Henry Mooneyhan

1. In recent years, the mayor and City Council have used a mix of revenueincreases and cuts in expenses to balance the city budget. Do you agree? Ifnot, what would you do differently? I disagree. If government has toincrease revenue and cut spending at the same time, they have a seriousspending problem. A balanced budget is as important in government as it isin business or personal finance. It is more important that government spendmoney only on the things that fall within the scope and responsibility ofgovernment. A government can have a balanced budget and still have massiveamounts of waste and redundancy in the budget. When it comes to the budget,the job of the elected officials should be to audit the budget, determinethings necessary and unnecessary, and ensure that expenditures do notexceed revenues. 2. Do you support the Jacksonville Journey? Explain your answer. I supportthe concept of the Jacksonville Journey. The solution to the root cause cannot be solved by government. The solution begins in the home. So many ofthese kids come from homes with no structure of a family. Focus on strongerfamily values, respect for others, and respect for one's self are neededbefore the government can have any affect. The religious community can havea more lasting effect than the government, but change will come when thereis change from within the individuals. 3. What endorsements have you received? None. I entered the race late, andmany of the larger organizations held candidate interviews and made theirselections before the qualifying process ended. 4. How much civic activity do you perform outside work? I have always beenactive in my local community. I am a founding member of the Argyle AreaCivic Council and two term president of that organization, and I haveworked with other civic groups and Non profits such as Learn To Read, The United Way, and DLC Nurse and Learn with in the community. 5. How do you intend to comply with Florida¶s public records and government in the sunshine laws? If you saw an elected official breaking the sunshine law, what would you do? I think government is responsible to the people andthe best way to be responsible is to do everything in the open, where thepeople who gave you the privilege to serve can see what you are doing for them. As far as my actions towards an official breaking the sunshine law, I would approach them to make sure they understand their actions were wrongand encourage them to cease and desist. I would make sure they wereunderstanding of their role as an elected official and if they refused tocomply I would take what ever action necessary to get the situationcorrected.

6. What can you do to help support the clean-up of the St. Johns River? This is a very important issue. We have come a long way in this effort but there is much more that can be done. I would continue to support educating the community of the issues concerning the river, and encourage our citizens to get involved. It is everyone's river. 7. How can you become engaged in the city¶s high murder, infant mortality and suicide rates? Community involvement through effective Neighborhood Watch types of programs certainly help. But I think the issue goes deeper. I think we have come through a whole generation of people who have changedtheir focus on the value of human life. We need to bring back certain Faith Based values to our daily lives. I think the religious community is wherethe greatest change in this will occur. 8. Has consolidation been a good or bad deal for Jacksonville? Please explain your answer. I think it has been good. Consolidation has allowed thegreater Jacksonville area to become one of the largest metropolitan citiesin the state of Florida. This expansion has attracted several businessesand new citizens to the local community, however we have greater potentialin this area. Consolidation also positions the city for a larger tax basewhich produces more revenue for the city to function and offer a betterquality of life for our citizens.

For council candidates: What is the role of a council member? As mini-mayor? Or as legislator? Definitely as a legislator. We only need one mayor. City council membersshould provide good sound legislation that improves the quality of life forthe city, enhances growth in our local industries, but most importantly,listens to the will of the people. We need members who are going to thecouncil to represent the people, not govern them.