safety A hidden water heater element ensures there are no exposed hot surfaces. peace of mind Top service encompasses the after sales service provided by Electrolux to customers including Delivery.Electrolux Dishlex Electrolux Dishlex brings you a new beginning in domestic dishwashing. with more thoughtful products that make your life easier and more enjoyable. Flood protection is standard on all models. quick 30. Home Services and Spare Parts. including a semi integrated model with silver control panel (DX302ISJ) to merge seamlessly with existing cabinets and appliances. including eco. even when fully laden. . space to store large items For quick adjustment. sensor and delay start options. with a combination of overfill protection and an inlet hose cut off valve for complete peace of mind on DX403 only. easy clean Filters are easily removed and disassembled for easy cleaning and hidden water heater elements allow for a simple wipe clean of the dishwasher interior anytime. an easy lift mechanism is available on the upper basket (models DX403 & DX302 only). design Clean simple design makes the new Electrolux Dishlex range a style leader in dish care. The top basket height can be adjusted to accommodate large plates and platters in the lower basket. flexible wash programs There are up to 6 different wash programs to suit any kind of dishwashing requirements.

65 intense .cold water) water consumption (litres) rated cycle time (mins) noise level (dB) place settings last program memory pulse spray wash action wash levels load sensing turbidity sensing flood protection overfill flood protection wash programs rinse & hold quick 30 regular ECO regular .5 233 17 98 48 12 • • 4 • • 3. liability or damage of whatever kind arising as a result of reliance on such information.5 233 17 98 48 12 • • 4 • • stainless steel 45. safety inlet hose) 5 • • • • • 5 • • • • • - • 5 • • • • • - • 4 • • • • - •/• -/• -/• -/- • (easy lift) • • • 4 •/• • (easy lift) • • 2 -/• • (easy lift) • • 2 -/• • • • 2 -/• • • • fan assisted • stainless steel • • • 4 stage • • • • • active drying • silver • 4 stage • • • • • fan assisted • stainless steel • 4 stage • • residual • stainless steel • 4 stage • - *rated cycle is regular ECO †customised door panel not included The descriptors and illustrations in this publication apply to the specific products and models described as at the date of issue.5 233 17 98 48 12 • • 4 • - 2 398 22 79 51 12 3 - • (inc. Prospective purchasers should therefore check with their retailer to ensure this publication correctly describes the products that are being offered for sale.6 electronic •/- DX302ISJ stainless finish (controls) 43. Under our policy of continuous product development.2 rotary electro-mechanical •/• 3.1 • electronic •/† DX302SJ/WJ stainless steel / white 43.8 electronic •/• DX102SJ/WJ stainless steel / white 43.70 / pots sensor 50-65 wash options anti+bac / delay start baskets height adjustable cutlery dividers knife drawer long stem glass supports cup racks ball tipped / fold down tines other features program progress indicator wash time / mins till ready display self-diagnostics (service) drying system hidden heater element interior lining interior light polymer spray arms third spray arm filter type filters removable for cleaning child lockout • • • fan assisted • stainless steel • • • 4 stage • • • (easy lift) • • • 4 •/• •/• • (inc.5 233 17 98 48 12 • • 4 • - 3.Customise your door panel to match your cupboards DX403SJ colour / finish net weight (kg) semi integrated controls freestanding kit / mobile kit option performance energy star rating* energy consumption (kWh/y . All information supplied is to be used for general reference purposes only and is on the understanding that Electrolux Home Products Pty Ltd will not be liable for any loss. . safety inlet hose) 5 • • • • • • 3. product specifications may change without notice.6 electronic •/- DX403WB white 45. Colours of products illustrated are as close as printing limitations allow.

please visit your retailer. and will increase the height by 60mm and the depth by 85mm.electrolux. subject to the conditions set out in the warranty card accompanying the product when first purchased. call our customer care team on 1300 363 640. and one year for all mechanical models. our models have a wide range of adjustments to accommodate any fit-out.8m 1. Our dishwashers will therefore fit neatly under a standard benchtop. C=A-B+5mm. © Electrolux Home Products Pty Ltd ABN 51 004 762 341 For more information on the Electrolux Dishlex range of dishwashers. min Cold water supply 575 820 .60 5 575 . The method of installation is detailed in the ‘Installation instructions’ booklet supplied with the appliance. adjust the dishwasher to the right height for the space. the Electrolux Dishlex dishwashers featured in this brochure are free from defects in materials and workmanship for two years from the date of first purchase for all electronic models. *The mobile kits are not suitable for the DX403SB/WB or DX302ISJ.1 2. then follow the diagram at right. Connection Data Power Cord Length Inlet Hose Length Static Inlet Water Pressure (Cold ~ kPa) Electric Mains Supply (volts) Fuse (amps) Element Rating (kW) Total Rating (kW) Recommended water connection 865mm max. E=D-20mm. where E is the height of kickplate panel. Each kit contains all necessary Print code: EDDJ Date of issue: March 2006 . or visit our website www. Electrolux Home Products warrants that for domestic applications only.870 Underside of bench B Benchtop Cut outs for hoses and electrical cables 100 high x 75 deep 35 4 75 t of fron (to 35 A 595 C 52 5 5mm Bottom of existing cupboard doors 595 0 r) 57 doo D E INBUILT INSTALLATION (Refer to accessory kit details) BESIDE CUPBOARD INSTALLATION All Electrolux Dishlex models have been designed to fit perfectly into any kitchen.Semi integrated model DX302ISJ pictured Electrolux Dishlex dishwashers are equipped with all necessary hoses for ease of installation.3 cold Mobile & beside cupboard accessory kits For kitchens that can’t house a dishwasher under the bench.870 575 Inlet hose supplied 240V switched power outlet 820 . and can be obtained from your local Electrolux Dishlex dealer. or beside cupboard use with optional conversion kit DWKFS01. Loop drain hose and locate 10mm beneath benchtop Installation (Detail measurements in millimetres) Waste 600 .870 535 Drain hose supplied 820 . Warranty To work out the length of the integrated door. or reach up to a high benchtop. to top of dishwasher 1. Anti+Bac® and Dishlogic® are trademarks of Electrolux Home Products Pty Ltd. When built in. An Electrolux Dishlex dishwasher can be converted to mobile use with optional conversion kit DWKM05. a challenge Electrolux Dishlex rises where C is the length of the panel required.7m 50-970 230-240 10 2. (The height of the control panel is 107mm). there are also beside cupboard and mobile kits available*. There is no warranty for commercial applications.

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