Interview Profile Tiffany Nicole Cooper University of Phoenix BEH 225 Joan Mason December 08, 2010

Interview Profile The person I was lucky enough to interview is my best friend. We have been friends since the fourth grade, and since we both have the same last name, and we are almost the exact same age (her birthday is 2-9-83 and mine is 2-14-83), we share a lot of the same likenesses. As you will see in the following interview, we also have a few of the same thoughts on different subjects. The following was provided by Willow Lynn Cooper, November 12, 2010: 1. Do you remember information more accurately if you observe the behavior being performed, or do you prefer to read on how the behavior is performed? “I think that I would prefer to observe the behavior in order to remember the information better. I can read how some behavior is performed, but when I see it, I can relate the information to something that would make me remember it better.” (Willow Lynn Cooper, personal communication, November 12, 2010). My answer: I believe that I remember information if I do both. I like to profile and observe people’s behavior, and watching their behavior teaches me how people tend to act. I also like to have facts which I could only read about to back up my observations. 2. Do you prefer to study in a library, or at home where there are background noises and some distraction? “I prefer to study in a library where it is quite. It helps me to absorb the information better. I think that distractions make it harder for me to concentrate on the information I am studying, so I could do with-out.” (Willow Lynn Cooper, personal communication, November 12, 2010). My answer: I think I would rather study at home where there are some distractions and background noises. I used to study while at work, and I found that I learned more information

stopping and going back to it, and I think the reason is I had constant things keeping me from overworking my brain. I do like to use music in the background a lot as well. I think it helps my nerves relax when sitting at computer. When Willow took the test at:, this is the results she sent me: Extroverted (E) 54.84% Introverted (I) 45.16% Sensing (S) 50% Intuitive (N) 50% Thinking (T) 52.5% Feeling (F) 47.5% Judging (J) 55.26% Perceiving (P) 44.74% Your type is:


ESTJ - "Administrator". Much in touch with the external environment. Very responsible. Pillar of strength. 8.7% of total population. *If you tied on any of the scales, the current algorithm just breaks the tie randomly so refresh the page to see alternate results 3. Do you feel that the test had accurate results? Why or why not? “I feel that the results to the test I took were fairly accurate. I am much in touch with the environment around me because I am not much of a secluded person. I am a very responsible person, and always have been. And I am a pillar of strength.” (Willow Lynn Cooper, personal communication, November 12, 2010). My answer: When I took the test My results and accuracy: the accuracy of this test is discussed, I found that it said: I am an “ENFJ - "Persuader". It says I can be an outstanding leader of groups, that I can be aggressive at helping others to be the best that they can be 2.5% of total population. I am not much of a leader because I have always been more apt to find my own way, and I can lead under those conditions. Some of the questions asked, I really did not know

what the word meant and wasn’t really interested in taking it, so that can defiantly be the reason the information was so inaccurate 4. Which experiences do you feel contributed most in the development of your personality? “I think that having the experience of a loving a supportive family in my life has really helped me to be the person I am today. I have three sisters, and one brother, and having that closeness to my family has really helped my personality to be compromising, and caring.” (Willow Lynn Cooper, personal communication, November 12, 2010). My answer: I think being in prison most contributed to the development of my personality. I think that I was younger when I went to prison, and when I got out, I had mature some, but it took a lot for me to change to be the self-motivated, self-monitoring with my attitudes, and I am trying to better myself in any way I can. I am trying to become a productive member of society. 5. Do you feel that you are self-monitoring in regards to you attitudes? How or how not? “I think that I do make sure as best I can that I do not have ill attitudes towards people that cause me displeasure. I try to make sure that I do not make a fool out of myself, and make sure that I act appropriately to each situation.” (Willow Lynn Cooper, personal communication, November 12, 2010). My answer: Yes, I am self-monitoring. If I wasn’t then I would be ruder to people in general. I think that if I did not monitor my attitude (just like Willow), I try to not use displacement, and put my ill-feelings towards the person that caused them. 6. What do you feel was the strongest influence on your attitudes? “I think my mother is the strongest influence. Seeing how she acted taught me how I should act. She was very good at teaching me to follow the right path. I owe her for raising me with

such wonderful morals.” (Willow Lynn Cooper, personal communication, November 12, 2010). My answer: I think I turned out the way I did because I was so “boy crazy” when growing up, that I never truly paid attention to life, and now that I am older, and more calmed down, I think that I am learning all the information I can and I seem to be more driven. I think that prison changed me to a harder person, but through school and experience I am learning to me more boosterish towards people, instead of thinking the world owes me because I am here. 7. What role do you feel a person’s race, gender, or ethnicity play when forming a person’s personality and attitudes? “I think it depends a lot on their race and gender to how they grow up and believe in things. A boy would not grow up with the fantasies of “playing house wife” and being a stay at home mom! I think that being of different gender; women are from Venus, and Men are from Mars. I think it also depends on where you grow up as to how you believe. Growing up in the United States you have the chance to grow up being free to think, act, and feel like you want to, but being in another country, you may have a harder time because you future may already be laid out for you.” (Willow Lynn Cooper, personal communication, November 12, 2010). My answer: A lot like Willow’s answer, I think it has a lot to do with a person’s race, and gender to how they grow up. I also agree with her when she says it depends on where a person grows up to as how their attitude’s and personalities turn out. I think a white; girl would have a different personality versus an African American girl because the ethnicity is different. Our histories are different. 8. Do you feel that you are better at tasks when intrinsically or when you are extrinsically motivated?

“I think that I am motivated a little both ways. I am motivated by myself like; I am getting my Master’s in business. I think I am doing that so the reward for me and my children will help us have a good life. I will have job stability, and have the opportunity to really give them the life I wish I would have had when I was growing up! I am also motivated extrinsically because I am an account manager at the Wells Fargo, and I have to do a good job because I am the manager and I have to act how I would want my employees to act. I have to do a good job in order to be rewarded.” (Willow Lynn Cooper, personal communication, November 12, 2010). My answer: Again, a lot like Willow’s answer; I am motivated in both ways as well. I am more intrinsically motivated because a lot of the things I do, I do them to better myself in this life. I am currently teaching myself sign language. It is not required in life. I do not personally know anyone that I could talk to using it, but I feel like it would better my life if I have more knowledge. I am motivated extrinsically because I am a student and I have to have rewards in order to pass my classes, and obtain my degree. In conclusion, Willow and I share a lot of the same ideas on how our personalities are formed when growing up, and how our attitudes are a lot alike. Willow grew up in a family that was very loving and supportive, where as I grew up in a “broken-family” and spent weekends with my father, and his other family. Even though our backgrounds are somewhat different we still have a lot in common. I think that could say a lot about me and everyone else in this world!

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