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Steve Hyers

1. In recent years, the mayor and City Council have used a mix of revenue increases and cuts in expenses to balance the city budget. Do you agree? If not, what would you do differently? I agree with a mix, but it went too, far on the tax increases & not far enough on the expense reduction side. Like the private sector, each department is going to have to submit a plan to cut expenses to match projected revenues. Like on the private sector (and pointed out by Bill Bishop), those department heads need to provide head-count and dollars to functions. If we don't get there that way, an independent consultant needs to come in and assess the efficiencies-just like in the private sector. 2. Do you support the Jacksonville Journey? Explain your answer. I like the journey in concept, but it lacks enough individual accountability and relies on stats (reduction in crime in 2009-2010) that is a national phenomena, not solely due to the program. I come from those types of neighborhoods. It would be extremely difficult for someone o accuse me of being insensitive to the plight of the underprivileged. To balance the budget, I would most likely cut some dollars here. 3. What endorsements have you received? The most important endorsements - my neighbors and small businesses here in my district 95% of my contributions are from those folks. Please drive around my neighborhood and see what I mean. My neighbors know me. 4. How much civic activity do you perform outside work? Much, but most "under the radar". I belong to many civic org's (see campaign promo), but do much for charity, and in a way where the folks receiving it don't know where it's coming from. 5. How do you intend to comply with Florida's public records and government in the sunshine laws? If you saw an elected official breaking the sunshine law, what would you do? Be careful about what I say, when I say it and to whom. Turn ‘em in.

6. What can you do to help support the clean-up of the St. Johns River? It seems to me we'd be further along on this issue. In my mind, we find out who's polluting it, give em a chance to clean it up (while stopping it) and then force them to stop and clean it up. 7. How can you become engaged in the city's high murder, infant mortality and suicide rates? Explain to folks (that will listen) that our "system" works, that we all face what appears to be overwhelming odds in our life. That there are opportunities (education system, parttime employment, full-time employment etc. ) that allow anyone in this country to succeed - if your willing to work for it and do the right things along the way. It's many times about the decisions you make in life. 8. Has consolidation been a good or bad deal for Jacksonville? Please explain your answer. I think it has been good for the most part. We've acquired a landmass that has expanded our borders and allowed us to expand our tax base. We've been able to consolidate departments (i.e. Sheriff & Fire) allowing for efficiencies.

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