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Central Bucks School District
February 22, 2011 As the Central Bucks School District continues its investigation into the unprofessional comments made by teacher Natalie Munroe and her unauthorized use of district equipment, it is important that the District’s views be expressed. On the evening of February 8, 2011 the blog written by Ms. Munroe went viral, causing students, parents and teachers to react with shock and disbelief. The next morning the school was in an uproar. Students were reluctant to go to Ms. Munroe’s class. Others requested meetings with administrators and counselors questioning their teachers’ perceptions of them as students. A common question asked by the students was “is this how our teachers really feel about us?” The media have reported the comments about her students that Ms. Munroe posted in her blog choosing her least offensive words such as “lazy” and “whining.” They have reported only part of the story. What Ms. Munroe admits she wrote, and what is most egregious, coming from a teacher whose responsibility it is to conduct herself in a professional manner, is Ms. Munroe’s description of her students as “lazy a--hole”, “sneaky complaining j--koff,” “utterly loathsome in all imaginable ways,” “I hate your kid,” “dishonest sh-twads,” “rude, belligerent, argumentative f---” and “better to have a pet.” The media has also failed to report on Ms. Munroe’s direct attack on special needs students when she blogged, “I don’t care if you lick windows, take the special bus or occasionally pee on yourself… you hang in there sunshine, you’re friggin special.” In order to restore calm in the school and to protect Ms. Munroe, the principal, after Ms. Munroe admitted she was the author of the blog and that some of the blog was written on school equipment during the school day, placed her on a paid leave of absence. Ms. Munroe will begin her maternity leave at the end of February. Her leave was approved by the School Board prior to this incident and the District will honor its commitment to Ms. Munroe. During the leave, the Board of School Directors will make a final decision with respect to Ms. Munroe’s continued employment. It is clear, however, that by placing her malicious complaints, personal frustrations, and negative feelings about members of the school community on the Internet to be accessed by anyone, Ms. Munroe has lost the confidence, trust and respect of her students, their parents, and her colleagues. Students in our community deserve teachers who have their best interest in mind and are concerned with their welfare. Her words have caused pain and confusion, the exact opposite of what students, parents and the District expect from teachers. Ms. Munroe, by her own actions, has made it impossible for her to teach in this District. No student should be subjected to such a hostile educational environment. Moreover, teachers, who maintain positions of special responsibility to children, should not engage in inflammatory, vulgar, and obscene acts that offend the standards and ideals of the community. Unfortunately, Ms. Munroe cannot revoke what she has done nor can she erase the irreparable harm she has caused her students, her fellow teachers and our community.