I. Globe™ is a leading telecommunications company in the Philippines.

Our mission is to transform and enrich lives through communications by way of our vision of making great things possible. Through our renewed commitment to "enriching lives through ease and relevance", our goal is to enrich everyday communications by simplifying and removing obstacles in communication technology so that we bring our customers closer to what matters to them most. THE GLOBE WAY We put our Customers first. Our people make the difference. We act with integrity. We care like an owner. We keep things simple. To us, it's be fast or be last. I love Globe. Together, we make great things possible.

HISTORY In 1928, Congress passed Act No. 3495 granting the Robert Dollar Company, a corporation organized and existing under the laws of the State of California, a franchise to operate wireless long distance message services in the Philippines. The Robert Dollar Company subsequently incorporated in the Philippines as Globe Wireless Limited and in 1934, Congress passed Act No. 4150 transferring the franchise and privileges of the Robert Dollar Company to Globe Wireless Limited. Globe Wireless Limited was subsequently renamed Globe Mackay Cable and Radio Corporation. Congress, through Republic Act 4630 enacted in 1965, further expanded its franchise to allow it to operate international communications systems. Globe Mackay Cable and Radio Corporation was closed in the Philippines by Martial law. Shortly before the expiration of its franchise, the Batasan Pambansa in 1980 enacted Batas Pambansa 95 granting Globe Mackay Cable and Radio Corporation a new franchise. On June 15, 1990, Isla Communications Co., Inc. (Islacom) was incorporated. Through Republic Act 7372, Islacom was authorized to develop full-service telecommunications network in the country. In 1991, Globe Mackay was subsequently merged with the Clavecilla Radio Corporation. Globe Mackay as the surviving company was renamed GMCR, Inc. and on March 19, 1992, the Philippine Congress passed Republic Act 7229 approving the merger and the transfer of the franchise of Clavecilla Radio Corporation to the surviving company to be renamed GMCR, Inc. In 1994, Islacom launched the country's first digital mobile communication services using GSM world standard digital technology. On August 20, 1998, the Philippine Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) approved the change of name of GMCR, Inc. to Globe Telecom, Inc. (Globe). On February 22, 2000, Globe and its principal shareholders Ayala Corporation (AC) and Singapore Telecom International Pte. Ltd. (STI), a wholly owned subsidiary of Singapore Telecom (ST), and Islacom and its principal shareholders Asiacom Philippines, Inc.(Asiacom) and DeTeAsia Holding GmbH (DeTeAsia), a wholly owned subsidiary of Deutsche Telekom AG (DT), entered into a general agreement for a combination of the business and operations of Globe and Islacom.

On June 27, 2001, Globe completed the share swap transaction with Islacom, which effectively made Islacom a 100%-owned subsidiary of Globe. In September 2002, Globe announced the operational integration of Globe and Islacom's wireless networks. A key element of the integration involves the migration of existing wireless subscribers of Islacom to the improved Touch Mobile (TM) service. On August 7, 2003, the National Telecommunications Commission (NTC) approved the legal transfer of Globe's wireline business, authorizations, properties, assets and obligations to Islacom. On August 25, 2003, the SEC approved the change in name of Islacom to Innove Communications, Inc. (Innove). On March 30, 2007, Globe Telecom, through its president and chief executive Gerardo Ablaza Jr. said it is diversifying from its core business to take advantage of the booming broadband business. Ablaza said the company would increase its investments in cable systems and wire lines to build its broadband Internet infrastructure. Industry analysts have viewed Globe's plan to invest in cable systems as a strategy to compete more aggressively with Philippine Long Distance Telephone Company (PLDT), which took advantage of its wire line infrastructure to diversify into broadband business.

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SingTel - 47% Ayala Corporation - 32% Public Stock - 21%

Competition Globe's main competitor in the fixed-line telephone market is PLDT. In the mobile telephony market, its main competitors are Smart Communications and Talk N' Text, which is owned by PLDT, and Sun Cellular, which is owned by Digitel.

a steadfast pledge to provide only the best to the customer Excellence .respect for every employee as a unique individual. and with his own sense of dignity and self-worth Teamwork . Globe Telecom Plaza Pioneer corner Madison Streets 1552 Mandaluyong City.COMPANY BACKGROUND Cultures and Values: These values are the anchor of our corporate existence: • • • • • Customer Commitment .the relentless pursuit of outstanding performance Integrity. a professional in his own right. Philippines (main office) SUBCOMPANIES/ SISTER COMPANIES    Ayala Corporation Globe Handyphone TM (Touch Mobile) .a faithful adherence to the highest ethical standards Primacy and Worth of the Individual .the collective drive to achieve the company’s vision and mission and uphold the company’s values • Commitment to Society and the Environment .a responsibility to uplift the quality of people’s lives and protect the environment LOCATION Globe Telecom 5th Floor.

Globe continues to roll-out WiMAX sites. Globe introduced Globe Tattoo and Globe broadband powered by WiMAX (Worldwide interoperability for Microwave Access). GCASH Remit. built-in GPS for expanded locationbased mobile services. Globe has around four thousand subscribers on its WiMAX network. In 2009. It’s a new payment option for merchants and consumers transacting on the web. the company launched hyper-speed plans via fiber-to-the-home technology. The service is initially available in selected areas in South Luzon. as a complement to its existing DSL and 3G Internet facilities. Metro Manila. Visayas and Mindanao.16e) broadband network in South East Asia.5Ghz WiMAX (802.PRODUCTS AND SERVICES Globe has rolled out Globe broadband powered by WiMAX (Worldwide interoperability for Microwave Access). 2008. which assures security and confidentiality. Duo allows subscribers unlimited calling to and from any landline number. . SulitChat is Globe's messaging offer to subscribers who never want to be disconnected from their chatmates and/or textmates. delivered via 3G and High-Speed Downlink Packet Access (HSDPA). Globe has been expanding its wireless broadband network to accommodate the increasing demand for the Internet. Globe's network is considered the first and biggest 2. as well as. unlimited calling to and from any Globe DUO postpaid mobile subscriber. In June 2009.0 software which includes support for Microsoft Exchange ActiveSync. It allows them to continue sending messages complete with emoticons even in the absence of a laptop or personal computer. Globe Telecom brought iPhone 3G to the Philippines on August 22. Batangas and Cagayan de Oro City. It is first in the Philippines to commercially launch a consumer WiMAX offering. and iPhone 2. With Globe broadband Tattoo. after only a few weeks. Globe is providing WiMAX to selected local community government offices in Cavite. to ensure the internet gets to every Filipino who needs it. remittances delivered straight to Globe or TM phone in response to Filipino expatriates and overseas Filipino workers growing needs. Globe is also providing Internet access via WiMAX to selected schools and city hospitals in Mindanao as part of its thrust of community service to the marginalized areas. users can experience speeds of up to 2 Mbps. Currently. iPhone 3G combines all the features of iPhone plus 3G networking. GCASH Click answered the need for a more secure mode of payment for Internet buys.

” . TM and Tattoo mobile numbers within the Philippines. which also enables subscribers to make unlimited calls to any Globe. laptops or desktop computers. TAGLINE “Abot mo ang mundo. MISSION AND VISION Our mission is to transform and enrich lives through communications by way of our vision of making great things possible.Super Duo is an upgrade of the Globe Duo service. It is an unlimited mobile-to-landline call service. e-mail. Super Surf is an unlimited mobile Internet browsing service which enables subscribers to gain unlimited access to surf. chat and blog from mobile phones. Super Unli is a service that provides unlimited Globe to Globe/Tattoo/TM text and calls for 7 days or 1 day.

Secretary MCC Consumer Customer Facing PB Legal RS LHK Consultant SRM Communication MYC .ORGANIZATIONAL STRUCTURE Chairman of the Board Jaime de Ayala Vice Chairman of the Board Gerardo Ablaza Director Kah Sek Koh Director Delfin Lazaro Director Roberto de Ocampo Director Guillermo Luchangco Director Romeo Bernardo Director Xavier Loinaz Director Fernando de Ayala Co-Vice Chairman of the Board Weng Cheong Hui CFO & Administration AdL CTO RG Legal Services FC Secretary Solomon Hermosura Consumer Marketing CO Customer Facing & Innove GG Consumer Sales & After Sales FdLC Human Resources RJ Strategy Management RE Financial Control JDA Internal Audit CHA Information Systems GR Assistant.

mission. The Office of Strategy Management (OSM) reports to the Deputy CEO and oversees the Company’s strategy management processes from strategy formulation. to execution and performance tracking linked to the Company’s rewards system. . as well as the heads of each of the major business units and support groups. Management is also required to prepare financial statements for each preceding financial year in accordance with Philippine Financial Reporting Standards (PFRS). and values statements. Every year. Key programs. The SEG meets at least twice a month. To ensure line of sight. Using the balanced scorecard framework. and the execution of the defined strategic imperatives. The Chief Operating Adviser and Chief Technical Adviser also provide inputs to the SEG as required. All budgets and major capital expenditures must be approved by the SEG prior to endorsement to the Board for approval. the group TORs are cascaded to all employees. Management is mandated to provide complete and accurate information on the operations and affairs of the Company in a timely manner. This is captured in what is called the groups’ Terms of Reference (TOR). The President & CEO is assisted by the Deputy CEO to whom the heads of each of the major business units and support groups report. and sets targets and initiatives to achieve them.II. Management’s statement of responsibility with regards to the Company’s financial statements is included in this annual report. and major organizational initiatives are taken up at the SEG. horizontal alignment of business objectives across the organization. composed of the President & CEO. projects. making sure that everyone understands and appreciates their contribution to the group goals. Administrators The President & CEO. the Company reviews and formulates its strategic priorities which then guide the formulation of the key business strategies and goals for the year. is accountable to the Board for the development and recommendation of strategies. each business group identifies financial and non-financial objectives. Rewards and incentives are given based on the achievement of the committed group and individual targets. translation to executable plans. This helps in developing individual performance plans that are aligned with the key strategies. guided by the Company’s vision. the Deputy CEO.

fixed allowances. Jr. including the President & CEO. BOARD OF DIRECTORS Delfin Lazaro Director Jaime Augusto Zobel de Ayala Chairman Roberto F. The total annual compensation includes the basic salary. Co-Vice Chairman & Chairman of ExCom Romeo L. Bernardo Director Hui Weng Cheong Co-Vice Chairman Tay Soo Meng Director Ernest Cu Director. de Ocampo Director Gerardo C. is disclosed in the Definitive Information Statement distributed to the shareholders. Ablaza. and variable pay (performance-based annual incentive).The annual compensation of the ten (10) top officers of the Company. President and CEO . guaranteed bonuses.

They all have different tasks and jobs and the tasks assigned to them are given according to their positions.Internal Audit Head .Consumer Sales and After Sales . Man Power Name Ernest L. Loinaz Independent Director Comments: The duties and responsibilities of all the executives are equally distributed in each of them. Cu Alberto de Larrazabal Catherine Hufana-Ang Ferdinand M. Luchangco Independent Director Fernando Zobel de Ayala Director Xavier P.Guillermo D. de la Cruz Position President and Chief Executive Officer Chief Financial Officer Head .

Business CFU & President . Salalima Peter George Bithos Position Chief Operating Adviser Consultant Chief Legal Counsel Advisor for the Consumer Customer Facing Unit Comments: . V.Human Resources Head . Garcia Gil B. Inc.Innove Communications. Genio Atty.Information Systems Group Name Lee Han Kheng Susan Rivera Manalo Rodolfo A. Romero Head . Eclipse Rodell A. Jiao Carmencita T. Corporate Secretary OIC for Corporate and Legal Services Group Head . Hermosura Atty. Solomon M.Consumer Marketing Head . Castelo Renato M.Office of Strategy Management Chief Technical Officer Head . Froilan M. Orlina Greg L.Rebecca V.

organizing and decision making is not a hard thing to do. To further enhance our shareholders' value. 2002. Globe Telecom's BOD approved the declaration of a 25% stock dividend payable to all common stockholders of record as of April 30.A total of 30.The stock dividends declaration was approved by Globe Telecom's stockholders on April 11. 2002. FINANCES STOCK INFO Dividends Globe is committed to creating more value for its shareholders. 2002 and approved by the Philippines SEC in June 2002.379. Globe aims to maintain healthy performance and continue with its cost management measures with a view to achieving steady and sustained growth in earnings and dividends over time.There are many branches of specialization in the organization that’s why all of their tasks divided equally and properly and because of this planning.672 additional common shares were issued in . History of Dividends Stock Dividends On January 29.

2007 December 2. 2007 August 10.41 0.385 6. 2006 February 19. 2006 August 17. 2007 September 14. 2008 September 15.50 2.637 December 31.00 33. 2009 Common stock dividends declared on: February 7. 2008 P 0.616.763 February 21. Cash Dividends Information on Globe Telecom’s BOD declaration of cash dividends follows: Date (In Thousand Pesos.38 P 64. The stock dividends were issued at par out of additional paid-in capital. 2007 December 18. 2007 March 17.June 2002 as payment for the said stock dividends. 2007 November 20. 2006 July 31. 2004.961.00 50.072 3.638. The BOD had set out a dividend payout rate of approximately 50% of prior year’s .650 4. 2007 February 4.00 33. 2006 March 15. the BOD of Globe Telecom approved a dividend policy to declare cash dividends to its common stockholders on a regular basis as may be determined by the BOD from time to time. 2008 August 21. 2008 March 15.449 60.31 0.50 87.00 30.359.745 4. 2006 December 7.508 11. 2008 March 13. 2006 September 12. 2008 20.962. 2006 December 18. 2007 February 18. 2007 March 15. 2007 December 17.362.708 4.00 37. 2008 On January 29. 2006 February 5. 2007 November 6. 2007 August 29. 2008 March 17.579.669 49. 2008 August 5. Except Per Share Figures) Per share Amount Record Payable Preferred stock dividends declared on: December 11.

616. On February 3. the BOD of Globe Telecom amended the dividend policy increasing the dividend payout rate at approximately 75% of prior year’s net income to be implemented starting 2006’s second semi-annual cash dividend declaration. On August 5.net income payable semi-annually in March and September of each year. 2009. 2007. payable to shareholders on record as of February 17. capital expenditure levels and liquidity.319. capital expenditure requirements and the level of competition in the market. This will be reviewed annually.88 million will be paid on March 10. 2007 with the payment date of December 17. the BOD approved the declaration of the second semi-annual cash dividends in 2008 of P4. Ownership Structure Stockholders as of June 30. Total dividends of P4. and to optimize Globe Telecom’s capital structure and enhance shareholder value.646. 2008 Ayala Corporation SingTel Common SharesPreferred shares Total % of Total 40. 2007. cash flows.646. 2008.486 21.61 million (P37. 2006.486 62. 2008 and payable on September 15. On November 6. 2008. The special dividend was in consideration of the record profitability and strong operating cash flows of Globe Telecom.319. taking into account Globe Telecom’s operating results. Review of Dividend Policy Our Board regularly reviews our dividend policy depending on the Company's cash flow position.9% 62.262 40.234.5% . 2009.50 per common share) and additional special dividend of P6.00 per common share) to common stockholders of record as of August 21.81 million (P50. 2009.262 13. On July 31. debt covenants.962. the BOD approved the declaration of the first semi-annual cash dividend of P32 per common share. the BOD declared a special cash dividend of P50 per common share based on shareholders on record as of November 20.

Singtel is Asia's largest multi-market mobile operator.1% 100% Ayala Corporation Ayala Corporation has. As of June 30.370. The diversity of Ayala's investments in various lines of businesses has ensured stable earnings performance.5% 10. utilities.488 132. It was later on incorporated in March 1992 and became a public company in October 1993. the Group provides a comprehensive portfolio of services that include voice and data services over fixed. Pacific Bangladesh Telecom of Bangladesh and Telkomsel of Indonesia.486 shares or 47.646.319. Singtel has grown to be a global player with a strong regional heritage.262 shares or 30. financial services. information technology and automotive industries.336.515. Serving both the corporate and consumer markets.5% of the common shares of Globe Telecom. 2008 SingTel owns 62. Ayala Corporation owns 40. transformed itself into one of the Philippines most diversified conglomerates. Inc. Globe Telecom of the Philippines.515. telecommunications.236 158.370. wireless and Internet platforms.851.Asiacom Public Total 29. the Group offers unparalleled reach in Asia and beyond. serving more than 92 million customers in seven markets. Inc.272 54. with operations in real estate. Together with its regional partners.021 29.488 290. The Groups major investments in the region include Advanced Info Service of Thailand. and has led the various companies in the Ayala Group to excel in their respective sectors. Over the years.515. the SingTel Group is committed to bringing the best of global communications to customers in the Asia Pacific and beyond. SingTel Singapore Telecom International (Singtel) was formed in 1988 to spearhead Singapore Telecom's overseas investments. the Bharti Telecom Group of India. As of June 30. 2008. through the years.021 158. With one of the most extensive and advanced telecommunications infrastructure. electronics.3% of the common shares of Globe Telecom. .021 158. With siginificant operations in Singapore and Australia.

declares a 25% stock dividend to all common shareholders of record as of April 30. Globe Telecom. Issuance of 29 million common shares to DeTeAsia Holding GmbH (DeTeAsia). Globe Telecom. Inc. Inc.'s Board of Directors approves the creation of 20 million series B preferred shares with P50 par value and approves the issuance of an additional 16 million common shares. On July 29. In 2000: Common shares were declassified. In 2001: Globe Telecom.Reverse stock split changed par value of common shares from P1 per share to P50 per share.515. (as Globe Mackay Cable and Radio Corporation or GMCR) listed its shares in the Philippine Stock Exchange (PSE) and became the first telecommunications company in the Philippines to do so.'s program to raise equity via the issuance of Philippine Depositary Receipts (PDRs). 1975. 2001.25 billion. Authorized capital stock was increased from P5 billion to P11. public float of Globe Telecom. 2008. Asiacom As of June 30. 2002. Inc.Public As of June 30. Board of Directors of Globe approves the issuance of 12 million common shares of Globe Telecom (post declassification and post reverse stock split) as underlying shares for Globe Telecom Inc.370. Inc. Inc. In 2003: . A total of 12 million PDRs have been exercised by the end of the year. Asiacom owns 100% or 158.2% or 29.'s preferred shares were listed with the PSE. 2008.488 shares.158 million preferred shares were issued at P5 par value. In 2002: Globe Telecom.'s common shares stood at 22. a wholly-owned subsidiary of Deutsche Telekom AG. Stock Profile On August 11.021 of preferred shares.

06 million shares acquired during the share buyback. In 2005: On February 1. the terms and conditions of the tender offer and the tender form.021 .179. Ayala Corporation announced the sale to Singapore Telecom International Pte. 2005. Globe Telecom applied for the retirement and cancellation of the existing treasury shares with the SEC.06 million treasury shares consisting of the 12.35 million and P9. (12 million common shares).2005. Globe Telecom cancelled the existing treasury shares at cost.00 per share.72 million. 2005 at P950. which the latter approved on October 28. and the amendments of the articles of incorporation of Globe Telecom to reduce accordingly the authorized capital stock of the corporation from P11. Globe Telecom commenced the tender offer on February 3.5%. Ltd. 2005. 2005 and ended on March 3. On April 4.80 million.246.3% from 44.924 shares representing 6. Globe Telecom's stockholders approved the cancellation of the 20.250. 2005. 2008) Type of Capital StockAuthorized Capital Issued and Outstanding Preferred Shares 250. Accordingly. respectively In 2008: On June 27. (SingTel) of 3. 2008.00 million to P10. Singtel's ownership of Globe common shares will now be 47.21 0 per share. Each shareholder is entitled to tender a proportionate number of shares at the 1:15 ratio for purchase by Globe Telecom upon and subject to the terms and conditions of the tender offer. On April 29.685.64 million common shares) and Globe Telecom.00 million shares acquired from Deutsche Telecom (DT) in 2003 and the 8. The approval allowed Globe Telecom to purchase up to 9.8 million common shares of Globe Telecom ("Globe") at P1.04 million common shares).67% of Globe Telecom's outstanding common shares. DeTeAsia sold its 24.000. 2005.515. SingTel (15. The difference between the par value and cost of treasury shares was charged to "Additional paid in capital" and "Retained earnings" accounts amounting to P5.000 158. Inc to Ayala Corporation (10.326. Capital Stock (as of December 31. the BOD approved an offer to purchase one share for every fifteen shares (1:15) of the outstanding common stock of Globe Telecom from all stockholders of record as of February 10. Inc. With the sale.8% equity ownership in Globe Telecom. Globe Telecom also filled with the SEC the tender offer report with a copy of the letter to the shareholders.In October 2003.

152 290.ph and once published the same becomes binding to the Subscriber as it shall be the obligation of the Subscriber of be informed thereof by accessing such website.com.373 132.373 429.934. THE AGREEMENT This Agreement governs the relationship between GLOBE TELECOM INC. This Agreement shall take effect immediately upon activation by GLOBE TELECOM of the subscription subject to the compliance/observance of the terms and conditions stated herein. (hereinafter referred to as GLOBE TELECOM) and an eligible Subscriber with an approved subscription plan (hereinafter referred to as the “Subscriber”) and defines the rights and obligations of the Subscriber to GLOBE TELECOM. amendments. . OPERATIONS . GLOBE TELECOM reserves the right to adjust.257 Comments: Globe Telecom is one of the most successful company in the country and because of that many businessmen wanted to be a stock holder of this company. shall be posted in GLOBE TELECOM’s website: www.340.Common Shares Total 179. adjustments however. And as years passes by shares in the company grow bigger and bigger that’s what makes the Globe Telecom successful and always on the top. modify. Said modifications.globe.851. amend or supplement these terms and conditions as the service may require.934.

3. unless the same have been restricted according to payment. depending on the plan. FOR POSTPAID LINE SUBSCRIPTION WITH HANDSET/EQUIPMENT/PROMOTIONAL PRODUCT . a termination fee of P10.000. FOR POSTPAID LINE ONLY SUBSCRIPTION WITHOUT HANDSET/EQUIPMENT/ PROMOTIONAL PRODUCT . SERVICE GLOBE TELECOM shall provide the cellular mobile telephone service in accordance with the subscribed plan. MINIMUM SUBSCRIPTION PERIOD 1. a minimum termination fee of either P10.The minimum subscription period shall be two (2) years from date of activation or a shorter/longer period as stipulated in the promo offer. 4. FEES RATES AND CHARGES 1.2. rates. Rates – The Subscriber shall pay the applicable monthly service fee (payable in advance). Should the Subscriber fail to complete the minimum subscription period. and charges for the service. Subscribers who avail of line only subscription (without a handset/equipment or promotional product) pre-terminate after thirty (30) days from the date of activation. shall be imposed as penalty for the Subscriber’s breach of Agreement. shall be imposed as penalty for the Subscriber’s breach of Agreement. The subscription is generally capable of Domestic/National Direct Dialing (NDD). and International Roaming. as approved by the National Telecommunications Commission (NTC).000 to cover for the acquisition and administrative costs of allocating a line.000 or the value of handset/equipment/promotional product proportionate to the unfulfilled term. Should the Subscriber fail to complete the minimum subscription period. Any change in rates shall be effective in accordance with the rules and regulations of the National . Any pretermination prior to such period will not be subject to any pre-termination fees. billing and credit limit conditions found in this Agreement. International Direct Dialing/International Long Distance Service (IDD).The minimum subscription period required is 12 months or a shorter/longer period as stipulated in the promo offer. inclusive of all taxes and Currency Exchange Rate Adjustment (CERA) on the service. 2. whichever is higher. which shall be in accordance with the prescribed schedule of rates. Subscribers will be charged a fixed penalty fee of P10. Subscriber acknowledges that Globe incurs certain administrative costs in activating a subscription.

are determined in accordance with the Subscribed Plan. Globe to landline. a fraction of one minute shall be considered and billed as one full minute.Telecommunications Commission. the corresponding adjustment in rates and fees shall be made effective in the subsequent billing cycle following the approval of . VAS. Plan Upgrades and Downgrades – Requests for changes in the subscribed plan shall be subject to the approval by GLOBE TELECOM. In this respect. GLOBE TELECOM allocates free SMS for a prescribed number of text messages. 3. redirection or temporary disconnection or permanent disconnection has been cured to its satisfaction. and depending on the plan. without prior notice to the Subscriber. 2. 5. rules and regulations imposing the same. if any. Additional taxes imposed on the service by government shall be paid by Subscriber in accordance with the laws. type of call. The free call allocation is applicable only to local calls (Globe-to-Globe. Except for promotional offers with special rates. Such SMS are absolutely free and are not part of any purchase price. International SMS and other services that use SMS other than local Globe to Globe and Globe to other networks are NOT included in the free text allocation. redirect or temporarily disconnect the service as soon as the Subscriber exceeds the credit limit. monthly service fee or the voice call rate. such as the price of the SIM card. free calls. Free Text Allocation – Depending on the plan. Except for promotional offers with special rates. If approved. if any. Non-exercise of the remedies herein stated shall not absolve Subscriber from liability for call charges in excess of the credit limit. GLOBE TELECOM may from time to time change or discontinue the monthly free text allocation with or without notice. aA fraction of one minute shall be considered and billed as one full minute. GLOBE TELECOM shall have no obligation to reconnect the service unless the cause for such suspension. and NDD calls). Free Call Allocation – Subject to applicable rates. Such temporary disconnection may be made permanent at GLOBE TELECOM’s option for the Subscriber’s failure to cure the cause of disconnection within a reasonable period of time. GLOBE TELECOM reserves the right to suspend. Consumable Amount – The consumable amount of the monthly service fee. 4. 6. and may or may not include all types of calls. Credit Limit – Every Subscriber shall be assigned a credit limit. Globe to other networks. shall be specified in the Plan upon subscription. International roaming calls and incoming collect calls shall be charged the appropriate rate even if incurred within the free call allocation. notwithstanding the fact that the Subscriber may have been billed or made advance payments in accordance with previous rules. The free SMS shall refer to local text messages (Globeto-Globe & Globe to other networks) only. or when otherwise warranted by abnormal usage patterns or other circumstances.

All late payments shall be charged interest at a rate of two percent (2%) per month or One Hundred Pesos. Balance due and unbilled fees can also be checked by texting PLANBALANCE for balance due and PLANUNBILLED for unbilled fees and send to 2312. Service Modification Fees – GLOBE TELECOM reserves the right to charge a nominal fee for processing service modification such as changes in subscribed plans. no. at any time. without need of further demand. GLOBE TELECOM shall inform the Subscriber of his regular due date in the first bill. Non-receipt of the bill does not abate GLOBE TELECOM’s right to collect for the usage of the service as it is the Subscriber’s obligation to inquire from the customer service as mentioned above. centers. Penalty for pre-termination and downgrading of plan shall be either P10. whichever is higher. 2. Payment – The Subscriber shall pay for his service charges and fees and any accrued or carried over charges and other applicable fees on or before the regular due date assigned to him (the Regular Due Date). BILLING AND PAYMENT Billing – GLOBE TELECOM will send the Subscriber bills for services at regular intervals. Payment may be made at any GLOBE TELECOM Business Center or banks or collectors authorized by GLOBE TELECOM. (02) 730-1000 or through any GLOBE TELECOM Business Center. approved transfer of ownership. and will indicate the due date in each succeeding bill. it shall be the responsibility of the Subscriber to inform himself of his outstanding balance through the Customer Service Hotline/ (02) 730-1000 or any GLOBE TELECOM Business Center and effect payment. Payments of accounts with overdue charges shall be made directly to GLOBE TELECOM’S head office. on or before the Regular Due Date. whichever is higher. Requests for downgrading of plan within the lockup period shall incur a corresponding penalty fee.the request for plan upgrade and downgrade. Notwithstanding the nondelivery of any bill. Changes in Billing Address – The Subscriber shall inform GLOBE TELECOM in .000 or the value of the Handset/Equipment/Reward/Promotional Product amount the unfulfilled holding period. then interest. 1. the Subscriber may request. 7. Notwithstanding the non-delivery of any bill. GLOBE TELECOM may also render interim billings in advance of the usual billing cycle whenever actual usage charges exceed the credit limit. All payments shall be applied first to penalties. information on his outstanding balance through GLOBE TELECOM’s Customer Service Hotline at tel. and any balance left thereafter to current obligations. or branches. etc. then bills in arrears. 5.

Non-payment – GLOBE TELECOM may suspend. whichever is higher. The Subscriber is responsible for keeping the cellular handset and SIM Card in good order and condition and be fully responsible for any loss or damage to GLOBE TELECOM’s handset/equipment/promotional product.writing. accident. In addition. temporarily or permanently disconnect the service of any Subscriber for failure to pay any amount due to GLOBE TELECOM on or before Due Date. vandalism. or is a post-office box. The Subscriber is also responsible for the charges of incoming long distance collect calls received through his mobile number regardless of who may accept such calls. temporarily or permanently disconnected lines arising from non-payment and are within the lock-up period shall incur a corresponding penalty fee which shall be either P10.000 or Handset/Equipment/Reward/Promotional Product amount proportionate to the unfulfilled holding period. All calls. repair and maintenance of the cellular telephone handset/equipment/promotional product shall be the sole responsibility of the Subscriber. 3. in its sole discretion. or on other handset through their access to his SIM Card and/or knowledge of the Subscriber’s PIN. to be undeliverable. Repair and Maintenance – The care. GLOBE TELECOM shall not be responsible for the consequences of the Subscriber’s inability to receive and pay his bill as a result of his failure to timely notify GLOBE TELECOM of any change in billing address. fault or negligence by the Subscriber or other persons or otherwise. including long distance charges regardless of who accepts such calls. Such suspension. Care. theft. redirection or disconnection shall be without prejudice to any action available to GLOBE TELECOM under other portions of this Agreement. redirect. SUBSCRIBER’S DUTIES AND RESPONSIBILITIES Phone and Card Security – The Subscriber shall be responsible for the security of the Subscriber Identity Module (SIM) Card and the confidentiality of his Personal Identification Number (PIN). GLOBE TELECOM reserves the right to require subscriber to provide another billing address in the event the billing address provided by the subscriber is determined by GLOBE TELECOM. or in law equity in order to recover all sums due and damages suffered by GLOBE TELECOM for such non-payment. 6. whether the same be caused by fire. made using the Subscriber’s SIM card are presumed made by and/or authorized by the Subscriber and the Subscriber shall be liable for all calls using his handset. 1. of any changes in billing address. The cost of the .

regardless of who is the user. the owner of the handset shall be the registered subscriber on record. mortgage or pledge the cellular telephone service or handset/equipment/promotional product. first by telephone through its Customer Service Hotline/(02) 730-1000 or any GLOBE TELECOM Business Centers immediately upon discovery of the loss. Warranty claims shall be dealt with in accordance with the warranty extended to the cellular handset/equipment/promotional product by the authorized dealer or manufacturer. Phone/Equipment/Promotional Product Ownership – For all legal purposes. The foregoing notwithstanding. 3. Subscriber shall remain liable for monthly service fees during the period of temporary disconnection. however the Subscriber shall continue to be responsible and liable to pay for all calls made using his line until the time the loss is reported and for a period of twenty-four (24) hours after receipt of the written affidavit of loss or police report. Loss – In case of loss or theft of the Subscriber’s cellular telephone handset/equipment/promotional product and/or SIM Card. Ownership of cellular telephone handsets/equipment/ product vests in the Subscriber only upon full payment thereof. the Subscriber agrees the risk of loss or damage for handset/equipment/promotional products taken on financing or under special handset/equipment/promotional product promos shall be borne by the Subscriber as the possessor and actual user of the for handset/equipment/promotional product and GLOBE TELECOM shall not replace any lost or damaged for handset/equipment/promotional product. Encumbrances and Transfer of Ownership – The Subscriber shall not mortgage or create any encumbrance on this Agreement and on any right or interest originating from it nor sell. Replacement of SIM Card shall be for the account of the Subscriber. to be followed by submission of a duly notarized written affidavit of loss or police report to document such loss within twenty four (24) hours from discovery of the loss. additionally continue to bill the Subscriber for the amortizations of the handset/equipment/promotional products taken on financing despite the loss or damage. and shall. whenever the handset/equipment/promotional product has been acquired through financing or under special handset/equipment/promotional . the Subscriber shall notify GLOBE TELECOM of such fact. as applicable. 2. without the prior written authority of GLOBE TELECOM. of the same and GLOBE TELECOM shall not be responsible for the consequences of any acts of the Subscriber which voids his warranty or renders the same inapplicable.repair rendered necessary thereby or the cost of replacement of lost equipment shall be paid for by the Subscriber. Repair or replacement. GLOBE TELECOM will disconnect the service upon receipt of such notice. if undertaken by GLOBE TELECOM. shall be subject to GLOBE TELECOM’s schedule of repair and/or replacement charges in force at the time the repair or replacement is sought.

disconnect. If the transfer occurred within/during the lock-up and the transferee is unable to complete the said period. publicity for any campaign for whatever purpose. the Subscriber shall be liable to pay accrued charges. from those terminated service/s. and/or likely to cause congestion in GLOBE TELECOM’s network. harassment. embarrassment. Subscriber shall ensure that GLOBE TELECOM’s Postpaid services shall not be used to cause irritation. 4. Except for prohibited telecom services and or practices. Subscriber shall not engage in any other activity that will threaten the integrity of any work system. The Subscriber shall not allow third party other than the duly authorized GLOBE TELECOM personnel. 8. the latter shall be liable to pay the corresponding penalty fee which shall be either P10. Moreover. Pending approval of the transfer of assignment. if any. Subscriber should obtain the written approval of GLOBE TELECOM thru its Product Management and Segment Business Group whenever Subscriber contemplates of using the Service as part of another telecommunication service or as a medium of promotion. Subscriber shall indemnify GLOBE TELECOM for all sums for which it may be liable arising from its refusal to render service to the unauthorized transferee. of whatever nature. Subscriber shall not engage in Spamming (i. without any liability on its part. 7. nor use the Services in a manner that would compromise security or tamper with System resources and accounts. annoyance.e. whichever is higher. Moreover. GLOBE TELECOM reserves the right not to honor any transfer of ownership executed without its prior consent.product promos. upon discovery of such unauthorized transfer. unsolicited electronic messages for business or other purposes) or undertake any other activity. subscription to the wireless Postpaid subscription shall not absolve the Subscriber from settling his outstanding balances. vexation or nuisance of any kind whatsoever to others or for any illegal purposes. and/or alter any and all instruments or facilities furnished by GLOBE TELECOM. to connect. 5.000 or the value of the Handset/Equipment/Reward/Promotional Product proportionate to the unfulfilled holding period. which may adversely affect the operation of the Services. by whatever name called which is likely to generate a change in the usage of the services in excess of the Subscriber’s daily usage of the service. GLOBE TELECOM’s consent to any transfer shall be given only after submission of all GLOBE TELECOM’s credit requirements relative to the transferee as a new Subscriber after credit investigation. and immediately disconnect the service. 6. GLOBE TELECOM reserves the right to terminate any or all other agreements the Subscriber has entered into with . In the event that the Subscriber has terminated account/s with other GLOBE TELECOM services.

infringes any intellectual property or other right of any entity or person including violating anyone’s copyrights or trademarks or their rights of publicity. be it temporary or permanent. inhibit. 14. no matter how short. disrupt. 9. backbone. or degrade any other Subscriber use of the Services nor represent an unusually large burden on the network itself as determined by GLOBE TELECOM upon its sole discretion or does not improperly restrict. harassing.GLOBE TELECOM due to breach of this Agreement. conducting raffles or contests displaying sponsorships. uses.) Subscriber shall abide by the generally accepted standards of conduct and usage of the Services by not sending or transmitting any electronic message that libels. or avails of ringback. dialback. are obscene. 11. and/ or soliciting goods or services) that tends to violate or violates the Consumer Act of the Philippines. occupies. 13. or similar operation. inhibit.g. Subscriber shall further abide by the generally accepted standards of conduct and usage of the Services by not sending or transmitting any electronic message that violates any law or may be considered a violation of any law. whether or not for value. 10. racist. 12. abusive. Subscriber shall ensure that his use of the Services does not improperly restrict. Subscriber shall abide by the generally accepted standards of conduct and usage of the Services by not sending or transmitting any electronic message that advertises any commercial endeavor (e. Subscriber shall not resell. network nodes and/ or other services. Subscriber shall use the Services only for the purposes herein stated and shall not use the same for illegal activities which otherwise constitute a Bypass or Simple Resale (ISR). amounts . or otherwise re-distribute the service or any portion thereof to any third party who. offering for sale products and services) or otherwise engages in any commercial activity (e.g. invades privacy and stalks. m. gains access to the subscribed service. Bypass of Simple Resale are activities wherein the Subscriber resells or uses the Service in violation of existing laws for an illegal purpose or uses the Service as part of a ringback. impersonates or misrepresents connection to any other entity or person or otherwise manipulates headers or identifiers to disguise the origin of the content. pornographic. without the prior written consent of GLOBE TELECOM. asking for personally identifiable details or otherwise. dialback. defames. degrade or impede GLOBE TELECOM’s ability to deliver and monitor the service. Subscriber shall further abide by the generally accepted standards of conduct and usage of the Services by not sending or transmitting any electronic message that seeks to exploit or harm children by exposing them to inappropriate content. banners. threatening or offensive. advocates or promotes illegal activity. or similar services utilizing the Services provided by GLOBE TELECOM to Subscriber.

VAS originating from his Handyphone or otherwise reflected on his phone bills. The Subscriber acknowledges that when roaming. Subscriber shall abide by the generally accepted standards of conduct and usage of the Services by not sending or transmitting any electronic message that contains viruses. files or programs designed to interrupt. billing and credit limit conditions found in this Agreement. When availing of the International Roaming Service. SMS. SMS and VAS usage on a daily basis and strictly implement the credit limit on the Subscriber’s account. GLOBE TELECOM will monitor all calls. worms and/ or “Trojan horses” or any other computer code. the Subscriber is responsible and will pay for all calls. destroy or limit the functionality of the handset or any ancillary equipment computer software or hardware or telecommunications. 15. The Subscriber is aware and agrees that while roaming. Some roaming partners may or may not charge incoming SMS. SMS and VAS usage.to a “Pyramid” or similar schemes. he will be charged for both incoming and outgoing voice call and SMS. 7. The Subscriber also acknowledges his obligation to secure from GLOBE TELECOM the charging principle of the country of destination. the Subscriber agrees to be subject to and abide by the terms and conditions for Mobile Phone Services and those applicable to the domestic Subscriber of the foreign mobile telephone service network that the Subscriber has selected. Thus. . The Subscriber ensures GLOBE TELECOM that he/she is using the International Roaming Service activation for his own use. The Subscriber understands and agrees that GLOBE TELECOM will call the Subscriber in the event of any unusual surge in call. Voice calls and SMS rates may vary depending on the roaming partner and is also subject to change at the discretion of the roaming partner without need of prior notice. INTERNATIONAL ROAMING SERVICE The Subscriber understands and agrees that the subscription is IDD and International Roaming capable which is built in with the services upon activation of his account subject to compliance with the payment.

In the event that the loss is not immediately reported. shall be shouldered by the Subscriber. GLOBE TELECOM shall not be liable for any failure on the part of the Subscriber to inform GLOBE TELECOM of any change in contact person or contact person details. Subscriber shall be liable for all calls made using the handset up to and until the Subscriber has reported the loss.The Subscriber ensures that all call charges are settled in full in order to avail of the International Roaming Service. if the contact person or his contact details changed. his contact person in the Philippines as indicated in this form is authorized to transact with GLOBE TELECOM regarding the Subscriber’s International Roaming Service. GLOBE TELECOM shall only shoulder collect call charges to the Globe Roaming Support Hotline. The Subscriber shall promptly inform GLOBE TELECOM prior to his departure. 8. but not limited to. hotel call charges or surcharges. In support of the Subscriber’s application for the International Roaming Service. when the sum of previously billed but unsettled charges and the unbilled charges corresponding to calls placed while roaming in these countries exceed the credit limit. including. The Subscriber agrees that while outside the Philippines. The Subscriber understands that GLOBE TELECOM reserves the right to cancel or preterminate the International Roaming Service at any time without incurring liability thereto. IDD charges. the Subscriber agrees to immediately notify GLOBE TELECOM by calling collect (operator-assisted) the Globe Roaming support hotline at (632) 730-1212. Moreover. The Subscriber agrees that GLOBE TELECOM may temporarily or permanently disconnect the service in the event that charges are not settled on a timely basis as required by GLOBE TELECOM. Any other charges. the Subscriber shall provide GLOBE TELECOM with all the relevant information which it may require to effect the International Roaming Service. In case of loss. GLOBE TELECOM may require and the Subscriber shall agree to pay all billed and unbilled charges as a condition for the continuation of the International Roaming Service. EXCEEDING THE CREDIT LIMIT The credit limit represents the allowable cap of charges or rates by which the Subscriber is .

GLOBE TELECOM may reconnect the service of Subscriber once the Subscriber fully complies with GLOBE TELECOM’s requirements. which is illegal. CALL REDIRECT Call redirection is a temporary measure implemented by GLOBE TELECOM for its own safety and that of the Subscriber. and other analogous services which are prohibited in the Philippines. Call redirection allows GLOBE TELECOM to communicate to the Subscriber any issues affecting his service and the requirements which the Subscriber must comply with in order to restore his normal outbound calling service. 2. Subscriber shall have no cause of action against GLOBE TELECOM for call redirection. The foregoing notwithstanding. international simple resale (ISR). unauthorized transfer of line. without prior notice to the Subscriber in the following instances: 1. temporarily disconnect the service of the Subscriber once the Subscriber’s usage in a given month exceeds the credit limit. harmful to the handset or to GLOBE TELECOM’s network. or which operation or service . 10. fraud. 3. GLOBE TELECOM may redirect the Subscriber’s telecommunication service in the event it finds inconsistencies in the information provided in the Service Agreement. use or installation of software that is not subject of license agreement which may result in infringement of intellectual property rights). but is not obliged to. usage in excess of credit limit. GLOBE TELECOM reserves the right to temporarily disconnect the service of any Subscriber. GLOBE TELECOM may. 9. by virtue of which all of Subscribers outgoing calls are redirected to a GLOBE TELECOM operator instead of being completed to the called party. unauthorized audiotex. perform callback. or other similar cases. the Subscriber agrees to pay for all his usage whether within or in excess of his credit limit. abnormal usage patterns. non-payment of an overdue account. 4. connection of accessories (pertaining to application software that might have virus bugs).allowed to enjoy the service within a billing cycle wherein upon reaching such amount and in the absence of payment GLOBE TELECOM retains the sole discretion to review the provisioning or extension of further service to the Subscriber. GROUNDS FOR DISCONNECTION/TERMINATION In addition to nonpayment and other grounds for disconnection stated elsewhere in this Agreement.

9. and such Bypass Compensation shall be computed from the time the bypass occurred or was discovered. excessive short-text messaging. by the unauthorized service. denial of service attacks. directly or indirectly. reconnection or restoration of the service shall be the sole prerogative of GLOBE TELECOM and subject to payment of service modification fees. those enumerated above. all other claims and damages demanded by any of GLOBE TELECOM’s interconnect partners who may have been affected. loading or load transfer to international simple resale. whichever is earlier. whether mobile or landline) plus 50% of such access or termination charge (in its entirety. 10. Any temporary disconnection. violation of any provisions of this Agreement and rules and regulations of GLOBE TELECOM supplementary thereto. and other forms of fraud. GLOBE TELECOM shall likewise pass on. but not limited to."). a GLOBE TELECOM network. subscription fraud discovered after approval of the application. the minimum subscription period shall be automatically . In the event that the SUBSCRIBER uses GLOBE TELECOM’s facilities and services for any illegal or unauthorized services including. Upon reconnection or restoration of service. the "Bypass Compensation. use for call selling illegal operation of a public calling office. within five (5) days from such temporary disconnection. call abuse. the SUBSCRIBER shall immediately compensate GLOBE TELECOM an amount equivalent to the rightful access or termination charge prevailing at the time the bypass was committed for the type of traffic passed via the bypass service or practice committed by the SUBSCRIBER to the applicable Philippine network (including without limitation. and the SUBSCRIBER agrees to accept and immediately pay. 5. or the network of any other carrier with whom GLOBE TELECOM has an interconnect agreement. use of the handset/equipment/promotional product or service for any illegal purpose or for the obstruction of justice and other analogous causes. 7. emission of signals or code harmful to or interfering with GLOBE TELECOM’s network. 6. Such Bypass Compensation shall be payable. This shall not be subject to any limitation of liability provided in this agreement. to the satisfaction of GLOBE TELECOM. 11. until the actual cessation of bypass. or viruses discovered to have been emitted from the handset.constitutes a bypass defrauding GLOBE TELECOM and/or its interconnect partners of the rightful access/termination charges due them. inconsistencies on information given during application. from the time the bypass activity was conducted by the SUBSCRIBER until its discovery by GLOBE TELECOM and the complete payment thereof by the SUBSCRIBER. Spam. non-payment of bills on due date exceeding the credit limit. 8. without limitation.

the counting of the lock-up period will likewise be suspended or interrupted. GLOBE TELECOM disclaims all warranties. The Services are not intended to be the sole back-up location for any data. any information available and/or accessed to the Services and any security features provided for the Services shall be at Subscriber’s sole risk. REPRESENTATIONS AND WARRANTIES 1. GLOBE TELECOM makes no representation that it has coverage throughout the Philippines and in all international territories.extended for a period equivalent to the period of temporary disconnection. whether in contract. any warranties of merchantability or fitness for a particular purpose. GLOBE TELECOM does not warrant that the Services shall be interruption or error-free. 12. anticipated savings or other consequent or indirect damage. The use of the Services. Computation of the unfulfilled lock-up period shall be from effectivity date of temporary disconnection to the expiration of the holding period. 11. revenue. During the period of Temporary Disconnection. GLOBE TELECOM is not responsible for loss of data. or non-infringement. Subscriber further represents and warrants that he has not represented to any third party that GLOBE TELECOM has made any warranty or representation of any kind with respect to the Services. without limitation. NON-LIABILITY OF SERVICE PROVIDER The Subscriber further acknowledges that GLOBE TELECOM and/or the service provider shall not be liable to the Subscriber for any loss or damage. including. Subscriber assumes all the risks associated with accepting the Services. or otherwise (including negligence or breach of the statutory duty) caused to the mobile equipment or for any defect in the use of or performance of the mobile equipment or for any interruption or loss of mobile service to the mobile equipment or any cause of whatsoever and shall not be held liable for any loss of business. 2. tort. 3. Any fraction of a month or remainder number of days will be counted as one full month. Subscriber is responsible for backing up his own data files to a location other than the Service. . either expressed or implied. 4. 5. Subscriber agrees that this Service comes with no warranty and is on an “AS IS” and “AS AVAILABLE” basis only. GLOBE TELECOM shall endeavor to provide the Services reasonably in accordance with industry standards.

000 or the value of handset/equipment/promotional product proportionate to the unfulfilled term. 14. 2. whichever is higher as stated in Section 3 hereof. the Subscriber shall. claim for damages and any other remedial action. Final Bill – In case service is discontinued or terminated for any reason. TERMINATION 1. GOVERNING LAW AMENDMENTS TO THESE TERMS AND CONDITIONS . the appropriate court in Mandaluyong City. GLOBE TELECOM shall impose either a minimum fee of P10. as penalty for the Subscriber’s breach of Agreement without prejudice to the imposition of interests and penalties on unpaid bills. whichever is higher. 15. such Subscriber needs to re-apply for the said service subject to all conditions set forth by GLOBE TELECOM. For instances of termination due to non-payment/delinquency (reckoned from final termination) or breach of this Agreement. Termination Fees – In the event of pre-termination by the Subscriber or cancellation of the subscription before the end of the minimum subscription period of this Agreement.13. shall have jurisdiction over the case to the exclusion of all other courts. all unpaid bills. pay twenty-five percent (25%) of such amount as damages of Five Thousand Pesos (P5.000 or the value of handset/equipment/promotional product proportionate to the unfulfilled term. In case of suit. applicable fees and penalty charges shall immediately become due and demandable without prejudice to the right of GLOBE TELECOM to bill the Subscriber by way of supplementary bills for charges that it discovers after such termination and final billing of Subscriber.000) whichever is higher and twenty five percent (25%) for attorney’s fees and costs of suit. the latter shall be liable to pay a termination fee of either a minimum of P10. in addition to the amount due and collectible. Should the Subscriber want to continue with the Service after his/her/its account has been permanently disconnected. VENUE OF SUITS AND LITIGATION EXPENSES In the event of suit arising from or connected with this Agreement.

This Agreement shall take effect immediately upon GLOBE TELECOM’s approval of the application.. including matters on enforcement and performance. is partnering with BOKU. GLOBE TELECOM reserves the right to amend these terms and conditions at any time with or without prior notice.These Terms and Conditions shall be construed in accordance with the Philippine laws. SMS and other value-added services or special features. In all their operations they assure that the needs of their customers will be given properly and it can give the costumers the real satisfaction. . 2010 – MANILA. All the Terms and Conditions stated herein have been read and understood by the Subscriber and his signature at the bottom of this agreement indicates acceptance thereof. Subscriber shall provide true. The deal opens the BOKU mobile payment platform and growing international merchant community to Globe’s GCASH subscribers. Inc. correct and complete information as may be required by GLOBE TELECOM. By partnering with BOKU. a global leader in mobile payments.000 BOKU merchant partners and a mobile payments community that covers over 190 carriers worldwide. to expand the acceptance of the Globe GCASH service internationally. the companies announced today. a leading mobile operator in the Philippines through its wholly owned mobile commerce subsidiary G-Xchange Inc (GXI). GCASH extends its reach outside the Philippines to a global community of more than 1. CA – Globe Telecom. INVESTMENTS AND VENTURES GLOBE GCASH and BOKU Partner to Create the Blueprint for International Mobile Payments February 16. including a change in the rate schedule for voice. Comments: Globe Telecom has so many operations being done and that’s one of the reason who makes them number 1. allowing its users to purchase virtual goods from any merchant in the BOKU global merchant network. PHILIPPINES AND SAN FRANCISCO.

GCASH is an internationally-acclaimed micro payment service which transforms a mobile phone into a virtual wallet for secure. that opens up the opportunity to explore and purchase virtual goods from the vast international market. large merchant base. expanding capabilities for online and physical purchases. “This is a great model for mobile payments. Inc. and tier one investors makes them the perfect partner in providing GCASH subscribers with a rich new experience in mobile commerce. enabling carriers to reach global merchants through BOKU’s network. CEO of BOKU. fast.” BOKU launched in June 2009 and has seen tremendous growth in the last year. GXI has established a wide network of local and international partners that includes government agencies. making it easy to . and reaches a potential 1. specialized team. and convenient money transfers at the speed and cost of a text message. GCASH has been the widely used mobile payment method for online purchases in the Philippines. (GXI) is a pillar in m-commerce and a fully-owned subsidiary of Globe Telecom which is a leading full service telecommunications company in the Philippines. cooperatives. About GXI and GCASH G-Xchange.” “This partnership is a perfect meeting of two companies’ visions for the way to pay in the future” said Mark Britto. “Since its inception in 2004. is enabled across 190 carriers worldwide in over 60 countries. while driving increased carrier revenues and reducing subscriber churn.000 game and application developers. and commercial establishments which have agreed to accept GCASH as a means of payment for products and services. including almost all of the top applications for virtual goods and currencies purchased on Facebook.“The Philippines is one of the richest markets in the world for mobile payments. insurance companies. President of G. Paymo. About BOKU BOKU is creating the standard for online payments using your mobile phone.8 billion customers. BOKU’s mobile payment service. GXI pioneered the revolutionary model in cardless and cashless mobile commerce service called GCASH which was launched in the Philippines in October 2004. utility companies. universities. Since GCASH launch.Exchange.” said Rizza Maniego-Eala. Over this brief period the company has developed direct mobile payments service relationships with over 1. BOKU’s focus on mobile payments. remittance companies. Inc.

BOKU's goal is to bring bank-grade payments technology and mobile users together on the web. With a strong focus on reliability and security. BOKU reserves the right to alter product offerings and specifications at any time without notice. and/or its subsidiaries. Comments: Globe Telecom have the right decision in having their operations not just here but also in abroad. All other brand names. BOKU. publishers and carriers alike. Paymo and Pay by Mobile are registered trademarks of BOKU. and is funded by leading entrepreneurs and venture capitalists Benchmark Capital. or trademarks belong to their respective holders. Based in San Francisco with offices in Europe. creating a trusted.. It’s a great thing to know that a company in the Philippines would like to compete globally. DAG Ventures. Index Ventures and Khosla Ventures. Rogationist College College Of BA/ BSA Principles of Management and Organization . please visit BOKU. viable and accessible market for consumers. Inc. Asia and Latin America. product names. For more information.com. BOKU reaches over 1.pay for digital goods and social experiences across the web.8 billion consumers worldwide.

2011 .In Partial Fulfillment of the Requirement of the Course of Bachelor of Science in Business Administration Jen Marielle Ortega RENE ANDAL March 9.

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