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Editor: Wayne Barrier
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Wayne and Janet Barrier: 3000 County Road 10, Flor- J.C. and Betty Choate,
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tion had to be made.
Betty (J. C.) Choate: 708 Burton Drive, Winona, MS
But we are still simply
38967; Ph. 662-283-1192; Email, Choate@WorldEvange-
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have individual spon-
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Testament for every-
Rafael and Kattia Barrantes: 19 Standridge Cv., Jackson TN
thing that we teach, and
38305. Phone: 731-267-32 Email:
we certainly would not
We have been asked if “World Evangelism” is a “para want to do anything that
church” organization, doing the work of the church. Please would violate the pat-
let us make it clear that “world evangelism” is simply an tern there.
identifying designation that we have found useful, dating It is the work of the
from the years when we printed a report/newspaper by church to evangelize the
that name. As the work had grown and others added their world. Let us do that.

W e invite submission of feature and report articles from biblically-sound brethren, along with
colored photographs, for inclusion in future issues of Global Harvest.

D isclaimer: We believe that we must answer to God for what we teach and promote. It is our
purpose to be biblical in all that we do and, to the best of our knowledge, we will not promote
in these pages the work of unsound brethren. Because we cannot personally know all that anyone
believes and teaches, we ask your help in guarding against unknowingly publicizing those who are
either liberal or fanatical. If such material is inadvertantly printed, we ask your understanding
and cooperation.
Global Harvest Volume 5 Spring, 2011

Table of Contents
Editorials Europe
u Forty Years in Geneva, Switzerland......Doyle Kee......43
u First Century Methods...............Wayne Barrier............6
u Romania — Looking at Progress.....Harvey Starling...43
u A Million Dollars for Printing........J.C. Choate..............7
u France.........................Charles White............................44
Articles u The Lord’s Church in Syktyvkar... .....Larry Little......45
u What Does Prayer Accomplish?..................................4 u Work with Language Groups... .......Robert Prater......46
u We’re Looking for Containers.....Betty B. Choate........8 Middle East
u Such is Fund Raising.........Jeremiah McCarver..........18 u Elders Appointed in Nazareth....Donnie S. Barnes.......47
u Mission Methods at Work..........C. Philip Slate..........20 Africa
u We Are Not the Author... .........Glover Shipp...............23 u An Incredible Prison Story............Ruth Orr................48
u It’s God’s Money... ............Betty B. Choate................34 u Operation French World.............Bren White..............50
u Are We Listening?.......................................................69 u Setting Goals for “Gospel Chariots”....George Funk...51
u The Church Needs a Global Mentality..Demar Elam...85 u The Malawi Project.............Richard Stephens.............52
u God’s Plans, His Timing... .......Betty B. Choate...........87 u Radio, WBS, ... in The Gambia.......Isaac K. Daye.........53
Reports from Team Members u Churches in the French World.....................................54
u How Shall They Hear?...............Jerry Bates.................10 u Evangelism Trip to Wukari... ....Felix Onyeka............55
u The World Evangelism Team......Louis Rushmore......11 u The 2011 Evangelism Summit...Kinglsey Odogwu.....56
u Unknown Soldiers for Christ........Byron Nichols.......13 u They Came by the Thousands...LaDonna Armstrong...57
u World Evangelism School of Missions........................15 u The Preaching Power... ......Sylvester Imogoh.............58
u The Hispanic Mission in America...Rafael Barrantes.16 Indian Sub-Continent
u Maywood Missionary Retreat......................................17 u Aid for Pakistan’s Flooding..........Luis Cusi...............60
u Tracts — Overseas Containers?.................................22 u Reporting Evangelism... ..........Sunny David..............61
u Gospel Meeting in Nended, India......Earnest Gill......62
Gleaning from the Fields u Impact of Bible Courses in India......Joshua Gootam...63
North America u First Century Evangelism... ...Philemon and Kingsly..65
u Project Rescue................Ronnie Crocker....................19 u The Word of Christ in Tamil Nadu.....B. Arjunan........67
u House to House.........................Matt Wallin................21 u Annual Bible Lectureship.......S. Rajanayagam...........68
u Worldwide Radio Evangelism.......Larry Murdock.....25 u Mission Trip to Bihar..................P. R. Swamy..............70
uWork Among the Burmese...........George Achard........25 Asia
uWorld English Institute..........Katheryn Haddad.........27 u Chinese Agape Foundation..........................................71
u Mission Printing................Richard Renfro..................29 u “Refuge of Grace” Grand Opening..............................72
u World Video Bible School............................................31 u Indonesia............................Colin McKee......................73
u Gospel Broadcasting Network......Tyler Gilreath........32 u From Australia to Papua New Guinea...Tom Bunt......75
u World Bible School......................................................35 u Papua New Guinea.................Jab Mesa.......................76
u The Hands of Compassion..........Stacy Sikes...............33 u Sonlight in the Pacific.................Randy English............77
u A Voice in a Barren Land.......Alejandro DelZotto.......36 u Introduction to the Philippines.....Priscilla Sellers.......78
Central and South America u Spiritual and Physical Aid........Salvador Cariaga.........79
u Haiti Christian Development......Dr. David Smith.......37 u A Plea from Sunrise Christian Orphan Home............79
u The Collierville Church Prepares....Randy Gaddy.....38 u Divide and Conquer... .....Aaron & Cindy Baker.........80
u Ameridian Missions..........Jerry Davidson...................38 u Voice from Micronesia.............Scott Shanahan.............81
u Nicaraguan Evangelists...........Glover Shipp...............39 u Cambodia and Saigon................Luis Cusi....................82
u Biblical Institute of Central America...George Hall...40 u Mission Trip to Easter Island.........Robert Martin......84
u The Garcias’ Peruvian Mission......Helmut Garcia.....42 u I Am a Missionary..........................................Back Cover
4 Global Harvest

A little quiz from the pages.. 8. List some ways in which American Christians
may be spoiled and self-centered.
1. Name four mass media tools that are very
effective. 9. Why is it a problem in India for people to have
a Bible?
2. How could $6,000,000 be easily raised each
month for souls? 10. What is being done by American Christians
to help devastated brethren in Haiti? in Paki-
3. Romans 10:13-15 asks, “How shall they stan? orphans in India and China?
hear without a _________, and how shall they
preach unless they are _______? 11. Has the church in Syktyvkar, Russia reached
the point of maturity to have elders? in Naza-
4. The World Evangelism team, and visitors, reth, Israel?
are busy boxing up _______ to be shipped in
___________ to people overseas. 12. What are “Gospel Chariots”?
5. What are some beneficial results from the 13. What exciting thing happened recently in the
challenges of raising funds? Mzimba prison in Malawi?
6. Does God have a purpose for our lives? 14. The “J.C. School of Evangelism” trains
members of local congregations to do what?
7. What is the primary work of “Mission Printing”?
15. What does Jeremiah 29:11 say?
Global Harvest 5

We Need Your Help!

In order to make Global Harvest the informative, useful, and inspiring magazine we envision, we must
have input from brethren, churches, and program projects throughout the brotherhood and all over the world.
We will try to make you aware of services available and of needs you might help to cover.

We need four things from our readers/participants:

(1) Your name, address, phone number, and e-mail address.
(2) Submissions of articles (with accompanying high quality color photos; if sent over the internet,
photos must be at least 200 dpi and 4x5 in size). Articles need to be story-form, rather than general ‘report’ form;
they need to focus on a particular event, specific method of work, some turn of events, an exemplary person,
etc. Writing should be succinct, professionally done, without exaggerations or embellishment of truth to make a
more exciting story, allowing 750 to 1000 words for one page, preferably 11 pt., “Times New Roman”.
(3) Please understand that we cover services made available through brethren, of printing, magazines,
and various programs of work. We do not solicit or accept paid advertisements.
(4) At this time it is our intention to print Global Harvest twice yearly, in the interest of helping bre-
tren to be more aware of what is being done and of what needs to be done. Financial support will be greatly
appreciated from brethren who will make a personal donation to receive the magazine individually, and
from congregations that will pay for bundles to be supplied to their members.
Individual donation: $5.00 per copy
Congregational donation: $75.00 per 25 copies;
$100.00 per 50 copies

What Does Prayer Accomplish?

What is the promise? “... I go to My Father. And what- help with any need that is beyond our human ability to meet.
ever you ask in My name, that will I do, that the Father may What a net of security!
be glorified in the Son. If you ask anything in My name, I But prayer is even more than the act of “asking”. Think
will do it” (John 14:13,14). What a bold statement! But about what actually takes place when we pray: I, as a child of
does that mean that if I ask for a a new house and a car, Jesus God, am turning in love, in need, or in thanksgiving to my Fa-
will just give them to me? ther. But I don’t go alone. God’s Holy Spirit, within me, helps
“Now this is the confidence that we have in Him, that if me to formulate my pleas and requests with words beyond my
we ask anything according to His will, He hears us. And if we own capability: “... the Spirit Himself makes intercession for
know that He hears us, whatever we ask, we know that we have us with groanings which cannot be uttered” (Romans 8:26),
the petitions that we have asked of Him” (1 John 5:14,15). as God grants us “... to be strengthened with might through
In order to properly understand Scripture, there must His Spirit in the inner man” (Ephesians 3:16).
be harmony among the passages dealing with a particular And through Whom do I pray? Whose name becomes
subject. These verses promise that if the thing we are ask- my “open door” to the heart of God? My Brother — Who
ing of God is according to His will — something that will died that I might have my sins washed away, Who died that
be good for all who will be affected by the answering of the it might be possible for me as a human to actually come
petition — then, not only will He do it, but a positive answer into the presence of Almighty God — My Brother is my
is of such certainty that, in effect, we already have the thing Mediator! So, in the act of prayer, God’s Spirit is helping
for which we asked! this needy human to word the petition to and through My
James further explained in James 5:16, “... The effec- Brother, Who turns as Mediator to My heavenly Father, so
tive, fervent prayer of a righteous man avails much.” that I may be assured that ... whatever I ask the Father in His
So prayer is probably the most powerful tool available name, according to His will, will be done! The Elohim of
to the faithful Christian, because we can petition God for His the universe is involved and is listening when I pray! (BBC)
6 Global Harvest


First Century Methods in a

Twentieth Century World
Wayne Barrier
well planned and coordinated effort to have no one to send them. The weak
carry out the mission of the church in link in the evangelism process today is
the first century. We should be more the shortage of “senders”.
careful to use the first century model This can be corrected if brethren
today. are better taught of this responsibility.
A very important “mission work” Every congregation and every indivi-
text is Romans 10:13-15. The passage dual Christian should accept and re-
says “For whoever calls on the name spond to the responsibility of the church
The Bible provides all the guidance of the Lord shall be saved. How then to send missionaries to every untaught
needed for the church to know how to shall they call on Him in whom they person in the world. Well planned and
obey every aspect of God’s will. By have not believed? And how shall they accurate assessments of the mission field
studying the Bible, we know how to believe in Him of whom they have not should be a part of the ongoing work of
become a Christian, how to worship, heard? And how shall they hear without every congregation. These assessments
and how to live from day-to-day. Also, a preacher? And how shall they preach would provide the basis of expending
we know how to carry out the mission unless they are sent?” This passage resources. Mission activities too often
of taking the Gospel to every person in includes several very important basic are near the bottom of the priority list
the world as commanded in Matthew elements that must be modeled today of work for the congregation. This is
28:18-20 and Mark 16:15,16. for success in evangelizing the world. reflected in the results of the collective
The Biblical pattern for this enor- First, for one to be saved, one mission effort of the church. Millions of
mous task is provided and we can must hear the message of the Gospel people die every month that have never
succeed if we simply follow the pattern. and believe it. A believer then obeys heard the Gospel.
This pattern involves many parts, in- what the Bible teaches. Confession A congregation’s mission planning
cluding (1) an understanding that of Christ, repentance, and baptism efforts should take into account the scope
every Christian is required to conduct are commanded for entry into the of work to be done across the world,
a “work of ministry” (Ephesians 4:11- body of Christ. But, the question is the availability of resources, the work
16), (2) an acceptance of responsibility asked, “How shall they hear without a of other brethren and congregations,
for designing mission programs to preacher?” Preachers must be trained background for potential fields, etc.
help “seek and save the lost”, as for this work. Next, the question is Mission efforts should be evaluated
in the first century by the apostle asked, “How shall they preach unless on a routine basis for efficiency and
Paul that “go to all the world” with they are sent?” Preachers go when effectiveness. Missionaries should
evangelistic efforts that touch every and where they are sent. The task be held accountable for their work.
person, (3) training of new Christians of bringing the lost to salvation is a Reports should be provided on a regular
to be preachers, teachers, and leaders partnership between those who send basis. The appropriate and essential
as quickly as possible for involvement and those who go and preach. This is criteria for success in mission efforts
in the world evangelism process, and the Biblical model for us to follow. are the number of people taught the
(4) deployment of missionaries that The massive population of the world Gospel. Not all will obey when taught,
are selected, trained, and sent (Romans today numbers almost 7 billion. Most but every person should be taught.
10:13-17, 2 Timothy 2) to do the people have never heard the Gospel. The role of the “sender” can and
specific work of world evangelism. Why have they not heard? Obviously, should be much greater than we are
The book of Acts and Paul’s letters a preacher has not taught them. Why? accustomed to seeing in today’s average
provide an excellent account of a very They have not gone there because they Continued on page 14
Global Harvest 7

A Million Dollars
for Printing
have been begun in their areas of the of dollars into church buildings and
world. We need congregations that will other projects, but when it comes to
give and send those who are willing to preaching the Gospel, we want to lower
go. We further need to think in terms the budget to just a token amount.
of working on a scale that will change But how far would a million dollars
lives and whole countries and will have go in printing literature for numerous
a definite impact on the world itself. countries around the world?
For too long we have done only That answer would depend on how
enough to say we were doing something, we would look at it. Compared to what
belittling the very image of the Lord we we have been doing, a million dollars
As the Lord’s people, we are too
serve. We have used mission work as a would make a tremendous impact!
accustomed to thinking small. We
toy, as a game. We have not been serious Compared to the size of the untaught
seldom look beyond having a missionary
about it, and therefore we have not done population of the world, a million
or two in any given country. After that,
enough to challenge ourselves, much less dollars would hardly be noticed.
our thinking gets even smaller. We
to challenge others. Brethren, the world So, on further thought, forgive me
reason that they should go there on a
is lost. What are we going to do about it? for thinking so small. I am guilty of
shoestring and within two or three years
The more I do, the more I realize the same small vision as my brethren.
be able to leave a thriving, independent
how little I am doing in comparison We could use a million dollars in each
church. If we dared to go beyond that,
to the need. What difference have my country where we work, and that would
other brethren would surely find fault
efforts made in changing the world for just be a beginning. And while I am at
with us for wasting manpower in such a
better? Unless the work I’ve begun is it, I will add that we also need millions
place and for spending too much money.
continued after I’m gone, the little gain of dollars for radio and TV preaching.
“Back to the Bible” people currently
my family and I have made will soon We need more millions for the church’s
have more than 90 radio broadcasts in
evaporate, and it will be as though I own cable network that would reach
the relatively small country of Italy. The
never lived. That is true with all of us. the world with the Gospel, twenty-four
programs sponsored by the church for the
I have decided, therefore, that I hours a day, seven days a week.
entire rest of the world would not exceed
want to do all I can in my few remaining But someone might ask, “Isn’t
that number by much. With this kind of
years to take the Gospel to as many that stretching it some?” No, not at all.
thinking, it is no wonder we have not
people and nations as I can. As far as Look at our religious friends and see
evangelized the world and, furthermore,
I am concerned, that work is all that is what they are doing. They put us to a
there is no way we will ever do it if we
important. After this life, nothing else blushing shame. Do you wonder why
continue following such a pattern.
will count. It will not matter about they are growing? It is because they
Brethren, we need to lift up our
my salary, whether I had two cars, or believe in their cause enough to take
eyes and see that the fields are white
how many degrees I had. Thousands their message to the world.
unto harvest. We need to open our
of things will not matter. But it will “O Lord, forgive us for thinking so
hearts to the golden opportunities for
matter whether I was a Christian, and a small and doing so little and for getting
evangelizing the world. We need men
faithful Christian, and how much I did in Your way so much.”
and women who will go and live in
to take the Gospel to others. I think the We can evangelize the world any
their chosen fields, where the church
same will be true with you. time we are ready. The world is ready;
is being newly established. And we
Right now, we need a million dollars the many tools that God has provided
need more Christians who can be
for the printing of Christian literature. I are ready; isn’t it a shame that the Lord’s
“circuit riders”, going about as Paul
know that would shock some of you.
did, to strengthen the churches that Continued on page 14
Of course, brethren can put millions
8 Global Harvest

We’re Looking for Containers!

Betty Burton Choate

Here at the beginning of 2011, I tremendous importance of literature, put out the word: We want to have
want to share with readers of Global he decided that providing materials materials in any container being
Harvest a greatly enlarged phase of for those who needed them should take shipped by the Lord’s church to any
the mission efforts of our “World precedence over being independent. English speaking country.
Evangelism” team. So, through the years, the money from In response, groups have come
When J.C. passed away, only God sales to individuals and to book stores to Winona to help package books for
knew what would become of the radio/TV was reinvested in the printing of more sharing with churches, preachers, and
and literature programs he had worked so books — a personal “business” whose preacher training schools, and to fill
hard to develop. It has been three years purpose had become a “service”. specific requests. About 15,000 books
since his death, and my understanding Many books were given away in the and magazines were being loaded in these
of God has grown immeasurably during States and many were sent overseas in photos for transport to Arlington, TX,
this time. The unnecessary pressure I response to requests. and onward shipment to Nigeria, along
once felt is there no more.
The work is God’s, not ours
— and God takes care of
what is His. Congregations
and individual Christians
have supported the efforts
through the years, and
have continued without fail
because their commitment
is to God, and not to any
human. We are deeply
thankful for that faithfulness.
I want to share some
further thinking with you. Giving
a little history, J.C. was writing his
first book of sermon outlines when
he preached in a meeting in Winona
in 1952. His love of writing, and his
belief in the value of the printed page,
became a focus of his life and work,
here as well as overseas. After we
began the radio programs in India,
necessitating his being in the States half
of each year to raise funds for the new
phase of the work, he gradually added
to the books he had self-published. At
first his thinking was that he would
build the printing into a business that In 35 (plus) years, a stock has built
could provide his personal support, up, in spite of freely giving. We know with materials prepared by the brethren
so that he wouldn’t have to beg from that we must keep a basic supply on with “Mission Printing”. Two thousnd
churches. But with the passing of hand to sell, in order to continue to additional pounds were shipped directly
time and a growing realization of the have books for sharing, but we have Continued on page 9
Global Harvest 9
in India, and we had only two people
Containers to the World . . . helping in the office. Today’s situation
is different: there are five of us in the
US is a mission field, too. office much of the time, and we are
Paula asked me today if I here regularly enough to be able to have
anticipate dying soon. No, I groups to come in and work at getting
expect to be around for a long time, books packaged and ready to send out.
but the surplus of books owned by We are in position to do the massive
“J.C. Choate Publications” can be distribution that thrills us to the core.
doing a lot of good for souls if Please understand that the books
we can just get them out to where are being donated. Nobody is being
they are most desperately needed. charged anything for them. Of course,
We have deliberately printed in the shipping costs are there and must be
covered, but we are doing everything
we can to keep those costs down.
Some would say, “Why bother with
Continued from page 8 books? CDs and the Internet are the
from the printer. In February we wave of the future!” While that may
plan to make a similar consignment be true, masses of people in the world
to South Africa, including 3000 do not have computers, CD players,
copies of The Church of the or Internet connections. The printed
Bible, 1000 copies of The Gospel page is still the best way to get God’s
of Christ, and 1000 copies of The message out and into the hands of those
Holy Spirit, for George Funk for his who will treasure it, read it, and pass it
“Gospel Chariots” — 18-wheeler on to others.
trucks equipped to go into cities We are
and villages throughout southern grateful for the
Africa with literature and tent facilities large enough literature and
for setting up “camp” for impromptu quantities to postal funds
Gospel meetings. Other books will be enable us to available to
addressed to the libraries of preacher keep the price us, to cover
training schools. of individual the shipping
Last month, we sent most of our books down, costs of these
stock of French books to Benin, in West so that they precious gifts.
Africa and to Haiti, for distribution would pay for Without the
among those French speaking people. t h e m s e l v e s on-going
Weeks earlier, we had shipped about and still leave partnership in
2000 pounds of books in a container a good supply reaching out to
to the Philippines. Today we received for distribution. We don’t owe anything the world, we couldn’t be undertaking
word from Salvador Cariaga that they on any of the books, and they are sound this massive movement of materials.
are in the process of being distributed materials, written by faithful brethren. Our sincere thanks to all who are a part
to those to whom they were addressed. I am thankful for J.C.’s perseverance of this greatly expanded arm of the
Yesterday I talked to one of the in getting the books printed, and work.
elders of the Jacksonville Church of establishing a base that has allowed us If you know of people who should
Christ, responsible for the publication to continue to add to the titles available. be added to our mailing list overseas
of “House to House”, an excellent During his lifetime, we shared thous- (we prefer to send to addresses, rather
evangelistic tool. I am sending samples ands of books, and 20,000 copies of than make bulk shipments for storage
of some of our books as possible The Voice of Truth International and gradual distribution), or if you know
selections that they may offer, free of each quarter, with brethren overseas. of a container going out in 2011, please
charge, to their readers — after all, the But much of his time had to be spent call us: 662-283-1192. (BBC) U
10 Global Harvest

How Shall They Hear?

Jerry and Paula Bates
“For whoever calls on the name of the Lord shall be
saved. How then shall they call on Him in whom they have
not believed? And how shall they believe in Him of whom
they have not heard? And how shall they hear without a
preacher? And how shall they preach unless they are sent?
As it is written, ‘How beautiful are the feet of those who
preach the gospel of peace, who bring glad tidings of good
things!’” (Romans 10:14).
This passage of Scripture clearly emphasizes the need for
Gospel preachers and teachers. Sometimes we try to blunt the
impact of the words by saying that preachers were especially
needed in the first century because few people were fortunate
enough to own a copy of the Bible. However, the theory goes
that today it is different: Bibles are plentiful and they are
cheap, so preachers are not as necessary as in former times.
Just send Bibles all over the world, and let the people read and Jerry Bates and Kingsly Rajah
learn for themselves what God expects from us. addressing a meeting in Madurai, India.
Yes, Bibles are absolutely essential. We help supply
Or it could be the truth that we have learned from someone
Bibles as we have funds available to do so. However, just
and verified it by studying the Bible for ourselves to “see if
sending Bibles alone cannot take the place of a teacher. For
those things were so” (Acts 17:11).
example, we were in Tamale, Ghana a few months ago,
If we know the truth, it is our responsibility to be
teaching in the Tamale Bible Institute. Paula had classes
teaching that truth to others. It is not enough just to send the
with the wives of the preacher students. Soon after she began
Bible, but we must also teach the Bible. More than ever, we
to teach the ladies, she learned that most of them could not
realize why God chose to use preachers and teachers to relay
read or write. In such a case it is not practical to think they
His message to His children on earth. He needs someone to
can just “read the Bible for themselves”. And this is not an
make it personal.
isolated case. In many countries there are whole villages
wherein most of the inhabitants are illiterate, or if they can
read and write, it may be in some tribal language into which
the Bible has not been translated.
In such cases as these, someone has to verbally teach the
people. How else will they ever come to know about Jesus?
Most likely they will learn from some native teacher who
takes the time to instruct them. Moreover, who will teach the
teachers to teach or preach? Will it be some denomination
or their Muslim neighbors? No, it should be us, those who
are striving to follow the pattern as set forth in the pages of
the New Testament.
Can a person who learns the Gospel teach without being
able to read? Of course! People teach every day, verbally.
The question is, what are we teaching our friends and family?
It could be only what we have always heard, something Paula Bates with women who traveled distances
to attend her classes in Tamale, Ghana.
passed down from generation to generation. It could be
some new idea that we have recently heard someone teach. Continued on page 12
Global Harvest 11

The World Evangelism Team Louis Rushmore

Bonnie and I made two excursions abroad in 2010 – salvation, Christian living, Christian service, Christian
Myanmar (Burma) in June; India and Myanmar in October worship, Christian doctrine and the book, Getting to Know
and November. In June, we were accompanied by our the Bible. Randy guided a breakout men’s class in what the
daughter, Rebecca Rushmore, and Randy Gaddy, both Bible teaches about true love, how to be good husbands and
members of the Collierville (TN) Church of Christ. On the fathers, and the importance of being morally pure. Bonnie
latter campaign, Therman Hodge, minister for the Macon and Rebecca taught ladies’ classes especially fitting for
(MS) Church of Christ rounded out our team. them, too. We gave away books (The Church of the Bible
Ordinarily, we primarily teach brethren (especially and Baptism), literature, 30 NKJV Bibles (from which we
in Bible schools and seminars), better equipping them to read together frequently), plus toothbrushes, toothpaste,
evangelize their own nations. Secondarily, non-Christians pens, tablets and snack food. I dispensed hundreds of dollars
may attend those sessions, and occasionally one of them for translation of tracts in several languages of Myanmar.
obeys the Gospel. However, Bonnie, Rebecca, Randy and Funds were provided for feeding students and staff a full
I accepted an invitation in June to teach English Grammar, meal daily, as well as for all other program expenses (local
Conversational English, Bible Reading and several government fees, building rent, local taxis for the students
biblical subjects over two weeks to mostly Buddhists, and long-distance taxis for the staff daily).
some Baptists and a Catholic. Unlike other opportunities, In summary, we broke new ground in conducting a
this time we taught all educated persons, in high school, summer school primarily among non-Christians in Burma.
college or post-college. As a sort of bonus, since we were The four of us were 42+ hours in the air, 20½ hours
meeting in a nursery school, Bonnie and Rebecca taught waiting for airplanes in airports and 17½ hours in taxis. We
25 preschoolers, too. The site of our little school was a taught a combined 146 man-hours. Further, we gave away
small, steamy and humid building, which was concealed by hundreds of pieces of literature and books, Bibles, four
banana, coconut and mango trees, besides being shrouded Teacher Activity Bags and supplemental teaching materials
in brush, too. for teaching children. We encouraged the brethren of the
Yangon region (including the three congregations with
which we worshipped on Sunday). After a little reflection,
we realize that we made a modest investment in priceless
souls (Matthew 16:26). We went to plant and water the
“seed of the kingdom” (Luke 8:11; 1 Corinthians 3:6), and
we did just that.
In October, Bonnie and I, along with Therman Hodge,
spent 30 days abroad from October 6 through November
6, 2010. Our travels took us approximately 25,000 miles
from Memphis to the other side of the planet and back, on
13 airplanes operated by four different airlines. We spent
63 total hours in the air, twice more than 12 hours at a
time, plus over 17 hours in airports waiting for our flights.
Further, we were 53½ hours (plus additional incidental
taxis) aboard one form or another of foreign vehicles
for ground travel, ranging from motorized rickshaws to
The Myanmar team: Randy Gaddy, Rebecca Rushmore, moving wrecks dubbed taxis to occasionally a comfortable
and Louis and Bonnie Rushmore. contemporary and roadworthy car.
Collectively, our little team instructed young adults in Our adventures abroad in the fall took us to various
biblical apologetics with a heavy emphasis on the Creator cities and villages in India and Myanmar. Bonnie had
and creation, plus seeing the Master Designer in nature’s opportunity to speak 25 hours to ladies and children,
intricate design. We explained biblical miracles, The One
True Church of the Bible, the two covenants, Christian Continued on page 12
12 Global Harvest

The World Evangelism Team How Shall They Hear?

Continued from page 10
Continued from page 11
There are many ways we can teach the truth. It can be
sometimes to over 200 at a time. I spoke 32 hours, and
done through Bible schools, preacher training schools, in-
Therman Hodge spoke 44½ hours, for a team total of
home Bible studies, Bible classes, sermons, TV and radio
101½ hours. (Additional World Evangelism team members
joined us in Myanmar, and still others had preceded us programs, and maybe other ways I have not specifically
and left already by the time of our arrival. Their hours mentioned. The “How” is not important. God has not
of instruction are not included herein.) Our team of three specified the how; however, He did command that we teach.
had 54 occasions to speak publicly in India and Myanmar, Don’t just think that in today’s world, since Bibles and Bible
and in those instances, we addressed a sum of about 1,655 literature are so plentiful, we can simply send literature
precious souls. On more than one occasion, especially without personally going. The printed page is vitally
Therman and I addressed persons representing over 13 important, but it is not enough by itself.
congregations, and on other occasions in a different place, Still, some may say what has just been said is true in
we spoke to evangelists from 72 churches of Christ. Visible regards to many of the third world countries; however, we
results included 24 baptisms — 14 of which occurred in in the US do not live in a third world country. We live in a
one village — and two restorations. Brethren expressed developed country where most of the people are literate and
appreciation to us and determined to evangelize their have easy access to the Bible. Surely in such a situation, if
communities more zealously with the Gospel of Christ. anyone is interested in learning the truth of God, they can
Our trip was read it for themselves. We agree that such a thing is possible,
shortened by but how many people around us truly READ and STUDY
ten days due to
the Bible? Surveys show that most people, even those who
tenuous political
attend a church, spend little time actually studying God’s
in Myanmar, Word. Look at the Bible classes even in churches of Christ.
but our month Most of the participants never study the lesson beforehand.
out this time If our own people spend little time at home studying, how
netted positive can we expect a non-Christian to do so?
results. Other ex- The fact remains, if people are going to learn the truth,
periences along most likely it will be initially through verbal teaching. Yes,
the way included God knew exactly what He was doing, and He knew what it
hospitality in the would take for most people to learn the truth.
homes of Chris- Let us be teaching about Jesus, God, and the Bible every
tians for two day, verbally. Being a Christian is more than just living a
weeks in India, good life. Many think they teach by their lifestyle. That
providing funds is good and indispensable. Nevertheless, verbal teaching is
Therman Hodge teaching a class. in both of the also necessary. A person will never learn how to become a
countries visited Christian by seeing us love our neighbor. That requires verbal
for the publication of a total of about 20,000 tracts, purchasing teaching, which requires Gospel preachers or teachers. Will
Bibles in two languages of Myanmar as well as almost becoming you be the teacher? Will you help send teachers to others?
a grease spot on the highway on two occasions while crossing
Let us be ready to help people around the world to have what
a Yangon street.
we have been blessed to receive, the saving Gospel of Jesus
Stateside, Bonnie and I typically travel about 3,000
miles monthly by car, whereupon I speak usually to two Christ. U
congregations per Sunday about our mission work or In this age of almost seven billion souls
present other biblical lessons. Weekdays, we help keep the in the world, God has not failed to supply His
printed material in production (i.e., The Voice of Truth family with the many means needed to reach
International and Global Harvest magazines, hundreds
of various books and tracts) and publish Gospel Gazette them: word of mouth, public meetings, the
Online. For more information or to find links to our written Word, telephone, radio, television,
newsletters, go to U the internet, the World Wide Web ...
Global Harvest 13

War I, World War II, the Korean War, There are many similarly gallant
and the Vietnam War. These four heroes serving in Christ’s army right
Americans are representatives of the now. Numerous ones have served
thousands who have died for their with valor and distinction, and are
country without their remains ever continuing to do so.
being identified. In the military, it isn’t always
Various other countries around the those who hold the highest rank and
world have similar burial places where receive the most publicity that render
their military heroes have been honored the greatest service, and likewise,
Unknown and lie buried. Like America’s Tomb it isn’t always the most prominent
Soldiers of Christ of the Unknowns, some or all of these
cemeteries also include far too many
members of the Lord’s Army who
wind up having rendered the greatest
Byron Nichols whose identity is still unknown. Isn’t and most noble service. So many are
One of the most significant privi- it sad that we know so little about those to be found, even today, working in
leges that I have ever had as an American who gave so much?! the shadows rather than out in front of
citizen was to visit Arlington National In the greatest army of all— THE the spotlight, because their focus is not
Cemetery, where approximately 260,000 LORD’S ARMY, there have also been on themselves, but on carrying out the
of America’s bravest lie buried, after many who are unknown — a whole orders of their Commanding Officer to
having done what they could to promote host of faithful soldiers through the the best of their ability.
and pre-serve our freedom. There lie centuries who diligently followed the The Bible makes mention of a
U.S. Presidents, generals, and great orders of their Commander-in-Chief, great many servants of God who
military heroes. But the great majority but who have not been rewarded with rendered outstanding service for the
of those buried at Arlington are folks medals for their courage and bravery, Lord, but whose names are not given.
whose names are not familiar to any of or for their diligence in serving to the It is evident that their deeds were much
us — these are just common, ordinary best of their ability. They were not more significant to God than their
Americans who displayed uncommon honored with an impressive funeral or names were! Examples of such humble
and extraordinary bravery and courage burial service. These soldiers of Christ and dedicated servants include:
in giving their lives for their country. just rose to the occasion, to the task at — The unnamed giver of the
In nearly all instances, the markers hand. In so doing, countless numbers greatest monetary gift mentioned in all
are alike. Audie Murphy was America’s truly performed heroically. They res- the Bible: (the poor widow in Mark 12).
most decorated military combat hero cued some of their fellow-soldiers — Unnamed heroes of the faith
ever. He was awarded every decoration from certain death by somehow get- (read Hebrews 11:32-38).
that is given by our military, some of ting them out of the grasp of the ene- While recognition is nice, it is not
them more than once, yet this great my, Satan. They encouraged some necessary for the true soldier of Christ.
hero’s grave marker looks very much comrades to keep on fighting, in He or she is not nearly as concerned
like the rest of those at Arlington. spite of the fact that they had become with plaques or monuments as with a
Without a doubt, the most special convinced that they just could not fight crown after this life is over.
place in this totally special place is what the enemy any longer. These valiant Dear friends, as soldiers of Christ we
is known as the Tomb of the Unknowns. warriors stood firm in their opposition must stand, contend, and fight the good
In this hallowed spot lie the remains of to the foe and stood faithfully with fight of faith, laying hold of eternal life.
four servicemen, one each from World their Commander. Continued on page 14
14 Global Harvest

A Million Dollars for Printing Unknown

Continued from page 7 is so simple: Let each faithful Christian
Soldiers of Christ
If we as a brotherhood shifted our add only $1.00 each week to his Continued from page 13
emphasis from church buildings to regular contribution, to be used solely It’s unimportant whether our names are
evangelization, how many hundreds for mission work. The result would be widely known. It really doesn’t matter
of millions of dollars would be at least $6,000,000 more every month whether any earthly monuments will be
available for taking the Gospel to for the winning of souls! No — don’t erected in our honor. What is important
the world? Is that bank account not say we cannot evangelize the world. The is that all who knew us knew whose
the Lord’s money, intended by Him Lord’s people can accomplish that work side we fought on. Though we were
primarily for outreach to the world? — any time we choose to do so! U fearful at times, they will know that we
Have we not been presumptuous to J.C. Choate was Editor and Publisher of didn’t run. They will know what we
make decisions to siphon off most Global Harvest until his death in 2008. stood for and what we stood against.
of the weekly contributions to Him, Through the centuries millions of
investing them in our own comforts and First Century devoted warriors have served faithfully
self-edification? If, instead, we were Methods ... in the Lord’s Army, but nearly all of
focussed on using most of the funds, and them remain unknown to us today.
the brightest and best of our preachers Continued from page 6 Many are imminently qualified as
and teachers, in evangelizing the world, congregation. Mission resources should heroes of the faith, in spite of our lack
while each Christian at home was taking be allocated to get the job done. The of knowledge of their names. We have
responsibility in edifying the church and Gospel was taught to all the world in the every assurance that every single one
teaching friends and neighbors, would first century (Colossians 1:23). We can of these who are unknown to us is
not the scenario be entirely different? do the same today. I believe we will be definitely known to the Lord. He most
Do you deny these facts? Then what held accountable for obeying the “great certainly recognizes and remembers
can you and I and all of us do, more than commission” (Matthew 28:18-20) — the deeds of His troops.
we have been doing? We must all band or for not obeying it — just as we are Jesus revealed the greatest honor
together now and make that difference accountable to obeying the commands that man can receive. He said, “He
for the world. If we can get things turned to be baptized for remission of sins or to who overcomes shall be clothed in white
around, and be what the Lord would worship each first day of the week. We garments, and I will not blot out his
have us to be, we will someday be able to must re-evaluate our attitude, approach, name from the Book of Life; but I will
look back and say, “It was so easy to give and efforts to evangelize the world’s confess his name before My Father and
a million dollars — even many millions population. We can do better. Let’s before His angels” (Revelation 3:5).
of dollars — to evangelize the world.” pray together that our individual and What a marvelous and matchless
The solution to the problem — just collective efforts will result in this job reward awaits those faithful, but
to get us started in the right direction — being done in this generation. U unknown, soldiers of Christ! U

Will You Take the Challenge?

1. Will you determine today to give just $1.00 extra each
Lord’s day for missions?
2. Will you encourage others in the congregation to do the
same, working toward 100% participation among the
membership, to reach the goal?
Please write us: World Evangelism Team, P.O. Box 72, Winona, MS 38967;
or email: or call: 662-283-1192.
Global Harvest 15
The new Mission Training Manual, so that the needed guidance is there
designed particularly for use in the World for classes. We would encourage, in
Evangelism School of Missions, has addition, that those organizing such a
come from the printer and is available as local training program contact former
the text and guide for those who attend missionaries, those involved in short-
the sessions. The Manual has additional term mission efforts, and area elders
uses, though, and we encourage readers who have sponsored works abroad, and
to consider these facts: Numerous schedule two such seasoned men to
elderships have expressed interest in participate in each class, adding their
having our team come to their area and experience and first-hand knowledge
conduct classes. We are able to respond to what is written in the manual. In
to these invitations only in a limited way fact, this has been our practice in the
because of many other responsibilities. World Evangelism School of Missions.
However, those who are interested in We cannot afford to ignore the great
having such classes can use the manual contributions that experienced brothers
as a guide and can have their own and sisters can make. If we can be of
training school! help in any way, contact us:
How is that possible? Because the Wayne Barrier at 256-766-2807, wbarrier@
lessons are self-contained in the manual, or

World Evangelism School of Missions

The second class of students, (World Mission Radio), Dennis Larson of mission field converts for leadership
numbering 30-35 per session, has (Indonesia), Therman Hodge (Burma), and evangelism. The vast experiences
almost finished the World Evangelism Louis Rushmore (World Evangelism), of instructors provide the basis for the
School of Missions program. Classes Jeremy Barrier (Asia and Latin material in each course. By studying
are held once a month at the Double America), and Wayne Barrier (World lessons learned over the years,
Springs Church of Christ, Double Evangelism Missions). Betty Choate mistakes of the past can be avoided and
Springs, Alabama. Instructors for and Janet Barrier will teach the ladies successful approaches and methods can
the year include Don Green (Asia classes. be duplicated.
and Eastern Europe), Gordon Hogan The goal of the school is to prepare Contact us if you are interested in
(Southeast Asia), Joey Barrier (World workers for mission field assignments. attending our next session. U
Evangelism Missions), Loy Mitchell Classes cover every aspect of mission
(Africa), Don Petty (Pakistan and work, ranging from interaction and
Iran), L.T. Gurganus (Japan, Southeast relationship with those who sponsor and
Asia, Ukraine, Russia), James Jones support the missionary to development

Joey Barrier
16 Global Harvest

The Hispanic Mission in America

Rafael Barrantes

Six years ago a Panamanian is just like planting churches in a foreign field. There will be
preacher moved from Panama to a different language, different cultures, and different people.
the United States with a goal in his They behave like Mexicans, Guatemalans, Hondurans etc.
mind to preach the Gospel of Jesus even living in the United States. “Leadership is critical
Christ to the lost souls among because organizations rarely grow beyond the vision and
the Hispanic community in the performance of their leaders” (Rheenen & Waldron). That is
northern part of South Carolina. why the elders must have a strong vision and they need to be
It was a great challenge for Carlos well informed of the background and culture of the Hispanic
and Mary Hugues and their family, people in order to be aware of the differences.
but they were supported by a
visionary eldership of the Church
of Christ in Boiling Spring. After many months of preparation
and a lot of prayers, the mission began, and six years later
more than eighty souls have been baptized.
The growing Hispanic congregation was meeting in the
former auditorium of the church, which had become the
fellowship hall. In one part of the building, more than two
hundred members were worshiping in the English language,
while at the other end of the building close to a hundred
Hispanic members were worshiping in the Spanish language.
It was obvious that more room was needed, so the elders made
an important decision to locate a larger place for the Hispanic
congregation. They found a church building for sale, one that
can hold more than five hundred people. The building would
cost a lot of money, but they were sure the funds would be The spacious meeting place for the Hispanic congrega-
well spent it. Many Anglo congregations joined their effort to tion of the church of Christ in Boiling Spring, S. Carolina.
get such a nice building for the Hispanic brethren. They had
the inauguration of the new facility the second Sunday of It is recommended that the leadership attend workshops
October, 2010. Of course there are still many goals ahead for and seminars for training in how to start the mission, or invite
the Hispanic church in this area, but they are now rejoicing a Hispanic minister to work with the mission committee.
over an important accomplishment for the Lord. Elders need to be knowledgeable about the Hispanic work
This kind of work can be done in many places of the they want to do, realizing that this is a mission field right
United States. The population of the Spanish speaking people here at home, and less expensive to evangelize than it would
has increased rapidly, and we need to do something for those be to go to a foreign land. Time, progress and maturity of the
lost souls. By the last decade of the twentieth century there Hispanic work are slow in many of the cases.
were twenty-two million Hispanics living in the United They both, elders and ministers, need to have a great
States. They have now become the largest minority group sense of involvement. “Pulpit ministers profoundly affect their
in the country, and are close to thirty million. It is estimated congregations’ mission involvement.” Many congregations
that by 2025 the American population will rise from 310 (Beltline Church of Christ in Decatur, AL; North Highlands
million to 340 million, with the greatest increase among the church in Russellville, AL; North Jackson church in TN;
Hispanic people, considering their higher birth rate. Greenwood church in MS, and College Ave. church in
If there is a sizeable Hispanic population in your area, Tahlequah, OK) have been very successful in the Hispanic
you should consider starting a Spanish ministry in your ministry because of strong elders-ministry involvement. U
congregation. Good leadership with a strong commitment Rafael Barrantes is Editor of the Spanish Voice of Truth International.
must be the first stone in order to build an effective work. It Email address: manuelkattia@msn.comN
Global Harvest 17

Missionary Retreat
Plan to Come in May!
Wayne Barrier

The fifth annual Maywood Missionary Retreat is Between lessons,

scheduled for May 12-14, 2011. Each year, 100-150 mission there is also ample
workers gather for two days of fellowship, sharing, and time for sharing among
relaxation. Excellent meals are provided but participants participants and vis-
are, of course, expected to bring their own sheets and towels itors. Impromptu Bib-
(It is a camp, remember!) le discussions take
“Are You Willing to Do the Job?” is the theme of this place, mission themes
year’s retreat. Each speaker is assigned a specific area or are enlarged upon, and
approach related to the theme. a general atmosphere
The speakers planned for this year include: of spiritual emphasis
Jeff Jenkins – “What Should a Man of God Do in a pervades the entire event.
World that Has Lost its Way?” Anyone interested in mission work is encouraged to
Stacy Ferguson – “South Pacific Experiences” join us. Every year participants declare that the retreat
Robert Martin – “Long Term Commitments to a Field” is the highlight of their year. Please come and enjoy this
Don Petty – “Will You Prepare to Go Gather People to event with us. Maywood Christian Camp is near Hamilton,
Worship God?” Alabama. The camp has air conditioned cabins, acres and
Colin McKee – “Indonesia - The Future” acres of trees, comfortable assembly areas, and except for
Loy Mitchell – “Africa – Progress in an Economic Disaster” our activities, only the sounds of nature can be heard. U
Louis Rushmore – “Missions Program Literature”
Ricky Gootam – “India – Retention Methods” For reservations, call or email Janet at 256-7866-2807 or wbarrier@
Jody Apple – “Missionary Training”
Jeremy Barrier – “Thinking Big: Strategic
Wayne Barrier – “Integrated Methods”
Gordon Hogan – “Lesson Learned from 50
years in Southeast Asia”
Joey Barrier – “China – A Plan”

Reports will also be given by these brethren:

Randal Matheny Roy Wilson
Ronnie Crocker Don Posey
James Lee Jerry Bates
James Jones Wayne Kilpatrick
Ken Wilkey Arvy Dupy
Don Norwood L.D. Willis
Tony Forrest L.T. Gurganus
Ralph Williams Leroy Cox
Usually on Friday night, entertainment is provided by
Larry Murdock Jared Kelly
the musical Barrier bunch!
Don Green others
18 Global Harvest

Joy and Disappointment, Challenge and Opportunity:

Such Is Fund-Raising!
Jeremiah McCarver

“Shotgun Approach” to fund-raising1. (To our shame, some

denominations do a better job of getting missionaries to the
field, because they do not place upon them this unnecessary
burden.*) Using this method by necessity, future mission
families run themselves ragged, chasing rabbits down holes
and pursuing seemingly hopeful leads to dead ends after
sending out hundreds of packets, all in order to come away
with as many as 30-40 regularly supporting congregations
and individuals.
The result: Once on the field, when the mission family’s
reporting year comes around, they return to the States to
spend nearly all of their time and energies reporting, rather
than resting with their friends and family. The Shotgun
Approach is a full-time effort, meaning the fund-raising
family spends its time doing just that, rather than preparing
spiritually for the work ahead.* According to one source,
about 50 cents of every dollar raised goes to fund-raising
expenses, and 6 months to 1 year are required to get in the
field.* Due significantly to the present economy, my family
Amanda, Elijah, and Jeremiah McCarver has been at it for almost 1.5 years, with much support still to
In mid-February, 2009, my wife and I began raising raise! I can almost hear the apostle Paul saying, “Brethren,
funds for a short-term (1 month) mission trip to Tutuila, these things ought not to be so!” Rod Rutherford points
American Samoa. The trip’s purpose was to formulate plans out that nearly all missionaries agree that a better method
for long-term work in the South Pacific. March 26 was the overall is for one congregation to support a mission family
target date for arrival. We had one month to raise $7,000. in entirety, or at least cover the bulk of the support needed.*
We worked hard and trusted in God. Yet, lying in bed on a Yet, as long as the Shotgun Approach remains the
Saturday night two weeks prior to departure, unable to sleep unfortunate reality, there is the potential for some good
due to a realization that we were thousands of dollars behind to result. Even this undesirable situation can be used by
our goal, I felt a tinge of panic begin to scratch at the door God to accomplish His will. The fund-raising process as
of my mind, wanting in. I answered this threat with prayer described previously is a trying and tiring one that requires
and renewed faith. I slept in peace, awoke, and attended perseverance, faith, and character. It is a test that reveals
services. The one who collected our mail approached me the future mission family’s readiness to handle the rigors of
with envelopes containing several thousand dollars total. By work in the field. The theory is that the committed family
the time we boarded the plane, we had raised $11,000! A will struggle and strive, growing in the process, while the
time of joy, not disappointment, it was, and with God, we family not committed or not “cut out” for the work will be
had met challenges successfully. Opportunity awaited! “weeded out” before they get to the field and use up valuable
Readers who have embarked on such trips may find resources, only to return home early, as many do anyway. The
the preceding to be familiar. Yet, missionaries know that committed family will emerge triumphant and more refined
fund-raising for a long-term work is a different animal. The for the work. The uncommitted might sink into despair,
amounts are much larger: thousands more in one-time funds, imagining they will never reach their goals and their work
plus regular commitments (such as monthly) that amount will have been in vain, dreading the shame, embarrassment,
to tens of thousands of dollars annually. Opportunities and and potential bitterness to come. They might stop praying,
joys increase, but so do challenges and disappointments. In
most cases, would-be missionaries are “required” to use the Continued on page 24
Global Harvest 19
serving “the least of these”.

Project Rescue We are now working to raise our

personal monthly financial support.
Ronnie & Charles would be happy to
Ronnie Crocker have opportunities to speak to con-
gregations regarding this American
mission field and the problem of
addiction in the church.
It has been difficult to convince
many congregations of the great need
of addressing the drug abuse in this
country. Since it is often swept under
the rug, the magnitude of the issue has
been overlooked by the church. We
are encouraged to find a congregation
that really “gets it”. We hope many
others will follow their example and
get involved in this spiritual problem
that threatens to destroy so many
people. We don’t require professionals
in the field of drug addiction. We just
need Bible teachers and committed
Breaking News! When we facilities for the program. It has now people who have a love for lost souls.
began this work almost four years ago, been narrowed down to a 19 acre Please spread the word to any sound
we believed we would be in Waycross apartment complex in Priceville, and qualified teachers. We would
until God called us home. All our Alabama, near Decatur and Huntsville. appreciate all the help we can get —
actions and decisions were based upon A decision should be made soon. even for short periods of time.
that commitment. Charles Baggett is the chaplain for Your continued support is so
When we first received a call Limestone Correctional (the largest prison greatly needed and appreciated as we
from Charles Baggett regarding our in- in Alabama) and has been working with make this move to serve more souls in
volvement in a work in Alabama, we the Beltline church of Christ in Decatur, crisis.
immediately dismissed it because we Alabama for many years. Charles will It’s exciting to know that we are
were so heavily involved with the work in be the director of Project Rescue and causing rejoicing in heaven as this
Waycross. Project Rescue was stronger Ronnie will be the program manager. work is instrumental in bringing souls
than ever and we were determined to We moved Jeanie’s parents (Bill to Christ. Lives are being changed,
work out existing problems. By the & Gerry Nicks) to a beautiful assisted and we count ourselves blessed to be
time the second call came from Charles, living facility in Priceville, Alabama, involved in this work.
we began to think about our prayers and they are happily settled in their We are presently ministering to 11
for God’s will. Was he showing us new home in the independent section. men and 3 women!
His will by those telephone calls? We Jeanie and our daughter, Kim Johnson, Our heartfelt thanks go to all of you
began to listen to Charles and in early and granddaughter, Marlee, remain in who have partnered with us in this project
January we made a trip to investigate Waycross to tie up loose ends, with as we serve the Lord together. May God
the possibilities. When we saw first plans to come to Alabama soon. continue to bless each of you. U
hand the strength of the Beltline church Project Rescue, Inc. has been  Please mail all checks and cor-
of Christ and the interest and excitement converted into an Alabama corporation respondence to:
among the surrounding congregations, it (501c3) with a board of directors
became obvious that God had opened a comprised of faithful Christian men, Project Rescue, % Ronnie Crock-
great door of opportunity. to serve along with Ronnie and Jeanie. er (Manager), 1231 Main Street W, Hartselle,
AL 35640. Visit our web page at www.
Before we came into the picture, What a blessing to have co-workers; email address: Ronnie
a serious search was being made for who are committed to the Lord and to Crocker
20 Global Harvest

Mission Methods that Work

C. Philip Slate

Consciously or not, everyone es’ live up to their claim to be New Tes-

who does “missions” or evangelism tament Christians is whether or not they
engages in some kind of methodology. have sensitivity to all people who have
It might be simplistic or very detailed, never heard the message in a meaning-
good or bad; indeed, one may not even ful way. This is not arguable. Some ef-
be able to describe what he or she does forts will be made to reach neighbors or
as a matter of routine. But it is there.
immigrants, people at home or abroad.
Obviously, it is not possible to de- 2. Communicate clearly enough
velop a one-size-fits-all method since for people to make a valid decision
among the world’s peoples there are about following Jesus. Jesus was King
so many differences of language, value as well as Savior. His parables are
systems, and worldviews. Already in kingdom parables. The task of a king
the book of Acts we observe the value is to reign, to rule, and living under
of approaching Jews one way and Gen- the rule of Christ is what is involved
tiles another. Check out the sermon dif- in being a disciple of Jesus. Disciples
ferences in Acts 14:15-17 and 17:22-31 are not only learners; they are also at-
with some of those to Jews, as in 2:14- tached to their teacher. Jesus cautioned
36 and 7:2-53. All sermons end with against thoughtless, half-hearted efforts message material. One’s life must
Jesus, but the beginning points and to follow Him; He called upon people not stand in the way of the message
lines of argument are different. But in to “count the cost” (Luke 24:25-33; cf. (1 Timothy 4:12-16). New churches
2000 years or so of global evangeliz- Matthew 8:19-22; Luke 9:57-62). must “make sense” to local people at
ing, what can be learned about methods While everyone must grow in the practical level of Christian service,
from both the New Testament and the godliness, nothing takes the place of singing, and lifestyle.
experiences of others? a valid initial decision to “sell out” to 3. Strive for persistence of faith.
Jesus. Whatever it takes to get that Jesus made it clear that He did not
A Minimal Framework messaage across must be done. Of want three-month disciples who would
For many years I have argued from course, the credentials of Jesus must be turn back after putting their hands to
the New Testament, both briefly and in communicated and the Gospel must be the plow (Luke 9:62). As surely as it
detail, that “making disciples”, which is present as “good news” in each culture. is imperative for people to begin dis-
what Jesus said to do (Matthew 28:19- These are necessary preconditions of cipleship, it is a matter of life and death
20), involves three minimal components. making a valid decision. It is possible that they continue in their discipleship
Within these components there must be for people to give invalid “Yes” an- (Colossians 2:6-7). While individuals
many variations. In a sense, these com- swers (hoping to get rice or a chance will answer for themselves, it is also
ponents are both objectives and methods. to study in Europe or America) and true that those who plant and water, or
1. Universalize the message. It invalid “No” answers (responding to who build on the one foundation, must
is the nature of God, Jesus Christ, and crazy missionaries or cankered church- take care how they build (1 Corinthi-
the Holy Spirit to be concerned about es rather than the message of Jesus). ans 3:10-15) since their work will be
the entire world of humans. Terms People must give valid “Yes” answers tested. Realizing initial converts to
like “all the world,” “all nations,” and to be valid disciples of Jesus. Christ is not the end of the process.
“every tribe and language and people One must consider the efforts that Paul and his companions went back to
and nation” are inherent features of the are involved in such communication previously planted churches in order to
Gospel (Matthew 28:19; Acts 1:8; Acts adequacy: learning languages, figures “strengthen” (Gr., επιστηρίζων) them
13:46,47; Revelation 5:9). One sure of speech, conceptual frameworks and (Acts 15:41; 16:5; cf. 14:22; 15:32;
test of whether individuals and church- value systems, and choice of appropriate Continued on page 26
Global Harvest 21
meeting, or Vacation Bible School, the back page of House
to House is a great way to tell people about it. For just 13
cents a piece, in English or Spanish, it is a very affordable
way to leave something in the hands of those that you visit
and study with. We also have some very appropriate HTH
tracts you can order, to leave teaching materials in the hands
of those who are briefly contacted in campaign work.
Missionaries/Foreign Members
Do you or your congregation currently support a
missionary? Are you a missionary or a member of the church
in a foreign field? House to House is ideal for work in other
countries. It is a customizable, eight-page, color magazine
and is printed every two months, for a total of six issues a
year. Each issue is filled with Gospel lessons, simple biblical
truths, and encouraging stories that your congregation can
use to build bridges with those in the community. It is a
personal invitation to the members of your community to
visit services and to ask Bible questions. It is attractive and
colorful. It’s something that a congregation can be happy to
share and leave with someone.
Using House to House can get the truth into the hands
of people, get you invited into homes for further study,
How to Use House to House and start conversations with those with whom you come in
in Foreign Fields
Supporting other congregations
In the last issue of Global Harvest we talked about Does your congregation have a stateside mission work,
how a church in the United States can use House to House or do you help financially to support a smaller congregation?
Heart to Heart to spread the Gospel in its community. As of House to House can be a great way to support a congregation!
January 2011, more than 2,500 congregations in the United It helps advertise events, provides invitations to people to the
States have used House to House. The magazine has always services, and gives the local body something to work on and
been an effective way to reach communities in our country, contacts to follow up with. Send House to House in English
but it is also a very effective tool in other countries. into 1,000 homes—including both printing and postage—in
To date, House to House has been sent into 24 foreign their community for just $290 an issue (that’s just $145 a
countries, including Argentina, Australia, Bahamas, Belize, month). If you’re sending 1000 copies to a foreign work, you
British Virgin Islands, Canada, England, Ghana, Guyana, pay just $130 (13 cents a piece) plus shipping (that’s just $65
Haiti, Honduras, India, Iraq, Japan, Malawi, Mexico, a month).
Netherlands Antilles, Nigeria, Peru, South Africa, Tanzania,
Trinidad, Uganda, and Zimbabwe. Since House to House is
printed in English and in Spanish (we are starting to explore How Can We Use House to House
other languages), it is ideal for use in several different Heart to Heart in Our Mission Work?
Mission Trips
Numerous stateside congregations that regularly print For more information about the benefits of the program
House to House also use it when they go on mission trips. and its costs, or to request a free packet of information,
Whether or not you currently print, you can do a one-time you may email us at, or
printing for a mission trip. This can be customized for the local call the office toll-free at 877.338.3397 and ask for Blake
congregation in the foreign field. The visiting missionaries Hamm or Derek Raulerson. For additional information and
or local members can write an article or advertise an event archives of articles, please visit our Web site at http://www.
on the back page. If you’re hosting a campaign, Gospel U
22 Global Harvest

Available NOW! Full-color, pocket-sized, tri-fold tracts on 76 topics, written

in old-time Gospel clarity. Call 662-283-1192 for a list of the titles and to place
your order.
These conveniently-sized 
tools will be helpful for out- 
J.C. Choate

reach and for strengthen-

ing young Christians. We
are making an introductory
price of only ten cents each,
$5.00 for 50, plus postage.

J.C. Choate

That Thief on the Cross Overseas Containers????

We’ve heard about that thief, that he must have been
saved without baptism because he couldn’t come down We folks in the office here in Winona would like
from the cross. And we know the Biblical response, that he to partner with others in the church who are shipping
died before the beginning of the Christian age, while Christ containers to points overseas. We have books, tracts,
was still alive, when the command of baptism for salvation and magazines (English, Spanish, French) that we
was not yet in force, and so Christ could and did save him want to share with those brethren who so desperately
because of his faith. need literature. We would be willing to pay our per-
But let’s look a little closer. As is pointed out in one of our centage of the cost for shipping, believing that shar-
newly printed tracts, how did the thief address that man who ing the load will enable all of us to do more.
was dying on the center cross? As LORD! How did he see in
a crucified man a personage he felt compelled to call LORD? Please contact us at 662-283-1192.
And what request did he make of Him? “Remember me
when You come into Your kingdom!” What??? What kind of
faith did that thief have? And where did he learn such Gospel,
that in spite of the appearance of failure and defeat, and Christ
dying like a criminal on a cross — that even after death that
central figure would be able to do something for him?
And — wonder of wonders — how did the thief know
anything about Christ’s KINGDOM, and that DEATH
would not prevent its coming into existence? How did such
a man understand more about the message and mission of
Christ at that point in time than even the twelve apostles?
We may never know how he came to die as a thief, but this
was definitely not his first knowledge of Christ. (BBC) U
Global Harvest 23

We Are Not
the Authors of our Life
Glover Shipp
the idea of purpose in life: a reality. As Olympics organizers
An elderly farmer was digging were all interdependent, so we are all
holes on his property. Despite the heat interdependent. John Donne wrote,
of the day, he was singing. A passerby “No man is an island, entire of itself.
asked him, “Old man, what do you have Every man is a piece of the continent,
to sing about. You are tired and sweaty. a part of the main. If a clod be washed
What do you hope to accomplish? Why away by the sea, Europe is the less ... ”
not take it easy?” The farmer answered, We are here because God wills for
“I’m planting fruit trees.” “But, at your us to be here. Paul says in 1 Corinthians
age, why plant fruit trees? You will 6:19,20 that we are not our own; we
not live to eat their fruit.” The old man were bought with a price (the blood of
The prizewinning Brazilian author paused, wiped the sweat from his face Jesus). Writer Allen Webster notes that
Antônio Lopes de Sá wrote a surprising and said, “Certainly I won’t eat of Jesus made a blood donation to us.
article for The Brazilians, January their fruit, but I am doing for the next Since the cost was so high of
2010, a publication for Brazilians in generation what my parents did for me. rescuing us from sin and giving us
the United States. Quoting Cicero, he I am leaving my farm a better place the opportunity to live in Heaven with
noted that “our souls are nothing less than it was when I inherited it.” our Savior, we must realize that we
that emanations from the universal Such an attitude reveals a sound have a purpose for living. What is our
divine mind.” model of ethics, human dignity and purpose? What is our mission in life?
He went on to conclude that there understanding of what we owe previous How we understand and answer
are two obvious consequences to this and future generations. We repay our these questions has a significant
assertion: parents and teachers by using wisely influence on how we travel through life
• That a superior intelligence which what they transmitted to us. and into eternity. U
gave birth to our existence is present in Just today I was conversing with a
Glover Shipp served as a missionary in
us. Christian nurse. She commented that
Brazil. He and his wife, Margie, now live
• Such a presence demands that we the younger generation of nurses has in Edmond, OK, where he is an elder in
fulfill our mission or objective for our a weak work ethic. They appear to be the church.
life. blind to the needs around them, unless
Dr. Shipp is a
His points were well taken. We those needs are repeatedly pointed out
prolific and in-
are the result of a superior act of to them. spirational writ-
intelligence, which means that we are Being motivated to do good to er. We recom-
here for a purpose far beyond just serving others brings us huge benefits. Being mend his study
ourselves. Paul reminded us, “For me useful to others, we become useful on evidences,
to live is Christ … ” (Philippians 1:21). also to ourselves. We do not serve to “God’s Hand
Our purpose for living is engraved on be served. We serve because that is the or No Hand”.
our souls from our conception. It is to nature that God instilled in us. Yet, as While working
glorify God and serve Christ in our own we serve, we find ourselves blessed in Brazil, Dr.
unique way. Each person is unique, beyond measure. “Give and you shall Shipp found
almost no ma-
with gifts and talents that no one else receive,” says Jesus in Luke 6:38.
terial in Portuguese dealing with the
possesses to the same degree. Inertia, During the opening ceremonies for subject, so he wrote this course which
accommodation to this world, failing to the Winter Olympics in Vancouver, B.C., is now available in English.
fulfill or overlooking our gifts — these the director applauded the thousands of You may go on line to www.WorldEvan-
are grave illnesses of soul and heart. volunteers who went beyond what was to place your order. The
The following tale expresses well expected of them, to make the Olympics cost is $9.00, plus shipping.
24 Global Harvest

... Such Is Fund-Raising! New Books!!!

Check the Bookstore at:
Continued from page 18 on missions are rare because few would
stop trusting in God, and stop making attend).
phone calls (working). The committed All of the preceding are things
good and sometimes necessary, some Byron Nichols’
family faces the same temptations,
compilation of
but resists them and uses them as an definitely more so than others. Yet, in
Messages of
opportunity to grow spiritually, thus focusing inwardly on those good things Truth.
becoming better prepared for one of now, our numbers are still shrinking
the greatest challenges they will face overall, not growing (because, “the 140 pages, $8.00
on the field: maintaining the support church that grows is the church that
raised, or replacing what they will lose goes!”), and some of our congregations
inevitably, but with the added difficulty have a “reputation of being alive,” but
of being afar*! That’s the theory. are dead, really, because of apathy Louis Rushmore’s
Why do we future missionaries (Revelation 3:1)!* study of Biblical
In the 21st century, we have the Companions:
subject ourselves to this process?
how sacred his-
1. We are motivated by love for lost Bible in every believer’s hand, better
tory, archaelology,
souls (1 Corinthians 13). educated members, and much greater and geography
2. We feel that we are “called” means! Why can we not evangelize work together to
providentially to our chosen field the world? Do we have the spirit and confirm truth.
of labor, because of the great needs focus of the early Christians? My wife
we see, and because of our personal and I have been refreshed by those 212 pages, $8.00
bonding with those people. congregations and individuals that do,
3. We gain peace of mind through and our joy is made more complete, Louis Rushmore’s
God and His Word (e.g. 2 Corinthians thus we are emboldened to face the warnings concern-
9:8-10*). challenges and disappointments lying ing hermaneutics:
4. We look to the future joy in ahead and lay hold of the opportunities No Hermaneuti-
heaven of seeing the “fruits” grown passing by! cal Gymnastics,
by God from the ground in which we Our sponsor, the New Hope Road Please!
labored to plant and water the seed. Church of Christ, Dacula, Georgia, is
5. We want to awaken the church just such a congregation! Thank God 59 pages, $6.00
out of its evangelistic sleepiness to for them, for all of our monthly and
see the opportunities of which God one-time supporters, for those who
has called them to take hold with us have done kind acts toward us in the Bonnie Rush-
(Matthew 28:18-20). name of Jesus, and for those who pray! more’s study for
The “Macedonian call” has gone If you, the reader, are a missionary or ladies’ classes,
forth; the fields are white with harvest; a mission work supporter, let my family Living Princi-
family has responded: “Here we are, send say to you: Thank you! U ples; an analysis
us!” What remains are for churches and of well-known
Jeremiah and Amanda McCarver have and little known
individuals to turn outward and partake of made the commitment to move to the
the spirit of Jesus and His mission on earth women of Scrip-
Samoan Islands to further evangelize
(Luke 19:10). When we have obeyed the ture.
that part of the world. They need help
128 pages, $8.00
Great Commission and the whole world with monthly support. You may contact
is evangelized in the 21st Century as it them at this email address: mccarver- Order from:
was in the 1st (Colossians 1:23),* then
J.C. Choate Publications
we can pave parking lots, save up money *Rutherford, Rod. Practical Principles of World P.O. Box 72
for roofs, add congregational activities Evangelism, Rutherford Publications, 1996.
Winona, MS 38967
NOTE: An asterisk (*) after certain phrases
and programs, start evangelism classes, or sentences denotes influence by the above 662-283-1192
and attend lectureships (where lectures publication. See pages: 65, 69, 71, 77, & 82.
Global Harvest 25

Worldwide Radio Evangelism Larry Paul Murdock

“Placing the Gospel within the Reach of Millions”
THE VISION 3. He will raise funds for a brother Wayne Barrier, an extensive
Shortwave radio can reach far multiple number of “projects”. mission work stretches across the
more people with the Gospel than any 4. He will coordinate a broadcast subcontinent of India and Southeast
other current mass media tool. This schedule that supports each “project”. Asia. Radio broadcasts are an essential
tool has been used for many years by 5. He will follow-up on responses element of that outreach. Larry has
Gospel preachers and missionaries. J.C. and coordinate follow-up efforts with now become the English speaker for
Choate (Voice of Truth), Roy Beasley churches of Christ around the world. the Voice of Truth programs broadcast
(Restoration Radio), and Joe Gray THE PARTNERS for the island of Sri Lanka, supported
(Treasure of Truth) are three examples Partners in this work include by the World Evangelism mission team.
of current works that target millions of supporting churches of Christ, We invite the partnership and
people weekly with Gospel broadcasts American radio preachers, brotherhood support of churches of Christ to help us
via shortwave radio. Since a major evangelistic programs and foreign expand the broadcasts and the number of
portion of the world receives its “news” radio preachers. stations in the world that air them. The
via shortwave radio, this media is still Partners also include existing goal is to “Place the gospel within reach
an effective means of reaching lost souls brotherhood mission programs: World of millions” through means available to
with the power of the Gospel broadcast. Evangelism of Double Springs, AL and multiplied millions of people around the
And, it is working! Around 300,000 Winona, MS. A special partnership world — shortwave radio. U
responses a year are recorded by Voice exists with the mission efforts of the Larry Murdock at 256-810-5078, or write
of Truth partners. Between 3,000 and Double Springs, AL church of Christ. the Pulaski Street Church of Christ, 247
4,000 baptisms each year are attributed Led by the elders of the church and Pulaski Street, Lawrenceburg, TN 38464.
to that team effort. The vision: place the
Gospel within the reach of millions and
a substantial number will be drawn to Work Among the Burmese in the USA
the light by the power of the Gospel. George Achard
George Achard, right and center, in a Bible
To produce and distribute Gospel
study with refugees from Myanmar (Burma).
messages for broadcast via radio in
order to “make disciples”.
The elders of the Pulaski Street
Church of Christ in Lawrenceburg, TN
oversee the work of Larry Murdock and
the development of Worldwide Radio
Evangelism. Their oversight will ensure
progress and the continuance of the work.
Larry Murdock serves as the coordinator
of Worldwide Radio Evangelism.
1. Larry will write, produce, and
distribute broadcasts in English.
2. He will also recruit and partner
with other radio speakers to distribute George and Gertrude Achard, with from his work with the American
their programs in both English and their three children, came to Florence, Embassy. Having been Christians
national languages. AL five years ago when George retired Continued on page 26
26 Global Harvest

Mission Methods ... Burma

Continued from page 20 be — Bible translation, training lead- Continued from page 25
18:23). For that reason “quickie mis- ers, hard-line evangelizing, developing and strong leaders in the small church
sions” will not get the job done. It is indigenous hymns, producing support- of Christ in Yangon for many years,
to be remembered that every book in ive literature, developing churches, and George enrolled in the program at
the New Testament has for at least one so forth. In each case, everything that Heritage Christian University. Side-
of its purposes that of strengthening, is done should deliberately contribute by-side with his studies, he has been
stabilizing, guiding, or protecting the to one or more of the three components active in translation work, enabling the
disciples of Jesus. mentioned above. Busyness and bustle printing of materials in the Burmese
Specifics of this process involve with good things that cannot be related language and, more recently, he
a goal of planting culturally meaning- meaningfully to the three components has worked among refugees in the
ful churches. That is the clear prec- fail to accomplish what is needed. Nashville area. Gertrude reported:
edent in the New Testament, and it is One of my teachers told the story “As for translation, we are still
also a clear message from the history of a young man who learned John 3:16 working on The Gospel of Christ. We’ve
of missions. L.S. Latourette’s writings in an African dialect, went to every already finished Bible Keys, Gospel
have demonstrated this to be the case. hut in a village, quoted the verse in the Sermonnettes, The Church of the
Isolated Christians rarely survive; the dialect, and then insisted he had evan- Bible, and Why We Believe What We
people of God were to function in edi- gelized the village! I don’t know who Believe,Vol. 1 & 2. I am also typing the
fying groups as well as individually. sent him, but they knew as little about hymns George translated into Burmese.
The “one-another” passages in the what they were doing as the young man We have already done 100 songs.
New Testament point to an important did about what he was doing! Thus, “We go up to Smyrna & Nashville
element of God’s survival and growth supporting churches need to learn how TN the first, second, and third weekends
arrangements for His people. to ask appropriate questions about indi- of each month. We’ve made many trips
vidual and group activities. A lot of vir- already and six souls were converted.
What Supporting tually useless — and sometimes even “One new lady whose name is
Churches Should Do harmful activities — can be carried out Sawng Hing (of the Chin people, 27
Churches of Christ are described under the general umbrella of “Mis- years old) was baptized on Saturday
by some as a “church-sponsored mis- sions” or “extending the kingdom” or after her Bible study class at Woodson
sions” group, meaning that we do not “spreading the Word”. It is important Chapel Church of Christ in Nashville.
turn world evangelizing over to a mis- to be specific and realistically focused. She said, ‘I am so happy to be in the
sionary society. Thus, the local church This is God’s work. Lord’s Church.’ She said that she was
must learn what is involved when it unhappy before she took baptism.
Wrapping Up She attended regular Bible study with
supports something financially. When
Responsible churches will see George for quite a long time.” U
churches provide such support and/or
to it that responsible workers are sent George and Gertrude Achard’s email ad-
guidance in the global evangelizing
out to work responsibly on biblical and dress:
enterprise, they should select workers
achievable goals. Our Lord
that understand and are committed to
deserves no less than our best Philip Slate’s Lest
this basic three-component framework
focused efforts to reach the lost We Forget, a compi-
or its equivalent. A person can focus
and strive for their continuance lation of mini-biogra-
on any one of the components more
in the faith. U
than the others, but he should have phies of 84 mission-
some concept of how his or her work is C. Philip Slate, longtime aries of churches of
related to the whole. missionary to the UK, and Christ in the early part
Further, churches should assure professor of Preaching and of the 20th Century.
Missiology at Harding Graduate
that the workers they send possess the School, now serves as mis-
120 pages, $8.00.
qualifications necessary to perform the sions consultant and trainer for
tasks they undertake, whatever that may Churches of Christ. Call 662-283-1192
Global Harvest 27

World English Institute

Katheryn Maddox Haddad

to keep the school running year around. If anyone can spend

Start an English Language Center in a month or more teaching WEI students in Phnom Penh,
Your Congregation’s Building contact Julie at Food and lodging
“If the apostles had had WEI, they may not have had to will cost you only $13 a day. That may be the best deal
use ‘tongues’.” This is said with a smile, but perhaps it is anywhere in short-term missions.
close to being the case. World English Institute has made it
so that pagans throughout the world don’t decry or barely AFRICA
tolerate the Bible. They are ASKING for it! There are WEI language centers in Awasa, Ethiopia,
No longer do congregations need to beg people to come founded by John Ed Clark and Behailu Abebe; and in Abak,
to them so they can teach them how to save their souls from Nigeria, directed by Aniefiok and Etang Akpan. There have
hell. There is a way for the lost to do the begging; albeit, been hundreds of baptisms as a result of these works.
not to save their souls, but to learn today’s global language
— English. INDIA
English is now the official language of the UN, NATO, Prabhu Kumar was an internet student of Mike Hale in
Organization of Islamic Conference, NAFTA, the European Texas. After completing his studies, he taught his own first
Union, Pacific Island Forum, Council of Europe (to name a class with twenty-five students. He challenged his ten best
few) and of 53 countries of the world. English is also the students who had become Christians to establish language
dominant language of communications, science, business, Continued on page 28
entertainment, radio, diplomacy.
Intelligent people in all professions, as well as university
students, are turning to World English Institute (WEI) to
learn English and, in the process, are learning the Bible.
Teachers do not need to remember all their high-school
grammar rules. WEI workbooks provide very simple and
short lessons along with the answers. Most of the time is
spent seeing if the student understood the Bible lesson
written in English.


The PIP/WEI English Language Center in Cambodia
was established by Bill and Marie-Claire McDonough in
2003. This work is now being carried on by Julie Broyles.
Their building is rented and very nicely meets their needs.
While helping out at the center, Dick Ady (founder of
WEI) studied with a Muslim. One day, the student bragged,
“We Muslims pray five times a day. How often do you pray?”
Dick replied that he prayed without ceasing. “In fact, I pray
for you every day,” he said. Then he demonstrated how he
prayed for him. “When I looked up, his eyes were filled with
Julie is doing a terrific job as Director of the English
Bible school in Phnom Penh. Most students are Buddhist,
and there have been numerous baptisms. Her blogs are full
of exciting news and pictures. But she needs more teachers
28 Global Harvest

World English Institute

Continued from page 27 But others have reverted to Islam, the interpreters over a private speaker
centers in their home cities. Thus far religion of their grandparents. Baptisms system. Baptisms always result.
thirty-four WEI language centers have abound, as we see in the picture of The church also provides child
been established in this one country, and Brother Erik Oirjaqi baptizing one of care. A special banquet is given for
hundreds are being baptized. the Tirana students into Christ. Eighty graduates. Several have been baptized
WEI provides diplomas for grad- percent of those baptized in Albania into Christ as a result of this one
uates. Language centers are encouraged come from Muslim families. congregation’s reaching out to local
to have graduation ceremonies. Pictured immigrants.
here is a graduation last year at the NORTH AMERICA ADVERTISING
Vyasarpadi center in Chennai, India. Simple posters can be placed in the
Erik Tryggestad, Assistant Managing personnel offices of local companies
Editor of the Christian Chronicle, was that hire immigrants. Keep in mind
guest speaker. Having a guest speaker that the US requires immigrants
and banquet are other ideas for making to have a source of income before
graduation from WEI special. allowing them to come, legally. Many
are engineers, scientists and teachers
ALBANIA with good jobs. Other posters can be
placed in restaurants or grocery stores
in the neighborhoods where many
With so many immigrants to immigrants have settled.
Canada and the United States, there Missionaries or national preachers
should be a WEI language center in in non-English-speaking countries
every one of our brotherhood church usually prefer their posters to be both in
buildings in areas where there are many English and the native language. Ads
immigrants. are also placed in newspapers.
One such language center is at the For more information on starting a
Antioch, TN Church of Christ. L. and WEI language center, advertising, and
Dick Ady periodically visits Eng- G. Taylor help immigrants from Iraq, ordering study workbooks, go to www.
lish language centers in areas of the Iran, Somolia, and Ethiopia in their or contact founder and
world where national preachers and studies. Sue Thweat teaches a large author of all the lessons, Dick Ady at
missionaries use WEI’s materials. class of beginners. Pictured is Lisa, or Tom Langley at
Tom Langley, Vice-President of WEI, Steele with a Muslim student. U
leads campaigns in Oradea, Romania, Students are encouraged to attend
where a WEI language center has been worship with the congregation. Those Katheryn Maddox Haddad
established in the church building. who are beginners and do not understand
Tom is available to organize short- the lessons very well are provided with 519-948-2828 or 520-509-8090

term mission efforts and help establish

WEI language centers anywhere in
the world. Christians all over North
America participate in these campaigns
which normally last four to six weeks.
Pictured is Dick with a student
in Tirana, Albana, during one such
campaign. Many of the students in
Albania have no religion, having been
schooled in Communistic atheism.
Global Harvest 29

Mission Printing
Richard Renfro

Mission Printing, Inc., printer. Volunteers proof,

located in Arlington, Texas, is a non- print, fold, collate, staple, trim,
profit organization that prints and box, and ship the tracts to their
distributes Gospel tracts throughout the destinations. Also we utilize Another 30,000 pounds (app.
world for free. We are a ‘work of the our booklet maker that collates, staples, 600,000 tracts) are due to arrive in
churches of Christ’. God has blessed us folds and trims our smaller tracts at Ghana, November 20, 2010.
for over thirty years with hardworking more than 2,500 per hour. Last year We are now working on another
Christian volunteers and generous we began shipping the majority of our 40,000 pounds for Nigeria. World
contributors who want to supply the material via ocean containers ($0.30 Evangelism of Winona, MS was able
world with “World Evangelism by the per pound) and saving $100,000 versus to ship many of their materials with
Printed Page”. We have two full time the US Mail costs ($3.00 per pound). our last shipment to Ghana. They are
personnel and hundreds of volunteers Now we are able to ship more than planning to ship material in our next
who do thousands of tasks. A dozen twice as many tracts as last year. container to Nigeria in February.
congregations are now involved in A key to successful ocean container
collating and stapling our material in shipping is finding a volunteer Distri-
their own buildings. bution Manager in the proposed
Mission Printing does not sell country who is willing to distribute
anything; we exist as God blesses us the tracts quickly to those who are
with dedicated contributors to continue requesting them. This takes a person
His work of spreading the Gospel. with great experience in the local area
These tracts are especially important churches and who has many contacts
for missionaries to utilize with their that can help him complete the task.
preaching and studying with different The Distribution Manager usually
people. We print, only in English, does some follow-up work with each
This is our first shipment to Ghana
approximately eighty individual tracts in Oct 2009. recipient. Preaching school directors
targeting many different biblical make great Distribution Managers
topics explaining ‘how to become a because they have many students who
Christian’ to ‘living the Christian life’. need these tools to start their preaching
Please go to our webpage http://www. careers, and they have an eagerness to to view the tracts spread the Gospel.
in their entirety and learn all about us. The most difficult task of shipping
Each year we print millions of via ocean container is plowing through
tracts and ship them to individuals in all the government ‘red tape’ of each
many different countries. Our process country’s requirements for customs
begins with the Trustees and the clearance. Some countries will not
Director examining and reviewing the accept the ‘tax free’ material without a
individual tract for doctrinal soundness large tax charge or government fee. As
Nigerian preachers gather to distrib-
and applicability for our readers. The a volunteer Vice-president of Mission
ute tracts in August.
tract is proofed for grammar and Printing, I traveled to Ghana last year
spelling as well as for correct scriptural Ghana received 32,000 pounds of to see the conditions for our shipment
references. Then we convert it to a tracts (app. 640,000 tracts) in January to Brother Willie Gley. I plan to go to
software program that allows us to and Nigeria received 40,000 pounds
burn a printing plate for the offset (app. 800,000 tracts) in August. Continued on page 30
30 Global Harvest

Mission Printing

Giving out tracts on the streets.

Continued from page 29
South Africa in January, Lord willing,
to discuss with Brother Rohan Jones
about being our Distribution Manager
and to explore the conditions for our
possible shipment to Cape Town. One
of our Trustees has offered to pay my
airfare with his air miles.
Monday John Akpakpan is one of
our Distribution Managers in Nigeria Books being selected and packaged for shipment from the World Evange-
and Brother Reuben Egwu is another lism office in Winona to the Mission Printing container in Dallas, Texas, for
one. I have two more brothers in Nigeria libraries for preacher training schools in Nigeria.
who are waiting on their opportunity to
receive an ocean container as well. at least four ocean containers (about May God bless the efforts of the
Mission Printing receives requests 150,000 pounds) per year in response brotherhood as we work together to
daily from around the world via email, to these requests. This would give the spread the Gospel. U
letter or phone for religious tracts. We world a free gift of about 3,000,000
Please contact me, Richard Renfro, on
pray that God will bless us with more Gospel tracts a year to learn how to live my cell 972.977.3680 for more informa-
donors who will enable us to send for Jesus. tion.

Spanish Materials Available for Evangelism and Grounding in the Faith

Class and study books.

The Voice of Truth International magazine Call 662-283-1192
Global Harvest 31

World Video Bible School

Contact Information: World Video Bible School, 25 Lantana Lane, Maxwell, TX 78656; Bible Study@wvbs,org; Orders: 877-398-5211

Sent Out Around the World:

Over 60,000 Searching for Truth books, over 800,000 Searching
for Truth DVDs; over 1.5 million tapes and DVDs!
A newly expanded edition of the Searching for Truth Study
Guide has arrived. This great evangelism tool now includes three
page-sized full-color teaching charts, modeled after our teaching
posters. The charts include “Where do we go when we die?”,
“Modern Churches Timeline”, and “The Ten Commandments?”
Only $2.00 each for 20 copies of the book; single copies, $5.00.
32 Global Harvest
may view GBN, homebound Christians can be encouraged.
Also, the network can uplift individuals who live a long
distance from a sound, faithful congregation. Prior to the
launching of GBN, some Christians may have felt isolated
because of the distance from brethren of like precious faith.
Because GBN streams on the World Wide Web 24/7, they
are just a click away from sitting in a Bible class or worship
service of the church.
I am confident that churches of Christ all over the globe Brethren, though we live in a time when many are saving
have a deep and burning desire to see souls saved and want to money for rainy days, we ask congregations of the Lord’s
do whatever it takes to accomplish this. This was the attitude church to continue to spend money to save precious souls.
and desire Paul had, when he recorded the following words: Jesus said, “Lift up your eyes, and look on the fields; for they
“Brethren, my heart’s desire and prayer to God for Israel are white already to harvest. And he that reapeth receiveth
is, that they might be saved” (Romans 10:1). “I have great wages, and gathereth fruit unto life eternal: that both he
heaviness and continual sorrow in my heart. For I could that soweth and he that reapeth may rejoice together” (John
wish that myself were accursed from Christ for my brethren, 4:35,36). With cooperation, we can fulfill the words of Jesus.
my kinsmen according to the flesh” (Romans 9:2,3). The Thank you for your past, present and future support of
apostle Paul dedicated his life to spreading the good news of Gospel Broadcasting Network!
his Lord. What about us today?
Tyler Gilreath, evangelist, Highland Church of Christ
We are very fortunate to have the ability to sow the seed
in the hearts of men and women, particularly via mass media. New Executive Director for GBN
I thank God in my prayers daily for Gospel Broadcasting The elders of the Highland Church of Christ in Dalton,
Network, as do many of you. Without the efforts of GBN, GA, who oversee Gospel Broadcasting Network, have
many souls would never hear the simple and pure Gospel of announced Don Blackwell as the network’s new Director.
Jesus Christ (2 Corinthians 11:3). Brother Blackwell is well recognized and respected in the
Gospel Broadcasting Network could not exist without brotherhood, not only for his soundness in the faith, but
the prayers and financial support of many good brethren. Paul for his effective work with local congregations and as a
wrote to the Galatians: “As we have therefore opportunity, let speaker for such media efforts as Truth for the World and
us do good unto all men, especially unto them who are of the World Video Bible School, as well as for GBN. The elders
household of faith” (Galatians 6:10). With your continued believe this new leadership will assist them in establishing
financial support, you are living the directive of Paul. One a solid foundation upon which the network may expand its
may ask, but how? effectiveness and coverage in the years ahead. U
As a located preacher in Dalton, Georgia, I have seen Gospel Broadcasting Network, 3969 Cloud Springs Rd., Ringgold, GA
firsthand how GBN helps the souls of both Christians and 30736; Phone: 866-525-4677; Email:
non-Christians in the community. Several months ago, a man
discovered GBN on the local cable company here in Dalton. Hey!
After much time spent watching and studying, he decided to How would you like to give away
contact the Highland congregation and requested to be baptized
for the remission of his sins. Often, he expresses to me how a million dollars?
thankful he is for GBN. He is confident he would not have It’s fake, of course (Uncle Sam hasn’t started printing
heard the truth without it. The financial contributions you make million dollar bills YET) but God’s plan of salvation on
are helping continually to save souls from death (James 5:20). the back is real. This is an eye-catching little tract.
Though Gospel Broadcasting Network is instrumental 35 cents each;
in saving the lost, it also helps keep the saved, saved. $30 for 100.
Your generosity helps to provide 24/7 sound teaching and Call 662-283-1192
preaching to members who are homebound. Individuals
can become very discouraged when unable to attend the
services of the church. Sadly, some shut-ins and home
email: Choate@
bound individuals begin to fall away from their first love, WorldEvangelism.
spiritually decaying from the disease of discouragement. org
With the installation of a KU Band dish, through which they
Global Harvest 33

The Hands of
Compassion Ministry
Stacy Sikes

“Gracious is the Lord, and righteous;

Are you reaching your community? Yes, our God is compassionate” (Psalm 116:5).
With WBS Connect, your congregation can The Hands of Compassion Ministry in Rochester,
use WBS’ products and technologies and your Minnesota is a benevolent work providing free housing
own promotional efforts to seek, enroll, and teach and hospital chaplaincy to Mayo Clinic patients and their
your own WBS students, wherever you want. families. The door of such benevolence often makes this an
The newly-announced WBS Connect evangelistic ministry leading to many opportunities to teach
program will appeal to many churches. Why? the Gospel. According to our 25-year history, approximately
Because the church in America isn’t growing half of the 7,000 people served in the House of Compassion,
— not even keeping up with the growth of the as well as numerous others in the Mayo’s two hospitals,
population. (How’s your church doing?) We were not members of the Church of Christ.
all must do more to share Jesus right here in We need YOUR help in addressing our ministries’
the U.S. God will bless motivated, evangelis- financial need. We are asking every individual member of
tic churches, including those who proactively your congregation to donate ONLY $1.00 and $1.00 ONLY.
share the Good News, through WBS materi- Though this may seem like small pocket change for the
als, in their own communities. individual, collectively it can make a substantial difference
Here’s what you’ll get with the WBS toward supporting this work. Will you help us in this way?
Connect program: What compassion God has poured out upon us to enrich our
Ideas — We’ll give you promotional ideas lives and to then bring compassionate change in the lives of
and tools to help your congregation cost-ef- our fellow man. Our Lord is indeed the Father’s Compassion!
fectively find Bible students in a targeted area
using your own outreach programs. Ways you can help with ongoing funding needs:
A Site — You will have your own customized, WBS-branded A. Donations are tax deductible! HOC is a charitable
Web site integrated into WBS’ worldwide student site. Your organization; check with your employer to see if they have a
targeted promotions will direct poten­tial students to this site matching gift program.
where they can enroll to study the Bible and be taught by B. Register at or
members where you worship. so that every time
Students — All postal and email students who enroll at your you shop or, even, search online, HOC can receive income.
WBS Connect site will be assigned to WBS Study Helpers C. Consider signing up for our “Adopt-A-Room”
at your church. All Web students who enroll will be identi- program where you commit for one year to raise or donate
fied with your congregation and will be assigned to a Study money to replace items that frequently wear out -- towels,
Helper with your brethren when they request one. sheets, pillows, etc.
Join WBS Connect! See D. Have your church, employer, or school organization
nect. Let’s connect with those collect “Compassionate Change” jars. This is also a great
around us. Together we can way to teach young children in Sunday school classes the
enroll more Bible students, power of how their change can make a difference.
with less cost, and involve E. Don’t need anything yourself for the next birthday?
more Christians in sharing the Suggest to family and friends that they make a donation to
Good News of Jesus. U HOC in your honor in lieu of a gift.
F. Spread the word about HOC to your family and friends
World Bible School, P.O. Box and ask them to help support us. U
2169, Cedar Park, TX 78630;
800-311-2006; info@world- Send donations to: Hands of Compassion 840 W. Center St.; Rochester, MN 55902 Cell: (507) 9510628
34 Global Harvest

It’s God’s Money.

How Do We Spend It for Him?
It is so very easy. . . . our spiritual needs being met. So
It is so very easy for Americans to how do we value this great gift of
live in an isolated world of our own salvation? Too often, we neglect
making. It is so very easy for us to be it; we take it for granted; we feel
spoiled rotten, and not even to realize it imposed upon if we are asked to do
because we live in denial of the reality anything, or we expect to be paid
for most of our planet. for every service.
We have an excess of everything. And when someone comes
We waste more than most of the rest of and asks for help to go somewhere
the world consumes. We complain; we to evangelize, too many times
indulge in daily food orgies; we trivialize the elders say there are no funds
How would you like to swap your
the important, and then we focus full available because we have to build old-fashioned pews for these chairs?
attention on entertainment, sports, and a new fellowship hall or swap out
fads. The most exorbitant salaries in the our pews at a cost of thousands
US are paid to those who entertain us of dollars for the chairs that are
while wrecking our morals and culture. today’s fads, or indulge in some
As major disasters are taking place in a other frivilous use of God’s money.
neighboring country, our news media One day, each of us will stand
may be devoting 23-hour coverage to the in judgment before our very just
sordid details of some scandal involving God. He has given us much, and
a nothing of an entertainer. He promises that He also requires
If we looked squarely at ourselves, much. In all honesty, how would
as the rest of the world must, we would you judge yourself on the basis of
find ourselves to be trite and despicable how you spend His money?
Or how about these “top of the line” pews?
in too many instances. Notice the ladies in the aisle? This is a wor-
It is so very easy. . . . ship assembly of your brothers and sisters.
Do You Have a Bible???
It is so very easy for the Lord’s About 70% of those enrolled in
church in America to live in an isolated India for Bible courses complete the
world of our own making. We were born courses. This is mainly because we
in the country where the Restoration offer them a copy of the Bible free.
Movement resulted in many churches Most Indians do not know where
of Christ and many Christians. Most of and how to get a copy of the Bible.
us have been blessed with a Christian Since this is predominantly a Hindu
heritage from our parents — we didn’t country, there are no Bible bookstores
have the challenge of searching for in the towns and villages over the
Does your baptistery
the Truth among pagan religions and country. The Bible Society of India look like this?
fanatics who were sworn to kill those is the only place where you can get
who left the established “faith”. Bibles, and it has branches only in
We have it easy, in most cases. We BIG cities like Bangalore, Delhi,
draw strength from fellow Christians, Chennai, Calcutta, and Hyderabad.
we can faithfully worship — or not Even professing Christians often
— with an organized congregation, do not know where and how to get
in a comfortable building, with all a Bible! U
Global Harvest 35

Worldwide, It’s God’s Family . . .

Imagine for a moment that you were not born
in the United States, but in a third-world country.
At five-years-old you wander daily from door-to-
door begging food from the people of Pothanur
village, a city in south India. Because you live in a
predominantly Hindu country, most of the children
are not allowed to associate with you. Their parents
The hurricane in Haiti left many of your
brothers homeless. Are you helping
fear that your bad karma will rub off on their children
build this “earth bag” house? and bring bad fortune to their family. Because you
have no home, there is no place to shower, and your
appearance and smell are repelling to most.
You exist because ungodly men raped your mentally challenged (retarded)
mother, who also roams the streets, homeless, helpless. What will your
tomorrow be like? Do you want to be a doctor, policeman, or lawyer? You
can’t worry about that and the necessary education. You only have time to
think about tonight, as your stomach growls from hunger, and which house
might possibly provide your breakfast in the morning.
One day, your life took a different direction. A social worker brought you
to live at Deva Anbu Illam. Immediately, you were introduced to 120 other
children who will not look down on you or be prejudiced toward you because
Bathrooms have to be “just so”. you are an orphan. They know how you feel.
Does yours look anything like this?
As you approach the cottage that will be your new home, you see for the
first time your smiling new house mother and the five other children who will
grow to be your brothers and sisters. How will you get food? This is so far
from the Pothanur houses where you have always begged. Meet Devanesan
and Dorisami, our cooks at DAI. From this day onward you can have all of the
food you want to eat.
Curiously, you observe your first worship service, and a young man stands
to lead singing, and one of your friends leans to explain that this is Paul, and he
is going to school to be an attorney. Imagine if you were Reuben.
Our American schools are so under-
Reuben is with us now. He couldn’t help where or to whom he was born. He
funded. Are they this color. . . .?
needed someone who cared, and he found just that. The Lord willing, he will
in the spend his life praising God for His mercy and grace to the fatherless. Before
world long, he will likely be the one leading the songs, the prayers, the preaching, just
have no like all of the others who have come. God is great! Reuben’s clothing, food
problem and housing will cost $35 per month. A commitment to take on the support of
with one of these children could be the best resolution you ever made. U
sity. . . . Contact us at the Banner Elk Church of Christ; doniverson@juno,com

They are starving. Many of our Christian brothers and sisters face natural disasters and other
crises too great for them to handle alone. Is it through the hearts of American Christians that
God would bring them succor? But even greater than the physical needs,
what about the SOULS? (BBC)
36 Global Harvest

A Voice in a Barren Land

Alejandro DelZotto

My name is Alex Del Zotto. I am forty to be in Christ Jesus and, for the lack of Christ is not in the area. Entre Rios,
five years old, married for twenty two of understanding the language, many Argentina has 1,200,000 people and,
years, originally from Argentina, where people are lost and without hope. My officially, there is not a congregation
my Italian grandfather had settled after commitment comes from the letter of in that state. For two years and a half
WWI. In 1999, the economy in Argentina Jude: “But ye, beloved, building up we  have been sending the Gospel by
wasn’t great, and it wasn’t a safe place yourselves on your most holy faith, FM radio station in the northwest of
to raise our daughters. We moved to the praying in the Holy Ghost, Keep the state. In the state of Buenos Aires,
United States, to Naples, FL. yourselves in the love of God, looking a small congregation asked for help
We were Catholics and we went to for the mercy of our Lord Jesus Christ to broadcast our programs at a cost of
a Catholic church but it wasn’t fulfilling unto eternal life. And of some have $750 for a year!  This cost covers the
our spiritual needs. We met the Martinez compassion, making a difference: And transmission of two programs per week
family in 2002. They came from Argen- others save with fear, pulling them out for 52 weeks, 10 minutes each time.
tina also, and had been members of the of the fire; hating even the garment You can be a part of this effort with an
church of Christ all their adult lives. We spotted by the flesh. Now unto him annual pledge of only $15. This means
started having Bible studies together that is able to keep you from falling, that the people there will receive the
and decided later to begin attending the and to present you faultless before the Gospel program and an invitation to be
Naples Church of Christ. In 2005, my presence of his glory with exceeding part of God’s family two times a week
oldest daughter, Fiorella, was baptized. joy, To the only wise God our Savior, for a full year! U
A few months later, my wife, Patricia, be glory and majesty, dominion and Join with us in this effort!
and I decided to become Christians, and power, both now and ever. Amen.” For more information, call 662-650-0055.
we were baptized as well. Lucia, our We are so thankful for the joy we My email is DESCUBRIENDOAJESUS@
youngest daughter, was baptized in 2009. have in Christ Jesus our Lord and our GMAIL.COM
Send your support to Liberty Church of
From the time I became a Christian, Redeemer, and this joy cannot be kept
Christ, 689 Highway 25 Dennis, Missis-
I was committed to be a follower of our in ourselves any longer. We need your sippi. 38838; (Mention “Discovering Je-
Master, Jesus Christ. Daniel Martinez help to reach places where the church sus” on the envelope)
and I began working with a small group
of Spanish people in our area. The church
later asked us to move our meetings to
the church building, which was good
because we were growing. After a year
of classes, the Martinez family moved
to Spain. I kept the classes going and
also started visiting the church of Christ
in Immokalee, about 25 miles from our
home. I saw the need there and offered
my help. I started giving Bible classes
during the week and later became the
song leader, too.
In 2008, I started a school for
preachers online and invited the men
of the Immokalee church to participate
in the video-conference classes. I know
from the bottom of my heart the need
Global Harvest 37

Haiti Christian Development Project

and Recovery Effort
Dr. David Smith

Thank you for your love and Testament Worship, Building under construction for the use of the
caring. Please know that the elders and You Can Be Just a church and outreach programs in Gonaives.
are faithfully overseeing this recovery Christian are put to good
work and while remaining totally use.
committed to evangelism and church We want brethren to
planting (which continues as we know that in the midst
respond to physical needs). of all of the turmoil
The books being donated by and chaos of this year,
“World Evangelism” will be absolutely evangelism has not been
fabulous. We are quite serious about neglected at the Poteau
trying to have a library, and we plan to church of Christ.
primarily utilize our building (we are Pacius has reported:
moving to another building next door – “We have more than
“headquarters”) as a place from which 125 people as new converts in our We then traveled to Bangnol (Bay-
books can be kept as a library and congregation. We go door to door to onaisse foothills) with the preacher,
teaching materials can be dispensed. preach every second Saturday of the John Peter Merihil. We met with some
There is no other such place in Haiti. month. People come from different of the people in the village, visited
This container is a unique opportunity areas in Gonaives to attend our service. the tuition-free school conducted in
for us to ship them without the usual Now we have more than 300 in our a tarp-wrapped tent-like structure.
high cost. The set of 150 books for the worship service. For instance, today we We saw the arbor-loo latrine, saw the
library of the preacher training school have 248 people in the worship. I did children pump and carry water from the
will be wonderful. We will be sure that not expect that because of the election, property well, and then saw them enjoy
the copies in French of The Gospel of but this goes over our expectation. the feeding center (for some, their only
Christ, The Church of the Bible, New People walked to come to worship meal of the day).
because there was no Tap-Tap today.” John Peter then traveled back with
Children being fed. In working with Pacius in the us to Gonaives to the office of Dr.
recovery effort, I made a trip to Haiti. Due Grenson Jeune, Pacius’ cousin. Thirty-
to delays created in Port au Prince, we nine year-old John Peter suffers from
stayed in a hotel near Montrous, but we Sickle Cell anemia, and the ulcer on his
were up at 4:45 A.M. and off to Gonaives. leg has been a major source of disability
We visited the new construction at the for him. Dr. Jeune and I biopsied the leg
HCDP headquarters and set up Pacius’ in hopes of finding a treatable infection
new computer which will allow us to that would hasten its recovery. It was
communicate through Skype. an interesting journey back to the US
Next, we met with the Poteau elders with the specimens which had to be
for two hours and discussed some of kept on ice — not such a problem here,
their physical needs. It was such an but interesting in Haiti, going through
encouragement to hear them reason customs, etc.
together in such a harmonious way. We visited the Bois Marchand
Other key issues included the building farm, visited with the chief, and saw the
and management of the proposed recent improvements. New bunk beds
village in Bangnol. Continued on page 41
38 Global Harvest

Collierville Church of Christ Prepares

for Guyana, South America, 2011!
Randy L Gaddy
What began as a spark has taken
flame. The Collierville congregation
located in Collierville, TN completed
its 3rd trip in July, 2010 to Guyana,
South America, after teaming up with
two other congregations in efforts to
share the Gospel with precious souls
and to encourage the faithful. A fourth
campaign is planned for July, 2011.
What began as a team of two
within the congregation on the first Evening meetings with Christians and
journey to South America has now visitors during the Collierville campaign.
grown to six people (Randy Gaddy,
Staci Gaddy, Ashea Gorden, Khristian Amerindian Missions — Guyana
Kellum, Beckie McGill, and Rebecca
Rushmore) with hopes of increasing Mission: The Lord’s Church in Every Village
that number. During that week in and a Bible in Every Hut
Guyana, in addition to the scheduled Jerry O. Davidson
classes on Saturday and each evening,
14 Americans conducted Bible studies
with 56 individuals, set up four Bible Yupukari Village is located deep in so when we arrived there on this trip
correspondence courses, and witnessed the interior of Guyana. The village is I went to her house where I met her
three baptisms. The local brethren plan made up of Amerindians of the Maku- husband Clifton. After visiting a while,
to continue the studies that weren’t shi tribe. Our mission was to establish we began a study of the Bible. Clifton
finished when we left. The work that the Lord’s church. The team consisted had a list of Scriptures he wanted me
was done was a great encouragement of 10 Americans, 2 Trinidadians, and to explain. The next day he had a new
to all who participated. about 25 Guyanese brethren. We arrived list. After studying, Clifton said, “I’ve
in mid afternoon, just in time to select a been waiting for you to come.” What
Recently I Took a location for our camp before sun down. he meant was that he had been waiting
Mission Trip A site was located in the heart of the for someone to come to teach him the
Khristian Kellum village for conducting services. A string truth. I wonder how many there are,
Recently, I took a mission trip to of light bulbs were strung up and, with all over the world, who are waiting
Guyana, South America. I honestly the use of our generator, we had lighting for someone to come teach them the
thought I wasn’t ready to go on such a for the first service of which would be Gospel? After several days of studying
trip. When I first arrived there it was very an open air campaign. Several team with Clifton and Maureen, they decided
late. I was shocked to find that I loved members walked throughout the village to be baptized.
being there, and I didn’t mind stepping to announce that we would be having Two by two we crossed the river
up to lead a devo before going out to services that very night. We were thrilled in a canoe to a sandbar. After having
start our daily routine of door knocking to have an attendance of 275. prayer together, they were baptized.
or leading a Bible study. If anything, Last October we visited the village Clifton changed into dry clothing and
going on the mission trip made me want of Yupukari and met a number of vil- threw his old pants into the river and
to get up and lead. If I was given the lagers. One was Maureen Laurindo said, “The old is gone and the new has
chance to do it again, I would have to who is a member of the village council. come” (2 Corinthians 5:17). With that
say “ABSOLUTELY”. U She seemed to be a good prospect, Continued on page 41
Global Harvest 39

Nicaraguan Evangelists in New Groundbreaking Role

Glover Shipp
David and Kim Romero were mis- he established, or sent others to them, repeating what was done at Masaya.
sionaries to Nicaragua, sponsored by to build them up in the faith. They tell us that there are dozens of
the Edmond, Okla., church. Upon In keeping with this model, the small churches in Nicaragua, most of
their return to the U.S., they wanted three moved recently to the town of them just struggling to survive, so they
to see their efforts there continue to Masaya. The young church there had see no end to the circuit they intend to
flourish. As a result, they proposed to attendances of about 25, which has now make in coming years.
the Edmond missions committee that grown to 40. When they discovered that One long-range goal of these three
three young national evangelists be a number of the members had fallen men is to be vocational missionaries,
supported by Edmond. away, they first concentrated on them, earning at least part of their expenses
nine of whom have been restored. The through secular employment. To this
team has visited all of the members, end they are learning English and
both faithful and non-faithful. It taking university courses, along with
has started classes for both men and Bible studies. The Edmond elders
women, preparing them for service. believe them to be on a sound biblical
Members are more dedicated track, one that will not tie them down
now to attending weeknight services. permanently to one congregation or to
They report that “one Monday night American support. As Paul made tents,
the building was almost full and the so they will have secular professions
presence of so many members excited on which to rely in their efforts to serve
the leaders so much that some went the Lord effectively in Nicaragua.
forward to express their joy over the The development of this mission
attendance that night.” strategy was a collaborative effort
The team has not neglected among the three evangelists, David and
evangelism, with continued baptisms. Kim Romero, the elders assigned to
Fifteen people are attending a class missions, and members of the mission
for newly-baptized members. They committee, all of whom had a strong
are also studying with fourteen new desire to see the work and investment
contacts. the Edmond church had made in
Back row, left to right: Juan Pablo and The team’s goals include conducting Nicaragua continue in a new way. U
Fatima Perez, Cruz and Gabriel Rivera. seminars and Gospel meetings on a Glover Shipp is an elder in the Edmond, OK
Front row, left to right: Keyling Perez regular basis, challenging the church church, with years of missionary experience.
(Juan Pablo Perez’s oldest daughter), through sermons and
Jose Guido and Rebecca Perez (Juan
practical classes, and
Pablo’s youngest daughter).
acquiring a more ade-
That appears to be nothing new in quate meeting place
itself, but it is. The three young men — for the church. The
Juan Pablo Pérez, Gabriel Rivera, and present facilities are
José Guido — were to circulate among too small, they report,
small, struggling congregations and and in a location that
attempt to build them up numerically is not conducive to
and spiritually, so that they could real growth.
become self-sufficient and able to Once the Masaya
evangelize and support their own church is more firmly
minister. In this, the three evangelists established, the team
would imitate the efforts of the apostle plans to move on to
Paul, who moved among the churches another congregation, Members of the Masaya church in front of their building.
40 Global Harvest

Biblical Institute of Central America

George W. Hall
Come, let us reason together. more years to work.) It is clear; for On weekends, the students work
God’s mission demands it. See if the the same investment you get 2,800 with congregations to teach the lost and
following makes good sense to you. years compared to 12. We estimate that teach the members to teach the lost.
Let’s look at some numbers as we they will baptize about 20 per year per Ten weeks per year they are on a week-
compare two different approaches: (1) graduate. Twenty per year times 2,800 long evangelistic campaign. In 2009,
Traditional (2) Another way. years equals 56,000 baptisms. the students started 21 house churches.
Suppose the local church wants WOW! However, this is just a drop Drop them from a plane with a Bible
to commit $70,000 a year for 12 years in the bucket when you consider the 2 and a parachute, and they will have a
to teach the lost in a certain area. The Timothy 2:2 effect — teaching others church meeting in two weeks. While
traditional way would be to send a to teach others. If they only teach one in school, they will have had 600-700
family from the USA to another country. to teach one every year, there will be Bible studies with the lost. They get
Typically, culture and language study 2,800 teachers of the lost. The result is some vocational help, sometimes in
would be involved. Often private multiplication. The 70 will start many the form of tools of their trade. Others
school for the children would be a need. new churches. What do you think? get schooling, while still others get
Generally furniture and vehicles are What do you dream—70, 200, 500 material assistance.
shipped. Every year or two a trip to the new churches? Suppose 30 churches Many people on missions commit-
USA would be customary for reporting take up the challenge to support BICA tees are ready to bear witness to this
and family visits. Surely the missions with $70,000 per year ($70,000—that’s work. Simply request references, and
people of the church would visit the 14 students). The 56,000 baptisms they will be supplied. Contact me,
field, etc. If they convert 20 a year, at the times 30 equals 1,680,000 saved, not George Hall, Executive Director,
end of 12 years you would have a church counting the tremendous 2 Timothy 2:2 at or David
of 240 people. With the addition of 20 effect. You see it. I know you do. As Romero, Associate Director, at david.
per year for 40 more years, the church you work with BICA, your joy will be We seek your
will have 1,040 members in a total of 52 immeasurable. Together, you, BICA, fellowship in this work.
years. Not bad — not excellent. Perhaps and God will make it happen. All of We encourage you, your friends,
the USA brethren spend an additional our mission eggs are not in one basket. and church leaders to sign up for the
$100,000 for a building. Maybe a local While in the Biblical Institute monthly BICA newsletter by email.
person is put on USA support for years. of Central America for two years, Notify either of the above contacts or
Dependency kills! Often there is a the student becomes an excellent Please share this
leadership vacuum when the missionary evangelist. Without passion for the with friends and church leaders. U
returns to the USA. vision, our work is in vain.
Let’s look at another way. Let’s use Jesus displayed compassion
the $70,000 differently. Let’s invest in for the people (Matthew
building men who will be lifetime self- 9:35-38). You can teach your
supported (not dependent) missionaries lips off, but without passion
in their own culture. Suppose you nothing happens. The
support 15 students in BICA, a two- student will have studied
year school. If seven are graduated every book of the Bible,
yearly, then in 12 years (10 graduating evangelism, the church,
classes) 70 will have graduated. Since homiletics, etc. The school is
most are young, we project 40 years steady, hard, practical work.
of service. Forty years times seventy (We work seven days per
graduates equals 2800 years of service. week.) Monday — Friday
(That’s like one man working from is classroom work. Often at
the time of Christ until now, with 800 night, they teach the lost. Students at the Biblical Institute of Central America.
Global Harvest 41

Recovery in Haiti Amerindian Missions —

Dr. David O. Smith Guyana
Continued from page 37 Continued from page 38
had been built for us by Hope for Haiti work volunteers, and comment I was certain he understood what had just taken
assembled by Charlie McGee. We saw the big smile on the place. On the way back to the village, Clifton was very
face of Pierre Charles as he showed us the completed earth quiet. When we stopped the vehicle at his house, I noticed
bag house that would allow him to live and provide security his entire body was trembling. He was weeping tears of joy
to our Bois Marchand farm. over his conversion. I will never forget that day.
At 2 p.m. Pacius and I had our first meal of the day (I Another couple I met was Kenneth and Inez Dorrick.
would not be a good Haitian) of delicious rice and chicken. He is a forrner captain of the village and she is a teacher
I then had a profitable 45-minute discussion with one of the at the primary school. Several individuals on our team had
preachers, Daniel Alexandre, whom I have known since he studied with them. After each session they were encouraged
was about 5 years old. to obey the Gospel. Finally, they scheduled a time for us to
We left Gonaives about 3:15 p.m. and headed back come to their house. We walked down to the lake for their
toward Port au Prince. Wow, a delicious meal and good rest! baptism. However, Kenneth said he was not ready that day.
The nightly tropical thunderstorm made for good sleeping He said he wanted several people to be present when he was
for us, but I could not help but hurt for those thousands in baptized so there will be no question about his baptism. A
their tents, tarps and sheet shelters for whom rain continues few days later Kenneth, his teenage daughter and her boy
to be a major irritant. friend were immersed into Christ.
After landing in Port au Prince, we had a historic meeting Mr. Osmond Holden had been one of the first in the
with our attorney, Ms. Kim Sassine. Pacius and I signed the village to be baptized. His son, Sylvester, the Health Worker
papers for the formation of Haiti Christian Development in the village and his wife, Sharia, a teacher at the primary
Project as an official organization in Haiti. This should help school, were also converted. We were thrilled that at least
us in importing some of our shipments with less import eight couples obeyed the Gospel during this campaign. I
taxes, and it may even allow us to acquire some government believe the church will be stronger, having both husband and
grants that were not accessible previously. wife as Christians.
We also met with Harry Hames of Healing Hands Container Shipment
International and discussed the well-drilling operation in Haiti. In June, a forty-foot container was loaded with supplies
We are still trying to help in numerous ways and to create and shipped to Guyana. This is a vital part of the evangelistic
housing for the many refugees in our area (it has been said work we are doing to help the poor brethren there with
that the largest numbers of refugees went to the Artibonite). some basic needs, such as shoes and clothing. This is an
Some of our Christians from 30 miles south and surrounding ongoing project, and the participation of congregations in
areas died from cholera, but the numbers are not great. Our Alabama, Tennessee, Florida, and Mississippi make this
previous teaching about good hygiene has saved lives. We work possible. U
are now trying to get water filters and purification equipment
to appropriate areas. Jerry O. Davidson can be contacted at
We will be working to create housing for the refugees
over the next many months. It is a slow process, but these
little earthbag (concrete stucco) houses are very strong
and affordable ($2200-2500). They will give appropriate
housing for scores of people. The people will have a pure
water supply, and there will be some areas for gardens and
for animals — goats/rabbits, etc. U

David E. Smith, MD, of Heart Clinic Arkansas, 10100 Kanis

Road, Little Rock, AR, 72205, works with the Haiti Christian
Development Project in Gonaives, Haiti. The web site for re-
porting on the Haiti recovery effort is
42 Global Harvest

The Garcias’ Peruvian Mission Trip

Helmut Garcia

During ten days the local Hispanic minister from North and studies with the church and with individuals. We met
Highlands church in Russellville, AL, Juan Garcia and his together with the Montecarlo church, located in Lima north
lovely wife, Laura, spent time at the two Peruvian Amazon area, and took two current pictures, where the congregation
congregations. Being away from their home-country for 4 worships and also of our family.
1/2 years, they felt truly blessed to return and to be able to We thank God for the opportunity to teach His Word, as
work with the church members from those amazing places Scripture says: “Be steadfast, unmovable, always abounding
called Requena, over the Ucayali River, and Iquitos, the in the work of the Lord, since you know that your labor is not
main city in the Peruvian jungle over the Amazon River. in vain in the Lord.”
First day: There were ladies’ classes on Saturday Juan and Laura Garcia minister at the Hispanic con-
afternoon with an attendance of about 25 Christian women, gregation in Russellville, Alabama. U
and from 7 to 9 P.M. a Gospel meeting was held at the
Requena congregation with 45 people attending. North Highlands Church of Christ. P.O. Drawer H Russellville,
Alabama 35653; Phone: (256) 332-3315; http://picasaweb.
Second day: At Sunday morning worship services, there
were 60 people, and when the meeting was over two new souls esAndStuff#
were added to the Lord’s church. Sixty-five people came for
the evening class.
Third day through day six, there was a VBS. For the
last VBS class, 125 children were present. For five days in
a row, several Bible studies were set up during morning and
afternoon sessions.
Children are a blessing and we recall our Lord saying:
“Allow little children, and forbid them not, to come unto me:
for of such is the kingdom of heaven.”
Everybody rejoiced about such Bible studies and home
evangelism classes, and several brethren wanted us to stay
another week, teaching them God’s Word. When we were
about to leave some church members were close to the boat, Above: Juan and Laura Garcia, with their son, Helmut,
begging us not to go. We remembered the Scripture when their daughter, Maria Laura, and her daughter, Damaris,
Paul saw for the last time the Ephesus elders at Miletus with grandmom, Teofila. Below: the Montecarlo church
and building in Lima, Peru.
offshore, crying out, since they would not see him again.
We were grateful to God to know those faithful Christian
families in the Peruvian jungle. They are doing a great
job daily and, hopefully, more church missionaries will be
willing to come down and strengthen them.
Back in Iquitos City, several brethren were waiting for the
Garcias to spend time with the local congregation that meets
about 10 minutes away from downtown. This new congregation
was established ten months ago, in an area close to Putumayo
Avenue, a main road. Several brethren from Lima and Requena
have been going there to help out this very new church work,
the only one in that area. It is a great blessing to have them as
our fellow-Christians and to inspire us not to give up on working
harder for the Lord.
Coming back to Lima city after two weeks of working
at the town Amazon congregations, there were Bible lessons
Global Harvest 43

Forty Years of the Church in Geneva, Switzerland

Doyle Kee

The church in Geneva began in

the spring of 1970 with the arrival of
Doyle and Barbara Kee and their three
children. With the help of many other
workers during campaigns and one
to two years’ residences in Geneva,
the church has matured. Today, there
are four elders, four deacons, and one
full-time brother who works with the
educational activities of the church.
The teaching and preaching is a
mutual ministry (no paid preacher)
with as many as eight brothers
involved. There are about 90 members
and an attendance regularly surpassing
100 participants. The church has good
facilities of five classrooms and an
auditorium that can hold a maximum
of 130 people. The Geneva church is
ready to move ahead into its next 40
years of history. It is growing locally
Doyle and Barbara Kee, missionaries to Geneva for forty years.
and has a strong mission program into
June 13, 2010, the Geneva, Switzerland, church celebrated its 40th French-speaking countries.
anniversary. Participants in the week-long work and celebration emphasis came More information can be obtained
from Scotland, Canada, France, and the USA. James Jones, Yann Opsitch, and at or
Arlin Hendrix were special speakers. U

Romania — Looking at Progress

Harvey Starling
Attendance for Second Annual Youth Day — 110 to find and teach people. Of course, this report sounds good
Quarterly Saturday Deaf Bible School in Pitesti — 37 but I assure you we are far from “giving our all” to reach
Number of Romanian Gospel Preachers available in more souls. We can do a better job in every way.
three districts — 15 There seems to be a great spirit of unity among the
Bibles purchased for distribution in 2011 — 1,000 Romanian brethren and also with the some 25 or so U.S. Bible
Number of children taught each Sunday in 7 churches — 176 teachers who come to work “short term” each year in the three
Newsletters published and distributed in 7 churches — 300 districts. The Midway church is a wonderful congregation.
Number of ladies in Craiova and Pitesti making warm They sacrifice much for the Romania work and also receive
garments for the needy — 50
all contributions for the work we do. There would have been
The willing liberality and sacrifice of so many congre- no “good news” this past year without them.
gations, small and large, and of individuals makes the work Great numbers of people have helped in many ways in
in Romania possible. We do not plan to “keep house” and let the past 20 years of our work here, and many are committed
things “go as they may”. Certainly God’s will must be done to continuing the spread of the kingdom in the years ahead.
,but as you have read in the newsletter, He is ready when we Specific plans have been made for 2011 and 2012 and
are. Conversions come one by one, but there are many ways Continued on page 44
44 Global Harvest

We spent the December holidays Our leading men are moving closer
with Pam’s family, after coming from to the eldership as they teach and
Colorado Springs where our daughter, preach, visit, and counsel. I’m really
Tess, and Stephen were married. They proud of them; and, if I am tempted to
made a beautiful couple; very much Charles White feel I am training them, I know for a
in love and committed to God and to fact that not I but the Spirit of the Lord
each other. Even the folks who were the little birds to visit with their mates is preparing these faithful men, giving
handling the details in the wedding — and their offspring. We look forward to them love and wisdom, knowledge of
people who do this all the time — were it, though we are happy while waiting. the Word and experience.
particularly moved. All in all, it was a Meanwhile, back in Lyon, the Please do pray for Antoinette,
truly lovely day. church is doing well, even though one of our sisters who is pregnant
We were also delighted to spend at the present moment neither of the but at risk of losing her baby because
some time with Tami and Tia and their missionary families is present. It’s the of complications from a previous
families during the preparations and the sign of a maturing group. A letter I pregnancy, and for our sister Danielle,
wedding. Having all three daughters received this morning tells me of one still confined. Thanks, too, for your
in the same place is becoming a rare of our future elders who preached and prayers for our health and for the
phenomenon. Another special blessing challenged the church for the New Year. resolution of the insurance situation in
was the presence of Liliane Raude, Here are the seven challenges: which we find ourselves at present.
Tess’ best friend from France, and 1) Participate in all spiritual activities A brother asked the Lord to bless the
Lynda Allibbe, a member of the church of the assembly; New Year, 2012. That’s right, 2012! A
in Lyon. It was like having part of home 2) Get rid of something in your life lapse, of course. But if things continue
with us in this strange land! that displeases God; to go as they are going, we’ll be in 2012
So, when the third little bird finds 3) Talk to people about the Lord; ... tomorrow. A famous French writer
her mate, the nest is truly empty. But, 4) Learn two Bible verses per week; said it this way:
you know, it is still as large as it always 5) Be an active member of the church; “Time flees, and carries me along;
was. In fact, it is even a bit larger than 6) Give regularly to the contribution; Even as I speak, this moment is gone.”
when all the girls were still home. If 7) Spend at least ten minutes a day in All the more reason to “redeem the
Pam and I seem a little alone in our prayer. time for the days are evil” (Ephesians
apartment, we are certainly not lonely. That’s a pretty good list, and I’m 5:16). U
We enjoy being together and busy at told that it particularly touched the Charles and Pam White, Lyon, France
home; and there is plenty of room for assembly. Email:
Charles White writes
We give thanks to God for the joy on two
Romania . . . of preaching the Gospel in Romania
for nearly 20 years. The challenges and
opportunities are greater now than ever
Continued from page 43 before, and we have hardly “touched
beyond. You can help by providing the hem of His garment”.
funds. The Romanian brethren work The God of eternity is on His throne
and they give. There is a sufficient and we must renew our determination
number of U.S. Christians committed to work and pray with trust in Him. He Upright,
to go and teach, but we are constantly is faithful! If we continue to plant and Traits of the
hindered by a lack of funds to carry water, He will give the increase. If we Righteous Heart ...
out the plans made. The needs for the linger and close our eyes to what we Lessons for serious Christians
year ahead are many, and we ask those must do or wait on Him to do it all, the $8.00
who wish to give to do so as soon as church will die and some will wonder The Missionary Myth...
possible. Every day is important. It is why. U An important study for those
urgent that more hear, that they may planning to send or go. $8.00
Harvey M. Starling: 101 Kelly Valley Lane,
have the opportunity to be forgiven and Harvest, AL 35749;; J.C. Choate Publications
added to the Lord’s church. Phone: 256-430-9914 662-283-1192
Global Harvest 45

The Lord’s Church in Syktyvkar, Russia

Larry Little

The decade of the 90’s began with the dramatic downfall unusually blessed with excellent leadership material. Thus,
of the “Iron Curtain” and communism in the Soviet Union. by the year 2000, the church had selected and appointed two
Immediately, hundreds of Christians from the West qualified men to serve as their first shepherds and, in the
began pouring into the atheistic country with evangelistic following year, full-time missionary presence ceased.
campaigns. The Gospel was proclaimed, believers were Brother Elam also envisioned a Bible and preacher
baptized, and churches were planted. training school based in Syktyvkar. In 1993 the elders of the
In the fall of 1991, one city where this occurred was West Main congregation in Tupelo, Mississippi committed
Syktyvkar, the capitol of the Komi Republic in northern, to overseeing and underwriting what is now called the
European Russia. Within a year of the first campaign, there Syktyvkar Bible School. Following Demar as the first Dean
existed a congregation of around 50 Christians. It soon were Charles Tharp, West Main’s preacher at the time, and
W.C. (Dub) Hill, one of their elders. Larry Little currently
serves as Dean.
From the beginning, the simple purpose of the two-year
men’s program and one-year women’s program was to train
Russian men in their own country and culture to become
evangelists, Bible teachers and church leaders, and Russian
women how to teach the Bible to children. Through the
years, qualified American and Russian Christians have
taught the courses. Now in its 17th year, over 90 men and
women have been trained by the school and are at work in
the kingdom. Gennady Scherbakov, one of Syktyvkar’s
elders, serves as director, and administration of the school is
now under the oversight of the Syktyvkar elders.
Left to right: Three elders of the Syktyvkar congregation,
and the local preacher whom they support. In addition to the school, the Lord has continued to
use the Syktyvkar Church of Christ in other mighty ways
became evident that attention needed to be directed toward within the Kingdom in Russia. Beginning in 1996, James
grounding these babes in Christ and preparing Gospel Continued on page 50
preachers. Rising to the challenge, two American elderships
made long-term commitments destined to serve both the
Syktyvkar church, and the Russian brotherhood at large in
the years to come. This is the story of the Lord’s work in
Syktyvkar, Russia.
Demar Elam of, what was then, Southern Christian
University, was primarily responsible for organizing and
leading the first campaigns into Syktyvkar. Two elders and
others from the Midway congregation in Trinity, Alabama
participated in those first campaigns that resulted in the
church being planted there. Soon the Midway elders began
to realize the need for grounding the young Syktyvkar
church and training local leadership.
In the winter of 1992, in response to the Syktyvkar
church’s invitation, the elders assumed oversight of Larry
and Kay Little to work full-time in maturing the young
church. From the beginning, the Syktyvkar church was The meeting place of the Syktyvkar congregation.
46 Global Harvest

Work with Language Groups in Your Area

Robert Prater
Brethren, it is evident that most every city, on most every with a Chinese assembly. Quasi-Pentecostal, they said that
continent, that has a university and/or businesses and industries they had been praying for someone to come and teach them
that are caught up in the sweep of globalization, will have Bible the truth more accurately. Preaching and teaching publicly
study groups or churches in multiple languages. Erlangen, and privately “the power of God unto salvation”, progress
Germany, with a population of some 104,000, but with a has been slow, but the seed has been sowed, truth in things
280+ year-old university having an enrollment of more than pertaining to “life and godliness” has been inculcated.
20,000 students, has “Christian” assemblies in the immediate In early 2006, I began a renewed effort to learn Spanish,
area worshiping in Greek, Russian, Thai, Turkish, one or more and I have twice read through the revised version of the
Iranian languages, and one or more Philippine dialects. Larger “Reina Valera” Bible. I discovered that a Baptist Latino
cities should have even more. Perhaps all will not be open to congregation, with both Spanish- and Portuguese-speaking
outside influence, but some surely will be, if approached with members, was meeting in Erlangen, and this newly-minted
an authentic demonstration of “the fruit of the Spirit”. Spanish student lost little time in joining them for their
You do not need personal knowledge of the languages Saturday evening meetings. They have been informed about
spoken in your city; all you need is one reliable person in the the availability of World Bible School courses in Spanish
contact group, with whom you share a common language, and Portuguese, and the Jule Miller filmstrips in Spanish,
who can interpret for you. Foreign students and employees as well as the World English Institute courses, and mild
of international corporations will, of necessity, speak the interest has been awakened. Meanwhile, their friendshp is
language of the people who surround them, and, likely, being cultivated and personal study of Spanish intensified.
will proudly exhibit their skill in interpretation. Some may Friday evenings are devoted to a group of French-
have even studied interpretation as a separate discipline. speaking Camerounians. I have encouraged them to
One student at Changsha University practised simultaneous include in their weekly meetings a serious study of the
interpretation of newscasts, Chinese to English, or vice versa, Word of God, instead of simply singing choruses, praying
which demanded a high level of competence. and giving “testimony”.
The opportunity is there, beloved, and those who have In 1942, when President Franklin Delano Roosevelt
“come to the knowledge of the truth” themselves, and who inaugurated the OSS, fore-runner of the CIA, the original
have the directive of “the King of kings and Lord of lords”, document stipulated that that those chosen for this duty
will assuredly want to enable others to be saved by enabling should be prepared to “go anywhere, bear any burden, pay
them to come to the knowledge of the same truth, “buying any price”. In seeking to measure up to this worthy standard
up the opportunity”. in fulfilling a ministry for the Lord Jesus, only the words:
Despite under-funding, which besets many disciples of “for the gospel’s sake” have been added. U
the Lord abroad, an attempt is nevertheless being made by
Robert Prater: Email
myself to say “Yes” to every appeal that is received, in the
spirit expressed by the apostle Paul: “And I do all things
for the gospel’s sake . . .” (1 Corinthians 9:23). This
represents a personal objective that was inspired by a
visiting evangelist at the congregation that was then
“home”, and adopted, at the age of 16. He proposed, in
effect: “Don’t ever say ‘No’ to any appeal for service
to Christ”. This remains a dominant life-rule, and will,
God willing, as long as life, health and means endure.
Arising from the love engendered in my heart for
the Chinese people, an opening was gratefully exploited
here in Erlangen, beginning in February, 2010, to meet,
usually each Sunday afternoon (after morning worship The Chinese group to which I am teaching
with the saints in Wuerzburg) and Wednesday evening, “the truth more accurately”.
Global Harvest 47

Donnie S. Barnes

The Lord’s Church in Nazareth, Israel, now has elders. responsible for keeping the Lord’s church alive in Nazareth
On Sunday, October 10, Bishara Bishara, and Suhail Shleyan during some very difficult years in the past
were appointed as elders of the Nazareth Church of Christ The congregation’s minister, Maurice Jadon, has served
before a record attendance of 76 people. The audience was the people of Nazareth for almost three decades. It has
comprised of members of the Nazareth congregation, family long been his desire to see leadership develop among the
members, visitors from the community, and six American men of the congregation. In addition to the two new elders,
brethren invited for the special occasion. the congregation is anticipating the future appointment
of deacons. Maurice began the October 10 service with
reasons why this was such an important step in the life of the
congregation in Nazareth.
Elders from three congregations in Tennessee par-
ticipated in the ordination service. Bob Mayes, elder from
the Signal Mountain Church of Christ in Chattanooga, TN,
represented the congregation that has supported the local
evangelist in Nazareth for the past thirteen years. Bob
Cowan, an elder from the Red Boiling Springs Church of
Christ, along with his wife, Regina, represented the church
that will be taking on a more involved role with the Nazareth
congregation in January. Evertt W. Huffard, an elder from
the White Station Church of Christ in Memphis, TN, along
with his wife, Ileene, served as missionaries in Nazareth for
five years and now regularly return to teach and encourage
the church in Nazareth. Donnie S. Barnes, minister of the
Bishara, age 70, is a retired educator. For over thirty years Red Boiling Springs Church of Christ and formerly an elder
he served as principal of Galilee Christian High School in the in Myrtle Beach, SC, has had a continued involvement with
village of Eilaboun. In addition to his administrative duties, the Nazareth congregation for 40 years.
Bishara taught English and Hebrew and presided over the daily The Lord’s church was planted through the pioneering
chapel program. A history teacher from the school commented efforts of Ralph T. Henley and Ernest Stewart in 1960. More
during the October 10 service that Bishara lived each day of the than nine families have served as missionaries in Nazareth
week as if it were Sunday. Since his obedience to the Gospel since that time. Many efforts through the past 50 years, and
in 1958, his humble demeanor, astute wisdom, and faithfulness especially during the past three years, led to the historical
to God’s Word have long served the cause of Christ throughout day of October 10, 2010, in Nazareth, Israel.
the Galilee. He and his wife Anesseh have four children, two To current knowledge, this is the first time in the history
of which are teachers, and four grandchildren. Anesseh is of the churches of Christ in the Middle East that a church has
presently working with a school, also. appointed elders, since biblical times. Even now plans are
Suhail, age 50, has been a faithful Christian since obeying being formulated to increase the Lord’s work in Nazareth and
the Gospel in 1982. He is an engineer with the municipality throughout the Galilee. May these good efforts and these
(city government) of Nazareth. He and his wife, Mayada, are lovely Arab brethren be included in your prayers. May God
the parents of two teenage sons. His love for the Bible and the be glorified and many souls be brought to Him as a result.  U
church are well known to all who have been associated with Donnie S. Barnes, Minister, Red Boiling Springs Church of
the Lord’s work in Nazareth. Along with Bishara, Suhail is Christ, Red Boiling Springs, TN,
48 Global Harvest


Ruth Orr

This article could be a continuation first white women

of the Spring 2010 Global Harvest to ever enter this
article, “A Change of Heart, A Change prison. We could not
of Life” because Timplex, featured in help but feel a little
that article, has truly given his life to honored and over-
God and His work since being restored whelmed by that.
to his first love two years ago. The first day we
We knew as Jesus’ disciples, we were given a tour
were instructed to go, go into the world of the prison, we
of the lost, meet them where they hurt. met all the guards
Go places we would normally not go; in charge and a
often working with the most difficult schedule was made Those who taught in the prison for 7 days: Prissy Sellers,
of people, in the most challenging of for the work we National Prison Chaplain from Zomba, Melvin Kalimani-
circumstances. Why? Because each hoped to do. Peter sha, William Bongwa, Timplex Nkosi, two other preachers
soul is so precious. Prissy Sellers and I said that we would from Mzimba, and Ruth Orr.
were willing to walk through that open be allowed to come
door. God had made it possible for back every day for the next six days to with him our goals and intentions, and
many souls to be taught the Gospel at teach and work with the prisoners. What he agreed with all we wanted to do and
a place called Mzimba prison, a prison an incredible opportunity was given us, was amazed at what he was hearing
which has been built to set an example and we stood almost speechless at what and seeing. He granted permission to
for all prisoners in Malawi. It can we were seeing and hearing! baptize those that desired to submit to the
accommodate 600 male prisoners and The next two days we were allowed Gospel of Christ and even said he would
15 female prisoners. No one had ever to teach all the prisoners. I was to teach allow us to take pictures of the baptisms
been in this place to teach or work with 15 World Bible School students for one — something no one had ever allowed
the inmates until Timplex Nkosi went and one half hours, and then another before at any prison.
there, hoping to hand out tracts and 15 would come in for one
World Bible School lessons. Through and one half hours until all
the chaplain’s office, the World Bible would be taught. At that
School lessons were gladly received time we had 187 World
and many signed up to take the courses. Bible School students, so
When Prissy and I went to Mzimba, it would take the two days
all we knew was that there were many to teach them all. Prissy
World Bible School students and that would go to each cell and
Church Street had sent over money teach those who were
to build a baptistery for some 42 men not World Bible School
requesting baptism. We also knew that students. As we taught and
Timplex was trying to get the Lord’s they requested baptism,
church started inside the prison, but we their names were written
were really not prepared for what we down and submitted to the
saw and heard when we got there. chaplain for authorization.
I had worked in many prisons in On the second day at the
Baptism of one of the 122 prisoners baptized that
Africa and knew the rules, so we had our prison, the National Chap-
day, others waiting to be baptized.
passports ready as the guard opened the lain for all the 30 prisons in
door. He said, “We don’t need those.” Malawi came from headquarters in the Saturday afternoon was scheduled
We were even allowed to keep all our Southern region of the country, some 15 for the baptisms. Every prisoner, man
belongings. He then introduced himself hours away, to see what was going on. and woman, had been taught the Gospel
and said, “I am Peter. I will be your guide He had heard of the reform in the lives the past two days, and what happened
and I am one of your World Bible School of so many and wanted to know what that evening is almost impossible to
students.” He then told us that we were the had caused such a change. We shared Continued on page 49
Global Harvest 49


Continued from page 48 other prisoners sat at the back. There This was on Saturday, and on Sun-
share in words. We all stood outside was complete silence as the Supper day as we gathered for worship at the
at the edge of the concrete baptistery was observed by all the new Christians. prison, Martin came running to us and
and watched as the Lord added to His The Lord’s Church now exists in the said, “I am going to high court!” We
church 113 souls, as each confessed his Mzimba prison! were all shocked and asked, “How
faith and was baptized for the remission The next week we were asked to did this happen?” He said he did not
of his sins. Tears flowed from prisoners come back and teach all the guards. So know but the guards were ready to take
as well as all who witnessed over four on Tuesday night every guard gathered him right then, so we just prayed with
hours of baptisms! Certainly, God gave in the library as the Gospel, in its him and wished him the best before he
the increase to the seed that was planted simplicity, was presented to them. Each left. On Wednesday of the next week,
in their hearts. asked for the World Bible School lessons Martin came back to the prison a “free
to be given to them. We went back on man”. The National Chaplain had
Thursday and asked if we could meet made it happen in three days!
with just the Christians to encourage Martin and his family have now
them. We presented them with bags moved to Tombolombo, Mzimba to
made by our women at Church Street, help teach and preach in some of the
a Bible, and literature to read, and soap. newly established congregations started
The next Sunday, 15 more con- while we were there. God answered our
fessed their faith and were baptized prayers of how those young churches
for the remission of their sins, and God would have help growing spiritually by
added them to the group that is now setting Martin free to work for Him!
worshiping and growing in Christ. God opened wide a door at the
One WBS student with arms out-
One day as we were teaching World Mzimba prison and we walked through,
stretched after his baptism.
Bible School students, one young but He also opened many other doors
prisoner, Martin Kamanga, wanted to talk which we were grateful to enter and
The National Chaplain said that he with me. He told of his being accused of teach His Word.
had never seen anything like what he something at
had observed over the past two days work that he
and that, of the 30 prisons in Malawi, did not do,
there had never been anyone in any of but because
them to teach as we had, and certainly he did not
there had never been a baptism in any have funds to
of them. He saw how God’s Word take his case
could truly transform the prisoners. He to high court,
then invited Prissy and me to come to he had been
the National Headquarters in Zomba in prison for
to meet with the commissioner of the almost three
prisons and talk about what can be years. He
done at the others through World Bible left a wife
School teaching. and 4 small
The next day being Sunday, the c h i l d r e n 600 Prisoners. 500 are WBS students; 328 are Christians now and
chaplain gathered all 600 men prisoners behind. He worship each sunday.
and 14 women prisoners together for had grown up in a Christian home and The preachers, Prissy, and I plant-
the worship service. Our preachers, was a faithful Christian when he was put ed seed, God gave the increase, and
one at a time, stood up before that in prison. Everyone there knew he was we thank Him for this awesome, life-
great assembly and spoke the Word innocent, they said. So, I just mentioned changing experience in which He
of God. When it came time for the to the National Chaplain about Martin allowed us to take part. U
Lord’s Supper, the officer in charge and asked him why he could not go to
had all the Christians come up to the high court. He simply said, “He can,” Ruth Orr, 1272 Yell Road, Lewisburg, TN
front and sit on the ground and all the and walked out of the room. 37091
50 Global Harvest

Operation . . . Syktyvkar, Russia

French World Continued from page 45
Mettenbrink, a former missionary in the Komi Republic, began
For the past 16 years, a ministry of translating sound brotherhood works into Russian
Bren & Cheryl White have for the Russian church. The Syktyvkar church agreed to work
been working with churches with him and now serves as distribution center for the country.
of Christ around the globe to To date, 42 books and nine monographs have been distributed
help train more workers for and are now in the hands of Russian Christians, free of charge.
God’s Mission, and to help In 2000, W.C. (Dub) Hill and his wife, Shirley, had a
spread the Gospel to French- dream of establishing a foster home for children in Syktyvkar.
speaking areas where there Brother Hill worked with the Syktyvkar elders and the dream
is no New Testament church. became reality. Today, the program is under the oversight
This informal evangelistic and administration of the Syktyvkar church and boasts 15
effort is called ‘Operation French World’. Doyle Kee, S.F. homes, housing some 85 widows, destitute women and
Timmerman, Bob Grigg, Sr., J. Lee Roberts, Hilton Terry & children, including 35 foster children. Another 90 women
Maurice Hall encouraged Bren to head up just such an effort and children have benefited, having already passed through
during a mission campaign in Brussels in 1994. the program. Many have obeyed the Gospel, and the church
Bren has worked on mission efforts since a very young has received much credibility in the eyes of the government
age, but worked as a manager in international business and the community.
for nearly 20 years before focusing full-time on world Through the years, men such as Marlon Rutherford
evangelism. Bren and Cheryl have helped to start churches and Mike Nix, along with others, have continued to return
in Maryland, France, Quebec and the West Indies. They are to the Komi region, evangelizing and strengthening the
currently working with local Christians to start churches in congregations. In 2009 the Syktyvkar church, working with
Colmar, France, La Rochelle, France, Baie St. Paul, Quebec, Marlon and Ronnie Morrison, established a new congregation
on the islands of St. Pierre and Miquelon. As a part of their in a nearby village, and they continue to nurture it in its
outreach efforts, they are using J.C. Choate books in English, development.
French and Spanish. Today, nearing their 20th anniversary, the Syktyvkar
Next Bren church is around 140 in number, served by three shepherds,
and his wife, a full-time evangelist (paid from the church treasury), has
Cheryl, are head- numerous classes for children and adults, is engaged in many
ed to other islands, ministries and has their own building which also houses the
this time in the Syktyvkar Bible School.
Caribbean. They But, also, there are growing challenges for the Lord’s
will be working people in Russia. Under Syktyvkar’s oversight, the church is
in March with active in regional evangelization and developing a distance
the St. Maarten learning program through the school that will take Bible
evangelist, Saba Island training to congregations throughout Russia that are weak
Marlon Lawrie, in the faith. Indeed, to use the language of 1 Thessalonians
and his wife, Subrena, to do initial outreach in Statia and 1:8, the word of the Lord continues to sound forth from
Saba (among the Netherland Antilles), with the aim of Syktyvkar, evangelizing the lost and strengthening a Russian
starting the first New Testament churches on these two tiny brotherhood in need of revival. Thanks be unto God and
islands. Pray that searching souls will be found and churches all praise, honor and glory be unto Him for His church in
can be established in these places. U Syktyvkar. U

If you would like more information, please contact Bren at of- Larry Little, 23110 AL Hwy 24, Moulton, AL 35650; Phone: 256 460 7068
Global Harvest 51

Setting Goals for

“Gospel Chariots”
George Funk

started the Downtown Pretoria Church of Christ with short

term Bible School; relocated to the Western Cape and started
the Lord’s Church in Plettenberg Bay and in Rundu and Walvis
Bay, Namibia; built and started the Vhembe Bible School in
The people of Venda; built and started the Bible School in Plettenberg Bay.
North Africa need God has blessed us over the years to not only travel with
a “Gospel Chariot” too. the Chariots into 11 countries, but to try to get another work
up and running every year. This way, we have been helping
We are very excited about 2011. There is so much planned
Africans evangelize Africa. Our goal is to leave a legacy and
for this year. The Chariots will once again be heading out
take advantage of the receptivity of a wonderful continent.
and reaching as many as possible. Last year was amazing,
and every year seems to get better and better as leaders in One kind of portable baptistery.
surrounding countries work with us and take advantage of
this receptive continent. Almost 1000 souls were baptized
last year alone. Our goal is to build a new Gospel Chariot for
North Africa in 2012, the Lord willing.
As you know, for many years now, we, at the begining
of every year, set a goal and try to reach it. As they say: If
you fail to plan, then you plan to fail. It has been so exciting
through the years, taking a step of faith and just trying to
accomplish a goal, over and above what we should be able
to do. Here are some of the goals achieved through God who
has blessed us with a desire to do that extra project for Him.
By the grace of God we started the Downtown Johan-
nesburg Church of Christ; built the first Gospel Chariot; started
the Lord’s Church in Nelspruit; started the Downtown Durban
2011 GOAL
Church and office; built the second Gospel Chariot for central
Africa; started the Lord’s Church in Windhoek, Namibia; Our goal for this year, is to establish a study room in
Atteridgeville, Pretoria. A strong eldership and congregation
People gathered for one of the tent meetings. in Pretoria will be helping us oversee the operation.
This project is all about literature and the printed word.
Once completed, it will assist all Churches of Christ with
evangelism and leadership materials. Many denominations
will be attracted to this office and, the Lord willing, many,
many doors will open. We hope to have this project up and
running by mid year. Please pray for this goal.
2012 GOAL
2011 has hardly started, and we know what we would
love to do in 2012. Our desire to reach more of Africa has
been on our hearts for many years now. Our goal is to build
Continued on page 53
52 Global Harvest
Malawi is a breathtaking land effort. Thousands in Malawi will have
that has been hidden from the world’s soap, toothbrushes, and toothpaste that
view for time immemorial, but today
her people are opening its doors for the The Malawi would not have otherwise been blessed
with these items.
world to see its treasures. It is a door
worth walking through. Project “Being the change” is a small boy
choosing not to spend his allowance
on himself but giving his grandfather
An Idea Whose Time Has Come
Richard Stephens the $3.00 allowance so the children of
The Malawi Project was created in Malawi can have something to eat.
the year 2000 after two of its founders, “Being the change” is when a boy
spiritual needs of the nation. The groups
Richard (Dick) and Diana (Suzi) sacrifices, not just one of his many books
may be without sufficient capital, or
Stephens of Indianapolis, Indiana for children in Malawi, but it is seen
in need of equipment or expertise to
had been serving in Malawi, Africa when he gives them his favorite book.
accomplish the lofty goals they have
since 1993. During those years they “Being the change” is when a
set for themselves. The Malawi Project
experienced the intense need of its young woman makes a single quilt
comes in as a partner and provides the
people. A vision was formed to create for someone in Malawi, and others
needed resources to help them get on their
a conduit through which humanitarian catch her vision and prepare and send
feet. After this is done, the organization is
aid could be funneled to a number of hundreds of quilts.
expected to be self-sufficient.
associate programs. This would not be “Being the change” is in a man’s
The Malawi Project owns no
a project that would imitate aid program work center where he produces bicycle
property or vehicles in Malawi
endeavors of the past. It would be carrier units for people he may never
and works at the discretion of the
based on a different set of principles. meet to get their supplies to and from a
Malawians who desire its presence. As
In a practical sense, the Malawi Project trading center deep in Africa.
aid programs exist around the world,
would be an incubator where new
the Malawi Project is unique. Members Literature Fills a Critical Role
programs could be birthed, established
of the Project are sensitive not to create
programs could be nourished, then both The African Continent is different
an unhealthy dependency that will lead
given independence to grow and prosper. than most other parts of the world in its
to American oversight and management
Today, the Malawi Project serves the almost unquenchable thirst for learning.
of the programs that should be carried
people of Malawi in every region of the Estimates conclude that each piece of
out by the local people themselves.
nation. literature is read by at least 10 people.
It seems to be part of human spirit
These asso- Several examples have been brought to
to desire to accomplish noble acts,
ciated programs light by members of the Project who
to be the change, to inspire others to
do not have a tell of literature sent to Malawi in the
greatness. The noble accomplishments
profit-making early 70’s that is still being used today
of people making a difference, of
goal, but are de- by their proud owners.
doing those things that help others, of
signed to be From booklets to books, Bibles to
reaching beyond themselves to serve
benevolent brochures, correspondence courses
others is seen nearly every day in a
g r o u p s to pamphlets on AIDS, the Malawi
thousand little ways through those who
serving the Project is both a publisher and a conduit
serve the people of Malawi from other
physical for hundreds of thousands of pieces of
parts of the world.
a n d literature each year. Shipments have
You can “Be the Change...” included 185,000 Bible courses, and
“Being the change” is seen in over 10,000 booklets were shipped to
Andy at his lemon-aid stand working preachers in Malawi and Mozambique.
to persuade his neighbors to send 1000 Approximately 10,000 books and book-
pairs of shoes to the children of Malawi. lets on moral character and Christian
“Being the change” is evident when principles were written specifically
the children in an entire school committed for the Malawi culture and sent to the
themselves to obtaining soap, toothpaste, country. U
and toothbrushes. Trunk after trunk after;
trunk were filled with the results of their Phone: 317-255-2758
Global Harvest 53

Gospel Radio, WBS, Conversions

Chariots in The Gambia
Isaac K. Daye
Continued from page 51 Power is the capacity to produce to all our sponsors and mission
result and nothing has the power work supporters, most especially
a 3rd Gospel Chariot for North Africa.
to produce salvation other then the to my sponsoring congregation, the
We have made a commitment in this
Gospel of Christ (Romans 1:16). Center Street Church of Christ that
regard for 2012. However, there are
The Hebrews writer says the has provided my family not only
some structures we need to put in
Gospel is powerful and effective, and with financial support but with love
place, first, before running ahead with
Isaiah declares it is productive. Yes, and prayers over the last 14 years
this project. Then, it is all systems go. It
indeed the Gospel has multiple effects, of mission work, spanning three
is not just about finding the funding for
some visible and others invisible. nations — The Gambia, Liberia, and
the Chariot. Every dream has to have a
Often it is the visible results that grip Sierra Leone.
our attention. One such result that We were blessed with the visit
This is what we need in this has brought me and the saints here of Eugene Prince, minister of the
stage of the preparation: in Bakau great joy is the conversion Alabaster Church in Alabama, who
and baptism of Leticia Davies who donated $8,000 towards our land
1. We are looking for a USA
started visiting us with her mother, purchase and and another $2,000
congregation that already works in
who came to know about the church towards the concreting of the front
Ghana or Nigeria, that would like to be
via my weekly radio broadcast about slab of our new edifice at Kanifing
part of this work.
three months ago. Church of Christ in The Gambia.
2. We need an African congregation
Leticia took her mother by I need your prayers for my next
with an eldership in Ghana or Nigeria
surprise when she requested baptism mission trip to Liberia and Sierra
to oversee this Chariot’s travels.
without consulting her first. Her Leone and I wish to offer special
So, in essence, we want to share
mother asked, “Why did you not wait thanks to Tusculum Church of Christ
responsibility with US and African
for me, as I am contemplating my own for their assistance in getting me a
leaders. This way we will be tapping into
baptism?” I said to her that “Baptism new and stronger PA system and $500
organization and leadership that already
for one’s salvation is personal and the to purchase some Bibles for my up-
exists, with accounting structures and so
only consultation needed is with the coming trip. I stay in need of Bibles
forth. We are from South Africa and very
Master, Jesus.” To that, the mother for free distribution to our graduating
far from North Africa. Our leadership
said Leticia should be baptized WBS students. U
style has never been one of micro-
immediately while she reflects on her ISAAC K. DAYE P.O. BOX 4066, BAKAU,
managing works outside of our country,
own response to the Gospel. THE GAMBIA. Phone 220 992 5398; E-
but rather of motivating, encouraging,
Once more we have seen the MAIL:
and stimulating evangelism. Thus, our
great visible power of the
goal is not to compete with others, but to
Gospel in the death and
work with them.
resurrection of a dead and
We have plans of advertising this in
lost soul. Leticia’s mother
the brotherhood’s Christian Chronicle
is not far from following her
newspaper. Our goal is to get more
daughter’s example. Your
congregations and brethren involved.
prayers can accelerate her
This will be a HUGE evangelistic
project for North Africa, and is tre-
With the reopening
mendously exciting! PLEASE PRAY
of our school, we will be
adding our sixth grade
George Funk’s email address: george. class. Special thanks go
54 Global Harvest

The Churches of Christ in the

French-Speaking World
FRENCH WORLD SUMMIT with the Lord’s Supper. For many years be the kind of fruit which causes heaven
October 22-24, Montreux, Switzer- David preached once a month, until and earth to rejoice.
land, hosted for three days the 13th his eyes could no longer see the Bible
summit of the world’s French-speaking print. He never attended a Bible school Report from St.
like us. David was and still is a Bible
countries. This included the 32 coun-
man; he read the entire Bible five or six
Pierre and Miquelon
tries where French is the official lan-
times a year. In August, Jean-Claude Schmidt
guage, and 38 others where French is
Unseen Hero? Yes! During 38 years, and Bren White flew to Portland, Maine,
the second language. From the Pacific
he never tried to be in front of anything then drove 11 hours through Canada to
islands to Canada to Mauritius and
to impose his opinion and never tried to fly from Halifax, Nova Scotia, to two tiny
beyond into Asia, it is estimated that
have the last word, using his advanced islands off the coast of Newfoundland.
there are 220 million people who speak
age. It is a privilege for me to inform you St. Pierre and Miquelon, the oldest
French as a first or second language.
of this hero in Christ, as I truly believe French overseas territory, is actually
This represents 13% of the world’s
that this man is a great example to us all. a part of North America. Bordered by
population and nearly all of them are
English-speaking Canadian provinces,
not yet God’s children! By 2050 there
these beautiful and unique islands have
will be between 700 and 750 million REJEAN DESBIENS: maintained their distinctive French
French speakers. 1941-2010 culture and language since the 1600’s.
French is the third language on the Rejean Desbiens died seven days Very few people visit these hard-
Internet (after English and German, after his baptism in Saguenay, Canada. He to-get-to islands, and no one from the
and ahead of Spanish). It is the 2nd had a rapidly growing cancer. However, churches of Christ has ever shared the
language in the European Union after when he understood the importance of Good News. In fact, to our knowledge, no
German and before English. Forty- an obedient faith, he readily obeyed the non-Catholic churches have ever existed
four percent of the French-speaking Gospel in the waters of baptism. here. Bren has been praying for souls on
people of the world live in sub-Sahara Even though he could hardly walk, these islands for 16 years.
countries of Africa where the number nothing could stop him from obeying With this one brief visit, God
will reach 500 million by 2050. the Lord’s command. He was baptized at opened up many doors! Bren and Jean-
the hospital for cancer patients. The staff Claude talked with over 80 people and
UNSEEN HEROES was very helpful and respectful to allow established 40 contacts for follow-up.
Sylvio Salomon the brethren to baptize Rejean. Heaven This level of receptivity is unheard of
Sunday, the 15 August 2010, the and earth rejoiced at the obediant faith in French-speaking areas outside of
church on the island of Mauritius of this new brother. After spiritually Africa and the Caribbean. Since no
celebrated the 90th birthday of David coming to life with Jesus, Rejean died Bibles were spotted anywhere on the
Emmanuelle, our oldest brother in Christ. physcially seven days later. islands, fifteen were distributed.
David called the church his true and Now for the rest of the story: Additional Bibles and materials
real family. He was added to the church Jean Grenier, the preacher in Saguenay- will be sent to contacts throughout this
in 1972, baptized by Eddy Kodye Baie-Comeau, Quebec, Canada, relates year, and rapport and interest will be
who was a Bible student at that time that after the baptism of Rejean Desbiens, developed through email, Skype and
in Mauritius. As far as I know, David his daugther Nadia was baptized. Later, regular mail. Public meetings have
has never missed one Thursday prayer his son Jacques followed their example. been discussed and are being planned
meeting during 38 years. He never Paul said to “come before winter” (2 for next year. If you are interested in
missed one Sunday service, except Timothy 4:21), which applied to us being involved in this outreach effort
when he was in bed due to sickness. means to do what needs to be done before in some way, please contact Bren at
We only went to his house three times it is too late. And when we do, there can U
Global Harvest 55

Evangelism Trip to Wukari and Jalingo, Nigeria

Felix Onyeka
I wanted to share the outcome of close by. As the student was not at lead.
our proposed campaign at Okwe area home, we retired to our lodging place We also talked with one Overseer
of Asaba in Delta State of Nigeria. To after visiting Stephen’s residence. The Yaro, a member of the Baptist Church.
my greatest surprise, the brethren that next day we met the student and also Overseer was so happy about learning P
honoured the invitation were twice my talked to one of the attendants at our the truth that he insisted that we would th
expectation. About 100 turned out for lodge. Both affirmed the truthfulness not bear the cost of transport to the fa
the Campaign! We were able to stage of the message they heard, but none stream to baptize him. The moment we an
open-air preaching at two distinct points yielded for baptism. returned from the waters of baptism, su
simultaneously, and a great number of We left Wukari later that morning he went out and came back with some p
those in attendance embarked on house for Jalingo (about three hours drive from money, begging us to take it as he was
to house preaching. Wukari) as Stephen had arranged for us very happy.
To God’s glory, besides two fam- to meet with some of the students from With the baptism of Overseer, we
ilies of about six Christians who were noon and attend to others on Thursday. all rejoiced and prayed for God to give
converts through our TV program, We were disappointed as only one us more souls. A group of about 20
we found seven other Christians who student showed up. We attended the young men and women were assembled
live in that area and are now part of evening service of Air Strip Church through the effort of Stephen’s wife and
the church which we started there with of Christ where Stephen worships and one brother Philip, a school teacher who
the first assembly on the following pleaded that they ask those whom they lives close to Stephen. Most of those
Sunday. Fourteen adults and six know as students of WBS or those who were members of United Methodist
children were present. Some of our want to enroll to see us at the scheduled Church of Nigeria (UMCN), and a
prospects could not attend, owing to a venue the next day. They appreciated good number of them were students
heavy downpour. our visit and promised to help. of a College of Education close by. To
After the service I visited some of Thursday morning, we started the God’s glory, four young ladies out of the
the prospects, along with some of those day with the visit of a Deeper Life Bible lot decided to put on Christ in spite of
who had worshipped. If all is well, we Church Pastor who wants to enroll distractions from their peers.
will baptize a husband and wife who with WBS (Geoffrey Gogoni). He was On Friday morning, Peter re-invited
are serious members of Pentecostal referred to us by a member of Air Strip some of those talked to the previous
Churches and had read and digested the Church of Christ. He was followed by day for further discussion, but none of
tracts given out to them on Saturday. I John G. Moses, the founder of Fire those were moved to obey the Gospel.
was just asked to clarify some issues. of God Church denomination and a We left Jalingo for Wukari to see if we
We also had a productive trip to WBS Student. Both attest to learning could meet with some other students
Wukari and Jalingo in Taraba State of the truth but insist that they have to go before our return to Anambra State. It
Nigeria. I thank God the journey was home and ponder over the things they is good that this move resulted in the
made without any mishaps on our ways were taught while still studying WBS conversion of two young men who were
to and from the two cities in Taraba. lessons. We persuaded Geoffrey to invited by brother Peter — Emmanuel
We (Raymond Onwumere, Tawo possibly arrange for us to minister to Tanko and Danasabe Ingyeka.
Peter Odu — a student preacher his entire congregation, whom he said I can still feel the dirtiness of the
who is on teaching practice with my he is grooming for baptism. We pray muddy water where I baptized these
congregation — and I) left Onitsha that after having thought further about two young men.
around 10:20 A.M. and got to Wukari, the message of salvation he heard he In all, I really thank God for His
around 6:15 P.M. Brother Stephen will not only submit himself but will mercies. Please pray for these precious
Ugbo had made arrangements for us to allow us an audience with his group. In souls that they might remain firm in the
meet with WBS students in that area. my judgment, the two are only afraid faith. U
We checked in at a Lodge and followed of losing their position and the material Felix Onyeka’s email address:
Stephen to check on one of the students benefits they derive from those they
56 Global Harvest

The 2011 Evangelism Summit

Organized by The Voice of Truth in Nigeria (V.T.N.)
at the Auditorium of the Egbeda Church of Christ in Lagos State, Nigeria
Kingsley Odogwu

The first annual “February Evange-

lism Summit of the Voice of Truth in
Nigeria” (V.T.N) took place this year,
as one of the outreach programs of the
Churches of Christ of the area. This
meeting was brought into being by dint
of hard work and determination.
In December of 2010, the decision
to have the 2011 Evangelism Summit
was reached even though the team
(V.T.N) had nothing in its treasury.
This did not discourage us as had Some of the group attending the Summit.
always been the case in the previous
years. The first positive response was This particular situation brought fears the situation remained unchanged.
when we wrote to the leadership of to some of us because we were faced At this stage, some of the organizers
the Church of Christ, Egbeda in Lagos with a lot of worries on what next to started giving up and suggested that
State, on the 1st of January 2011 as do. However, the determination to the program be cancelled, but I said
regards to using their auditorium for make the 2011 Evangelism Summit NO to that because the God we serve
the Summit. This request was granted a reality did not in any way weaken; is a living God. He only requires us to
immediately, after which we started instead, we trusted on God to bring the trust and obey Him. And on that same
sending appeals for financial assistance Summit to pass. Four days to the event, day, I mentioned the situation to a sister
to some brethren in Lagos to enable us in Christ who has been a lover and
to organize the meeting. We also sent supporter of God’s business all her life.
invitations to all the congregations And, on the following day, the money
in Lagos State and beyond, to other used to organize the Summit was sent
brethren in neighboring countries, like by this dedicated, loving, caring, and
the Republic of Benin and Ghana, all in faithful sister. I pray that the Almighty
the West African region. God will bless her abundantly and open
more windows of blessings to her in
A WEEK BEFORE Jesus’ name.
Jesus said in Mark 9:23 that, “if
you can believe, all things are possible The arrival of our brethren, among
to him who believes.” This statement whom were brothers George Akpabli,
is just as He said it. One week before Samson Ekwe, and Patrick Ogbonna,
the Summit, nothing was realized all from Cotonou, the capital of Benin
from the financial appeals we had Republic, on Friday evening added
George Akpabli, Director of the Be-
previously sent out, while thousands some new faces to the Summit premises,
nin Bible Training Center, was one
of invitations had already been mailed. of the speakers at the Summit. Continued on page 58
Global Harvest 57

They Came By the Thousands

LaDonna Armstrong

Zambia Medical Mission or family member, or with no help at all. a road that would change his life. He
This year, the Zambia Medical The infection rate is high and hundreds knew the medical team was coming,
Mission was incredible with an of women die from com­plications asso- but no one in the area knew we were
outstanding team that worked extremely ciated with pregnancy or childbirth, and going to be offering the hope of having
hard to see that we took care of all the infection is a leading cause. Many of eye­sight restored.
patients who came for care. these infections can be avoided when A year ago when Sheryl Ramsey
We set all-time records, seeing the Clean Delivery Kits (CDKs) are used. was at the Livingstone Gener­al Hospital
most patients in one day at our last Ours include a bar of soap, square yard donat­ing wheelchairs, she met Dr.
clinic at Mabuyu: 3,740. This brought of plastic sheet, razor blade, string for Monze. Dr Monze is the administrator
our overall total to 19,560! These umbilical cord, sealed bag for packaging, for the hospital, but he is also an
patients were treated with kindness, baby blanket, infant sleeper, candle, ophthalmologist. He is associated with a
respect, and with the love that Jesus matches, and two pairs disposable British Optical Aid Organization called
showed to those with whom He came in gloves. These simple items will help save Sightsavers. When Sheryl told him what
contact. Everyone that was treated for the lives of countless mothers and babies. we do on the medical mission and that
a medical condition knew that we were We try our best to meet the needs we send patients to Zimba for cataract
there because of Jesus and the example of the patients who come to our clinics. surgery, Dr. Monze was very excited and
He set. Over 80 souls were baptized Only with God’s help and the help said he thought Sightsavers could work
and oth­ers will follow after more study of so many who contribute to send a out a cataract sur­gery partnership with
with the Church Development team. team member, give funds for medicine, ZMM. Throughout the year, there was
The free wheel­chair program has CDKs, wheelchairs, etc. were we able dialogue between Dr. Monze and Sheryl.
made such a differ­ence for so many to have such a successful mission. It is a When I flew into Zambia the first of
peo­ple. Sheryl (Hamby) Ramsey team effort, and our Leader is the Lord. June, Shepherd Mbumwae, our hospital
initiated this program last year. These Cataract Surgery at Namwianga administrator, and I met in Lusaka with
wheelchairs are made especially for the Eleanor Hamby the Program Director of Sightsavers.
terrain in ru­ral areas. Almost 60 were At Simalundu, on our first set of It was obvious they wanted to partner
given out during the clinics. It was so clinics, an elderly man slowly walked with us. The plan was for ZMM
wonderful to know that when you saw in, cautiously holding on to the end of a Optical Clinic to identify the patients
someone being car­ried or struggling so stick that a young family member used who had cataracts, and then we would
hard to walk, you could call Sheryl, and to lead him. The old man had been blind bring them in by Lorry to Namwianga
she would be there with a wheelchair for 10 years and depended on others where Dr. Monze and his assistants
for the individual. The burden that is to guide him. Living in the Gwembe would perform the cataract surgery.
lifted from the family is great and the Valley in the Simalundu area is one of They knew we did not have a surgery
patients are thrilled to have a little the most difficult existences a person (theatre) room at Namwianga, but they
independence to move about on their can have in Zambia. Life is tough, as the said all they needed was a sterile room
own. Sheryl remained in Zambia for land is not good and the rains are very with an operating table and light. There
another month to take wheelchairs sparse. These people were displaced in would be absolutely no cost for ZMM
to rural health clinics all over the the 1950’s when the Kariba Dam was except for providing food and lodging
Southern Province. built. They left a very fertile valley and for Dr. Monze and his team. We also
It was a great joy to see that we gave were brought to a desolate land. had to contract with lorries to transport
out all the Clean Delivery Kits; 501 of On that fateful day, the blind man the patients, and then we provided food
these kits were given to women who most likely walked several kilometers and blankets for the patients and their
were in their last tri-mester of pregnancy. in the hopes of seeing a doctor for his family members.
Each year about 60 million women in many ailments. Little did he know that When the old man came to the
develop­ing countries give birth with the trip to the Zambia Medical Mission Optical Clinic, he was diagnosed with
only the help of an untrained attendant outreach clinic would embark him on Continued on page 58
58 Global Harvest

They Came...
Continued from page 57
The 2011 Evangelism Summit
Bilateral Cataracts and was in the first
group of patients who traveled to Continued from page 56 of God unto Salvation” was delivered by
Namwianga Health Center. The old as local brethren also started trooping in brother Moses O. Obakemi, the minister
man, as did all the others, calmly went and out of the church auditorium to greet of the church of Christ at Lawanson
through the surgery. I am certain he did these missionaries from the Republic of in Lagos State. This was followed by
not know what the outcome would be Benin with tears of joy in their eyes. the presentation of the second lesson,
as it is also thought by many that if you After the Friday evening service and titled “The Church and Evangelism”
go to surgery you do not return alive. a dinner, they were driven down to a by brother Oji O. Oji, the minister of
No one was prepared for what nearby hotel where we had previously the church of Christ at Ikeja in Lagos
happened the next day when the secured accommodations for them. State. After rendering some songs, the
bandage was removed from the one participants were refreshed, and then
eye on which they had done surgery. THE SUMMIT DAY PROPER
came the distribution of the Bible study
He pro­ceeded to jump out of bed and (5TH FEBRUARY, 2011) materials sent by the Mission Printing
started running uncontrollably around As early as 7:00 A.M., the church and the World Evangelism Office in
the grounds, singing praises to the auditorium was already calling brethren Winona, MS, USA, as well as some
Lord and shouting, “I will see my cows in with the rendition of an Accappella CDs from brother Roger Dickson in
— I will see my grandchildren!” He CD titled “Songs of Faith and Praise” South Africa.
did not recognize any of the villagers sent to us by brother Edward Mosby The closing remarks and vote of
from Simalundu and only knew who (USA). As the Summit participants thanks were made by me, while the
they were when he was able to identify entered the auditorium, the camera man closing prayer was said by brother
their voices. A few weeks later, he was already standing with his photo Adewole Gege from the Egbeda
came back and was taken to Dr. Monze and video cameras well positioned. Church of Christ. The Summit came
in Livingstone where he had the other Brother Monday Femi Uzoyare to an end at 4:00 P.M. and everybody
eye operated on. (The Lagos State Coordinator of the who attended went home rejoicing. The
Dr. Monze is an amazing doctor as V.T.N) was the moderator for the day, next year’s edition will take place at the
he has great compassion for his people. while brother Mcintosh Chimezirim, church of Christ, Ikeja, Lagos State.
He was the only surgeon, and he started also of the Lagos State branch of the The following Team Leaders from the
early in the morn­ing and operated until V.T.N, was the song leader for the day Lagos State branch of the V.T.N joined
after midnight, trying to take care of as (a very good song leader). The Summit me in organizing the Summit:
many cases as possible. He was very opening prayer was said by brother Bro. Monday Femi Uzoyare
excited to have the patients we brought Sunday Effiong (One of the elders in Bro. Ikechukwu God’spower Ossai
in as he said normally these people the Egbeda Church of Christ). I read Bro. Augustine Ibra Dick
from so deep in the valley never have the welcome address, after which there Bro. Ilesami Samson
the opportunity for cataract surgery. He was a series of songs before the second Bro. Peter Igbekele
was also very happy with our facility welcome address written by sister Betty We appreciate all the brethren who
and kept bragging on our wonderful Choate (USA) which was delivered by helped to make this Summit a reality,
operating table. He said it moved up brother George Akpabli, a Cotonou- from within and outside the country.
and down with just putting his foot on based missionary working in the French May the Almighty God, whose work
a pedal — he did not have such a table speaking countries of Africa. you have supported, bless you all in
as this at the Livingstone hospital. I then delivered the report of the Jesus’ name. U
Dr. Monze performed 52 cataract and achievements and challenges recorded
several other types of optical surgeries. so far by the team (V.T.N) since inception Kingsley C. Odogwu, V.T.N National
He already has scheduled partnering in 2008 till date. After some responses co-ordinator, P.O.Box 20615 UI, Ibadan
with ZMM in 2011. U 200005, Oyo State, Nigeria.
on the report and suggestions for the way Email:
Zambia Mission Fund, 3103 East Memo- forward from the participants, the first;
rial Road, Edmond, OK 73013 Summit Bible lesson titled “The Power Tel: +2348062893417.
Global Harvest 59

The Preaching Power of the Printed Page

Sylvester Imogoh

This has been the heart of the rainy I went as far as Ageva and Ogori in continue to mail them. Now I seek out
season, and it has been raining ‘cats Kogi state to contact students. opportunities to send them through
and dogs’ and a few other animals! Key To The Kingdom: The KTTK brethren to congregations far and near.
Many activities have taken place program, as a result of the TV broadcasts, I have sent to churches in Benin, Owo,
during the past months. has also ensured that I continue to have Ikare, Akungba, Abeokuta, Abraka, and
Leadership Seminars: July 3, people who contact me by phone and by Agbor. And I have taken many boxes
August 7, and September 4th. We emails to request our free Bible courses, with me on speaking appointments to
had 58 in attendance for July, and 75 Bibles, and prayers. I am happy to be Kano, Abuja, Maiduguri, Sabo, and
in August. But for September, the useful in this regard also. other places.
day turned into mourning for us as Locally, preachers and members
we lost one of our brothers that same The Need for Tracts come to my house or to the church
day. Brother Adekunle Emmanuel and Other Literature building to collect tracts for their con-
had graduated from the Bible school Tracts: In this quarter, I have written gregation’s use, or to send to others in
on August 14th. He received the best and published four tracts in the “Let other states. At church, every visitor
student awards for moral behavior and the Bible Speak” series: “The Church receives a package of tracts. We give
academic excellence. He was someone of Christ Is Not a Denomination”, them out at road blocks when we travel.
wholly prepared for service in the “Religious Titles”, “Unity In Christ”, There is no day in which one or all of us,
church. But we lost him before we and “Salvation In Christ”. Also, I was whose phone numbers are listed, do not
could use him. able to reprint two others. Thus, for this receive a call, asking questions, asking
Evangelism at Ososo: We went quarter, we produced a total of 30,000 location, or requesting more tracts.
for a campaign at Okeh-Ososo and two tracts, and altogether, since we started, A friend of mine who lives in The
obeyed the Gospel. We went again to we have printed 80,000 which are Gambia came home for the holidays.
another quarter of Ososo and had a day being used in many ways to advance He read the tracts and immediately
of door knocking. It was a rainy day, the Gospel across Nigeria. asked for some to take with him for
but we had a good turn out. We went to We take these tracts with us when the Church of Christ in The Gambia.
the river in the rains and baptized nine we go for our regular village campaigns. [He is not a member, but he knows our
souls. As we go from house-to- house, we brethren in that country.] In the light
Evangelism at Dagbala: We went leave a tract or two with our audiences. of the whole ignorance and errors of
to this village for a one-day campaign. Also, in our Bible lectures, seminars denominations around us, and some
At the end, we converted six souls to and workshops, we hand out tracts to in the brotherhood who are ‘eying’ the
Christ. anyone who wants to read one. Usually, fanciful doctrines of men in the many
Funeral Service at Owan: The there are not enough to go around. Nigerian [indigenous] churches, then
brethren at Eruere-Osi in Owan West We have placed tracts in the post these tracts are in great need.
Local Area invited me to preach at the office here at Igarra for the public, Printing Press: In the light of the
funeral of the brother who had died and the tracts go along with the World many challenges facing the church
at the age of 102 years. His believing Bible School lessons in schools, to of Christ in Nigeria in the areas of
children converted the late brother at both staff and students. As the tracts provision of Bible literature, my hope
the age of 95 years. started growing in popularity, requests is that we would ultimately be able to
World Bible School: I was very began coming from different places. have a printing press to produce tracts
busy going from village to village and At first, I mailed tracts to a few and books for the Nigerian brotherhood.
trying the best I can to receive and preachers who called to request them, Please pray with us to see this dream
distribute the wbs lessons that came but I soon discovered that the same fulfilled. U
to my post office box from various ‘reason’ that necessitated the writing Imogoh A Sylvester, P O Box 251, Igarra,
teachers and congregations in the USA. of the tracts [cost] would not let me Edo State, Nigeria.
60 Global Harvest

Aid for Pakistan’s Flooding Chito Cusi

When I am asked “How was Pakistan?” the first word that the MARCH for Christ relief team on nationwide television.
comes to mind is Enigma; in the context of a nation, the Free And in a short time we were in an ambulance headed for the
Online Dictionary uses ENIGMA in a sentence in this manner: city of Muza Fargargh — almost a seven-hour drive. While
This country remains an enigma for the outside world. we were in Muzaffargargh till Saturday, October 9, Dr. Gerry
Relief work has always been the raison d’etre of MARCH Teves teamed up with LGH Dr. Mohammed Andnan Bhutta, a
for Christ — Medical Action for Relief, Counseling and very likeable man who spoke English and Spanish. Together,
Healing; work done all in the name of Christ, to the glory they treated over a thousand patients in five different villages
of Christ. A massive earthquake in the city of Baguio in close to the area hit by the floods and where refugees had
the northern Philippines in 1990 gave rise to this banding relocated. Shem and I teamed up with Naeem Sabir, preacher
together of about 20 Christian doctors, dentists, nurses, for the Sahiwal Church of Christ, to organize relief goods and
preachers, and plain members. Their desire was to point then distribute them to 132 Christian families from that area.
people in the direction of God in times of disaster and to
discover God’s love in spite of calamity.
Since 1990, by God’s grace, this MARCH for Christ has
conducted 54 missions throughout the Philippine islands, and
in tragedy-stricken countries in Asia (Sri Lanka, Indonesia,
Myanmar, Bangladesh, Pakistan and Cambodia — our first
peace time mission); always working with the churches of
Christ. In some areas, we help churches grow their contacts
through our benevolent work, and in others we helped plant
new churches even as far as Myanmar.
Trusting in God’s mission for us in Pakistan, we set
out for Pakistan. Like Gideon and his 300 soldiers, the
Clinic under the trees.
3 of us set out to this land known as the cradle of Islamic
fundamentalism, and asked God to multiply our resources From Muzaffargargh, we would backtrack three and a half
and to open doors for us. We imagined we were the 3 hours to Sahiwal City, where we would stay and work with
columns that God used to defeat the Midianites. the Church of Christ until departure time. Dr. Teves would
Did God answer our prayers and multiply our resources?
team up with husband and wife Drs. Aftab and Sabia to have
You be the judge. medical camps, treating brethren and their Muslim neighbors
We arrived 10:30 P.M., October 5 in Lahore, got into our
from Sunday afternoon up to Monday afternoon. On Tuesday,
hotel at midnight. At 8:30 A.M., the Philippine Consul picked
Dr. Teves had a solo medical camp with Shem and Naeem in a
us up to bring us to a meeting and press conference at the
village in Okarra city. Christian flood refugees traveled from
Lahore General Hospital. The hospital’s bigwigs led by Dr.
40 kilometers away to be treated and to receive relief goods
Salahuddin Khan, Consul Rizwan Fareed and others presented
that we had prepared. In all, we gave away 460 packages of
flour, rice, cooking oil, dahl, sugar, tea, bath soap, and laundry
Luis Cusi (center) discussing work plans with brethren. soap — two sack loads per family.
We would learn when we arrived in Sahiwal the reason
for the over protectiveness of Naeem. He would not allow
us to go out of the gate or to walk in the streets by ourselves.
The church compound even had guards with an AK 47
assault rifle and a shotgun.
A few months earlier (or was it a year ago), two Christian
men studying Bible with Naeem were arrested by police
while distributing tracts. They were jailed and charged with
Continued on page 64
Global Harvest 61

Reporting Evangelism from New Delhi, India

Sunny David
Since 1969, soon after the planting one might find a bookstore offering Tamil, Telugu, and Malayalam, with
of the church in New Delhi, many “Christian” books and literature, we have preachers from other states joining us
thousands of books in English and no such business operated by members in that part of the work. As time passed,
Hindi languages have been printed, of churches of Christ. A service, such television became available, and that,
distributed, and mailed throughout the as we have offered, has helped to fill too, became a means of evangelism
country. With their circulation, we have that void. Preachers and members of in various languages. We miss brother
been able to provide much needed sound the Lord’s church in various places all Choate immensely, as he was the
Bible teaching on many subjects. In fact, over the country have been benefited by source of encouragement to all of us in
the Lord’s church, itself, has been well these numerous books supplied to them, these great works of the Lord.
represented to people everywhere in the free of cost. Many people still write and For the past two years, I have been
country through these books, and those ask me if I could send them copies of producing DVDs with Gospel messages
printed in additional languages in other a particular book they require. Through in Hindi and English. As more and
states of India. these years, we have continually made more people are coming to know about
Brother J.C. Choate, who initiated sound Bible material available to the availability of these, this work, too,
this wonderful literature ministry, used people of all religious backgrounds, to is generating a good response. Not
to bring manuscripts of books, and churches, Bible seminaries, theological only are members and preachers in
books which had already been printed schools and colleges, libraries, etc. the church asking for them, but people
in the States, at least twice every year Only eternity will reveal the good done. from various denominational groups
for printing or reprinting. All of this To reach more and more people and their preachers, and even some
material was written by many sound with the Gospel, in 1975 we began Catholic “Fathers” are requesting them.
and faithful brethren in the States, with using the radio — Radio Sri lanka — To God be the glory through all that is
the addition of radio sermon books by as it had become available by then. being done to accomplish His will.
Indian brethren. J.C. had broadcasts in English and I As Hindi is the national language
Also back then, in 1969, we began in Hindi. We also added programs in of India and is videly spoken in
printing a monthly magazine, The Bi- many states, we tremendously need
ble Teacher, which continues to be a television program in Hindi. I have
published each month and is presently been making enquiries about the cost
in its 41st year. A few years ago, we of a thirty-minute telecast, and I have
began a Hindi edition also. Almost all found that the cost will be $1000.00
the articles printed each month in these for each program. The viewership will
magazines are reproduced from articles be several million. How wonderful
in various brotherhood journals and it would be if we could have a Hindi
bulletins in the States, such as Gospel Telecast for this nation of more than
Advocate, The Spiritual Sword, The one billion souls, 85 percent of which
Voice of Truth International, etc. follow the Hindu religion! I hope and
There would be countless numbers pray that brethren will think about
of people in this country, from every this great opportunity of reaching
religious background, who would have millions with the saving Gospel.
known nothing about the true church It is a wonderful time in which
of the Bible and pure New Testament we are living today, when we have so
Christianity if they had not had access many different tools available. May
to the kind of Bible-based literature that God help us to see what can be done to
was made available to them from the fulfill His Great Commission. U
New Delhi church. Sunny David’s email address:
Though in the major cities of India DVDs available in the Hindi Language.
62 Global Harvest

Gospel Meeting in Nanded, India

Earnest Gill
In 2010 we faced challenges to make alterations in our
places of worship and work. On October 31st we changed
the place of worship to an auditorium. It is a costly venture
but we had no choice. But on November 1, I got the good
news from brother Sonu who works in Gangoh (Saharanpur
District of U.P. state) over the phone that seven people obeyed
the Gospel on Sunday. It was an encouraging thing for us
that the Lord gives us hope whenever we are discouraged
with the things we face.
Started in September, our Daily Bible Verse Service now
has more than 300 contacts. Across the country through SMS,
daily at 6 A.M. - 7 A.M., we send God’s Word to the people.
Out of this, some who are believers and some who have never
read the Bible are given a chance to know God’s will.
Students in the North India Bible College face trouble
most of the time because they were asked by neighboring
Earnest Gill introducing the Hindi Bible Course,
tenants not to sing in daily morning and evening devotions. “Seeking a Better Life”.
Singing is a necessary tool for their spiritual growth, but we
Aurangabad Bible College and some of the local preachers.
seek God’s providence in this matter.
I should not forget to mention here that brother Sheranappa
Brother Subodh Gual from Balco township, Chhattisgarh,
came in contact with me through the Truth for Today books.
said that three more souls obeyed the Lord from the Mahant
After getting our literature he contacted me and, during these
family, and some others also were being prepared. This has
years, the relationship has grown to this level that he wanted
counted 20 baptisms at his place in this past year, and a total
me to preach in the meeting he arranged. He, among many,
of 80 baptized people now worship in that congregation every
never forgets to tell me that these books are a great blessing
Lord’s Day. They are growing in number, and the need of the
to him. Indian people are so privileged to have such study
space for gathering increases day by day. With their limited
materials. He says that in his 40 years of preaching he is very
resources, they are planning to buy a piece of land for worship.
impressed with the style of translation and the language used.
In Nanded, Maharashtra state (1900+ kilometers from
He has made a library at his house of the Truth for Today
here, 32-hour journey by train), brother S. Sheranappa
books and encourages people to learn from them.
arranged a two-day class for me. He spoke, along with brother
In Nanded, about 150 heard the Gospel. People ap-
Amul Bansod and brother Barnabas from Aurangabad for
preciated the study and were glad that they were hearing
a short time, but I was the main teacher. I had few hours
this kind of teaching for the first time in their life. One good
and thought to stop at Aurangabad and met with brother
thing that came from the meeting was that some people
Bansod’s family. I talked with the students and staff of the
asked me to come and have such meetings in other places.
Copies of the Hindi Bible course given to those Some young people even wanted to be our students, and the
who attended the meetings in Nanded. Lord willing they will be enrolled for the next session of the
While I was there, I received good reports over the phone
of the Gospel being taken to the other areas as well. Brother
Ritesh James who works in Satna, MP state, told me that
they have distributed 400 Bible Courses in Hindi to various
people, and they want to invite me for a Gospel meeting in
Satna very soon. He also asked for 40 Hindi Bibles to be
given to people with whom he has been in touch. U
Earnest Gill operates the North India Bible College in Chandi-
garh, India. His email address is
Global Harvest 63

IMPACT OF Bible Correspondence Courses IN INDIA

Joshua Gootam

The city of Kakinada on the south by brother J.C. Choate

eastern coast of India is better known as during the years he
the Jerusalem of India, if not the Telugu was a missionary in
speaking state of Andhra Paradesh Karachi, Pakistan.
which has a population of a 100 milllion We ran this course (it
people. One reason why the Telugu was later printed as
brotherhood feels that way is due to the Bible Keys in book
fact that out of here goes forth the Word form) from 1964 to
of God though radio, TV, and the printed 1995. Hundreds of
page. This is also a city where the first thousands of people
school of preaching was established in took this course, so
India about 40 years back by brother much so that currently
J.C. Bailey. It turns out at least 100 we have about 3.3
Gospel preachers each year, men who million people who The Voice of Truth in Telugu.
are well trained in a two year program. were enrolled through
However, it is the Bible Correspon- the years. This has enabled the church in language in 1995, to cover the people
dence course work that is impressive Andhra state to spread rapidly. of Orissa who speak that language. The
here. I started running the Bible courses How We Get the Contacts Oriya language course, in turn, has
almost from the very next week after In the early days of our work, we helped to spread the truth into many
I became a Christian, way back in used to advertize in the newspapers and homes in Orissa, and small congregations
1964, working along with brother J.C.
also took advantage of denominational are resulting in that state due to our work.
Bailey. In fact I obeyed the Gospelpapers. But from 1976 to 2003 most of There are about a 100,000 now enrolled
after taking the Basic Bible course in
our contacts came through our radio from Orissa. Incidentally, we also have
English written by Ira Rice Jr.! After
programs, arranged by brother Choate a bimonthly magazine in ORIYA which
becoming a Christian, I wanted to and broadcast on the short wave radio goes into 3000 homes, as of now.
translate that course into Telugu. Since
station from Colombo, Sri Lanka. At The Success Rate
it was extensive and would need much
the end of each lesson, we would offer About 70% enrolled complete the
funding to print it, brother Baileya FREE Bible Correspondence course courses. This is mainly because we
decided to run a more comprehensivein TELUGU. When students finished offer them a copy of the Bible free.
and well organized Bible course written
the course, we would gift them a copy Most Indians do not know where and
of the New Testament how to get a copy of the Bible. Since
and/or send them a book this is predominantly a Hindu country,
of the radio sermons. there are no Bible bookstores in the
After receiving these towns and villages over the country.
gifts, they would in The Bible Society of India is the only
turn enroll their family place where you can get Bibles, and
members or friends. it has branches only in BIG cities like
Thus, the enollment Bangalore, Delhi, Chennai, Calcutta
swelled like anything. and Hyderabad. Even professing
From 1995, we Christians often do not know where
began to offer each one a and how to get a Bible!
copy of the Bible FREE Thankfully, at the moment a copy
either in Telugu or Oriya. of the Bible is available here in India
We introduced the Basic for only $2.75, including shipping
Joshua Gootam with a shipment of Bibles. Bible course in ORIYA Continued on page 64
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Bible Correspondence Courses . . . Pakistan ...

Continued from page 63 and received her copy through the mail. Continued from page 60
costs. Though this sounds cheap, Her joy knew no bounds when she got blaspheming Mohammed. On their way
most Indians cannot afford even that. the Bible in her own mother tongue in a to court, two Muslims shot them at close
It translates to 120 Rupees in Indian foreign land! range. Christians protested their death,
currency, which is more than a man’s Another reason for the success of demonstrated and burned tires in the
daily wages. But here we are, offering the entire program of work is that we streets. Naeem was one of those who led
them a copy of the Bible and that, too, have a motto in our office which says in filing charges against the killers; as a
after completing the Bible course! They “24 HOURS”, which means we respond result, he told us that there were constant
write and ask for the course and finish to each contact within 24 hours! I am death threats against him and the church.
it as quickly as possible, and within assisted with a committed saff of 16 people SO HOW WAS OUR TRIP TO
no time a Bible is delivered to them at who work 5 hours each day, enrolling, PAKISTAN? Let me tell you why Enigma
their door step! Isn’t it wonderful? grading and mailing the courses. We are is the first word that comes to mind.
averaging about 300 letters per day from It is like a scene right out from the
our new contacts now. We are mailing movies, and you are the man in the
1000 Bibles per month to those that camera’s lenses. Donkey carts and
have succesfully completed the Basic bicycles alongside motorized rickshaws,
Bible Course. And another 200 Bibles motorcycles, and cars screaming
are personally collected by the local through the streets, tooting their horns
contacts. Whenever any of these contacts endlessly — you see this scene in the
request us for baptism, we put him or her side streets, markets, in the highways
Preparing Bibles for mailing. in touch with the nearest congregation. and expressways. Men wearing their
Occasionally, people come here to be traditional white, cream or light blue
Many Hindus also want to read the baptized also. Since religious conversion chemise, bearded, wearing caps; women
Bible, so they take the course and soon is prohibited in Orissa, people come to in different styles of clothing with veils
have their own copy. The Basic Bible our office in Kakinada to be baptized and covering their heads, some showing just
course is written in such a way that if a then go back to their places and meet as a their eyes, and as soon as they see you,
person stays through the entire course, small congregation. their eyes all rivet on you. And yet, we
he would obey the Gospel sooner How the Church Benefits shall return as the Lord wills it.
or later. We now estimate about 400 The people of Andhra Pradesh Winter is coming and the supplies
people are being baptized each year are taught well through the Radio, we gave were just enough for food. We
due to this effort. TV, the printed page and from man were not even able to reach the brethren
Brother Choate helped us to begin to to man. People know what to do to in Peshawar. The flash floods affected
telecast the VOICE OF TRUTH (Satya be saved and are ready to respond. 20 million people; some of them are our
Vani) programs from 2003. People hear So, no wonder you see or read about brethren, asking, waiting, and expecting
the message and see our work on TV and 100s of people obeying in meetings help. We cannot turn our backs.
enroll themselves to know more about the when American brethren come here Our meeting with preachers in
Bible. This has given us an opportunity to to teach. We prepare the ground, sow Lahore on our way home was for us
place the Word of God in many thousands the Gospel seed faithfully, and it is the God’s signal that there is more to be
of homes through the years. And I reckon Lord who gives the increase. Each local done. Unlike Jonah, we will return to
it is being read in most of those homes congregation has enough well taught our Nineveh. If Pakistan is the only
on a daily basis because they see it as a people that can teach others in turn. way from the sea for NATO forces to
precious possession. One woman wrote The church increases in faith, and the enter Afghanistan, perhaps Pakistan, as
that she received her copy of the Bible Lord is glorified. Please keep this work the cradle of Islamic fundamentalism,
from us on her knees when the postman in your prayers. God bless you. U is the way into the hearts of our Muslim
delivered it to her. One lady who watched friends and leaders. U
our telecasts in New Jersey, USA, JOSHUA GOOTAM’s email address is
enrolled in the Bible course, completed it Contact Luis Cusi at
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First Century Evangelism Methods at Work,

Philemon and Kingsly Rajah
First, it is God who gives us saying that, “We live for Christ and attended by some 15 members of their
strength and wisdom to do His work, His church.” We request your prayers household, and they are still studying
and we give Glory to Him. Thank God and encouragement for these dedicated every Friday. But all the members of
for the Choates who have developed Christians who wish to bring at least this large family have already started
ordinary men like us, to plan this one soul a month to their congregation. attending the worship service at
“new” method to train the members of Crippled young men, handicapped Arasaradi Church of Christ.
the Lord’s Church for evangelism as young men, visually challenging men I am really amazed by one of our
the first century Christians did, in our and women, partially mentally retarded deaf and dumb women students of
“JC School of Evangelism”. men and women, and ordinary men and JC School of Evangelism class who
Also, we thank the Bates for their women, all these people are working for is presently studying in our second
encouragement and guidance in carry- the development of their congregations batch in Madurai. This woman, who is
ing out this fruitful method of winning and bringing souls to teach the truth our Arasaradi congregation member,
souls for Christ. After two years of to them. Now, we have really started after starting the classes, keeps on
training the ordinary Christians of the
Lord’s church for evangelism, it is
simply amazing to see the results of
this school.
Apart from the five days of theory
classes each month, we give practical
field training to our evangelism school
students to work with their own congre-
gations in the following way:
1. Going door to door and
distributing Bible lessons and tracts.
2. Getting appointments for house
Bible studies.
Philemon Rajah and Kingsly with an evangelism class.
3. Organizing Special Area Bible
studies. feeling that, “We are doing nothing bringing someone to the worship
4. Conducting Gospel meetings. when compared to these people.” service and Bible study. She lives in the
5. Establishing new congregations. For example, our JC School of underprivileged area, and she brings
And all these are arranged by our Evangelism students in Madurai and vegetable selling women, fish selling
students, about whom we were thinking K’palayam added 22 souls to their women, friends of hers who work in
that “these people cannot do anything respective congregations in the months hotels, washing the waste plates.
to evangelize”. It is true that, rightly of September and October 2010, alone. And I am also very happy about
motivated and trained, men and women One husband and wife from Roman another young man, who lives in our
of the Lord’s Church can do anything Catholic background, who are our church building itself. He is fully
for Christ. Yes, they live in their same contacts through JC School students, crippled and moves about on a hand-
house, with the same family, same have taken baptism, and they are pedaled tricycle to go and visit people. He
job and situations, but their priority faithful members now. Initially they is a graduate student of our evangelism
has changed. These men and women, were contacted by our students, and school (1st batch, Madurai) and he is
who were previously saying that, then brothers Kingsly and Antony very eagerly working now to win souls.
“We live for our family and we have were taking Bible class in their house He was instrumental in bringing and
come to church worship service and to every Friday evening for nearly four- baptizing one of his friends and his wife.
Christ for our blessings,” now started and-one-half months. The study was Continued on page 66
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First Century Evangelism . . .

Continued from page 65 Christian women with great lessons.
Now he is tirelessly working by going Following is a statement by one of
on his tricycle and also crawling in small the students named Mohan Raj, from
lanes where his vehicle cannot go and the Kumarapalayam congregation:
taking classes to his well known school “I have already gone to Bible Baptism into Christ ...
friends’ houses and their relatives. To be school and studied there for two
honest, I am really feeling shamed before years, but due to my family needs I financial problems, I could not continue
this crippled handicapped student, in his am now working. I was encouraged my service for the Lord, and then I lost
great zeal. by my preacher to attend the School my fellowship with other Christians.
of Evangelism classes. Till now I was Recently my Christian faith was restored
thinking that I can only teach in the by the JC school students in Madurai.
church worship and in the Bible study. Now I have started to study the Word
But after attending the JC School of of God in the School of Evangelism,
Evangelism, now I have learned to go second batch.
house to house and to teach and reach “The classes by brother Philemon
the nearby houses. When I attended Rajah, Kingsly Rajah, and Antony Raj
the last month’s classes in the name of motivated me to work again among
“Denominational Doctrines”, I have the visually challenged people. Now
taken a strong decision that it is my duty I am preaching among 35 people, the
to meet my denominational friends to exclusive congregation for the blind
teach them the New Testament truth. people started by Arasaradi Church
Because till now I was thinking that of Christ. Thanks to JC School and to
the church of Christ is the true Bible brother Jerry and sister Paula Bates.
church, but at the same time other When they visited us recently, they
churches are also good.” taught our visually challenged people.
Two legs crippled handicapped stu- Here is a statement by a local Sister Paula took womens’ classes and
dent “Anbu Yesudoss” of graduated
preacher: “After the School of evan- one of the Arasaradi church sisters
1st batch of Evangelism school. Pray helped in the translation.”
gelism classes being attended by my
for him to have a motor fitted three Due to the work of the JC School
wheeler. congregation members, now they are
asking me voluntarily what they can students, and also the work among the
At present we are conducting this do for the church development and for blind people, three new congregations
JC School of Evangelism classes in two the needs of our congregation. For the were started in October of 2010, one
places, one in Madurai, our local city last few months our contribution has of them by the efforts of the students
where the second batch students are raised. In the beginning, to motivate the at Karur with four recently baptized
being trained. There are 22 students, members to attend this class was hard, members. The other two congregations
coming from five con-gregations but now they are very much involved in are for visually handicapped people,
of our city. The second place is the evangelism work. Now they say this one in Madurai with our TVOTI Braille
Kumarapalayam where twelve students is ‘my’ church and I have to do whatever magazine and Bible lesson readers, and
from three congregations are getting I can, for my Lord and God.” another one in Trichy where five of our
training for evangelism. We thank God A blind man gave a strong endorse- Braille magazine readers recently were
for the opportunity given to us to develop ment: “I was baptized when brother baptized.
these thirsty Christians to work for the J.C. Choate came the very first time Please pray for us. U
cause of Christ. Our sincere thanks to to Madurai. In those days, Philemon
Philemon rajah, Kingsly Rajah & Antony
World Evangelism team and especially Rajah motivated me and gave me good Raj reporting from Madurai.
to our Academic President, Jerry Bates, training to serve among the visually Email:
and sister Paula who encourages many challenged people. But due to my
Global Harvest 67

The Word of Christ in Tamil Nadu

B. Arjunan

We thank God for giving us the decided to evan-gelize Back Row: Rajanayagam, Paula, Jerry,
opportunity to take the Gospel through- vigorously in their places. Kingsly, Antony. Front Row: Arjunan,
out Tamilnadu, India. One of the preachers Glory, Baby, Philemon, Priya.
From 2001 up till now, we have told us that very soon
systematically travelled to 32 districts they will build a church
in our state, conducting ‘The Word of building in their place
Christ’ monthly magazine seminars and introduce The Voice
and introducing our beloved brother of Truth International
J.C.’s books, TV, Radio, magazines, magazine and our other
tracts, and TVOTI. Through all of these books, magazines and TV
methods, we have harvested hundreds and radio programs in their
and hundreds of people for the kingdom area.
of Christ. Our radio, TV and magazine We conducted preachers’ meeting at reader. Her name is Mrs. Maragathem.
programs are going well. Dharapuram also. All those attending are She lives in our neighbouring district
A Hindu blind man named Ravi- self-supported preachers from through- and is very intrested in the ministry and
chandran heard our radio program and out Tamilnadu. The Voice of Truth books introducing our magazine to others.
accepted Jesus Christ as his Lord, dying and CDs, church materials, grape juice Every month she invites a group of ladies
to his sin and being baptized. Regularly bottles, Bibles, tracts, song books etc., to gather and pray at her house. She
he hears our radio programs and informs were given to help them in their local asked us to come to their place and give
us happily through phone that he is work, since they do not have outside the message among the ladies. When we
listening. Like him, the son of one of support. They were very happy. Our went, Glory taught on the topic of ‘Why
our team preachers, who is the second team preachers and I had Bible classes Did God Create Us?’ All the ladies were
generation in the church of Christ, was for them. They want to continue such a very happy to hear the lesson. Still they
baptized. Along with him, his friend was meeting twice yearly. speak about it and how much it meant to
also baptized. All three are our TV, radio In September of 2010, the ‘World them. Mrs. Maragathem often calls me
and magazine viewers, listeners and Evangelism’ team workers’ fellowship on the phone.
readers. We are very glad about these meeting was conducted at Rameswaram, We thank God that all the programs
young people. Additional young people Tamilnadu. We were very glad to discuss are going well. We pray for our World
baptized are two girls, aged 17 and 18 about evangelism with brother Jerry and Evangelism family and team workers
years, who have been coming to Sunday sister Paula. We expected beloved sister and sponsors. Thank you. U
classes. Betty but she didn’t come to India. God
We conducted “The Fourth Church willing, we will meet her in the coming B. Arjunan:
of Christ Preachers Family Fellowship trip.
Meeting” at Kodaikanal in September of Our old office room was not
2010. Our neighbouring district preachers’ sufficient, so we built a new ‘The Word
families attended the meeting. They all of Christ’ office on our compound. It
was opened by me. We would have liked
that it had been opened by J.C., but we
are sorry that could not be. Nearby we
made a small ‘Shunammite’s Room’
for visiting preachers to stay.
In our Gospel journey, Glory took
classes among ladies. One well-educated,
retired Headmistress is our magazine
68 Global Harvest

Thirteenth Annual Bible Lectureship

Kangayam, Tamil Nadu, India
S. Rajanayagam

Theme: The Gospel of Christ

Warm greetings to you all, who have been extending
support to the work of “World Evangelism”, which is
propagating the Gospel in all possible ways and means, in
the matchless name of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ.
As a co-ordinator of the spiritual feast named above, I
am extremely happy to announce that the lectureship went
very well, fulfilling the expectations of all who participated.
Here, I have no hesitation to say that, as the sponsoring
church, we had some concern for the lectureship this year. The
previous ones were conducted on public holidays, when all
the offices, schools, and companies remained closed, enabling
Christians across the state to attend without much problem. But
this lectureship fell on working days, causing some concern
about the attendance. However, the Christians in the state dates, we had six in the following week from three different
proved without any shadow of doubt that they are hungry and places, including Kangayam. All were people who attended
thirsty for the Gospel of Christ, no matter if the lectureship the lectures, and we are getting news that there will be
comes on holidays or working days. We thank and praise God several more conversions in the near future as the result
for the faith and zeal of the Christians in this part of the world. of the program. We are happy and proud that we were able
Actually, we had Christians attending from THREE to instill in the minds of the people about the need and the
states of South India! The attendance crossed the 450 mark importance of the Gospel of Christ.
and this number represented 70 congregations of the three Like last year, brother Jerry Bates and his wife, sister
States, from at least 60 cities, towns, and villages. This kind Paula Bates, participated in this lectureship on the second
of saints-gathering is very rare in this part of India. We had day. Jerry spoke on the topic, “The Gospel of Grace “ (Acts
the participation of many of our magazine readers and TV 20:24), while Paula taught the children who attended. Her
viewers, even from long distances. We praise God that every subject was “The Living Jesus”, explaining and showing
year this lectureship is gaining momentum. pictures of Jesus before and after the crucifixion.
Although there were no baptisms during the lectureship Besides brother Jerry, we had nine other eloquent
participants who spoke on nine different topics related to
THE GOSPEL. All the speakers did their part well, sticking
to their assigned topic. It was a tough job to speak on almost
the same subject without breaking the barrier.
On the second day of the lectureship we released three
books in Tamil for the use of the Tamil world Christian
population. The first two were written by our much respected
brother, J.C. Choate, on the topic, WHY WE BELIEVE
WHAT WE BELIEVE, Vols. 1 & 2. The third one was a
collection of my editorials that have appeared in our Tamil
monthly magazine, “THIRUMARAI AASAAN” (Bible
Teacher), which has been in publication for 41 years. The
title of my book is SOUL SAVING SERMONS.
All the preachers and the Christians very much appreciated
these publications. When I read the topics that were very well
Continued on page 69
Global Harvest 69

Thirteenth Annual Bible Lectureship Are We Listening?

Continued from page 68
arranged and handled by our brother J.C. Choate, they felt that
this is the need of the hour, if at all the church is to grow in this
land. Each and every Christian must be in a position to defend
his faith (1 Peter 3:15). One preacher commented that “If the
flock is to increase, the Sheep need to yield [fruit] and not the
Shepherd.” He was confident that this book will really help
to achieve this goal. So, everyone ordered their copies for the
church need and for individual use.
The Kangayam church had to spend a considerable
amount of money for this spiritual feast, and we are very
happy to say that we took care of all the expenses, including
food for three meals for 450 people, giving shelter to more
than 100 people, and helping with travel expenses for some
speakers, printing of invitations and song books, etc. I
always thank God for this congregation and am privileged
and blessed to serve as their preacher. As you might be
aware, in addition to this annual lectureship, the Kangayam
church has conducted a Summer Bible Camp on its own for
the past many years. We as a church determined to do more
good for the Lord in the coming days to spread the Gospel
through this pagan land.
In closing, brethren, we covet your prayers and continued
support for all that we do to carry out the great commission
of our Lord. U
S. Rajanayagam's email address is

I went to a new place today, about 160 KM from Kangay-

am, to have a study with a group of people by the invita-
tion of one brother who attended our recent lectures.
About 50, including children, took part in the meeting.
We had a special baptism class for the ones who wanted
to know about the church. It was attended by two young
couples. Finally, three obeyed.
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Mission Trip to
Bihar State and Nepal
P.R. Swamy

The purpose of this trip: Brother Prasad and others

Prasad has been worshipping with to Bihar and
Davis Road church for about ten years. shared the Gospel
He is originally from a small village in his village and
situated in the India-Nepal border area. started the work.
This state is very poor and employment They baptized
opportunities are less, so for want of a three souls and,
job, people migrate to other states in in the follow
India. Regarding climactic conditions, up, three more.
there will be four months of heavy rain, Douglas brought
four months of extreme cold, and four Munilal, and his
months of extreme heat. wife, and another
While living in the Bihari village, young man, Sunil, to Bangalore. We border. The population is approximately
Prasad — a Hindu — began listening taught them the Bible, and we are 1000. Prasad and I stayed in his younger
to Sunny David’s Hindi broadcasts preparing them to be leaders to take brother’s, Chotilal’s, house. All are
over Radio Sri Lanka. He moved to care of the Bihar work. farmers and the village is undeveloped
New Delhi and settled there, working Prasad’s younger son lives in and poor. No standard school. Eleven
for the Holy Family Hospital for 20 the USA. He visited J.C. and Betty children who are in our Ooty children’s
years. During that time, he searched Choate in Winona, MS. The Choates home are from this and neighboring
out Sunny David, and also met Francis had gone to Prasad’s small house in villages. Each family has half a dozen
David and J.C. Choate. Sunny and New Delhi several times during his children. I asked one lady, “Why do you
brother Choate shared the Gospel with studies before his conversion. They want six children, when you are poor
Prasad and his family. In June, 1984, appreciated his good faith, the fact that and can’t feed them and educate them?”
he, his wife, and one of their sons were here was a family, reached through She said, “If four die, at least I have two
baptized and began to faithfully attend radio broadcasts, who could not have to call my name.”
the services of the church. been initially taught in any other way. On Sunday we conducted worship
Prasad left his job at Holy Family On this follow-up trip that we at Prasad’s younger brother’s house. I
Hospital and went to Secundrabad. made to Bihar: Departure by train spoke in English and Prasad translated
There, he worked with the “Back to Muzzaffarpur at 11.55 P.M. with into Hindi, while Munilal translated
to the Bible” organization for two Prasad. Nearly 2732 km and took 3 into native Bojpuri. Twenty gathered.
years and at Duncan Hospital, Raxaul days and 3 nights. Arrived at midnight Beside Prasad and me, seven broke
for two years. Finally, he joined the at Muzzaffarpur. Very, very cold. We bread. Prasad, Munilal and I did door
Gospel Recording Services and came stayed on the platform until dawn. At knocking and spent the rest of the day
to Bangalore in 2000. He identified 6 A.M., bought the ticket for Raxaul encouraging those who were already
with the Davis Road church and started and went to a small hotel in front of members to be soul-winners for Christ.
attending faithfully every Sunday. He is the railway station. Refreshed for some We spent Monday door knocking
a Bihari and knows his State language, time and came back to the station and and sharing the Gospel with the willing
Bojpuri, and Hindi. caught another train to Raxaul at 1 souls. On Tuesday seven were ready to
Prasad’s heart’s desire and prayer P.M., reaching there at 5 P.M.. The train obey. We took them to a dapur tank and
to God for the people of his state is that was so slow. I let Prasad do the baptisms. U
they may be saved, so he persuaded Munilal came and we went by
Vernon Douglas to go and preach to taxi to their small village called Ghora P.R. Swamy’s Email Address: prsdoug@
them. In Feb, 2010, Douglas took Sahan, situated in the Indo-Nepal
Global Harvest 71

Chinese Agape Foundation

events, I ended up teaching not only learn about how to reach them. I think
the orphans, but also a group of local about going back and my mind reels
children at a public school in Tian- debating what to do first, do next, do
deng during one week of my stay. The again, and do over.
school teachers and headmaster were I’ve tried to think of a word to best
also in attendance. I was nervous to describe my experience in China last
say the least, but everyone was very July and “unforgettable” is as close as
gracious and made me feel so wel- I can get. Living in another culture so
come. They even asked if I would re- vastly different from my own and nav-
turn every year! The great thing about igating the language barrier are obvi-
this assignment was the opportunity ously unforgettable. Sure, I remem-
On June 29th, 2010, I boarded a I had to meet many more people and ber the discomforts, inconveniences
flight to Beijing and set out on a mis- feel a real part of the community. The and fears, but those impressions have
sion. The purpose of this mission was unfortunate part was that I had to stick faded into oblivion. In sharp contrast,
to teach English and Bible for three strictly to teaching English. The Bible permanently imprinted on my mind
and a half weeks to the orphans at the lessons were saved for evenings back are the sweet faces of the children and
John Connor Brown Christian Care at the care center. their bright smiles, surprisingly un-
Center near Tiandeng, China. But this These Bible lessons took many dimmed by their circumstances.
was not the only mission in which I forms. There were lessons taught in And what is absolutely unforgetta-
participated. There was another, the a classroom setting with visual aids, ble, untouchable by any other experi-
purpose of which was to mold me into during a stroll through the rice fields, ence thus far, unmatched in impact on
a better servant for Him. I wouldn’t while sitting on a stool outside in the my soul, is the trust I timidly placed in
say I was spiritually slothful prior to dark of night, on a bunk bed listen- God as I left the comforts of home and
this mission, on the contrary I have al- ing to rain beat down on the tin roof, the abundant, overflowing, immea-
ways been involved in teaching Bible and on the steps of a footbridge over surable blessings He poured upon me
and youth work. But I was sedentary. a waterway. Some lessons were trans- as my undeserved reward. The result
I stayed in one place and did not ven- lated and some were not, but all were of this “other” mission will forever
ture outside my little circle. That was understood. I was pleased to find out change my perception of life, its strug-
always for someone else to do... a real the children are familiar with many gles, and its uncertainties. There are no
missionary... not me. Bible stories. They especially enjoy struggles for the Christian other than
The teaching mission was a de- the excitement of the Old Testament. to let go of our burdens and surrender
light and a challenge. It was a strug- With a little help, I am confident they them to Him. There are no uncertain-
gle for me to figure out how to teach will begin to see the New Testament ties in God’s providence, His care,
English to those who were completely as the real excitement because they His love, and His promises. (Carole
unfamiliar with it. I came up with a each have roles to play, and best of Booker) U
method that was a combination of a all, they get to participate in the never
few ideas I had gleaned from others. ending cast-party! What an exhilarat-
China Mission
I was encouraged when Asan, my ing and humbling experience it was to 201 S. Peachtree Parkway,
translator, said the lessons were very teach these young souls. What an awe- Peachtree City, GA 30269
effective. Through a curious turn of some responsibility. I have so much to Tel: 678-423-4396
72 Global Harvest
full day to enjoy their company.
They were beautiful well-mannered

“Refuge of Grace” children. They were clean. They have

a very beautiful home with good food,

Grand Opening
all of which is provided by the Jackson
Family Foundation. We ate lunch with
the children, took many pictures, put
together a large puzzle in the activity
room floor, and gave them the many
gifts purchased with funds from the
associates. New books for the library,
art supplies, bracelets, toys, and shoes
were brought to the children. The
children performed songs for us and
then enjoyed the fresh fruits we brought
them. There was so much joy and no
tears until time for us to leave.
As the van pulled away from the
Jackson Family Foundation Christian
Care Center in Zigong, I could not hold
back the tears. I wanted to stay there with
the orphans. It was a day filled with joy
and sorrow. The joy came from seeing
the happy orphans living and enjoying
a great life which they had never had
before. The sorrow came because they
Our newest care center, Refuge of takes time to find the orphans and to needed me to be there to love them, but
Grace Christian Care Center, has opened evaluate their conditions to make sure I was leaving. Even though it was about
in Luxi, PingXiang, China. Children they are true orphans. Our workers go 35C (98 degrees here) in the shade and
began arriving there in August, and 200 into the homes of each orphan to make we were dripping with sweat, I did not
children will hopefully fill the walls of this evaluation before they are accepted want to leave. No, it is a day I will not
this beautiful building soon. to come to the care center to live. ever forget. U
The building was given to us by
the government of PingXiang, and the A Day I will not Forget (Leigh Ann Dotson)
Jackson Family Foundation provided Children at Jackson Family Care China Mission
funds to renovate the building. A new Center were on
kitchen and dining area were added the summer break
as well as bathrooms on each floor. from their school.
Roof repairs and other maintenance Tw e n t y - f i v e
work had to be done throughout the children returned
three-story building. The building was from visiting with
freshly painted and cleaned for the relatives to be with
children who began to arrive recently. us and joined the
There are eighty orphans at the facility other five children
now, and more will be arriving soon. who stayed at the
Luxi is in a coal mining district, care center for the
and many men are killed each year in summer holidays.
coal mine accidents. Many more die of When we arrived,
black lung disease. This leaves several they were patiently
thousand orphans who need care. It waiting. We had a
Global Harvest 73

Indonesia Colin McKee

having to temporarily live in the shop to be used for worship, classes, and as
house that is used for worship, classes, an office for correspondence courses
and seminars. Steve Cate is busy raising and a literature distribution center. They
and funneling the funds for this “Kids have some funds already toward the
of Indonesia” project. amount needed, and we are planning
I taught classes most afternoons to help them with the initial down
and nights and, as usual, they dealt payment outlay; then they can maintain
much more with the Bible than with the regular monthly expense after that.
English. We also had a six-hour Bible Brother Alip Djoehari is one of the
seminar one Saturday, and I had classes leaders of that congregation and does
on “The Distinctive Nature of the New the preaching each week. He and I work
Testament Church”. Many of those together in translating Truth for Today
present were non-members and we materials as well as other literature for
Colin and Ellen McKee dealt with a variety of questions after the Indonesian churches.
Jabodetabek each session. We gave out tracts that I Medan ( Sumatra)
On our last trip to Indonesia had just written, dealing with a number From Bekasi we traveled to Medan
we visited and worked again in the of the most common questions asked in in North Sumatra, a city of about 3
monstrous metropolis of Jakarta, and seminars and classes. million, some 1000 miles away. We
suburbs, Bogor, Depok, Tangerang, Brother Adam, an older brother conducted training classes for the Suka
and Bekasi with a population in excess who left Islam some time ago and went Baru congregation each night, Monday
of 23 million souls, on the island of into a denomination, was converted – Friday. I taught on the “Greatness of
Java. Java’s population, itself, exceeds last year and is a diligent student of the Love” and manuscripted and copied
100 million! It is the most densely Word. He has almost worn out his Bible the material for the class members.
populated place on earth, and it is about with highlighted passages and notes One afternoon we visited the
90% Moslem. throughout the text. It is a real delight plot of land that many of you have
It was a genuine pleasure to work to see someone so hungry for the truth helped to purchase with your generous
again with brother Daniel Setiabudi and so willing to search and study. contributions. It is in a strategic place,
who conducts regular classes, teaching Another brother who has recently and I believe it will be a big boost to
English by using the Bible text. He also been converted from Islam is having the growth of the congregation. Their
has a weekly radio program in Jakarta real difficulties as he faces strong building will give them recognition in the
that reaches the entire Jabodetabek opposition and persecution from his community and will be used for classes,
area. He, along with other Bekasi family, They have abducted him several and literature storage and distribution,
members, is maintaining a benevolent times, trying to turn him back from as well as a place for worship and
program for some of the abjectly poor Christ. Please pray that Darmawan will fellowship. They are running into a
garbage collectors’ families. have the strength to resist their efforts number of delays in trying to get the
Daniel is now overseeing a new and maintain his faith. permit to begin construction, but we
endeavor to care for orphans in his We had joint services with the pray that it will soon be in hand.
own home, and the renovation of that Bekasi and Darmawangsa congregations Brother Ndruru is doing a very fine
building is almost complete. It will because the place that Darmawangsa job working with the congregation,
accommodate 15-20 orphans, and there rents for worship was being used at that and he also preaches two times per
will be room for a place of worship particular time for wedding ceremonies. month at another location in the city,
and office/classroom facility. He and The Darmawangsa brethren are in the as well as translating books into the
his wife have already accepted a needy process of setting up a foundation so Nias language from books we have
child into their home, although they are they can purchase a place of their own Continued on page 74
74 Global Harvest

In d o n e s i a
Continued from page 73 of the truth and has proven himself work of women is widely accepted in that
previously published in Indonesian. trustworthy over the years. culture. We supplied Bible concordances
There has been a lot of growth in the Nias (Sumatra) for 85 men who serve in various capacities
congregation over the past year and From Medan we flew to Nias for the for the Nias congregations. We also took
they had two baptisms on the last last leg of our teaching/training sessions. four sets of visuals for them to use in
Sunday that we worshipped with them. Men who are local leaders came for teaching Sunday School. Those will be
Ellen had prepared four sets of four days of leadership training. The used on a rotating basis, week by week,
special laminated visuals for children, subject matter was as in Medan, “The as men go from Gunung Sitoli to teach in
and they were excited to receive those Greatness of Love”, plus material village congregations. They were excited
and to have them for Bible classes. on “Peacemakers”, and copies of the and thankful to have such materials
The volcano in the area, Mount lessons were given to each participant. available. Many thanks to all of you who
Sinabung, which has been active but Also, ten women from the vocational have given funds to provide these vital
hasn’t erupted for 400 years, has become sewing classes attended an early devo tools for the churches of Nias and other
active again. The commercial enterprises, session where we gave instruction on parts of Indonesia.
especially farming, have been disrupted teaching children’s class-es to them and Indonesia seems to be pulling out
and many people have been forced to the 12 men who travel on weekends to of the economic crisis overall, but the
evacuate. We have sent funds to help teach classes and help conduct services average person has not felt any benefit.
some of those displaced, including church in some 70 village churches. The price of basic commodities has
members, in that area. Brother Ndruru has The program for high school and sky-rocketed, and the price of some
conducted some special meetings, and college students that Dennis Cady is vegetables has more than doubled in
five who were evacuees have recently overseeing is going well. They have the last month. News reports told of
been baptized in the Berastagi vicinity dorms in Gunung Sitoli for the students several families who were having to
and two in Medan. He says the receptivity who primarily come from members’ limit themselves to one meal a day
is directly related to the help that was homes. It is a great opportunity for in order to afford schooling for their
received from the church. them to further their education as well children. The people are also under
Siantar ( Sumatra) as receive regular instruction in Bible constant stress from natural disasters
Alepson Silalahi, who is originally classes and worship with the church in like floods, mudslides, earthquakes,
from North Sumatra, has moved with Gunung Sitoli. There are only two high and tsunamis. In contrast to the very
his family from Semarang in Central schools on the entire island, and most poor who constantly struggle, the daily
Java back to his home area. He do not have access to them. This term, news told of corrupt officials who have
served the churches in Semarang and they have 40 new students, 28 boys and skimmed off millions of dollars from the
Limbangan for several years and did 12 girls. The new students were present government and various programs, but
a very good job in the work there. We on the Sunday we met with the church, although they are accused in the media,
and the congregation at Darmawangsa and there was an apparent delight on very few are ever held accountable or
in Jakarta have been providing some their faces because they are now given brought to justice.
support for him in Semarang and will the opportunity for further education, We are blessed to be able to write,
continue to provide that in Siantar. We both secular and spiritual. translate, and produce literature to dis-
sent him funds for equipment to get We have just published two books in tribute so that the Gospel can somehow
things going, and he was very grateful the Nias language. One is a Bible index get out to this vast nation of about 230
for the help. He is facing a lot of written by Doyle Gilliam and published million souls. We believe that there are
opposition from denominational groups years ago by J.C. Choate and is a top quality still many who will answer the call of the
and even some from his own relatives. printing. We also have printed the book, Gospel if we do our part in getting it to
Join us in praying that his efforts will be The Role of Women by Betty Choate them. Please continue to pray for us and
fruitful for the Lord’s cause in that part in that language. This is an important the work of the kingdom in Indonesia. U
of Batak Land. He is well schooled and addition to the tools for the church there Colin and Ellen McKee can be contacted
sound in his understanding and practice since the denominational concept of the through email:
Global Harvest 75

From Australia to Papua New Guinea

Tom Bunt
This year the team landed in Port Persecution Stops at Musep Raising Children at Indagen
Moresby, blessed in that we managed During our week at Indagen we One of the great social problems in
to take with us ‘extra weight’ at no were able to walk to the nearby village PNG is the criminal activity committed
additional cost. This included give away of Musep. Musep is within close by the youth of the country. In the cities
clothing, books, teaching materials, proximately to Indagen. Several years like Lae, these young men will congregate
soccer balls, and other things that we back when a few Christians from Indagen in groups known as ‘rascals’ and can
could give to the brethren in PNG. After started to study the Gospel with some cause absolute chaos. At Indagen, the
a couple of days preparation in Lae, we people in the village of Musep, they were whole district is working very hard to
flew to Indagen, a village that Tom and physically attacked. These attacks were parent, teach, and raise the children not to
Steve had previously visited in 2006. violent in nature and saw some brothers participate in such sinful behaviour. The
We safely returned to Lae after the being hit very hard on the head with church is helping pave the way by running
week in Indagen and then spent the clumps of timber, stabbed, and rejected. a preschool and teaching the children
remainder of our time assisting several Our brethren from the Indagen Godly behaviour and morals while they
congregations within driving distance church of Christ persevered through are very young. The team had the privilege
of the Lae Ministry Centre. Key events this persecution, but things started to of helping at the preschool and visiting
included conducting a nightly Gospel go wrong for the people of Musep. local primary and high schools.
meeting at Tampawi, visit to Tikeling, They believed that bad things were Tampawi Gospel Meetings
preaching and teaching at Boundary Rd happening to them because they had Tampawi is located close to the centre
Church of Christ and conducting other treated the people from the church of of Lae and is a location that Wesley and
studies and visits in the Lae area. Christ so poorly. Tupolin Wosse have been working with
Ten People Baptized During our visit, the village of Musep for some years. The team held a Gospel
was pleased to have us accompany meeting at Tampawi over several nights
One of the highlights of this PNG
the church at Indagen to a ‘repentance with many in attendance each night.
trip was the week spent at Indagen,
ceremony’. At this ceremony, the people Christians were ‘trucked in’ from all over
about 45 minutes flight from Lae
of Musep sought God’s forgiveness, the Lae, and a lot of local advertising was done
and 5,500 feet above sea level. It is a
forgiveness from the Indagen church to promote the series. Visitors attended,
village with no electricity, vehicles or
of Christ, and the forgiveness of the and our hope is that Bible studies will be
modern amenities (a common situation
church of Christ worldwide. The people initiated with some of these folks. U
in PNG). Indagen, though is truly a
at Musep really wanted to make amends
beautiful place. The congregation has
for their past violence! Tom Bunt:
a membership of about 120, and they
welcomed the team into their homes,
lives, and hearts. During our week long
visit, the team participated in preaching
the Gospel each night. Many visitors
came to hear the Good News of Jesus
Christ, and during the meetings 10 new
souls were added to the Lord’s church.
Many of the baptisms occurred at
night in the nearby river. By torch light,
the Christians would walk to the river,
rejoicing that a new soul was being saved.
In addition to the Gospel meetings, the
team taught men’s classes, ladies’ classes,
children’s classes, visited schools, clinics,
and neighbouring villages.
76 Global Harvest
The first week of August brings our
sixth and the final block of our school
year. Classes taught were: Christian
Evidences; Thessalonians, Timothy,
Papua New Guinea
and Titus for the Basic Year.
Jab Mesa
The One Mile Clinic continues
from Emagave in the Eastern Highlands boat service announced they would not
to assist the sick students, and we are
and Garry Geseng from the Markham have any ship for 2 weeks. That meant
thankful to our Lord for Velma and her
Valley in the Morobe Province. that those who went had no choice but
team. Our students are given a slot for
Two wives of students also graduated to fly out to their home provinces.
short preaching lessons each morning
with certificates for sitting in the
from Mondays to Fridays between 7:00 Outreach on the Highway
women’s classes. Another wife of a first
and 7:30 A.M.,. as a devotional time I was asked to drive out 40 miles on
year student, who cannot read and write,
for the sick coming in for help in their the 25th of September to meet a group
with a young man from the settlement,
sicknesses and sores. It’s another way of men from different congregations
also receive certificates from Becky their
of planting the Seed (God’s Word) into in the Markham District, to drive them
teacher. They can now read their Bibles
the hearts of sick people. Some have on to another market at Leron where
in Pidgin and write as well. Becky has
started coming to worship services they wanted to do an open air Gospel
done a wonderful job over the years
with us. God is good. meeting. Three were MBC graduates
teaching the literacy class.
with other church leaders, ten in all. I
World Radio
joined them in the Gospel meeting. I
I recorded nine more was indeed encouraged, and within me
lessons for Sunday sermons a deep sense of joy seeing these brothers
from the book of First John taking charge of their responsibilities to
for September and October. plant the Word of God. It’s about two
The Lord continues to open hours’ drive from Lae. They asked me
doors for His message to preach in their combined worship
through the air waves. service the next day, so Becky and I
Responses from those drove out to be with them. I preached
around the country who can on their theme of the month, “Be Ready
receive the signal have been for the Lord’s Coming”.
great. Christians tune in to We are grateful for many mission-
the sermon which is aired at aries that came to Papua New Guinea
Graduating students and their families. 7:30 am and repeated 7:30 and have helped with church planting
We moved our graduation forward pm on Sundays. World Radio supports and training many locals who are
from Saturday, the 11th, as half of our this ministry. Thank you, those who serving our Lord faithfully. Some
staff, Becky Mesa, Kamau Dobadob, give funds to pay for the air time. God got caught up in Satan’s snare, yet
Michael and Dogo Tatara and their bless you. many kept struggling forward. Few
two daughters, and Velma had to get The Kibung turned out well despite missionaries make it back to encourage
on a boat the afternoon of the 10th, and motivate us. Fred
traveling to Alotau for the PNG Kibung and Sandy are among
(churches of Christ in PNG Forum). I those who wanted to
had to stay back as I have RI classes equip leaders. TTM
for the two Secondary Schools still classes continue to
going on Thursdays and Fridays. challenge us to read our
Three married students graduated, Bibles and let the Bible
Billboard advertizing the Kibung
completing the required 2-year biblical speak as we learn from
studies. Among them is an elder from a lot of rain. Becky kept me updated the men and women of God. The study
Badighawa church of Christ in Port on the classes and happenings. The at this time is on Ezekiel. U
Moresby in his mid 60s, Samuel Raho forum helped the local churches in and
Misi. The other two are Suti Namiro around the Milne Bay Province. The Jab Mesa:
Global Harvest 77

The Necessity of Sonlight in the Pacific

Excellent Bible Randy E. English

Teaching Materials

In our daily lives we no doubt

consider many things useful, yea
necessary. Pacific Islanders and other
people living in remote areas of the
world have learned to live without
many of the so called “necessities” of
life. In fact, some would say that they
do quite well without these things.
Even so, there are some things
that they do not need to live without…
namely, food, shelter, clothing, water,
and certainly the Gospel. Without even
hearing the Gospel, mankind is lost — of new printed Bible materials. For then ready to ask questions about it.
we cannot believe what we have not over 20 years, we’ve had the joy of We often get the opportunity to sit and
heard, as Paul reminds us in Romans. distributing Bible materials in nations personally study with those receiving
10:14. where such is appreciated and used. Bible materials. Any of our co-workers
With each passing day, Sharon and It matters not in what country we are can tell you how encouraging it is to
I realize just how necessary the Gospel laboring — there are people who are know that these materials are being
is to the Pacific Island nations, and yea, interested in reading and using well read and studied, thus enabling the
to all of mankind. Yet, there are millions written/ produced Bible materials. I’m person to learn the true Gospel of our
of people here in the Pacific who have talking about tracts, books, CD’s, and Lord Jesus Christ. Thank you for giving
never heard the simple Gospel that other media that can be placed into the many people the opportunity to learn
Paul speaks of in 1 Corinthians 15:1- hands of people. and obey the Gospel. U
4 and in Romans 6:1-4, but are willing During a recent Gospel meeting in
Randy E. English, sonlight@samo-
to hear...imagine that! And although America Samoa, we made it our goal; Tutuila Island, American
we live in a remote area of the world, to give every visitor several different Samoa, Christmas Island.
there’s more good news in the fact that pieces of Bible materials. Some
these millions of people are reachable requested and received Bibles, too.
with the Gospel. They’re reachable In a mission trip to the capital city of
with the Word of God through our the Solomon Islands, we distributed
combined efforts with you in “going” Bible studies on DVD, together with
to preach and teach, through “sending” various study guides for the Bible. In
and distributing excellent printed Bible French Polynesia earlier this year, we
materials and radio programming 24 were blessed to provide Bible tracts in
hours a day, 7 days a week. Thank French, English, and Tahitian. These
you for joining us for a closer look at Bible materials were well received and
how the necessary Gospel is spreading used by the people.
through necessary means. One thing that we have noticed over
and over again is that people here in the
Literature Pacific will read Bible materials over
In the past few weeks, it has been and over again! When you give them
our privilege to receive a good quantity a tract, they want to read it! — and are
78 Global Harvest

Introduction to the Philippines

Prissy Sellers

When you think of Asia, you might think of Buddhism, the overwhelming response, there
Taoism, and rocky soil in which Christianity has a hard time is a great need of workers for the
taking root. Allow me to introduce you to the Philippines. harvest. This is where you come in.
The Philippines is the second-largest archipelago in Our Dream!
the world, with 7107 tropical islands and the 12th most It is our dream to make a “CHILDREN’S TUTORIAL
populated country, with an estimated population of around KIT”. We believe this is the MISSING LINK to connecting the
92 million. Rare in the Asian world, 90% of the Filipinos local congregations to the community. This kit would equip
claim Roman Catholicism as their religion. the congregations to do what they cannot do for themselves.
Although the Filipino version of Catholicism mixes It would provide a one-year academic and Bible curriculum,
mysticism with Christian principles, the widespread knowledge materials, and equipment, along with a one week VBS
of the name of Jesus means that there is an unprecedented curriculum, and a full year Sunday Bible school curriculum,
foundation laid for Christian evangelism in the Philippines. And training women how to use the materials for the first year. Then,
the harvest is plentiful. It has been estimated that there is an for year two and following, it would be each congregation’s
80% retention rate with those who obey the Gospel. That means responsibility to replace the “consumable” items in the kit and
that out of all of the converted believers, approximately 80% to continue the program. The congregations would then begin
continue on to become active members of their congregation! to reach out to the parents with the Gospel.
That is practically unheard of in the rest of the world. The kits would be sponsored by congregations/individuals
Current Involvement in the U.S., and around the world. There would be a one-time
For two years now, local churches have been holding contribution to get these kits into the hands of Filipino church
“children’s tutorials” throughout Luzon, the most densely workers. Once the initial year is over, the local congregations
populated island. This pilot program has canvassed the would be responsible for the succeeding years.
metropolis of Manila. Local Christians have teamed with Your Involvement
visiting missionaries to reach out to the communities. Their This may sound like it will cost a lot of money to
goal: to seek and save the lost by teaching and training accomplish, but due to the amazing exchange rate, and how
children, preparing them for their educational future, and at far the dollar will stretch in the Philippines, the cost of each
the same time, teaching basic biblical truths. The teachers kit is actually quite affordable, especially when we all band
work diligently on a daily basis to teach habits and behaviors together. We pray that you will prayerfully consider joining
that will lead to academic excellence in the local school together with us, in this momentous effort to spread God’s
systems. This also allows them the unique opportunity to lay love to a people who are ready, and waiting. You don’t have
the foundation for biblically grounded theology. While the to travel to the Philippines to evangelize them. You just need
children are being taught inside the classroom, local church to be willing to give of your resources, and participate where
members follow up with their parents, setting up Bible the Lord is already at work. Our goal is to create interest in
studies and inviting them to outreach programs. this mission endeavor.
Later in the year, short term mission teams from the United Below are Level options for your involvement:
States and other countries journey to Manila and continue Level 1 – Sponsor one complete kit for one year for only $3500
one-on-one Bible studies, supporting the local work. Level 2 – Sponsor ½ of a kit for one year for only $1750
To date, over 160 have been enrolled in the tutorials, Level 3 – Donate a $1000 towards the Missing Link Program
and 110 of the parents have obeyed the Gospel. A new Level 4 – Donate another amount $__________ U
congregation of 96 firm believers has been born of these
efforts. This is a direct result of God’s hand in this program. For more information please call 573-883-9644, or e-mail
When children are taught the Gospel, the parents follow. us at:; www.missionhim-possible.
The tutorial programs are reaching both the children and the org. Please make donation checks payable to: Flat River Church
parents in amazing numbers. But there is a problem. The of Christ (In the memo write “Missing Link”); then mail to:
economical situation in the Philippines is dire. Churches do Mission Him Possible, P.O. Box 21, Ste. Genevieve, MO 63670.
not have enough money to pay their ministers, much less to Prissy Sellers is the widow of Dale Sellers, long-time mission-
begin new programs. Because of the unique opportunity and aries to the Philippines.
Global Harvest 79
physically grueling and emotionally
Spiritual and Physical Aid exhausting works I have ever done.
Today, listening to the sound of
for the Philippines goats in every home is music to my
ears. Seeing their lush vegetable fields
Salvador Cariaga puts twinkles in my eyes. Seeing our
worship halls filled with men, women,
Over three years ago, most of our Just as the goat served as a bridge
and children lifts my soul.
neighbors in a village called Arapal between God and man in the Old
“For I was hungry and you gave
(in Bogo, Cebu), did not raise goats. Testament (Leviticus 16), and Jesus being
me something to eat, I was thirsty and
Today everyone of them are now goat the ultimate scape goat, our modern goat
you gave me something to drink, I was
raisers. Over four years ago, most of connects us to the community to which
a stranger and you invited me in, 36I
my neighbors did not raise their own we are reaching out. We teach them the
needed clothes and you clothed me, I
vegetables. Today, most of them have economic value of the goats (money,
was sick and you looked after me, I was
their own gardens and people are now milk, manure, and meat). We engage
in prison and you came to visit me.”
buying from them, instead of the other them in making productive use of their
Matthew 25:35-36 U
way around. Soon, we hope that this time, talent and treasure (land). We
village will be the bread basket of this earnestly show them how much we care Salvador Cariaga’s email address: car-
part of Cebu and the center of goat for days, weeks, months, and years. We
raising in the region, if not the entire have worked
country. This, in turn, will help them with them,
become self-sufficient and be on the attended
giving side of human need. weddings,
Because all our goat and garden funerals, and
technicians ‘happen’ to be gospel birthdays. We
preachers, we now have church buildings have cried
and house churches in and around and laughed
Arapal. We now have over a thousand with them.
goats. In ten years, we hope to have This is not
tens of thousands of goats. During that an overnight
time, we hope to expand beyond Arapal, project. It is
beyond Cebu, and help plant hundreds certainly one
of churches and help build up existing of the hardest
congregations of our brotherhood. and most

A Plea from If you could help Mercy and

other kids in our program, it would
Sunrise Christian Orphan Home make a world of difference in their
lives. Please send your tax-deductible
Less than five years ago, we brought We now need new donors to help us contribution to our US 501c3 non-
18 young people from Leyte. They continue supporting the remaining and profit organizations called Shepherds
were from a village that was completely younger kids there. Hill International, PO Box 3131,
buried by a massive mudslide. Over One of them is Mercy Naparota, Abilene, Texas 79601. Our Philippine
2000 people were killed instantly. Last who is currently the acting student orphanage is also registered with the
March 2010, four of those young people body president of her college. Last Philippine government as a non-profit
graduated college with Bachelors of year’s student body leader and the top organization.
Arts in Education. All four now have academic student of Sunrise Christian For more information, please check
jobs and are productive citizens. College was also from Leyte. Mercy lost this site:
At the end of this year (2010), her mother and father and four siblings
the foundation that helped us start the in the disaster. Her dream is to finish her neworphans You may also contact
orphanage will officially cease to exist. degree and become a school teacher.
80 Global Harvest

Divide and Conquer for the Truth

Aaron and Cindy Baker

The Vanuatu Team However, knowing the Truth for themselves wasn’t enough
for these young Christians. They began to think of their fam-
ily members back on their home island of Tanna and asked
Aaron to go and teach them the Truth, as well. So, in August
2007, Aaron and a group of men from Etas took their first trip
to Tanna Island to spread the Gospel.
The wheels began turning in Aaron’s head and he asked
me if I would consider moving to Tanna to live. We spent
much time in thought, prayer, and investigation as we consid-
ered this opportunity for our family. In the end, we decided
that we were ready to take on this new challenge of living in
Lorokau Village and will spend most of 2011 in Tanna, three
months at a time with a one month break in Port Vila to get
It has been almost six years since our mission team supplies, touch base with congregations on Efate, take a break
left the blizzard conditions of Denver, Colorado and set foot from primitive village life, and enjoy a hot shower!
in our new hot and sticky home of Port Vila, Vanuatu. The
past years have brought some good tidings to rejoice in,
some difficulties to overcome, but also much growth for the
Lord’s church in Vanuatu.
In the last six years we have spent much time evange-
lizing and have been blessed to witness numerous people con-
verted to Christ. One of these most successful tools was Truth
Bible School, a two year, 16-course Bible training school devel-
oped by the three men of our mission team: Aaron Baker, Eric
Brandell and Mike Olson. Being held two days a week for two
hours, men and women gained basic knowledge of the Bible,
in-depth study of doctrinal themes, as well as practical teaching
on several topics dealing with everyday Ni-Vanuatu life. The Bakers’ house in Lorokau Village
Now, the time has come for a change. As with all in-
digenous mission works, we are striving to essentially work Malekula Island
ourselves out of a job by equipping the local church to be Eric and Shawnda Brandell and their two children, Titus
self-sustaining Our mission team is looking into a future that (4) and Alexis (3), will soon be moving to Malekula Island, a
will bring much change and great potential for growth. For one hour puddle-jumping plane ride north before you finally
the first time in almost six years we are splitting up. We will land on a grass airstrip near a ramshackle building called,
be dividing our efforts and moving our focus to the islands “Norsup Airport”. Eric and Shawnda will be facing many
outside the main island of Efate (where we currently live), so challenges in their work, one of the greatest being the ex-
that we can get the Gospel into the hands of the people. tremely primitive conditions of Malekula Island.
Tanna Island Their connection with the work in Malekula began in
Aaron and I (Cindy) and our two daughters, Kaela (6) 2005 when Eric met and began studying with a young man
and Melia (3), will be moving to the island of Tanna, an hour named Flexon Robbie. Flexon proved to be a dedicated
plane flight south of Efate. Our contact with Tanna Island student of the Word and was soon won over by the Truth,
began at the end of 2005 when we met and began studying bringing along with him his young wife, Fiona, who was
with two couples from Etas Village: Sam and Leimawa, and baptized not long after Flexon. Flexon and Fiona have come
Pbles and Ruth. From the time of their baptism in January to be some of the most faithful members of the Port Vila
2006, many members of their immediate and extended fam- congregation. Flexon, too, wanted his family to know the
ily have studied and been added to the church in Etas Village. Continued on page 83
Global Harvest 81

Voice from Micronesia:

What a Combination of Age, Experience, and Dedication Can Do . . .
Scott and Rebecca Shanahan
I first met Bill Benton in The very next day we
July of 2001. I was on my started our personal evan-
way to Fiji for my first ever gelism work — five studies
campaign. With my fellow with 13 people. These in-
campaigners, I was sitting in cluded faithful Christians,
the international departures unfaithful Christians, and
lounge, fretting about what non-Christians. Bill led all
I was about to do, when a but one of these. Charley and
very old couple entered. The Christian were able to attend
husband was rolling his wife some of the studies and help
in a wheel chair. It turned translate, which was good
out to be Bill and his sweet training for them, and we
wife, Vida. At the time, they were thankful to see their
were 79 years old. On that growth.
trip, Bill earned the nickname, “Bill the baptizer”, because Also that day we set up a study with Urusula. She is
it just seemed like every five minutes he was in the hotel married to a member of the church named Eliezer. Eliezer was
swimming pool baptizing someone into Christ. first taught the Gospel by Bill in 2006 and has been a faithful
Two years later I returned to Fiji with my brand new wife Christian since. Urusula has attended worship with us some.
(that’s Rebecca in case you didn’t know), and Bill and Vida, What a great blessing it was for her to be taught by the same
now in their 80’s, were right there with us. The next year man who taught her husband. We studied twice with Charley
we made the first ever campaign for Christ in Pohnpei, and translating. They are from different islands, but their languages
there were the Bentons still going strong. By that time Vida are similar so it was a very big help to have Charley with us.
had gotten weaker, but she managed to have as many, if not The next day we studied with Urusula again, but Charley
more, Bible studies as the rest of us. In 2006 we had another could not be there. Her understanding of English is not very
campaign in Pohnpei, and yet again the Bentons were in full good, but she does speak Pohnpeiian, so I was able to translate
swing. Bill was out door knocking and conducting studies for Bill, and we made it through the lesson, answering some
on a daily basis while Vida was conducting personal Bible very difficult questions. The next day we got together again,
studies in her hotel room with any and every person that was with Charley translating, to make sure she really understood
in the vicinity. everything we had studied the night before. She told Charley
Sadly for us, but fortunately for Vida, she was called to be that she was sad when we left because she wanted to keep
with her Lord in 2007. Fast forward to this year, after great trips learning (we had been studying for over an hour and a half
to Chuuk and Kosrae, it was time for some good work to be and had to go to midweek Bible class). That day we went over
done on Pohnpei. Bill was just the man for the job. He arrived the plan of salvation again and Urusula said she was ready
on Saturday (after a grueling trip from Atlanta, which included to become a Christian. We went straight to the ocean where
a nine hour layover for which he did not get a hotel room), she declared that Jesus is Lord, and Charley baptized her into
ready to work. We spent the day fellowshipping, visiting, and Christ. We had some great follow up classes with her, and
making plans for the next two weeks. The following day we she is starting off on the right foot. Unfortunately, Eliezer has
worshipped together with both congregations and set up studies been off the island for several months, but he is due back in
with some regular visitors. The members of the church were two weeks. He is in for a great surprise!
impressed that Bill, at 88 years old, made the trip to Pohnpei The days went by quickly with many great studies and
to see them and to work with them. In Pohnpei, 88 is ancient. opportunities for the Lord. We stopped at a store on the way
Very few people live to be in their 80’s, and those who do are home from a study where the keeper was very kind and
not normally able to get around at all. Continued on page 83
82 Global Harvest
second is an Evangelization Seminar

In Cambodia and Saigon for believers’ families and friends.

They envision bringing 50 contacts to a
Luis Cusi distant place, house them for one night
and have a two-day gospel seminar.
In Phnom Penh, we spent the days vision is for this school be an income- Since they do not have funds for this,
teaching lessons on faith and prayer to generating business that can support they are requesting assistance in the
about 15 young men and women, most of the mission work in Cambodia after his amount of $1000 per seminar (they plan
whom were from Muslim backgrounds. five-year support is up. two a year if there is a sponsor). June
Sunday morning I preached on the need We also visited with Julie Broyles and Reuben had recently baptized their
for those who trust in Jesus to flee from and hope that someday Tess and I can Baptist translator (formerly known
sin such as idolatry and immorality (2 stay a month with her to teach at her as Pastor/Rev.), who is now deeply
Timothy 2:22). English school. involved with the church of Christ in
Prior to meeting Sokhom I had I will be bringing my son, John, to Saigon. He is helping brother Minh
heard many good things about him. On Cambodia to familiarize him with the with the leadership. It is our prayer that
this trip we met the man and had the country and the Lord’s work there. I they will soon be able to get recognition
opportunity to see what was in his heart am praying that it is God’s direction for from the government as a religious
and being, so one cannot help but want him to get his missionary feet wet in group. The other church of Christ in
to partner in the Lord’s work with him. Cambodia after he graduates from SPBC. Saigon had recently claimed they were
Cambodia is an open land for the Gospel I am also busy now forming the already recognized, but reports reaching
to be preached, and even now there are MARCH team that will be helping out us say they are still being harassed by
many who are turning to denominations. in the Cambodian Medical & Dental the police. Hopefully, in time, the police
The time for the Lord’s people to move mission. So far, we have four dentists will stop harassing them and the group
is now. Medical, livelihood and other committed to go, while we are still of Minh will also gain recognition.
humanitarian works with strong follow looking for two optometrists. Please Since we are not able to do a
ups by our preachers would be effective pray that we will be able to complete medical mission in Saigon soon, we
in opening doors for the Gospel. While the team soon. purchased and gave $200 worth of
the preacher training school prepares/ In Vietnam, we sat down with two assorted over-the-counter medicines
trains future preachers and teachers to preachers and made plans for 2011. which our brethren had requested for
evangelize and edify the country, there The first a Bible Seminar for preachers them and for their families. U
is the need for the interim involvement (which are the usual classes that Jeremy
of missionaries who will teach in the Barrier has been sponsoring), and the Luis Cusi:
preacher training school, teach English
and read the Bible with Cambodians
desiring to learn English, and at the
same time plant and grow churches — Eager participants in a Bible Class.
multi-tasking missionaries who can do
all of the above.
A key conversion in Phnom Penh
is that of brother Sreng, who grew
up a Muslim. Being employed in the
government’s office of the Interior, he
is very influential and is responsible for
leading to the conversion of 18 young
Muslim men from his village who are
now enrolled at the Preacher Training
School. He is also instrumental in leading
other Muslim men to believe in Christ.
One request that Sokhom made was
to help establish an English school. His
Global Harvest 83

...for the Truth

Micronesia Continued from page 80
and would be an excellent base for work
in the northern islands of Vanuatu.
Continued from page 81 Truth. In early 2009, Eric and Flexon For a long time now there have
spoke English. Bill, not wanting a great began making plans to go to Malekula been small pockets of one or two Chris-
opportunity to go to waste, asked her to teach his family, but then Flexon’s fa- tians living in a few different places on
if she would like to study. She said we ther passed away. While on his trip back this large island of “Santo”. However,
could stop by anytime and have a class. home to Malekula, Flexon couldn’t help none of them live close enough to meet
We had two great studies with her and but think of how his father had not had together regularly. In essence, these
her husband (during one of them, two the opportunity to hear the Truth. This Christians are struggling due to the iso-
other friends sat in). We stopped by the reality brought him much grief, but also lation that poor roads and lack of trans-
next day to have another session and, spurred him on to tell his family of his portation bring. In addition to Mike’s
with tears in her eyes, Bennita told me and Eric’s plans to come back to Tulwei desire to strengthen those who are al-
that they could no longer meet with Village and teach the Gospel. ready Christians, he sees much poten-
us. We were crushed! The studies had The two made their first trip to tial for growth from the people on this
gone so well, what could have gone Malekula in June 2009, teaching many island who have been taking our Bible
wrong? It turned out that her and her members of Flexon’s family. On their Correspondence Courses. Mike has
husband’s families put pressure on second trip in October, Flexon’s broth- spent a good deal of time grading and
them to discontinue the studies. She er, Alsen, was baptized and several oth- answering questions for these BCCs,
was very upset to have to tell us this, ers seemed to be very close to obeying and with 146 students located on Santo
but this sort of thing happens all the the Gospel. Eric has since made a total alone, there is hope for increase of the
time in Pohnpei. The Lord willing, of six trips into Malekula and has had Lord’s church on this particular island.
we will get back with them very soon the joy of seeing the church grow to Many times our team has heard
and try to arrange a meeting with their 10 members and offering possibilities the words, “You all are so brave,”
families as well. for much more increase. Due to the and many times we have tried to as-
There were other great oppor- teaching that Eric has previously done sure people that, no, we are not all that
tunities while Bill was here. We studied in Tulwei, there are doors open for the brave. We simply have seen a need, set
with several unfaithful brethren, five of Truth in at least two other villages on goals for ourselves and are working to
whom asked for prayers for restoration. the island, as well. reach them. And if it were not for the
When we were not in already scheduled Seeing the need for someone to strength of Christ or the message of the
classes, we went door knocking. As a work with these young Christians and cross that we are sharing we would not
result, we got studies going with two other prospects, Eric and Shawnda be ready, able, or even willing to take
separate families and passed out many prayerfully made the decision to move the Gospel to these outer islands.
tracts. to the remote village of Tulwei. Their “Not that I speak from want, for I
God truly blessed us with a great family will be on a “two months in Tul- have learned to be content in whatever
co-worker in brother Benton. During wei, two months in Port Vila” rotation. circumstances I am. I know how to get
his stay, he conducted or assisted in 46 Espiritu Santo and Ambae Islands along with humble means, and I also
Bibles studies with 45 different people, As for Mike Olson, he has also know how to live in prosperity; in any
went door knocking and stayed busy seen the need for workers in the outer and every circumstance I have learned
encouraging brethren. As a result, one islands. He is in the initial planning the secret of being filled and going hun-
soul was added to the Lord and five stages of working more actively with gry, both of having abundance and suf-
were restored. Thank you, Bill, for the Christians that meet on Espiritu fering need. I can do all things through
making your way out here, and thank Santo and Ambae Islands, both located Him who strengthens me.” (Philippians
God for this great blessing of being in the far northern part of Vanuatu. For 4:11-13) U
able to work together! U Mike, there is a possibility that he will
relocate to the only other city (albeit a For more information, reports, pictures
Scott Shanahan’s email address is much smaller one) in Vanuatu. Lugan- and a list of current needs, please visit our ville is located on Espiritu Santo Island website at
84 Global Harvest

Mission Trip to Easter Island

Robert Martin

On November 6th I left for Easter territory, which would include finding
Island, also known as Rapa Nui, for ten the partners who could help us in this all
days to carry the Gospel to another of the important work for the Lord. We have
Pacific Islands. The population is 4,888. called the plan “that final push” to reach
Easter Island is located in the the last unreached areas of the Pacific. Josh and saw the way he would move
Pacific Ocean, at the southeastern most Easter Island is a part of that group of among the people. He did it in such
point of the Polynesian triangle. It is nations/territories. a loving, kind, thoughtful, and patient
a special territory of Chile, the official On this trip, I met up with Josh way that I knew that he will do a great
language is Spanish and (Repa Nui) Blackmer who is a missionary to work among the wonderful Spanish
Polynesian language. It is an isolated, Asuncion, Paraguay in Santiago, Chile. speaking Polynesian people of Easter
far-flung island 2,300 miles from Josh and his family are overseen by the Island.
Chile and 2,500 miles from Tahiti, 15 Palm Beach Lakes elders in West Palm It was because we worked in this
miles long and 10 miles wide. It was Beach, Florida. This congregation is also way that “things” began to come
discovered by Dutch explorer, Jacob one of our faithful supporters. together for future trips. First a bed
Roggeveen, on Easter Sunday 1722. So, away Josh and I went on this and breakfast place for Josh and Kara
There are 887 statutes called “moai”, on first missionary trip to take the Gospel Blackmer to stay. Secondly, and very
the island that have attracted research and to plant the Lord’s church on Easter important, a place for night Bible
people from all over the world. But Island. A few years ago Josh had said, studies to be conducted, right on main
what had attracted me to this island is “We have always wanted to work street. Meeting the owner of the bed &
the fact that there are 4,888 precious with you on one of the islands of the breakfast house and the restaurant that
souls who have worshipped stone idols Pacific.” When we landed Josh did not she has offered for Bible studies was a
and who need the Gospel of Christ. know how much this older missionary real blessing. Vanessa and her family
Two and half years ago I went to was depending on him and how the have an “open mind to religion” and
our elders and asked that they give me Lord would be using him. you could just see the “open heart”. I
the opportunity to target the last of the Josh and I started immediately simply thought, “Well here again “the
countries/territories (7 nations/territories) learning all that we could about the Lord has opened a door” for His work
in the Pacific, to carry the gospel and to island, the culture, customs, and the to be done (2 Corinthians 2:12).
plant the Lord’s church. They agreed, “mind set” of the people about religion We are so thankful to the Lord for
and we started working very diligently and life. We were busy meeting people, blessing us with Josh and Kara Blackmer
to come up with a plan for each nation/ giving out Bible Correspondence who have accepted the challenge,
course enrollment cards, opportunity, and responsibility of
and also giving out the taking the gospel and planting the
Offering Bible courses in Spanish.
booklet, “Searching for Lord’s church on Easter Island. We are
Truth”, in Spanish. I so thankful for the West Palm Beach
kept sharing with Josh congregation and elders for sending
“that if we will: learn, such a dedicated and wonderful family
use wisdom, be patient, to work on the foreign mission field
and show the people a in Paraguay, South American, so that
loving and kind heart they might work with us in carrying the
toward them, that the gospel and planting the Lord’s church
Lord will bless our in Easter Island. U
efforts for Him”. I was
really impressed on this Robert Martin can be reached at email:
trip as I worked with
Global Harvest 85

The Church Needs a Global Mentality

Demar Elam
The need is great for the church to Gospel to the nations of the world. with presidents of universities to open
refocus its vision on global evangelism. The missionary will leave behind a doors of opportunity on their campuses.
Satan cannot be confronted on just one strong spiritual environment and go He needs to be capable of meeting with
battlefront, here in the U.S., because he into a foreign country where he’ll the president or prime minister of a
is all over the globe trying to influence country, should the opportunity arise.
face innumerable challenges, starting
men for evil. Therefore, the outreach of the moment he steps off the plane and
He must understand that many laws
God’s people for converting lost souls and privileges afforded citizens of the
heads to immigration. He finds himself
to Christ needs to be global, reaching U.S.A. may not exist in the foreign
working with a relatively small number
far beyond our local congregations. In of people. He must be capable of country in which he is working.
this new millennium the leaders in the making decisions he never had to make It will be too late for poorly trained
church need to be focused, unwavering before. He discovers that the talentmissionaries sent to foreign lands to
and driven if they are to reach the then discover that they should have
pool has diminished greatly.There will
masses with the Gospel of Christ! been educated and trained in cross-
be no elders, no deacons, no faithful
Success in global missions calls for cultural evangelism prior to their
Christian parents, relatives, or friends.
passion and intensity in our endeavors. Congregations in America are blesseddeparture for the target country. Even
The church has been blessed in years with training, culture shock often
with talented leadership, organization,
past with some great missionaries who and the blessings of numerically andhinders and disables missionaries. The
exhibited immense dedication, wisdom spiritually strong congregations. likelihood of that happening increases
and zeal. They have done untold good Necessity is laid upon him to when there has been no proper training.
in spreading the Gospel in distant communicate effectively with govern- The apostle Paul often prayed for
lands at great sacrifice to themselves. I ment departments just to stay in theboldness. He requested prayer from
have tremendous respect for all those country where he is working. He fellow Christians that he might have
pioneer missionaries who paved the must handle matters with all sorts boldness: “Praying always with all
way for many of us. of government agencies that will be prayer and supplication in the Spirit,
being watchful to this end with all
foreign to him. There will be Customs,
Send the Best
Immigration, Tax Department, and a perseverance and supplication for all
With that being said, I want to the saints—and for me, that utterance
host of other bureaucracies with which
address a flawed practice in the church may be given to me, that I may open
he must deal according to their laws. In
that has cropped up from time to time some countries even the mayors must my mouth boldly to make known the
through a lack of knowledge. Well- be reckoned with because they have mystery of the gospel, for which I am
intended individuals have all too often tremendous powers that can make or an ambassador in chains: that in it I
said, “Well, if a man just can’t make it break one’s work. He needs to meet may speak boldly, as I ought to speak”
here in the United States (Ephesians 6:18-20).
we ought to send him to Missionaries
the mission field.” Why? themselves often fail
The fact is nothing could to speak out boldly
be further from the truth. concerning this subject
The dawning of a new because they do not want
day is needed regarding the to seem boastful about
qualifications of mission- their own qualifications.
aries sent to serve in Although they know
foreign lands. If anything, how important it is for
we should be sending the church to send only
some of our most talented, effective missionaries
most educated and most to the mission field,
Students in the Philippine Theological College
effective men to carry the Continued on page 86
86 Global Harvest
Without strong local congregations to
. . . a Global Mentality provide the “supply line,” there would
be no missionaries going out from the
U.S.A. However, as much as we need
Continued from page 85 trying to say is that we need to wake- effective men at home, even more so do
they sometimes fear that some will up and send out some men like Paul, we need effective men working on the
misunderstand their intentions. Mission- Barnabas, Silas, Timothy and Titus. We mission fields! The truth of the matter
aries need boldness and they need to plead can do better preparing individuals for is that America is less receptive to the
the case for sending individuals who have missionary service. message of Christ than many of the
the talent, ability, zeal, education and We need missionaries totally Third-World countries. We should extend
training to get the job done. Like Paul, we grounded in God’s Truth! We need ourselves to preach in these lands where
need to pray for boldness regarding these missionaries who are capable of the people are receptive to the Gospel.
matters. We need the courage to speak out dealing with government officials. We We need to educate, train, motivate and
as we ought to speak, addressing the real need missionaries who can carry on activate the best we have for service on
issues facing us in global evangelism. when there is a lack of leadership and the battlefronts that will produce the
congregational strength to draw from. greatest results for God. It just makes
Send Effective Men We need missionaries who are capable sense that we would concentrate our
Not just anyone should become soul winners and capable preachers of efforts in areas where it will do the most
a missionary. If a man is not willing God’s Word. Never forget this: “For good. This would be true in a commercial
to receive education, instruction and since, in the wisdom of God, the world business. It is just as true in the Lord’s
training prior to going abroad, perhaps through wisdom did not know God, it business.
we should question his sincerity. Why pleased God through the foolishness
would a person want to just jump up of the message preached to save those Unused Talents at Home
and go overseas without first preparing who believe” (1 Corinthians 1:21). Many American congregations
himself? We don’t just need more Preaching has taken a back seat in have elders, deacons and men sitting
preachers or just more missionaries! the minds of many in today’s world, but in the pews every Sunday as listeners
We need more effective preachers the Holy Spirit teaches that it is through who could themselves be up preaching
and more effective missionaries! We the foolishness of preaching that men and teaching and handling the worship
need individuals who are driven when it are saved. Hence, we need to send the service for the local congregations.
comes to fulfilling the Lord’s command best preachers we have to complete the The “front row” illustration is still
of global conquest. Missionary endeavor greatest challenge before the church as true as it ever was. If you had an
calls for the best we have in every area today, that is, teaching the masses auditorium full of starving people but
and this includes the personnel being of humanity residing in nations that you fed only the front row over and
sent to the target countries to carry out are presently hungering and thirsting over, disregarding the pleas of all the
evangelistic outreach. What do you think for the salvation offered them by the other people, it just wouldn’t be right.
about Paul, Barnabas, Silas, Timothy and uplifted Christ (John 12:32). Sometimes in the church we have been
Titus, who went out to the mission field? The responsibility to put our best guilty of continually feeding the front
Were they some of the best qualified men foot forward in proclamation is vital row and ignoring the people who live
or were they sent because they were not in global missions. Missionaries today in distant lands who desperately need to
talented enough to accomplish the work have been entrusted with the same know about the “Bread of life.”
in Jerusalem and Antioch? Of course, we message of reconciliation that was In conclusion, we need to realize
know the answer to this question. entrusted to Paul (2 Corinthians 5:14- the necessity of sending effective and
This is not to throw off on anyone 21). Notice Paul was compelled to qualified men to the mission fields
who has gone and sacrificed and given proclaim that message to the lost of his and we need to be generous to other
the best they had to the Lord. No, day — Paul was driven! countries in sending some of the best
indeed! Thank God for everyone who Where does the Lord’s church need to that we’ve got to teach and preach! U
has ever gone and given God service concentrate its most talented and effective
in foreign lands. I am not trying to Demar Elam, D. MIN. Director Mission
men? Of course we need to have talented, Studies Amridge University; Chancellor
criticize, condemn, or make light of educated and dedicated men here at home Philippine Theological College; email
anyone who has served. What I am to preach in the local congregations. address:
Global Harvest 87

God’s Plans, His Timing and

Measuring, and our Will
Betty Burton Choate

Christ in Nashville. Barry Baggott Lanka to begin the church, and J.C.
works with the French World Mission had written the studies [The Church
there, so I contacted him. He said that of the Bible; The Gospel of Christ;
Paul Gerber would be driving down New Testament Worship; and Jim
in a truck to pick up the materials they Massey, missionary to Africa for many
had printed for distribution among the years had written You Can Be Just a
French speaking nations of Africa. He Christian] as correspondence courses.
gave me the contact information, and J.C. had afterwards printed them in
I emailed Paul. His reply was that English in the US, but there was also
they would be happy to include our the desire to make them available
boxes and that he would be driving to in other languages. He had asked
Nashville early in the following week. Charles White, missionary to Lyon,
None of our World Evangelism France, to translate them into French.
team had planned a trip to Nashville, and Barry Baggott later translated Why
we would be having one of the Mission We Believe What We Believe.
Recently I made what was, for me, Training Sessions over the weekend, so Many copies had been sent to the
an unexpected trip in the van, driving I was the only one who could go. French speaking world since their
from Winona, MS to Nashville, TN, Before committing almost our en- printing, but here was an opportunity to
down to Lewisburg, TN, across to tire stock of French books to Africa, move most of our stock out and into the
Searcy, AR, and back to Winona — I wrote Dr. David Smith who works hands of people who are looking for the
thirteen hours to think, pray, and sing with the French population of Haiti. Truth! How many years, how many
along with beautiful hymns on CDs, He was thrilled that books could come people, God had moved around on
continually conscious of J.C.’s presence to them, and said that the Judsonia His board of activity to share His
(because in 52 years of marriage we church in Searcy, AR with brother Gospel with hungry hearts!
drove far more than a million such John Kachelman, was in the process of Driving along, I felt such a special
miles together) and of God’s, because filling a container. Brother Kachelman part of a great “working together”,
this was — as our little granddaughter, confirmed that their shipment was realizing that even in our inadequacies,
Arwen, would say — a “God trip”. being readied to go out in two weeks. God will take our willingness to be
I was taking about 3,500 copies of So the contacts had all come to- used and will weave it into His beautiful
books to be included in containers for gether, and in just the right time! As I tapestry of outreach to humanity! In
shipment to Benin, West Africa and drove along, I was thinking of the verse addition to His overall plan, He covered
to Haiti. As I drove along, I began of Scripture in Jeremiah 29:11 “For it with the promise that He will always
backtracking in my thinking of how I know the plans I have for you ...” provide all sufficiency in all things, so
this trip had come together. How exciting, that God had envisioned that we may have an abundance for
Earlier, we had put out word that this excursion even before I knew of it! every good work (2 Corinthians 9:8)!
we would be willing to donate books In my joy, I thought of how long ago We can rest in those words of as-
for shipment in containers being sent He had been bringing things together, surance: if we are willing to be used,
to other countries by our brethren. in anticipation of this very day: I began He will do the planning and the
George Akpabli, in Benin, West Africa to trace back in my mind all that had completion of the work, in just the
responded that brethren in Maryland been done to make it possible for us to right time, and with the “whoever”,
would be collecting things for a have the books to share. “whatever” and “whenever” is need-
container at the Crieve Hall Church of In 1967 we had moved to Sri ed! What joy! U
I am a missionary.
I am being used of God to go into all the world
and preach the Gospel to every creature;
I have a tremendous task.
I am a missionary,
Yet the weakness of the body does not slow me down.
I never get a headache,
I never have a cold,
I never get tired.
I am a missionary that knows no barriers.
I can reach into the homes of the rich and the poor,
Into respectable homes and into the places of ill repute.
The race or creed of a man does not restrain me;
Bars are not a barrier to me,
Nor are the curtains of iron or bamboo.
Homes are open to me
That would never open to a preacher,
Ears will hear my message eagerly
Though they would not go to an assembly of the church.
I am an educated missionary.
I speak the language perfectly;
I speak so the professional can comprehend
as well as the uneducated.
I can approach every person
on his level of understanding.
I am an effective missionary.
I can reach more people at one time
Than Paul reached in a lifetime.
I can cover more territory with the Gospel
in fifteen minutes
Than the average missionary could cover
in many months.

I am man-made .... but God-sent!

— Author Unknown