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Johnny Jackanapes And Today’s Home Service Robot Oscar Rafael Schlenker

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Concept for “Deutschland Tomorrow” T. expenditure on research and development is also above the worldwide average. “ Throughout the half-hour Johnny will present segments where the focus is Germany’s technological advancements and what role these advancements play in the world. Around 2. “Magazine Deutschland” said it best in an article about 2010’s Germany Future Prize. how do politics influence exemplary scientific research. putting the country third in the world rankings. Magazine “Deutschland Tomorrow” is a 30 minute program hosted by a Robot. Germany is the leading research location. Germany’s scientific research is supported by a strong national industry. And the urge to invent remains unquenched: in 2009 investors and entrepreneurs from Germany filed about eleven per cent of the international patents.V.6 per cent of gross domestic product is invested in research and development – more than the OECD average of 2. the challenges German scientists and engineers confront in their jobs.de/en/business/technologies-of-thefuture/article/article/deutscher-zukunftspreis-fuer-bionischen-roboter. one of Germany’s contributions to developing technology. The 5 minute portrait “Johnny Jackenapes” (attached to this proposal) would be the introduction to the show’s host. The program’s mission is to explain why Germany’s scientific research consistently ranks among the world's best. the so-called ‘Oscar’ for German technology. In German industry. by the network of German universities and by scientific state-institutions such as the Frauenhofer Institute (responsible for building Johnny) and the Max Planck Society. Germany’s contribution to scientific education.   1   .3 per cent. (Found at: http://www.html) The article reads: “In Europe.magazine-deutschland.

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day. tomorrow… or as I like to call it: Breakfast. Is it a robot. Scientists are not fortune-tellers and they can only predict the next step to the future and that is what’s for breakfast. He’s a simple robot with a big personality. With advancements in technology and a growing number of elderly in the world. recognize objects and pick them up.” Immediately then after. Segments • Introduction: Hello my name is Johnny… Johnny Jackanapes.The Opening A brief overview of the segments that will be included with video flashes of each story. a man with a funny voice? Is it Stephen Hawking? The mystery is soon revealed. the Introduction piece “Johnny Jackanapes. Their passion for robotics has earned Johnny the title of World Champion in the RoboCup competition for home service robots. Tournaments like RoboCup are introducing new stars   2   . His programs are all designed to help people with disability. he is packing a multitude of programs developed by the master students of autonomous systems from the University of Applied Sciences Bonn-Rhein-Sieg. happy or surprised. Despite his simple looks. and by “big personality” I mean commands. a market in service robotics has gained momentum. The most shocking images will fill the screen with Johnny’s voice introducing the program: “Welcome to Deutschland Tomorrow. breakfast comes first as well. our host is a robot! The Closing The most important part of the program will be the conclusion where we discuss the future. He can also recognize a person and be able to tell whether they are sad. our earliest future begins with breakfast each morning. Johnny can move autonomously throughout a room. the elderly or any kind of service. For technology.” The 5 minute portrait of our host begins by leaving the viewer wondering who’s talking.

From automotive to biotechnology Germany leads the way. • From the start. Aside from transportation. the moneymaker. Johnny is the ideal host. For Johnny it would be tracing back his genealogy and his future. He is the ‘embodiment’ of technology in Germany: developed by students. This segment will explore the car of tomorrow. There is no need for him to be flashy when the job gets done with perfection. cars today keep drivers safe.to what the future might hold in our paths. An attention to detail and disciplined instructions characterizes German academics in their struggle to come on top and achieve greatness. It solidifies the notion that great engineering begins with great education about the subject. Germany’s Technological Universities: how the famous “German Engineering” begins This segment should follow Johnny’s introduction. A team of international and German students working together to step into tomorrow is a wonderful way to showcase this issue. how to drive and a multitude of functions Johnny can only dream of having. considering he was developed in an academic setting. tell them where to go. above all. • The German Automotive Industry Technology manufacturing is Germany’s strongest industry. his speech synthesis has been eloquently developed to sound poised and relaxed. Germany has it’s goals set to the future and a network of universities with strength in sciences. Automobiles are also said to be the most advanced single piece of technology that communicates and serves humans today. enjoyed by the world. The segment can be told from Johnny’s B-it-bots team perspective. In fact. as we grow older. • The German Engineer   3   . It’s noteworthy to mention that with an education system dating back to the middle-ages. cars are said to be the first robots. the perfect moderator.

net incorporates an assortment of exhibits in Berlin where technology is the canvas for artists imagination. and who could forget Johannes Guttenberg with his practical printing press? • Technology and culture Germany: Where art meets science! In a number of ways Germany continues to be a patron of contemporary arts. Get to know them in this segment where we shed light on the mystery behind those who came first. Germans seem to be particularly fascinated by art that incorporates technology.de provides all the details behind an amazing three-day weekend full of robots. inventor of the automobile or Otto von Güricke.wdr. This segment includes brief portraits of famed German inventors forgotten by time or simply overshadowed by more notorious followers. A yearly gathering in Cologne brings engineers and artists from all over the world to celebrate their passion: Robots! Info in www.robodonien. Johnny? 4   from 2010 were recently posted by WDR: http://www.” We usually don’t see the men and women behind the machines. gadgets and tools that make our day so easy. Showcased here will be the lives of Karl Benz.jsp?hi=Fr . German website www. that’s why when he shuts himself off in the video there someone behind the computer typing “goodbye. full of wonderful shots and interesting people! A series of soundslides eizeit •   Conclusion: What’s for breakfast. What makes a good scientist and why Germany? Behind Johnny there is a human. I’ve attended this event and it is truly amazing. art and music. science and outof-this-world futuristic concepts. inventor the vacuum.sciencemeetsart.de/Fotostrecken/wdrde/Freizeit/2010/09/roboter. The ‘chefs’ of the recipe to achieve the famed “German engineering” served at dawn.What does it mean to be a German scientist? Germany has had the most Nobel Prize winners in the field of sciences than any other nation.

Today more than ever technology advances at light-speed ahead. “The first robot I made was a laptop on wheels. 4 minute piece Technology and Culture – Science meets art: Machines. monthly or even yearly. Years ago this question was asked weekly. but first. Dr. today things are much more complicated” says Prof. 1 minute Total 29 ½ minutes   5   . fetch me my breakfast! Structure • • • • • • • • • • Presentation – ½ minutes Introduction – “Johnny Jackanapes” 5 minute piece From the Start. 2 ½ minute piece The German Engineer – Who invented that? Germany’s great inventors. The arm could move easily around objects without bumping or having to reverse. Plöger. At four years old Johnny is ancient in his field. What will the Johnny of tomorrow look like? As I interviewed the students of Hochschule BonnRhein-Sieg they were ecstatic with their new toy. Germany’s canvas. Johnny may have to shut himself off if things get any more complicated. Germany’s Technological Universities – Told by the B-itbots team with Johnny 4 ½ minute piece The German Automotive Industry – Das Auto: How industry keeps Germany alive. 3 ½ minutes Intro/sign-out. 4 minute piece Conclusion – The future: What’s for breakfast? 4 ½ minute piece Cutaways and moderation between segments. An industry developed robotic arm with interchangeable wheels that moved independently in any direction.What is in store for humans tomorrow? What is in store for Johnny? Will we make him shut himself off or continue to develop his ingenuity? These are questions engineers ask themselves daily.

camera movement with different points of view.. According to the feel and theme of each segment the show will incorporate the appropriate scenes. Format Johnny will be a first person narrator to “Deutschland Tomorrow.Technology enthusiasts . When the themes are modern then the style of editing and point of view will change accordingly. He may or may not appear physically and images relating to the fore coming segment can fill the screen in his place. silence! When discussing historical aspect the mood will turn to the time discussed. •   6   . enlightening and innovative way about Germany’s contributions in technology.” After his introduction he will just appear between segments to introduce new topics as a moderator or presenter.General public interested in future technology developed in Germany Goal: To inform people in a fun. and even. The entire program will be designed to inform and entertain with the seriousness of the topics narrated under the dry sarcastic comedy of Johnny. narration.. • Audience: .Style A Multi-Dimensional Palette The program will have a dynamic feel to it. music & sound effects.