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Photo Contest Terms and Conditions

1. Who can participate
The contest is open to persons residing on St. Eustatius in the following age groups:
1. Ages 8 to 13
2. Ages 14 to 20
3. Ages 21 and older

2. Photo Contest Theme

Photographs should follow the Get Caught Reading theme: come up with the most unusual, inspiring,
secretive place or situation in which you would like to Get Caught Reading or to photograph somebody
else in a similar situation. Each photograph must have a suitable accompanying caption (who, what,

3. Submission of entries
Submissions may be a hard copy or a digital copy. Digital entries should be submitted via email to or saved on a labeled CD along with your name, email address, telephone
number. CDs and hard copies should be submitted to the public library.

Each photo has to have its own entry form. Submit one photograph only. Entry form and photograph
must be submitted at the same time.

4. Contest Deadline
Entries must be submitted before the deadline on Thursday March 24, 2011.

5. Photographer Copyright / Decency standards

Entries must be submitted by the original photographer. Do not submit photos taken by someone other
than you. Photographs that are obscene, offensive or in violation of community decency standards will
not be accepted. The library will take action if determined appropriate.

6. Photo Format and Modification

Photos may be black and white, sepia, color, landscape or portrait. Photographs must be in high
resolution and should be sent in as JPEG, TIF or DNG File. Only photos not obviously altered will be
accepted. Minor photo editing is acceptable.

7. Ownership/ User Rights

By submitting photos into the contest photographers agree that their photo may be published without
any fee or any other form of compensation by the public library. Names of the photographer and photo
subjects may be used in promotional materials of the public library. Photographs will be placed on
display in the public library.
8. Judging
Entries will be judged on the basis of relevance to the subject, creativity, and photographic quality. A
professional jury assigned by the public library will judge all entries. All decisions made by the jury are
final. Incomplete entries or entries that fail to comply with the contest terms and conditions will not be

9. Winners

Each age category will have one winner. The photographers of the winning photo selected by the jury
will receive a USD 50,- gift certificate.
All winners will be notified by phone or email according to the contact information provided on the
entry form.

The public announcement of the winning entries will be made by the jury on Friday April 1st, 2011. The
exact time will be announced on the library’s website: