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Last week, DFW-based Traffick911 hosted a coalition of more than 50 local, national and international organizations to combat potential sex trafficking at this year’s Super Bowl. The organizations included Courtney’s House, Florida Coalition Against Human Trafficking, The Home Foundation, FREE International, Airline Ambassadors, Global Child Rescue, Airline Ambassadors, the Salvation Army and the KlaasKIDS Foundation. More than 220 volunteers from the organizations received training regarding potential indicators of sex trafficking and then conducted outreach around the DFW area the week leading up to the Super Bowl. Despite the inclement weather, the volunteers: • Made direct contact with 6 potential victims. • Notified law enforcement of an endangered minor found in Deep Ellum. • Provided law enforcement with 43 reports of potential trafficking activity. • Provided 9 specific reports regarding missing child sightings and domestic minor sex trafficking. Traffick911 also maintained a command center Jan. 31-Feb. 5 and monitored numerous Web sites used to advertise women and girls as escorts. A definitive increase of ads was noticed leading up to the Super Bowl. For example, on where you can buy a couch or a kid, ads rose significantly from Saturday, Jan. 15 to Saturday, Feb. 5, the day before the Super Bowl: Date Escort Ads • Saturday, January 15th 135 nd • Saturday, January 22 179 • Saturday, January 29th 232 • Saturday, February 5th 367 Many of these ads featured suggestive titles specifically addressing the Super Bowl and its influx of visitors. Examples include: Come touchdown in Pleasures Stadium you'll be Runningback for more no flags no penalties SUPER BOWL AFTER PARTY OVER HERE!!!! Come Get Your Ultimate Victory!!! Packers Play Date GO Steelers!!! Pre-game Specials!!! --*Sweet and Sexxy The team also mapped missing children to ads on the Internet. One of Traffick911’s goals leading up to Super Bowl was a to raise awareness - a goal that was successfully met. Through a viral campaign, our I’m Not Buying It video clips played more than

29,000 times online and were embedded almost 65,000 times. The Traffick911 Web site,, had more than 30,000 different visitors in the month leading up to the Super Bowl. Our facebook page, Traffick911 had almost 230,000 post views in less than a month with users from 19 different countries. Partnering churches and organizations blanketed North Texas with I’m Not Buying It awareness material with more than 40,000 pieces distributed (posters, brochures, coasters, door hangers, information cards). Additionally, we received unprecedented media coverage on this issue with stories about the campaign and sex trafficking at the Super Bowl carried by Time, Reuters, USA Today, Inter Press Service, AP, the major TV afficilates, etc. And, Traffick911 trained frontline responders, including law enforcement, teachers, CPS, emergency room personnel, airline employees and social workers. We also raised awareness by speaking in numerous civic and faith-based venues. "Traffick911 was pleased to work with local, national and international groups to combat the buying and selling of children during the Super Bowl festivities," said Deena Graves, executive director of Traffick911, "Despite the limitations brought on by the massive winter storm, dozens of passionate, dedicated people worked literally around the clock to do all they could to prevent and identify child victims of sex trafficking. It is our hope that the leads generated will lead law enforcement to missing and exploited children." "The KlaasKIDS Foundation was honored to partner with Traffick911 and other national organizations during this year’s Super Bowl outreach,” said Brad Dennis, the foundation's Director of Operations. "We must remain united to stand against the atrocity of human trafficking; as a society, we must be willing to take a stand for our missing and exploited children." Traffick911, KlaasKIDS and the other organizations would like to specifically thank the numerous law enforcement agencies for their efforts, advice and assistance during our outreach. Traffick911 is driven to stop the buying and selling of American children and will continue its work. The next major event will be an I’m Not Buying It Rally in partnership with Shared Hope International where a report card on how well Texas is doing on protecting our children from the domestic minor sex trafficking will be released. For additional information regarding this report, please contact Danielle Capper at (817) 3603655 or KlaasKIDS Brad Dennis at (850) 525-4807. ####