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MLB caves to Joe Biden and the woke

mob – a devastating blow to Georgia’s
economy and workers.
To Major League Baseball Leadership:
Right now in Atlanta, workers, families, and business owners, are crestfallen, having
watched a golden opportunity to revitalize their state’s economy vanish overnight. Your
organization’s decision to move the All-Star Game out of Atlanta is an outrageous,
devastating blow to Georgia’s economy and the workers who depend on it. To pull the
rug out from under the Atlanta community—after months of economic hardship brought
about by the coronavirus—is nothing less than a cowardly betrayal.

Americans have watched in recent years as cancel culture – the left’s preferred method
of bullying and boycotting people who challenge their partisan beliefs – has become a
serious problem. The MLB’s Georgia betrayal makes it clear that Joe Biden’s
Democrats are no longer satisfied with canceling individual people. Your town, your
city, your state could be next. There is no community that the left won’t try to punish for
the sin of questioning their woke bigotry.

Let us be abundantly clear: your decision to betray Georgians was based on false
information spread by partisan politicians acting in bad faith. Joe Biden, Stacey
Abrams, and the Democrat Party have been lying to you about Georgia’s new election
law, Senate Bill 202. Joe Biden claimed that the election law restricts access to the
ballot box. In truth, it expands access, as reported by the Atlanta Journal-Constitution.
Joe Biden claimed that the new law makes voting hours end early. In truth, it does not,
as reported by the Washington Post.

Joe Biden claimed that the law prohibits voters in line from receiving food and water. In
truth, the law prohibits political activists from delivering food and water, a practice
known as "line warming" which has been abused to solicit votes illegally. Poll workers
may still provide food and water. Then there’s this from Georgia Public Broadcasting:
“One of the biggest changes in the bill would expand early voting access for most

If you had taken the time to actually read this legislation you might have hesitated
before unceremoniously stabbing an entire state in the back. Georgia Senate Bill 202
expands the number of early voting days. It provides for the pre-processing of ballots
before election day. It allows voters to continue voting absentee with no excuse. Yes, it
requires ID for voting – a measure that 75% of voters, including 60% of Democrats,
support. It also bears mentioning that you need an ID to pick up a ticket to one of your
league’s games at will call.

Senate Bill 202 is comprehensive and thoughtful legislation designed with nuance and a
deep knowledge of the state’s electoral process. By contrast, your organization’s
decision was impulsive, callous, and deeply cynical. You caved to Joe Biden and the
woke mob.

See, that’s how mobs work: with total disregard for fact, due process, and debate. Need
proof? The MLB All-Star Game will now be held in Denver instead of Atlanta.
Colorado also has voter ID requirements and has fewer days of early voting than
Georgia (15, compared to Georgia’s 17). And whereas Atlanta is one of the most diverse
cities in America and a center of Black American culture, Denver's population is less
than 10% Black. Facts just don't matter to the mob.

Sports should be unifying, joyful, and a welcome distraction from everyday life. We
need sports right now, maybe more than ever. What we don’t need is yet another
American institution kowtowing to the radical left and their vicious bullying tactics.
Americans won’t forget your weakness under pressure – least of all the fans who keep
your organization alive.

Ronna McDaniel
Chairman, Republican National Committee

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