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In Dr. Kelley's therapy, it's the patient who will cure himself, not the doctor, not the caregiver, not anyone else, because it's the patient who has to do all the work; namely:

1. Digest & Kill the Cancer Cells.

To digest the cancer cells' outer protective coating, take megadoses of pancreatic enzymes, either in capsules or as raw pork pancreas. To kill them, boost the immune system with megadoses of natural food supplements (every alternative doctor has his own way of boosting the immune system), or with raw beef liver and raw cassava juice.

2. Remove the dead rotting cancer cells from the body every day.

This is done with the coffee enema. Unless this is done, the patient will feel very toxic, like they do with chemo, from the dead rotting cells. But of course they feel worse with chemo because chemo kills both normal and cancer cells, whereas the enzymes and immune system boosters kill only the cancer cells.

If you need help in learning how to do the coffee enema, please call Alma de Jesus, a registered nurse, 0915-417-6813.

Before you do Step #1, please learn how to do the coffee enema first, because if you start killing cancer cells without knowing how to remove the dead rotting cells, you will feel like you got hit by a freight truck and will not know how to get instant relief. If the dead rotting cells build up without being removed, they could make you very toxic that it could even kill you. So please learn how to do the coffee enema first.

3. Clear the arteries of all blockages, so the blood will be free-flowing and can carry the enzymes to everywhere there might be cancer cells lurking.

This is done with 90 drops a day of Super Phos 30, mixed with fresh or vegetable fruit juice.

4. Detoxify the body thoroughly.

Get at least 3 bowel movements daily with Dr. Richard Schulze's Intestinal Formula #1 and at least 10 8oz glasses of water; Dr. Richard Schulze's Intestinal Formula #2 for 1 week every 3 months to remove heavy metals and poisons; liver and gall bladder flushes (3x 2 weeks apart, and then every 2 months for as long as there is cancer); Okra Pepsin to remove mucous from the intestines, and the bio-electric zapper to keep the body parasite free.

5. Change the lifestyle.

It's the lifestyle that made you sick. If you don't change it, you'll remain sick. This mainly means change the food you have been eating. For smokers, stop smoking. For those continually exposed to hazardous toxins due to the working or residential environment, change the environment. Of all the the 5 steps, this is the hardest of all to do. On what to eat, ideally follow the Adam and Eve Diet (details attached); namely:

fruits. the immune system cannot kill the cancer cell. and if possible raw pork pancreas and raw beef liver instead of capsules. Member. and 2 tablespoons on an empty stomach one hour before every meal and just before bedtime (4x a day). the body s pancreatic enzymes will be used to digest cancer cells instead of animal foods. pastries. After 6 months. but before 1 pm. home-made juices from fresh carrots. so the immune system cells which also have negative ion charges.ph This diet is to be taken with the raw pork pancreas. apples. Philippine Institute of Traditional & Alternative Health Care (PITAHC). so for at least 18 hours until breakfast. Raw pork pancreas are very rich in the pancreatic enzymes (chymotrypsin and trypsin) that digest animal protein.For the first 6 months. and raw cassava juice needed to kill cancer cells. The dosages are as follows: Raw pork pancreas. raw vegetables. # THE ADAM & EVE DIET FOR CANCER PATIENTS By Jaime E. email: http://us. because two negatives repel each other.yahoo. Department of Health. cooked red meats. raw eggs. Dy-Liacco. daily coffee enemas to remove the dead rotting cells. 2 tablespoons with every meal (3x a day). raw garlic. Doctor of Metabolic Medicine (DMM) Former Acting Director General. and using an electronic zapper to kill whatever parasites come with the raw meats. other vegetables and fruits. fax #632-929-9170.net. . Avoid junk food. # 632-924-2487. They will digest the animal protein outer coating of the cancer cell and remove its negative ion charge.com/mc/compose?to=mito@pacific. celery. foods made with white refined sugar and white refined flour like pan de sal.mail. Board of Trustees. can now enter the cancer cell and kill it.. eat 100% raw. i. white rice. white sliced bread. Philippine College for the Advancement in Medicine Tel. raw beef liver. Unless this outer coating is digested and the negative ion charge removed. cooked fish and chicken may be eaten.e. Avoid all processed foods. for a total of 14 tablespoons daily.mc1200.

and which turns the hydrogen cyanide into thiocyanate. which kill the cancer cell. then take a break for 5 days. breaks it down into two molecules of glucose. 3 tablespoons at lunch only (1x a day). Raw cassava juice. This is very rich in vitamins and minerals. beta-glucosidase. an analgesic. Thus. rhodanese. an enzyme. which the cancer cells do not. One clove of crushed raw garlic with each serving of raw pancreas and liver to kill the bacteria and viruses that might be in the raw meat. The break gives the body a chance to get rid of residual dead cancer cells which may not have been removed by the daily coffee enemas. It will strengthen the immune system so it can kill the cancer cell once the cell's outer protective coating has been digested. which cancer cells and not normal cells secrete in profusion. This is very rich in Vitamin B-17. One 8-oz glass after breakfast and one glass after dinner. and is the best blood builder there is. continue to take the 2 tablespoons of raw pancreas with your meals to help digest the food. Normal cells secrete a different enzyme. but it also has beneficial side effects for the normal cells. a harmless substance which is a natural regulator of blood pressure. cassava juice not only acts like a target-specific smart bomb in killing the cancer cell. kills the cancer cell. which enters the cancer cell after its outer coating has been digested by the raw pancreas. and together with a strengthened immune system. This enzyme turns the benzaldehyde into benzoic acid. and 2 molecules of strong poisons. When the cassava enters the cancer cell.Raw beef liver. During the break. Raw garlic. THE ADAM & EVE DIET Page 2 Take these dosages for 25 straight days. benzaldehyde and hydrogen cyanide. . which eases the pains of terminal cancer patients.

Howard May and the other imported from the U. fever. 15-minute retention enema that circulates coffee in the colon (5 minutes lying on the left side. bacteria.Follow this 25 days-on. So play it by ear. from Dr. This is an electronic device that runs 1 milliampere of current through your body. all other parasites. but enough to kill all viruses. If you cannot defecate. This toxic feeling lifts instantly when the enema is done. This is a high (a 15" catheter goes into the colon). Do the 1st enema upon waking up in the morning. do an enema whenever you feel intolerably toxic. locally made by Msgr. drop to a maintenance dose of only 2 tablespoons of raw pancreas with every meal and the 3 tablespoons of raw liver for the rest of your life. then follow it up with the coffee. 5 minutes on the right side) to make the coffee hit the liver and gall bladder areas. you continue to kill cancer cells. joint pains. You can choose from two recommended zappers. do a water enema first to clear the colon of waste. before breakfast. Use it every day to keep yourself free of all these parasites. James R. You may have to do more than 1 enema a day. Coffee enema. even vomiting). Once you start eating the raw pancreas and liver. worms. because it means you are killing cancer cells faster than you are removing them. 5 days-off cycle every month until you are cancer free. the liver and gall bladder contract. 5 minutes on the back. and these dead cells will start rotting in your body. making you feel toxic (dizziness. muscle aches. One is the Mayco zapper. Overman. You then dump them into the toilet. If you continue to be cancer free after 6 months. nausea. When it does that. both of which come with detailed usage instructions. The difference between the two is the current from the Mayco zapper . not enough to kill a cockroach. because as the day progresses. Bio-electric Zapper. and injuries to tissues trigger the growth of cancer. you'll start killing cancer cells by the millions. Parasites can injure tissues. then continue the same for another 6 months. headache.S. Be sure to defecate 1st so that there is no obstruction to the circulation of the coffee. dumping into the colon all the dead rotting cancer cells which the liver had filtered out of the blood.

2. Buy them early morning from the wet market. If there are no parasites in the colon. rub the meats with more salt on all sides until the sliminess is gone. Rinse out the salt and cut the meat into small cubes so you can easily measure it by the tablespoonful. including raw vegetables. (Do this washing and soaking of all raw foods that you eat. and the liver 3 tablespoons per packet. 3. whereas the Overman zapper does not to avoid killing the good bacteria. so they are freshly butchered. a bottle of Yakult 3x a day) to replenish the good bacteria in the colon. How to Prepare the Raw Pancreas and Liver 1. just use the zapper. Do not season all the meat yet. Wrap up the pancreas 2 tablespoons per packet (you can use a small plastic bag). Then soak in a basin of water for 10 minutes with 1/2 half cup of rock salt to disinfect. a herbal THE ADAM & EVE DIET Page 3 supplement to kill the parasites in the colon.) After the soaking. Do not buy more than a week's supply. take Preventa SC. Wash them clean. If the Mayco zapper is used. 4.penetrates the intestines and kills the good bacteria as well. . contact the author. and get them out to eat one at a time as needed. 5. and/or Wormex if there are worms. For more information on the zappers. there is no need to take the herbal supplement. If the Overman zapper is used. and there are parasites in the colon that need to be killed. Put the packets in the freezer. take a probiotic (example.

Some mix it with wasabi like sashimi. until the starch settles to the bottom. Put in a glass jar in the refrigerator for 2 hours. Basic Foundations of the Adam & Eve Diet -. the immune system drops with it. Just do not use vetsin (MSG) or cook it. Strain out the starch. no matter if it always has a tankful of the finest gasoline. is always washed and greased. whichever way you want to make it palatable. the vital organs will get. they will draw minerals from wherever they can and will strip your body of minerals. Water is to the body what oil is to a car. Cut off 4 inches and slice it thinly. Keep the juice refrigerated. Drink at least 10 8-oz glasses of mineral water a day (15 glasses if you have high blood pressure) to maintain your body's water level at 75%. Drink 1 glass after breakfast and 1 glass after dinner. the tissues. the blood. Without sufficient oil. the body will break down.6.Water and Salt. You got sick because of the foods you have been eating. How to Prepare the Raw Cassava Juice Get a freshly harvested cassava root (kamoteng kahoy). white. some make it into kinilaw. A cancer patient is . Put in a blender with 2 8-oz glasses of mineral water. They have no minerals. Season each packet just before eating. others like to chew it fresh frozen (it has a nice cool clean taste) which melts in the mouth. Without sufficient water. When the water drops below 75%. just until it is liquified. Because water has a natural affinity for minerals. without spots. The body is made up of 25% food and 75% water. because all the cells. and the failure to maintain your body's water level at 75%. a car will break down. and always has new spark plugs. dehydrated. Do not drink distilled THE ADAM & EVE DIET Page 4 and reverse osmosis water. sometime dipping it in rock salt. like marinated mackerel. Blend at the highest speed for not more than 10 seconds.

Avoid cooked red meats. . They are the hardest to digest. requiring less work from your own pancreas. Always eat raw foods first. In a Japanese restaurant you can eat 100% raw. at least 70-90% of your diet. They eat raw vegetables and fruits for breakfast. The Japanese eat a lot of raw foods. Increase your salt intake by at least 1/2 teaspoon of rock salt daily to be able to retain the water (otherwise you'll just keep urinating it out). They ate 100% raw. lunch. so your stomach will have the enzymes from these foods to help digest the cooked foods that follow. not just raw fish and raw shellfish. You can eat cooked fish and chicken. This diet will just not make you very healthy.already very deficient in minerals. Eat 100% raw foods. The Adam & Eve Diet Change your eating habits to the Adam & Eve diet. Start with a green salad. I call this the Adam and Eve diet.m. follow with sashimi. and dinner. it will rejuvenate you and make you younger. and end with a fresh fruit. After 6 months. Today. still eat as much raw food as possible. Water and salt are basic components of the Adam and Eve Diet. This way you will have 18 hours until breakfast when the enzymes from your pancreas.395 citizens aged 100 or older. Japan had 28. In September 2006. Although you can now eat cooked foods. can be used to digest cancer cells and not animal food. the Diet will not work. according to the Health Ministry. Distilled and reverse osmosis water will aggravate this deficiency and worsen the cancer. Here's how. Japan will have one million centenarians. and they lived 930 years. Without them. The UN estimates that by 2050. but not after 1 p. there was no pugon (stove). because in the Garden of Eden. the longest living people on earth are the Japanese. the world's largest. For the 1st 6 months.

If you need sugar. a chemical used for embalming corpses. and dark soy sauce (avoid light-colored soy sauces which are highly processed). ice cream. . Soy promotes cancer because: (1) It is high in estrogen-mimicking compounds which fertilize the growth of cancer cells. Start with a vegetable salad. THE ADAM & EVE DIET Page 5 vitamins. cooked foods are dead food. found in diet soft drinks and Equal. marinated mackerel). like milk. like candies and soft drinks. after 2 weeks life will be coming out of the soil. (3) It blocks the absorption of essential minerals. If you plant a boiled kamote. and finish with a raw ripe mango or a banana. preventing the digestion by the pancreatic enzymes of the animal protein outer coating of cancer cells. white sliced bread. use raw muscovado sugar. like pan de sal. eat brown rice mixed with red malagkit (sticky rice). Raw foods are living foods. The ratio is 1 cup of brown rice mixed with 1 tablespoon of red malagkit. Cancer develops when the pancreas have been so worn down by hard to digest foods that they can no longer produce enough enzymes to digest the outer coating of cancer cells as they come along. Avoid artificial sweeteners like aspartame (Nutrasweet). you can also eat 100% raw. aggravating the mineral deficiency of cancer patients. it will rot in the soil just like any dead body. Avoid all soy products. Anything cooked above 40 degrees centigrade loses its enzymes. like miso. (2) It blocks the action of enzymes that digest proteins. The body converts aspartame into formaldehyde. or maple syrup. Avoid foods and drinks made with white refined sugar. cheese except cottage cheese. Avoid dairy products because they are also hard to digest. If you plant a raw kamote (sweet potato). and its minerals become inorganic which the body cannot absorb. We get sick as we grow old because all our lives we keep planting dead food in our bodies. pastries. Rye bread. except possibly small amounts of fermented soy. Instead of white refined rice. Cancer thrives in a sugary environment. or raw honey. cakes. a substance which promotes blood clots because it causes clustering of red blood cells/ (5) The clustering also prevents the cells from absorbing oxygen properly. (4) It has hemagglutinin. wheat bread that doesn't use hydrogenated vegetable oils are OK. Avoid all foods made with white refined flour. Natural non-sugar sweeteners like Stevia and Xylitol are OK. and cancer thrives in an oxygen-starved environment. natto. It can aggravate diabetes and cause brain tumors. follow with kinilaw na tanguingui (raw.In the Philippines.

incorporating the raw pancreas. whole grain wheat. Drink 1 glass with breakfast. soy oil. steel-cut oats. raw pepitas and sunflower seeds from a health food store. spelt. soy burgers. soy-oil based vitamins. Put the cereals. fast foods. There is more soy consumed in America. raw cassava juice: Breakfast (100% raw) 1 capful of Goji Juice. raw liver. THE ADAM & EVE DIET Page 6 Sample Menu Here is a sample menu for your 3 meals a day. millet. nuts. Not true. buckwheat groats. raw garlic. Schulze to the blender Add 90 drops of Super Phos 30 to the blender Add 2 heaping teaspoons of Buffered Vitamin C powder to the blender Add 1 ripe sweet fresh mango to the blender Blend. Chill in the refrigerator. It's in snack foods. like a teaspoon each. Check labels for soy content. seeds in a bowl in equal proportions. 5 minutes before the meal 1 orange or grapefruit or a pomelo 1/2 of a big papaya laced with 3 cloves of crushed raw garlic (delicious with garlic!) 2 tablespoons of raw pork pancreas seasoned according to your taste 2 raw eggs with a pinch of rock or sea salt in each 1 8-oz glass of the SuperFood nutritional drink. soy ice cream. amaranth). They eat only small amounts of fermented soy with servings of meat or fish which minimize the mineral-blocking effects of soy. prepakaged foods. quinoa. pine nuts. the second glass with lunch 1 bowl of raw cereals (hulled barley. like soya milk. The soaking starts germination.The usual argument for soy is that the cancer rate in Japan is low because the Japanese eat a lot of soy. soy oil-based salad dressings. Recipe follows: Juice an 8-oz glass of sweet apples and put into a blender Add an 8-oz glass of mineral water to the blender Add 2 heaping scoops or tablespoons of the SuperFood powder of Dr. cereals. Soak the mixture overnight in warm mineral water. soy flour. which makes them more .

use a dressing of vinegar and oil. Have many different vegetables. so long as you don't use vetsin (MSG). chicken the same way you prepare the raw pancreas and raw liver. remember. or sukang niog. chunks of apples. raw sweet small shrimps (suahe). You prepare the raw fish. bell peppers of all colors. You can have bagoong with the raw or blanched green leaves to make them delicious. The healthy oils are extra virgin cold pressed coconut oil or extra virgin cold pressed olive oil. the 2 tablespoons of raw pork pancreas with every meal (3x a day) will prevent you from catching cancer and diabetes. yakon. Make it as colorful as possible. shrimps. Malunggay readily absorbs lead from the air. turnips. Lunch Start with a large bowl of fresh vegetable salad. If you eat cooked foods at all. a cup of raw or blanched dark green leafy vegetable like saluyot or kangkong or kamote leaf tops or alogbati or pako. Avoid the highly advertised vinegars which are highly processed. carrots. They give you gas. or raw chicken. If you are a cancer patient. The healthy vinegars are sukang Ilocos. It has no nutrition. 2 tablespoons of raw pork pancreas and 3 tablespoons of raw beef liver. After the salad. # . 3 pieces of raw okra. 1/2 teaspoon of rock salt. be sure to eat the raw foods first ahead of the cooked foods to have enzymes already in the stomach to help digest the cooked foods that follow. you can have raw fish.and soft enough to chew in the morning. You can season the raw foods any way you want to make them palatable. If you are not a cancer patient. Sweeten with slices of latondan banana. which are raw. But if you wish. Strain out the water. like green and purple leafy lettuce. If after this. Avoid the white iceberg lettuce used for Cesar's salad. Avoid white vegetables like cucumber. and a teaspoon of Chili Garlic Sauce from Lee Kum Kee of Malaysia. with 3 cloves of crushed raw garlic. Raw saba has 3x the potassium of latondan and 6x of lakatan. The nutrition is in the color. but still deliciously crunchy. Finish with a fresh ripe mango or with a raw ripe saba banana. turnips. Avoid malunggay unless it's grown in the mountains without traffic and you eat it there. eat 100% raw for the first 6 months. you're still hungry. Dinner Same pattern as lunch.nutritious. red seedless grapes. The raw pork pancreas is very rich in natural insulin without the side effects of synthetic insulin injections. Delicious seasoning is with 3 cloves of crushed raw garlic. The red seedless grapes will serve as the dressing.

the key to curing cancer is to supplement with megadoses of pancreatic enzymes from outside sources. because two negatives repel each other. Before he died of a heart attack in January 2005. 3. Kelley was a quack. Doctor of Metabolic Medicine. quit in disgust and set up a cancer clinic in Park Avenue. And that is how he cured himself. both hard (with tumors) and soft (no tumors.net. which to this day is thriving and eminently successful. trustee. Because of the thousands of well-documented cases and patients to be interviewed.DR. he had cured more than 33. Cancer cells have an outer coating with a negative ion charge. Dr. All cooked foods are hard to digest because anything cooked above 40 degrees C loses its own enzymes. fax 632-929-9173. Correct the deficiency and you cure the cancer. the lungs. chemotherapy or radiation). minerals. because of physical damage to the pancreas (17% of cases) or a lifetime of eating hard to digest foods which have worn out the pancreatic cells producing the enzymes (83% of cases). animal protein-digesting enzymes produced by the pancreas will digest it and remove the negative ion charge. Philippine College for the Advancement in Medicine Former Acting Director General. New York city using the Kelley therapy. or chemotherapy. based on the paradigm that cancer is caused by a nutritional deficiency. and other food supplements. Nicholas Gonzalez. The patient is deficient in pancreatic enzymes and in the nutrition needed for a strong immune system.. the richest of which is pork pancreas. like leukemia). Tel. Kelley¶s cancer cases. and the thousands of terminal patients during the 43 years that he survived. everywhere. Phil. while boosting the immune system with megadoses of vitamins. The doctor who did the study. the immune system¶s white blood cells also have a negative ion charge. 2. it took 5 years to complete the study. The resulting 301-page report found that the cure rate was 100% for pancreatic cancer and 97% for all other cancers (93% if previously treated with surgery. 632-924-2487. Kelley reasoned that if a person's pancreas can no longer produce sufficient enzymes. leaving the cancer cell open to attack by the immune system. and other nutrients to boost the immune system. Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center in New York City authorized a study in 1981 of Dr. using an enzyme therapy he developed himself. The report was suppressed.ph 1. The object was to prove beyond a shadow of a doubt that Dr. M. radiation. KELLEY¶S ENZYME THERAPY for CANCER by Jaime E. William Donald Kelley. email mito@pacific. was a 79-year-old American dentist who survived for 43 years after curing himself of 1.without surgery. Cancer develops when a person's pancreatic enzyme production becomes deficient. DDS.000 terminal patients of all kinds of cancers. Dy-Liacco. Department of Health. MS. Kelley's genius was in reasoning out that since the outer coating of the cancer cell is made of animal protein. minerals. . The patient is given megadoses of pancreatic enzymes and megadoses of vitamins.D. it cannot kill the cancer cell. Institute of Traditional & Alternative Health Care.5 months terminal pancreatic cancer which had metastasized to the liver. The Kelley protocol is simple. So no matter how strong you make the immune system.

. the zygote drops into the uterus and generates germ cells which not only evolve into the tissues of the growing fetus. Without the placenta. KELLEY'S ENZYME THERAPY Page 2 You will know you no longer have enough enzymes to digest food.DR. In 1999. she had two pancreas. So husband and wife then went to Kansas to see Dr. husband and wife decided to go to Stanford since they already had a confirmed appointment there and felt it would be a waste not to take it. the same phenomenon happened to a 29-year-old Filipina in Metro Manila. They came home with a Balikbayan box full of Kelley¶s enzymes and nutritional supplements. The news spread like wildfire. Like a true cancer cell. The Kelley paradigm centers around the reality that a cancer cell is nothing more than a placental cell growing in the wrong place. and can even have frequent heart burn and shortness of breath as the gas rises and presses against the heart and lungs. Kelley. Undigested food ferments and generates gas. She was 4 months pregnant and had bladder cancer. but said they could not take it all out and could not give her chemotherapy or radiation because it would kill the baby. Five months later. The Stanford doctors confirmed what the Philippine doctors had said. If you look at both cells under the same microscope. By the time the baby was born. when your belly feels bloated all the time. Dr. growing very rapidly to accomodate the growing fetus. she said. she was cancer free. and take preventive dosages of pancreatic enzymes to prevent cancer from developing. The wife¶s exclamation when she learned about the Scottish maiden from a phone call to Dr. John Beard. and reportedly all the maidens in Scotland now wanted to get pregnant. Here¶s how Dr. Conventional doctors surgically took out as much of the tumor mass as they could. researched the phenomenon. there would be no human race! It¶s all part of God¶s divine plan for the human race to go and multiply. Like a cancer cell. and therefore none left over to digest cancer cells. A Scottish embryologist in the University of Edinburgh. it develops its own DR. You will burp and fart a lot. and both mother and daughter were cancer free. 4. When this happens. a Scottish maiden with cancer got pregnant. Time to change your lifestyle and eating habits. that nothing more could be done. but the cancer was so aggressive that it could kill her and the baby before the baby was born. KELLEY'S ENZYME THERAPY Page 3 . I have hope!" But for the next step. cancer is not far behind. and found the maiden got cured of her cancer because during her pregnancy. her own and the baby¶s. but also generate trophoblastic cells to form the placenta. the placenta metastasizes and eats itself into the wall of the uterus. "For the first time. the zygote would fall right out of the uterus. Kelley: "You mean it¶s my baby who will save me?! I thought the baby would kill me!" After months of feeling scared and desperate. Beard explains it: When a female egg is fertilized. the wife gave birth to a healthy baby girl. The startling significance of this is: without the cancer cell. How is this so? More than 100 years ago. you will find that they are identical.

Of the many enzymes produced by the pancreas. begets babies of its own. is the Navarro Beta HCG Urine Cancer Test. Efren F. Women should also wait 7 days after the end of the . the next day. Sta. exposing it to attack by the immune system. disease and accidents damaging the pancreas. stopping its further growth. But only 80% make it to the gonads by the time the baby is born. To avoid false readings. But in the 8th week of pregnancy. with about 2 cells for every pinhead. Manuel Navarro. as an adult. The rest is due to birth defects. whatever time that might occur. Manila. The remaining 20%. meats. testes for the male). but the Navarro test is more concentrated for accuracy.D. the same hormones pregnancy tests try to detect. there to be stored for when the baby. Put it in a sterilized glass jar. and label it with your name. Navarro. 5. dairy products. if used to detect cancer. Always take the first urine after midnight. Men must abstain from sex for 24 hours before taking the urine sample. What stops it is. say to the breast due to repeated mammograms.. the trophoblastic cells are stopped from becoming cancerous growths if pancreatic enzyme production is sufficient not only to digest food but also have enough left over to digest cancer cells. can give false readings. When an injury occurs. processed foods) wear out the cells of the pancreas. or anywhere else due to toxins or parasites or whatever. used by alternative doctors in the Philippines and abroad. true to nature. Urine samples can be sent to Dr. A non-invasive test to detect the presence of cancer. Just boil it. or to the colon due to putrefying red meats and stored up fecal matter. The test detects the presence of cancer 3-4 years even before symptoms develop. professor in the Faculty of Medicine of UST.little blood vessel network to feed itself. are scattered all over the body.) Unfortunately. Morningside Terrace. These cells are used to repair injured tissues. to the lungs due to smoking. The test is 95% accurate (biopsies and blood tumor marker tests are at best 70% accurate). Curing the Incurable. It measures the presence of human chorionic gonadotropin hormones. the placenta stops growing. In the 8th month of pregnancy. M. Regular prenancy tests. Some 83% of pancreatic enzyme deficiencies is due to this. with P400. excess germ cells migrate to the baby¶s gonads (ovaries for the female. But just like the placenta in pregnancy. Results will be known by 10 a. Years of eating hard to digest foods (cooked food. Just air dry it. (Germ cells nowadays are called stem cells. two (trypsin and chymotrypsin) digest animal protein. activating germ cells to repair the injury.m. when the baby is fully formed. a. to sterilize the jar do not use soap or detergent.. developed by the late Dr. the area is flooded with estrogen.D. about 3 billion cells. If it didn¶t. women for 12 days. continuous growth would kill the mother. activated germ cells also generate trophoblastic cells. M. in the 8th week the baby¶s pancreas start to function. Mesa. 3553 Sining Street. They digest the outer protective coating of the trophoblastic cell. Non-invasive test. Do not use a rag to dry the jar.

Kelley's Enzymes. This is done with megadoses of pancreatic enzymes to digest the cancer cell's outer animal protein coating and concurrently with megadoses of vitamins. sex. (1) Digesting and Killing the Cancer Cells. 10 capsules 3x a day on an empty stomach and 6 capsules before bedtime also on an empty stomach. and a xerox copy of the money order or check (personal checks are OK if drawn on a U. and/or diagnosis. UPS. age. send the specimen by courier (Fedex. and low-cost. It is also used yearly to screen for early detection of cancer before symptoms occur. or DHL) or International Postal Express Mail Service (EMS) together with the patient's name. sex. and/or diagnosis. The official report will be sent by air mail. Results will be sent by email to the patient and/or physician if they have email addresses. Here's how to prepare the urine specimen: Mix well 50 cc of the urine with 200 cc of acetone and 5 cc of 70% isopropyl alcohol or 95% ethyl alcoho. Because of its accuracy. The specimen will be tested immediately upon arrival. The Steps of the Kelley Protocol. and mail it to Dr. KELLEY'S ENZYME THERAPY FOR CANCER Page 5 . allow 4-6 weeks for test result delivery. 631 Peregrine Drive. #02-714-7442 for instructions on how to send urine specimens by mail or courier.DR. Let the mixture stand for 2 hours in a refrigerator until sediments form. Illinois 60067-7005. Results will be sent by email to the patient and/or physician if they have email addresses. Pregnant women should not send a urine sample. The 36 capsules with meals are to digest the patient's food. brief medical history. If specimens are sent by regular air mail. For outside metro Manila. If results are wanted quickly. So have a urinalysis done the day before you take the sample to be sure there is no UTI. brief medical history. Throw off about half of the mixture without losing the sediments. tel. 12 capsules 3x a day with meals. The official report will be sent by air mail. non-invasiveness. call Dr. minerals. The raw pork can be seasoned DR. Air dry the paper with the sediments. because raw pork pancreas are very rich in pancreatic enzymes. fold it. the Navarro test is used as a base line reading and for regular follow-up checks. Erlinda N. KELLEY'S ENZYME THERAPY Page 4 menstrual flow before taking the sample. Megadoses of pancreatic enzymes (total 72 capsules a day for 25 days out of every month) are taken 7 times a day. For those who find the enzymes too expensive and unaffordable. They are in fact the source of the pancreatic enzyme capsules. bank) of the $50 remitted to Ms. Filter the remaining mixture through a coffee filter paper or a laboratory filter paper to retain the sediments. Suarez. Palatine. After the paper dries with the sediments. Suarez. A urinary tract infection will result in false readings. Navarro with P400 in postal money order or a bank manager's check. raw pork pancreas can be used instead. Navarro. age. remit $50 to Ms. and the 36 capsules on an empty stomach are to digest cancer cells. For urine specimens from outside the Philippines. together with the patient's name. place it in a plastic bag.S. and other nutritional supplements to strengthen the immune system so it can enter and kill the cancer cell after its protective coating is digested. b.

the liver into packets of 3 tablespoons each. and always with a clove of crushed raw garlic to kill whatever germs. Natural painkillers are all right. table refined salt is synthetic). anti-depressants. 1 capsule before dinner. and patients regain their weight. Vitamins/minerals.according to each user¶s taste to make it palatable. and you dump them into the toilet. the liver contracts and dumps out the dead cancer cells. and the dead cells will rot making you feel toxic. 1 capsule before lunch. like DR. down to skin and bones (80% of cancer patients die of starvation.1 capsule before breakfast. Rub the meats well with salt after the soaking. chopped onions. probiotics. with a clove of crushed raw garlic. HS reverses cachexia. Take another 1 week break. ginger. Avoid these drugs which will make HS ineffective: heavy doses of narcotics. you will kill millions of cancer cells. Done daily to help remove dead toxic cancer cells from the body. The dosage is 3 tablespoons at lunchtime only. and resume for another 45 days if still necessary. Days 7-45 -. Just don¶t use MSG (vetsin). When the coffee solution hits the liver in the upper right corner of the colon. curry powder. Put the pancreas into packets of 2 tablespoons each. and take each packet out of the freezer as needed. then soak them in a basin of water for 10 minutes with 1/2 cup of natural salt (rock or sea salt. or with kalamansi. not of the cancer). Megadoses daily to boost the immune system and kill the cancer cell. raw beef liver can be used instead.1 capsule before breakfast. Do not season all the packets before freezing to avoid their turning rancid. anti-histamines. and when the coffee solution hits the gall bladder in the other upper corner. bacteria and viruses there might be. or hot pepper sauce. This can include laetrile (vitamin B17) and cesium. the gall bladder also contracts and dumps out the dead cancer cells into the colon. and alcoholic drinks of any kind.1 capsule before breakfast. The dosage: always take HS on an empty stomach 1-2 hours before a meal as follows: Days 1-3 -. Days 4-6 -. Wash them clean. Both the raw pancreas and liver must be freshly slaughtered when bought. Do not freeze more than a week's supply. 1 capsule before dinner. KELLEY'S ENZYME THERAPY FOR CANCER Page 6 . since raw beef liver is very rich in vitamins and minerals and is very good in building up the blood. tranquilizers. Freeze them. This doesn¶t happen as well with water alone. barbiturates. resume with 3 capsules a day (1 before every meal) for another 45 days. Demerol. painkillers. other nutritional supplements. Season them only just before each packet is eaten. Take a 1-week break. Rinse and cut into small pieces so they can be measured easily by the tablespoonful. restores appetite. By blocking the glucose/energy supply of cancer cells. pepper. loses a lot of weight rapidly and wastes away. (2) Coffee enema. salt. and delicious. For reversing cachexia. When you start the enzymes. For those who cannot afford the nutritional supplements. stops eating. Some mix it with wasabi (like with sashimi). Learn how to do the enema first before taking the enzymes. Hydrazine Sulfate. which is when the cancer patient loses appetite.

P1. muscle aches and joint pains. 6. to clear all 65 miles of the body¶s arteries of blockages. vegetables.S. can eat little holes and injure the tissues. heavy metals. so for 18 hours until breakfast. (b) Do liver and gall bladder. a total vegetarian diet. (5) The Adam & Eve Diet. nausea. It 's a do-it-yourself book serving as a daily step-by-step guide. If the patient decides to take the raw pancreas and raw liver with the raw vegetables and fruits (please click the link for the Adam & Eve Diet). Schulze's Intestinal Formula #1 will do this. foods made with white refined flour and white refined sugar. Chemotherapy." Read this book thoroughly with your physician. (c) Remove toxic. due to their use of hydrogenated vegetable oils. (Except for rye bread. so blood will be free flowing to carry the enzymes to wherever there are cancer cells. which are produced after a meal is digested.you got hit by a freight truck. and stones. Dr. "Cancer: Curing the Incurable without Surgery. and even vomiting. most other breads including wheat bread have transfatty acids. from accumulating and seeping filth. For the first 6 months. It will even remove polyps. and kidney and bladder flushes to flush out filth. (3) Clearing the arteries. Parasites feed on tissues. # . You could get dizzy. Here's how: (a) Cleanse the intestines with 3 bowel movements a day to avoid fecal wastes. cooked red meats. 90 drops daily of Super Phos 30.. Kelley's do-it-yourself cancer book has a chapter with step by step easy to follow instructions on how to do the enema. Kelley's cancer book.) Such a diet would accelerate healing compared to a totally vegetarian diet. the body¶s pancreatic enzymes can be used to digest cancer cells instead of animal foods. or nearly 100% raw counting the brown rice or rye bread which would be cooked. Dr. apples. fish and chicken may be taken but before 1 p. (4) Detoxification.. The protocol on doing this is in Dr. toxins. parasites. when pancreatic enzymes are deficient. or Phos Flow. pharmaceutical drug and radioactive material residues. the resulting diet would be 100% raw. The book costs $24. It is important to thoroughly detoxify the body. high-quality protein from the raw pancreas and raw liver. Schulze's Intestinal Formula #2 will do this. dried up old fecal wastes and mucoid plaque which are rich breeding grounds for parasites in the colon. and parasites into the blood stream. Dr.600 in the Philippines. toxins. with emphasis on raw vegetables and fruits. or Radiation. (d) Kill and remove all parasites with a zapper. Kelley's book. which are carcinogenic.m. except when taking the raw pancreas and raw liver. Subsequently. This will all lift instantly when you do the enema. have a headache. freshly juiced carrots. since the patient would be getting rich.95 in the U. Dr. Injuries to tissues trigger cancer. Avoid all processed foods.

ripe papayas. to aid the digestion. Dy-Liacco. lanzones. latondan bananas.ACIDIC AND ALKALINE FRUITS by Jaime E. Department of Health Eating fruits for dessert is good. guavas. They will aid the digestion. sampaloc. just to name the more popular ones. All other ice cream flavors and all sugarless flavors with Nutrasweet like sugarfree frozen yogurt will make the stomach alkaline. In fact. durian. HOW TO DO THE COFFEE ENEMA Jaime E. Now you know why an apple a day keeps the doctor away. BTIC frozen yogurt's Black Forest and Triple Chocolate. strawberries. Board of Trustees. chico. cavendish bananas. not bad. Hagen Daz's Choc Chip and Belgian Chocolate. not a fruit. That's why God made our stomachs secrete hydrochloric acid and pepsin which are digestive enzymes that make the stomach acidic. The stomach must be acidic. and undigested food ferments and generates gas. so avoid them for dessert. Avoid them for dessert. depending on the fruit. Philippine College for the Advancement in Medicine (PCAM). like diet soft drinks and Equal. to digest food. just to name the more popular ones. which makes the stomach acidic and therefore good for dessert. raw peaches. sweet mangoes. like Selecta's Super Chocolate and Very Rocky Road. avoid anything with Nutrasweet or aspartame. for the digestion.5. all other melons. mangosteen. unripe papayas. Eat these fruits for dessert. and all canned fruits. There's another food. before he or she starts taking the enzymes. santol. rambutan. DMM Member. because the day he or she starts to take the enzymes. The body converts aspartame into formaldehyde which is used for embalming corpses. green mangoes. lakatan bananas. atis. What are the fresh fruits (not cooked) that make the stomach acidic? Ripe. It aggravates diabetes and can cause brain tumors. They can bloat your stomach with gas from the fermenting undigested food. with a pH of 5. Philippine Institute of Traditional & Alternative Health Care (PITAHC). all kinds of apples. water melons. pears. DMM The cancer patient must learn how to do the coffee enema first. What are the fresh fruits (not cooked) that make the stomach alkaline? All citrus fruits. Dy-Liacco. Former Acting Director General. langka or jackfruit. raw ripe sabas. Do not eat fruits that make the stomach alkaline because an alkaline stomach cannot digest food. That's dark chocolate ice cream. prunes both fresh and dried. pineapples sprinkled with rock salt (not table-refined salt which is synthetic and which will make the stomach even more alkaline than with pineapples alone). pineapples. grapes both green and red. the enzymes will kill millions of .

muscle aches and joint pains like having the flu. even vomiting. turn off the heat. put the pot on a burner. Put towels on the bathroom floor or if the the bathroom is small. Do not heat it or chill it. Let the coffee cool down during the night. and then on her right side for the last 5 minutes. HOW TO BREW THE COFFEE Use a regular coffee percolator to brew the coffee as if you are going to drink it. for the patient to lie down on. The coffee is then ready for use. HOW TO COOK THE COFFEE WITHOUT A PERCOLATOR For the first enema in the morning. the cancer patient will not be able to bear the toxicity and will want to stop doing the Kelley protocol WHAT COFFEE TO USE If possible. Grease the catether liberally with KY jelly so it can slide into the rectum and up the colon easily and smoothly. If you don't have one. strain the coffee grounds out. and bring the coffee to a boil. use a stainless steel or glass or ceramic pot. pull out the catether. Otherwise. like magic. just outside the bathroom door. Once all the coffee is in the colon. turn down the heat to make the coffee simmer for 10 minutes. In the morning. Put a little pillow under her head to make her comfortable. with the coffee enema. The dead rotting cells will generate dizziness. then on her back side the next 5 minutes. not an aluminum pot. Put the pail with the coffee on a stand so the coffee will flow into the rectum and colon by gravity. use organic ground coffee. Use it at room temperature. nausea. After 10 minutes. fever. The minute it starts to boil. All this will lift instantly. and have the patient lie down on her left side for 5 minutes. HOW TO DO THE COFFEE ENEMA Page 2 Insert 15" of the catether into the rectum. Let the coffee go in slowly by pushing and pulling the control valve so the coffee goes in little by little and not in one big rush. because the body will find it difficult to retain the coffee for 15 minutes if the coffee is warm or cold. not instant coffee.5" flexible #18 or #20 rubber catether. WHAT IS THE MIXTURE Use 1 tablespoon of ground coffee for every 8oz cup of water. The whole purpose of this turning around is to get the coffee to circulate in the colon so it will hit the gall . HOW TO DO THE ENEMA Put the coffee in the pail to which is attached the hose with the control valve and to the hose is attached the 15. Not knowing how to do the enema. prepare the coffee the night before. For every enema. it will rush out instead of getting retained for 15 minutes in the colon. a headache. Use a coffee percolator.cancer cells which will rot in the body and make him or her feel very toxic. Put the coffee mixture in the pot. use 4 cups or 32 oz of brewed coffee. but instead of drinking it use it for the enema. like getting hit by a freight truck.

So when it contracts to prevent the coffee from getting in.bladder and liver areas. do a water enema first to clean out the colon of fecal waste. When it does this. Make the water rush in so the gas will rush out. SUBSEQUENT COFFEE ENEMAS After the first coffee enema in the morning. THE COLON MUST BE FREE OF FECAL WASTE BEFORE DOING THE COFFEE ENEMA For the coffee to be able to circulate in the colon. Hope this summary is clear and easy to follow. So the first enema in the morning must be done after she has first defecated. THE COLON MUST BE FREE OF GAS TO ALLOW THE COFFEE TO GO IN If the coffee cannot go in the colon and keeps getting pushed out. Many cancer patients do the enema by themselves. it dumps the dead cells into the gall bladder and the gall bladder dumps them into the colon. Take the gas out first by flushing it out with a water enema. that's because the colon is full of gas. brew the next pot of coffee immediately so you will have coffee ready for the next enema which will be needed everytime the patient feels toxic from the cancer cells that she will be killing throughout the day as she keeps taking the enzymes. When this happens. then follow immediately with the coffee. it's that easy to do. They even bring the coffee enema kit with them while traveling and they do it in the hotel bathroom. fever that the dead toxic cells were causing is instant. If she has not defecated. like magic.the relief she gets from pain. . The liver filters 100% of the blood. so the liver gets clogged with the dead rotting cancer cells. Then follow immediately with a coffee enema. She will feel very good and will look forward to more coffee enemas. headache. and the patient then dumps them into the toilet. TAKE A PROBIOTIC AFTER EACH ENEMA Take 1 Ultimate Probiotic Formula capsule after each enema to replenish the good bacteria in the colon flushed out by the enema. dizziness. But others prefer to have a caregiver do it for them. the colon must be free of fecal waste that will obstruct the coffee from circulating. both organs contract to prevent the coffee from getting in. before breakfast.

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