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and counseling and support programs for families.A Black Tie Affair Poems Believe Waiting On A Mother Dear Niam (Mom) Comics Parents Vs.org HmoobTeen magazine may not be reproduced. Contents What I believe Editors Bios: What Did You Believe in As a Child? Editors Bios: What Was Your Biggest Accomplishment in 2009? Editor’s Note Check Nws Out!: Stacy Dib Xiong Knowing Your Hmong: Txhiaj Txhais Knowing Your Hmong: Hmoob Word Search Food Adult Role Model: Chao Xiong Public Health Column: Take Good Care of Your Mental Health Spring 2010 Page 2 Page 27 Page 4 Page 8 Page 10 Page 10 Page 7 Page 21 Page 12 Page 12 Page 13 Page 13 Pages 14-15 Pages 16-17 Page 17 Page 18 Page 19 Page 5 Pages 6 Pages 9 Page 11 Page 20 Page 28 Page 22 Page 22 Page 22 Page 23 Page 24 Page 25 Page 25 Page 26 Regulars Theme: What I Believe Believing From the Heart It’s Okay Mom. after school programs for children and youth.hmong.hmong. Teens Vim Hlub Koj I Believe in the Tooth Fairy How The Turtle Got Grounded Music The Sounders Comeback Spring 2010 HMoobTEEn / 3 . Everything Will be Alright You Are Not Alone Religion and Faith I Believe That All Wars Come to An End I Believe in Not Needing to Write and Read in Hmong I Believe in Being As Hmong As I Can Be Happiness is Universal Happiness is Only Real When Shared Reads Meet the New Editors! 2010 Census ELIMIFACE Winners The New Frugality Unknown Internet Dangers 2010 Asian Prom: 007 .This publication is made possible through Hmong American Partnership (HAP).org. Minnesota 55106 (651) 495-9160 hmoobtm@hmong. Hmong American Partnership Attn: HmoobTeen 1075 Arcade Street Saint Paul. For more information please visit www.org www. such as: employment services and English language classes for adults. HAP provides culturally appropriate social services to Hmong families in Minnesota.

Kelly Z.HmoobTeen Editor’s Note: Artwork by Goaia Lee. 4 / HMoobTEEn Spring 2010 . Linda Thao. 2010 is an exciting year for HmoobTeen. Blong Vang. Summer. is the Summer 2010 issue. However. Writing-Type in ms Word and attach document to your email. 14. submission requiremenTs: art-must be on unlined paper and musT noT be folded. Thao. in part. have new Editors in our team with two Editors from California and Montana. Panhia Lee. or may not reflect those of HmoobTeen and HAP. by funds provided by the Minnesota Department of Health and United Way. Yang. SEND IT IN! Subscriptions/Back Issues: (651) 495-1526 or hmoobtm@hmong. Manee B. And the best part is. Take control of your voice by sending in your work. the content. we cannot be humans. See the back cover for more information! Thank you for being a loyal reader. NC “ Summer 2010 theme is: Sex Tell us: What influences the way you look? Is sex education boring at school? What is your attitude towards sex and relationships? deadLine: may 28. Email your work if you can. KaZoua Vang. it is done at the risk of the sender and will not be returned. Matthew Saykao Thao ConTribuTing WriTers and arTisTs Gaoia Lee. Also mark your calender and get ready to make it an all action-adventure for HmoobTeen’s Asian Prom Dance 007. HmoobTeen presents our new issue “What I Believe” with series of articles about our personal beliefs about life. Yang Lee. Winter and Winter by Hmong American Partnership. Send your work in! Education & Poverty Tell us: Why education is important? Is learning more than just at school? What is life like in poverty? deadLine: august 20. 2010 Email: Hmoobtm@hmong. Jennifer Her. This is a new direction for us and we hope to reach more readers around the world. Minnesota 55106 Submissions unrelated to the themes are also accepted. Nhia “Monie” Lee. articles/Photo essays/Comics: up to $25 drawings: up to $20 Poems: up to $15 you must include your name.org The views expressed in this publication are of the authors and do not represent opinions or the views of Hmong american Partnership (HaP) or HmoobTeen. Kia Lor. Yeej Moua. Jennifer Lor. Meng Yang ediTor in CHief Sai Vang Fall 2010 theme is: Nyob Zoo! As the days are getting warmer and a new decade has rolled in. HmoobTeen (ISSN 1935-1542) is published 4 times a year: Spring.org or Mail to: 1075 Arcade Street. Bao Vang.HmoobTeen Magazine. Don’t forget we are on Facebook and Myspace now too! Get up to date information on events and deadlines for upcoming HmoobTeen activities! Finding us is very easy. Google . Don’t forget to send in your writings and artwork. Choua Thao. HmoobTeen is made possible. If we don’t believe in something. Saint Paul. HmoobTeen is the only place where teens can speak and be heard. Our next issue. To believe is to be grounded in the make-up of our core values. state. We hosted our 2nd Basketball Tournament on February 27th. Sandy Xiong. age. HmoobTeen holds all the rights of works once published. We are usually what we believe. Paching Yang. Jennifer Lysaythong. city. Yang Lee. HmoobTeen tries its best to screen websites listed in the magazine. Bao Xiong. Linda Thao. their staff. For the first time in our history. 2010 HmoobTeen ediTors Nhia Lee. funders or partners. Houa Xiong We pay for work we publish. you will be able to read the entire magazine online. with the theme Sex will be out June 29. and will be launching our website. Dara Lee. volunteers. 2010. Matthew Saykao Thao. Currently we reach over 20. Submissions sent to HmoobTeen becomes HmoobTeen property. We may contact authors to work with authors on revisions. if your work is published. Blong Vang. we pay you! ~ Matthew Saykao Thao LayouT & design Sai Vang. all submissions are subject to revision. We want to continue the tradition by being more accessible to teens who may not get to read the printed magazine version. Sherri Xiong. Morganton.Black Tie Affair. We chose this theme because we were inspired by National Public Radio’s “This I Believe” program.000 readers per issue. telephone number and email where we can reach you--even if you wish to remain anonymous. views and opinions displayed and expressed by the websites and/or their respective organizations may.

I am interested in anything regarding school and I love to sing and play guitar. Many may see me as an untraditional person. and write a novel that would be on the New York Times best-seller’s list. It also make me feels like I’m not the only one and I’m not alone in this world. living in Forever21. Being surrounded by such masculinity. YANG / I reside in Minneapolis. Some of my hobbies and interests are graphic design. THAO / I was born. I also love playing flag football. so growing up I busied myself with school and music to avoid the thought of it. climbing trees and enjoying myself in the California sun. ultimate frisbee and soccer. I volunteer as a peer mediator to help and solve problems of people who are in need. courage. 1992 and am a junior at Big Sky High School in Missoula. music. I am aspired to put forth everything I can to make HmoobTeen an even bigger success then it is already and to show people that dreams may one day become a reality. I feel now that I can communicate with others easily without worrying about my identity. and acting. I wish to hear our community speak out more often so we may all be heard. My parents were divorced when I was seven. and still reside in Saint Paul. I also work with the Youth South Sac Education Program. HmoobTeen is something that will help me voice my opinions and I have so much gratitude towards HmoobTeen because it will help me more than it already does. I hope to help both myself and others learn to step outside the box as we explore the awesomeness of our Hmong community! SANDY XIONG/ I was born in Yosemite. and just keeping in shape (once in a while). I am the student council secretary at my high school. but deep inside. volleyball. What I hope to bring to HmoobTeen is the best of me and bring my experience to give 100% to my Hmong community.E. MANEE B. Though I just found out about HmoobTeen Magazine last year. I consider myself a very lucky person because I feel as if I can contribute more to my community. and I LOVE IT. photography. Yeej Moua. I was born in California and moved to Minnesota at five years old. I’m 18 years old and attend DeLaSalle High School. Manee Thao. I also look forward to hearing new points of views. reading sci-fi novels. Music is my motivation and what I am passionate about. I hope to design many fantabulous works of art and maybe write an article or two. Raised in a small town with very few Hmoob people. participating in musicals. I am very fortunate to have such an opportunity to be an editor for HmoobTeen Magazine. where I am a senior at North Saint Paul High School. and seeing the many wonderful works from our readers. Minnesota. playing games with my friends. I have many hobbies. I became more attracted to video games and in many states before then. YANG LEE / I am a country dude from Oklahoma but now live in Saint Paul. My parents gave me the name Jennifer after Jennifer Lopez. I’m a proud junior attending Hiram Johnson High School. writing stories. Spring 2010 HMoobTEEn / 5 . LINDA THAO / Hi there! I’m Linda Thao. I moved to Minneapolis two years ago but lived YEEJ MOUA / I was born in Montana on October 27. I now live in Maplewood. and Lasallian Ministry. I have been drawing ever since I was little but I also enjoy making/ editing videos.“ “ Meet The New Editors! (From left: Jennifer Lysaythong. I want to gain knowledge. it has inspired me to make a change in my community by voicing my opinion. and I hope to inspire many young teens to express how they feel. I hope to inspire Hmong teenagers and just to capture their attention with my designs. For any serious anime/manga fans out there who might know this term. It’s a wonderful experience to be able to dream within the words that I’ll soon write. ability. I feel so honored. I am a determined person. 1993 in Sacramento. as a freshman.O. I attend Open World Learning Community. a volunteer for organizations such as American Red Cross. I like working with the community. my being apart of HmoobTeen will inspire others to voice their opinions. I hope to motivate Hmong teenagers to step up and make a difference in the world. I was born in Providence. I am a proud junior high graduate of H. As a HmoobTeen Editor. JENNIFER LYSAYTHONG / I was born in October 8. I hope to become a better person. Through HmoobTeen. I’ve lived in chilly Minnesota most of my life. I am a fujoshi and a bokukko. Minnesota. where every family knows each other. California on a sweltering June day in 1992. Hopefully. KELLY Z. act in my very own television series. acting. Yang Lee. The fact that I am a part of HmoobTeen. My hope for HmoobTeen is that I can contribute as much as I can.P. I wish to one day design the cover of a worldwide magazine. I adore the Hmong culture. reading fantasy stories and last but not least. I was raised in a small house in Fresno for half my life in a family of seven boys and a Doberman Pinscher. I enjoy fishing. video editing. Montana. The top five things that can make me happy are food. also known as Saint Paul Open School. I would like to reach out to more youths as much as I can. Community Academy. and Jennifer Lor) running around with the boys (and our dog). Habitat for Humanity. Country life plays a major role in my life because I love nature. California where I currently still live. and meeting new people. JENNIFER LOR / My name is Jennifer Lor and I’m 14 years old. Rhode Island. Kelly Yang. I believe I have been disconnected from the Hmong community. modeling.instead of having so many people just stand on the sidelines and watch things happen. although I may not be so good at it. raised. and many more. Minnesota and am a senior at Patrick Henry High School. Minnesota. animals and exploring life. Japanese language/ culture/food.

Whether it’s by creating 6 / HMoobTEEn Spring 2010 T schools and providing after school programs for young children or creating services and organizations to support emerging Hmong leaders. MN ake a look around your community and think of all the opportunities that you have. Thus. it will take some sort of government funding and support. such as.whether it’s housing. instead the Hmong community will thank you for it. These resources and services would not be possible if it weren’t for some sort of federal funding. health or other programs. age or ethnic background. By law in every ten years. Minneapolis. 18. Every year. Elder needs and education. everyone is counted in the census. Just fill out the form completely and send it back to the Census Bureau. we are rapidly growing and looking for ways to meet our community needs. consider all of the resources and services that have helped shaped the Hmong community in many various positive aspects. such as. Small communities might receive greater funding than larger communities with a greater demographic profile so they might be more well of than areas that really need the money. So how much funding does the government know to give out to each state and communities? Imagine how unfair it would be if the government randomly gave out funding to communities and state governments. schools and many more. It doesn’t matter what your citizenship status. the federal government gives out over 400 billion dollars in funding to state and local governments to improve communities in need. That is where the 2010 Census count comes in. hospitals. the federal government counts the number of people in each state to determine how much funding each state will receive and the number of seats each state have in the House of Representatives. The census is a tool used to analyze and count the number of people living in the United States. The form is quick and easy with only ten questions and everything on the form will be kept confidential. HmoobTeen Editor. It will be use in our advocacy efforts especially in dealing with poverty. The census form comes in multiple languages including Hmong. Thai and more. public education or support services.2010 Census Be Counted & Better Our Community By Ka Zoua Vang. including other federal agencies and law enforcement entities. The data that Hmong families fill out in the census will be use to provide a better public understanding of the demographic characteristics of Hmong families. In the Hmong community. roads. The Census Bureau cannot share respondents’ answers with anyone. The first step to get our voices heard will be to take part in the 2010 Census. Wouldn’t it be great if we were able to continue building and providing an affirmative community for our future Hmong generation? Replying to the 2010 Census will not hurt. more than 130 million households across the nation will receive a census form. Laotian. Taking part in the 2010 census is easy! In March 2010. Make sure your parents fill out the form and send it back! .

but all along he wanted to be a writer. What makes you want to become a writer/reporter? What got you started? I chose journalism because it allows me to write nearly every day.com Spring 2010 HMoobTEEn / 7 . but we can still learn a lot from everything we accomplish. my journalism friends from college and my coworkers have the biggest impact on me. As a child he had many career aspirations. What advice would you share for anyone? Don’t be afraid to try all kinds of different activities. Who was the biggest influence in your career? In terms of getting me started on this path. even if you think you might not be great at them. Andover. You can read Chao’s articles at www.the largest newspaper in Minnesota. because they inspire me to work harder and challenge myself to be the best reporter I can be. I would say my parents.Chao Xiong By Blong Vang. We also watched the news a lot. There are so many untold stories out there and so many different people or populations who are ignored or marginalized. etc. Especially someone like Chao who really knows his stuff! Chao Xiong was born and raised in Des Moines. HmoobTeen Editor. Presently. Iowa but now lives in the Twin Cities. and joined the high school paper. and because it allows me to help other people tell their stories. We aren’t meant to succeed at everything we try. I went to college for journalism. He is a general assignment reporter for the Star Tribune .startribune. I got started by reading and writing a lot as a child. pursue it and believe in yourself. It is always great for us to learn about how our role models got their start and what they have learned along the way. because they were very focused on my education and were insistent that I learn to read before I started kindergarten. Journalism can help reveal truths about our communities that the general public might not seek out on their own. worked on the student newspaper and interned at professional newspapers during my summer breaks. hobbies. MN Adult Role Model Chao Xiong has been a great friend and role model to the HmoobTeen Editors but also a great inspiration for young Hmong journalists. What’s the best part about your job? The best part of my job is meeting people from all walks of life and helping their voices get heard. zoo keeper. Growing up he wanted to be an artist. 19. When you find something you love. cartoonist and many others.

“When my sister Nalee won the title of Miss Hmong Minnesota 2005. MN any of us believe that we are leaders and sometimes even the majority of us believe that we can lead if we are granted an audience. natural born leaders. Stacy’s music and her success not only encourages me to be a better person but her actions carry her sincerity with each person she’s in contact with. Stacy’s last advice to the youth in the Hmong community and the world is. He not only supports his children but helps guide us in a way that we can all agree upon. potential business and law student. Through her successes. “No matter what you do in life. Stacy Dib Xiong is a fellow colleague and friend of mine who fits the title. This is a sign of a true leader and I am proud to say that I am one of her greatest supporters. The day after Stacy beat me in a singing competition. Not only is she an intelligent person with dreams but she is persistent enough to achieve lots of what she has wished for and continues to dream for more. She is a person who carried herself with great manners and maturity. she inspires me to reach for the stars. 8 / HMoobTEEn Spring 2010 A Natural Born Leader M At the age of 18. Her passion to be a good Hmong daughter has led her to be able to write and speak fluent Hmong.” . She released an album and toured the country performing for audiences big or small. she invited me on stage to perform the national anthem. People have said she is trying too much to live the lifestyle of a typical American and forgetting her roots but what many aren’t aware that Stacy loves her culture and has taken her time not to forget it. She also had success as a singer. Saint Paul. Even though at times it may be hard for him to be patience with his teenage children. it is wonderful to follow your dreams but remember to take advantage of educational opportunities so that one day you can have a secondary plan. where she led over 1. “My father has always been the most influential person in my life. She said.Check Nws Out! StacyDibXiong By Nhia Lee. Secondly. but a successful Hmong woman at such a young age. she became my idol and influenced me to be a great person and reach for the impossible.800 members out of 50. I have shaped my life positively and been able to be optimistic about the future. So it is no surprise her greatest influences growing up are her father and elder sister. Not only is she a singing competition veteran. Because I looked to her.” She continued. Stacy is already in her junior year and will be graduating in the class of 2011. Along with her educational successes. who are capable of leading especially in times of dire need.” To me. Stacy was elected president of Business Professionals of America. Stacy has been the ideal leader that I have always wanted to be. do you start to feel frighten and realized that what you had believed was actually false? The real world needs real leaders. he has rightfully done his duty to help us and encourage us. But when you’re in the midst of approaching an audience. a national organization. 18. Nalee. HmoobTeen Editor.000. remember where you came from and understand your foundation or who you are. while many of us are starting our first year in college. She has pushed herself to keep the rich culture within her blood by learning Hmong poetry (kwv txhiaj).

and you should! So I submitted my information and was surprised at the results. Pajai: I didn’t think I would win because I just joined for fun. play. Kungshen Max Thao and Pajai Vang both beat out the competition. I’m athletic and outgoing in whatever I’m doing. 816 teens from across the country voted for this year’s hottest guy and girl in our annual ELIMIFACE contest. I never go out cause of my parents. I didn’t think I would have won. With 345 votes between the two Saint Paul natives. In winter and fall. the reason I entered the ELIMIFACE contest was because a friend recommended me to. I was unsure if I was handsome enough to win though. I had a short question and answer session with them. I was flattered when I was told. I was so happy [when I found out]! Kelly: What do you like to do in yoru spare time? Kungshen: Depending on what season it is. Kelly: What made you enter the contest and why? Kungshen: Well. Congratulations to our winners and thank you to everyone who voted! To learn more about them. Spring 2010 HMoobTEEn / 9 . I am just a regular guy.my two favorite sports. singing. and joke too. I used to poems but I don’t write poems that much no more. Pajai: I joined becaused I was bored and stuff. in the spring and summer. Kelly: Who do you feel winning eLimifaCe? Kungshen: I was surprised and shocked at the fact actually. I run on an indoor track at school and lift weights. I play tennis and soccer. and hanging-out with my family. When I checked my email and saw the results during class. Pajai: I use the internet a lot.At the 2009-2010 Hmong Minnesota New Year celebration. I never want to be bored. I have fun with friends. “You are handsome. Basically on my spare time I just love to be active. And I thought it would be fun doing it. laugh. I like to write about my life and problems. I love drawing. I could not believe I was going to be featured in HmoobTeen Magazine. I told my friend right away.

17. It is also used in kwv txhiaj as well. They are told during storytelling.kind of like volleyball. but we should ask our Elders about them. cannot interpret it as well as the Elders. MN . first of all. It is fun and very challenging and way different from English riddles. but only using your legs and the ball is made of bamboo) and blowing the qeej (Hmong instrument) fit in that category. Hmong males loved to court the Hmong females with mysterious sayings that steal their hearts. Here is one that is common: Tsis zas los liab (Although we don’t dye it. HmoobTeen Editor. The new generation. yet it is sharp) Yog dabtsi? (What is it?) The answer is in the background. Yang.Knowing Your Hmong Have you ever asked yourself why txhiaj txhais exists? Well. it wasn’t enough so the Elders began telling txhiaj txhais. it is red) Tsis hliav los ntse (We don’t sharpen it. It all began back in the days when Hmong people mostly gardened. funerals. new years. and certain gatherings. cook and clean. nowadays. They had many activities they were interested in as well. However. txhiaj txhais are riddles in the Hmong language using mostly figurative language. Hmoob Word Search: Food txiv tsawb = banana txiv nkaus taw = mango xyoob = bamboo tauj dub = lemon grass qhav = ginger ntsev = salt txiv lws sauv = tomatoes txiv laum huab xub = peanuts qej = garlic taub = pumpkin dib liab = watermelon taum = bean dib = cucumber kua txob = chilli pepper 10 / HMoobTEEn Spring 2010 Txhiaj Txhais By Kelly Z. It is used to give messages in a logical way. Minneapolis. Taujlub (Hmong tops) and kawbtawb (Kato.

us being girls and not being able to visit each other very often. the recession is teaching teenagers. quit my job to focus on school because I believe that instead of working now. “How about dinner or pho later on tonight?” “Oh. Since then she’s been living off unemployment compensation. They complain that they have so much other things to do. and getting my seven bucks per hour. deciphering the differences between what we want and what we need. or money to hang out as much as we used to. “Hey. we are using our time on things that matter. he T ew y N lit ga ru F B dy X y San iong. doing stuff instead of just worrying about time and money?” I believe that we would like to hang out more often than just sitting around and contemplating what we could possibly do without breaking the bank. I start to anticipate the weekend to come. Ma MN Spring 2010 HMoobTEEn / 11 . but I suppose it was more because we couldn’t afford to go out and have fun than it was that we no longer enjoyed each other’s company. and as the bell rings. we are striving to do better in school to combat the recession that is upon us. especially Hmong individuals. I can feel everyone’s enthusiasm die down. plewo 7. My mother was laid off last year. I used to think that my friends did not want to hang out because we suddenly got too boring.fter a long week. When I finally get home. so you wanna go watch Avatar?” I asked. Running down the flight of stairs. 1 od. Sorry. instead of just going out whenever we feel like it. I feel so limited and restricted in what I can do and what I couldn’t do in my social life. but with our parents down our throats about freely spending money as well. At the same time while supporting my family at the same time. After several failed A attempts at trying to get a group hangout. I gather my books and pens into my backpack and rush out the door before the teacher can assign us any more homework. “Were it not for the economy being the state that it is in. As I’m staring at the clock tick away at the minutes and seconds before the end of the school day. I believe that right now. I. I’ve been working diligently all week just for the weekend to arrive. it’s finally Friday. Hm een oobT Edito r. catch a movie. I’m excited to get home and enjoy myself before the next Monday rolls around. One of the most important lessons of all is that we are learning to prioritize our life in accordance with what is most important. I call up all my girls to hang out—to have dinner. or just to check out all the good looking guys at the mall. Even so. So I had asked myself. I’d rather sacrifice my work and sweat to be able to do something that will be meaningful to me in the future. “Nah. myself. However. As difficult as it is.” I offered a different option. or that they don’t have the time. what it means to be frugal and not just throw it around like it’s nothing. effort. I gotta work today. as I’m calling each person up. everyone just bails out on each other. Instead. I’m trying to save up for prom…” It starts to frustrate me that no one wants to hang out anymore. would we be going out more.

I am afraid of what I will grow up to be. We knew she felt as if she failed as a wife and a mother. One cannot force one to believe in something they don’t believe in. I choose to believe that he’s not in love with another family. but now everything does. you don’t notice it until you’re in too deep. yet just wanted some time to be alone and free his mind. but I believe that even though I am in the rocks. I sat there thinking. Saint Paul. the broken bonds from the people you cared so dearly for.” My point to this is that. Maplewood. But I didn’t and I’m not. Not knowing how to respond back. It’s much more complicated when you have to think about everything: my parents’ divorce. Nothing mattered then. the way your faith can be broken. “It’s okay mom. the person you are persuading believes in hope. but it will be easier after the fall. Everything Will be Alright By Anonymous I listened to my mom sang her heart out for hours. 16. tired of always wondering what I believe in. I open my backpack that consisted of undone papers. Sometimes when my friends ask me about my parents’ divorce. I let go of what I really wanted because I was afraid of the way they would make me feel. I am much like my mom whereas I don’t want to believe that my dad is in Thailand with some other woman. Although you may try and succeed once in awhile. I can survive by continuing to believe in myself and the few who actually think I will get where I want. For months my mom didn’t believe us. we just said. Not wanting to be brought back with the memories of the man that I once cared for so much and now feel unsure if he’s still the one I care for. As it spilled out and piled upon my lap. She punished us for not telling her about the money grams that were sent every week and for not telling her about the phone bills that ran up the roof. HmoobTeen Editor. Here I am today. And I’m glad to say that I am tired of feeling this way. I pushed it all away. broken. By Jennifer Lor. and the way you may foresee a broken future. and always giving into the stereotypes. I feel insecure because I break down to such easy things. By letting things fall into place. as if she became a new person in just a day’s work. I told them the simple things and they shrugged it off. She didn’t want to believe that my dad was in love with another woman. we all stood in the living room speechless. it was even more painful when you hear about your dad and his the love that is no longer with you. I watched her walk into her room with teary eyes. hoping that I’d get over these things. Still. For months we tried to make my mom believe my dad was having a secret love affair. I can find myself in the right direction and forgive the things that have built me up and broken me down. I can believe. As the music from the speakers filled the room with sound. and yet I just sat there thinking. 12 / HMoobTEEn Spring 2010 . everything will be alright. It’s been a year and I’m still bottling up these emotions. I lost the bubble that could never be broken. When her door opened up. I started to work not wanting to stop. She was mad. It’s Okay Mom. I will live through the confusion of fears because my heart is still alive and breathing. when it comes to love. my heart told me. MN Not knowing what to do. It was not until the day he left for Thailand. but not as mad as she was sad. I choose to believe that my dad will come back home and be with the family again. lost. 14. We tried to comfort her but being the kids. confused and trying hard to move on. she realized that we were telling her the truth all along. Although we already knew. I kept all of my feelings inside. She started to cook as if her sorrow has been washed away. my last break-up or problems with my friends.What I Believe Believing From the Heart January 16. My uncle in Thailand called and told my mom everything about my dad and his secret life across the sea. It will be hard. The divorce and a broken friendship have dug into my emotions and sucked out the belief I once had in me. you cannot make someone believe in the words you speak. 2010 Sometimes I wish I was five again. saying that I didn’t care. The way it breaks you down is invisible. Yet I know its true. just as long as I start now. MN Artwork by Dara Lee. I believe that one cannot force one to believe what they don’t believe in. Today is the day it ends. I tasted the sad tears that fell down while she slept. I did care. I can see my future and I am strong enough to believe in myself and refuse the opinions of those who let me down. My mom put her anger on my siblings and I in the first few days. what could I do? I felt the breaking pain that runs deep in my mom’s soul. but first I have to believe in myself. The days will start shining brighter because the sun is nearby. she came out of the room and walked straight into the kitchen. one can only try and fail. I choose not to believe it. It doesn’t matter where I start. but one can believe in what they believe in.when everything I knew.

I am Hmong and my culture is Hmong so my religion is too. Like a tree that has branches. Not only that. We all have one heart and all the same emotions. and He understands you. Also that you will become who you were meant to be to save others. Open your heart and you will see by feeling. you will see that we are actually all one. Fear no longer exist. You are no longer alone. All people don’t have the same religion or culture. We cannot see music but we can hear it and it fills our hearts. Saint Paul. but your religion. Stand tall together and not alone. You are not alone. When the people in my family are sick. we have to find a shaman to heal the sickness. intelligence. Don’t try to make fun of it because it’s really important. But culture is important and so is religion. 13. then it will cause problem. If you feel like life is pointless. Saint Paul. Religion and Faith By Bao Vang. remember your breath because you are still here and there is a purpose for your existence. Religion is not funny and it’s not for fun. We cannot see other people’s love for us because we don’t want to see. You have to trust your own religion. Because that’s what we do. If it is hard for you to believe then just open your heart and look around you. 13.“ What I Believe YOU ARE NOT ALONE By Paching Yang. don’t lose hope. He knows everything about you. Don’t be sad or scare anymore. without branches we cannot stand against the wind. You will soon find that God is around you and within you. He is constantly watching over you. hope. Saint Paul. Remember that you are not alone. everything that you are going through. MN If you are lost and afraid. You cannot talk or make fun of religion. and friend- ship exists? Why does certain people enter our lives and why does some walk out? Why do we experience certain accomplishments and failures? Why did that person we neglected became a necessary friend in our future? How does forgiveness heal so many hearts? It is because He is taking care of you and teaching you. Because where did we all come from? Why do we have thoughts and emotions? Why does love. We do not see God’s love because we are selfish. MN All people they have their own religion because of their culture. might be different. There is someone out there who created everything in this world and who loves you. Religion is important because in my religion if we do something wrong. MN Spring 2010 HMoobTEEn / 13 . He is going to help you. Artwork by Choua Thao. because you’re not the same as my culture or you have your own culture. If you stop to look around. We just need to embrace one another and stop hating because actually no one is perfect. There is something for you to believe in.

I learn from it and I grow stronger. Saint Joseph. unintentionally. The atrocity of our relationship always angered me. always brought my guilty hands to cover up my un-audacious tears.What I Believe I BELIEVE THAT ALL WARS COME TO AN END I By Kia Lor. Over time he’s taught me a lot of things. . Each time I won or lost a fight. 18. and I hope I’ve done the same for him. For some reason we just could not see eye to eye. I’d record the aftermath with puddles of water dripping upon it. After a great deal of pain a slight sense freedom. MN used to fight with my younger brother all the time. happiness and peace enters my naïve heart and I grow.

I’ve won and lost this war. we learn to forget and forgive. especially when I have no allies.14 years old World War Ten Million had just ended after the tsunami ripped my eyes apart because Hitler Jr. has no allies too. He asked me why. I’ve lost faith in him. He’s always against me. the tranquility of the words we never had the guts to say to each other. The past war was about whether I give him five dollars or my big mirror. higher. but I never give in because I know I’m strong. This is the end. I’ve been mad but held it all in. I was too mad about my life. Unlike him. neither fair nor square. had cut my finger with a knife (by accident). he wanted a reason why I hated him so much. I was mad at who he’s turned out to be. equally mad. He’s so evil! Every time there’s a war between the two of us.I’ve lost a little brother who used to go to school with me. I reflect on the gallons of tears I’ve shed for these wars. I have disappointment on my side.18 years old. Perhaps this is the change that I’ve been seeking all this time. the war is over. It gave me time to see from afar the stillness of the ocean that we used to fight on. I always have to physically fight my way out of the situation. my family and myself. But I was too mad to say anything. drug addict. in my life. I won this war. The wars always start out with him wanting to prove me wrong. I get so tired. We physically fought. Perhaps I just got tired of fighting knowing neither of us would ever win. but he purposely does it. As much as the tension is still there.16 years old It has been a long time since Hitler Jr. for piercing his ear. no more grudges. Perhaps he’s older now. meaning that I got him kicked out of my room. no one wants to team up with him.World War Ten Million . I am mad at him for smoking. I still feel like the loser. This is the end of this long weary war that led me to become a better me. but I feel terrible after every one of those wars. “Go to your room and think about it! Now leave me alone!!!” I screamed. but I’ve lost a sense of love. and all the devious things I’ve done for this war. incomplete endings that leave you wondering why it even started in the first place. too. He wants to prove to me so badly that I’m bribable. I hate him because I am mad at him. The thousand wounds and scars that I thought would never heal. Perhaps we finally outgrew these wars and without having to sign treaties. respect. or mercy for me? But since we’re siblings. for ditching school. and I. I’ve won. It doesn’t matter who called truce. I am disappointed in him. and for every other little things he’d done. equally strong. Hitler Jr. attacked but tonight World War Ten-Million-and-One striked. I’ve lost a little young brother who used to play doctor with me. I am willing to change these circumstances knowing that it’s for the best for both Hitler Jr. Like all wars in this world there is an end to all of it. I call for equality and I call for peace. This madness and anger had me build up a grudge against him. “You don’t need a reason! It’s doesn’t even matter to you!” I shouted. I always end up crying and looking like the fool even after have I won the battle. I had been mad about life these past few days. “Why huh? Why do you hate me so much?” he continuously asked me. I reflect on the peace of our war. To him it’s a joke. I guess being farther away from Hitler Jr. I don’t know if he feels guilty after each war. and the one before that was about whether I give him ten dollars or my room! He’s always trying to bribe me. wanna-be. I am letting it all go and metamorphosing into something much bigger. It’s usually about money. Hitler Jr. The fireball words that I’d aimed so harmfully. gave me time to find the calmness of our sibling relationship. There are more world wars. With Hitler Jr. we called for an end. he’s too evil. I know it. Spring 2010 HMoobTEEn / 15 . unresolved endings like sidewalks suddenly stopping or cliffs suddenly dropping. and brighter. I hate him because of who he’d turned out to be. who can’t tie his shoes fast enough when we’re already late for school. for always being gone. too mad at him to give him a reason why I hated him so much. in what I do or say. No more profanity. world wars are going to be endless. He knows I hate being bribed. I’ve lost someone who I has trusted so much.to be at peace. I’m prepared to be strong on the inside and out. I call for justice.000. I don’t know why I have to have such an evil little brother. the silence of the air we breathe as we yell angry words at each other. but with me. for dropping out of school. World War 1. Never once in my life had I ever thought a foolish. The endless terror and infinite fear of him wanting to attack. naïve. Then it ends with blood and tears. Why is my little brother so evil? Does he have any sympathy. but I guess when a volcano can’t hold in anymore it will erupt. I was mad. and we finally see how childish these wars had become so we unconsciously called truce. I’ve lost count the numbers of wars we’ve fought. it’s just plain stupidity and a waste of my time. but it’s approximately ten million. me-nyuamlaib would be my little brother. I was mad about my life.001 . World Wars Came to an End? . I was extremely mad at him. is going to hell for sure. Although I always end up winning.

should I take my time to learn to read and write in Hmong? Will it be crucial to my future? Will it benefit me in life? Will it make me feel more Hmong? Truthfully. I became envious of that simple fact. I was illiterate in Hmong and made a dire decision that one day I will learn how to read and write in Hmong. At seven years old. making it irrelevant to this article. MN I never learned how to read and write in Hmong.What I Believe i believe in not needing to Write and read in Hmong By Nhia Lee. Our history is passed through stories in the form of paj ntaub (flower cloth) and though many will say that the Hmong people did have an original form of written language. I would stare into the papers of Hispanic students and admire their abilities to write in Spanish to their friends and families. I have reasons. My parents and all the Hmong were unable to learn the language. There are times when I thought. this is a reflection of me as a Hmong teenager and the decision I have made based upon the historical facts about our culture. I have to honestly say that I began to feel the urge to finally have a goal. we made promises to ourselves as children to accomplish goals that we have set for ourselves. Paj ntaub has. The second reason is. like many Hmong students. I am still illiterate in Hmong. Throughout elementary. As it may come to no surprise. known as Romanized Popular Alphabet. were made to be sold to non-Hmong at markets. I strongly believe that the ability to speak Hmong is more important than the skills of reading and writing. the writing system we mainly use now. 18. It is a commercialize art form. I realized that my Vietnamese teacher was literate in Hmong. a language that was not her native-tongue. it has since cease since the exiled of many Hmong during the migration from China to Southeast Asia. 16 / HMoobTEEn Spring 2010 . therefore. since the 1950s. I believe that I do not need to know how to read and write in Hmong. Eighteen years have gone by and it comes as no surprise. Mine was no different than any other. more Christian faith Hmong teenagers are able to read and write in Hmong than those who are not. though it does not mean I do not have pride in my heritage. HmoobTeen Editor. First. Soon enough. This is the reason why I find it alarmingly unimportant for me to learn how to write or read in Hmong to prove to myself and others that I am Hmong. But I knew that I was not alone. Like many young people in the world. like myself. was created by a group of French missionaries along with Hmong advisers in the 1950s. Saint Paul.

I know that I am not alone because there are many out there who feel the same way. I would say that if you want to learn then you should try. “ i believe in being as Hmong as i Can be By Bao Xiong. both European? I do not think so. We have our own written language in which years ago we refused to accept it. growing up in the American school system taught in English made it a crucial factor in my inability to read or write in Hmong. I believe that the most important thing is to know how to speak Hmong first. Saint Paul. but you shouldn’t turn it down and see it as an unimportant attempt. write. I understand that now we’re in America and it’s hard for us to keep our language going because English is the dominate language here. I believe that I should know how to speak in my language because it’s one of the most important elements of any ethnic group. and know how to speak in Hmong. others will think that you don’t value your language. I feel as though I have only experienced one part of education. know the basics of your language. I am a good Hmong person who just happens to be illiterate in Hmong.What I Believe The third reason is. Am I just supposed to teach myself Hmong in a school with only two language courses. However. not doing drugs and joining gangs). Education is more than just at school. I find it quite embarrassing when one doesn’t know how to speak their native language. A Caucasian man who is literate in Hmong is not “more Hmong” than a kid who was born in a Hmong family and grew up from the moral values of our culture and the ethical paths of our people and Elders. read. What if you were asked to translate to a Hmong Elder for an non-Hmong? What happens if you turn down that person that you can’t do it because you don’t know how to speak Hmong? At least if you’re not proficient. They expect me to just be great without putting much effort in and giving me the confidence and support I need. The stories that we are told as young children sleeping next to our grandparents and the stories that we will tell our grandchildren one day truly mark on what Hmong is and what Hmong is defined. If you don’t know how to speak in your own language. being illiterate doesn’t make me less a proud son of theirs and certainly not less Hmong than others. You don’t have to do everything but value some of the things. Knowing how to read and write in Hmong is not a must. This also depends on how you were raised too. And in my defense. 17. hardly any of us know how because we’re not exposed to the real written language. HmoobTeen Editor. To truly understand a Hmong person. but you should consider it.I understand if you were not taught as a youngster. and write but to be able to fully appreciate your culture for the beauty of its people and its work of art. As for writing and reading. However being literate in Hmong would make my parents proud. My parents didn’t offer me education at home because of their misinterpretation of the entire concept of education and only left it to the teachers. Spring 2010 HMoobTEEn / 17 .it needs to be continued at home. MN I believe that I should learn how to read. What I’m trying to elude here is the simple fact that because I listened to the rules of my parents and grandparents (for examples. I’m not saying that whatever you do is wrong. I do not feel as though I have to take my time to learn how to read and write in Hmong when I am fully capable of communicating verbally. I am a person with pride and I enjoy doing as much as I can do as who I am. you must truly be a part of our fascinating culture and experience the ways of our parents and the ways of our Elders and ancestors. and then read and write. These are not excuses but reasons I believe that Hmong is more than just being able to speak.

When I was younger. they asked me. You’re angry. Why was I the only girl at school that was truthful about my own unhappiness? I believe I am more an otaku (lover of all things anime) manga and RPG related. I would think. in anyway. Please make checks payable to Hmong American Partnership. manga. When material things are given and people are happy. MN 55106. I was labeled short-tempered. and often talked to me. No matter how many times I had told them that I was not. the only reason I was even in the counseling room was because people thought I was affected by my family situation. “Hey. 17. I was a very unhappy child. ___________________________________________ HmoobTeen can arrive at your home 5 times for just ___________________________________________ ___________________________________________ State Zip $10 ___________________________________________ Email Spring 2010 HMoobTEEn / 19 Phone .” “Now. I was put into anger management counseling at school once too. It was the first thing besides reading books that any teacher had seen me so passionate about. or RPG.” they would respond. people found it a rarity to see me smile. and many more things. I want to believe that it is the enjoyment that makes us happy.talking about them or otherwise. it is the fact that I can connect with others through these things. “No. not the possessions. My normal face that doesn’t smile scares them sometimes. I say that they are happy receiving it from the giver. because afterwards I just went with the flow of being an unhappy angry child who didn’t easily fit in. The only difference was that instead of starting problems. However. at anytime. exactly what was happiness? I honestly don’t believe that happiness is given by material things. Counselors made me squeeze stress balls periodically. I remember clearly. So.What I Believe Happin ss is Uni e ve rs al By Manee Thao. HmoobTeen Editor.given through feelings that give us enjoyment.” This happened when I was in the second grade. MN have slowly realized that happiness is universal. I sometimes blame them as the source of my childhood unhappiness and anger. like the saying goes. just admit it. Drop the act. “it’s the thought that counts”. HmoobTeen Don’t miss a single issue! YES! Name Address City I want to subscribe now and read my own copy of HmoobTeen wherever and whenever I want. or near an anime. Happiness is universal. Even though at my school I was known for my troubles. Thus. Send me 5 issues for just $10! Cut this box out & mail your check to HAP:1075 Arcade Street. you could say that they are happy because of it. I can hear I it in your voice.” “I said I’m not angry darnit!” I would easily become frustrated and impatient with their persistent implications. Happiness can’t be given through material things. However. no I’m not. I honestly didn’t see why I was also the only Hmong girl who was the problem child at school. anime. “I’m not angry. “Are you angry?” I answered. I am never as worse as the girls who talk behind each other’s backs in the bathroom. You can find it anywhere. It is nowadays that people find it strange when I don’t smile.even though I admit I am happy with games. It makes me nostalgic of the past. reading. You see why I would be unhappy and angry? I was accused of being angry in the first place. you’re only getting paid for the time not the work. Saint Paul. they still tried to put the idea in my head and make it true. Saint Paul. manga. In every visit.” “It’s okay to be angry. I’ll keep saying happiness is universal. rash and sometimes even a bully. my shorttemper seemed to subside so long as I was talking.

I kept telling myself. while myself miserable. after I had quit work for school. I had my fun. Most of my nights would end with myself sitting there in the darkest corner of my room reflecting on what I had done. I chose to keep my family happy. I can conclude that taking the high road in school is no easy task. I looked back and realized that happiness is only real when shared. I resolved to keep things simple. myself. Something as small as a minus sign tagged along to my “A” meant that I had been up to no good. Although I had kept myself happy for so long. Even though I was sacrificing the happiness of my parents and friends. while preparing for the future so that they can succeed.What I Believe Happiness Only Real When Shared By Sandy Xiong. He was spontaneous and his attitude was contagious. Where I was quiet and walked on the sidewalk. somewhere along the road. MN I’ve always been faced with two choicesone is always a decision of desire. you study. I could trek across the Alaskan frontier and return. It was tiring being the perfect student. they stopped calling me to come hang out. For example. he was loud and danced in the streets. And the boy who had inspired it all in the beginning. I’ve walked down both roads and neither are rather pretty sights. you take a break. Or so I tend to believe. didn’t want my life to revolve around their expectations. my parents noticed this change in my behavior and became infuriated by my actions. after my friends had snubbed me because I betrayed them for my coworkers. This I believe. MN Of course. was murderously angry at my parents for not understanding that I And you know what? I didn’t even regret it. he was the only person left to turn to. My friends were always there but I had always left them for my coworkers. It wasn’t long before it rubbed off onto me. I admired that and aspired to be like him. it was only recently that I broke this pattern. I was left alone. But after my parents had given up on me. I felt it was even pointless. I resolved to make decisions that I could cope with. it will all mean nothing if I have no one to share that happiness with. This can be seen as choosing happiness for now and ignoring the importance of school. because happiness is only real when shared. My family was always there but I treated them like a second option to me. it meant nothing in the end. and you study some more. I was keeping myself happy. This was because I no longer wished to conform to the beliefs of my parents and the belief of so many of my peers. as teenagers.playing pool afterwards. and in the end. Maplewood. while maintaining the happiness of my friends and family. Therefore. You study. bubbly. we are all faced with a decision that will be the result of where we are in ten years. I. Both decisions can make me happy. but one can make me even happier than the other one and the other one can make someone else even happier than me. Saint Paul. This has been my life for the last twelve years. 17. However. Where I stood back and watched things happen. So of course. “This is for my family.” And it was all because of this belief that I kept myself going for so long. I’ll have time to enjoy my life later. Before I knew it. Spring 2010 HMoobTEEn / 19 . when I’m older and wiser. The latter can be seen as choosing happiness for later. and unique individual myself. I would come back getting screamed at. He made me realize that I was conforming to these beliefs and being another voiceless face in the crowd. without having to feel miserable about it in the end. he made things happen. I would just feel alone because no one could relate to my selfish kind of happiness. I was ashamed to go back to them as a traitor. going to movies ‘til one in the morning. Even though I was always with my coworkers. but only I would know the feeling of how triumphant it is. Before I met him. someone started to question my way of life. I could choose to neglect my academics and enjoy my teen years or I can study and sacrifice the fun that I could have instead. At times. I’m not so sure. HmoobTeen Editor. the other a decision of necessity. I became an enthusiastic. but I was still getting my good grades too. I drove myself deeper into this other lifestyle. Sure. enthralled with my adventure. I did anything just to be able to avoid being at home. It made me realize no matter how much I’m going to want to broaden my horizons. I knew exactly where my life was going. Artwork by Jennifer Her. Therefore. It was insane the way they reacted. I spent late nights out with my coworkers. Everyone was just angry with me. once I quit work. Now.

You can make someone feel much more loved because they know they’re not in danger. Make sure that they do not give out their information to unknown people or pretend to be someone older of age. My sister didn’t know who or which friend he claimed to be. Today’s youths have become more active online and the controversy of it all is that they can all be the prey of an online predator. Every minute you are online.com account. Facebook. “Hey. . Little did she know that when she accepted a request or a message from an online buddy who was unknown. We were so shocked to find that such a thing could happen to our sister. Yet. They will lie to you and write nasty letters to you as someone else. stalked or even preyed? We will never know unless the victim seeks for justice and speaks out. At first. what’s up?” Soon enough. remind them of the danger and make sure they understand even if they are being stubborn. MN The World That Unravels After Doors Are Closed With internet websites becoming more popular by the minute. but mad at the same time that this had happened. it can be you. or MySpace. Many parents do not know what happens when their children log onto the internet behind closed doors. As an older sibling. My sister is the youngest in my family. It has developed a motivation for those of us who have no online experience to create profiles on websites like Asiantown. Make this a privilege and not only an option to boredom. We can shed shame on him and be upset. This is something we can control and it will only be easier when we all link hands to help each other. he asked her out for a date. It can be somebody just seeking for appreciation . Open up new activities to them and show them life beyond the computer screen. Saint Paul. With one small step in something too big to handle alone. It asked her. someone is being stalked or hurt online. 14. We were upset. Do what you can to keep your siblings safe and protected whether online or not. but it did. I didn’t think anything would happen. at the age of nine. Sit down and talk to them. limit your younger siblings to the number of hours they spend online. HmoobTeen Editor. She gave out her information and phone number without knowing that he was so old or someone else he had claimed to be. you can make a difference by advocating such things like this. My point is. just trying to get back at you for something that you did.where the age limit is thirteen.Unknown Internet Dangers By Jennifer Lor. A very small percentage of teenagers know their limits and know how to be safe online. He was like an ant that had crawled into the beads of sand and disappeared. But what about young children who are just starting to experiment with the online community and do fall into the traps of manipulation and false identity? What happens when the young children are hurt by another online. Nothing matters most but the abundance of great care towards your loved ones. It can be a young nine year old screaming for online publicity to fit in and to have older friends. It can be your friends bullying you online. On a random day. Block websites that are inappropriate for their age or keep a pass code for extra security. she has an Asiantown. an unknown phone number sent a text message directly for her. He didn’t reply to any of the things we sent him. That led to the discovery that he was 21 years old. It doesn’t hurt to love them because you bare the right to protect every one of them. it can be another who seek for his next naïve victim. 20 / HMoobTEEn Spring 2010 but we never found him and we never will. the internet community has slowly progressed into the new hang-out place of the modern world.

HmoobTeen Editor-In-Chief In the fall of 2009. can work productively and fruitfully. Visit www. In American society. acknowledge their problem. we automatically associate the term with people who are crazy. 1-866-379-6363 Spring 2010 HMoobTEEn / 21 . this is normal. Growing up in America. Generally. can cope with the normal stresses of life.org/kajsiab to learn more about the CD project and listen to the songs. This can severely impact the way they live their lives. mental health. untreated depression can lead to death. Mental health is a concern in the Hmong community. we are taught to put our family’s interest before ours. It is not something we talk about in our families and circle of friends. when someone hears the word. and is able to make a contribution to his or her community. they suffer from post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) or flash backs of the Vietnam War. It is important to learn about how your mental health affects your overall health so that you can take good care of your health. seek help. These are only two examples of the types of mental health concerns in our community. individualism is the norm but in the Hmong culture. youths are stressed out about meeting dual expectations as an American youth and as a Hmong youth at home. Pachia Vue (Health and Wellness Coordinator at Hmong American Partnership) and I interviewed Hmong mental health professionals on the state of mental health in our community.hmong.Public Health Column TaKe good Care of your menTaL HeaLTH By Sai Vang. The number one condition that affects everyone is depression in our community. The World Health Organization defines mental health as “a state of well-being in which the individual realizes his or her own abilities. Many people will suffer from mild depression but can come out because they have strong social support. Many youths suffer from depression as well but many more suffer from bicultural identity stress. Learn about it and prevent future conditions from occurring. Our Elders suffer especially with major depression due to social factors that impact the circumstances of their lives. There are many different levels of depression. What we found was alarming yet not surprising. and psychological factors. However. In May of 2010. a CD of songs from musicians across Minnesota will be released. For instance.” We will all be affected by mental concern in life at one point in time. this can make life in American difficult. The songs will help address the theme of mental health and we hope that everyone will take good care of their mental health. or are in good physical health. If you feel like someone is always chasing after you and trying to kill you or seeing so many dead bodies along their journey to safety. environment. Pachia and I have taken the information we’ve gathered and turned it into a music campaign to increase awareness of mental health in our community. There is no single known caused for depression rather it is a combination of genetic. These two conflicting ideas can lead many youths to depression if not treated. This is especially important when you are young.

and their leaders Those are the things I shouldn’t believe It is not the way I want to be It’s just not me Believe has a good meaning B.Be always who you want to be E. and Sold your soul to the devil But I re-focus my lens And accept the fact that you’re human Therefore you’re not perfect It’s because of your self-sacrifice That makes you beautiful inside and out And even sometimes when I am able to say I hate you I am not able to tell you I love you You don’t know how powerful of a person you are Because every word from your lips Has the ability to flip my whole world But I am not capable of telling you these words In person. MN If only you could read these words These alien. nose. Morganton. English alphabets Even if you were to read these words WaiTing on a moTHer The air between us have shifted as time flew by I was only nine when you decided it was time to say goodbye yearning for a mother waiting to recover fill this hole in my chest with dirt so I won’t suffer waiting for you to come back waiting for you to come back waiting.Everybody don’t expect you to be perfect So don’t give up In who you are For what you do By Kia Lor. ears. MN . eyes. just waiting in the dark searching for your hands to pull you back to me so I could feel know a mother’s love but reality is the dead can not come back 22 / HMoobTEEn Spring 2010 By Panhia Lee. 14. in our native Hmong tongue You cannot comprehend these alien. cheaters. NC The person in me Is what I believe What I have is just too hard to see I’m not evil I’m just acting normal I believe in me How I act is the way I am Don’t change me I’m not like that I don’t believe hate Those things are nothing but fake Liars.It’s how it will be E. Saint Joseph. 18.Vine is like your life it is all twisted up E. English alphabets If only I could tell you these words In person. pho.Even those who don’t believe V.Love will be hard to achieve I. and curry I would also tell you how much I detest you The way you seem to never care what about what I do My straight A’s that seem meaningless to you My scholarships that you’ll never know about The way you put yourself down and Hide behind invisible doors not knowing I can see everything The way you fence your dreams within his dreams Lock yourself inside your own prison.Evil is not the answer L. 18. in our native Hmong tongue I would tell you how much I admire Your strength as a woman I love your free-will. HmoobTeen Editor. Saint Paul. your open-mind Your willingness to dodge bullets And move mountains The scars on your pigment The pureness of your heart The beauty of your smile.Poems beLieve dear niam (mom) By Goaong Lee. and mouth The wisdom that ages with your white hair And he scent of steamed rice.

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16. MN 24 / HMoobTEEn Spring 2010 . MT By Manee Thao. HmoobTeen Editor.Comics By Yeej Moua. 17. Missoula. HmoobTeen Editor. Saint Paul.

Spring 2010 HMoobTEEn / 25 .

If The Sounders can have a concert anywhere in the world. the type of Hmoob music made for the younger generation are music that have modern sounds. we see the world in a different light. Should we expect The Sounders to have another album in the future? TT: Anything is possible. Though. and drummer Yosae Lo. I’ve interviewed lead singer Thai Thao. To welcome them back.Music By Yeej Moua. Comeback TT: We are looking toward one of the best year for The Sounders yet. MT usic allows a person to express themselves in various ways. HmoobTeen Editor. Just recently The Sounders released their new album Kuv Hlub Koj. and Vim Koj Daim Duab just to name a few. where would it be? TT: I think we would want to have a concert somewhere in Southeast Asia. what does the band do together? TT: Before the band we were all just really good friends. They are by far some of the best music videos that we have made. But the inspiration for this album is of course our fans and life itself. For example. there are Hmoob music for the older and younger generations today. 1000 miles. etc. and Daj Dee. But some of the ones that comes to mind are: Dua Rhe Nplooj Siab. Hmoob music allows teenagers to maintain our native language. Who comes up with the concept for your music videos? TT: A combination of ideas from our producers and the story of the music itself. They are also a band that both the young and the older generation enjoy listening to. guitarist Kwan Thao. What made you guys decide to come back with another album? Thai Thao (TT): Music has always been our passion. The Sounders is one of many bands that have been making music for the Hmoob community since the early 1990’s. 17. What are you looking forward to in 2010? . We just took a really long break 26 / HMoobTEEn Spring 2010 M to do [other] things in our personal lives but we have been planning for a very long time. Pais. Ib Zaug Ntxiv. today Hmoob music sounds like songs on mainstream pop radio stations. Pais. Rose. plots. Which track off Kub Hlub Koj did you guys enjoy writing the most? TT: The whole album! Each song has its uniqueness. Besides recording/writing music. Phim Nyub Vais. These songs use more rock and electronic sounds to back up their vocals. Hlub Xaus Li No. But the future is too far away to say. It would feel so much like “going home”. But the ones that come to mind the most are Kuv Hlub Koj. I found it very interesting and cool that they came out with yet another album that seems as successful as the previous album. But we’re very happy with the outcome of this album. bass guitarist Bee Thao. We have maintained that relationship until today. What was the inspiration behind Kub Hlub Koj? TT: As we get older. Missoula. For a couple of month we’d toss ideas back and for through email to producers in Thailand for locations. We’re a band that continues to strive to always be better than one day ago. The band consists of lead singer/guitarist Thai Thao. We do many things together. on keyboard Souk Chay Thao. I know that a couple of The Sounders albums are on ITunes. will Kub Hlub Koj be on there as well anytime soon? TT: Yes. To be specific. most definitely. Which songs do you guys perform most frequently when you have a concert? TT: We pretty much perform about 80% of our songs. Also looking for good health and a life full of success.

I was selected to be an assistant accountant for a program to help out the hmong in laos to prevent the Chinese government from digging out hmong graves. I’m really paranoid about being independent in life! I learned how to accept things the way they are. I used to hate everything that was different from me. JennIfer lySaythong I accomplished many things in 2009. Makin’ my high school transcript lookin’ good as ever. the project I did with my blackbird elements. kelly Z. yang ka Zoua Vang I graduated top ten in my class and survived the transition into college! I would definitely redo it if I had to. I was able to solve many teen conflicts. now I realized being different is interesting. tou Saiko lee and Justin Schell . I also accomplished a lot in school too and made my parents proud of me. as a peer mediator. I had two poems published.Matthew Saykao thao I actually conquered my fear of driving. all from my junior year! last but not least.we did it! bao XIong EDIToRS’ bIoS Spring 2010 HMoobTEEn / 27 . Meng yang I survived a week in the wilderness. if I understand it.

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