Kudler Fine Foods is doing exceedingly well beyond expectations. In order to strengthen the organization with additional man power to steer the organization further into better productivity and efficiencies we have our president s approval for recruiting the following five new positions will be needed to increase profits, create growth in the business, and increase customer satisfaction. Business Manager Marketing Director Administrative Assistant Catering Director First Level Manager. manager will plan, direct, and oversee

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Business manager is the first position needed. The business

the business at all locations. He will ensure all the rules and regulations of the company are enforced at all locations. He will review financial statements and other data to measure productivity. He will

set goals to improve customer retention, employee satisfaction, productivity, and profits. The business manager will provide thought leadership and forward direction for implementing polices and procedures to ensure a quality enterprise wide standard. Specific functional areas include quality systems, auditing of business units and vendors, document control, change management, configuration management, and software test validation. The manager will evaluate, analyze, and reports to management the status of the quality system and compliance, propose corrective action plans where appropriate. Maintains a safe work environment by ensuring that employees in area of responsibility are properly trained. Leads continuous improvement activities, Applies value engineering techniques to processes to assure that the essential functions are provided at minimum overall cost to the organization. Implements Statistical Process Control techniques and tools for continuous improvement and performs

and placement. He will also plan and implement customer relations through satisfaction surveys. The Marketing Director will design and implement a marketing plan. Another important responsibility will be to manage press development. The Marketing Director will also perform evaluations of the brands in the stores by the four Ps. designer and project manager. and manual data. The Administrative Assistant is next position needed. product. price. production and distribution of all marketing and publicity materials (posters. brochures etc) with director. schedule the following duties: filing and organizing electronic . As the company expands into different locations. flyers. promotion. mail outs. Requirements: Bachelor s Degree. program. at a minimum 15 + years experience in Business Management Ability to accurately communicate the financial impacts of quality decisions and to direct implementation activities that yield profitability gains Practical knowledge and experience with IEEE. Co-ordinate the invitation of potential future promoters and supporters of the company. Marketing Director will manage advertising opportunities in all public places and high volume communities. CMMI standards Marketing Director is the next needed position. ISO.CAREER DEVELOPMENT PLAN SUMMARY 2 design of experiments in all areas of the software development life cycle to control and improve product & process quality and yields. Marketing Director will also organize the availability of company members for media/PR events as necessary and oversee content. development activities and special customer events. marketing is vital in our encroachment in the marketplace. This He will perform person will assist the Business Manager.

Determine focus of sales and monitor customer preferences. He will produce a catering service with a high level of customer satisfaction and quality food products.CAREER DEVELOPMENT PLAN SUMMARY 3 meetings and appointments for the Business Manager. Coordinate shipping and receiving operations. Motivates sales clerks to assist customer service Oversee regional and local sales Oversee service outlets for stores and direct international sales . He will provide training and direction to employees working in the catering service section. Coordinate activities involving sales of gourmet foods and direct them accordingly. The Catering Director is the fourth position. and monitor inventory on the shop floor on a frequent basis to make ensure that all the racks are well organized and stocked to provide excellent customer service. The focus of this position is to plan and implement a catering service. Report Structure: The first level manager will report to the Mid-Level Manager Excellent customer Satisfaction regarding sales and service.. Two of the company's main competition is Trader Joes and Whole Foods. Both of these company s provide catering service. and help balance accounting and recordkeeping. and work with company managers to verify consistence throughout the organization. Job Description for first-level manager The first-level manager will address customer concerns. Finalize the price schedules and discount rates Itemizes and reconcile accounts payable and receivable Coordinate and review activities in sales.

Membership in the association will reduce the cost of the training and give the employees the skills necessary to carry the company to the next level. diploma in food and nutrition Require 7 years working in specialized food services Give full attention to the needs of customers and employees. and word processing applications Seek out new learning tools and apply them to current position. targeted career development programs. 2009). The American Management Association specializes in the type of training needed. Training is the vehicle that will increase employee's skills. employees need to be informed about the need for an extensive training. . and the value of the training to them. Kudler needs to budget for the new positions and training. changes in manager performance appraisal and reward systems and HR policy and benefit to ensure full structural integration so that there will be no correlation between culture-group identity and job status. We could utilize education programs. As employees become more skillful. For a successful training program. the profits of the company increases. affirmative action programs. Knowledge of spreadsheet.It is also important to build up mentoring programs and one may provide company sponsored social events to improve the integration in informal networks to eliminate barriers to entry . Employees learn best by being involved and through hands-on experiences (Black. they become more confident and able to perform at a higher level. Training Program The success of a company depends in a large measure on the skills and knowledge of its employees.CAREER DEVELOPMENT PLAN SUMMARY 4 Qualifications Bachelor degree in business administration. When employees perform at high levels.

one should be able to acquire better chance on receiving benefit from diversity management. ." (UOP. minimize interpersonal conflict based on group-identity and backlash by dominant-group members. Upon making all information upfront to employees who will be serving the organization. provide training of diversity management. (Drucker. P. and build up focus groups to reduce inter-group conflict. research or bias reduction special task forces. To address cultural bias to eliminate discrimination and prejudice. The commonality between large and smaller companies is how staffing is an important detail to having a successful productive team on a grander scale. 2007) During any orientation and training process. one can provide equal opportunity seminars in the company. individuals are molded into being the best employees one can have representing a company. By utilizing those tools and skills discussed. 2007) The main goal of orientation and training is to have employees who have been properly trained which will result in "fewer turnovers." (UOP. more rapid growth. utilize bias reduction training. One may conduct regular survey and feedback mechanism. February 1997) Best Practices for Orientation and Training: Orientation is used for the purpose of "formally informing the employee's expectations and requirements to be successful. offer conflict management training. one has a better chance at employees being happy and remaining with the company for years to come.CAREER DEVELOPMENT PLAN SUMMARY 5 and participation. Larger companies have the advantage of using orienting as a legitimate investment while in smaller companies the money just might not be there. and improved profitability. higher productivity. One should also address organizational identification and makes it less correlation between identity group and levels of organization identification to reduce the gap between majority and minority group.

After the 45 day probation. If a member of the team is not motivated. it's important for the team to have open communication and try solving the problem.Difference between the two appraisal systems Difficulties of evaluating team performance Goals are the best option for evaluating employee and team performance.CAREER DEVELOPMENT PLAN SUMMARY 6 Methods for Evaluation Some employees or teams will not meet their goals. The goal of the team is to complete the task on time. This is a very difficult process. Managers will immediately remove any obstacles and provide any needed resources and training to help employees achieve their goals. The team manager will provide amble feedback on each team members performance (Casico. . the motivation and success process starts. If the goals are not met. the employee will be placed on a 45 day probation. It is very straight forward and clear process. however. obstacles will be discussed. 2005). With the employee's input. if the employee has not reached their goals. After the employee has been giving further tools to succeed. Team performance evaluation. the employee will be given an additional 30 days to reach their goals. they will be terminated. It's important for the success of the team to try and help each member be successful in completing their part of the task. Team motivations and expectations When the team sets goals. not to please every member. Managers will sit down and discuss with the employees the reasons for not reaching their goals. the best interest of the company has to paramount.

diversity is fixed. However. Some members of the team believe they should . there is no theoretical basis to predict that demographic diversity should directly affect team performance. Rivalry with other groups may have either a positive or a negative effect on team performance and may have a positive or negative effect on total performance across teams.CAREER DEVELOPMENT PLAN SUMMARY 7 Demographic Diversity vs. Group Functioning Effectiveness Although grouping people on the basis of ability can have synergistic effects on team performance. A manager must decide which arrangement best suits the goals of the organization. How individuals are assigned to teams cannot affect the total amount of diversity in the group as a whole. or at least may affect the team's propensity to carry out instructions to either compete or cooperate with another team Individual equity and how it impacts team performance It is important team members understand the focus should be on the team. It is a tradeoff. however. manager will take team cohesiveness into consideration. Diverse teams generally take longer to become cohesive and may require training and incentives to improve cohesiveness as Thompson & Gooler (1996) suggested. Almost inevitably. Staffing teams according to similarity in ability has the effect of reducing diversity within teams and increasing diversity between teams. Among a given group of individuals. Interactions between demographic diversity and task type. The challenge of diversity research is to determine "what difference does difference make?" Despite considerable research relating demographic diversity to various organizational outcomes reviewed by Milliken & Martens (1996). long-standing research on group cohesiveness by Griffin (2000) shows a positive relationship between group cohesiveness and inter-group conflict. not the individual members. may very well affect team performance. Individual equity is when members of the team feel they should be compensated more than another team member for performing the same task. it is quite interesting that the overall effect could be unclear. Diversity among team members may affect the team's ability to compete or cooperate with other teams.

Management needs to communicate to employees their inability to provide a comprehensive benefit plan. these benefits are very expensive. and stay with the company. Kudler Fine Foods is not in a financial position to provide an incentive and benefit package that employees value and deserve (2003 Strategic Plan).CAREER DEVELOPMENT PLAN SUMMARY 8 receive more compensation because they have more seniority or a higher position in the company. Incentives and benefits are very important to the employee. productive. challenging work. employees will be informed. The following are what motivate an employee to stay with a company: compensation. Each member must be given a task to perform. individual equity can be avoided and focus is kept on the team and not individual team members. Employees will receive a quarterly monetary bonus for each quarter they do not use any sick time(2003 Strategic Plan). . Furthermore. as profits increase. However. It is through a structured corporate pay scale. The assigned task should consider the members skills and strengthens. Individual employee responsibilities toward the team Incentive and benefit packages Employee incentive and benefits is an investment that can deliver big business returns. however. 2009). Employees who have good benefits are loyal. praise. Strategies to discourage social loafing Social loafing can be avoided by having a team leader that ensures the work of the team is divided between all members. and employee benefits (Leopold. Incentive and benefit plans help employers obtain the best employees who will produce profits. more benefits will be added to the package. the team leader needs to communicate to the team that all members of the team will be rated by each other. The company will pay 50% of a medical plan.

5. Long Term / Short Term Incentives: Eligibility and Type 6. and focus. Savings Program 8. Competitive Positioning: Percentile positioning and relationship to other jobs inside and outside our company based on skills. Labor Market Comparison: Appropriate companies and jobs 3.CAREER DEVELOPMENT PLAN SUMMARY 9 Compensation Plan The elements of our compensation plan at a high level are: 1. Support for Education Tuition reimbursements y 9. competencies. Health Care Coverage 7. 4. Objectives: Basic foundation of the plan  Legal and regulatory requirements Business and financial alignments Personnel objectives 2. Salary/Base Salary Determination/Variable Pay: Actual costs and how it will paid. Travel Perks y Discounts for local sightseeing and attraction .

y y y y y y Medical Appointment time Personal days Paid illness days Vacation days Paid Holidays Company Holidays 12. Adoption assistance Benefits for spouse and immediate family members. Support for families y y y y 11. Employee Referral awards. Long Term Care Plan y y .CAREER DEVELOPMENT PLAN SUMMARY 10 10. Disability Benefits Short / Long Term Disability y 14. Time Off Day care allowances and priority allotment in InterClean managed Day care facility. Life Insurance Benefits Dependant / Supplemental Life Insurance plans. Flexible Spending Accounts Dependent Care Spending Health Care Spending y y 13.

 3UHWD[FRPSDQ\PDWFKLQJFRQWULEXWLRQV 16. . Kudler Fine foods company is an equal opportunity employer and also promotes hard working employees to plan and attain the individual goal of each and every happy employee. Retirement Programs y y y )L[HG&RPSDQ\ 9DULDEOH&RPSDQ\ . Health and Wellness y y 5HLPEXUVHPHQWIRU)LWQHVVDQG+HDOWKFOXEV 6XUJHU\GLVFRXQWIRU/DVLN9LVLRQ&RUUHFWLRQ 18. Savings Program Employee Stock Options [ESOP] 17.CAREER DEVELOPMENT PLAN SUMMARY 11 y Accident Death and Dismemberment plan 15. Professional Body Memberships Conclusion By Kudler expanding and adding the five new positions. it will allow for the business to expand and reach its goals by allowing its employees to reach their goals.

. Financial Executive. San Francisco. (2009). Retrieved on November 12. Retrieved on November 11. 25(8).pdf. Competitive value of employee benefits. _Journal of _ Leadership & Organizational Studies. 184. Managing Human Resources. HRM/531 Management Web site: https://_ecampus. from GalePowerSearch database. Plan2003. R. Leopold. 56. 2009. (2009). Casico. W. from GalePowerSearch database. (205). (2009a).CAREER DEVELOPMENT PLAN SUMMARY 12 References Black. 2009. Measuring the outcomes of leadership development programs. Retrieved on November 12. California: McGraw-Hill Kudler Fine Foods 2003 Strategic Plan. 2009 from the University of Phoenix. 16(2).phoenix.

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