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Franklin County Muncipal Court Lori M. Tyack, Clerk of Court 375 S. HIGH ST, COLUMBUS, OHIO 43415, State of Ohio County of Franklin Vv: FILED Mg APRIL AM 1 24 67> Hunter A. Mattia | ‘oT BIN, 1 WRN § i VY u | City of Columbus cep COMP! Complainant, being duly sworn, states that the above named defendant, at Franklin County / Columbus, Ohio, on or about the 13th day of April » 2021 did: by force trespass in an occupied structure, to wit: forced open the locked, first floor west facing entry doors to the Columbus Division of Police headquarters building 120 Marcobi Blvd, when another person is present, to wit: Set. J Coleman, with purpose to commit therein a criminal offense, tq wit: Assault 2903.13(A) O.R.C. and inflicts physical hharm on another, to wit: used a wood club to strike Sgt. J. Colefnan in the chest and face, causing a’eut to Sgt. Coleman’ lip in violation of sectis Complainant 2 Columbus Police: ‘Sworn to and subscribed before me, this Moy or APRIL , 20 21 Lori M. Tyack Clerk of the Frapyity Coupty Mushipal Court By a Ree ere nti so Ease eae aeceate rate camera seers Eepeh seroma wntanatemr mime ae | "7 on SRE EPS atta Court Rats WeOUSTEOUSEN B00 |B Zin Ys Notary Seal © Espiration Date Lori M. Tyack Cle athe Franlig County Manicial Court conan ae [_Tsummsons: wa noice st oe sin MW111999 2=2'4.P. Francis SS. 2005 Tins eeepc Hel ee atire "ponent seed fe Deena aay a SurrTs case No, | 4924 owe) | Se “joel SUMMONS Seve Reams Chaar Augrvated Burglary ivsmna Chconmec nat simon 291LLI(AT) Spree See" 4/13/21 FE" 9:25 PMH Terearion: eat note #2 on rere se nee 65 oo air sppenarce # OPTIONAL You ray cto! hi claton2y S852, 120 Marconi Blvd = ‘Spey COuRTPCOM eo COURTASON tee ae Name Matti po Anthony ‘COURT DATE & TIME sm wl tt ci stata Ohio Z¢ a fe ce “ ° X Starep oe Mag cr 59" van Brown eves, Hi This not an arision ol gut An ARREST WARRANT wit i ase LY 2 ast 30 sd yous nk Proper respond his hare, on ORIGINALICOURT copy Parson Named ia C Tncident Report Numbes 213009850. ORC-CCC SectiowOtFense(s} Aggravated Burglary /2911,11(A- 0: APR IG AMY tivenie juplain IRA ion Bi (Criminal Case Number: | AFFIDAVIT IN SUPPORT OF PROBABLE CAUSE 1, _Detecrive James P. Francis #2205 _, believe the individual named commited the slleged offens(s) Probable Cause: do herdby swear or affirm that T have the following cause to the reason(s) staed in this Affidavit in Support of T have personal kaontedge of the facts listed in the sttement of facts as T was involved in the underiying nvewigation andior arrest Thave knowledge of the facts listed in statement of facts fased on my review of available Columbus Division of| Police Reports, which were completed by Columbus Division of Folice Officers acting in their official capacity and as a part oftheir oficial duties, Summary Statement of Facts In Support of Probable Cause: (00 0415-2021 and at pproscmaly 9:15 FM he locks to the doors a by bolt citer, Once the locks verscut off numerout inva entered ‘one of several individuals being esented out by S.J. Coleman and othe ‘ut of 140 Marconi Bl, be (Me. Hamter Matin) used @woed cub and st ‘hub, csing «cu 1 Sat. Celemts lip. before me this_lath_day of, sof sodas : ACUTE By "peel Marconi Blvd (Columbus Police Headguaers) were cut oT th oy of 20Nrcon Bin t Hat Ntn as olumbus Police Officers. Ax Mr. Main was being escorted K Sgt. Coleman in he chat and he face with te woe pri 202 L— fA #741 TIER Satire R.Dd 7A PEACE OFFICE (1-Clorts Printed Name

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