1) Where is the system monitor tab located?

A) in the right pane of test results window B) in the information pane C) in the resources pane D) in the right pane of the system window 2) Which term is used to identify the values captured by Quick test during recording and used in a checkpoint as a reference value during a test run? A) actual value B) expected value C) recorded value D) updated value 3) Which events are considered exceptions when replaying a test? A) test application that crashes B) field is mandatory message C) printer out of ink message D) invalid password message E) invalid permission message 4) When is it best to use a programmatic description? A) when you work with properties and methods of an object not in the object repository B) when you are retrieving a property from a static run time object C) when you are retrieving a property from a test object D) when you need to click static buttons 5) Which operator do you use to concatenate 2 strings in VBscript? A) & B) && C) concat D) ++ 6) The global data for a test includes 200 rows. What is the best way to limit this test to only run one iteration? A) by deleting all but one row in the global data table B) by adding custom code to expert view to limit the iterations C) by right clicking on the global data table to select the iteration menu D) by modifying the run options to test settings dialog

7) Identify available column names in the keyword view(select four)

Insert steps. C. Insert XML checkpoints.A) Value B) Documentation C) Object D) Record settings E) Property F) Method G) Operation H) Item 8) Which actions can you perform using the Active Screen? (Select two. Which status value should you use? A) micPass B) micDone C) micComplete D) micFail 10) What happens when you import data from an external excel file into the QTP data table? A) Row data is overwritten when column headers in excel and the data table match B) a new column is added to the data table when column headers in excel and data table match C) All the excel sheets in the file are imported D) Excel listboxes are expanded and one row is added to the data table per value in the list 11) Identify the steps required to update the test results to indicate PASS/FAIL status and display a custom message. Insert transactions. Modify objects. E. Insert standard checkpoints. but not cause the test to be marked as Pass or Fail. D.     Output Values Create Formula Add a conditional statement to compare Add the Report/Event Utility 12) Click on timeout value for the synchronization point defined in the script down in the screenshot: A) Wait Property – 50000 .) A. and arrange them in the correct order. B. 9) You need to define a custom checkpoint for your test that will update the test results.

ExportAllSheets ("C:\flights. done condition 14) Which statement should you use to export all sheets in the Data Table? A. DataTable. initial condition B. Which visual cue requires a tedious check in manual testing.xls") B.xls.xls") D. dtGlobalSheet) . DataTable. but can be easily check in QTP? A) text attachment B) colors of a bitmap C) grayed out field D) existence of a bitmap 18) Click on the step where the Order_No output parameter is reused as an input parameter Edit – Set – DataTable(“Order_No”.ExportSheet ("C\flights.13) Which names are used to identify the status of your application before and after your automated test executes? (Select two. ALL) 15) Which QTP feature can be applied to the checkpoint and object property values to accommodate dynamic content in your application A) constant expression B) substitute value C) regular expression D) timeout 16) Why would a tester use the description object in the Expert view of a test? A) to programmatically modify a test object’s definition directly in the object repository B) to bypass the object repository when identifying an object at runtime C) to data-drive logical names and make the test more generic D) to make it easier to retrieve child objects using the ChildObjects method 17) A QTP automation benefit is the ability to increase test result reliability by checking visual cues. ALL) C. DataTable. down condition E.".Export ("C:\flights.xls" . DataTable.) A. end condition D.Export ("C:\flights. static state C.

One action.19) Which statement type can you use in your test to wait for a condition to be met and fail the test if it times out before meeting the condition? A. fill form is grayed out C) when submit request is opened. is referenced in a test called Submit request. how will they know that the fill form action is unavailable? A) in the missing resources panel. Active Screen B. General options C. General C. fill form is listed with an explanation in the details coumn B) in the test flow panel. Data Table B. 21) Which QuickTest Professional feature displays the recorded steps in graphical format? A. standard checkpoint D. Menus B. fill form is grayed out. Active Screen E. pause method B. Environment . Toolbars 23) In which Options tab can you set the option to minimize the space your stored test will require? A. Fill form. QTP pops up an informational message D) in the external actions in the resources panel. wait statement 20) A team of testers created a library of reusable actions as building blocks for their automated test suite. exist method C. Active Screen C.) A. The owner Fill form needs to perform maintenance on it and is turning off its Reusable action property. When testers open the submit request test. Test Settings D. Run D. Keyword View D. Expert View 22) Which QTP features can be customized using the Customize menu command? (Select two.

A progress bar displays. What is created on the shared drive? A. you decide to create multiple actions that can be combined and reused to achieve testing goals. Run Options C. initial and end conditions D. C. D.qtp B. a temporary folder structure 26) What are examples of a visual cue condition? (Select two. visual cues 29) Where can you reset the add-in manager if it does not display when you launch QuickTest Professional? A. Resources B.24) Which Active Screen capture level is the default setting? A.) A. Complete B. Active Screen 28) During the planning phase. A record is inserted in the database. 27) Which Quick Test Professional View Option will show you the repositories associated with each action? A. A button becomes enabled. Which element is critical for identifying the actions to be recorded and how to combine them? A. Partial D. Limited C. a file named SampleWebTest_Action1 D. a folder named SampleWebTest C. Minimum 25) You record and save your test on a shared network drive as SampleWebTest. Information C. A button becomes visible. input data B. parameters C. a file named SampleWebTest. Script Repository D. A bitmap displays. Test Settings 30) You set your Record and Run settings to Record. Test Properties D. General Options B. E. B. and then run a test on any open .

. View 35) What is compared in a bitmap checkpoint? A. HTML D. jpegs 36) You create an image checkpoint by inserting following checkpoint on an image object. Which applications will be recorded?(Select two. OCX G. Silverlight D. Web E. F. Internet Explorer 31) What are the default add-ins installed with QuickTest Professional? (Select three. calls to actions B. pixels D.) A. Drag objects from the object repository. Safari C. Drag objects from the Active Screen. Firefox B. Insert through Keyword View. D. RGB C. Command D. Drag objects from the Data Table. Chrome E. calls to actions (reusable only) C. Drag objects from Available Keywords. calls and copies of actions 34) Which tab in the Debug Viewer pane allows you to view or change variables or properties? A.) A. text E. calls to QuickTest Professional tests D.) A. B. Use the Step Generator.NET B. ActiveX C. Variables C. Watch B. Visual Basic 32) How can you add recordable or nonrecordable operations to your test? (Select three. Java F. .browser. C. bits B. 33) What is a QuickTest Professional test comprised of? A. E.

reusable C. global 38) How can the Data Table be used in a custom checkpoint? (Select two. Image checkpoint B. Flow Viewer panel D. shared B. to access global values E. Bitmap checkpoint D. to store input parameters C. object wizard C. ImportSheet D. image tolerance 41) Which feature can you use to teach QuickTest Professional to recognize any area of your application? A. local D. RGB tolerance C. virtual objects D. to store output values B. to use formulas D. OpenSheet C.) A. bit tolerance B.A. Accessibility checkpoint 37) Which object repository type is created by default? A. ExportSheet 40) Which bitmap checkpoint feature allows the checkpoint to pass even if bitmaps are not identical? A. to compare columns 39) Which DataTable method makes an external spreadsheet available to QuickTest Professional? A. BW tolerance D. object identification B. Actions tree within the Resources panel B. Standard checkpoint C. GetSheet B. virtual identification 42) Which feature displays all the test's actions? A. Test Action Manager Tool 43) How does QuickTest Professional identify each object you record? . Test Flow panel C.

function libraries E. 46) Identify QuickTest Professional resources. global Data Table B. B. Add custom code to evaluate monitor data. where can the output values be viewed? A. checkpoints D. by class only 44) You need to change the properties of an object in your object repository. by class and properties B. GetROProperty B. by methods and properties D. Search in Repository C. design-time Data Table D. test versions B.(Select three. Which repository feature enables you to quickly access the specific item if your repository contains hundreds of objects? A. Save As C. actions C. D. local Data Table C. Highlight in Application B. images F. Add a monitor checkpoint. Identify in Repository D. Check-in B. by class and methods C.A. Locate in Repository 45) How can you use monitors to cause the test to fail? A. run-time Data Table 48) Which menu option should you use to save your test to a version controlled Quality Center project for the first time? A. Define a counter scale. GetRuntimeProperty .) A. recovery scenarios 47) After playing back a test containing output values. Create Version 49) Which method retrieves a property of a runtime object? A. GetTOProperty C. Save Test with Resources D. Define a monitor limit. C.

GetROProperty("ItemsCount") B. System Monitor D.GetTOProperties D.D. iCount =WebRadioGroup("seat"). Add a wait statement. default object types C. bitmap D.) A. Add a stop point. propsList =WebTable("FirstName"). text 54) Which feature requires a connection to Quality Center? A. 53) Which checkpoint type uses a query to validate expected value? A. table C. text B. C. D. XML 51) Which step categories can be added using the Step Generator Tool? (Select three.ChildObjects(oDesc) 56) Which QuickTest Professional feature should you use to view methods and properties of objects in your application? A. GetRTProperty 50) Which checkpoint type should you use to validate the enabled state of a button? A.CheckProperty("ItemsCount") C. Add a delay. standard C. Jump to Step C. database D. WebRadioGroup("seat). Spy Object . B. test objects D. functions 52) How can you pause and interact with the playback of a test? A. run-time objects B. oDesc = WebTable("Firstname"). data objects F. Add a breakpoint. utility objects E. Save Test with Resources 55) Which statement will retrieve the test object's properties during the test run? A. Version Control B. standard B.

design-time Data Table . statement D. Object Viewer 57) Which steps are required to connect to Quality Center from QuickTest Professional? (Select three. Mark a task as In progress. Environment C.) A.) A. function E. define a project B. select a project 58) What can you do using the To Do pane?(Select two. Object Repository C. View TODO comments existing in the current test checkpoints. Passed C. Export TODO comments to comma-separated values or XML format. E. C. Done D. B. create a user E.B. D. 59) Which Settings tab enables QuickTest Professional to measure the resources being used by the application? A. Assign tasks to others. Fail B. connect to the server C. Local System Monitor D. View TODO comments existing in the current test recovery scenarios. child object C. run-time Data Table B. authenticate user D. property B. Run 60) What does the dot indicate in VBScript?(Select two. Resources B. method 61) Which status is reported in the Test Results Summary if the test does not include checkpoints? A.) A. Object Spy D. define a domain F. Complete 62) Where is data for an Input parameter stored? A.

same object different parent B.) A. to compare columns 64) Which QuickTest Professional tool uses the Object Repositories Merge Tool? A. virtual objects D. Object Repository Comparison Tool D. What does the Test Results Summary report if 8 iterations pass and 2 iterations fail? . run-time Data Repository D. The tester must make a one-time selection to either copy the data or refer to the original data. object wizard C. The data continues to be stored with the original action (read-only) and the new action refers to it.) A. how are the data resources in that action handled? A. to store output values B.C. similar description 68) You ran a test scenario with 10 iterations. same name different description C. design-time Data Repository 63) How can the Data Table be used in a custom checkpoint? (Select two. The tester always has the option to copy the data or refer to the original data. B. to use formulas D. to store input parameters C. virtual identification 66) When inserting a call to a reusable action. object identification B. same name extra properties E. to access global values E. A copy of the data is made (editable) and stored with the new action. C. Update from Local Repository Tool C. Map Repository Parameters Tool B. D. Update from Application Tool 65) Which feature can you use to teach QuickTest Professional to recognize any area of your application? A. 67) Which conflicts does the Objects Repositories Merge Tool detect? (Select three. same description different name D.

The summary reports FAIL because all iterations did not pass.. Export Test to Zip File. xml C. Environment 71) Which QuickTest Professional menu item should you use when emailing a QuickTest Professional test to another tester? A. Tools > Resources Manager > Object Repository 73) Which term is used to define a string of special characters that define the condition of the search? A. Which parameter type should you use? A. B. B. regular expression D. Index:=3) B. D... WebEdit("Name:=Author" . The summary reports PASS because more iterations passed than failed. csv D.A. The summary reports DONE. parameter 74) What is the correct syntax for a programmatic description? A. "Index:=3") . Resources > Object Repository C. Tools > Object Repository Manager D. Export Test and Email. Save Test with Resources. C.. The summary reports the status for each iteration. txt B. html 70) You have multiple test cases that require you to test valid and invalid username and password combinations. Output B. What is the valid file type that can be imported? A. 72) Where do you go to modify a shared object repository? A. 69) User-defined environment variables can be imported from an external file. Random Number D. Send Email. Input C. constant expression B.. D. placeholder C. C... WebEdit("Name:=Author" . Resources > Object Repository Manager B..

Action Settings C. The steps. C. and object repository are all copied over. during a run session. B. QuickTest will use the object in the Shared object repository C. QuickTest will use Descriptive Programming 76) When you copy an object to the local object repository A. Its parent objects are not copied to the local object repository C. You have to manually copy its parent objects are also copied to the local object repository D. 79) Where are the local data sheet iterations specified? A. Only the called action. checkpoint C. breakpoint D. Action Call Properties . parameterization B. parameterizations. is copied over. D. WebEdit("Name:=Author"."Index:=3) 75) If an object is contained in both local and shared repositories then. action parameters. You have to manually drag and drop its parent objects 77) Which QuickTest Professional feature confirms that the application is functioning correctly? A. The local Data Table and the run iterations settings (in action call properties) are copied over. There will be a conflict D. A. Its parent objects are also copied to the local object repository B. Test Run Properties B.C. The Use data stored with the original action is disabled. QuickTest will use the object in the local object repository B. but none of its child actions (that is."Index=3") D. checkpoints. WebEdit("Name:=Author". validation 78) What happens when a tester performs an Insert > Call to Copy of Action? A. actions called by it).

and then use the QuickTest Professional Save test with resources feature. C. use copies of the reusable actions. Use the QuickTest Professional Save test with resources feature for main test and do the same for the test that contains the called reusable actions. Test Flow Settings 80) A tester uses QuickTest Professional connected to Quality Center and the tests are stored in Quality Center. Use the QuickTest Professional Save test with resources feature. What is the simplest way to make the test portable so it can run disconnected from Quality Center? A. this tester wants to demonstrate a new QuickTest Professional test.D. Use the QuickTest Professional Export to zip feature. The test makes calls to reusable actions from other QuickTest Professional tests stored in Quality Center. D. At an upcoming conference. B. Change the calls to the reusable actions. 81) .