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Career Guide

Advisors Alliance’s Life Planners and Managers

Vision: To be the leading agency in Great Eastern Life, recognised for our Productivity

Mission: To attract, select and recruit qualified individual with tertiary level qualifications,
which will enhance the professionalism in the distribution of financial products to our

We believe in providing our planners with the security of a long terms career in Supreme
Planners, support and challenge them to realize their utmost potential, show and guide
them along the path of success.

The Management Committee
Jeffrey Chua SH
Director, Financial Services

Was featured in the book “Tough Times Never Last, Tough

People Do” in 1998.
GE Life Honours Club (Life Member)
GE Life Honours Club (Leader category – Life Member)
Recruited & Promoted 2 Top Directors

Lim Lily
Manager, Financial Services


GE Life Honours Club (Life Member)

GE Life Honours Club (Leader category – Qualify Member)

Esther Ang LS
Senior Executive Life Planner, Financial Services

Great Eastern Life overall Top Life Planner for



GE Life Honours Club (Life Member)

Frankie Lim KK
Senior Executive Life Planner, Financial Services


GE Life Honours Club (Life Member)

Sam Lee HC
Executive Life Planner, Financial Services


GE Life Honours Club

Kelvin Ng KH
Senior Executive Life Planner, Financial Services


GE Life Honours Club (Life Member)

Eric Chan KC
Senior Executive Life Planner, Financial Services


GE Life Honours Club (Life Member)

Joewaye Foo CH
Senior Executive Life Planner, Financial Services


GE Life Honours Club


1. Supreme Planners Guidelines Pg 5

2. A New Associate's Guide To A Career In Financial Planning Pg 7

3. Life Planner Career Path Pg 8

4. Group Building Projection Pg 9

5. Standard Orientation Package Checklist Pg 10

6.Training Modules Pg 11

7. Supreme Planners Competitive Advantage Class Sheet Pg 16

Supreme Planners Guidelines
Activity Meeting System:

New planners are required to attend the activity meeting in their 1st year from date of
appointment (New planners are exempted from paying if he/she fails to achieve 6 points per week
for a period of 1 month).

Scoring details: 3 points for a regular plan, 2 points for a single plan & 1 point for a P.A case.

Eg. If weekly score is below 6 points, he/she will have to pay the following amount:
O point-$6, 1 point-$5, 2 points-$4, 3 points-$3, 4 points-$2, 5 points-1 $, 6 points-$0

If weekly score is above 6 points, he/she can claim the following amount:
7 points - $ 1, 8 points - $2 (proportionate increase up to 1 5 points)
15 points - $ 15, 16 points - $ 16 (proportionate increase up to 20 points)
20 points - $25

All planners are to produce their registration slips/receipts as prove of paid in cases if they have
submitted the cases by themselves.

Eg. A planner will be fined if he/she is late for the activity meeting ($1 for every 5 minutes)

As for non-attendance, he/she will be fined $1O unless he /she has a medical certificate to show
for the day of absence.

Office Attire on weekdays, smart casual on weekends.

Buddy Recruit Scheme:

1st Tier reward of $500 payable to buddy when new recruit completes the 1st 3 closed sales,
passed HI, and attended the LEAP I & 2 program, Basic EMAS and Sales Advisory Practice.

Ace award up to $1,000 payable to buddy when the new recruit performs in his 1st 12 months of
Production > $12,000 FYC within the 1st 12 months, buddy will get $500
Production > $20.000 FYC within the 1st 12 months, buddy will get $500
(Note: New recruit will follow the introducing officer when the introducing officer is promoted to
position of manager)

Coaching Activities/Meeting:
All planners must report for weekly/monthly coaching activities and meetings, as attendance will
be recorded.

To conduct himself or herself in an orderly manner by reducing the noise level. (eg. shouting
across the office)

CPD Hours:
New planners to acquire a minimum of 30 hours in the 1st 6 months from date of appointment & a
minimum of 10 hours in the subsequent 6 months (50% Knowledgee/50%Skills) Associates in
Their 2nd year and beyond need to acquire a minimum of 30 hours per year

First 3 CLOSED Sales:

New planners are to arrange for 3 closing sales appointments to be accompanied by their
immediate officers.

Internal Training:
Training is open to all as there will be a lesson on every topic conducted every month
(Compulsory for new planners)

Life Excellence Advancement Program (LEAP) 1 & 2, Basic EMAS Training and Sales Advisory
Eg. New planners must complete the above 4 programs within the 1st 3 months from date of




We are delighted to welcome you to a challenging and rewarding career as a planner with
Supreme planners.

Before becoming a full-fledged planner, there will be certain procedures for you to follow:
1. The following items have to be submitted to immediate officer for registration:
a) Certified copy of NRIC
b) 2 color passport size photos in formal dressing
c) Photocopy of highest qualification attained
d) Photocopy of Bank Pass Book
e) Completed Application Form
(Note: It would take approximately one week for the application form to be processed)

2. Upon processing of application form, the Life Planner will be required to undergo 4
examinations in the following order:
a) M9 - Life Insurance & Investment-Linked Policies
b) M5 –Rules & Regulations for Financial Advisory Services
c) HI - Health Insurance
d) M8 - Collective Investment Schemes
(Note: Examination fees must first be borne by the planner-to-be and would only be reimbursed
once they are contracted)

3 After passing the first three papers (M5, M9 & HI), the Life Planner is then required to attend an
interview at Head Office where upon a contract will be signed

4 The Account Number and Password will be issued 3 days after the interview

5. All required items will be arranged when a new Life Planner is contracted. (Eg. DID number,
Life Planner Financing Scheme, Authorization card…) Note: Life Planner Financing Scheme is
only applicable to full time applicants.

6 Once contracted, a new Life Planner must undergo 45 hours of CPD (Continuous Professional
Development) hours in the first 3 months and IO will assist in the registration of courses (*LEAP 1
& 2, E-MAS Basic Training & Sales Advisory Practices)

7 All new Life Planners are required to attend weekly activity meetings (optional for existing
advisers). Supreme planners monthly meetings and the monthly joint meetings

There will also be our very own in-house training programs for new Life Planners to hone their
skills and abilities. This spans 90 days, with an intensive 2 weeks program conducted by our very
own experienced associates. Please do pick their brains, as they are all members of the MDRT,
the top 6% of financial services advisors in the world.

To be continued ………………………