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Memorandum of Understanding

Department of Technology

Document Description - Memorandum of Understanding (MOU)

 Specialized or custom ongoing support services

 Specific to a department

 Service specific costs are charged to the client department

 Appended to SLA

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Memorandum of Understanding

Department of Technology


This memorandum of understanding (“MOU”) is entered into as of <Date>

by and between <Client Dept, Client Title, Client Dept> “GSA” and Jon
Walton, Chief Information Officer, Department of Technology (“DT”), to
memorialize the agreement between the <Client Dept> and DT and to
(outline, describe, inform, etc) the (services, parameters, etc.) under which
the parties will (cooperate, provide, perform) the following services:

(Two to three paragraph description of the purpose, goals, responsibilities

and how the agreement will be concluded.)

This agreement covers the service provided, points of demarcation, terms

and conditions, performance metrics and reporting of services covered by
this document and provided by DT.

1.0 Term of Service

1.1 Term of Coverage

This agreement covers the term beginning July 1, 20____ through June 30,

1.2 Annual Renewal

This agreement shall be renewed annually prior to the beginning of each

fiscal year and shall terminate accordingly. DT shall review and update
this MOU and amendments as part of the general Service Level
Agreement renewal with <Client Dept> during October 1 through
December 1 of each year in order to prepare client departments for the
next fiscal year commencing July 1.

2.0 Service Categories

2.1 Custom Services

Custom services are defined as services that are specific to a department

or project. These services are in one of two categories. The first service

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Memorandum of Understanding

Department of Technology

type is Statement of Work (SOW); the second category is Memorandum of

Understanding (MOU).

Memorandum of Understanding, MOU, documents are an agreement

between DT and a department for ongoing custom maintenance and
support services not provided as part of the baseline SLA, or as part of a
subscription service. These services are based on a finite period of time
from 30 days to one fiscal year. MOU services may be renewed annually
and renewable services shall be amended to the department’s baseline
SLA in the same manner as a subscription service.

Consistent with the above-mentioned goals and terms, the <Client Dept>
and DT agree as follows:

2.2 Services To Be Provided:

A. This agreement will commence on the date executed by both parties
and will terminate on <Term Date>, and shall be renewed annually or
unless replaced by written mutual agreement.

B. During the term of this agreement Department of Technology (DT) will

(design, install, provide, maintain) services. The (Product) will (result,
provide, replace etc.) for the following areas of the <Client Dept>

C. Requests for DT services must be made through the DT Help Desk. The
<Client Dept> information technology staff will coordinate and
communicate with DT regarding (service issues). <Further description as

D. Complete description of how costs will be paid by client department or

DT. Note source and limit on spending. If equipment is to be procured
complete description on who is responsible, and who will (own
equipment/maintain/pay for staffing) at the end of the MOU as appendix A

E. Describe who is responsible for (final report/RFP, budgeting, etc.) By

what date.

F. DT and the <Client Dept> jointly agree if the arrangement as set forth
in this MOU is not working as outlined, either department can end this
arrangement with (two weeks) notice.

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Memorandum of Understanding

Department of Technology

G. Reference any related Statements of Work, SOW, and attach the

related SOW(s) as appendix B

H. This MOU is considered an amendment to the DT Master Service Level

Agreement. All departments are to have a Master SLA, subscription
amendments, and MOU’s on file with DT. These agreements are required
to be reviewed and updated annually.

3.0 Budgeted MOU Amount

Consistent with the above-mentioned goals, legal and contractual

requirements, the <Client Dept> and DT agree as follows:

3.1 Tabular estimate of Costs

Budget Project Code

Cost Center
725AMP 725CIN 725GTU 725ITS 725LAS
(Activities) Subo Total


Services) 081C

and access to
City system 081C

Etc. etc.


Grand Total

The <Client Dept> may request additional levels of service or new services
during <FY CURR> and <FY NEXT> related to this program. Additional
services must be estimated and approved by DT and the <Client Dept>.

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Memorandum of Understanding

Department of Technology

Funding must be made available to DT prior to the delivery or performance

of any services described in this MOU.

4.0 Billing Procedures

All billing under this Memorandum of Understanding shall be provided in accordance

with Interdepartmental Billing Procedures and shall include all required

4.1 Billing Disputes

DT will work with the <Client Dept> to adjust billing errors identified by
the <Client Dept> Finance Manager during the billing review and
approval process. If DT has a billing dispute with the <Client Dept>, it must
attempt to resolve it with the responsible <Client Dept> Finance Manager. If
an agreement cannot be reached, the DT Chief Financial Officer and the
<Client Dept> Finance Director will meet with the Deputy Controller to resolve
the matter.

<Other billing information as necessary.>

5.0 Client Responsibilities

Client departments are responsible for maintaining and providing IT services

not covered under this MOU. Client Departments are required to adhere to
all COIT Information Technology policies, standards, and guidelines.

5.1 Point of Demarcation

The Department of Technology is responsible for all services provided

to the Customer’s Point of Demarcation. The Point of Demarcation is
the point in which DT’s service responsibility stops and the client
department is responsible for the service. Refer to the DT Service
Catalog for service details and each services point of demarcation.

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Memorandum of Understanding

Department of Technology

5.2 Client Cooperation

Client departments are to cooperate with DT personnel when

requested to do so. Client cooperation may be requested for
maintenance or troubleshooting purposes. If an issue cannot be
resolved due to lack of client cooperation, DT staff shall escalate the
issue to DT management for resolution.

5.3 Security

DT provides security services up to point of demarcation for the

services specified in this MOU. Client department are responsible for
providing security services on the customer side of the point of
demarcation. DT maintains enterprise wide network monitoring tools
that may show security risks on the customer side of the demarcation.
DT shall share this information with the appropriate contact in each
client department.

DT shall not be responsible for resolving security issues on the client

side of the point of demarcation unless specifically requested to do so
by the client department. Such requests are chargeable at DT’s
normal hourly rate of $ XXX.XX.

6.0 Limitations

6.1 Covered Services

Services not explicitly defined in this document are considered outside

of the scope of this MOU.

6.2 Changes

Changes that may impact scope and/or time line will be noted and
amended to this agreement with all parties agreeing in writing to
changes and/or time line adjustments. Only changes that preclude the
successful delivery of services covered by this MOU will be considered.
Changes that have no impact will not be added to this agreement, but

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Memorandum of Understanding

Department of Technology

resolved by a new statement of work and project plan, or addressed

through the DT Customer Service Request system.

5.3 Automatic Acceptance

Completed services and requisite documentation will be presented to

the department for acceptance. Departments will respond to DT within
5 business days indicating system acceptance, or with a detailed list of
issues for review.

Issues will be reviewed by the DT Customer Services Manager or DT

Senior Management. DT will then respond in writing to each issue.
Only actual “break fix”, misconfigurations, and error conditions will be
addressed. Issues that require rework due to an incorrect specification
or additional work will not be considered.

IF the Department fails to respond to an acceptance request within 5

business days or the Department is using the network or systems in a
production mode the system is considered automatically accepted and
all issues are considered resolved.

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Memorandum of Understanding

Department of Technology

7.0 Signatures


(Client Department Head or authorized signature) Date

Department of Technology:

(Department Head or authorized signature) Date


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