Who will be the new face of SGA?

By: Kareem Johnson Posted: 1/29/09 This year's Student Government Association election season is underway. While the Election Commission will not make an official announcement until Feb. 9, The University News has confirmed the names of two contenders for the SGA presidency. Sen. Brian Hackworth Jr. and Administrative Vice President Michael Harriss are both running for the position. Harriss heads The Next Step ticket, represented by the color red, while Hackworth is leading the Remedy ticket, represented by the color black. They have both selected a slate of running mates for executive board positions and are preparing for the election, to be held on Feb. 23.

Media Credit: Dan Hunninghake and Ryan Giacomino/The University News

A junior studying philosophy and political science, Hackworth said that he has been planning a run for the SGA presidency since September 2008. He currently serves as a commuter senator; he obtained the position after interviewing for an open seat at the beginning of the academic year. "I decided a long time ago that if I were on SGA, I'd make it a point to run for president because there are a lot of things I want for the student body," Hackworth said. A St. Louis native, Hackworth has been involved in Oriflamme, club volleyball, Philosophy Club and the Commuter Student Association. He is also the eldest of 13 children and an Eagle Scout. Hackworth said that he aims to "legitimately bridge the gap between SGA and students," as well as restructuring SGA for "more efficiency." In addition, he said that he wants to nurture Billiken sports traditions and to play up SLU's Division I sports teams. He also wants to begin talks with administrators about the possibility of resurrecting SLU's football team within the next 15 to 20 years. Harriss, a sophomore, currently serves as SGA's administrative vice president. "We don't want to come with lofty goals," Harris said. "We want to have a realistic platform that will take SLU and SGA to the next level." Harris said that he wants to make SGA a resource that centers on "students helping students."

"[Harriss] brings a wealth of SGA experience to the table," said Robert Moehle, a junior aerospace engineering student who is running as Next Step's candidate for financial vice president. "He is the only current executive board member running for the top office." Moehle said that Harriss' experience on the executive board will create a seamless transition from the current administration. "He will have the opportunity to run for a second term," Moehle said. Sitting SGA President Sam Howard would not comment on either campaign's ticket at press time. While The UNews has not identified any other fully-formed tickets, potential SGA candidates can register until Monday.

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