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Section IV Outlines of some nuts Environment 2 cut-up Unrealistic / the pressure of survival /development Obligation and human nature

Worldwide cooperation involved R & D cooperation-alternative Trade: the worldwide allocation of energy regulate the demand for energy-consuming products Architecture 83 cut-up the architects and constructors shape the buildings.

Architectures shape the characters of people. The embodiment of tradition and history Religion Greek Rome Romanesque Gothic Baroque

Mass media, information, and entertainment 138 preference

nl/~usa/ odur. classification Success 12 dissection Academic Basic knowledge / experiment/ Business The complexity of modern business: circles Politic Principle of Democracy / politics /oratory/persuasion and argument Art Techniques/ art history / liberal arts education enriches the knowledge base Success 81 dissection Market The changes in consumer’s demand and preference New market Substitutes Competitors Organization Hierarchy/ plat organization Product distributor / technological innovator www.let.rug.htm www.e-referencedesk.Stifle intellectual curiosity Commercialized and well-conceived information/ Recipient rather than critical/ authoritative conclusion and explanation Expand intellect and creativity Broaden the vision Independent choice/ Advertisement 44 dissection Daily goods Cosmetic Wine . Nobelprize.

the foundation of updated knowledge General approach Logical thinking way / deduction / induction / classification / information processing Education 62 Uniqueness The goal of education: to cultivate skilled persons to serve the society.Industrial products Channels Quality control R&D Education 122 preference Basic knowledge Math / physics / chemistry . National identity Similarity Globalization Promote trade Reduce enmity Automation and technology 114 preference Alienation Independency of people in modern life/ easy to survive Get information more through media than through face-to –face interactions Bring together Transportation surmounts the geographical gap Telecommunication History research 89 Studying history is conducive for us to take modern challenges .

team Social problem 126 supplement Society Teenage delinquency/ gang Pilfer and filch/ burglary and theft /robbery Drug abuse / dealer/ drug trafficking Job creation/education Social study 130 fields Leisure time Religion Advice 55 dissection Instructive Manufacturing organizations Labor force of lower level of expertise Supportive Professional employees Creative organization. and museums Volunteers / social service Fitness Work Professionalism Cooperativeness Pace Creative / obedient Government 131 preference .root reasons Resemblance / experience Lessons / reference history. book

grolier. only government can regulate organizations Business open minded leader can accommodate more reasonable suggestions Lower the risk in running business 40 dissection different countries are involved in the manufacturing processes Outsourcing . Association rules / certification / qualification In most situations.ap.The regulations set up by organizations can be somewhat effective. bureaucracy has to make excuses in form of excessive legislations shift the cost of operation onto tax payers Decrease the efficiency of business Corruption The interest of government/ individual / general will Disservice About human beings 4 dissection Politic Support/ trustworthy Caution ensures correct Absolute power leads to corruption absolutely www. The enforcement of law Fair play Overseeing/ license Bureaucracy 63 More granted power leads to more interferences To validate the authority.

Intolerant religious belief Nationalism Some heroes say what others lack the courage to say 112 preference Some fundamental philosophy remain the dominant position for a long time Politics: liberty. People’s inconstancy toward different theories is due more to the pragmatic concern than to interests and favors.Comparative advantage Trade The results of globalization urges the cooperation among different countries Environmental protection Culture preservation 88 preference There are pervert persons and disgrace events colonization Slavery Enfranchisement/ woman suffrage Child labors/ child soldiers Massacre / genocide Political Scandals …should feel guilty no contemporary doubt against the abuses. Socialism/ communism Democrat/ Republican Relationship of work and personal life 9T . emotional education. democracy. restraints on power Business: free market/ anti-trust Education: liberal arts education. all-round education.

group theory Different groups/ different roles /different duties and activities Efficiency.html Secretsofsuccess. Percipiency / foresight Plan and control Communication Encouragement Determination Nwlink. attentiveness. and focus The definition of responsibility Accurate evaluation Working atmosphere Leaders and Leadership 33 supplement In some situations. Authority/Experience/Trust Soldier/firefighter/ But the notion of a real leader covers more aspects and About product 10 dissection R&D Accumulation of experience Innovation Forming the technological convention Marketing The feature of consumers or particular regions Competitors Advantage and disadvantage Learning process Business and Commerce 58 supplement Fulfill people’s basic demands Survival: food/ shelter /clothing .com/`donclark/leader/leader. a person who has the very abilities is accepted as leader.

telephone.Save time for people to pursuit other goals Emotional/ spiritual need Improve the quality and even change the definition of life Add in new contents: automobile. enough qualified engineers E-commerce Trade 27 dissection Market Senior managers hunted by competitors Distribution The relationship among providers and distributors Service Customer satisfaction . enlarge both the vision and desire Keep the harmony between human and nature Management 117 preference Large corporations Infrastructure Energy Core competition advantage of a nation Insurance/ monetary Might stifle the vitality of a society Monopoly Small business Large business in the future/ the embryo of multinational corporations Innovation and creativity Vigorous job creation 26 dissection Retailers companies Human resources. computer.

keep the core technology in leading position The coherency of ideas Cost The increase in management cost (147. new investment International expansion strategy Merge and Takeover The confinement of knowledge and experiences 136 Leakage of secret Undermines the authority Debilitates the normal channel for communication Causes phobia and chaos due to the amplified rumors and gossips Others 31 supplement .141) 50 preference Criticize and intimidation Autocratic style of leadership Evidence + punishment (Some disruptive employees) Resentment / frustrating /undermine the stability of working force / Positive feedback Effective communication Supportive suggestion/ clear guides Trust 128 dissection Improvement of manufacturing process Sense of value and achievement Conformance and trust Optimizing the management process New technology.Product R & D.148.

Financial gain Job Security The quality of life Personal interest Achievement comes more from interest and passion than from material incentives The definition of success .

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