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Assure Lesson Plan

Let’s Meet the Group 1 Elements

Teacher: Zamri bin Zainal Abidin

Form: form 4 ( 4 Al- Farabi)

Subject: Chemistry Form 4

Length: 80 minutes

A Analyze Learner

-General Characteristic
• 35 students

• 20 females and 15 males

• Ages between 15-16 years old

• Ethnicities : Malays, Chinese, Indian and Siamese

• Religions: Islam, Christian, Buddha and Hindu.

- Specific entry competencies

• Student have Prior knowledge on periodic table and general assignment of

element in periodic table

• They also have the prior knowledge of general characteristic when descending the
group and the characteristic of element when across the group in periodic table.

- Learning styles

• Audio Visual

S State The Objective

At the end of the lesson student should be able to;

• List all Group 1 elements.

• State the general physical properties of lithium, sodium and potassium,
• Describe changes in the physical properties from lithium to potassium,
• List the chemical properties of lithium, sodium and potassium,
• Describe the similarities in chemical properties of lithium, sodium and potassium,
• Relate the chemical properties of Group 1 elements to their electron arrangements
• Describe changes in reactivity of Group 1 elements down the group.
• Predict physical and chemical properties of other elements in Group .
• State the safety precautions when handling Group 1 elements.

S Select instructional methods, media, and materials


• Individual Learning

• Group Learning

• Computer and Power Point


• Elements Group 1 PowerPoint Slide and some videos

U Utilize media and materials

-Preview materials
• Check computers to ensure that they are all working and have Microsoft
• Check the slide and make sure it working.

- Prepare materials
• Ensure that handouts are ready for distribute to the class.

- Prepare environment
• Ensure the room is clear of any unnecessary materials or distractions.

- Prepare learners
• Explain to the students what they will be doing and what is expected of them.

R Require learner participation

• Review the characteristic when descending the group in periodic table

• Each student must take note and pay attention during the presentation of the class.

• During the presentation student can ask if they are not understand.

• After the presentation of the slide, student will be ask for some quizzes.

E Evaluate and Revise

Student will evaluate based on the quizzes after slide and they need to revise the main
learning outcome in this lesson and also the additional question from the text book.

• What we have learned today?

• Answer the question on the text book ( page 54: Q5-Q10)