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Title: Study on intelligent e-shopping system based on data mining


E-commerce is a related concept of data mining technologies and the realization process
of data mining techniques are described. Combine data mining and guide features of e-shopping
site, study intelligent shopping guide system based on data mining. Use data mining technology
to guide customers to buy goods or to provide recommendations in order to provide higher
quality services. We take the specific case as study object, we use data mining techniques to
analyze and propose solutions.

The use of data mining provide users with intelligent guide and make users easy in the
range of goods which not only save user browsing net and considering time, but also provide
users with a good proposal to allow the user to get the appropriate selection of goods, is a kind of
high-quality services.

Existing System

Ecommerce can be achieved by a variety of electronic means of communication such as

phone or fax. But now people are exploring e-commerce based on EDI (electronic data
interchange) and the internet. Particularly as internet technology has become more
sophisticated, real development of ecommerce will be built on the internet technology. So
there were some people who take e-commerce as IC (internet commerce).E-commerce refers
to the network as the carrier, the use of digital electronic means to carry out business
activities. With the developing of internet technology and the Web technology, various types
of e-commerce sites are coming out. It is not difficult to establish e-commerce sites, but to
obtain economic and social benefits. On the e-commerce web site, there may be millions of
on-line transactions, generating a large number of documents and records of the registration
form every day. Ecommerce companies are faced with a wealth of data, lack of knowledge
of embarrassment.

A. Sources of information value

Information value gained from the following: Information find is to get the message from
scratch. By control of information searching, people can find and discover previously unknown
information, this is the basic information gathering mission here, searching value of the
information depend on the information value. Information processing is a procedure that
information is from the disorder to order, from coarseness to fine. In the process, through the
control of information collection, people can get a small amount of order information from a
large number of the disorder information. The value of information unit has been enhanced, to
obtain the value of the unit’s information on the time and costs are lower. Here the value of
control information collecting is from the value of time savings. Private information is a message
from public to private. We have the same public resource that cannot give anyone competitive
advantage. In a competitive society, as we all know the complete information of the public does
not give anyone a competitive advantage, nor is the core competitiveness. Be able to bring
competitive advantages and core competitiveness of the information must be scarce, monopoly
and private. Through more intelligent, personalized information or manage to be complemented
by acquisition, it is expected to obtain such information. Here, information collecting value
comes from the information’s relative scarcity and monopoly. Knowledge discovery is from
data, information to knowledge conversion process. Through the acquisition of information
technology and professional involvement in a combination of methods, from the Internet search
and information processing, and the use of artificial search for personalized information and
privatization, the intelligent use of information technology and expert knowledge to carry out
further excavation was found hidden in the back of information Knowledge, this is the era of
knowledge. Knowledge-based economy and knowledge management put forward by the task
of searching, a search engine is a new development direction.

B. Information collection methods

Business information retrieval usually refers to the term of the commercial information
retrieval, including information storage, organization, performance information, such as access to
all aspects of its core text for indexing and retrieval of information. Information Retrieval has
grown to a network and intelligent stage. Internet on-line information retrieval is the most
common search keywords, in order to improve the precision, careful analysis should be subject
to choose the right keywords, and to master the use of Google search syntax rules, designed to
express accurately the demand for search-and repeatedly adjust the search strategy In order to
obtain high quality search results.
Acquisition of the business information: With the high speed Internet development, many
government, agencies association, the federation and companies have set up an independent Web
site. Users can go to different problems in different body sites to visit, many problems can be
very detailed answered to inquiries, but without content, you can Email and issued instructions
related departments or consulting sector, in general, they will answer.
Through large-scale commercial databases to retrieve information: there are a lot of
Internet databases, which have hundreds of large database and at least several dozen international
trade-related databases, including some of the charges, while others are free. Free database are
established generally by University of related professionals, and its value is very high. Of course,
the paid database business value is the highest; in general, you can find what you want.
The use of Usenet to gather business information: the information gotten in the Usenet
usually is released by enterprises. Enterprises engaged in international trade in general is to join
Business in the Import-Export group, in this professional discussion groups, you can find a lot of
information on import and export trade, and then enter the keyword query, to find what you
Get the business information through commercial tools: in the directory, business with
the yellow paper, therefore named business yellow pages. Well-known search engines offer
yellow pages business services. In general, these yellow pages business is not self-contained,
with a link to a professional business search engine. At present, the business information is
mainly phone, fax number. At this time we need to use the telephone or fax to contact.
Problems in existing system:
• The time complexity is very large.
• There are no guidelines for user to buy appropriate things.
• The schemes are cost effective.

Proposed System
E-commerce has changed people's consumption style, there have been a variety of online
stores and Web sites devoted to business, consumers can also buy desirable commodity in
homes, but a growing number of similar sites, and also to choose more and more, the face of
online shopping, people often will fall into the plight of choice, especially choice of gifts, it is
more difficult to select one satisfaction and newer. In real life, when I do not know how to
choose, friends or other people as a guide, advise, but not on the Internet. Are there any web site
can provide a service as user's guide this election?

Smart guide realization of the program: the gift network establish a specialized section
“help you to choose gift”, set up a number of multi-issue election, according to prompt the user
answer, such as human sex, love, what kind of gifts they had received, and so on, these data will
be connected to the database, using data mining to analyze the data, be able to find what kind of
gifts send more appropriately, and then return a result to the user, help users make a decision. To
achieve this function is to establish a model: study relationship between all information and gifts
user chosen.
Achieve object:

1) Data preparation:
Create a database of mining data mining: excavation object is “help you to choose gift”
information and presents information, the data stored in the election ceremony gift requirement
table and gift list, select the association rules algorithm, analyze the association between election
of the ceremony gift requirement and gifts, create a table of the results of the analysis as
“choosing proposal table”, including the following attributes: the selection code for the gift, why
for gifts, who the gift for, gift number , etc..

Selection of Data: analyze the two tables “selection requirement table” and “gifts table”,
sometime some information in the selection requirement table is unnecessary, such as the gender
of the people for who the gift is not significant. The “sex” cannot be included in the analysis of
the scope of the data, only to other data analysis.

Data pre-processing: in some cases there will be vacancies, inconsistent, redundant data.
For the value of the vacancy, fill in the use of default values. For the inconsistency of data, there
are two main points to consider, determining if we can clear one of the data is accurate, use of
the data covering the conflict directly: If we can not accurately determine which some of the data
we should use the latest data and eliminate of redundant data. We can integrate the data structure
of a unified and no redundancy multi-dimensional database. Multi-dimensional database can be
used to carry out a data mining and OLAP.

2) Data mining:
There are many kinds of data mining methods, classification, clustering, relevance,
decision trees, neural networks; the excavation is to identify the relationship between selection
gift requirement and gift, so I choose methods of association rules. The association rule is a rule
as follows: “in the buying bread and butter customers, 90% of them bought milk at the same
time: ( bread +butter) + (milk)”.What the association rules find the main object is the event
database. One of the main applications is for the sales data. A general event is combined by
several parts: business practice; a group of customers to buy goods; there are customers’
identification numbers (such as credit card numbers).During the excavation, expend the
association rule; the application is not for sale data, but the information of users’ Selection gift
requirement. But not as associated with the two sides of the bread, butter and milk is the same
type of data, Associated with the relationship between the two sides have different categories:
such as favorite colors is pink and the gift is a small pink purse.
Finally, store the mining data, the process shown below:
Modules of the project
1. Admin

• Login

• Customer Details

• Vendor Details

• Transaction table

• Support Counting

2. Vendors

• Add Products
• Edit Products

• View product Details

3. Customers

• Login

• Edit Profile

• View high sale

• Buy

Modules Description:

1. Admin

• Login: Admin logins to the system.

• Customer Details: Admin can view details of customers.

• Vendor Details: Admin can view details of vendors.

• Transaction Table: Admin can view table of transaction..

• Support Counting: Admin can view support counting.

2. Vendors
• Add Products: Vendors can add products.

• Edit Products: Vendors can edit products.

• View product Details: Vendors can view product details.

3. Customers

• Login: Customers login to the system.

• Edit Profile: Customers can edit their profiles.

• View high sale: Customers can view high sale products.

• Buy: Customers can buy products.


The user is expected to ensure that the minimum requirements for running the product are
satisfied. The hardware and software environment in which this product was developed is
specified. It is necessary to make sure that the hardware and software the consumer uses is
compatible to the specification given below.

3.2.1 Hardware requirements:

CPU: Pentium IV

RAM: 512MB.

Hard Disk: 40GB.

Monitor: SVGA Color Monitor.

Keyboard: 108 Standards.

Mouse: Logitech scroll mouse.

3.2.2 Software requirements:

Operating System: Windows 2000/XP

Front end: Dot net

Documentation: MS - Word XP

Designing: Star UML

Backend: SQL