Active Shooter Incidents “ What You Need to Know”

Deputy Les Wiemers
Weld County Sheriffs Office Aims School Resource Officer

Of all the animals, man is the only one that is cruel. He is the only one that inflicts pain for the pleasure of doing it.

Mark Twain

Learning Objectives

Define the term “active shooter” List measures that can be employed to reduce the effectiveness of an active shooter. Describe actions that can be expected from responding law enforcement officers.

About School Shootings

Not a New Phenomenon No Geographic Region is Excluded On a national average 100,000 students carry guns to school every year.

1996 to 2006 .

1989 May 1. 1979 Jan 17. 1996 Feb 19. 30 wounded 4 killed. CO Virginia Tech Northern Ill Univ. CA Stockton. 5 wounded 5 killed. 14 killed. 5 wounded 2 killed. 1 wounded 2 killed. 7 wounded 3 killed. MS Paducah. 1997 Dec 1. 1997 Mar 4. CA Olivehurst. 9 wounded 6 killed. OR Littleton. 16 wounded . 1998 May 21. 1998 Apr 20. 1992 Feb 2. 20 wounded 13 killed. AR Springfield. 0 wounded 32 killed. 2 wounded 2 killed. 2008 Austin. 2007 Feb 14. 24 wounded 1 killed. 2006 Apr 16. 17 wounded 6 killed. 1966 Jan 29. CO Bailey. KY Jonesboro.Brief school shooting chronology Aug 1. CA Moses Lake. 30 wounded 2 killed. AK Pearl. WA Bethel. 1999 Sep 27. TX San Diego. 1997 Oct 1. 10 wounded 3 killed.

1764 “The Enoch Brown School Massacre” Franklin County. The warriors then began scalping the children. killing nine.Earliest Recorded School Killings July 26. . Pennsylvania Four Delaware American Indian warriors stormed a log schoolhouse of white settlers.

barricaded self in University’s 27 – story tower Charles Whitman killed his mother & wife the night before Whitman killed 14 people and wounded 30 .University of Texas at Austin August 1. 1966 Former Marine.

Stone Jefferson Co. 1999 “Within the span of 16 minutes. the gunmen killed 13 people and wounded 21 others. their crime is the deadliest school shooting in the history of the United States” Sheriff John P. A savage act of domestic terrorism.Columbine High School April 20. Colorado .

Deadliest School Massacre Virginia Tech 2007 Cho Sueng Hui A student/mass murderer who shot and killed 32 people and wounded 17 others .

Active Shooter Incident Incident in which there is the intentional random or systematic shooting of multiple victims in which the shooters’ intent is to continue the spree until stopped by law enforcement or suicide. .

Threat is not contained and there is immediate risk of death or injury.  .Active Shooter Defined  A suspect whose is actively shooting. causing death and serious bodily injury.

statistics give us a place to start.Profiling a Shooter The FBI reports there have not been enough incidents to form a comparison. However. .

Boys Will Be Boys Males have accounted for 76.7% of offenders. .

16-18 years of age. 10 to 12 years of age. .2% 9 years of age or younger.1% 11% 38% 30.Characteristics of a Shooter      2. 13-15 years of age. 19 years of age or older.7% 18.

Accepts targets of opportunity while searching for or after finding intended targets. Normally has intended victims and will search them out.Active Shooters Desire to kill without concern for their safety or threat of capture. .

   .Active Shooters  Will continue to move throughout building or area until stopped by law enforcement. or other intervention. This has necessitated a change in tactics by law enforcement. Shooter usually acting out of frustration and rage. Shooter is attempting to correct a perceived wrong against them. suicide.

Virginia Tech .Lessons Learned: Columbine vs.

Aims  Unlike the public school system.Public Schools vs. Aims facilities do not feature: • Intercoms in classrooms • Immediate campus-wide notification system • One centralized administrative office .

Aims cont…  Unlike the public school system. Aims facilities do not feature: -Visitor access points -Similar monitoring and control of students and other people on campus -Dense campus facility make-up .Public Schools vs.

Aims Does Have:  A trained law enforcement presence and response capability Agreements and procedures with local law enforcement Camera surveillance systems Campus emergency call boxes Solidly constructed facilities Most building have multiple escape routes      .

  . Secure the immediate area.What should I do…  Stay Calm Assure others that you and law enforcement are working to protect them.

Block the doors using whatever is available…desks. other furniture. file cabinets.   . Most college doors are solid core and many walls are block and brick. This may provide some protection.What should I do…  Lock the door. Pre-planning may be involved to make sure you know how.

Place signs in exterior windows to identify the location of injured person(s). Keep occupants calm and quiet…create a sense that no one is inside the room. Be positioned out of sight and behind items that might offer additional protection .What should I do…  Doors. Windows. and Noise:          Close blinds Turn off interior lights Block windows on door Turn off radios and computer monitors. Openings. if possible Silence cell phones Signs can be placed on interior doors and windows…remember the shooter can also see these signs.

. • Rescue efforts will be delayed until the shooter is stopped. • Remember basic first aid • For bleeding apply pressure and elevate. treat the injured.What should I do…  If you are trained.

What Should I Know…  As discussed earlier.   . a shooter will not stop until his objectives have been met. A shooter may bang on the door and yell for help to entice you to open the door. or unless engaged by law enforcement. Attempts to rescue people should not be made if they will endanger other persons in a secured area.

Contact Emergency Personnel  Emergency 911 911 may be overwhelmed Busy signal / Multiple rings  Aims SRO 970-539-2171 .

What to Report?  Your Exact Location  Building Name/ Office / Classroom Number -Number of people at your location  Number of People Injured Types of Injuries  .

What to Report ?         Suspect information Specific location Number of suspects Race/Gender Clothing color and style Physical features Type of weapon(s) Backpack or other equipment carried by shooter • Do you recognize the shooter? What’s their name? .

Put a physical barrier between you and the suspect.What If There is No Safe Areas?  If you find yourself in an open area. Consider your options: -Escape -Shelter in place   . immediately seek cover.

Active Shooter  Considered the greatest terrorist threat on campuses • You need to be informed of law enforcement response plans so you can take protective measures. .

  . contain and stop the shooter.What Will The Cops Be Doing?  Law Enforcement’s goal is to locate. The shooter will generally not flee when law enforcement enters the building. The best place for you is inside a secure room.

The shooters main goal is not escape. but rather to kill as many people as possible.  .Remember !  Running down hallways provides the shooter with more targets and slows law enforcement response.

. This may be time consuming. Remain in secure areas until instructed to move by law enforcement. Follow their instructions at all times. You will be escorted out of the building by armed police officers when it’s safe. -You may be searched.What will the Cops Be Doing?  Safety corridors will be established.

officers are taught that “hands kill”. DO – Raise your arms – Spread your fingers – Show hands as you drop to the floor – Spread arms and legs  .Interacting with Law Enforcement  DO NOT – Have anything in your hands.

don’t present a threat to them • DO NOT – Point at them – Make quick movements – Run towards them or attempt to hug them – Scream or yell .Interacting with Law Enforcement  When law enforcement enters the room.

Interacting with Law Enforcement  DO NOT expect officers to initially assist you… • Primary job is to locate the shooter and neutralize the threat • Medical assistance will follow once the threat is neutralized – Law Enforcement must assume everyone is a threat to their safety • Be prepared to: – have weapons pointed at you – be subject to searches – be handcuffed .

Injured persons  Initial responding officers will not treat the injured until the scene is safe and secure. • You may need to explain this to others around you in an attempt to calm them. • Fire Rescue will respond as soon as it is safe to do so. .

Once you have been evacuated. After evacuation. The entire area will be treated as a crime scene. you will be taken to a holding area for medical treatment. interviewing and counseling. you will not be allowed to re-enter the building.    .The Investigation  Information will be released to the Aims community as soon as is possible.

if possible Know the law enforcement response -Objective is to neutralize threat   Evacuation. wait until law enforcement arrives Follow up medical care.Summary       Immediately report the incident Take a leadership role Seek and find a secure area Remain calm. counseling . reassure others Treat the injured. interview.

Closing Statement  It’s difficult to predict a shooting event. Assailants are not always students or associated with the college. Attacks are carefully planned and often times have a specific target. Each emergency is different and may require a different response.    .

      Weld County Sheriffs Office Aims School Resource Officer Office: 970-356-4015 X4174 Cell: 970-539-2171 Email: Thank you .us or: security Website: Weldsheriff.Deputy Les Wiemers If I can be of any help please let me

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