: Labour's Ben Bradshaw agree with this, he says. Mustafa Gheriani included in the The international criminal court
the Libyan regime. He will look at asks why the MI6 team did not go On this issue of the mission, he Times article - see 3.31pm. is investigating alleged crimes in
that kind of measure, he says, straight into Benghazi. says Alexander is "right about the 3.43pm: Douglas Alexander, the Libya, he says.
4.12pm: The full text of Hague's Hague says that diplomats are factual points". That is an answer shadow foreign secretary, is EU sanctions against Libya came
opening statement is now on the protected in line with the to the point about the opposition speaking now. He started by into full force last Thursday. That
Foreign Office website. intelligence and security advice. HQ being just two miles from the acknowledging that these was the quickest ever imposition
4.10pm: The Tory MP Robert 3.58pm: Labour's Denis port. decisions are difficult. But then he of EU sanctions.
Halfon asks Hague to set up an MacShane says that he has been Hague says he authorised the listed a series of apparent errors HAGUE page 51
inquiry into the last government's reading European and American mission. The timing and details made by the Foreign Office.
Newstablet Edition 51
continued from page 50

3.33pm: Hague says he why did they come with a week that the government was on Mandelson's comments about could join them in a coalition and
authorised the dispatch of a "small helicopter? Why didn't they sending advisers to eastern Libya Ed Miliband. But there are plenty Mandelson acknowledges that
diplomatic team" to Libya in [inform the revolutionary council] to help the rebels. It was of other revelations and "the short-term temptation is for
circumstances that meant they that 'we are coming, we'd like to emphasised that the government observations in there. Sunder us to try to isolate Nick Clegg and
needed armed protection. They land at Benina airport', or come would not supply them with arms Katwala has written some of them to pick off the many Lib Dem
were withdrawn after a through Egypt like all the as there is an embargo currently. up at Next Left, John Rentoul has voters obviously disgruntled with
misunderstanding about their journalists have done," Mustafa Yet the rebels, unsurprisingly also mentioned some on his blog the compromises he has had to
intentions, he says. Gheriani, a spokesman for the angered by an operation that and I quoted from it here and here make". But the Lib Dems could
3.32pm: 3.32pm: William Hague revolutionary leadership, asked. could further inflame the over the weekend. Here are a few do well enough at the next
is speaking now. He says MPs 3.25pm: According to the Sun situation, reported that the men in other points worth mentioning. election to ensure that there is
will be concerned by the violence version of the MI6/SAS story, the helicopter had ammunition, • Mandelson suggests that tuition another hung parliament.
in Libya. There are credible after the mission "Libyans were explosives and a number of fees would have gone up to In this event, Ed Miliband will
reports of the use of helicopter filmed holding underpants said to passports of different £6,000 if Labour had won the not make enough Lib Dem friends
gunships. belong to one Brit - which they nationalities. election. by harking on about their "tragic
In Tripoli there have been said had a secret compartment 2.49pm: Since John Prescott is in When I [set up the Browne mistake" in going in with the
"disturbing reports of hostage sewn into it." the news today, it's worth pointing review] in November 2009 I Tories and offering them the
taking". 3.19pm: William Hague will be out that Lord Mandelson seems to assumed, as the Treasury did, that chance to recant and come hither.
In large swathes of the country, making his statement to the be blaming him for the fact that the outcome would have to In the short term, of course, more
Colonel Gaddafi's authority is Commons in 10 minutes. He's Labour does not its own Big include a significant increase in leftwing Lib Dems may well be
contested. going to have to explain why he Society policy. This is from the tuition fees. I felt that they would enticed by that approach. In the
Gaddafi must put "an immediate sent an MI6/SAS mission into new preface that Mandelson has certainly have to double in order longer term, he, and we, need to
stop" to the use of armed force Libya by helicopter at night to get written for the paperback edition to offset the deficit-reduction repair and rebuild relations with
and hand over power, Hague says. in touch with the rebels when it of his autobiography, The Third measures that we too would have the Lib Dem leadership as well.
3.31pm: And here's an extract appears he could have just called Man. implemented had we won the 2.42pm: Here's George Osborne
from the Times story explaining them up to arrange an The "big society" has roots in our election. explaining why the cabinet
why the MI6/SAS story was so appointment. In an article in own New Labour search for a • Mandelson says it would be a decided to meet in Derby today.
odd. today's Guardian, my colleague political model that would better mistake to write off the Lib Dems. The reason the cabinet has come
The team could have come in Richard Norton Taylor explains define the role of a decentralised My suspicion is that Clegg's en masse to Derby, to this great
with HMS Cumberland, a British quite how odd this was. state, and the relationship between decision to take his party into company here, is to show that
frigate that was openly docked in Why, as reporters in Benghazi government and the governed, for government may work out better there's a future for Britain that is
Benghazi port yesterday, and asked on Sunday, did a unit of six the new century ... Exactly how to in the end than it appears now ... not so dependent on debt, on the
caught a taxi a couple of miles to SAS troops, apparently in the do this - how government, [If the economy does not fall back City of London, or growth just in
the court building where the company of two "diplomats", communities, charities, families into recession] Clegg will be able the south east of England which is
revolutionary council's have to be dropped by helicopter interact in their neighbourhoods - to argue that, for all the difficult where we've been for the last
representatives meet the press and in the desert in middle of the night is something we had simply not moments, he has taken his party decade, but actually we've got an
conduct their daily business. That when they could have walked worked out by the time we into national office for the first economy in the future which is
way, they might have avoided down the gangplank of the departed office. Tony had left this time since the heyday of the old going to manufacture things again
being captured. destroyer HMS York on the whole area of policy Liberals at the beginning of the in Britain and it's going to grow in
The rebel council, which declared Benghazi quayside? Perhaps they fundamentally unreformed, in last century. all parts of the country, including
itself this weekend the sole cannot resist the temptation of John Prescott's ministerial • Mandelson suggests Ed the East Midlands.
legitimate authority in the mounting an operation that would domain, and it was not picked up Miliband needs to repair relations According to the Press
country, expressed surprise and sound really daring if it was by Gordon when he took over. with Nick Clegg. Some Labour Association, Osborne also
annoyance at the British written up in the media. The new preface is fascinating. figures have said that the Lib claimed that the cuts were being
delegation's "James Bond" antics. Sources – I cannot describe them After the first extracts were Dems would have to get rid of HAGUE page 52
"If this is an official delegation in any other way – said late last released, the news reports focused Clegg as leader before Labour
52 Newstablet Edition
continued from page 51

spread "pretty fairly" across the former head of UK Trade and shadow political and running round the fashion shops Labour former chairman of the
country and that "some of the Investment, told the World at One constitutional reform minister, has giving their political views. It's a foreign affairs committee, has told
biggest cuts are in David that Prince Andrew achieved "a said that the prince should be wifeocracy! They're not elected the BBC's Daily Politics show
Cameron's own constituency whole series of successes" in his dropped because he's "a bit of an by anybody! I mean, bloody hell, that Prince Andrew should give
[Witney in Oxfordshire]." role as trade ambassador in the embarrassment". But Labour you've only got to talk about the up his job as a trade envoy
Does anyone know if that's true? five years that Cahn was at UKTI. sources have said that this is not Speaker's wife, haven't you? They because "he's an embarrassment
2.29pm: One of the glories of the According to PoliticsHome, this is the party's official position. (See only get on 'cos of who they're to the Royal family". According
British constitution is that we how Cahn put it. 9.01am and 11.55am.) married to! They might not like to PoliticsHome, Gapes said the
appear to make it up as we go He's there for the long term and • David Cameron has sought to this, but that's what it basically is. prince should be replaced by
along. Sir Gus O'Donnell, the he has a status which other trade illustrate the government's 12.45pm: In Derby David someone like an MP or a peer
cabinet secretary, has tried to representatives don't have. He's commitment to boosting growth Cameron has been talking about who would be accountable to
impose some rigour on the system particularly effective in the Gulf, by chairing a cabinet meeting at a his decision to hold a cabinet parliament.
by producing a"Cabinet Manual" for example, where for many Rolls Royce plant in Derby."I meeting at a Rolls Royce plant. 11.55am: I'm just back from the
setting out the rules. In December royal families who are there, for know some good work's been According to the Press Number 10 lobby briefing. One
he published a fresh draft of this many years who are friendly with done [on the growth review] but Association, he said this: rule of lobby briefings is that the
document saying that, in the event our Royal family and who listen we have a lot more to do to make The point of the cabinet today is longer they go on, the less
of a hung parliament, the prime to what they have to say. sure this really does help to make really to ask one fundamental informative they tend to be. This
minister is not expected to resign Ministers come and go. The the economy rebalance and to question: what is it that we can do one went on for ages because
until it is clear that someone else Duke of York is there for a much grow," Cameron said. (See in government to help the journalists were trying, without
can form a government. That does longer term and anyway what the 12.45pm.) economy to rebalance, to grow, any success, to get Downing
not sound particularly Duke of York does is add to what • Downing Street has said that and for businesses to start up to Street to a) confirm reports that
controversial. ministers do. He can make more William Hague took the decision invest and to employ people? That Prince Andrew's position as a
But it is. In a report today on the trips than ministers can, but to authorise the botched MI6/SAS is large businesses but also all the trade envoy is under threat and b)
Cabinet Manual, the House of particularly at his level. And he mission to Libya. Hague will way down the chain to start-up explain why the government
Lords constitution committee says gets an access that more junior make a statement about the affair businesses as well. We've got just landed SAS officers by helicopter
this passage should be rewritten. ministers can't get. in the Commons at 3.30pm. two weeks to go before the at night in Libya to get in touch
It is a matter of debate as to You always have stuff swirling 12.57pm: If you haven't already budget. I think that gives us an with the opposition when it would
whether a prime minister has a around the Royals. All I know is looked at Decca Aitkenhead's opportunity to make sure what have been quite easy to set up a
duty to stay in office until it is that in the five years that I worked interview with John Prescott for we're all looking at in the growth conventional diplomatic meeting
clear who might command the with him he was highly regarded G2, you should. It's a very jolly review, issues as far and wide as in Benghazi in office hours. Here
confidence of the House of overseas and achieved a whole read. Appropriately enough, on planning, housing, enterprise, are the key points.
Commons. The Manual should series of successes. He's a really the day Cherie Blair takes up a taxation, all those things, we can • David Cameron has full
distinguish between the right to effective trade ambassador. Labour policy role (see 10.51am), bring them together in that confidence in Prince Andrew in
remain in office and the duty to 1.06pm: Here's a lunchtime the interview includes Prescott budget. I know some good work's his role as a trade envoy, the
do so ... The Manual should state summary. having a go at the "wifeocracy". been done but we have a lot more prime minister's spokesman said.
that there is a degree of • Downing Street has said that I talk to Tony more than Gordon. to do to make sure this really does There is no "review" of the
uncertainty on this point ... David Cameron has full But then Tony keeps in contact. help to make the economy prince's role. "We fully support
We ... consider that an incumbent confidence in Prince Andrew in Gordon switches off. I'm not rebalance and to grow. him in his role as a trade envoy.
prime minister has no duty to his role as a trade envoy. The going to tell you what I think According to the BBC's Laura He has made a very important
remain in office following an prime minister's spokesman has about that, 'cos you'll bloody well Kuenssberg, Cameron has been contribution, and continues to do
inconclusive general election until denied reports that the prince's print it. But we hear more from taking questions from reporters so." The spokesman would not
it is clear what form any role is under review and paid his wife than him, don't we? What about growth. But he has not been comment on the various reports
alternative government might tribute to the "valuable is it with this wifeocracy? All the answering questions about Libya today saying that the prince's role
take. contribution" that the prince wives! Cherie Blair. Even or Prince Andrew. HAGUE page 53
1.39pm: Sir Andrew Cahn, the makes. Labour's Chris Bryant, the Cameron's wife. They're all 12.36pm: Mike Gapes, the
Newstablet Edition 53
continued from page 52

is going to be downgraded or that denied a claim from a TV reporter away from international slipped behind their savings target • George Parker in the Financial
he is effectively on a final that Cameron cancelled an investment for fear of risking for the financial year by at least Times(subscription) says Nick
warning. These stories were based interview planned for today. similar opprobrium, Britain's £70 million. London is expected Clegg does not want tax cuts for
on unattributable comments, the Other ministers would be put up relative decline in the global to bear some of the toughest cuts motorists to be the priority in the
spokesman said. The spokesman instead, the spokesman suggested. economy can only worsen. It is in the coming years with moves to budget.
also promised to produce a list of 10.51am: Cherie Blair is to lead a difficult enough already for us to a system of community-based Mr Osborne is being urged by Mr
quotes from British companies Labour taskforce looking at ways compete against the world's rising care. Some mid-size hospitals are Clegg, the deputy prime minister,
testifying to the fact that the of improving the lives of women economic powerhouses. If on top likely to face mergers or closure, not to go too far in offering tax
prince has made a valuable in the developing world, the BBC of our present disadvantages – with a focus on fewer major acute cuts to motorists. He argues that
contribution in his role as a trade reports. high relative costs of production, hospitals. scarce resources should be
envoy since he took it up in 2001. I'm off to the lobby briefing. I'll considerable regulatory • T h e F i n a n c i a l focused on raising the income tax
• William Hague, the foreign post again after 11.30am. constraint, weak entrepreneurial Times(subscription) says the threshold towards £10,000, a long
secretary, took the decision to 10.29am: You can read all drive and barriers to entry to independent commission on -term target in the coalition
authorise the botched MI6/SAS today's Guardian politics stories many fast-growing markets – we banking is not expected to agreement.
mission to Libya, Downing Street here. And all the politics stories introduce a further hurdle of recommend splitting banks into 10.16am: Vince Cable, the
said. The spokesman was at first filed yesterday, including some in rejection of any country less retail banks and investment banks. business secretary, is today
evasive when asked who took the today's paper, are here. savoury and democratic than our George Osborne, the UK promoting a £50m fund to help
decision for the flight to go ahead, As for the rest of the papers, here own, our employment levels and chancellor, believes that expected businesses develop skills. It will
but eventually he said: "The are some articles worth noting. standard of living are going to recommendations on restructuring fund initiatives like training
foreign secretary takes these • Lord Mandelson in the Financial fare very badly in this century. retail and investment banking projects and the extension of
decisions." But he also said that Times(subscription) says that the • Sam Lister in the groups by the Independent national skills academies. "This
Cameron and Hague had been last Labour government was right Times(paywall) says most Commission on Banking are government understands that to
discussing this issue for days and to establish business links with hospital trusts in London are "going in the right direction", an rebalance and grow our economy,
that Cameron had said publicly Libya and that the backlash refusing to agree budgets for the aide insisted on Sunday. we need to tackle the skills
that he wanted to "strengthen and against these deals has gone too next financial year. The commission, chaired by Sir shortages that hold companies
deepen" the government's far. The majority of hospital trusts in John Vickers, is investigating the back," Cable says in a statement
understand of and relationship The stigmatisating of every London are refusing to sign their merits of splitting up the big UK in the Department for Business
with the Libyan opposition. business leader, academic, budgets for the next financial year banks into separate retail and news release.
Asked why the government did politician and public servant who in the strongest indication yet of investment banking companies or 9.30am: You would have thought
not just send a diplomatic team to has had anything to do with Libya the cash pressures on the NHS forcing those operations to be that the CBI would welcome the
meet the rebel leaders by taxi, the in the last seven years has been and the possible scale of cuts to capitalised separately. It appears speech David Cameron gave
spokesman said: "I'm not getting taken to ridiculous lengths in patient care. to favour the latter option, which yesterday declaring war on "the
into the operational aspect of this some quarters. Spurred by The Times understands that more is fiercely opposed by the big enemies of enterprise". But John
issue." He said Hague would be universal disgust with the Gaddafi than two thirds of the 22 hospital banks ... Cridland, the CBI's director
saying more when he made his dictatorship's recent outrages, trusts are refusing to accept the A belief is growing in the City – general, was guarded when he
statement to the Commons at sense and judgment have flown funding allocated to them by the following the Project Merlin was asked about it on the Today
3.30pm. out of the window as normally primary care trusts that currently peace accord between the programme this morning. "We've
The spokesman also said that intelligent commentators vie in control most of the health service government and the big UK banks got to make sure that the action
there were no plans for Cameron their denunciation of anyone who budget. The concerns in the on pay and lending – that a radical lives up to the words," he said.
to give any television interviews acted in the public interest in capital are seen as a barometer of restructuring, even if "They've yet to prove themselves.
this afternoon. This is unusual deepening ties with Libyan pressures that will be felt across recommended by the commission, We're working with them and I
because Cameron is on a regional people, institutions or that the health service. would not be implemented by the hope they will." Today the CBI is
visit, and normally getting country's economy. Board papers from NHS London Treasury, but this belief was publishing its own proposals for
television coverage is a key part If, as a result of this pressure, for January show that the hospital described by an Osborne aide as HAGUE page 55
of a regional tour. The spokesman British businesses in future shy trusts and primary care trusts have "wishful thinking".
54 Politics-Left/ Newstablet Edition

Afghanistan lets Blackwater stay

Jon Boone (The Guardian seen by The Guardian 11 Karzai is said to be unhappy with not corrupt is a huge task that I less serious crimes, including
World News) companies operating in parts of the new plan. He must think could take at least two possession of unregistered guns,
Submitted at 3/7/2011 11:20:24 AM Afghanistan that have a good give it his assent before it is due years," said General Manan having too many guards and tax
reputation with government to come into effect on 21 March, Farahi, a senior adviser to the violations that they will have to
Hamid Karzai forced to back officials will enjoy favoured the Afghan new year. country's interior minister who rectify in order to keep operating.
d o w n o v e r e x p u l s i o n o f status in taking over contracts. David Petraeus, the top US has been closely involved in the A US Senate inquiry has found
mercenary companies, with many Xe Services, formerly known as commander in Afghanistan, has issue. that the Blackwater subsidiary,
likely to remain in country Blackwater, is included in that helped to put pressure on Karzai. Kabul's expatriate security called Paravant, illegally signed
Blackwater looks set to survive group despite being banned in Afghan officials are acutely aware contractors will be able to out 500 machine guns from a US
a n A f g h a n g o v e r n m e n t Iraq and notorious for its activities that without a bridging agreement reinvent themselves as consultants military store under the name Eric
clampdown on mercenaries after in Afghanistan. billions of US aid dollars could be to the APPF. "There's no Cartman, the South Park
Hamid Karzai was forced by his Seven companies deemed too threatened by the general's incentive in it for the companies character.
western partners to abandon a closely linked to senior Afghan forthcoming testimony to the US who are being asked to train up In September a US court declared
complete disbandment of private officials have been sent orders to Congress on the security situation these guards and then just hand a mistrial in the case of the two
security companies. disband within 90 days. They in Afghanistan. them all over with all their contractors involved in the 2009
Under plans to be announced by include NCL, which is owned by Karzai had already conceded that equipment," said a manager for a Kabul shooting. A jury
the Afghan government this the son of the defence minister embassies and Nato, which rely large security company. considering claims that the men
month many security contractors, and has interests in a $2.2bn US on private guards to protect "But most of us will keep our jobs were acting in self-defence was
whom Karzai regards as being government transport contract. supply convoys, could continue to as consultants and be simply unable to reach a unanimous
little better than militias, will be Another company, Watan, is use security companies. But rehired ... Most of my clients want verdict.
allowed to continue operating for frantically trying to win a stay of questions remained over to see an expat to keep an eye on That the CIA-connected company
another year. execution by arguing that its development projects, such as things." Blackwater's clean slate remains welcome in Afghanistan,
As part of a complex new owners, the Popal brothers, are road construction, that the US Eyebrows were raised among where it works on huge contracts
transition strategy the government not as closely related to the Karzai regard as essential for winning Kabul's security contractors when to train up the Afghan security
is giving them until 21 March family as widely believed. over ordinary Afghans. it emerged this month that one of forces, is in sharp contrast to Iraq.
2012 before most security for Karzai had previously described Under the new plan companies the most notorious companies in The Iraqi government refused to
development projects is taken the companies as "thieves by day, guarding reconstruction projects the industry was deemed free of renew its operating licence after
over by the Afghan Public terrorists by night". Last August will be able to have 500 of their any offences. Blackwater contractors were
Protection Force. The APPF is a he wanted them all disbanded by own guards, or up to 1,000 if they Out of 52 companies on a list of involved in a notorious 2007
government security service the end of 2010. That decree pay a one-off fine. security providers drawn up by shootout that let 17 civilians dead.
intended to assume control over sparked months of chaos and For contracts requiring more than the Afghan government It prompted the company to
the country's hugely lucrative acrimonious wrangling between that the companies will be Blackwater, or Xe Services as the change its name to Xe Services.
commercial security industry, Karzai and his overseas allies. expected to recruit, train, arm and US company is now known, was • Afghanistan
which employs around 30,000 The foreign ministry refused to pay new APPF guards who will among nine considered to be in • Xe (Blackwater)
guards. issue new visas to foreign guards. then take control of the contract good standing.That is despite a • United States
Western and Afghan officials say " K a r z a i i s d o i n g w h a t t h e after 12 months. 2009 incident when two allegedly • US foreign policy
the draft plans drawn up by Americans are telling him to do If the APPF proves not up to the drunk employees working for a
former Karzai opponent Ashraf because he has no choice," said a job the private company will subsidiary company killed two Jon Boone
G h a n i w i l l a c t u a l l y a l l o w senior western diplomat. "But if continue to be in control, Afghans after opening fire on© Guardian News
companies to keep supplying he thought in terms longer than according to the draft proposal. their car. & Media Limited 2011 | Use of
private guards and security just the next 24 hours he would Many officials think that is likely. Most of the other companies this content is subject to our
services to development projects not have got himself into this "Building up Afghan capacity so scrutinised by officials were Terms & Conditions| More Feeds
indefinitely. According to a list mess." that it is big enough, is clean and deemed guilty of considerably
Newstablet Edition TV/ Finance/ 55
continued from page 53

boosting growth. price. The private sector can't just embarrassment and I just can't Downing Street is now suggesting
9.13am: This morning the come in and undercut, because it's imagine the next time it's that the weekend briefing saying
Guardian has led on a story based actually from the point of view of proposed that he goes to a foreign that the prince is on a yellow card,
on comments from Dr Mark patients and for those in the NHS country what the ambassador and that he will lose his trade
Porter, the chairman of the British who are designing services, it's would think. envoy job if he causes any more
Medical Association's hospital about delivering quality. But Cable, in his interviews, said embarrassment, went too far. The
consultants committee. Porter 9.01am: Vince Cable, the that the prince was playing a cabinet is on its second regional
says Andrew Lansley's health business secretary, and Chris valuable role as a trade away-day. And this afternoon
reforms will take the NHS back to Byrant, the Labour former ambassador. we're due to hear more about the What's On Tonight: 'The
the 1930s. Foreign Office minister, have He has been involved in three of botched SAS mission to Libya. Event,' 'The Chicago
Very deliberately the government both been talking about Prince four activities that I've seen Here's a full list: Code,' 'Good Eats'
wishes to turn back the clock to Andrew this morning. Bryant said particular in relation to senior 10.30am: Cabinet minsters arrive
the 1930s and 1940s, when there that the prince had been executives in India, and he's at the Rolls Royce plant in Derby Bob Sassone (TV Squad)
were private, charitable and co- maintaining relationships with played a very positive role in that for an away-day cabinet meeting. Submitted at 3/7/2011 6:30:00 AM
operative providers of healthcare. people who were "very dodgy" and made them feel welcome, 2.30pm: Theresa May, the home
But that system failed to provide and that the prince should be give them support and I've secretary, takes questions in the Filed under: Reality-Free, TV
comprehensive and universal dropped as a trade ambassador. personally got no criticisms of Commons. Previews Here's what's on TV
service for the citizens of this According to PoliticsHome, here what he's done. And I think we 3.30pm: William Hague, the tonight (all times Eastern). Check
country. That's why health was are some of Byrant's comments. need to remember he's doing this foreign secretary, is expected to your local TV listings for the full
nationalised. But they're Having a member of the Royal as a volunteer, he's not a make a statement about the MI6 schedule.
proposing to go back to the days Family, particularly in some government appointee, he's not officers and SAS soldiers 8PM
before the NHS. countries, really opens some somebody who is appointed and captured in Libya. ABC:'The Bachelor'
Lansley was asked about the doors that others won't be able to sacked. And I think the As usual, I'll be covering all the NBC:'The Event'
story on Sky this morning. do. But when that happens it's got assessment of businesses I've seen breaking political news, as well as FOX:'House'
According to PoliticsHome, the to be someone who's respected, who've worked with him is he's looking at the papers and bringing ABC Family:'Pretty Little Liars'
health secretary said Porter was who, I would suggest in these been supportive and helpful. you the best politics from the Disney XD:'Zeke & Luther'
"just simply wrong". days of austerity, doesn't travel in Asked if he had the power to web. I'll post a lunchtime 8:15
I'm afraid Dr Mark Porter in this such extravagant style as the "sack" the prince from his role, summary at around 1pm and an Cartoon Network:'MAD'
respect is just simply wrong. It's prince does … All too often Cable replied: afternoon one at about 4pm. After the jump, the rest of the
not going to be like that at all, the ambassadors have complained As I say he is a volunteer, he has Andrew Sparrow schedule and the late-night talk
commissioning services, GP either that he's been phenomenally offered to perform these roles. I© Guardian News shows.
groups and their colleagues in the rude when he's turned up or that think it's down to him, essentially, & Media Limited 2011 | Use of Permalink| Email this| Linking
community commissioning he's actually set about asking for to judge the position he wants to this content is subject to our Blogs| Comments
services will be commissioning time to sell his own home ... be in. Terms & Conditions| More Feeds
for quality. They will be looking The truth is, we shouldn't be 8.41am: It's a patchy day. The
for where they need services to be using him for these delegations future of Prince Andrew as a UK
connected up for long term any more ... trade ambassador is dominating
conditions. I think the charge list now against the headlines although, according
There will not be competition on him is so long that he's a bit of an to the BBC's Nick Robinson,

Barclays' Jerry Del Missier and Rich Ricci: profiles

(Finance News - Business news Jerry Del Missier has received worth more than £24m. Here, we
from the UK and world) almost £33m in shares this month, take a look at the co-chief
with Rich Ricci handed shares executives of Barclays Capital.
56 Politics-Left/ TV/ Featured/ Newstablet Edition

Spain lowers speed to cut fuel bill What makes local sites
Giles Tremlett (The Guardian public lighting to low energy the price of commuter train tickets
World News)
Submitted at 3/7/2011 11:15:31 AM
bulbs and helping town halls hire
consultants to reduce their
in order to persuade more
Spaniards to leave their cars at
electricity consumption. home and use public transport. (Scripting News) interesting reading.
An army of workers changed Spain's socialist government aims Increased oil prices and a rise in Submitted at 3/7/2011 10:23:23 AM A couple of my favorites, close to
motorway speed signs overnight t o s a v e t h e c o u n t r y f r o m eurozone interest rates could home and a former home are
from 120km/h to 110km/h, as part importing 28.6m barrels of oil a further slow Spain's return to Lately it's dawning on people that NYU Local and Berkeleyside.
of a series of measures designed year – a potential saving of growth, analysts warn. the mass aggregators of local I think the common thing is
to save €2.3bn a year in oil costs €2.3bn (£2bn). The government • Oil information aren't achieving people who care. Who wants to
Spanish drivers have begun said it also hoped to reduce annual • Commodities critical mass among the locals. read local news prepared by
keeping their speed to below 110 CO 2 emissions by 12.5m tonnes. • Oil, a site that never made software. I find it interesting to
k m p e r h o u r ( 6 8 m p h ) o n More than 6,000 motorway speed • Energy much sense to me, sold to AOL know what interests people near
motorways after the government limit signs had to be changed • Fossil fuels for $10 million. A lot less money me. I find the idea of an algorithm
made a cut in the speed limit a overnight, with an army of • Petrol prices than the VCs had invested in it. making the choices to be sterile,
key measure in moves to lower workers sticking the new speed • Motoring Anyway, I thought now would be void of nutrients. Unhappy!
Spain's energy bill. limit over the old one. • Spain a good time to remind that in Hey even the curmudgeonly
The controversial 10 km/hr Opposition parties said the • Europe spots around the world and even Berkeley Daily Planet has a pretty
change to the speed limit will reduced speed limit would make in the US, local sites are kicking decent website these days (few
remain in place at least until the little impact on Spain's overall oil Giles Tremlett butt. Here in NYC, we have quite offsite links, but hey that's who
end of June as part of a series of bill. Right-wing commentators© Guardian News a few. I keep an aggregator of they are).
m e a s u r e s d e s i g n e d t o c u t claimed the change was mainly & Media Limited 2011 | Use of East Village blogs. Pretty
consumption by more than 5%. aimed at increasing income from this content is subject to our
Other measures included schemes speeding fines. Terms & Conditions| More Feeds
for replacing old tyres, switching The government is also reducing

Last Comic Standing Finalist Mike DeStefano Dies

Robyn Ross ( and Death: A Comedy, which was comedy competition show. His Full-Text RSS service — if this is
Breaking News) largely based on being HIV audition can be seen here. your content and you're reading it
Submitted at 3/7/2011 12:01:00 PM positive, his past drug addiction His website says he began using on someone else's site, please read
and his wife's death. heroin when he was 15. He'd been our FAQ page at
Mike Destefano See other people who have died clean about a year at 31 and was content-only/faq.php
Mike DeStefano, a comedian this year working as a drug counselor in Five Filters featured article:
who became a finalist last year on On Twitter, DeStefano's producer Florida when he offered to Comment Is Free But Freedom Is
Last Comic Standing, has died of wrote: "We'll be talking about it entertain the audience at a Slavery - An Exchange With The
a heart attack, Punchline later. Sorry if we've ignored the e- convention. Following positive Guardian's Economics Editor.
Magazine reported. mails and text messages. Mike response, he decided to start his
The Bronx native finished fourth
DeStefano had just finished a run became a brother to us. We love career in stand-up.
during Season 7 of the NBC
of shows titled Drugs, Disease him." This entry passed through the
Newstablet Edition TV/ 57

Glee's Dalton Academy Warblers to

Release Album in April
Denise Martin (
Breaking News)
Submitted at 3/7/2011 11:27:00 AM

Blaine and the Dalton Academy
Warblers are releasing a Glee
album of their own in April, a rep
for the show confirms to
Listen to Glee's original songs
"Loser Like Me" and "Get It
Darren Criss announced the news
on Live with Regis and Kelly
Monday morning. VIDEO: Jennifer
So far this season, the Warbler's
have sung Katy Perry's "Teenage
Dream," Train's "Hey, Soul Beezlebubs from Tufts away at another school, like we're
Aniston Makes "Sex
Sister," Destiny Child's "Bills,
Bills, Bills," Robin Thicke's
"When I Get You Alone" and
University) topped Billboard's
Hot 100 in November, the first
time a Glee recording hit No. 1 on
in our own little TV show."
Will you buy an all-Warbler
Tape" for SmartWater
the chart. This entry passed through the Robyn Ross ( She ends by asking her video
Wings' "Silly Love Songs." Breaking News)
Upcoming — spoiler alert — Criss was made a series regular Full-Text RSS service — if this is helpers, "What are we going to
they'll also cover Neon Trees' last year, and will go on tour with your content and you're reading it Submitted at 3/7/2011 10:43:00 AM call this video?"
"Animal" and Maroon 5's the cast this summer. on someone else's site, please read "Jen Aniston's sex tape?" they
"Misery." During Regionals, "It's fun being a Warbler," Criss, our FAQ page at Jennifer Aniston say. Aniston's response: "I love
they'll sing this underdog anthem who also performed "Silly Love content-only/faq.php Jennifer Aniston is poking fun at it."
by Pink. Songs," told the hosts. "It's kind Five Filters featured article: today's marketing methods in her Watch the video:
The story behind Glee's original of like being on our own little Comment Is Free But Freedom Is n e w Y o u T u b e v i d e o f o r This entry passed through the
songs (Psst! They're for show. Everyone always asks me, Slavery - An Exchange With The SmartWater. Full-Text RSS service — if this is
Regionals!) 'How's the cast?' and they're Guardian's Economics Editor. Aniston remarks that she can't your content and you're reading it
The cover of "Teenage Dream" lovely and I love the main kids at just tell people how great her on someone else's site, please read
by Criss and the Warblers (voiced McKinley. But the fact is I product is —she has to go viral, our FAQ page at
by real-life a cappella group the actually spend most of my time w h i c h a p p a r e n t l y i n c l u d e s content-only/faq.php
animals, dancing babies and Five Filters featured article:
double rainbow guy. Comment Is Free But Freedom Is
Watch more videos of Aniston Slavery - An Exchange With The
our Online Video Guide Guardian's Economics Editor.
58 TV/ Gaming/ Newstablet Edition

Soap News: 'General Hospital' Star

Vanessa Marcil Giovinazzo Ready to
Exit and More
Allison Waldman (TV Squad)
Submitted at 3/7/2011 7:00:00 AM

Filed under: Reality-Free, TV

News It seems like only yesterday
that Vanessa Marcil Giovinazzo
returned to'General Hospital' as
Brenda Barrett, but if her words
are to be taken as fact, her visit is
drawing to a close.
In an interview with 'Access
Hollywood,' Vanessa explained
that she will be leaving GH
shortly ... but is open to come abduction -- Giovinazzo spoke respect for these people. They
Darren Criss Says Cutting His
back for return engagements in
the future.
about the soap in the past tense.
"After the wedding there is a lot
work so hard."
We'll report the "official" word 'Big Hair' May Have Helped
of drama because my time is once ABC Daytime issues a
She didn't actually say she was
leaving, but in answering almost done, so we have to figure statement. 'Glee' Audition (VIDEO)
questions about her current hot out how to pull back," she said. "It Permalink| Email this| Linking Donald Deane (TV Squad) may have helped him land the part
storyline on GH -- involving was like going to an incredible Blogs| Comments of preppy Blaine.
Submitted at 3/7/2011 6:30:00 AM
Brenda and Sonny's wedding, high school reunion. We had so "I have big hair. That's who I
followed by her character's much fun and I have so much Filed under: TV Replay On'Live really am. This is a lie," said
With Regis and Kelly'(weekdays, Criss, pointing to his short 'do. "I
syndicated), Darren Criss says cut the hair because I really
that, after several failed auditions thought it could make a change."
for different characters on'Glee,' Permalink| Email this| Linking
cutting his normally shaggy hair Blogs| Comments

Gallery: Say hello to the Nintendo 3DS

JC Fletcher (Joystiq) obsessively inspected every angle actually turn the thing on. The Nintendo 3DS originally appeared
of the upcoming device yet, we
Submitted at 3/7/2011 12:50:00 PM European and North American on Joystiq on Mon, 07 Mar 2011
set to work taking Glamour Shots 3DS systems will be out on March 12:50:00 EST. Please see our
A beautiful aqua blue Nintendo of the handheld and its included 25 and 27, respectively (and will terms for use of feeds.
3DS arrived from Japan while we accessories. look identical to this one). Permalink| Email this| Comments
were away GDC-ing the sights. We'll be bringing you additional Gallery: Nintendo 3DS (3/7/11)
we stop taking pictures of it and
For those of you who haven't coverage of the Japanese 3DS as Gallery: Say hello to the
Newstablet Edition Products/ 59

Silo 42” 1080p LCD HDTV

(Woot! - One Day, One Deal) you’ll slowly come to accept it, • This SILO Digital LTSL4267F • 3D Digital Comb Filter • Channel Up button
Submitted at 3/7/2011 12:00:06 AM perhaps you’ll even become HDTV features a 42-inch • Built-in 10w speakers • Channel Down button
friends. “Hello, crazy chicken widescreen LCD with a 16:9 • Energy Saving Mode • Zoom button
Run, Coward, Run thing!” you’ll say each morning, aspect ratio and 1920 x 1080 • P. Mode button
Look, closing your eyes won’t marveling at how its… foil native/optimum resolution Wall-mountable: • S. Mode button
help. Whatever it is on that feathers… or whatever fit so • 3 HDMI inputs deliver a 1080p • 15.25 x 15.25-inches (387 mm • CC button
screen, it’s already noticed you. neatly into the 1920x1080 screen. signal and enable you to connect x 387 mm) VESA Pattern • EPG button
But don’t follow your instincts, “And don’t you look lovely desired components such as Blu- • CH. List button
for God’s sake. Don’t just run to t o d a y ? ” y o u ’ l l c o n t i n u e , ray players, game consoles, set Compatible Modes: • FAV button
the forum and try to be the first prompting the creature to roar, or top boxes, PCs, and AV receivers • NTSC/ATSC/ClearQAM: 480p, • Exit button
one to post WOW WOOT WAY cluck, or squeak or rustle or so you can have the ultimate 720p, 1080i, 1080p
TO CONVINCE ME NOT TO whatever it does when it wants to home theater experience • PC: SVGA, XGA, SXGA, HD Unit Dimensions:
BUY A SILO 42” 1080P LCD speak. Remember, it doesn’t • Wall Mountable with 15.25” x 720, HD 1080 • 28” H x 40.75” W x 12.75” D
H D T V Y O U S U R E G O T matter what noise it makes, you’ll 15.25” (387 mm x 387 mm) (w/base, approximate)
W O R S E S I N C E A M A Z O N be hearing it clearly over the VESA Pattern(wall mount not Connectors: • 25.5” H x 40.75” W x 4.5” D(w
TOOK OVER HAR HAR HAR Built-In 10w Speakers and that’ll included) • (1) RF ANT In /out base, approximate)
because the people who waste be cool. • (1) Composite video in
time with that are the people who But all those people who just Additional Photos: • (2) YPbPr in Power Specifications:
surely aren’t going to escape the freaked out over the photo rather • Function Buttons • (3) HDMI ports w/HDCP • Input: 100 – 240V 50/60 Hz
wrath of… well, whatever that than acting like a rational human • Detail of Ports & Connectors support
chicken thing actually is. What and reading this description, • Package Contents • (1) 15-pin VGA port Regulatory Approvals:
you need to do is swallow that they’ll be lost souls. Helpless, • Packaging • (1) PC Audio in 3.5 mm jack • FCC
fear, and overcome your desire to reduced to a primal state, their • (1) Headphone out 3.5 mm jack • CE
whine at us about the photo, and vestigial brains dissolving like an Technical Specifications: • (1) coaxial audio out jack • cULus
just step it up and prove yourself antacid in a glass of water. • Sleek black design • (1) RCA L/R Audio in • WEEE
the alpha. Everyone knows the They’ll be doomed before a • S c r e e n S i z e : 4 2 - i n c h • (1) RCA L/R Audio out
a l p h a m o n s t e r n e v e r g e t s creature like this… well, whatever Widescreen • (1) USB port In the box:
challenged by the pack. So how its name is. While you, a rational • Aspect Ratio: 16:9 • (1) 42-inch SILO Digital
does one get to be an alpha? Easy! intelligent human being who can • Native/Optimum Resolution: Remote Control Features: LTSL4267F 1080p Widescreen
By purchasing this Silo 42” ACTUALLY READ will be the 1920 x 1080 • Operates on two (2) AAA LCD HDTV
1080p LCD HDTV! new heir to the earth, with your • Tuners: ATSC/QAM/NTSC batteries(included) • (1) Stand
Once you own the Silo 42” cheerful happy monster by your • Contrast Ratio: 5000:1 • Power button • (1) Remote control
1080p LCD HDTV, you, the sort side in pure 1080p HD quality. • Response Time: 5 ms (typical) • INFO button • (2) AAA batteries for Remote
of person who reads the writeup You ask us, those jerkfaces • Refresh Rate: 60Hz • Mute button Control
rather than just wandering blindly deserve what’s coming to them. • Brightness: 500 cd/m2 • 0-9 number buttons • Power cord
to the forums, howling like a Besides, we think this thing is sort • Color Depth: 10-bit 1.06 Billion • Source button • User’s Manual
b e a s t i n a v a i n a t t e m p t t o of cute. colors • Recall button
understand the reasoning behind Authorized for SquareTrade • Pixel Pitch: 0.4845 mm x • Menu button Inset photo credit: baronsquirrel
t h e p h o t o b e c a u s e W H O A Extended Warranty 0.4845 mm • Sleep button Discuss this product
TL;DR, WALL OF TEXT AM I Warranty: 1 Year NIVS • Viewing Angle: 178 degrees • MTS button Price: $399.99 I want one!
RITE, you will have a chance to NVIS Warranty Info CLICK Horizontal / 178 degrees Vertical • Up, Down, Left, Right buttons
control this fearsome monster HERE • Hard coating (3H), Anti-glare • OK button
with the included multi-function Condition: New treatment of the front polarizer • Volume Up button
Remote Control. Or perhaps Features: (Haze 13%) • Volume Down button
60 Products/ Food/ Newstablet Edition

Consumer Reports finds Zooper Waltz stroller a safety risk

Steven Saltzman (Consumer associated with the Zooper Waltz packaging or in its user's manual. the CPSC is testing the Zooper shopping for a stroller should see
Reports) stroller, which is manufactured in In April 2010, we designated Waltz for the problem that our strollers buying advice and
Submitted at 3/7/2011 9:59:59 AM China by Lan Enterprises LLC. three other strollers Don't Buy: Consumer Reports uncovered, and latest Ratings of traditional
Reached at the company's U.S. Safety Risk models due to a that the company "will fully strollers(available to subscribers)
Consumer Reports finds Zooper Headquarters in Beaverton, similar problem--the all-terrain cooperate with their decision." for safe options. If you already
Waltz stroller a safety risk Oregon, company representative Valco Baby Tri-Mode and Tike When we asked the CPSC own the Zooper Waltz, we
Our most recent tests of David Wang said in a written Tech City X3, and the Tike Tech whether they plan to test the recommend that you remove and
traditional strollers revealed one statement that the company has X3 Sport jogging stroller. (See Zooper Waltz for the problem discard the tray and grab bar. As
model that poses a potential never received a complaint about video.) We reported the problem Consumer Reports identified, long as you secure your child with
strangulation hazard--the Zooper a child becoming entrapped in the to both the manufacturers and the spokesman Scott Wolfson said he the stroller's harness, as you
Waltz. We've designated it Don't Zooper Waltz. Consumer Product Safety is not able to comment on specific should always do with any stroller
Buy: Safety Risk. The current voluntary stroller Commission, and our tests stroller models, though he said the or high chair, the Zooper Waltz is
Like most traditional, non- standard of ASTM-International prompted all three models to be CPSC is aware of what we're safe to use.
umbrella-style strollers, the (formerly the American Society recalled by their manufacturers in working on. David Wang also The CPSC offers additional
Zooper Waltz has a tray and grab for Testing and Materials) conjunction with the CPSC last said that if a retroactive fix to the stroller safety tips(.pdf) to
bar (you can use either) that requires that if a space beneath a October. (See the Valco Baby Zooper Waltz is warranted, the caregivers:
attaches above a child's legs. The stroller's tray/grab bar can permit recall and Tike Tech recalls company will provide that fix to • Be aware that infants as young
problem: if a child is placed in the a small child's torso to pass notices.) current owners of the stroller. as a few weeks old can move
stroller unharnessed (something through, it must also be big In his written statement, Wang Finally, Wang noted that because about when asleep. Babies,
you should never do), this enough to allow the child's head said that the company was "very this issue has arisen, "We will particularly those younger than 12
stroller's tray and grab bar have a to pass through. Two separate surprised" to learn of Consumer examine the overall design and months, can become trapped and
gap big enough under them to samples of the Zooper Waltz Reports' test finding, and that all make any necessary strangle in a stroller.
allow an unharnessed child's failed our test of that standard. Zooper strollers have met "the modification." • Never leave a child unattended
torso, but not the child's head, to Although the current ASTM U.S. ASTM Standard"--including The Waltz's passive containment in a stroller. And always use the
pass. (See video at right, or standard is voluntary, the the test for passive containment, issue is separate from the one that harness system. Subscribe now!
here.) This is a strangulation Consumer Product Safety for which the Zooper received a caused the August 2010 recall of S u b s c r i b e t o
hazard, known as "submarining," Commission must make it a "pass assessment" from an outside the Zooper Tango, a side-by-side for expert
that was responsible for at least 10 mandatory rule or "provide for a testing laboratory. Consumer double stroller whose frame latch Ratings, buying advice and
infant deaths between 1995 and stricter safety standard" by August Reports also alerted the CPSC of could fail when the stroller hit an reliability on hundreds of
2008, the latest dates for which 14, 2011, according to the our findings, as we had done with object, causing the stroller to products. Update your feed
data are available, according to Consumer Product Safety the other strollers mentioned unexpectedly collapse and posing preferences
the Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act. The Zooper above. a risk of injury to the child
Commission. We do not know of Waltz does not claim to meet the Asked if Lan Enterprises will occupants.
any injuries specifically voluntary standard on its recall the Waltz, Wang stated that In the meantime, parents

Treats Under 150 Calories

(Cooking Light: Editor's Picks) delicious sweet treats—cookies, to poor eating choices. Try a View Recipe: Chocolate-Cherry our FAQ page at
desserts, bars, and brownies—all healthier recipe like these Heart Smart Cookies Next Cherry content-only/faq.php
Sometimes indulging your sweet that ring in at 150 calories or less. Chocolate-Cherry Cookies and -Merlot Granita Five Filters featured article:
tooth with a smart choice saves Take care to watch for serving pack one to go. It’s your own little This entry passed through the Comment Is Free But Freedom Is
you from impulsively diving into size, stick to that, and you’re 100-calorie snack, homemade in Full-Text RSS service — if this is Slavery - An Exchange With The
that leftover candy in the break ready to enjoy dessert. your kitchen (these ring in at just your content and you're reading it Guardian's Economics Editor.
room. We’ve collected our most Cookies are usually the culprits under 100 calories each). on someone else's site, please read
Newstablet Edition Products/ Food/ 61

LaHood Highlights Distracted 83-Year-Old Walmart Greeter

Driving Risks, Launches Guide Arrested For Attempted (The Texting was cited as a including aviation safety, high- Armed Robbery Of Own Store
Consumerist) contributing factor in her death. speed rail transportation and Chris Morran (The his location.
Submitted at 3/7/2011 11:45:15 AM The pamphlet, "Distracted making life easier for pedestrians Consumerist) As of this morning, the greeter
Driving Shatters Lives," was and cyclists. Submitted at 3/7/2011 11:15:00 AM was being held under a $75,000
Surrounded by family members produced in partnership with Distracted Driving Shatters bond.
of distracted driving victims, C o n s u m e r R e p o r t s a n d i s Lives[PDF] Walmart greeters are usually Walmart greeter robs his own
Secretary of Transportation Ray available as a free download. Distracted Driving | National nice, elderly people just making store after shift ends, police
L a H o o d a n n o u n c e d a n e w LaHood also expressed concern Highway Traffic Safety some extra dough in their golden say[WBTV]
pamphlet designed to highlight a b o u t i n - v e h i c l e e l e c t r o n i c A d m i n i s t r a t i o n | years. But even in such a pleasant PREVIOUSLY:
t h e " d e a d l y e p i d e m i c " o f systems that offer safety and[Official Site] group of folks, there is always Walmart Greeter Punched, Fired
inattentive driving. Among those entertainment features, but could From going to be one rotten apple. It's Probation For Florida Man
j o i n i n g L a H o o d i n h i s also lead to further distractions. This entry passed through the Police in Statesville, NC, have Who Punched Walmart Greeter
presentation at Consumers Union W h i l e L a H o o d r e p e a t e d l y Full-Text RSS service — if this is arrested an 83-year-old Walmart Woman Sends 100-Year-Old
was Tracy O'Carroll, whose 18- mentioned Microsoft's Sync your content and you're reading it greeter on charges of attempted Walmart Greeter To Hospital
year-old daughter, Sarah, died system as a device that warrrants on someone else's site, please read robbery after he allegedly pointed Over Receipt Dispute
when she drifted across the center further study, he declined to our FAQ page at a gun at a fellow employee and No Charges For Woman Who
line of a rural North Carolina road comment specifically on whether content-only/faq.php fired shots while trying to wrest Bumped 100-Year-Old Walmart
and into the back axle of a loaded any such systems pose safety risks Five Filters featured article: some cash from the register. Greeter
log truck in early January. or benefits, citing ongoing studies Comment Is Free But Freedom Is From WBTV: From
Moments before, Sarah was a n d d i s c u s s i o n s w i t h Slavery - An Exchange With The After [the greeter's] shift Sunday This entry passed through the
behind the wheel of her 1988 m a n u f a c t u r e r s . Guardian's Economics Editor. night, he went outside to this car Full-Text RSS service — if this is
Honda Accord reading a text Earlier today, Secretary LaHood to get a gun, then went into the your content and you're reading it
message. Less than a minute later responded to questions from garden center of the store, stuck a on someone else's site, please read
the first 911 call was placed. Consumerist readers on topics gun to an employee's head, and our FAQ page at
made him walk to the cash content-only/faq.php
register to remove money. Five Filters featured article:
A witness saw [the suspect] leave Comment Is Free But Freedom Is
the store and drive off. The Slavery - An Exchange With The
witness was able to follow him Guardian's Economics Editor.
and direct responding officers to

How to Freeze Foods

(Cooking Light: Editor's Picks) than foods frozen near the end of Step 1: Choose Freezer-Friendly for the best freezable recipes. content-only/faq.php
their freshness. So freeze items Foods Next Step 2: Chill Five Filters featured article:
Freshness and quality of the food you won’t use in the near future Some food is better suited to This entry passed through the Comment Is Free But Freedom Is
at the time of freezing affect the sooner rather than later. It’s freezing and reheating than Full-Text RSS service — if this is Slavery - An Exchange With The
condition of frozen foods. If foods important to store all foods at 0° others. Casseroles, soups, stews, your content and you're reading it Guardian's Economics Editor.
are frozen at the peak of their or lower in order to retain vitamin chili, and meat loaf all stand up to on someone else's site, please read
quality, they emerge tasting better content, color, flavor, and texture. the freezer well. Find our picks our FAQ page at
62 Products/ Newstablet Edition

Is The 30-Year
Mortgage On Death
Ben Popken (The Consumerist) becoming a luxury. Lenders used
Submitted at 3/7/2011 12:00:00 PM to be able to make that promise
thanks to Fannie and Freddie
Plans are in the works to because they had already gotten
dismantle Fannie Mae and investors to buy in. But without
Freddie Mac, and that could mean the two big F's, locking in a rate
that what many Americans had might become something that
assumed came fourth after "life, homeowners have to pay extra to
liberty and the pursuit of get. Or, that option might be only
happiness," the 30-year mortgage, available to the best-qualified
could be on the outs. borrowers.
Without the government- The question is, are Americans
provided backstop of the really ready to pay the price for
Distracted driving: DOT and CR join American Dream, costs are going
to rise for borrowers. Many
investors are no longer willing to
cutting down on moral hazard in
the mortgage market?
Without Loan Giants, 30-Year
to educate the public make such a long-term bet as the
30-year mortgage and would
Mortgage May Fade Away[NYT]
This entry passed through the
Paul Eng (Consumer Reports) The conference (streamed live on driving." rather loans with adjustable rates. Full-Text RSS service — if this is
Submitted at 3/7/2011 9:32:02 AM the Web) kicks off a national You can watch the web This might sound odd but n other your content and you're reading it
campaign to educate the public conference, which includes more countries, 30-year mortgages are on someone else's site, please read
Distracted driving: DOT and CR about distracted driving, which information regarding car and not the norm. They only became our FAQ page at
join to educate the public included a DOT website ( driver safety, below. widespread in America after content-only/faq.php
One in five traffic accidents in where people Have you ever used your smart Congress passed an act in 1954. Five Filters featured article:
2009 was related to distracted recount how they lost loved ones phone and texted while behind the Besides the term of loans coming Comment Is Free But Freedom Is
driving—drivers that are too busy to distracted driving. wheel? What do you think it will into question, we might also see Slavery - An Exchange With The
talking or texting on their cell "Twenty years ago, we [DOT] take to prevent distracted being able to "lock in" a rate Guardian's Economics Editor.
phones. And over 5,000 traffic started the 'Click it or ticket' driving—especially among
fatalities can be linked to seatbelt campaign," LaHood said. younger drivers? Weigh in.
distracted drivers. "Today, 85 percent of people now Online TV Shows by Ustream
Those are just some of the use their seat belts because they Subscribe now!
sobering facts that were released know if they don't, they run the S u b s c r i b e t o
today by Ray LaHood, secretary risk of being fined. Ten years for expert
of the U.S. Department of from now, that's where we want to Ratings, buying advice and
Transportation at a press be: That people will be putting reliability on hundreds of
conference, held in conjunction their texting device in their glove products. Update your feed
with Consumer Reports. boxes rather than use them while preferences
Newstablet Edition Products/ Finance/ 63

Open and shut case: Winter rough on

garage door openers
Consumer Reports Shopping Next, check the door's reversing
Blog (Consumer Reports) safety feature. Set the opener’s
Submitted at 3/7/2011 9:09:20 AM reversing force as low as possible
and place a 2x4 board on the
Open and shut case: Winter ground under the door, wide side
rough on garage door openers
Last week, the Consumer Reports
down. The door should pop back
up when it hits the 2x4. If it 4 Types of Money Flash In The
Home & Garden blog brought you
the top five house problems
doesn’t, call the pro. Finally, test
the door's photoelectric eyes by
Personalities - Which Brain Pan: Tealy
caused by winter weather. This
morning, a colleague stopped by
and out of the garage. holding the 2x4 between them.
The door should reverse direction.
One Are You? & Orangey
Start by checking that the door is (Woot! - One Day, One Deal)
with grease-smudged hands to balanced by releasing it into the —Daniel DiClerico Subscribe ( (Financiallyfit on
remind us of another—faulty manual mode. The door should now! Shine)
Submitted at 3/7/2011 10:00:00 AM

garage door openers. If you have lift easily and smoothly by hand S u b s c r i b e t o
Submitted at 3/7/2011 6:33:39 PM Tealy & Orangey is… well, it's
an automatic garage door, its and it should stay open on its own for expert
By: Benjamin Gran Everyone two games in one. And not in the
system of springs, cables, about 3 feet off the ground. If it Ratings, buying advice and
relates to money in different "Oh, thanks, Grandpa, this
brackets, and other hardware doesn’t, its overhead spring reliability on hundreds of
ways. The way we manage our Checkers with Dominoes set is a
might not be functioning properly probably needs to be products. Update your feed
financial lives is in a large part much better present than the latest
after months of freezing counterbalanced. Because springs preferences
influenced by our… Playstation game" sort of way,
temperatures. You should inspect are under extreme tension, this fix
those moving parts before warmer should be handled by a garage- FLASH page 64
weather brings increased traffic in door technician.

Choose your carrier advisedly for the 3G Apple iPad 2

Carol Mangis (Consumer 3G version would be available not be able to switch later on. —Carol Mangis Subscribe now!
Reports) with a choice of networks: AT&T From the Apple Store website: S u b s c r i b e t o
Submitted at 3/7/2011 9:10:42 AM or Verizon. The statement was a "Select the model that for expert
little vague and open to corresponds with the carrier you'd Ratings, buying advice and
Choose your carrier advisedly for interpretation, though: Some like to use for 3G service. The reliability on hundreds of
the 3G Apple iPad 2 Apple iPad 2 observers thought that the device iPad you choose is configured to products. Update your feed
Photo: courtesy of Apple might be carrier-agnostic, at least work only with one carrier." preferences
When Apple's Steve Jobs between those two. Unhappy with Any other questions about the
unveiled the iPad 2 tablet last AT&T? Switch to Verizon, or When you purchase an iPad 2, new iPad, other tablets, or
week, he mentioned that—unlike vice versa. you choose a carrier, and you'll electronics in general? Let us
the first AT&T-only iPad—the Just to clarify, that's not the case. know in comments!
64 Sports/ Newstablet Edition
continued from page 63

either. Tealy & Orangey is fun! thing to do, especially when they
You're the ball. You're both balls. start throwing crap like this at
One's in Teal Heaven and the you:
other is in Orange Hell. We aren't But on the whole, Tealy &
judging their past, we're just Orangey is fun to play and really
pointing out that they both have to adds a new level to the ol' maze
work together if they're going to game. For an added challenge, see
succeed and survive. The how far you can get without
destinies of these two balls are swearing! We made it to level
forever intertwined. two.
Tealy has to make leaps that Thanks to reader Matthew for the
Orangey doesn't, and vice versa. hint. He's the tops!
Since they both need to be
controlled at the same time,
you've got to watch both screens
at once. It can be a pretty hard

Texas Tech Red Raiders fire Pat Knight as basketball coach

Associated Press ( return a call seeking comment prepared statement. "I wish him At the beginning of the season, things I'm most proud of that I've
Submitted at 3/7/2011 11:50:04 AM Monday, seemed to know he success and the best moving with six seniors on his squad, done: I went to Indiana and
might be dismissed in comments forward." Knight said he didn't deserve a played at Indiana, for my dad.
Updated: March 7, 2011, 12:50 about the Red Raiders program Knight played under his father at contract extension if he did not And I took over for him here. So
PM ET following a 71-68 home loss to Indiana University from 1991-95 get the team to the NCAA people can write and say whatever
LUBBOCK, Texas -- Texas Tech Colorado on Feb. 23. and later worked as a scout for the tournament. Going into the league they want about me but the one
fired Pat Knight on Monday, "We've lost seven games in the Phoenix Suns. He was an assistant tournament, Texas Tech is 13-18 thing they can't say is that I ever
ending a disappointing three-year last minute," he said. "This for the CBA's Connecticut Pride overall and 5-11 in the Big 12. took the safe or easy way out."
run for a coach who failed to lead program is competitive. But that's and was a coach in both the Knight's team won just three Big Copyright 2011 by The
the Red Raiders to the NCAA not for me. I mean, honestly, I'm International Basketball 12 regular season games in 2008- Associated Press
tournament after taking over for going to be coaching here, I'm Association and the U.S. 09 -- one was against No. 9 This entry passed through the
his famous father. going to be coaching somewhere Basketball League. Kansas -- and he openly criticized Full-Text RSS service — if this is
Knight will coach the Red else. I've proven I can coach. I run Pat Knight also was on the staffs officiating twice in a three-week your content and you're reading it
Raiders at this week's Big 12 a clean program, I don't cheat, my at Indiana and at Akron span. The Big 12 slapped him on someone else's site, please read
tournament and then step down, players graduate and we have University before joining his with a public reprimand and a one our FAQ page at
school spokesman Blayne Beal discipline. So if you don't want father as an assistant at Texas -game suspension. content-only/faq.php
said. me here there's going to be Tech in 2001. Last season, the Red Raiders won Five Filters featured article:
Knight is 50-60 in his first someone else that wants me." The elder Knight took the Red just four regular-season Comment Is Free But Freedom Is
Division I coaching job and his Texas Tech president Guy Bailey Raiders to the NCAA tournament, conference games. Slavery - An Exchange With The
third full year as head coach. He said it was time for a change. but the success didn't come as In his comments Feb. 23, Knight Guardian's Economics Editor.
had only one winning season (19- "I appreciate everything Pat has easily for Pat Knight. The Red said he's never shied away from
16 in 2009-10) at Texas Tech done for our university, not only Raiders got to the quarterfinals of his famous pedigree.
after taking over for Bob Knight a s a h e a d c o a c h , b u t a l s o the NIT last season, losing at "I'd have been smart if I'd just
at midseason in February 2008. throughout his career as an Mississippi 90-87 in double played baseball and never got into
Knight, who did not immediately assistant," Bailey said in a overtime. coaching," he said. "The two
Newstablet Edition Sports/ 65

Blast loses
Bulls complete
2nd sweep
in row,as15-10,
Heat falls
lose 4th
tie for first place - news services "Looked like he tripped on his
Baltimore Sun
Submitted at 3/7/2011 9:40:48 AM
own," Bosh said.
Deng went back to the line and
(- Bing News) scored the Blast's only third- was the only other Retriever in (18-9), the sixth seed, Saturday on Association
made both champion this time, Dan Hicks
Team Stat
Submitted Comparison
at 3/7/2011 6:55:56 AM quarter goal. Millwood scored double figures with 12 points. the campus of West Liberty of Navy was
Chicago in one of four wrestlers
Chicago early and late in the final quarter, Hartford was led by guard ( W . V a . ) a t a t i m e t o b e inducted
"That's theinto rightthe EIWA
call," RoseHall said.of
MiamiIndoor PointsSoccer
87 86League
FG Made- but Evan McNeley's 3-point goal Daphne Elliott, who had 13points determined. FThe
a m eball o n went
S u n dtoa yJames,
n i g h twho in
Blast loses34-74
Attempted 2nd in(.459)
row, 15-10,
33-68 against the Blast's sixth-attacker and nine rebounds. More colleges Lewisburg,
drove on Noah Pa. Hicks,a layup
and missed who
(.485)into tie for first place3-14
3P Made-Attempted offense sealed the Wave's victory. Men's college basketball Led by Letts, Maryland takes graduatedfrom the left in 1995,
block.isWadethe only gotfour
(.214) Marco Terminesi
(.333) FT Made-scored The Blast entered the weekend Seventh-seeded Terps to play ACC wrestling tournament -time
rebound, tried a 15-footer infrom
heavyweight finalist the
Attemptedgoals in16-20a 10-minute
(.800) span17-23of with a two-game lead but lost N.C. State at 7 p.m. Thursday Fifteenth-ranked senior captain conference's
the baseline that 107 years.
bounced … away,
quarter and(Offensive-
helped the Friday night to the Chicago Riot, The Maryland men's basketball Mike Letts was named Most finished and timesixth out ofas13the
expired teamsBulls at
Total) 10-36 8-30 WaveAssistsdefeat16the 18 10-9 in overtime. team has drawn the seventh seed Outstanding Wrestler as Maryland this l e a pyear's
e d i nEIWA c e l echampionships
bration and
Turnovers 16 16 StealsSunday
Blast, 15-10, 7 8 Blocksand Women's college basketball in the Atlantic Coast Conference w o n t h e A t l a n t i c C o a s t in Lewisburg.punched the air.
5 4 Fast into a tie Points
Break for first12place with
11 Fouls Regular-season-champion tournament and will face North C o n f e r e n c e t o u r n a m e n t "We're
Women's justindoor
trying track
to playand thefield:
(Tech/Flagrant) in the17Major
(1/0) 23 Indoor
(0/0) UMBC loses in semifinal Carolina State at 7 p.m. Thursday championship Saturday night in Loyola's we can," Noah distance-medley
said. "I think relay
LargestLeague Lead 6with 12 one game left Top-seeded UMBC (20-11) fell at the Greensboro (N.C.) Charlottesville, Va. Letts earned a team broke
still have the way
a long school record
to go and we en
regular season. If theMiami
Chicago Blast behind early and lost, 66-48, in Coliseum. The game will be 4-2 victory over No. 4 Chris route to a 16th-place finish
can get a lot better. That's what is at the
D. Rose wins Sunday at home the America East semifinals to televised by ESPN2. The Terps, Henrich in the 174-pound title E soa exciting
s t e r n Cabout
o l l e gthis
e team.
A t h l eOurtic
Points: the 27 Missouri Comets, or if host and fourth seed Hartford (16- who have lost three straight bout. The Terps, who were 4-1 in Conference
defense is really championships
improving. We in
Reb: 1 loses and the Wave falls
Blast 15). The Retrievers, who had won games entering the tournament, conference during the regular Boston. Jackie D'Antonio,
can still improve offensively as Emily
to the5 Omaha Vipers on Sunday,
Ast: seven straight games, were likely would need to win out to season, earned their third ACC Doucette,well. We can Alyssa
take this Doyle(Seton
pretty far."
1 will claim the regular- shooting for their second earn a spot in the NCAA championship in the past four Keough), The BullsKristinashot 39Krupapercent finished
in the
e a s o0 n t i t l e a n d h o s t t h e conference crown. As regular- tournament. The winner of the years and conference-best 23rd in 11 minutes,
third quarter, 59.68 seconds. to
still managing
L. James game March25. If season champions, UMBC earned ACC tournament receives an overall. Maryland finished with outscore Men's indoor Miami track23-16and thanks field:
Points: 26 wins and the Blast an automatic bid into the automatic berth in the NCAAs. 94.5 points, a dozen ahead of Johns five Heat Hopkins
turnovers,senior Brandon
a 14-9 edge
Reb: 8the Wave will host the title Women's National Invitation Should Maryland defeat N.C. Virginia Tech, which won the Hahn broke the
in rebounding indoor
-- and Rose, school
Ast: 6and the Blast will play in Tournament; the Retrievers will State, its next opponent would be regular season with a 5-0 mark. record in the mile with
made a ridiculous shot early in the a time of
2 Milwaukee took a learn their first-round opponent second seed Duke, a team that The Terps' other champions were 4:19.20 at the Columbia
period look ridiculously simple. Last
Blk:lead0 Sunday on first-quarter March 14. After Hartford took a beat the Terps twice in the regular No. 16 senior Jon Kohler(Mount Chance Even aMeet on Saturday
1-on-2 break in -- Newhim
Research by Greg
Notes Howes, Giuliano 15-2 lead 8:15 into the game, the season, including by 18 points in St. Joseph), who decisioned North York. against Wade and James, no less -
Oliviero and
It's hard to believeMarciobut Leite.
Jan. Retrievers used a pair of 3- College Park on Feb. 2. The Blue Carolina State's Darrius Little, 3- —From Sun staff way.
- went Chicago's and news Rose
the Blast
1st, the Heat killed two second-
have played only 4 pointers by senior forward Devils — along with top seed 1, in sudden-victory overtime at services
bumped slightly into Wade to
q u a r t e r pat
opponents o whome
e r p lthat
a y s entered
, Max Meghan Colabella and junior North Carolina, third seed Florida 141; No. 4 sophomore Josh create This entry passedon
separation through
his drive the
Ferdinand scored at the
the game with a winning record. 9:31 mark forward Erin Brown to score 10 of State and No. 4 seed Clemson — Asper(Hereford), who decisioned Full-Text RSS service
downcourt, then leaped, double- — if this is
to cut the
Miami hasdeficit
held to 6-2. in
leads Machel
all 4 the game's next 13 points to pull earned a first-round bye in the No. 20 Pete Yates of Virginia your content and you're
clutched so James could fly reading it
games but addedhave a goal
hadin trouble
the 14th back within six with seven ACC tournament. Duke plays the Tech, 9-3, at 165; junior Corey on someoneby
harmlessly else's
from site,
theplease read
left wing,
closing out their opponents and6-4.
to put the Blast within as minutes to go in the half. winner of Maryland vs. N.C. State Peltier, who decisioned Duke's our FAQspun
and then pagea at
left-handed layup
a result havethe lost second-leading
each game by 5 However, a 3-pointer by Hartford at 7 p.m. Friday. Diego Bencomo, 3-1, at 184; and content-only/faq.php
off the glass to cut Miami's lead to
points orinfewer. the MISL, extended guard Mary Silvia sparked a 13-2 Division II: Bowie State (22-5) freshman Spencer Myers, who 54-50. Five Filters featured article:
Milwaukee's lead in the third
ESPN Stats & Information run that put the Hawks on top 31- received an at-large berth to the decisioned Virginia Tech's David Comment He skipped Is Free
backBut Freedom
upcourt, head Is
quarter news with his three goals,
services 14. Brown finished the game with NCAA tournament. The Bulldogs Marone, 3-2, at heavyweight. Slavery - An Exchange
back confidently, With The
pumping up
including two 1:06
MIAMI -- The perspectives apart could
— at 14 points and nine rebounds. were seeded third in the Atlantic More wrestling: Three-time Guardian's teammates. Economics
And Rose stayed Editor.that
not have and been 3:54.moreAdauto Neto
different. Junior guard Michelle Kurowski Region and will face Mansfield Eastern Intercollegiate Wrestling way until the finish.
Luol Deng either got pushed in "We're just taking it for what it
the back by Mike Miller on what is," Rose said. "We're just trying
became one of the final two game to win games, play hard and play
66 Sports/ Gaming/ Newstablet Edition

Tennessee starts fast, but falls to Kentucky -

Memphis Commercial Appeal
(- Bing News) -6) will get a bye for the first Jones answered with a layup 36
Submitted at 3/7/2011 10:45:00 AM round and ended a four-game road seconds later to retake the lead for
losing skid. Kentucky, which used free throws Hamilton's Great
Wade Payne/Associated Press The Volunteers (18-13, 8-8) and a 3 by Darius Miller to hold
Tennessee and Scotty Hopson could have finished second in the off the Vols. Adventure coming to
h a d D e A n d r e L i g g i n s a n d SEC East by beating Kentucky. The loss marred Tennessee's PSN and PC in April for
Kentucky down at the half, but Instead, Tennessee dropped to celebration to honor all-time $10
the Wildcats used a 20-4 run that fifth behind Vanderbilt and scoring leader Allan Houston. The
bridged halftime to claim the Georgia and will face Arkansas in Vols retired Houston's No. 20 at David Hinkle (Joystiq)
game and second place in the SEC the opening round of the SEC halftime and unveiled a banner Submitted at 3/7/2011 12:30:00 PM
East. Tournament. with his name and number
(20) Kentucky 64, Tennessee 58 "To leave second place on the hanging from the rafters of While being shown a near final
KNOXVILLE -- Kentucky's first t a b l e a n d n o t f i n i s h w i t h Thompson-Boling Arena. build of Hamilton's Great
half against Tennessee may have Kentucky is disappointing. ... Harris scored 18 points for Adventure, FatShark's puzzle-
aged coach John Calipari a bit. Getting swept by Kentucky is which tied the score at 29-29 with Tennessee, which finished the platformer follow-up due to
His young Wildcats did some disappointing," Tennessee coach 18:15 to play. season with eight home losses for launch in April, FatShark brand
maturing of their own in the Bruce Pearl said. "I do feel it's a "Right before we stepped onto the the first time since 1994-95. manager Gunnar Johansson
second half. benchmark I should be judged on, court (after halftime) we all Hopson, who had averaged 24 revealed that the title would
No. 20 Kentucky survived poor and I obviously have not done my huddled up and said we are really points in his last five games launch at a $9.99 price point on
shooting and weak rebounding job in our rivalry with Kentucky." going to put in a 110 (percent) against Kentucky, finished with both the PC and PSN platforms.
before halftime to beat Tennessee Knight, who played all 40 effort and just play our best," 13, though nine of his points were Of course, FatShark wants to see
64-58 on Sunday and finish minutes, set the tone for a second- forward Terrence Jones said. "I on free throws. the game on as many platforms as
second in the Southeastern half comeback when he took a think we got a good run to tie the This entry passed through the possible - they always say that -
Conference's East Division. pass from DeAndre Liggins down game up. We just started moving Full-Text RSS service — if this is but right now the plan is to hit
"What I told them was we grew the floor to hit a layup just before the ball better, not really worrying your content and you're reading it those two platforms initially.
up today," Calipari said. "For the the halftime buzzer. The basket about the bumps and just on someone else's site, please read Keep an eye out for our hands-on
first time this year we did not play cut Tennessee's advantage to 29- knocking down the open shots." our FAQ page at preview later today.
the way we started." 22 after the Vols opened the game The Wildcats led by eight points content-only/faq.php Gallery: Hamilton's Great
At the heart of that effort was with a 7-0 run and led by as many with 11:23 to go, but three Five Filters featured article: Adventure (3/7/2011)
freshman Brandon Knight, who as 10 points. Kentucky fouls in 45 seconds sent Comment Is Free But Freedom Is Hamilton's Great Adventure
was held scoreless for the first The Wildcats came out of Tobias Harris to the line once and Slavery - An Exchange With The coming to PSN and PC in April
19:57 but finished with 19 points. halftime by scoring the first seven Scotty Hopson twice. They hit all Guardian's Economics Editor. for $10 originally appeared on
The victory kept Kentucky from points as part of a 20-4 run six free throws to end the Joystiq on Mon, 07 Mar 2011
having to play an extra game in spanning both halves. Knight hit Wildcats' run, and Kenny Hall hit 12:30:00 EST. Please see our
the SEC Tournament, which starts three 3-pointers in the opening 5 a jumper to give the Vols a 52-51 terms for use of feeds.
Thursday. The Wildcats (22-8, 10 minutes of the half, the second of lead with 5:56 left. Permalink| Email this| Comments
Newstablet Edition Sports/ Food/ 67
Braylon Edwards of
Pat Knight fired at Texas Tech - Chicago Sun- New York Jets seeking
dismissal of drunken-
Times driving charges
Jane McManus (
(- Bing News) following a 71-68 home loss to coach in both the International reprimand and a one-game
Submitted at 3/7/2011 10:45:00 AM Colorado on Feb. 23. Basketball Association and the suspension. Submitted at 3/7/2011 11:31:39 AM
“We’ve lost seven games in the U.S. Basketball League. Last season, the Red Raiders won
Pat Knight fired at Texas Tech last minute,” he said. “This Pat Knight was also at Indiana just four regular season Updated: March 7, 2011, 12:31
By BETSY BLANEY Associated program is competitive. But that’s and at Akron University before conference games. PM ET By Jane McManus
Press Mar 7, 2011 12:14PM not for me. I mean, honestly, I’m joining his father as an assistant at In his comments Feb. 23, Knight
LUBBOCK, Texas — Texas going to be coaching here, I’m Texas Tech in 2001. said he’s never shied away from Archive
Tech fired Pat Knight on Monday, going to be coaching somewhere The elder Knight took the Red his famous pedigree. NEW YORK -- On the day New
ending a disappointing three-year else. I’ve proven I can coach. I Raiders to the NCAA tournament, “I’d have been smart if I’d just York Jets wide receiver Braylon
run for a coach who failed to lead run a clean program, I don’t cheat, but the success didn’t come as played baseball and never got into Edwards was in a Manhattan
the Red Raiders to the NCAA my players graduate and we have easily for Pat Knight. The Red coaching,” he said. “The two courtroom trying to get his
tournament after taking over for discipline. So if you don’t want Raiders got to the quarterfinals of things I’m most proud of that I’ve drunken-driving case thrown out,
his famous father. me here there’s going to be the NIT last season, losing at done: I went to Indiana and he said he wants to stay with the
Knight will coach the Red someone else that wants me.” Mississippi 90-87 in double played at Indiana, for my dad. Jets.
Raiders at this week’s Big 12 Texas Tech president Guy Bailey overtime. And I took over for him here. So His attorney, Peter J. Frankel,
tournament and then step down, said it was time for a change. At the beginning of the season, people can write and say whatever was going to file motions Monday
school spokesman Blayne Beal “I appreciate everything Pat has with six seniors on his squad, they want about me but the one to suppress the field sobriety test
said. done for our university, not only Knight said he didn’t deserve a thing they can’t say is that I ever from Edwards' DUI arrest on
Knight is 50-60 in his first a s a h e a d c o a c h , b u t a l s o contract extension if he did not took the safe or easy way out.” Sept. 21.
Division I coaching job and his throughout his career as an get the team to the NCAA This entry passed through the Although the day was brief and
third full year as head coach. He assistant,” Bailey said in a tournament. Going into the league Full-Text RSS service — if this is mostly procedural, Frankel said
had only one winning season (19- prepared statement. “I wish him tournament, Texas Tech is 13-18 your content and you're reading it Edwards is aware of the impact
16 in 2009-10) at Texas Tech success and the best moving overall and 5-11 in the Big 12. on someone else's site, please read the outcome can have on his
after taking over for Bob Knight forward.” Knight’s team won just three Big our FAQ page at career. Edwards will be a free
at midseason in February 2008. Knight played under his father at 12 regular season games in 2008- content-only/faq.php agent in the NFL under a new
Knight, who did not immediately Indiana University from 1991- 09 — one was against No. 9 Five Filters featured article: collective bargaining agreement.
return a call seeking comment 1995 and later worked as a scout Kansas — and he openly Comment Is Free But Freedom Is Jets blog
Monday, seemed to know he for the Phoenix Suns. He was an criticized officiating twice in a Slavery - An Exchange With The Looking for more on
might be dismissed in comments a s s i s t a n t f o r t h e C B A ’ s three-week span. The Big 12 Guardian's Economics Editor. the green and white?
about the Red Raiders program Connecticut Pride and was a slapped him with a public has you
covered. Blog

Soda Bread Biscuits "He understands that it's a very

important time in his life and he
wants to get through this the best
(Simply Recipes) as you want them to be, they look What I can tell you is that they
way he can," Frankel said. "He's
Submitted at 3/6/2011 6:57:42 PM like biscuits, you can eat them are very good, and that the recipe
doing all the right things."
like biscuits, but you make them is wonderfully flexible.
Biscuits? Muffins? What should I Edwards is due back in court on
in a muffin tin. Continue reading "Soda Bread
call these mini-soda breads? May 16.
I've been struggling with this Biscuits" »
Biscuits(American not English) After the appearance, Edwards
question for days. It's been a
typically aren't sweet, muffins good excuse to continue taste DOZEN I've made in order to
typically are. These are as sweet testing my way through the FIVE perfect the recipe. BRAYLON page 68
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said he felt "the interest is there" motion to suppress the first in the discussions with the district
among Jets officials in keeping next few weeks. attorney's department about the
him on the team. And he added: Edwards was already on possibility of a plea bargain, but
"And, one more time, I love being probation because of a dust-up in that no offer has been made.
a Jet." Cleveland when New York police Jane McManus is a reporter and
He said he has been in contact said they pulled him over in c o l u m n i s t f o r
with both general manager Mike September because his luxury Information
Tannenbaum and coach Rex SUV's windows were too dark. from The Associated Press was
Ryan. Officers said his blood-alcohol used in this report.
"Just catching up moreso, wasn't level was twice the legal limit. Follow Jane McManus on
anything about football," Edwards He denies driving drunk. He's Twitter:@janesports
said. "The interest is there on their challenging the basis for stopping This entry passed through the
side. The interest is there on my him, the reliability of the test and Full-Text RSS service — if this is
side we just got to put it together
and see what happens."
other aspects of the case.
Prosecutors say his arrest was
your content and you're reading it
on someone else's site, please read
Kingdoms of Amalur:
In September, Edwards was
assessed by police to have a blood
alcohol level that was roughly
lawful, the test was fine and
there's enough evidence to support
the charges. The most serious is a
our FAQ page at
Five Filters featured article:
Reckoning preview: The
twice the legal limit, from breath
tests administered both at the
If Edwards is found guilty of the
Comment Is Free But Freedom Is
Slavery - An Exchange With The path of promises
scene of the arrest and later when DUI, he could be compelled to Guardian's Economics Editor. Mike Schramm (Joystiq) about Kingdoms of Amalur:
he was taken into custody. return to Cleveland and face six Submitted at 3/7/2011 12:05:00 PM Reckoning, the first title from 38
Frankel has already filed to months in jail for violating the Studios' long-awaited IP. He said
suppress the second test in the terms of his probation there. Curt Schilling and company KINGDOMS page 69
event of a trial and will file a Frankel said he is having ongoing made a lot of promises last year

PEGI defends We Dare rating, Ubisoft adding parental

warning sticker
Alexander Sliwinski (Joystiq) which notes the game was rated best to keep this game in the
Submitted at 3/7/2011 1:10:00 PM PEGI 12 because "it contains mild locked nightstand drawer with the
swearing, minor assault on a other... unmentionables.
T h e P a n - E u r o p e a n G a m e human-like character and words/ PEGI defends We Dare rating,
Information ( PEGI) rating board activities that amount to obvious Ubisoft adding parental warning
is defending its "PEGI 12" rating sexual innuendo, explicit sexual sticker originally appeared on
for the controversial We Dare, descriptions or images and sexual Joystiq on Mon, 07 Mar 2011
stating that the board considers posturing." 13:10:00 EST. Please see our
the content of the game for a Ubisoft reiterated that the game is campaign. The company also box, advising parents of the terms for use of feeds.
rating, not the context. Cubed3 "intended for mature audiences," plans to add a "Parental "potential sensitive nature of the Permalink| Email this| Comments
has the organization's statement, as evidenced by the game's ad Discretion Advised" sticker to the game content." If you've got kids,
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that we'd see "combat that keeps gameplay, and sure, there's lots of
Poll: Christie Tied With Obama as
you doing combat" along with a
"deep quest narrative" and old-
school RPG tropes brought
work yet to do on the title. But
there's this: All of Schilling's
promises were up there on the
'Hottest' Leader
(Newsmax - Inside Cover) heat, but it does reflect how voters government workers.
around to match up with action screen, and it seems more likely
Submitted at 3/7/2011 5:36:09 AM feel about national figures, Christie, 48, has campaigned for
gamer tendencies. "I don't know a than ever that 38 Studios might
including politicians.” Republicans in other states and
way to tell you," Schilling said at just pull this off. Monday, 07 Mar 2011 11:36 AM Kevin Roberts, Christie’s has been asked repeatedly about
the time, that "'Hey, we're taking Gallery: Kingdoms of Amalur: Chris Christie, New Jersey’s first spokesman, declined to comment presidential ambitions. He has
God of War and marrying it with Reckoning (3/4/11) -term governor, is essentially tied today in an e-mail. said he isn’t ready for the job.
Oblivion.'" Continue reading Kingdoms of with President Barack Obama as The poll asked voters to rate Christie beat several other
That's a tall order, made even Amalur: Reckoning preview: The the “hottest” sitting U.S. politician sentiments toward 23 public possible Republican challengers
taller by 38 Studios' origins -- path of promises in a Quinnipiac University figures, including politicians. in today’s national poll, including
while there are a lot of veterans Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning “national thermometer” reading. Respondents rated leaders 0 to former House Speaker Newt
working on this game, this is the preview: The path of promises The poll, released today, finds 1 0 0 d e g r e e s o n a “ f e e l i n g Gingrich, former Massachusetts
first time they've all worked originally appeared on Joystiq on one group gives the two sharply thermometer.” The higher the Gov. Mitt Romney, and
together, and certainly there's Mon, 07 Mar 2011 12:05:00 EST. different rankings: women feel far number, the warmer or more Minnesota Gov. Tim Pawlenty.
enough pressure and hype on the Please see our terms for use of more warmly about the president favorable a person said they felt Sarah Palin, a Fox News
project that it seems like it could feeds. than the Republican governor, toward that person; the lower the commentator and possible
very well fall apart in disasterous Permalink| Email this| Comments who has become a provocative number, the colder or less Republican presidential candidate,
fashion. figure on YouTube videos where favorable. was 21st on the list at 38.2
And then we saw the game he is seen battling with teachers Thirty-five percent of women in degrees. Former House Speaker
running in full motion for the first and other union members over t h e p o l l g a v e O b a m a a Nancy Pelosi, a California
time this week here at GDC 2011. their pay and benefits. temperature rating between 81 Democrat, was last at 32.9.
Sure, it's only an hour of directed Christie received an overall degrees and 100 degrees, the Researchers at Hamden, Conn.-
rating of 57 degrees, while Obama warmest; Only 7 percent of based Quinnipiac surveyed 1,887
scored 56.5. The poll had a w o m e n g a v e t h a t s a m e registered voters from Feb. 21-28
margin of error of plus or minus t e m p e r a t u r e t o C h r i s t i e . for the poll. Fifty-five percent of
2.3 percentage points. In a Christie’s approval at home also those surveyed said they didn’t
N a t i o n a l R e v i e w i n t e r v i e w is lower among women. In a Feb. know enough about Christie to
published March 2, Christie said 9 Quinnipiac poll of New Jersey rate him.
he thought he could beat Obama voters, 52 percent approved of © Copyright 2010 Bloomberg
in 2012 if he were to run. Christie Christie. While the governor had News. All rights reserved.
has repeatedly said he won’t seek support from 58 percent of men, This entry passed through the
his party’s nomination next year. o n l y 4 6 p e r c e n t o f w o m e n Full-Text RSS service — if this is
Christie “has clearly made a a p p r o v e d . your content and you're reading it
p o s i t i v e i m p r e s s i o n o n t h e Since taking office in January on someone else's site, please read
American people, at least the half 2010, Christie has closed a $10.7 our FAQ page at
who are familiar with him,” said billion budget deficit without content-only/faq.php
Peter A. Brown, assistant director raising taxes, killed a proposed Five Filters featured article:
of the Quinnipiac University c o m m u t e r - r a i l t u n n e l t o Comment Is Free But Freedom Is
Polling Institute. “This measure is Manhattan, and clashed with Slavery - An Exchange With The
not any kind of presidential trial unions representing teachers and Guardian's Economics Editor.
70 Politics/ Newstablet Edition

Lack of a GOP Front-Runner for 2012 at Odds With

Republican History
Bruce Drake (Politics Daily) voters who didn't know enough
Submitted at 3/7/2011 10:51:00 AM about them to express a pro or con
opinion. These included former
Contributing Editor Although the ambassador to China Jon
contest for the GOP presidential Huntsman (84 percent don't know
nomination may seem far away him); Gov. Mitch Daniels of
(for all except those gearing up Indiana (78 percent); Pawlenty
for it), there has been a lot of (67 percent); Gov. Haley Barbour
comment about the potential of Mississippi (65 percent); and
Republican field, ranging from former Sen. Rick Santorum of
those who regard it as weak to the Pennsylvania (63 percent).
fact that no one has emerged yet "History thus provides no
as a front-runner, at least guidelines for how today's highly
according to polls. fragmented Republican race
Gallup says that situation is not might play out, or for when a
typical. In reviewing its polling strong front-runner is likely to
dating back to 1952, Gallup notes emerge, or who it will be," Gallup
that in every presidential year up said. "If the race remains close
until now, there was a clear front- throughout 2011, it may also
runner at this stage of the create unfamiliar political and
campaign and that, in most but fundraising dynamics for the
not all cases, the front-runner won national party."
the nomination. Follow Poll Watch on Twitter
There have been a few twists and Visit the Poll Watch Home Page
turns in that general pattern. It got a scare when Mike Huckabee GOP convention. Goldwater l a u n c h e d a w e b s i t e , and see all the latest polls in one
may have faded from memory went from a blip on pollsters' emerged as the nominee. NewtExplore2012. place
now, but in 2007, Rudolph radar screens to winning the Iowa As far as the current field of There is a large field of others This entry passed through the
Giuliani was way out in front in caucuses. In February 1963, New Republicans is concerned, the top who are unannounced but eyeing Full-Text RSS service — if this is
Republican preference polls, York Gov. Nelson Rockefeller four in Republican preference a race, like former Minnesota your content and you're reading it
leading John McCain by 42 was the clear favorite, leading polls have consistently been Gov. Tim Pawlenty. But the on someone else's site, please read
percent to 25 percent in February Arizona Sen. Barry Goldwater by Huckabee, Mitt Romney, Sarah challenge for these candidates, our FAQ page at
of that year, with the remainder of 45 percent to 19 percent. Palin and Newt Gingrich. None who all poll mostly in the low content-only/faq.php
support spread among other However, Goldwater steadily has formally launched a single digits, is that they are still Five Filters featured article:
candidates or undecided. Giuliani crept up on Rockefeller and then campaign, although Gingrich -- largely unknown. Comment Is Free But Freedom Is
faded fast after making the passed him, and when former who usually runs last in that group A Quinnipiac University survey Slavery - An Exchange With The
mistake of skipping the early Massachusetts Sen. Henry Cabot -- has come the closest. Last released Monday found nearly all Guardian's Economics Editor.
primary states, and McCain, who Lodge entered the race, the three week, he filed paperwork with the of those potential Republican
had been the presumed front- candidates were in a statistical tie Internal Revenue Service to candidates at the top of the list
runner aside from the 2007 poll, in Gallup's last poll before the explore a possible candidacy and when it came to the percentage of
Newstablet Edition Politics/ 71

What's Happening to Glenn Beck? Palin’s Parents Fear for

(Newsmax - Inside Cover) establish a worldwide caliphate.
Submitted at 3/7/2011 6:47:59 AM He’s also concerned some with
rants about billionaire financier
Family’s Lives
After one of the most amazing George Soros and an alleged (Newsmax - Inside Cover)
runs in modern broadcast history, global conspiracy that some Jews Submitted at 3/7/2011 7:13:58 AM

Fox News host Glenn Beck may believe veers dangerously close to
be facing a backlash among anti-Semitism. Beck recently Monday, 07 Mar 2011 01:13 PM
establishment Republicans and apologized to Reform Jewish By Dan Weil
growing concern at his own Monday’s Times. leaders after likening their liberal Former Alaska Gov. Sarah
network that he’s no longer a On the record, though, Fox News p o s i t i o n s t o I s l a m i c Palin’s willingness to speak her
franchise player, according to The defends Beck as one of the most f u n d a m e n t a l i s t s . mind has triggered death threats
New York Times. The most important commentators today. “He used to be a lot funnier,” toward her and her family from
tangible proof is that he’s lost Joel Cheatwood, the senior vice David Von Drehle, who wrote the some unbalanced individuals. And
nearly a third of his viewers since president of development for Fox Time magazine article on Beck, understandably enough, that has
peaking with his rallies last year News, downplays that viewers are told the Times. “He was the her parents worried, Politico
in Washington, D.C. growing tired of watching Beck b e f u d d l e d e v e r y m a n a n d reports.
Though he still by far brings in a given his ratings, but admits something entirely new, but the The parents, Chuck and Sally
huge number of viewers for a 5 keeping the show upbeat is a longer people have listened to his Heath, told the BBC that the Palin
p . m . s h o w , F o x o f f i c i a l s major priority. ranting and raving, the wearier family has received many death
apparently are concerned that his "We have talked about that, at his they become. Now you are just threats since the former vice guns,” he said.
positions on various issues have instigation," Cheatwood told the getting down to diehards. I mean, presidential candidate gained © Newsmax. All rights reserved.
become increasingly paranoid and Times. "It is really important that how many people were in the national prominence. “As a This entry passed through the
alarmist. Also, GOP intellectuals no matter how dire he thinks Waco compound at the end? A mother I do have concerns about Full-Text RSS service — if this is
like William Kristof and David things are or what horrible couple of hundred?” her safety and that of the kids,” your content and you're reading it
Frum have written that Beck’s direction things may be going © Newsmax. All rights reserved. Palin’s mother said. “She knows on someone else's site, please read
musings could end up doing from his perspective that the show This entry passed through the how I feel, that it's risky.” our FAQ page at
serious damage to the GOP as it maintains a sense of hope." Full-Text RSS service — if this is One man recently sent the family content-only/faq.php
heads into a presidential election "What you see on television with your content and you're reading it a photocopied receipt of a gun Five Filters featured article:
year. Glenn is the real guy," he added, on someone else's site, please read he’d purchased, Palin’s father Comment Is Free But Freedom Is
“Fox News officials are willing to "and that is a double-edged our FAQ page at said. The man was later arrested Slavery - An Exchange With The
say — anonymously, of course; sword. If he is upset about content-only/faq.php by the FBI, but Chuck Heath says Guardian's Economics Editor.
they don’t want to be identified as something, you see it." Five Filters featured article: the family is concerned
criticizing the talent — that they Beck has disturbed some on the Comment Is Free But Freedom Is nonetheless. “We sleep with the
are looking at the end of his right by suggesting that the Slavery - An Exchange With The
c o n t r a c t i n D e c e m b e r a n d democratic revolutions sweeping Guardian's Economics Editor.
contemplating life without Mr. the Middle East are actually fronts
Beck,” David Carr wrote in for Islamic radicals who want to
72 Politics/ Newstablet Edition

N.C. Gov. Bev Perdue Vetoes Challenge to

Health Care Reform Bill
Mary C. Curtis (Politics Daily) Campaign and the N.C. Center for
Submitted at 3/7/2011 11:45:00 AM Voter Education showed her 2008
opponent, former Charlotte Mayor
National Correspondent North Pat McCrory, leading Perdue by a
Carolina won't be joining the list 51-to-38 percent margin.
of states challenging federal Perdue has been visible as
health care reform legislation -- Charlotte prepares to host the
not yet, anyway. Over the 2012 Democratic National
weekend, Gov. Bev Perdue, a Convention. Last week, she joined
Democrat, vetoed legislation U.S. Transportation Secretary Ray
passed by the GOP-controlled LaHood, Sen. Kay Hagan and
state legislature that challenges a other officials at the Charlotte
provision that would require the Chamber for a discussion with
purchase of health insurance. city and state business leaders.
In a statement, Perdue called the LaHood offered support for a new
house bill "an ill-conceived piece air-traffic tower and federal
of legislation that's not good for could hurt state programs, such as midterm elections, must now funding for rail projects.
the people of North Carolina." Medicaid and children's health decide if they will try to override Click here to follow Mary C.
She said the state law contradicts plans. Perdue's veto. The party-line vote
Curtis on Twitter.
federal law, and that since 27 The Associated Press reported on the bill suggests they don't
This entry passed through the
states are already challenging it, that a Feb. 28 memo from have the votes. Full-Text RSS service — if this is
"this issue will reach the Supreme a t t o r n e y s i n t h e G e n e r a l Perdue was elected North
your content and you're reading it
Court in a timely manner without Assembly's nonpartisan research Carolina's first female governor in
on someone else's site, please read
North Carolina spending money office contradicted Cooper, saying 2008 on the surge of Democratic our FAQ page at
and energy on it." In her veto that the bill has a narrower scope. votes that won the state for content-only/faq.php
statement, Perdue also said she The memo said it is appropriate P r e s i d e n t B a r a c k O b a m a . Five Filters featured article:
was persuaded after talks with that Cooper, a Democrat, pursue a According to recent polls, she Comment Is Free But Freedom Is
N.C. Attorney General Roy defense of the state law. would have trouble repeating that
Slavery - An Exchange With The
Cooper that the law would have Republicans, who gained control feat today.
Guardian's Economics Editor.
"unintended consequences" and of the state legislature in the 2010 A poll by the Justice at Stake
Newstablet Edition Politics/ Science/ 73

D.C. Mayor Vincent Gray Denies

Allegations of Illicit Payments
During Campaign
Christopher Weber (Politics
Submitted at 3/7/2011 10:31:00 AM

Correspondent Vincent Gray,

mayor of Washington, D.C., is
denying allegations by a former
mayoral candidate -- and later an
administration employee -- who
says he was paid to ramp up
Video: Japan's New
attacks on then-mayor Adrian
Fenty during last year's campaign. Goateed Geminoid Robot
At a weekend press conference,
however, the mayor
acknowledged his administration
Is Uncomfortably Realistic
"made missteps" in the way it Dan Nosowitz (Popular Science (if you consider a goatee a beard,
and the Sept. 14 Democratic "If somebody did that, then they - New Technology, Science which in my full-bearded opinion
vetted candidates for jobs, The News, The Future Now)
Washington Post reported primary, according to the Post. ought to be subject to whatever is debatable).
Monday. "We met at Union Station, out justice is required," Gray said of Submitted at 3/7/2011 11:52:43 AM Like its Geminoid siblings, the
"We have taken steps to address front. The initial payment was in the allegations. "I would never Geminoid DK Geminoid DK is controlled remotely with a
those missteps," Gray said cash, in a plain white envelope," condone anything like that, The latest Geminoid robot is one motion-capture system in which
Sunday, without providing details. Brown told Washington's WTTG- period, point blank." of the most realistic, and thus t h e G e m i n o i d m i m i c s t h e
The allegations come from TV. This entry passed through the creepiest, android we've ever movements of the person being
Sulaimon Brown, who was hired Green and Brooks have denied Full-Text RSS service — if this is seen. The skin, hair, goatee (!), captured. Future uses are kind of
at the city's Department of Health the allegations that they paid your content and you're reading it and facial expressions are real secondary to the basic goal of
Care Finance after the campaign. Brown to continue his attacks on someone else's site, please read enough to fool you for a few making the most human-like robot
He was on the job -- which he against Fenty. our FAQ page at seconds while it sinks in that possible, but it could be a step
alleges was part of his reward for Brown has provided a number of content-only/faq.php something very, very weird is f o r w a r d f o r h u m a n - r o b o t
the attacks -- just a month before text messages that he says are Five Filters featured article: going on. interaction--paired with, say,
he was fired. from the mayor and that show he Comment Is Free But Freedom Is This specific model is called the Watson's brain, the Geminoid
Brown says he was given a series was promised an administration Slavery - An Exchange With The Geminoid DK, and it comes from series could be used in some
of payments by Lorraine Green, job. Guardian's Economics Editor. the same studio that gave us the pretty interesting ways. That
Gray's campaign chair and The Post said the mayor called on robotic actress, Geminoid F. The being said, here's a terrifying
adviser, and campaign consultant the city attorney general's office DK is the first Geminoid model picture of the Geminoid's skin-
Howard Brooks between June 24 to investigate. that's based on a non-Japanese less skull.
person (in this case, Associate [ IEEE Spectrum]
Professor Henrik Scharfe of
Denmark's Aalborg University)
and also the first bearded model
74 Science/ Newstablet Edition

Our Body the Ecosystem: Understanding the Interplay

Between Man and Microbe
Virginia Hughes (Popular never really gotten a full night's
Science - New Technology, sleep," he says.
Science News, The Future As many as 30 percent of all
children develop eczema, and no
Submitted at 3/7/2011 10:00:00 AM one knows what mix of genetic
Studying our natural internal and environmental factors sets it
bacteria could help doctors cure off. The disease runs in families,
diseases that affect millions yet Jake's twin sister, Becca, has
When Jake Harvey visits the perfect skin. For about 60 percent
clinical center at the National of children with the disease, it
Institutes of Health in Bethesda, goes away by early adolescence.
Maryland, he is usually dirty, The others frequently deal with
itchy and wheezing-not the outbreaks for life.
happiest state of affairs for a 14- Whether the rash disappears or
year-old boy. But his doctors not, nearly one third of children
require that for 24 hours prior to with eczema go on, like Jake, to
each visit, he refrain from develop asthma and hay fever.
bathing, or using the inhaler that Asthma and hay fever also
soothes his asthma, or applying involve inflammation, but very
the ointment that softens his little is known about what quirk of
eczema. In order to study his the immune system links them all
illness, they need him to be in as together. "We've been to
close to his natural state as pediatricians, allergists,
possible. dermatologists for years," says
Jake's discomfort could lead to Jake's mother, Debbie, "and
better treatments for the millions nobody can figure him out."
who have eczema-a disorder The average human body is made
marked by dry red rashes in the up of trillions of cells. The
creases of elbows, behind knees average human body also houses
and on the back of necks-as well about 10 times that number of
as an array of other allergic dramatically increased over the that live on or in us. So far, Jake treatments, including petroleum
bacterial cells. Scientists have
reactions. By understanding past few decades. has made half a dozen trips to jelly, topical steroids, antibiotics,
been curious about our bacterial
eczema in a new way, as the These researchers, led by Heidi Bethesda, 60 miles each way, to and also dairy-free, gluten-free
cohabitants since 1683, when
product of a delicate interaction Kong, a dermatologist at the donate a few skin cells to the and probiotic diets. None of them
Antonie van Leeuwenhoek, using
between the immune system and Center for Cancer Research at the project. has worked very well. When he
a microscope he had built himself,
the legion of bacteria that live on National Cancer Institute and Jake has been struggling with was younger, he went to school
examined his own dental plaque
the skin, one group of scientists Julie Segre, a geneticist at the eczema since he was a few with bandages on the tips of his
only to discover "little living
hopes to better understand what NIH, are just one part of the five- months old. The rash never stops fingers and slept with socks over
animacules, very prettily a-
triggers it and why the number of year, $173-million Human itching, and when he scratches, it his hands. In bed, he still
moving." But it has been only
diagnosed eczema cases in Microbiome Project (HMP), an bleeds and scabs and gets even sometimes lies on his back with
developed countries has effort to characterize the itchier. His clothes stick to the both legs sticking straight up so OUR page 75
thousands of species of microbes sores. He has tried many they're easier to scratch. "I've
Newstablet Edition 75
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within the past few decades that "What we want to understand Sitting on a stool next to him, about his eczema. (She tubes, each holding the 16S pieces
scientists have begun to first," says Human Microbiome Kong asks a series of questions. recommended that he take diluted harvested from a particular area of
understand just how many Project coordinator Lita Proctor, Which medications are you bleach baths during bad flares, the participant's skin.
varieties of bacteria live in or on "is what's considered the norm. currently taking? Does your which has given him some relief.) He puts the tubes on ice in order
our bodies. And now they What does a typical healthy school use antibacterial soaps? But he says he's proud to be part to FedEx them to a building five
increasingly suspect that many human have?" HMP researchers How bad are your allergies this of the effort to understand this miles north, the NIH Intramural
diseases are caused not by are building a reference database month? On a diagram of a body, disease, in case his future children Sequencing Center. There,
individual bacteria, but by the of the genetic fingerprints of she notes all the spots where end up with the same troubles. machines read the precise
delicate interplay between about 3,000 different bacterial Jake's rash has croppedup that Moist: Inside the nose, between sequence of 1,500-odd letters in
multiple bacterial species and the species. Scientists are also day. Then she pulls on a pair of the fingers and toes, and the heel-- each 16S fragment, giving the
human host. thoroughly characterizing the blue examination gloves and turns these areas of skin and folds chemical signature of each
Oily: The scalp, upper back and makeup of microbial communities to a tray containing a row of contain many sweat glands. species. Finally, technicians
crease of the nose all have an found on half a dozen body sites- sterile swabs and scalpels. The Eczema flares are sometimes upload the sequence data to an
abundance of oil-producing including the gut, the mouth, the swabbing comes first. Jake found in moist skin areas. Howard internal network, ready to be
sebaceous glands. Oily regions skin and the groin-of 300 normal stretches out his right arm, palm Schatz mined by Segre and Kong.
tend to have less bacterial people. The next step is to up, and Kong firmly rubs a wet Jake's skin samples, like those The skin is an ecosystem. Like
diversity than other regions. compare those results with what foam swab in a circular motion in from the more than 20 other any other ecosystem, it harbors
Howard Schatz researchers find in patients with the crook of his elbow; the sterile children participating in the study, permanent residents and also
In the Human Microbiome specific medical conditions such water solution stings when it hits wind up in a nearby laboratory migrant species that flock to a few
Project, researchers plan to as eczema, Crohn's disease and his open sores. Kong places the complex, where they are stored in hotspots during certain seasons.
characterize the vast numbers of ulcerative colitis. tip of the swab into a plastic tube a large freezer set at -112oF. The Those fluctuations powerfully
bacteria, fungi, protozoa and The skin samples from Jake and filled with the same liquid and inside of the door is lined with influence how the skin works.
viruses in our body by sequencing other children with eczema will places the tube in a bucket of dry thick white snow. Clay Deming, a Staphylococcus epidermidis, for
their genes. That won't be easy. In help Segre and Kong determine ice. Then comes the scalpel. Kong biologist at the lab, explained to example, may help educate the
the past, researchers had to grow whether changing profiles of skin moistens the blade and gently me how he prepares each sample. skin's immune system, training it
each species outside the body flora, and its interaction with the scrapes some skin from a spot He selects a tube and defrosts it; to recognize particular molecules
before they could identify it, a human immune system, are next to the area she swabbed. She adds lysozyme, an enzyme that so that it can better respond to an
process that required intense involved in the rising rates of the wipes the flakes from the blade breaks down bacterial cell walls; attack by harmful species. S.
research to determine optimum disease. Some 34.1 million with another swab and drops the and shakes the concoction using a epidermidis churns out proteins
growing conditions. Only the Americans suffer from asthma, tip into another plastic tube. Kong vortex mixer. This releases DNA that prevent unwanted invaders
hardiest and most numerous and up to 50 million have repeats the procedure on each from the bacterial cells so that it from adhering to skin. So it makes
bacterial species-for example, seasonal allergies. elbow, each inner forearm, the floats freely in the liquid. He then sense that disrupting these
Staphylococcus aureus and "In the last three decades, all of back of each knee, and finally a pours the solution over a gel filter, complex microbial interactions
Streptococcus pyogenes, which these allergic disorders-asthma, swab in one of his nostrils. Once designed so that just bacterial could lead to skin problems.
can cause life-threatening eczema, hay fever-they've all the sampling is over, she and her DNA fragments will stick to it. With the eczema study, Segre
infections-have been thoroughly tripled," Segre says. With that colleagues take pictures of Jake's With the DNA fragments thus says she hopes to find patterns in
studied in the laboratory. Now, short of a time frame, the culprit rash. Then they check his vital separated, Deming can use a the microbiome that could predict
advances in DNA sequencing-the can't be simply changes in our signs. technique called polymerase chain the onset of an eczema flare in a
very same that made it possible own genome. "So it must be Jake doesn't know much about reaction to make millions of particular child, or even help
for the Human Genome Project to something about the gene- what happens to his skin cells copies of one particular bacterial doctors choose a far more
decode the three billion base pairs environment interaction. And I once they disappear into the lab. gene: 16S. All bacteria carry the effective treatment; for some
of our own genome quickly-have now believe that that's modulated For the most part, he comes to the gene, but its DNA sequence varies patients, bleach baths might help,
provided the technology to make by the body's bacteria." clinic, which he found because he from species to species. After whereas for others, a round of anti
a comprehensive Human The first part of the exam is like was enrolled in an NIH study on amplifying the DNA fragments, OUR page 76
Microbiome Project possible. any other doctor's visit, Jake says. asthma, for Kong's helpful advice Deming is left with a new set of
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-inflammatory steroids might be differences. The six psoriasis specific locations on the body, other children with eczema at Metagenomics, however, is
the best choice. patients had considerably more rather than to individual humans. three points: during a normal, or immensely complicated.
Kong and Segre are not the only bacteria from the Firmicutes For example, the bacterial baseline, period; during a flare; Researchers know little about how
scientists looking into the phylum than people without communities under your arm are and two weeks after treatment. In the millions of microbial genes
connection between the psoriasis. What's more, the most more similar to those under a preliminary analysis of data might work together, and it's
microbiome and inflammatory common class of bacteria in someone else's arm than to those from 10 patients, Kong and Segre difficult to sort out which patterns
skin conditions. Martin Blaser, a healthy skin, Actinobacteria, was behind your knee. have confirmed older studies are signatures of disease versus
microbiologist and physician at significantly underrepresented in Dry: The forearms and buttocks showing that there are huge part of normal variation between
New York University, thinks the the lesions. have a relative paucity of sweat amounts of S. aureus on the skin people. "There's no way to
microbiome also plays a role in "Those results, which were and sebaceous glands. Bacteria during a flare. What wasn't known overemphasize the analytical
psoriasis. Some 25 years ago, important at the time, now are from dry skin sites are typically before, however, is that S. aureus challenges," Fraser-Liggett says.
Blaser's father had told him that kind of laughable because they're the hardest to grow in culture. crowds out the other bacterial "It's something that everybody is
his psoriasis-scaly red-and-white on such a small scale," Blaser Howard Schatz species during a flare. Kong and struggling with."
patches on the skin-seemed to get says. Now, with funding from the Jake is allergic to many things- Segre are trying to figure out how Early results from Segre's study
better after he started taking Human Microbiome Project, his mold, peanut butter, dogs, cats- treating these patients changes indicate that researchers might not
allopurinol, a medicine that treats team is looking in much greater and his asthma is severe. In 2009 their bacterial diversity and leads have to decode the entire
gout. Blaser, who has mild detail at how the overall microbial he almost died because he to better individual results. microbiome to better treat
psoriasis himself, took notice. He numbers, as well as changes in the couldn't breathe. "The scary thing Segre doesn't know whether children's skin diseases. She says
knew that because allopurinol species distribution, vary in was, within seconds, he was in bacteria associated with eczema she envisions a day in the not-too-
interferes with the synthesis of patients with psoriasis. respiratory and cardiac arrest," his are the cause of the disease or distant future when a
DNA, it kills bacteria or makes it In May 2009, Kong, Segre and mother recalls. "No warning. No simply a consequence of living dermatologist, during an office
very difficult for those bacteria to their colleagues published the first lip swelling or dizziness or mouth with it. To find out, she plans to visit, will drop a skin sample into
grow. comprehensive catalog of skin burning. He just went down." perform a metagenomic analysis a machine that spits out a
His father's experience spurred microbes, based on samples taken Eczema's strong link to allergies of the samples. During a signature of the microbiome.
Blaser to look deeper into the from 20 different body parts-from suggests that the immune system metagenomic analysis, scientists If she finds certain microbial
connection between allopurinol the oily crease outside the nose to is key to the development of the compare thousands of genes profiles that predict the onset of
and microbes. He discovered that the moist spots between the disease, and researchers have present in a particular species's an eczema flare, for example,
a few decades earlier, researchers fingers-of 10 healthy people. By focused on inflammation for DNA. By looking at the biological doctors could use that data as a
had run clinical trials on sequencing hundreds of the 16S decades. So how does the skin function of the genes-what kinds guide for action. They might tell
allopurinol as a treatment for genes in each sample, the microbiome fit into this picture? of proteins they make and what the patient to take a few extra
psoriasis. The results were researchers found that our In 2006, a coalition of researchers kinds of biological pathways bleach baths that week, or to skip
inconclusive, but Blaser thought epidermal ecosystem is much from the U.S., France, Ireland and those proteins are involved in-the football practice. Researchers
that the medicine might work on a more diverse than anybody the U.K. discovered that up to half scientists can make educated might even be able to create
particular subgroup of psoriasis thought, with discrete bacterial of people with eczema have guesses about the role of each "probiotic" concoctions to replace
patients. populations ranging in size from mutations in filaggrin, a protein in species, and how different species the bacterial species that patients
In 2002, he finally secured 15 species behind the ear to 44 on the skin barrier, or top layers of may work with one another and lack during a flare, Segre says.
funding to study the microbiomes the forearm. The team also looked the skin. Now some researchers with our own genome. Hospitals are already routinely
of psoriasis patients. For the at whether the microbiome is suspect that this flaw in the skin "We all believe there's an swabbing people's noses to screen
project, Blaser performed a consistent across individuals; that barrier allows entry to particles interdependency among these for drug-resistant bacteria. "You
general census of bacteria living is, do some individuals always that trigger the immune response organisms. They're highly get that result in less than an
on the inner forearms of six have a certain set of bacterial and creates an ecological niche dependent on their neighbors for hour," Segre says. If the screen
healthy people. Later his group species, no matter what part of the for a different set of microbes. their survival," says Claire Fraser- turns up MRSA, for example,
did the same analysis on skin body those bacteria live in? To uncover any link between the Liggett, director of the Institute doctors can prescribe an antibiotic
from six people with psoriasis, The researchers learned that, no, skin barrier and microbes, Kong for Genome Sciences at the OUR page 78
and they found some striking the bacteria are finely tailored to and Segre are sampling Jake and University of Maryland.
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NASA Scientist Claims to See Alien Life In Meteorites,

Controversy Ensues
Rebecca Boyle (Popular Boyle talks to David Morrison,
Science - New Technology, senior scientist at the NASA
Science News, The Future Astrobiology Institute at Ames
Research Center, who said
Submitted at 3/7/2011 10:57:13 AM "Perhaps the publication came out
Alien Microbe Fossils? This tube, too soon; more appropriate would
found in a meteorite that fell to have been on April 1."
Earth in 1864, is similar in size For its part, the Journal of
and shape to the giant bacterium Cosmology has invited
Titanospirillum velox. A NASA commentary from 100 scientists,
astrobiologist claims it is the and is publishing them on its
remains of an alien microbe. His website. MSNBC's Boyle hits the
claim is controversial, to say the highlights so far, while noting that
least. R. Hoover/Journal of they're not in chronological order
Cosmology The jury is still out, - is the journal publishing only
but skepticism permeates the some of the commentaries?
scientific community The J of C is edited by Rudolf
Did a NASA scientist find Schild, a professor of cosmology
fossilized alien microbes at the Harvard-Smithsonian
embedded in a 146-year-old Center for Astrophysics who has
meteorite? As this claim emerged written almost 300 scientific
over the weekend, the answer papers. It has been drawing
from the scientific community so skepticism since at least last fall,
far appears to be something showing up on discussion boards
between "Um, what?" and "No." and in the science blogosphere.
Saturday afternoon, the Journal Critics say its website looks like a
of Cosmology, which has made a student's science project; Myers
name for itself by publishing said it looks like it was "sucked
p r o v o c a t i v e p a p e r s a b o u t out, this is not the first time are a long, long way from rabbit in a meteor. While they're through a wormhole from the
controversial topics, sent out a Hoover has made this claim, and knowing whether the claim is at it, they might as well throw in a 1990s." But the editorial board
mass press release announcing a similar arguments have been v a l i d o r n o t " ; a t N P R , bigfoot print on the surface and includes some impressive names.
new paper by the award-winning made before, including this paper astrophysicist Adam Frank said chupacabra coprolite from space. Many other scientist bloggers
astrobiologist Richard Hoover, by NASA astrobiologist David it's not proof, but "not disprovable All will be about as convincing as have asked why such a potentially
who studies extremophiles at McKay (which Nature's Great either." this story." groundbreaking paper would be
NASA's Marshall Space Flight Beyond blog notes is not cited by On the other hand, biologist and Rosie Redfield, who was one of published in an open-access
Center. He described filaments Hoover). blogger PZ Myers called it the first to critique NASA's online journal, instead of a
and other structures inside a rare As scientists began reacting to "garbage," wondering why it was controversial arsenic-eating- prestigious publication like
type of meteorite that look like the announcement, some have getting any attention at all: b a c t e r i a p a p e r , d e c l a r e d Science or Nature. And that's
s o m e u n k n o w n f o r m o f been more charitable than others. "I'm looking forward to the "Executive Summary: Move when it starts to get weird.
cyanobacteria. Bad Astronomer Phil Plait said he publication next year of the along folks, there's nothing to see
As several others have pointed was extremely skeptical, and "we discovery of an extraterrestrial here." And over at MSNBC, Alan NASA page 78
78 Science/ Newstablet Edition
Video: Squishy Larval Human From Japan Could continued from page 76

known to be effective against the

Be Your Next Cellphone species.

These potential applications are
many years off, and Segre's initial
Rebecca Boyle (Popular imaginations fill in the details. Its
Science - New Technology, studies probably won't have much
eyes and face are creepily
Science News, The Future affect on Jake's eczema. Still, the
realistic, but the body is limited to
Now) Harveys are happy to be moving
flipper-like arms and a mermaid-
the field forward. "It's probably
Submitted at 3/7/2011 9:04:49 AM like tapered torso, making it look
Elfoid Cellphone Telepresence going to be a while before Jake's
like a tadpole, Casper the Friendly
Robot Is this guy excited, or helped," Debbie says. "But in the
Ghost or a male reproductive cell,
gasping in horror? via IEEE future, if someone else can avoid
depending on your frame of mind.
Spectrum sitting up all night scratching their
Check out the 360-degree view in
Larvabot is baaack ... and now it's legs, that would be great."
the video below. Yes, it has a
in your pocket, giving a whole derriere.
new meaning to the vibrate setting The Elfoid apparently can't move
on your cell phone. The new its limbs or face as much as its
Elfoid telepresence telephone larger kin, according to IEEE, but
tickles its owner when it gets a Ishiguro and colleagues plan to
call, wriggling to transmit your use microactuators to give it more
head and face movements, along movement.
with your voice, to the person on Japanese model. It was unveiled probably shouldn't. It apparently
Please don't, guys.
the other end of the line. Thursday at a Japanese press has a "soft, pleasant-to-the-touch
[via Automaton, Advanced
The Elfoid, a pocket-sized conference. exterior," according to IEEE's
Telecommunications Research
version of the Telenoid R1 Talk into its belly and use a Automaton blog.
Larvabot, is the latest bizarre motion-capture system to transmit Elfoid and Telenoid are meant to
creation of roboticist Hiroshi your face and head movements to be minimalist humanoids, with
Ishiguro, who also brought us a the Elfoid, which will act them just enough human-like features
doppelganger version of himself out, conveying your presence in a to evoke a person's presence.
and a fembot version of a way that voices just can't. And Users are supposed to let their

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Schild sent another press release Wired, David Dobbs tries to make mainstream science community is
addressing that question, saying it sense of it all. concerned.
was "tantamount to school-yard Weirdness or not, Hoover's claim
taunts by jealous children." The is certainly an extraordinary one.
journal claims to be the victim of But as Carl Sagan once said,
a conspiracy by NASA, the extraordinary claims require
American Association for the extraordinary evidence. It seems
Advancement of Science, Nature unlikely that this evidence will fit
and other organizations. At the bill, at least as far as the
Newstablet Edition Politics-Right/ 79

An Easy-to-Follow Energy Road Map

Nicolas Loris (The Foundry: Congress restricted more and DOE to manage the Yucca
Conservative Policy News.) more offshore areas through repository and removing the fee
Submitted at 3/7/2011 10:00:19 AM annual Department of the Interior that ratepayers pay to the federal
(DOI) appropriations, denying government to used-fuel-
Faced with increasing electricity funding to conduct lease sales. management services. Removing
prices (as well as brownouts in Nunes’s bill would improve the fee would allow a market-
some areas) and higher prices at access to America’s resources in based system to emerge for used-
the pump, Americans are calling the Outer Continental Shelf fuel management.
for solutions that would result in (OCS) by removing unnecessary The proposal also would reform
affordable electricity and gas and restrictive delays in the how new reactors are potentially
prices. The easiest way to do that implementation of the Draft permitted. The current permitting
is to increase supply to offset Proposed OCS Oil and Gas process to build new reactors is a
rising demand. The federal Leasing Program 2010–2015, product of a streamlining effort
government’s role should be not which was put forth by the Bush established by the Energy Policy
to pick winners and losers among Administration. The bill would Act of 1992, but it is still proving
energy technologies but set the require the Secretary of the to be slow and unpredictable. The
rules in place to allow companies Interior to conduct a lease sale 30 Nunes legislation would create a
to produce energy if it’s in their days after the bill’s enactment and Assuming the middle of this expansions of large greenhouse- second permitting track that
interest to do so. Rep. Devin every 270 days after that in each range, ANWR could provide gas-emitting-plants this year. would allow for a permit to be
Nunes (R–CA) released new OCS planning region where a nearly a million barrels per day, Reining in the EPA’s regulatory issued in approximately two
legislation that provides an commercial interest exists to every day it is in operation, for excesses with respect to carbon years.
efficient path forward to increase purchase the lease. several decades. dioxide and other greenhouse gas To be eligible, applicants must:
energy supply, create jobs, and Some 86 billion barrels of oil and This drilling would occur on only emissions is long overdue and is a • Construct a reactor in which the
grow America’s economy while 420 trillion cubic feet of natural 2,000 acres of ANWR’s 19 critically important title in the design has already been certified
preventing the Environmental gas are beneath America’s waters, million-acre expanse and only Nunes legislation. The American b y t h e N u c l e a r R e g u l a t o r y
Protection Agency (EPA) from a n d w h i l e t h o s e r e s o u r c e s during the time of year when the people made it clear last year that C o m m i s s i o n ( N R C ) ;
stifling economic growth with w o u l d n ’ t i m m e d i a t e l y b e g r o u n d i s f r o z e n . W i l d l i f e they had no appetite for cap-and- • Build the new reactor on or
senseless regulations. available, we should move migration typically occurs during trade legislation that would inflict adjacent to a site where reactors
Nunes’s legislation would open forward to access those resources. warmer periods, so drilling would serious economic damage while already operate;
access to domestic oil and gas Opening Alaska’s Arctic not be disruptive to animals, most providing no environmental • Not be subject to any NRC
exploration both onshore and N a t i o n a l W i l d l i f e R e f u g e notably caribou. Only an act of b e n e f i t . T h e E P A ’ s C O 2 actions to revoke operating
offshore, streamline the process to For the past few decades, the Congress can open up ANWR to regulations would do no less. permits; and
permit new nuclear power plants, federal government has been a leasing for oil and gas production. Moving Forward with Nuclear • Have submitted a completed
and attempt to remove the special- hindrance rather than a help in Stopping EPA’s Global Warming Energy combined construction and
i n t e r e s t p o l i t i c k i n g b e h i n d expanding America’s domestic Regulations Of critical importance, the Nunes o p e r a t i n g l i c e n s e p e r m i t
renewable energy subsidies. The energy supply. Alaska’s Arctic The EPA’s endangerment finding b i l l c r e a t e s a p a t h w a y t o application that has been docketed
bill would also prohibit the EPA N a t i o n a l W i l d l i f e R e f u g e gives the EPA justification to determine whether or not Yucca is by the NRC.
from regulating greenhouse gas (ANWR) is likely the most r e g u l a t e g r e e n h o u s e g a s suitable as a repository and puts
emissions under the Clean Air Act infamous case. ANWR is the emissions, most notably carbon forth a plan to find an alternative The expedited process would
(CAA). largest single untapped source of dioxide (CO2), under the CAA. site if one is necessary. It also entail the issuance of a draft
Offshore Access American oil. The U.S. The EPA already began targeting directs the Department of Energy Environmental Impact Statement
Many of America’s offshore Geological Survey estimates that motor vehicles last year and will (DOE) to report back to Congress (EIS) within 12 months of the
areas are off-limits to energy it contains 5.7–16 billion barrels start regulating emissions from on the feasibility of establishing
production. Beginning in 1982, o f r e c o v e r a b l e c r u d e o i l . EASY-TO-FOLLOW page 83
new power plants and major an organization outside of the
80 Politics-Right/ Newstablet Edition

Defense Lessons from Europe

Submitted at 3/7/2011 3:00:21 AM
historic budget cuts may be multiculturalism instead of commitment to the common peacocking, North Korea’s
coming down the pike -- if not assimilation for immigrants, and defense . . . Each country has to puffing, and Iran’s constant
Europeans have believed that now, then very soon. Tactically, ever-decreasing defense budgets be able to make its appropriate provocation all highlight the very
international institutions could hawkish budget cutters seem most all demonstrate that the path contributions.” real concept of tyranny among
replace defense. We can learn credible when they propose across Europe has been following is not #page#Secretary Clinton also nations and the importance of real
from their mistakes. -the-board cuts, including the model for a government by the said: “We face new and different military force to prevent it. The
T he world has a way of working defense, which helps to mute the people. And most significantly, threats. Of course there are cuts failure of the United Nations to
against an American president’s media’s demand for so-called we learn that Europe’s defense that we’re making, but then there deal effectively with Iran’s
own predilections and priorities. “shared sacrifice.” But the fact of budgets will continue to decrease are new responsibilities, like nuclear buildup (even though the
Today’s world -- an exploding the matter is that defense is the unless there is a dramatic cyber security or missile defense, U.N.’s sole original purpose was
Middle East, pirate attacks off the one thing that should not be part rearrangement of priorities among that we’re going to have to “To maintain international peace
coast of Somalia, the Chinese of federal budget negotiations. its peoples. The NATO secretary assume.” The diplomatically and security,” which are the first
naval response to Libya, and daily Our defense needs should be general, Anders Fogh Rasmussen, phrased statement seems to six words of the U.N. Charter), its
intransigence by Iran and North determined first, and then the rest recently warned that “the budget indicate that the United States is noticeable absence during the
Korea -- is hindering President of our budget must accommodate decreases across the continent warning our NATO partners to uprisings in Egypt, its slow and
Obama’s strong desire to effect a this figure. could have dire consequences: If stop decreasing their defense verbal response to the massacres
“fundamental transformation” of We are indeed in the middle of the cuts are too deep, we won’t be budgets and increasing their in Libya, and its farcical
the American economy and the most significant battle over able to defend the security on reliance on American announcement of an International
culture. It is hitting him in his the role of the federal government which our democratic societies benevolence and hegemony. Criminal Court prosecution of
weak spot, defense policy. vis-à-vis our individual states and prosperous economies What accounts for decades of Qaddafi (which was dangerously,
The extent to which “weak spots” since the New Deal, but it is clear depend. We risk a Europe cuts in European defense budgets? from the perspective of U.S.
are understood by allied nations, that providing for the common increasingly adrift from the In 2002, Robert Kagan wrote in sovereignty, endorsed by
hostile powers, and terrorist actors defense is the most inherently United States.” Of Paradise and Power on the President Obama) all show us that
is a matter of endless and federal responsibility. As John Jay British defense secretary Liam difference in world views between world peace will depend not on a
inconclusive debate, but it is clear remarked in The Federalist no. 4, Fox recently complained about Europe and America. Europe was historical vision for cooperative
that we face real danger and real the federal government needs to the proposed 10 percent reduction “turning away from power” into a world order but on the ability of
emerging threats throughout the cultivate “ such a situation as, in the defense budget and warned “world of laws and rules and nations like the United States to
world that we cannot continue to instead of inviting war, will tend that such cuts were “draconian” transnational negotiation and deter threats through the
ignore. to repress and discourage it. That during a time when the U.K. is at cooperation,” he wrote. projection of military strength..
#ad#At the same time, Americans, situation consists in the best war. Decreased capacities will Meanwhile America was still So Europe has taught us at least
like many Europeans, are possible state of defense, and force the U.K. to “increase living in the Hobbesian world three things in recent months. (1)
beginning to understand the need necessarily depends on the dependence on other states for where international laws are All bills eventually come due:
to have budgets that do not crush government, the arms, and the some collective security tasks (for unreliable and “true security and Elected officials cannot spend
economic growth or require resources of the country.” From example, in anti-piracy the defense and promotion of a unlimited sums on social-welfare
unsustainable levels of debt. A this vantage point, it is clear that operations),” as Malcolm liberal order still depend on the and entitlement programs and
strong economy is the linchpin of the best trains, schools, and social Chalmers concluded in a defense possession and use of military expect to maintain a functioning
national happiness and strength, services in the world mean review done by the Royal United might.” democracy, much less a vibrant
and recent experience has exposed nothing if we cannot protect our Services Institute in June 2010. #ad# Today’s world tells us that economy. (2) When the need to
the intellectual bankruptcy of a way of life. Secretary of State Clinton has we were right and the Kantian cut spending becomes
governing philosophy premised We are learning a lot from made it clear that the Obama New World Order view embraced inescapable, an enticing place to
on centralized planning, unbridled Europe these days, especially how administration is worried about by Europe was, at best, a well- start is the defense budget, as such
spending, and nanny-state not to govern a modern the proposed deep defense cuts, intentioned but wrong-headed cuts are often less politically
regulation. democratic nation. Unsustainable citing the need “to have an miscalculation regarding the
So it appears, God willing, that social-welfare spending, alliance where there is a conduct of nations. China’s recent DEFENSE page 87
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An Emergency for Americans Under 30

Submitted at 3/7/2011 3:00:20 AM
we don’t get our debt under be left holding the bag. through 2015. Or Congress could Debt Paying Generation will
control. And there's more than IOUs in just eliminate the entire experience a significant level of
For the Debt Paying Generation, # a d # O f t h e s e v e r a l s t u d i e s that bag. A much weaker discretionary budget, all of Social financial insecurity. For example,
huge burdens, high inflation, and released by the IMF, the most economy is part of the burden, Security, and spending equal to it is widely believed, with good
a weakened economy. important was a May 15 report too. According to Claudia two-thirds of our national-debt reason, that Americans under 30
A news alert for the Debt Paying warning the United States that it Reinhart and Hugh Rogoff, interest payments for FY 2011 to are never going to collect any
Generation: President Obama’s would have a debt-to-GDP ratio authors of the best-selling This reach the same total cuts this year, Social Security or Medicare,
budget for Fiscal Year 2012 of 100 percent by 2015. An April Time is Different: Eight Centuries and leave the budget in other despite government promises to
brings the national debt from 30 report also found that of all the of Financial Folly, countries that years untouched. the contrary. How unfair is it,
$14.1 trillion to nearly $26.4 debt reductions industrialized amass public debt above 90 It’s time for Americans to step up then, to add insult to injury by
trillion by 2021. This will take the nations need to make, the United percent of GDP inevitably and place blame squarely on loading them down with
amount of debt per working States requires the second-largest experience sharply slower ourselves both for electing thousands in additional taxes
American by the end of this fiscal adjustment. This adjustment economic growth and usually ineffective leaders and for not throughout their lives to repay the
year -- all 153,000,000 of them -- amounts to full 12 percent of our debilitating inflation. That means knowing where our tax dollars are policy-driven debts of their
from $101,150 to more than structural deficits -- not quite as that the Debt Paying Generation going. Approximately 41 percent parents’ and grandparents’
$161,631. Young Americans are bad as Japan at 13 percent, but could end up with lower incomes of the president’s original 2011 generations?
going to get hammered by this considerably worse than woeful and devalued investments while budget is taken up by Social We hope the new Congress will
debt if entitlement, welfare, and Greece at 9 percent. Yet Congress bearing the biggest debt burden in Security, Medicare, and Medicaid, address these problems before
defense reforms are not under will probably not be able to enact human history. Say hello to programs that this nation can’t they hit critical mass in the next
way within the next two to five these necessary changes. virtually no savings and no afford but that huge majorities of two to five years However,
years. In order to achieve that 12 retirement. Americans don’t want changed. history suggests otherwise, and
Those 115 million Americans percent reduction during the five Implementation of the IMF’s The program Americans most the inertia of the past bodes
between 5 and 30 years old are fiscal years between now and recommendations will be next to want to cut? Foreign aid, which poorly for the Debt Paying
going to have to absorb virtually 2015, the average budget cut impossible, for either political amounts to less than 2 percent of Generation. If Congress does not
all of this debt. In earlier pieces, would have to be equal to equal party, if the last ten years are any federal spending -- just $38 take seriously the fiscal realities
we outlined our take on the $395.3 billion per year. Given that example. With the president’s billion dollars out of a budget that the IMF has highlighted,
matter, and how few members of the president’s bipartisan debt 2012 budget proposal out but not nearly $4 trillion in size. young Americans almost certainly
Congress are willing to stand up commission’s recommendations yet fully analyzed, we decided to In order to lift ourselves out of will suffer under a lifelong
for the interests of the under-30 could not even get to Congress for put the IMF’s recommendations this hole, Americans will need to recession.
generation. Today, we’d like to a vote, and that the new budget into real terms based upon the make tough decisions. Because — William Beach is director of
highlight a warning from the from House Republicans cuts only president’s initial 2011 budget mandatory spending and defense the Center for Data Analysis at
International Monetary Fund $61 billion from 2010 spending proposal. If Congress were to make up more than 65 percent of the Heritage Foundation. Dustin
(IMF), which has been sending levels, how can the American enact the IMF recommendations, the federal budget, reforming Siggins is a former policy
warning shots across our bow for people expect real structural it would have to make cuts entitlement programs for the researcher in the Center for Data
almost a year, and just the last change in the federal budget? amounting to 72 percent of elderly and indigent, and bringing Analysis at Heritage. William
January released yet another Members of the Debt Paying defense spending or 145 percent much needed efficiencies to the Beach and Dustin Siggins
report warning of economic pain Generation certainly cannot, and of the president’s proposed Department of Defense, must be
and disruption for Americans if rightfully should ask if they will Medicaid spending every year undertaken now. Otherwise, the
82 Politics-Right/ Newstablet Edition

Is Dick Lugar Too Liberal?

Submitted at 3/7/2011 3:00:40 AM
of the Howard County GOP and a attention in 2009 when he filed a As Lugar’s approval ratings “He’s not an Arlen Specter. He
former campaigner for Lugar. lawsuit objecting to the terms of show, there’s no clear statewide firmly believes that he is a
Some Indiana tea partiers say he Dunn also doesn’t like how little the government-arranged Chrysler momentum yet to oust the senator, Republican and the majority of
is. time Lugar has spent visiting bankruptcy. The bankruptcy something Hoosiers for Republicans and the majority of
I f Indiana tea partiers have their Indiana towns in recent years. violated the norm of giving Conservative Senate is working to Hoosiers believe the way that he
way, Republican Dick Lugar is “I’ve not seen my senator in four priority to creditors who hold change. “The senator is beloved does,” Feigenbaum says.
entering the twilight of his Senate and a half years. He’s not been in secured debt (such as the Indiana around the state and around the Nevertheless, the GOP primary
years. our community at all.” pension funds, which lost $5.6 nation. We are right now focusing could easily unleash tensions in
“For the last couple of years, his So far, only two names have been million) over those with on educating Hoosiers about his the Indiana Republican party.
v o t i n g r e c o r d h a s g o t t e n widely bandied about as possible unsecured debt (such as the actual voting record, showing that Gov. Mitch Daniels has already
progressively more liberal and Lugar challengers: state treasurer United Auto Workers). Mourdock he is not as conservative as he said he will support Lugar,
more progressive. We’ve reached Richard Mourdock and state also argued that it had been says that he is,” says Boyer. although it is unclear how active
out to him. We’ve met with him. senator Mike Delph. Delph has unconstitutional for the #page#Feigenbaum questions Daniels plans to be in the race.
We’ve gone with all the motions made no formal announcement government to use TARP funds to whether the Tea Party push will Rep. Mike Pence, who is expected
and realized that there’s really no but appears to be weighing a run. bail out the auto companies. succeed in changing Hoosiers’ to run for governor and who has
changing his mind on those voting Mourdock formally announced Delph is best known for his view of Lugar. “Hoosiers tend to supported Lugar in past years, has
issues,” says Monica Boyer, co- his run in late February, and his efforts on immigration reform. be much more centrist in their said nothing yet.
l e a d e r o f H o o s i e r s f o r candidacy is backed by 74 percent “He’s been the point man on that views than a lot of people think, “I don’t think it’s going to tear the
Conservative Senate, a new group of Indiana GOP county chairmen. for the last three, maybe four and we don’t tend to be too Republican party apart in any
focused on uniting conservatives “It’s all about [the chairmen’s] years, and that’s certainly gotten interested in going for extremes in way, manner, shape, or form,”
around a primary challenger to dissatisfaction with the fact that him a lot of publicity,” says Ed either end,” argues Feigenbaum. Mourdock says about his run,
Lugar. Mr. Lugar hasn’t been around the Feigenbaum, an Indiana political Regardless of the primary’s adding that primaries are
#ad#Lugar’s active support for the state much,” Mourdock tells analyst. Right now, Delph is outcome, the state will be spared “healthy.”
DREAM Act, his backing of the National Review Online. “He pushing for a law similar to enduring a repeat of last year’s “Republicans always clamor
New START treaty, and his votes hasn’t been present, and certainly Arizona’s controversial SB 1070. Alaska Senate race, in which Lisa for#...#free markets#...#[and]
to confirm Sonia Sotomayor and his agenda is moving more and Either man would face an uphill Murkowski decided to run as a open competition in the
Elena Kagan have soured many m o r e t o w a r d s t h e O b a m a battle against Lugar, who has won write-in candidate after losing the marketplace,” he says. “If that’s
Indiana conservatives on the administration than traditional his seat by 35 percentage points or Republican primary to Joe Miller. good in the commercial
longtime senator, who was first Republican thinking.” more since 1988. In 2006, the In Indiana, a primary loser cannot marketplace, it’s equally good in
elected in 1976. Mourdock, who was reelected as year that Democrats swept e run in the general election, even the marketplace for Republican
“In Indiana, I don’t think we feel state treasurer in November, is congressional elections, no as an independent or write-in ideas.”
comfortable with Obama referring popular in Indiana; he won more Democrat even ran against Lugar. candidate. --- Katrina Trinko is an NRO staff
to Richard Lugar as his favorite v o t e s t h a n a n y o t h e r s t a t e In addition, Lugar has raised over #ad#Feigenbaum doesn’t think reporter. Katrina Trinko
Republican senator. That’s not a candidate in the past election. The $2.3 million and had, as of a there is a chance Lugar will
title that I want my senator to former businessman and county November poll he commissioned, decide to avoid the GOP primary
have,” says Craig Dunn, chairman commissioner gained national a 66 percent approval rating. by running as an independent.
Newstablet Edition Politics-Right/ 83
Salvaging Government Journalism continued from page 79

application being docketed and

Submitted at 3/7/2011 3:00:19 AM
for Public Broadcasting, which commentator Juan Williams for partisan lines. On one side are the the final EIS within 18 months.
purports to oversee both. Sen. Jim things he said on Fox News. Media Research Center, the Further, hearings over contested
Public broadcasters might see DeMint (R., N.C.) also introduced If a debate I recently had on an Committee for Accuracy in application issues would begin
their funding axed. a bill stripping the CPB of NPR affiliate is anything to go by, Middle East Reporting in once the draft EIS is issued rather
I t’s SOS time at National Public funding last week. PBS has done NPR will also argue that, no, the America, and Sen. Jim DeMint than after the final EIS. This
Radio -- “save our subsidies.” its lobbying bit by sending Arthur American people don’t think it is (R., S.C.); on the other are Soros, would allow the NRC and
Today, NPR will put CEO Vivian t o C o n g r e s s . N o w i t ’ s M s . biased. My debate was with, and Free Press. applicant to resolve contested
Schiller in front of a sympathetic S c h i l l e r ’ s t u r n . Patrick Butler, board member of #ad#If it had had visionary licensing issues within 24 months
National Press Club audience to Alas for Ms. Schiller, the the Public Media Association, the leadership, NPR could have of the application being docketed.
plead for Congress to spare its arguments against saving the CPB group hastily put together last prevented this fissure. It might The bill also calls for the Safety
funding. And if the announcement funding are too strong. That they month to conduct the lobbying have been able to spare the axe Evaluation Report—NRC’s
is anything to go by, Ms. Schiller take the public dime at all is, in effort. He left me convinced that for the anachronism of application technical review
will tug at the heart strings by fact, one of the fundamental NPR will pour all its energy into government journalism in the age report—to be completed within 18
i n s i s t i n g t h a t “ r u r a l a n d problems with NPR and PBS. persuading enough Republicans to of thousands of broadcasting and months of the application being
e c o n o m i c a l l y d i s t r e s s e d The very idea of government spare its funding one more time. Internet outlets. Instead it got docketed. While such timeframes
communities” will be hardest hit journalism falls apart over the It will not, however, do anything what it has now. would be tight, with close
by this “significant blow” against f o l l o w i n g C a t c h - 2 2 : A n y to bring a better balance to its NPR has a good business model coordination between the
public broadcasting. institution that uses taxpayer newsroom. It is, after all, a with its membership approach, applicant and the NRC, it should
#ad#But it might be too little, too money must be accountable to the newsroom that counts among its which Craiglist founder Craig allow for a significantly shortened
late, and way too manipulative political representatives of those reporters Dina Temple-Raston, Newmark has praised as being process.
this time. National Public Radio is taxpayers; a journalist, however, who covers national security and stronger footing for the long run The bill also begins to break
too anachronistic, too expensive, must never be accountable to a counterterrorism despite authoring than the commercial option. That down one of the primary obstacles
and, yes, way too liberal for the politician. On this contradiction a book on civil liberties with has been the positive side of Ms. that new reactor technologies
n e w C o n g r e s s t o s h o w i t alone, NPR should lose its Anthony Romero, the executive Schiller’s tenure. have in entering the marketplace:
sympathy. funding (though cultural and director of the ACLU; Peter The membership model has the a lack of regulatory support. The
NPR could have saved itself educational programming at PBS Overby, who follows campaign added advantage of being current NRC does an outstanding
years ago, perhaps, by arresting could in principle survive). financing despite hailing from the voluntary, not coercive, as taxes job of regulating large light-water
its slide into liberal orthodoxy NPR, of course, would counter ultra-left group Common Cause; are. This will mean, of course, reactors, 104 of which operate in
after the GOP first went after it. that the CPB solves this Catch-22 and Nina Totenberg, whose that NPR will come to the U.S. today, but it performs
But it was too blind (and too by providing a political “firewall” liberal political opinions are aired increasingly depend on the likes inadequately in developing
smug, maybe?) to concede that it for NPR’s journalists. All the for all to hear every week on TV of Soros. But hey, it’s his dime, regulations that would allow new
was growing increasingly and CPB has done, however, has been news shows. not ours. technologies into the marketplace.
stridently biased. No institution to insulate NPR from criticism #page#And who’s on the right? --- Michael Gonzalez (on Twitter: Without this regulation, new
that touches the public dime can that might have helped it while The day after Juan Williams was gundisalvus) is vice president for technologies are effectively
live long by being partisan. failing to correct its problems. fired, the Washington Post communications at the Heritage banned because customers are
So now it has dragged down What NPR needed was adult reported that NPR had just gotten Foundation. hesitant to buy reactors that the
PBS, too, which has done a supervision; instead it got Vivian rid of its “most visible right EDITOR'S NOTE: This article NRC will not regulate, and the
somewhat better job of keeping its Schiller, a former New York leaning voice.” Juan Williams? has been amended since its initial NRC does not want to put its
biases in check. It has culminated Times executive under whose “All Things Considered,” indeed. posting. Michael Gonzalez resources toward a reactor
i n t h e n e w H o u s e o f tutelage NPR veered further and In fact, the debate over NPR’s technology that has no customers.
Representatives’ voting last further left, took $1.8 million bias is over. As NPR itself The result is that new nuclear
month to cut out the entire $460 from the liberal millionaire reports, the battle over its funding technologies are at a severe
million budget for the Corporation G e o r g e S o r o s , a n d f i r e d now breaks completely along
84 Politics-Right/ Newstablet Edition

Moore Hypocrisy in Madison

Rich Trzupek (FrontPage do things differently. We even
Magazine » FrontPage) agree that there are some places
Submitted at 3/6/2011 10:07:47 PM where we need to talk about how
we negotiate. … However, we
Nothing says “leftist hypocrisy” refuse to accept in America that
quite so well as when the king of we don’t believe that a voice at
double standards – faux-umentary the table is an option. It is not an
film-maker Michael Moore – is option of a leader and it surely is
trotted out to rally the troops. The not the Wisconsin way.” Walker’s Next Smart
millionaire director’s “I’m One has to wonder if Taylor is Move: Expanding
standing up for the working class” listening to what she’s saying. School Choice in
act added yet another level of Unlike Senator Taylor, Governor
surreal to the bizarre atmosphere Walker is actually at his desk in Wisconsin
in Madison, Wisconsin, as union Madison, doing the job he was Anissa Borchardt (The Foundry:
supporters held another massive elected to do. It is Senator Taylor Conservative Policy News.)
rally this weekend. “We’re going and her thirteen colleagues who Submitted at 3/7/2011 11:00:41 AM
to do this together,” Moore told refuse to do their jobs. It is
the crowd on Saturday. “Don’t Senator Taylor and her thirteen Posted March 7th, 2011 at
give up. Please don’t give up.” colleagues who refuse to negotiate 12:00pm in Education Print This
According to an AP story, Moore in the democratic forum of a state Post
went on to describe Governor Teachers, one of the largest How long can the left keep this legislature, a sacred institution Governor Scott Walker (R–WI)
Scott Walker’s attempt to restore constituencies in the union rabble, up in the Dairy State? According that we hold so dear. Why do they is in the news for suggesting an
some sanity to Wisconsin’s can hardly be called working to reports, signs indicate that the refuse to negotiate and to instead overhaul of public-sector
budget in the hackneyed terms of class, at least not in the pity- “Wisconsin Fourteen” are starting hold the state of Wisconsin collective bargaining, but in the
class warfare: provoking sense that Moore to crack. The AWOL Democrat hostage? Because they know that midst of the controversy he has
Moore said the wealthy have intended: i.e. unskilled and semi- senators and Governor Walker they will lose any negotiation. also offered a great proposal to
overreached, first taking the skilled laborers. Nor is anyone spoke over the weekend in an Thus, Taylor and her colleagues expand school choice.
working class’ money and then trying to destroy organized labor attempt to reach some kind of a r e n ’ t a s k i n g W a l k e r a n d Walker’s biennial budget
taking their souls by shutting in America. Rather, the governor compromise. They failed to find W i s c o n s i n R e p u b l i c a n s t o proposes expanding school choice
them up at the bargaining table. of Wisconsin is simply trying to common ground, which led one of r e a s o n a b l y w o r k o u t a in Wisconsin, including charter
The crowd yelled “thank you” rein in out of control public sector the Democratic senators, Lena “compromise” deal; they’re rather schools and vouchers. Most
before Moore began to speak, and unions and create a relationship Taylor, to make a spectacularly demanding that the majority significantly, the budget lifts the
he responded: “All of America b e t w e e n t h e s t a t e a n d i t s ironic comment: submit to minority party cap on the Milwaukee Parental
thanks you, Wisconsin. employees that is equivalent to “I ask the governor, ‘Do your job. b l a c k m a i l . Choice Program, the nation’s
That sort of rhetoric played right that found in dozens of other Come to the table and speak to oldest voucher program. More
to the hearts of the protestors, but states and within the federal Wisconsin workers,”‘ Taylor said. than 20,000 low-income students
there was no substance in it. government itself. “We agree that fiscally we need to currently receive vouchers in
Milwaukee, and lifting the cap
would ensure that all low-income
students in the city have access to
safe and effective schools that
meets their needs. Walker stated:
WALKER’S page 85
Newstablet Edition 85
continued from page 83 continued from page 84

disadvantage. been certified in other countries. its position that all energy In addition, we will expand the easy decisions to benefit
To begin changing this, the Reverse Auction for Renewable subsidies should be abolished, we choice and charter programs to ourselves—but to make the
Nunes bill would direct the NRC Energy Subsidies do recognize that the Nunes idea insure that every kid gets a great difficult ones that will benefit our
to develop a set of guidelines for The goal of Congress should be for distributing subsidies through education—no matter what zip children and grandchildren.
technology-neutral nuclear plant to allow all energy sources to a reverse auction is a better code they live in. We lift the cap Walker is continuing Wisconsin’s
designs. Instead of mandating that compete subsidy-free in an open mechanism than is currently in on the number of students eligible long tradition of providing school
a specific nuclear technology be market. Such an approach would place. It could be improved even to participate in the Milwaukee choice options to parents. He is
wedded to a specific plant design, yield innovation and cost further if, instead of using royalty parental choice program and transforming the education system
the new guidelines would allow reductions and maximize energy funds from new gas and oil phase out the income eligibility in a way that will better equip
for other nuclear reactor supplies. The massive exploration, it took funding from limits. And across the state, we students for a bright future. It’s
technologies to be used in a infrastructure of subsidies, set- current subsidy payments. allow any University of yet another bold move in what
nuclear power plant, creating a asides, restrictions, preferences Co-authored by Heritage Wisconsin system four-year have been a series of proposals to
significant step toward building a and mandates that currently Research Fellow Jack Spencer. campus to create a charter school. put more power back in the hands
more diverse and competitive plague America’s energy policy is This entry passed through the Walker’s budget proposal also of teachers and families.
nuclear industry. at the heart of most of America’s Full-Text RSS service — if this is works to restore fiscal restraint in Wisconsin is showing that it can
Finally, the proposal allows for energy policy problems. Part of your content and you're reading it the state’s education spending. rise to the challenge of meeting
the provisional certification of that is because special interests, on someone else's site, please read From 2000 to 2007, state students’ educational needs.
new reactor designs. While the lobbyists, and parochial agendas our FAQ page at spending on public education Anissa Borchardt is currently a
provision does not eliminate or have largely determined how content-only/faq.php increased more than 32 percent, member of the Young Leaders
reduce any requirements for energy subsidies and preferences Five Filters featured article: from$6.8 billion to more than $9 Program at the Heritage
reactor design approval, it would are distributed. Comment Is Free But Freedom Is billion. Per-pupil expenditures in Foundation. For more information
allow for a reactor plant permit Nunes’s bill introduces a better Slavery - An Exchange With The Wisconsin public schools now on interning at Heritage, please
applicant to move forward with way to distribute energy subsidies Guardian's Economics Editor. exceed the national average at visit:
the permitting process. To get by creating a system where more than $10,700. about/departments/ylp.cfm
provisional certification, the renewable energy producers Many states are facing economic This entry passed through the
legislation would direct the NRC would bid on subsidies. Those turmoil and are faced with the Full-Text RSS service — if this is
to consider such factors as with the lowest costs would get reality of making long-overdue your content and you're reading it
whether a design is commercially the subsidy. While The Heritage budget cuts to control spending on someone else's site, please read
viable in other markets or if it has Foundation remains committed to and keep their fiscal houses in our FAQ page at
order. As Walker said to the state content-only/faq.php
legislature earlier this week with Five Filters featured article:
his biennial budget proposal, Comment Is Free But Freedom Is
which seeks to pay down some of Slavery - An Exchange With The
the Badger State’s $4 billion Guardian's Economics Editor.
We must work together to bring
our spending in line with reality.
We were elected—not to make
86 Politics-Right/ Technology/ Newstablet Edition

Obama Dithers on Libya No-Fly Zone

Stephen Brown (FrontPage President Obama has demanded
Magazine » FrontPage) that Gaddafi step down and
Submitted at 3/6/2011 10:06:35 PM Secretary of State Hillary Clinton
stating all options are on the table,
What started out in Libya a few the White House is still
weeks ago as street protests by expressing caution.
people demanding jobs, an end to “Lot’s of people throw around
political oppression and a fair phrases like a no-fly zone – they
share of oil revenues is talk about it as though it’s just a
developing into a bloody, full- video game,” said William Daley,
scale civil war. the new White House chief of
The rebels and pro-Gaddafi staff, on NBC’s “Meet The Press”
forces both experienced successes television show.
and reverses over the weekend as Defense Secretary Robert Gates
back-and-forth battles continued
to rage across the North African
also spoke carefully when he
addressed the risks of the no-fly
Jihad at the
country. Rebel forces recaptured
the oil town of Ras Ranuf but had
zone option last week before a
House subcommittee, saying it
University of
their advance halted when they
were ambushed and pushed out of
would require “a big operation in
a big country. Gates said: “A no-
Central Florida
Bin Jawaad. Pro-Gaddafi troops Robert Spencer (FrontPage
poorly armed rebel fighters who give a revenge-filled Gaddafi the fly zone begins with an attack on Magazine » FrontPage)
attacked several rebel-held points, lack air power. This one-sided upper hand. All of which has Libya to destroy the air defenses.
including the city of Zawiyah, aspect of the conflict has increased the pressure on the That’s the way you do a no-fly Submitted at 3/6/2011 10:05:49 PM
which they had failed to increased international concerns White House to establish a no-fly zone.” Senator John Kerry,
capture last Friday. But like about Libyans, both rebels and zone over Libya. chairman of the Senate Foreign Last week the Muslim Student
Friday’s attack, the Zawiyah civilians, being massacred from Adding to this pressure, three Relations Committee, however, Association (MSA) of the
offensive was also reported a the air. Even worse, Gaddafi’s air senators representing both parties, challenged Gates’ statement. University of Central Florida
failure. force and superior weapons could John Kerry, Mitch McConnell and “That’s not the only way,” Kerry invited the Imam Siraj Wahhaj to
Besides the ground war, the cause the war to become a John McCain, have also called for said. “You could crater the give an address on campus –
outside world focussed on the protracted one that could destroy the establishment of a no-flight runways.” funded by UCF’s Student
Gaddafi government’s use of its the Libyan state and eventually zone. But despite the fact JIHAD page 87
modern air force to bomb the

Samsung demos ambient light-powered transparent LCD

Michael Gorman (Engadget) just such a device at CeBIT 2011 - efficient enough to run the electrical cord forever.
Submitted at 3/7/2011 12:14:00 PM last week -- a prototype 46-inch exclusively off the juice it pulls Samsung demos ambient light-
display with 1920 x 1080 from surrounding light sources. powered transparent LCD
Wirelessly-powered TVs are resolution and ten-finger No word on how the photon- originally appeared on Engadget
nice, and transparent displays are touchscreen capability. We aren't powered LCD compares to on Mon, 07 Mar 2011 12:14:00
cool and all, but what about an sure what kind of black magic existing HD monitors in terms of EDT. Please see our terms for use
ambient light-powered transparent Sammy put in this thing, but it's brightness, refresh rates, or color of feeds. Permalink PhysOrg| IT
LCD? Well, that's nothing short of an incredible feat of engineering and its accompanying solar cells - reproduction, but a muted picture Pro Portal| Email this| Comments
awesome. Samsung showed off to make such a large display -- is a small price to pay for cutting
Newstablet Edition Social Media/ 87
continued from page 86 continued from page 80

Government Association. It was conspirator” in the 1993 World Rahman; however, if anyone had painful than cuts to entitlements. you to rise above factional debate
an invitation that raised no Trade Center bombing. With actually done so, probably (3) The Kantian view of a new and lead when it is required. As
eyebrows: after all, Siraj Wahhaj obvious annoyance in his voice, Wahhaj would have supplied yet and more peaceful world order Founding Father John Jay argued
is one of the most sought-after Wahhaj complained that that another windy non-answer, reliant on international institutions and Ronald Reagan demonstrated,
speakers on the Muslim circuit, designation essentially meant generating a great deal of is demonstrably false. the best way to deter military
and has addressed audiences all nothing; an audience member righteous indignation from the Which leads to our final conflict is to maintain the “best
over the country. In 1991, he even drew sympathetic laughter when Muslims in the crowd but little to conclusion and recommendation possible state of defense.”
became the first Muslim to give she asserted that it meant that nothing in the way of actual for President Obama: Be bold. Strengthening America’s defenses
an invocation to the U.S. Wahhaj was “innocent.” Wahhaj information. Cut non-defense spending, reduce and its economic underpinning is
Congress. After 9/11, his renown did not explain to his UCF Siraj Wahhaj’s contacts with the our debt, and protect the defense the most significant job you have,
as a moderate Muslim grew when audience that he earned the Blind Sheikh are not the only budget from across-the-board so protect us, Mr. President.
he declared: “I now feel designation by sponsoring talks in blots on his reputation as a cuts. Listen to your defense — Ron D. DeSantis is a veteran
responsible to preach, actually to the early 1990s by the Blind “moderate.” He has warned that secretary, Robert Gates, who has of Operation Iraqi Freedom and
go on a jihad against extremism.” Sheikh, Omar Abdel Rahman, in the United States will fall unless it transcended the partisan divide an officer in the U.S. Navy
But with Siraj Wahhaj, as with so mosques in New York City and “accepts the Islamic agenda.” He since his appointment, when he Reserve. Adam Paul Laxalt is a
many other Muslim leaders in the New Jersey; Rahman was later has also asserted that “if only says: “Suggestions to cut defense veteran of Operation Iraqi
U.S., things are not always as convicted for conspiring to blow Muslims were clever politically, by this or that large number have Freedom, a former lieutenant in
moderate as they seem. up the World Trade Center in they could take over the United largely become exercises in the U.S. Navy, and former special
When Siraj Wahhaj spoke at 1993. States and replace its simple math, divorced from assistant for arms control and
UCF, he was asked whether he Apparently no one pressed constitutional government with a serious considerations of international security to then
would condemn Hamas and Al- Wahhaj about whether he caliphate.” capabilities, risks, and the level of Undersecretary of State John
Qaeda. Instead of answering condemned the jihad terror resources needed to protect this Bolton.
directly, Wahhaj launched into a groups. Apparently also no one in country's security and vital Adam Paul Laxalt &
lengthy complaint against his the UCF audience asked Wahhaj interests around the world.” Ron D. DeSantis
having been designated a how his view of Islam differed Factions will complain, but being
“potential unindicted co- from that of Omar Abdel a leader and statesman requires

Google Acquires BeatThatQuote for $61.5 Million

Ben Parr (Mashable!) websites by Nielsen in 2007. interest in price comparison For more Business & Marketing
Submitted at 3/7/2011 11:30:18 AM “Our team is excited about technology as well, most recently coverage:
becoming a part of Google,” utilized in the company’s mobile • Follow Mashable Business &
Google has broken new ground in BeatThatQuote Managing shopping apps. Marketing on Twitter
the personal finance realm with Director John Paleomylites said in By adding price comparison • Become a Fan on Facebook
the purchase of UK price a statement on the company’s results to search, Google can get a • Subscribe to the Business &
comparison website website. “We look forward to piece of the transaction whenever Marketing channel
BeatThatQuote for $61.5 million working with their engineers to someone starts searching for a • Download our free apps for
(£37.7 million GBP). create new tools making it easier home loan or a new car insurance Android, Mac, iPhone and iPad
BeatThatQuote, launched in for consumers to choose the right policy on its search engine. The
2005, provides price comparisons financial products. We think we potential revenue from those
for UK loans, insurance, legal can offer more transparency and transactions could make this
services, utilities and other better pricing information than BeatThatQuote as its foothold into acquisition quickly pay off.
financial products. It was named existing online offerings.” the UK financial products market. More About: acquisition,
one of the UK’s fastest-growing It’s likely that Google will use Google has recently shown B e a t T h a t Q u o t e , G o o g l e
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Are Federal Workers Overpaid? Jennifer Aniston Smart

Watch Heritage vs the Unions Water Ad Lampoons
Wednesday Viral Memes [VIDEO]
Jason Richwine (The Foundry: Todd Wasserman (Mashable!)
Conservative Policy News.) Submitted at 3/7/2011 10:48:17 AM
call the would-be viral video “Jen
Submitted at 3/7/2011 12:00:22 PM
Smart Water sends up the whole Aniston’s Sex Tape.”
The Federal Times calls it a“steel idea of viral videos, with nods to Smart Water’s not the first
cage match” in which “two wonks memes such as Double Rainbow, marketer to realize the viral
enter, one wonk leaves.” animated dancing babies and lip- potential of stereotypical Internet
Congressional hearings are never syncing kids, in a new ad memes. For instance, in the 2009
that exciting, but Wednesday’s featuring that recurring subject of film Funny People, Jonah Hill’s
House Oversight Committee Internet interest: Jennifer Aniston. struggling comic character put out
hearing on federal pay does The nearly 3-minute ad features a YouTube video of himself
promise some spirited debate. At Aniston, a longtime Smart Water playing with kittens to get
issue is how the federal spokeswoman, being directed to attention. That video has gotten
government pays its civilian include elements that will make more than 250,000 hits in real life.
workers—and, more importantly, the ad go viral. Aniston portrays What do you think? Can Smart
whether it pays them too much. herself as a naif to such things. Water have it both ways? Or is
Leaders of the Office of Personnel “I’m here to talk to you about this idea not so smart after all?
Tell us in the comments.
Management and National government see a larger wage evidence bearing down on them, Smart Water,” says Aniston. “But
More About: advertising, double-
Treasury Employees Union will increase than private workers who the smart money is not on the in this day and age, I can’t just do
rainbow, jennifer aniston,
confront critics of federal pay for find another private sector job government or the unions in this that, can I? … I have to make a
the first time in public. Those video apparently that turns into a MARKETING, Smart Water,
• (c) why federal workers earn “cage match.”
critics – “in the red corner” as the benefits more generous than even This entry passed through the virus.”
Federal Times puts it – are Aniston then appears with For more Business & Marketing
workers in large private sector Full-Text RSS service — if this is
Heritage’s James Sherk and puppies, a parrot, dancing CGI coverage:
firms your content and you're reading it
• Follow Mashable Business &
Andrew Biggs of AEI. • (d) why much greater job on someone else's site, please read babies and a Double Rainbow guy
Marketing on Twitter
Defenders of the federal pay security in the federal sector is our FAQ page at clone, before kicking a fan in his
system will have a difficult task privates. “Sorry, but that should • Become a Fan on Facebook
never part of pay comparisons content-only/faq.php
• Subscribe to the Business &
during the hearing. They must • (e) why federal workers quit Five Filters featured article: be worth about 100,000 hits,” she
Marketing channel
explain the following: their jobs at just one third the rate Comment Is Free But Freedom Is e x p l a i n s . F i n a l l y , A n i s t o n
• Download our free apps for
• (a) why federal workers earn of private sector workers Slavery - An Exchange With The suggestively drinks from a Smart
10 to 20 percent higher wages Water bottle, getting her three Android, Mac, iPhone and iPad
• (f) why most federal jobs have Guardian's Economics Editor.
than private workers with the waiting lists “Internet boys” hot and heavy.
same skills The punchline? They decide to
• (b) why private workers who With the weight of scholarly
switch into the federal
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Jewish Student Sues UC Berkeley over Muslim Assault

Maayana Miskin (FrontPage by Muslim and pro-Arab student SJP for their pro-terrorist
Magazine » FrontPage) groups, leading to “a dangerous programs, goals and conduct;
Submitted at 3/7/2011 9:13:59 AM and threatening environment.” despite having ample notice that
Felber was attacked by Husam such violence was foreseeable.”
This article is reprinted from Zakharia, leader of the Students By failing to provide security to for Justice in Palestine (SJP) Jewish and pro-Israel students,
A Jewish student at the group, during a rally. At the time, UC Berkeley “condoned and
University of California at she was holding a sign that said allowed the MSA, the SJP and
Berkeley who was attacked by a “Israel Wants Peace.” MSU [Muslim Student Union] to
Muslim student last year has filed Zakharia rammed Felber with a threaten, harass and intimidate
suit against UC Berkeley for shopping cart, causing her injury. Jewish students and to endanger
failing to provide a safe Following the assault, she was had taken sufficient care to ensure incitement, “turned a blind eye to their health and safety.”
atmosphere. In her suit, 21-year- granted a restraining order students’ safety, according to the the perpetrators of illegal
old Jessica Felber alleges that UC against Zakharia. suit. Instead, UC Berkeley activities,” and “failed to
Berkeley did not effectively deal The assault could have been policies “fostered and effectively discipline the MSA
with harassment and intimidation prevented if campus authorities encouraged” pro-terrorist [Muslim Student Association] and

Book Will Write the History of Egypt’s Revolution in Tweets

Sarah Kessler (Mashable!) snippets. alarm, and timeline of the
Submitted at 3/7/2011 11:45:58 AM “Raw emotion bursts from their demonstrations is an another
messages, whether frantic alarm matter. An excerpt of the book is
Twitter’s role in the resignation at attacks from pro-government posted below; let us know what
of Egyptian President Hosni thugs or delirious happiness at the you think the comments.
Mubarak is disputed. But nobody fall of the dictator,” reads a Image courtesy of iStockphoto,
disputes that the micro-blogging description of the book. “To read mattjeacock
platform helped tell the story of these tweets is to embark a More About: Egypt, Revolution,
the revolution as it unfolded. rollercoaster ride, from the Tweets from Tahrir, twitter
Now, OR Books plans to use surprise and excitement of the For more Social Media coverage:
tweets posted during the protests first demonstration, to the horror • Follow Mashable Social Media
to create a 160-page history of the of the violence that claimed on Twitter
event. Tweets from Tahrir, which hundreds of lives, to the final • Become a Fan on Facebook
is set to hit bookshelves April 21, ecstasy of victory.” Times points out, the editors for others’ tweets. (OR Books is • Subscribe to the Social Media
will compile tweets and photos This is quite a departure from might run into some interesting in the process of contacting channel
linked to in tweets to walk existing tweet anthologies, which legal questions with the new authors to get their permission.) • Download our free apps for
t h r o u g h e v e r y d a y o f t h e tend to cover topics like Sh*t My approach, in particular the Whether the format will indeed Android, Mac, iPhone and iPad
revolution in 140-character Dad Says. As The New York question of who owns the rights capture the raw emotion, frantic
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8 Essential Developer Apps for Multiple Platforms

Kelli Shaver (Mashable!) a powerful Python language- strip out duplicate rules, remove 7. MySQL Workbench
Submitted at 3/7/2011 11:21:43 AM based plug-in system, so you can whitespace and comments, correct The name alone makes this free
further add functionality to the misplaced semicolons, and application for Windows, Linux
The Cross-Platform Apps Series application. The $59 price tag convert rules to shorthand syntax, and Mac sound like more of a
is supported by VMware may seem a bit steep (Sublime is and more. A quick run through powerhouse work horse than just
Workstation, the most reliable, free to try for as long as you like), CSSTidy before going live makes another pretty GUI, and that’s
secure way to run multiple but this program delivers. sure your CSS files are neat and pretty much exactly what MySQL
operating systems at the same With Sublime Text 2 Alpha fast-loading. 5. Toucan Workbench is — a no-nonsense
time. To keep up with VMware currently available in Windows, Another great, free Windows GUI front-end for the MySQL
Workstation updates, follow the Linux and Mac OS, Sublime application from the folks over at database.
team’s blog or find them on offers up tools such as Goto PortableApps, Toucan is backup, Complete with administration
Twitter or Facebook. Anything‚ a fuzzy-find utility that synchronization and encryption tools and powerful query building
For any web developer, making lets you quickly search and utility that will help you keep and table management utilities,
The basics of Git are easy to
sure your workflow stays navigate to any project file, multi- your private data secure and safe. Workbench (which comes straight
learn, but its more advanced
streamlined and efficient is select capabilities for fast multi- Make, restore, synchronize and from the MySQL developers),
features can get confusing fast,
essential. Even small projects can column editing, project encrypt all of your code and offers a robust desktop application
especially when not everyone on
grow quickly in size and go management and instant project sensitive information (like all of for interfacing with, building,
your team is a die-hard code
through several iterations and switching. It also offers many those passwords) quickly and testing, optimizing and
monkey. Enter SmartGit.
stages of development. You want other features you’d expect a easily using Toucan’s simple maintaining your MySQL
SmartGit provides a streamlined,
to have an editor that’s flexible great editor to have — line syntax GUI. Toucan offers more database. 8. Snippets
powerful graphical interface for
but unobtrusive, source control highlighting, regexp find and advanced features, as well, If you’re like most developers,
Git. Available for Windows,
that works, with lots of options, replace, and code snippets including rules that let you chances are you collect code —
Linux and Mac, SmartGit (written
and tools to keep it all organized, libraries. 2. Kate specify guidelines for file those little bits of brilliance that
in Java) makes browsing, cloning
just a few keystrokes away. Looking for something a little management, a command line crop up here and there, only to
and committing to repositories
Last week, we took a look at different? Kate is the default text interface and a powerful scripting prove invaluable a couple of
easy, thanks to a familiar file
some great Windows, Mac and editor for the KDE shell, but it’s system using the Lua weeks down the road. At $39, the
browser interface and a graphical
Linux productivity applications also available for Windows and programming language. 6. Snippets app for the Mac OS
histories that easily diagram
that you may not have heard of. Mac (and works just fine in other Transmit gives you some place to store all
commits, branches and tags.
Now we’ll take a closer look at Linux window managers). Sure, an FTP program may not of those stray lines of delicious
SmartGit is free for non-
eight more applications for web Free and open-source, Kate has a sound very glamorous, but the source code.
commercial use, and commercial
developers. These tools have a wide array of great features for $34 Transmit application for the Snippets sits quietly in your
licenses start at $69, with bulk
variety of uses, but they all share code editing. Some of Kate’s Mac OS is the cream of the crop. menu bar and waits for you to
discounts available. 4. CSSTidy
one quality — they allow you to features include regexp find and Transmit boasts a slick, intuitive come along and drop code into it.
Anyone who’s ever worked with
spend more time writing good replace, syntax highlighting and interface with support for a When you enter a new snippet,
CSS knows how quickly a
code and less time dealing with code folding, support for multiple number of protocols, including you’ll also have the ability to add
stylesheet can get out of hand.
project overhead. encoding types, block selection FTP, SSH and even Amazon S3. labels (tags) for faster search and
Keeping your CSS neat and well-
Since we love efficiency so and auto-indentation. Kate also Other features include default indexing. You’ll also be able to
organized isn’t always easy, and
much, let’s dive right in. 1. has customizable keyboard permissions and auto-continue on give each snippet a description.
utilities like Sass aren’t always an
Sublime Text shortcuts and a scripting language error and a flexible UI that Clean, small and unobtrusive,
option. For situations like this,
If you’ve been in the industry for to extend the editor via plug-ins. supports single or multi-panel Snippets stays out of the way until
CSSTidy comes to the rescue.
any length of time, chances are 3. SmartGit layouts (with quick look and you need it and lets you quickly
This free, open-source
you’ve heard of Sublime Text. Git has rapidly become one of the coverflow), which make add, browse and search for just
application for Windows
Sublime is a powerful and flexible most used and most popular Transmit’s remote file
processes, cleans and compresses ESSENTIAL page 91
code with a robust feature set and version control systems around. management seamless and simple.
your stylesheets. CSSTidy can
Newstablet Edition Daily Word/ Technology/ 91
continued from page 90

the right bit of code when you Workstation transforms the way Competitions
need it. Conclusion technical professionals develop, - HOW TO: Get More Out of
As a web developer, getting and test, demo and deploy software. Your Fonts
staying organized is key. Good VMware Workstation is an Image courtesy of iStockphoto,
software helps you get work done integral component of any serious kemie
faster and more efficiently, letting technical professional’s toolkit. More About: Cross-Platform
you focus on writing great code. If you have an older version of Apps Series, csstidy, kate, Linux,
We’ve gone over eight Workstation, upgrade today to mac, mySQL Workbench,
applications that go a long way in experience its new improved smartgit, snippets, sublime text,
helping to achieve these goals — features. As a special bonus, you toucan, transmit, Windows
tools that let you edit, organize, will receive a free copy of For more Dev & Design
back up and manage code across VMware ThinApp Starter Edition coverage:
multiple platforms, but our list is with the purchase of VMware • Follow Mashable Dev &
by no means exhaustive. We’d Workstation. This offer expires on Design on Twitter
love to hear about some of the April 30th, 2011. More Dev & • Become a Fan on Facebook
great developer tools you can’t Design Resources from Mashable: • Subscribe to the Dev & Design
live without. Series Supported by - HOW TO: Design & Program a channel
VMware Workstation
The Cross-Platform Apps Series
Facebook Landing Page for Your
• Download our free apps for
Android, Mac, iPhone and iPad
Enzyme found to make
is supported by VMware
Workstation, the most reliable,
secure way to run multiple
- Learning Ruby: Expert Advice
for Advanced Developers
- 10 Premium Tumblr Themes
fading memories fresher,
operating systems at the same
time. Winner of more than 50
Worth Paying For
- HOW TO: Get the Most From old wounds painful again
industry awards, VMware Crowdsourced Design Darren Murph (Engadget) lowering the levels of PKMzeta
Submitted at 3/7/2011 11:53:00 AM caused rats to lose track of

Colossians 1:16 (03-07-11) memories more quickly, but the

There's something of a saying zany part is that boosting levels
that you can only remember the on a specific day helped animals
(Verse of the Day) that is created is his. All angels, lives are in his hands and our
things you try to forget, but if recall memories from days prior --
Submitted at 3/7/2011 2:00:00 AM demons, and spirits are below him hearts are yielded to his will, then
you'd prefer to hang on to those days where they weren't having
and their purpose is to honor and no one and nothing can prevent
For by him [Jesus] all things serve him. Even though demons photographic moments from PKMzeta jacked into their system.
his ultimate victory for us and in
were created: things in heaven have chosen not to honor and Thunder Mountain back in 1991, Heaven help our legal system
us. My Prayer... Holy and
and on earth, visible and invisible, serve him, that decision does not a gaggle of gurus from the should this ever get FDA approval
Almighty God, thank you for
whether thrones or powers or change what their purpose should Weizmann Institute of Science for use in humans.
revealing yourself in Jesus. Thank
rulers or authorities; all things be or the fact that Jesus showed just might have the magic elixir Enzyme found to make fading
you for triumphing over all
were created by him and for him. his superiority over them in his y o u ' v e b e e n y e a r n i n g f o r . memories fresher, old wounds
powers and created beings. Thank
— C o l o s s i a n s 1 : 1 6 ( N I V ) crucifixion and resurrection. The According to a newly published painful again originally appeared
you for giving me the confidence
T h o u g h t s o n T o d a y ' s universe, with its vast expanse study on long-term memory on Engadget on Mon, 07 Mar
that since I belong to you, no
Verse..."Jesus is Lord!" That and glory, was made by him and revitalization, Reut Shema and 2011 11:53:00 EDT. Please see
outside force or any power of
doesn't just mean that we have made to declare his glory. As colleagues found that boosting the our terms for use of feeds.
creation can have what belongs to
yielded our lives to his will and God's image to us, God's presence a m o u n t o f P K M z e t a c o u l d Permalink io9| Science| Email
you. In the name of the Creator
trusted in his grace. "Jesus is for us to know and see, he is our p o t e n t i a l l y h e l p o n e r e c a l l this| Comments
and King of all I pray. Amen.
Lord!" This means that everything King, Lord, and Savior. If our memories that were on the brink
of being forgotten. In testing,
92 Technology/ Newstablet Edition

Pay-as-you-go shocker! CDMA

iPhone 4 makes its way to Cricket
Wireless (via jailbreak)
Joseph L. Flatley (Engadget) attests. See for yourself after the
Submitted at 3/7/2011 12:37:00 PM break.
[Thanks, Mark]
As any astute follower of the Continue reading Pay-as-you-go
"pay-as-you-go" world knows, shocker! CDMA iPhone 4 makes
there are quite a few back alley its way to Cricket Wireless (via
Cricket dealers (and quite a few jailbreak)
main street ones as well) that will Pay-as-you-go shocker! CDMA
Skype to start serving ads happily flash any phone you give
them for use on their network --
iPhone 4 makes its way to Cricket
Wireless (via jailbreak) originally
in US, Germany and UK and not even Verizon's CDMA
iPhone is immune. Ready to jump
ship from "America's largest?" Of dude at the Cricket store with
appeared on Engadget on Mon, 07
Mar 2011 12:37:00 EDT. Please
see our terms for use of feeds.
ahead of upcoming IPO course, you'll have to jailbreak,
install some third party MMS
your precious smartphone. We're
not saying it's wise, but it is
possible, as the video below
| Email this|
Vlad Savov (Engadget) the UK, and USA. Anonymous software, and trust some random
Submitted at 3/7/2011 12:59:00 PM data may be collected as part of
the new scheme to target ads to
It's a common problem, not specific audiences (you can,
having as much cash as you want however, opt out), while Skype
to, and Skype's solving it with a promises that user experience
c o m m o n w e b s o l u t i o n : remains paramount to its future
advertising. It may come as a goals, though clearly that looming
surprise to hear that the eminently Initial Public Offering isn't too far
popular voice and chat service from its thoughts right now either.
doesn't peddle stuff to its users Skype to start serving ads in US,
already, but it's now formalizing a Germany and UK ahead of
plan to introduce a carefully u p c o m i n g I P O o r i g i n a l l y
controlled measure of paid-for appeared on Engadget on Mon, 07
display ads on the Home tab of its Mar 2011 12:59:00 EDT. Please
Windows desktop client. You see our terms for use of feeds.
heard that right, there's no Permalink Download Squad, AFP
m e n t i o n o f M a c o r m o b i l e (Yahoo! News)| Skype| Email
services here, and it's further this| Comments
limited to the nations of Germany,