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Breath of the Wild and Djinn Folklore

The collapse of the Bronze Age era and the later fall of Rome explain Breath of the Wild totally. The
earlier technology and Divine Beasts hidden away refer to when the djinn hid themselves away, and
Atlantis disappeared, during the eruption at Thera, at the end of the Bronze Age. The Sheikah (Arabic for
"elders") in this story are definitely the djinn.

In ancient Rome, humanity was so advanced, it was on the brink of industrialization. Perhaps they
uncovered the technology of the djinn. But then Rome fell, just as Hyrule falls in BotW. The rest of BotW
is then about the beginning of the Middle Ages. Link is like the Seven Sleepers of Ephesus. He was put to
sleep, just as Rome was falling, and woke up in the early Middle Ages.

Yemen is Ikana from Majora's Mask. Many mudbrick 'skyscrapers' there resemble the Stone Tower
Temple. This temple is also magical, full of optical illusions and connects to another dimension, much
like djinn in myths (see the City in the Sky below). Yemen has also many towering ruins that were built
by Solomon's djinn in the past, for the Queen of Sheba, Bilqis – Sheba being Saba, today's Yemen. Iram
the djinn city underground, is also in the Arabian Empty Quarter, near Yemen.

The only animal djinn don't like, in many myths, is the wolf. Some people from the Arabic world believe
the wolf will be the only being left at the end of the world. Similarly in Twilight Princess, when the Twili
invade, everyone else turns into helpless spirits, but Link, who turns into a wolf, a Divine Beast that can
fight the Twilit beasts.

The Twili are the djinn in Twilight Princess. They live in an alternate, dark but technological world, with
supernatural lights, called Sols, in another dimension - much like the djinn cities underground, with
futuristic technology. As noted, throughout the games, from Ocarina of Time to Twilight Princess, to
Breath of the Wild, the Sheikah are the djinn.

The chicken people (Oocca) of the City in the Sky are like familiars, or qareen. The original conception of
them had them living in optical illusion castles, on the moon – much like how qareen live in an optical
illusion dimension. Djinn are also said to come from the moon, in some stories.

The idea of djinn not liking wolves comes from the story of a wolf chasing seven djinn princesses. Djinn
fear wolves because they can't transform, or disappear, when wolves are around. However, the djinn
princesses, in the folktale, had the magickal defense of turning into precious stones.

This mirrors the story of A Link to the Past, where seven princesses, daughters of sages, turn into jewels,
to escape Ganon, and Link rescues them. In Ocarina of Time, Zelda also encases herself in a jewel. In
Skyward Sword, Zelda encases herself in amber, the gem of the prehistoric Amber Road, and amber
trade, from the Baltics.

This story is also updated, in Ocarina of Time, with actual jewels, to get to the Master Sword, and then
the medallions of sages, who have passed away, in various regions. In Breath of the Wild, sages become
the late champions, and Link has to learn how to pilot the technological Divine Beasts, leftovers of djinn
technology, and save the champions' lands – with the help of each champions' friend, family member or
The story of the djinn also explain Skyward Sword's 'creation' story perfectly. In Muslim and Judaic
versions of the creation story, djinn lived on earth beforehand – much like how the Sheikah and other
nature spirits lived on the Surface, during the millennium after Demise. The Sheikah (the djinn) were
also responsible for all the temples and technology already on the Surface when Zelda and Link arrive –
or when the Hylians return from Skyloft.

The Garden of Eden also wasn't necessarily on earth, in the Judaic and Islamic accounts. When Adam
and Eve (Hawa) are created, and then kicked out of Eden, they are sent down to earth. Similarly, Link
and Zelda crash-land on the Surface, with part of the temple to Hylia, and its giant statue. They leave
Skyloft and decide to stay on the Surface and found the Kingdom of Hyrule.


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