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˜   Write a 3-4 page essay discussing one major theme as it relates to
works of literature read,
analyzed and discussed in class. Explore particular theme in depth by studying your notes and critically
thinking about the concepts presented in class. Once you have decided on a theme that will connect two short
stories, connect the theme to an outside text presented within any realm of popular culture. Some examples of
a text in popular culture might be: a painting, a billboard, a poem, a commercial, a song, a television show, a
CNN report or a movie. The main idea is to bring a text from the outside world into your analysis of a theme.

This paper will require you to spend time thinking about your topic. You are encouraged to be creative. First,
decide which themes/stories truly sparked an interest. Then, think about the world you live in. Before you
begin, here is a list of short stories we have read in class. Analyze the themes for each short story. Which
theme would you like to write about? How can you connect this theme to the outside world.?Remember, as an
author you have a purpose. Your purpose is to explore, analyze and connect a theme of literature to the world
you live in.
& & '  (   )(*+ ,--          

! by John Updike

  , by Kate Chopin

. &/  by Charlotte Perkins Gillman 0 c '/    by Ernest Hemingway

1    by JhumpaLahiri

2&  by Guy De Maupassant

 : Self discovery isclearly evident in the play !   by Sophocles and the novelSister Carrie by
Theodore Drieser. Both works of literature highlight the concept of discovering one self through social,
external and internal forces. Self discovery as a theme directly correlates with ´ Iron Jawed Angelsµ A film
directed byKatja vonGarnier, that eloquently highlights the multi-faceted character of Alice Paul who
exemplifies the need forself discovery in addition to social and political change. Antigone searches to become
free in the mind after suffering great oppression by external forces. Carrie learns to dig deep down inside her
internal conscious and become socially sufficient while Alice risks everything to change the hearts and minds
of the American people. Antigone, Carrie and Alice, discover one thing in common, the self that is buried deep
down inside just waiting to be free.


* MLA Format- Formal Heading, Quotes, In-text Citations, 12pt Font, TNR, Works Cited Page
* A Creative Title
* Attach an outline to this paper. I will not grade your paper without an outline.
* I will be using the same rubric from paper #1 to evaluate paper #2.



Thesis ² 2 Sentence Statement ² What is this paper going to discuss?

A) R   ² Make your first point ² This is the topic sentence. What will this
´ Concrete Example
´ Commentary ( your ideas based on the examples you provided)
´ Concrete Example ( quote)
´ Commentary
´ Etc.

B) R   - Make your second point (use transitions if necessary)

´ Concrete Example
´ Commentary
´ Examples
´ Commentary
´ Etc.

C) R   Same as Above ² Use Transitions

´ Concrete Example
´ Commentary
´ Examples
´ Commentary
´ Etc.

D) R  ! ² Same as Above

"  #$  ² Your analysis based on the ideas you presented in the paper

Wrap it up ² Conclusion ² RESTATE YOUR THESIS« Finalize MAIN POINTS


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