Assignment: Wise Judgment Scenario Tiffany Nicole Cooper University of Phoenix PSY/220 Cassidy Hawf July 02, 2010

Assignment: Wise Judgment Scenario

I chose to talk about the first choice: A teenage girl is “in love” with her 17-year-old boyfriend. He is encouraging her to have sex with him saying that he will make sure they only have “protected” sex. I have gone through and used the five components to wise judgment that Baltes and his colleagues hypothesized about, in order to make a decision, pretending I am the teenage girl. I would first consider the culture or my relativism regarding the solutions. I would have to look at the culture I live in. Is there something in my culture that may make this decision a good or bad one for me to make? Some cultures find it okay for children as old as thirteen to get married, and have children as soon as they are married. Some countries are in such poverty that parents have to sell their children at young ages, and when girls are sold, they are prostituted for many years. The next thing I would need to know is how much sexual experience I have. Have I had multiple boyfriends, and did I have sexual experiences with them? Or is this my first boyfriend? I decided to go with the making the scenario as if this is my first boy-friend, and I was raised to believe that it is not okay to have sex before marriage. Factual knowledge of the matters of life: According to the five components to wise judgment the first thing I would do if I was the teenage girl, I would first have to put into thought “The factual knowledge of the matters of life.” With that being said I would take into account that most teenage boys have such rushing hormones, that they will do just about anything in order to have sex! Especially a 17-year old boy! It is a social norm to hear that guys in high school are always trying to get “laid”. What I have to take into account is that a lot of the things he

says, he may just be saying on order to get me into bed. In the end it is my decision and if I am feeling pressured, I should just say “no”. Being “in love” may cloud my judgment on this subject, so what I would do is make sure he knows that I am not going to do anything till I am ready. Procedural knowledge: If I was being pressured, I would defiantly take the time to go through and make a final decision by sitting down, and writing down what the pros and cons to the situation. Taking time to make is a decision is a wise move. Making a spontaneous decision could lead me to regret it later (or sooner then I think) in my life. In my decisions I would think of what I was raised to believe, like my morals and ethics. Whatever decision I would make would be my final decision. Like I said before, I have control over my life, and my body. Nobody is going to force me into doing something I am not willing to do. The way I would handle this is by sitting down my boy-friend and explaining how I feel to him. If he really “love’s me” as much as I love him, he would be willing to wait for me. If he is un-willing to wait for me, then maybe it is not love after all, because how could he love me and not respect how I feel? Lifespan conceptualism: My decision to not have sex with my pressuring boy-friend comes from the understanding I have of how life works, and I was raised to believe I have to save myself for a special person. It is important that he knows that I was raised a certain way and I believe in the thought to wait to have sex to get married. Honestly, I have my whole life in front of me to have sex, and experiment with many things. Living one’s life is the most important thing a person can do. If a person lets another person live their life for them

and let’s them tell them what to do, then how can one say that they have lived life fully? I feel that it is important that a person makes every decision in life for themselves. (Not including our childhood of course.) Recognition and management of uncertainty: While looking at my pros and cons list, I understand that an unwanted con can be getting pregnant. I may be “in love”, but what happens if I get pregnant, and he leaves me? What kind of life could I provide for my child, if I am un-educated and trying all this possibly on my own? I understand there may be no perfect resolution to what may happen if I have sex, and no-one is capable of telling the future, so since the cons outweigh the pros, I can at least make a smart decision by not giving into his pressuring me. It seems that the only true positive thing that can come out of having sex is sexual gratification. In recognition of uncertainty, I would not be certain that we would be together forever. I have to take into account that most teenage relationships do not last, and make sure I understand my consequences completely. Relativism regarding solutions: With the way the world is today, I see all these teenage girls wanting so bad to get pregnant by their boyfriends, and when the boyfriend finds out that the girl is pregnant, they leave the girl to do everything on her own. I understand that in a different lifetime, girls my age would have had sex, and already be married by now, but it seems that there are not many virgin girls my age, and I like to be different then everybody else. My priorities do not need to include making one mistake and dealing with it for at least the next 18 years! Having an unwanted pregnancy is not the only thing that would keep me

worried. I would also be worried that he may give me some sort of venereal disease. Even though condoms are a safer way to have sex, it does not always protect a person from a venereal disease, HIV, or AIDS. I understand girls in my culture are having sex earlier and earlier in life, but maybe they were not raised to believe the way I was?

In Conclusion:
I was a teenager not all that long ago, and I had this same scenario laid before me. I wish I would have made the decisions I stated here. If only I would have known about the five components to wise judgment back then, I may have been able to make smarter decisions. But, since “What cannot be remedied, must be endured,(unknown)” the only thing I can do now is pass along what I know to the next generation so that they may have better decision making skills in order to not make the same mistakes so many others have made.

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