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Gilbert Keith-Agaran
Vol. 3, Issue 2 • Hawaii House of Representatives • Feb. 2011 District 9: Pā'ia • Spreckelsville • Pu‘unene • Kahului • Wailuku

In This Issue:
♦ Opening Day
♦ Aloha `Aina Earth Day
♦ Bills, bills, bills
♦ Photo Gallery
♦ Meet the Staff

A Message from Gil

Aloha Kākou,

OPENING DAY Mahalo to those who com-

pleted the our January online survey.
There is still time to complete it if you
have not already. Click here to take
Beautiful flower arrangements and leis colored our survey.
the floor of the State House chamber on the morning This Session, I have the privi-
of Jan. 19 during the 26th Legislature’s opening day. lege of leading the House Judiciary
Democrats voted unanimously for Calvin Say as Committee, and with this honor
Speaker of the House comes great responsibility.
Mr. Kamaki Kanahele, the director of the Native
Because of this transition, my
Hawaiian Traditional Healing Center, provided an ecu-
office address will be slightly differ-
menical invocation, which described the challenges
facing the state.
ent. My office number has changed
The $800M projected budget deficit permeated to room 302. The full address is lo-
the air, and Democratic Rep. Blake Oshiro provided his cated on the bottom of this newslet-
insights on how the legislature should approach this ter.
issue: being statesmen. The Judiciary Committee will be
Rep. Oshiro stated that only the tourism industry focusing on issues covering our state
and construction can no longer be relied upon to bring court system, criminal and civil laws,
in income and supply jobs. as well as campaign and election
He urged that Hawaii needs to ensure its college laws.
graduates “get to stay home and make a good life for I am also serving on the Con-
themselves” here in the islands.
sumer Protection & Commerce Com-
Oshiro went on to say that as Hawaii’s represen-
tatives, they need to “be just and guided by truth and mittee which deals with issues such
reason,” and these things will be their constant guide- as taxation, real estate, insurance,
posts as they navigate through this coming Session. mortgage foreclosures, public utili-
In contrast to the start of the last session, enter- ties, professional licenses, and con-
tainment added a celebratory mood.
sumer issues.
As Sean Na’auao and Friends performed
“Mustang Sally” as an encore, Gov. Neil Abercrombie Although this Session carries
jumped to his feet and pumped his fists during the
with it a heavy load, I am buoyed by
chorus to sing: “Ride, Sally, ride.”
The Moanalua String Ensemble under the direc- the opportunity to improve and sup-
tion of Mr. Elden Seta performed beautiful classical port Maui in my new role. Once
pieces, as well as newer arrangements such as “I again, I’m looking forward to working
Dreamed a Dream” from the musical Les Miserables with you to strengthen and improve
and “Somewhere Out There” from the Disney movie
the quality of life in our community.
“An American Tail.”
Overall, there was a call for unity as this Session
takes on the projected budget deficit and other priority
issues. Aloha and Mabuhay,
This Session is scheduled to end on Thursday, Gilbert Keith-Agaran
May 5th.

(TOP) Rep. Gil Keith-Agaran with former governor Ben

Cayetano and wife, Vicky, after the Opening Day ceremony on
Wednesday, Jan. 19th.

(RIGHT) Rep. Gil Keith-Agaran stands with fellow Represen-

tatives while being sworn into office on Jan. 19th in the House


Members of Baldwin High School’s stu-
dent council and Jr. ROTC, Community Work
Day and the Hawaii Lions Club – District 50 took
part in volunteering at Maui’s first Aloha `Aina
Earth Day on Jan. 15 from 8 a.m. to 2 p.m.
Aloha `Aina Earth Day was created to di-
minish refuse, advocate recycling, and raise
funds for schools and various community or-
Rep. Gil Keith-Agaran stands with members of Baldwin
Caitlyn Inamasu, a student leader at High School’s student council and Jr. ROTC during
Baldwin High, requested the help when Ham- Maui’s first Aloha `Aina Day on Jan. 15th at Baldwin
merhead Metals Recycling held a grand open-
ing of its Maui facility. Baldwin High received Copier cartridges, cellular phones, telephone
the proceeds from scrap metal and certain books, all kinds of batteries, cooking oil, gently
other items collected. used clothing and other households items such as
This event was held at Baldwin High books, used eyeglasses and hearing aids were
School and was sponsored by U.S. Rep Mazie K. also collected.
Hirono, Senate President Shan S. Tsutsui, Rep. During the day people could also bring 3 in-
Gil Keith-Agaran, Mayor Alan Arakawa, and candescent bulbs to trade in for 3 CFL bulbs. Vol-
Maui Council members Joe Pontanilla and Mike unteers also shredded personal documents and
Victorino. collected food for the Maui Food Bank.
During this event, volunteers collected The organizers of this event hope to hold
cardboard, newspapers, HI-5 containers, e- similar events throughout Maui during the year,
waste (computers, ink jet and laser printers, fax and they invite the participation of other schools
machines, etc.). interested in hosting the event.


Bills introduced during the 2011 Session
For more information on other measures introduced and other various material CLICK HERE

HB454 Authorizes the use of solar energy facilities on class C and B ag-
ricultural land and requires those solar energy facilities to pro-
vide for the energy requirements via a renewable energy source
Solar Energy & Agricultural Lands for the agricultural operations on the land it is established on.

HB456 Directs the Department of Land and Natural Resources (DLNR)

to designate not less than 5 percent of the shoreline on each
Marine Life & Conservation Districts Hawaiian island as a marine life conservation.

HB459 Enhances the regulation of aquarium aquatic life collection in

the State by requiring DLNR to develop a list of aquatic species
that may be collected or sold for aquarium purposes.
Aquarium Aquatic Life & DLNR

HB461 Enacts Uniform Military and Overseas Voters Act to ensure

ability of members of the military and other eligible voters
who are overseas to participate in all elections for federal,
state, and local offices. Authorizes ballots and b allotting ma-
Military & Overseas Voters Act terials to be transmitted by facsimile or electronic mail.

HB872 Adds new requirements regarding non-candidate committee

registration and requires non-candidate committees to file
Noncandidate Committees, Campaign late expenditures reports under certain circumstances. Re-
Contributions, & Expenditure quires non-candidate committees to make additional disclo-
sures within their non-candidate committee reports.

HB1613 Requires an application to register to vote in person or by mail-in

to include a request for permanent absentee ballot. Removes
time limit on requesting an absentee or permanent absentee
Permanent Absentee Voting & Voter ballot, but not later than 4:30 p.m. on the seventh day prior to
Registration the election.


Rep. Gil Keith-Agaran with Sanda Bembeyeva. Bem- Rep. Gil Keith-Agaran meets with friends from Maui
beyeva is an exchange student from Russia and is cur- after Opening Day: (from left to right) "Stevie" Gayle
rently attending King Kekaulike High School in Stephens, Helen Nielsen, Deirdre Tegarden, Jonathan
Makawao, Maui. She shadowed Rep. Keith-Agaran, on Starr, and Piero Resta.
Jan. 21st during her Future Leaders exchange program.

Maui Economic Opportunity board members and staff Sanda Bembeyeva accompanied Rep. Gil Keith-Agaran
pictured with Rep. Gil Keith-Agaran and his mother during the Finance committee hearing. Bembeyeva was
(white lei) after Opening Day. excited to shadow Rep. Keith-Agaran to learn more
about the legislative process.

»»»»»»»»»» Meet the Staff ««««««««««

The staff of Rep.

Keith-Agaran is
looking forward
to serving the
District 9 com-
munity this Ses-
(From left to right) Committee clerk Max (From left to right) Attorneys and re-
Bauval, office manager Ann Takaki and searchers with the Committee on Judici-
legislative aides Nicole Kato and Susan ary: Jimmy Nelson, Jim Miura, Roy Ya-
Wong. nagihara, and Jessie Faige.

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