TiVo was founded by Jim Barton & Michael Ramsay with an idea to equip homes with a home network that would integrate all household communication devices. TiVo unit was a set top box that interfaced between the broadcast feed and the television, inbuilt with the option of pausing the TV, recording favourite programs and also rating them as per your liking such that TiVo automatically recognised and recorder your favourite programs in case of available memory. It was first of its Kind - Innovative and Revolutionary product in the television entertainment space. Strategic tie ups with big corporations like Sony and Philips (Strength) added credibility to the product from customer point of view. The TV market in America was huge and TiVo managed to set up very effective retail distribution and nationwide reach. TiVo got rave user feedback from users of the product leading to high Customer Satisfaction. Also TiVo did not involve any usage of CD s and DVD s required for back up used hard disk space and thus was an efficient, hassle free technology. TiVo had many advantages, some of them were: 1. Customized program recording as per individual choices also based on this data TiVo would self prompt similar programs and line up for recording 2. Thumbs and Thumbs down features that led to programming suggestions - Novel and high involvement feature that hooked the viewer 3. Special features like - Online TV Guide, a Video Magazine, Record shows with a push of single button 4. Reduced channel surfing In spite of its ease of use envisioning the potential of the device was difficult for non users. Also TiVo was priced too high as compared to competitor products with similar features. Also they had a weak marketing strategy and restricted their promotional activities only to PR which led to the lack of awareness of the product. Marketing at POP point of Purchase was challenging as even the Sales personnel could not explain the product features clearly. The uncertainty of product positioning was clearly visible in the Communications Campaign and also the weren t able to tackle competition well even in marketing communications

4% penetration only in the U.SWOT Analysis. Weaknesses y y y y Knowledgability of salesman selling TiVo High turnover of sales staff Still an unknown product/ Restricted Promotional activities 0. First mover advantage Co branding with Sony & Philips. y y y TiVo is being sold in stores and on the internet nationwide. Advertising through TiVo can be revolutionised by making it more targeted and relevant y Tap the telescoping concept of Advertisements relevant to the consumer. Nationwide sales ability/ Strong distribution. y y TiVo has a confusing product class/ not a very clear product differentiation. Costs are still considered for most consumers/ too highly priced Opportunities y y y Benefits with an aging and educational society/changing consumer attitudes A growing demand in the market for the product/ huge captive market to tap. Based on recording scheduling .S markets despite its availability in most major consumers electronic stores across. it could also keep a track of the shows being recorded and all this data would help the advertisers hence a good vertically integrated (forward) move.TiVo Strengths y y y y y Good referrals from current customers/ Good customer satisfaction. TiVo could keep track of what shows were being watched and by how many. Proper feedback mechanism. . y Networks can use the TiVo data for launch strategy Understand viewer Opt and view the commercial consumption and behaviour beforehand. Customer referrals.

Customers were unhappy and felt Spied on when TiV o mapped their choices according to the channels and movies they watched and pre-recorded it.178 . Prices from $699 to $1999 & Recording time ranging from 40 hours to 320 hours y Trying to change consumption pattern of television built over 50 years a challenge Could be a huge challenge and the threat is that human behaviour takes a long time to change.g. Submitted by:Preetha Iyer 148 Renesha Vellala . y Competition within the product class .158 Saurabh Jaiswal . y y Dropping of the price of the product from 999$ to 399$ could lead to losses.TiVo s core business ideas was being used by the major competitors like Microsoft who had come up with many economic and additional plans to TiVo and other market competitors. Changes in technology were slow.167 Shreyashi Das .Threats y y y Brand & Category awareness negligible. E.175 Sreeparna Maitra .171 Sonal Bangia . Replay TV.156 Rifath Aara . Networks refusing to air the TiVo advertisements . y No co-operation from Networks and Advertisers and they wanting to Sue or Buy out TiVo.

Arti Nagdeo .198 .

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