FOR Submitted in partial fulfillment of the requirements for the degree of Post Graduate Diploma in Management (Marketing) By Dhananjay Kumar Mishra Under the guidance of Prof .Amol B.Khandagale A Study Conducted for Balan Foods Natural Pvt.Ltd.

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³To study the customer behavior for 1liter tetra pack juice in Delhi and NCR market´ is a bona-fide work

done under the guidance of Prof. Amole B. Khandagale Sir by Mr. Dhananjay kumar Mishra in the partial fulfillment of requirement for the award of PGDM (Marketing) at Sinhgad Institute of Management, Pune [SIOM].He has worked under our guidance and direction. His work is found to be satisfactory an complete in all respect.

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Dhananjay Kumar Mishra Herby declare that this project is record of authentic work carried out by me during the period of 1st of april to 31st may 2010 and had not been submitted to any other university or institute for the award of any degree/ diploma etc. Mr . PLACE : DHANANJAY MISHRA DATE : KUMAR .DECLARATION I.

which enable me to complete this work in short duration .ltd Delhi. I feel myself fortunate to have work under his guidance . faculty member for their help and suggestion whenever I needed. who have directly or indirectly help me throughout my project work. ltd. Delhi region. Dharamraj yadav sir (general manager north region) And MR. encouraging attitude and helping nature Which enable me to give proper shape to my present work I express my deep sense of gratitude and indebt ness to MR. B. valuable guidance and propitious from all member of Balan Natural pvt. indebt ness and regard to my venerable and highly esteem guide MR. Amol Khandagale for his kind support and valuable suggestion Date : Place: Dhananjay Kumar Mishra INDEX .He has been a constant source of inspiration throughout my work.ACKNOWLEDGEMENT I take this momentous opportunity to express my heartfelt gratitude. for his keen interest. sincerity and grateful acknowledge the immense help.Sashi Kant sir (Area sales manager). Persistent suggestion and vigilant supervision. I am also thankful to all those people who have help me directly and indirectly by various mean in completion of this dissertation work.Natural pvt. I also very thank full to my project guide Mr.Vipin sir for his vulnerable knowledge . encouragement given to me during my project work My head bows with due respect . I owe special thank to my dear friends .


culture and preferences and a marketer has to get use to these diverse characteristics of the market. We drink water with our meals but in the West one starts the day with breakfast and a glass of juice. Natural makes for a nutritious and refreshing drink. 500 crore industry will have to organize various promotional activities from time to time mainly to increase sampling and to educate the consumers about packaged fruit juice that it is as pure and nutritious as fresh juice which is perceived as fresh as it is extracted in their presence i. actual or assumed. price points of products. surely but slowly things are changing mainly in the urban and semi urban areas. We can observe this industry growing and new players entering the market. India is a market of diversity ± diverse with regards to incomes. When chilled the B. Ready to serve B. The companies in this Rs. If real fruit juices could be substituted for these synthetic preparations. which are being tetra packs and sold in large quantities throughout the country. Drinking juice is not a part of our culture.Natural juice is a beverage prepared from clarified Balan Natural food pvt. In recent times we have seen the entries of some international brands. . like Berr[Australia]. These two players command around 80% market share in the organised sector. The nutritive value of real fruit beverages is far greater than that of synthetic products. they are µReal¶ from Dabur and µTropicana¶ from PepsiCo. it would be a boon to the consumer as well as the fruit grower. There are two main brands in this segment of non.carbonated drink markets.ltd .e. where the population is getting more and more health conscious and are realizing the important nutrient values of fruit and are making them a part of their daily diet.Executive summary India is a tropical country and has accorded a favorable reception to thirst quenchers such as fruit juices and aerated drinks. Juice is to a great extent considered as a luxury not a necessity in our society.

Ballantyne [Australia], and Tipco [Thailand], with the intention to strengthen their hold in India and to grow with the market.


TITLE : ³A STUDY AND SURVEY REPORT ANALYSIS FOR BALAN NATURAL FOOD PVT. LTD.´ OBJECTIVES : Primary objective  To study the consumer behavior and product availability In target market  Enhancement of distribution channel  Analyzing competitors scheme and offer Secondary objectives 

Maximizing the sales of the product  Improve the service and resolve the problem on the specified route

The biggest assets of the company is the trust . Natural food pvt. . instead of survey of consumers who are very large in number. they are very much aware with the choice of The customer .With the customer than anyone else in the distribution chain.SCOPE OF THE PROJECT B.Despite the all these above mention fact it was average market share in Delhi region.Which it has created in the mind of the consumer. Thought this study one can analyze the consumer behavior for one liter tetra pack juice . natural can improve its market share by competing with its competitor. One of the growing company in India. Ltd. The entire study move around with the retailers who are more in contact . we can find out the need. want and demand of market or consumer from retailer who is fewer in number . This project also aim to improve the market share of balan natural juice by maximizing the sale of the product. B Natural juice capturing a large share of market in india.This Study also aims to identify the strength and weakness of other brand and how B.


and supplier of the following products in various flavours and attractive packs: B Natural Premium Mixed Fruit Juice Mougli Mixed Flavour Fruit Jelly B Natural Premium Pomegranate Juice B Natural Premium Apple Juice Miruna Juice Mougli Ice Tube B Natural Fruit Drink B Natural Premium Juice B Natural Premium Rose Lyche Juice Aamras Mango Drink from B Natural B Natural Nectar B Natural Premium OrangeMango Juice B Natural Premium Tomato Juice B Natural Premium Mango Juice B Natural Premium Pink with Alphonso Blends Guava Juice with Vitamin C B Natural Premium Orange Juice with Mosambi Fruit Cells . fit and active. accompanied by a busy lifestyle. Fruit B Natural Premium Tomato Juices. We are a reputed manufacturer. we find little time totake a good care of our health and diet.An Introduction With a rise in the standard of living. B Natural Premium Juice. B Natural Premium Mango Juices with Alphonso Blends. Balan Natural Food (P) Limited presents a range of theseproducts which are high on nutritional value. We are an importer of fresh fruits and vegetables from various countries. B Natural Premium Rose Lychee Juices. taste and value. Having received a remarkable response from around the world. etc. and supplier of a wide range of healthy and delectable fruit and vegetable juices. Using standard methods of processing and packaging. cereals and desserts. and yet cost effective. exporter. our products are high on nutrition. we bring a range of healthy and delicious juices which have attained a great popularity among our clients in both India and abroad. B Natural Premium Juices with Mosambi. the company plans to launch more and more new products which include ready-to-eat South Indian dishes and semi processed foods including breakfast dishes. exporter. The intake of fruit and vegetable juices keeps onehealthy. Made in extremely hygienic conditions. Mougli Mixed Flavour Fruit Jellies. company Product Collection Balan Natural Food (P) Limited is a reputed manufacturer. Our products in these categories include Miruna Juices. B Natural Premium Pink Guava with Vitamin C. Mougli Ice Tubes.

and we have a clean manufacturing facility which is well equipped with a host of advanced and sophisticated machinery for our purposes. Our Processes Our manufacturing processes are conducted under the most hygienic conditions. are exclusively imported from countries like Sweden. Only approved products that meet the stringent standards laid down by the relevant food authorities are sent for dispatch. . All the products are packed in air-tight packaging materials to restore their freshness. All the products are stored in a capacious warehouse with cold storage facility. All the products are manufactured under 100% clean and hygienic conditions.Quality Assurance Balan Natural Food (P) Limited ensures that the highest levels of quality are maintained throughout the manufacturing process. Each step of our processes undergoes strict checks at various levels. being supervised by our quality assurance team. Our speciality lies in our ability to deliver pure and natural juices in a wide variety of flavours with no artificial ingredients and are completely safe for consumption. The date of manufacturing as well as that of expiry are clearly mentioned on the pack so as to avoid any confusion. Many of our machines like Tetra Therm Aseptic Flex. the latest sterilizers. Our versatile packaging department makes use of the most standardized AA materials to give our product an attractive appeal as well as to keep the contents intact and safe. thereby enabling us to meet all forms of market demands in the most efficient manner.

Our Strengths y y y y y Well developed infrastructure for efficient processing A team of pro-active and qualified staff having years of experience A wide variety of products in different flavours with high nutritional value Quality checks in accordance with the national and international standards Constant research and innovation to produce better products. .


we are perfectly positioned to lead this revolution to deliver to the people a wide variety of products in varied flavors to eat.Company Profile A quality and customers oriented company prepares and exports natural. vegetables. develop and deliver savoury and salubrious fruit products using natural constituents such as fruits. purity and natural flavor is primarily responsible for making Beverages delicious. milk. which is . Aamras Pet Bottles. Our company. While preparing these Juice Nectars. Aamras 125 ML in Plastic Cup and Diabetics Control Juice (Kala Jamun). specious and air-conditioning warehouse. These food products are manufactured following international quality norms under the supervision of food and nutrition experts. At the present moment. fresh and high quality fruits under hygienic conditions. our nutrition specialists not only make it full of flavor but also health-friendly. We manufacture these Beverages under the brand name of Bnatural and Miruna Aamras. grains and spices. we store these fruit products only in highly sophisticated. Hence. Highly delicious food products are manufactured from natural ingredients without removing or changing their natural flavor and nutrition. Where We Store Freshness. Juice in 1 Litre Tetra Packs. Diabetics Care Juice is hygienically processed and packed. It is available in Nectar 200 ML Tetra Pack (in 6 tasty flavors). tasty and healthy. Our company BALAN NATURAL FOOD established in the year 2003 to develop and deliver Fresh Juice Packs across India. mouthwatering and pure Fruit Beverages in different flavors to satisfy customers in terms of taste and prices. in order to preserve purity and freshness of Fruit Beverages. drink and enjoy. Our range of Fruit Beverages is Nectars. We offer different kinds of Tetra Packs Juice that is extracted from pure. BALAN NATURAL FOOD undertakes the responsibility to innovate.

Stringent Quality Policy Every company of the world knows that quality is gateway of the growth. We are also having hi-tech machinery and modern equipments. Processing and Preparing Facilities We are located in Bangalore. Quality check-up is conducted under the supervision of food and nutrition experts to ensure total quality and satisfaction of the customers at affordable prices. which boosts transportation and other facility. Our company is wellarmed with hygienic facility and backed by those professionals who have sound educational background and good experienced in this sector. Some of the machines installed at our unit are: y Juice Extractors y Grinders y Pulping Machines y Sterilizers . which starts from obtaining various fruits and edible materials and continue till dispatching the products to customers.supervised and looked by well-educated and experienced storehouse in charges who have in-depth knowledge about it. at BALAN NATURAL FOOD. whole production process of fruit production is tested at every stage. which help us in catering bulk demands of the clients across the Asia. Realizing its importance.

Supplier 50% y y y Superior quality products Reasonable prices On-time deliveries No of Staff Production Type No of Engineers Monthly Production Capacity 300 Automatic. Importer . 500 ML 1000ML 1 LITRE CUPS 12 TETRA FLAVORS PACK 3 CUPS FLAVORS 1 LITRE 125ML NO OF CARTON 27 24 24 12 12 80 PIECE PER Business Type Export Percentage Primary Competitive Advantages Exporter . TYPE PF FLAVORS JUICE 6 NECTARS FLAVORS PET 2 BOTTLES FLAVORS PACKING QUANTITY TETRA PACK BOTTLES 200ML 330ML. Manufacturer .y Filling Machines What Food Products We Offer A wide range of food products prepared and exported by us is Fresh juices in. Semi automatic 10 As per requirement .


PRODUCT RANGE B Natural Premium Miruna Juice Mixed Fruit Juice Mougli Ice Tube Mougli Mixed Flavour B Natural Nectar Fruit Jelly B Natural Fruit Drink B Natural Premium B Natural Premium B Natural Premium Juice Pomegranate Juice Orange-Mango Juice B Natural Apple Juice Premium B Natural Tomato Juice Premium B Natural Premium Rose Lyche Juice B Natural Premium B Natural Premium Pink Aamras Mango Drink from Mango Juice with Guava Juice with Vitamin B Alphonso Blends C Natural .

B Natural Premium Orange Juice with Mosambi Fruit Cells Foods .

Common methods for preservation and processing of fruit juices include canning. pasteurization. such as high-fructose corn syrup. A blend of fruit juice(s) with other ingredients. evaporation and spray drying. For example. orange juice is the liquid extract of the fruit of the orange tree. but high-pulp fresh orange juice is a popular beverage. A juice or nectar including concentrate must state that it does. Juice is prepared by mechanically squeezing or macerating fresh fruits or vegetables flesh without the application of heat or solvents. as required by the Fruit Juices and Fruit Nectars (England) Regulations and the Fruit Juices & Fruit Nectars (Scotland) Regulations 2003. In the United Kingdom the name of a fruit or fruits followed by juice can only legally be used to describe a product which is 100% fruit juice. The term "juice drink" is not defined in the Regulations and can be used to describe any drink which includes juice. However a juice made by reconstituting concentrate can be called juice. freezing. In the USA fruit juice can only legally be used to describe a product which is 100% fruit juice. A product described as the "nectar" of a fruit must contain a minimum of juice between 25% and 50% for different fruitcakes. Comparable rules apply in all EU member states in their respective languages. Many commercial juices are filtered to remove fiber or pulp. however little. Juice may be prepared in the home from fresh fruits and vegetables using a variety of hand or electric juicers. is called a juice .FOODS Juice Juice is the liquid that is naturally contained in fruit or vegetable tissue.

however. Health effects Juices are often consumed for their perceived health benefits. Some carbonated beverages. the term "nectar" is generally accepted in the U. water. The high sugar content of fruit juices is often not realized²many fruit juices have a higher sugar . and in international trade for a diluted juice to denote a beverage that contains fruit juice or puree. contain fruit juice (such as Mountain Dew. with juice companies actively hiding the actual content.cocktail or juice drink.S. orange juice is rich in vitamin C. For example. potassium. sugar content is listed with other carbohydrates on labels in many countries. not described as fruit juice. Cranberry juice has long been known to help prevent or even treat bladder infections. folic acid. According to the Food and Drug Administration (FDA). "No added sugar" is commonly printed on labels. whereas nectar denotes a pure fruit or vegetable extract. and it is now known that a substance in cranberries prevents bacteria from binding to the bladder. but the products may contain large amounts of naturally occurring sugars.[9] Prune juice is associated with a digestive health benefit. In New Zealand and Australia particularly (and others) juice denotes a sweetened fruit extract. and which may contain artificial sweeteners. which contains orange juice). is an excellent source of bioavailable antioxidant phytochemicals[8] and significantly improves blood lipid profiles in people affected with hypercholesterolemia. Fruit juice labels may be misleading.

In a controlled clinical study. fruit juices are actually known for their ability to raise serum antioxidant capacity and even offset the oxidative stress and inflammation normally caused by high-fat and high-sugar meals. fruit juice intake has been consistently associated with reduced risk of many cancer types. the same thing cannot be attributed to fruit juices. On the contrary. The perception of fruit juice as equal in health benefit to fresh fruit has been questioned. The comparison is not very fair however. might be protective against stroke and delay the onset of Alzheimer's disease. an ingredient of many juice cocktails. High-fructose corn syrup.(fructose) content than sweetened soft drinks. e.g. Fruit juice in moderate amounts can help children and adults meet daily recommendations for fruit consumption.g. Indeed. but not in others. Fruit juice consumption overall in Europe. New Zealand and the USA has increased in recent years. but consumption of soft drink did. because while soft drinks (e. mainly because it lacks fiber and has often been highly processed.. High consumption of juice is also linked to weight gain in some studies. . Coca Cola) cause oxidative stress when ingested and may even lead to insulin resistance in the long term. regular consumption of grape juice for 12 weeks did not cause any weight gain in volunteers. Australia. nutrient intake and calories. typical grape juice has 50% more sugar than Coca Cola. probably due to public perception of juices as a healthy natural source of nutrients and increased public interest in health issues. has been linked to the increased incidence of type II diabetes.

Product profile .

of Product(s) Mango Juice with Alphonso Blend 1 Orange-Mango Juice 1 Pomegranate Juice 1 Rose Lychee Juice 1 Orange Juice with Mosambi Fruit Cell 1 Aamras 1 .Product Sample Product Category No.

Apple Juice 1 Jamun 1 Ice Tubes 1 Aamras Fruit Juice 1 Pineapple Juice 1 Premium Pink Gauva 1 Miruna Fruit Juice 1 Jelly 1 .

Nectar 1 Miruna Aamras 330 ml Pet 1 Bnatural Mixed Fruit 1 Litre Tetra Pack 1 Bnatural Amla 1 Litre Tetra Pack 1 Bnatural Brahmi 1 Litre Tetra Pack 1 .

B Natural Premium Orange-Mango Juice y y y The product is a unique blend of Indians favorite fruit Mango. It is also rich in Vitamin C. which buids immunity and helps the body to fight common illness.B' Natural Premium Mango Juice with Alphonso Blend y y y y Prepared form ripe and fresh mangoes of Totapuri and Alphonso varieties harvested from plantations around chit tor in Andhra Pradesh and Maharashtra B Natural's product development department had conducted studies spanning over one year among consumers and expert taste panels to make a perfect blend of the pulp that great. Mango is good for digestion and it will improve appetite B Natural premium mango does not contain any added preservatives. thirst quenching and refreshing B Natural Premium Mange is rich in carotene which is good for the health of the eyes. orange Orange-Mango developed by B Naturals food technologists through years of research to get the perfect blend It is very rich in vitamins that increases body ability to fight infections. and world's favorite. B Natural Premium Pomegranate Juice . nutritious.

preserve purity and freshness of juice. It has the characteristic Sweet and Taste Rich in polyphenols. which has revolutionized Beverages Packaging concept in India by launching fruits beverage in plastic cups. Miruna Aamras 125 ML Cup Well known company engaged in preparing and exporting best quality B Natural Aamras Packing Cup. Pomegranate Juice is a natural anti oxidant It is processed and packed without loosing its natural characteristics and without adding preservatives B Natural Premium Rose Lychee Juice y y y B Natural premium rose lychee is made from the famous naturally rose flavor lychees collected from India and Vietnam B Natural rose lychee is the best drink for beating the summer heat. It is naturally nutritious B Natural premium rose lychee does not contain any added preservatives B Natural Orange Juice with Mosambi Fruit Cells y y y B Natural orange juice is made from the fruits collected from the best orchards of Brazil. Carrying juice in plastic . Fresh Mosambi cell sacs are added to the juice that gives the most natural taste of freshly squeezed Orange juice. B Natural Orange juice does not contain any added preservatives.y y y Made from the freshly extracted Juices of the Ganesha and Arktha varieties grown in India.

* Juice extracted from sweet and sour varieties of Apple are blended to give its unique taste. flavour or other ingredients. It is tasty. produced through a unique process to retain colour. B' Natural Apple Juice y y y * B Natural is 100% Juice only.Ayurvedic text B' Natural Jamun Juice is natural. and available at very reasonable prices to ensure maximum satisfaction of the customers and delight for school children¶s. flavour and taste. Aamras Mango Drink from B' Natural y Refreshing and Thirst quenching Mango drink packed in 200 ml.cup is very convenient. * It is rich in phytonutrients which are capable of breaking down bad cholesterol. . PET bottle packaging is convenient to carry. 500 ml and 1000 ml. B' Natural Premium Jamun Juice y y "Jambu is considered to be one of the earlier remedies for diabetes" . It has no added sugar.

. B' Natural Premium Pink Guava with Vitamin "C" y * B' Natural Premium Pink guava is prepared from fresh pulp obtained from the famous Pink Guava of Bangalore. It is exclusively cultivated for B Natural at forms of Mekong Delta of Vietnam.Mougli Ice Tubes y Assorted Ice sticks that are available in a range of fruit flavours. Served frozen. B Natural Premium Juice y y * B' Natural Pineapple Juice is obtained from the world famous Queen Victoria variety. * B' Natural Pineapple does not contain any added preservatives. Mougli Ice Tubes are fun to eat and tasty for all times. The Juice is obtained from the fruit mechanically with minimum human handling under very hygienic conditions.

Miruna Juices come in 10 great flavours: * Pineapple * Orange * Grape * Apple * Orange & Carrot: A never-before MaxVitamin combination for more energy * Pink Guava * Lychee * Mango Mougli Mixed Flavour Fruit Jelly . * B' Natural premium Guava does not contain any added preservatives. Phosphorous and iron. A good supplement during breakfast or after any tiring work. Calcium. refreshing and energising. Miruna Fruit Juices An anytime. Miruna Juice drinks have all the freshness of natural fruits and are healthy.y y * B' Natural Premium Pink Guava is rich in dietary fiber. The dietary fiber is essential for good digestion and absorption of nutrients from the food. Vitamin C. Miruna Juices recharge the body instantly. anywhere drink made from fresh juices from Far East countries and Europe.

The Muskmelon Nectar is the first of its kind and is a natural coolant. It contains natural substances called SPF (Sun Protection Factor) that protect your skin from harmful UV rays. these nectors give instant energy and recharge the body . not to mention its great taste. B'Natural Nectars B' Natural's Nector is a double strength fruit juice prepared by adding fruit concentrates. anywhere drink that guarantees freshness and health. Mougli cup jelly is prepared from seaweed extracts.A peppy and fun-filled edible for children of all ages. It is an anytime. Prepared from coconut water. Available in a range of tasty international flavours. The Nectars are rich in proteins and calcium and is very high in nutritive value. sugar and many exciting flavours. It helps in digestion and aids absorption of nutrients into the body. It is also 100% cholesterol free. B' natural's Nectars come in 6 tasty flavours: * Muskmelon *Apple * Gauva * Pine Apple * Mango * Orange * Mixed Fruit B Natural 1 Litre Tetra Packs Our company prepares B Natural Premium Juice in 1 litre tetra packs. Bnatural juice are available in 12 varieties they are . Every cup has a chewy center which is the Nata De Coco. Nata De Coco is one of the best dietary fibers available.

TYPE PF JUICE FLAVORS PACKING NO OF QUANTITY PIECE PER CARTON 1LITRE 12 BNATURAL MANGO JUICE ORANGE JUICE GUAVA JUICE PINEAPPLE JUICE MIXED JUICE FRUIT TETRA PACK APPLE JUICE TOMATO JUICE KALA JUICE JAMUN LITCHI JUICE FRUIT JUICE VEG PREMIUM ORANGE JUICE ORANGE & MANGO JUICE Bnatural¶s juice is rich in vitamin C and A. calcium phosphorous and iron that is very effective for good digestion and absorption of nutrient from the food. Our Juice in Tetra Packs does not contain any added preservatives. Bnatural Juice contains dietary fiber. At our company. B Natural Premium Kala Jamun Juice . we prepare B Natural Juice from fresh pulp that is obtained from the quality fruits suppliers in Bangalore and Vietnam. Our company offers Juice in 1 litre Tetra Pack at very reasonable prices to ensure satisfaction of the customers. vitamin C.

NO OF PIECE QUANTITY PER CARTON 1LITRE 12 TYPE PF JUICE FLAVORS KALA JUICE PACKING JAMUN TETRA PACK BNATURAL Highly effective Diabetics control Juice is offered by us at very economical prices to satisfy the customers. We prepare pure Natural Jamun Juice without making any change in its natural flavors.Highly established and reputed company offers Jamun Juice. B Natural manufacture¶s Kala Jamun Juice for diabetic patients. which is considered as one of the earliest remedies for diabetes. We offer juice without adding extra flavors and colours. .


Research definition: Research is the process of systematic and in-depth study or search of any Particular topic. subject by complain. Research refers to a search of Knowledge. it is a scientific and systematic search for pertinent information on a specific topic  Its an art of Scientific investigation  Movement from Unknown to Known  Original contribution to the existing stock of knowledge making for Its advantage Meaning of Research: Research in common parlance refer to a search for knowledge. it may help the company . DATA COLLECTION: Data collection is the heart of all Marketing activities. In fact research in an act of scientific investigation. compilation and interpretation of Relevant detail or data.

The consumer is basically concerned if it is a fruit juice or synthetically constituted product. The real fruit drinks are based on natural fruit pulp or juice.there are two step for data Collection process.To take necessary decision and decide which strategy to apply for the target market . . Product segmentation. should be clearly delimited. therefore. PRIMARY COLLECTION :  By observation  By Interviews to retailers  DSR SECONDARY DATA :  Internet  Booklet Market Segmentation: There has been no general acceptance of the product forms in the fruit beverage market. The synthetic drinks are synthetic products with fruit or other flavors.and also data Collection from market may help company to take tactical decision . ‡ Under the fruit drinks the first segmentation is between real fruit drinks and synthetic drinks.

Outdoor use e. Real. on the basis of fruit pulp content. The market is at present also segmented on the basis of fruit pulp content.inhouse use. For the purpose of segmentation. etc. Fruit Nectar with pulp content between 40% to *0%. Tropicana. Tropicana. Life and X¶s come in this category. Fruit juicewith pulp content more than 80%. those traveling. Real. so the other segment could be those buying the drink or nectar for satisfying the thirst Another very broad segmentation can be on the type of situation in which the drink or nectar is used: People who are on the move i. . Second benefit is thirst quenching.e.‡ Broad taste preferences could be another way to define the market. Brands falling in this category are Onjus. on the basis of fruit pulp content. Fruit Drinks with pulp content less than 40%. Players very often choose one or more of such segmentations to differentiate their product and target market and accordingly plan their distribution and promotion patterns. Brands falling in this category are Onjus. For the purpose of segmentation.e.g. Frooti and Jumpin are the popular brands in this category. etc. market can be segmented as: Fruit juicewith pulp content more than 80%. ‡ Segmentation could also be on the basis of the benefits provided to the consumer: One benefit could be the nutrition content it gives to the consumer so one market could be the health-conscious segment. People who are using it on the breakfast table as a part of their menu i.

has greatly impacted the evolution of juice and juice-based drinks over the last few years Substitute: Fruit juice companies have to face a two level competition i. One can notice the population in the country mainly in the cities becoming more and more aware with regard to the nutritional aspect of life. the juice is processed and an additional nutritious trait is added to enhance its wholesome value e. Companies have found the best way to introduce exotics is in combination with familiar flavours.Market And needs: Consumers usually.carbonated category. This knowledge. and can afford to search out the trends. Companies working to bring a new food product to the market have two questions²does it taste good and will consumers buy it? Market Trends: Tropical fruits and flavours dominate the market. guanabana and carambola. vitamin C etc. 5% to 10% juice category. coupled with the consumer¶s desire for a healthier lifestyle. Smaller companies lead the way. strawberry. . are not going to accept something that doesn¶t taste good even if it is good for them or has certain benefits. The large companies tend to introduce prototypes that are pretty well. ‡ Soft Drinks (both carbonated and Non. Natural. While Cola.carbonated drinks. stating that it was a small company that took the risk and won. and has spread to other beverage categories as well as to other products like B. A flavour combination that began in the new age. lemon and oranges are carbonated drinks mango drinks come Non. etc. but usually are not the first to debut it.e. They are always interested in the next flavour trend. The µsip war¶ is comprised of the following players with respect to India. yet some consumers are still hesitant to try unknown exotic flavours like cherimoya. with additional calcium. as they are more willing to try exotic flavours even though the larger companies have a larger staff and budget.e. Fortified drinks are also gaining market i.carbonated soft drinks) Soft Drinks are divided into carbonated and Non.g.tested. on the first level with the substitutes and the then the players within the industry.

These drinks are also considered important from the health perspective. To co-ordinate the things properly with the distributors. It is mainly the distribution strategy that the companies are focusing upon. The distribution is mainly done through stockist. a part from dispensing pharmaceuticals products.) Just like fruit drinks Flavoured milk is also positioned on the health platform. and pulses.‡ Flavoured Milk (energy. unbranded commodities such as rice. as well as branded fast moving consumer goods (FMCGs) ‡ The general store stocks only branded. Companies are trying to project it as a fun drink with added flavours and innovative packaging. flour. The main assumption is that packs ensure quality delivery. N-Joy etc. The companies also have franchises that work as a separate entity. They compete in terms of low price as well as easy availability. ‡ Mineral Water Fruit drink sellers consider even mineral water as substitute to their offerings. Below the figure shows the many ways the companies in this industry are seen to be operating: The urban Indian retail sector has traditionally been structured around three small retail entities²the grocer. who further distribute to the retailers. ‡ Thegrocer stocks non packaged. the general store and the chemist. Some companies also have their C & F agents to give the product to the distributors. ‡ The chemist. sells branded . packaged FMCGs. ‡ Other products Milk by.products like buttermilk and lassi also serve as major substitutes. companies keep their own field force. Distribution patterns: Distribution network and reach are vital factors for success of the brands in the fruit beverage market.

FMCGs such as personal care products and health foods. ‡ Others: Bakeries and confectioners Fruit juice/ tea stall/ vending machines Ice-cream parlours. desist from encouraging retail consolidation. Electrical and hardware stores and Non-food boutiques. The small retailers form an integral part of the wide distribution network set up by the large FMCG companies. Marketers have also found that private/ store brands from supermarkets can prove to be a threat to their own brands and hence. He normally deals directly with wholesalers with whom he is able to negotiate rates. Retail consolidation (consolidation of buying power) among supermarket operators is unlikely to hurt small retailers simply because it will affect manufacturers directly. etc. . These retail outfits stock branded FMCGs that gel with their businesses. ‡ Departmental stores and supermarkets. who will not want to compromise on the distribution reach to offer large volumes to a few bigretailers. Supply chain integration does not quite matter in the case of the small retailer because of the small scale of his operations.

Market Analysis .

Natural. And generation now is as much inclined to sipping fruit juices as colas. 8% of the respondents stocked the brand at their homes. Packaged fruit juices are getting recognized as social drinks now. while the brand¶s trial stood at 11%. Up to 17% of the respondents were aware of Tropicana. health. the µawareness to trial. the juices and nectars have been concentrating on takeaways or in-home consumption with more choice coming in. Real. If the findings of a usage and attitude study conducted by market research agency India. Although fruit drinks focus strongly on out of home consumption. People have started to perceive fruit juices as anytime beverages. the new brands like µB. and Life¶ have focused on young adults and professionals. also. with dominant consumption being observed in the company of family and friends. ratio of PepsiCo¶s Tropicana juice brand has been rated the highest. Other parameters where Tropicana edged out competitors included taste. The results of the research can be briefly put as follows: ‡ Among packaged fruit beverages.Market Analysis Summary: One can sense an evolution that the industry has seen with development in the tetra. afternoons and evenings. with teenagers driving the maximum trials.pack market. the tetrapack market is likely to witness further segmentation. there also has been a natural progression from drinks to nectars to juices and while traditionally fruit drinks were aimed at children. purity and . with consumption being spread more or less evenly between the mid mornings.

45% consumed 200ml packs. ‡ Understandably therefore. followed by apple. ownership of assets and credit cards. his choices are in tune with international trends. ‡ The average Indian may have a legendary weakness for mango. the majority of whom rated these as aspirational. more trials are generated by Delhi ties than their counterparts in Mumbai.nutrition. according to the study. ‡ Other attributes of branded juice consumers include employment of domestic help. While 55% of the respondents consumed 1. than among Sec B consumers. ‡ Awareness levels are similar in both Mumbai and Delhi. Therefore it is orange juice that is the most preferred fruit juice flavour in India. but when it comes to preference of fruit-based juices. and health consciousness with 80% respondents going to aerobic classes or working out at gymnasiums. ‡ The findings indicate that most packaged juice drinking consumers travel abroad on holidays. Tropicana was also perceiver as µreasonably priced¶. which is due to the climatic conditions prevailing there with relations to the rest of the country. . ‡ The consumers are starting to perceive fruit juices at home. awareness and trial levels of packaged juices are higher within the Sec A category. sweet orange and mixed fruit.litre packs at home. The fruit beverage market has more acceptances in Northern and Western India.


in % of availability of the product and its competitor . if product may not available in market than promotion or other strategies will not work .so here we can show some light on the area of Delhi and NCR region.BRANDS OF JUICE RETAILER DEALS WITH: As we know that in FMCG product market service as well as availability can play very important role in selling prospect .

COMETITOR BRANDS OF JUICE IN DELHI AND NCR MARKET IN % BY SALE 40 35 30 25 20 15 10 5 0 TROPICANA REAL B NATURAL OTHERS COMETITOR BRANDS OF JUICE IN DELHI AND NCR MARKET IN % y y As per graph the top competitor of B Natural¶s juice are Tropicana and real has the more sale than the B natural juice. B Natural juice are on 3rd rank by sales and availability NORTH DELHI Total big bazaar observed: 3 BRAND OF THE JUICE SALES OF THE JUICE A WEEK TROPICANA 350 REAL 380 B NATURAL 280 OTHERS 100 GRAPHICAL REPRESENTATION: .

SALES OF JUICES IN NORTH DELHI (BIG BAZAR) A WEEK 400 350 300 250 200 150 100 50 0 TROPICANA REAL B NATURAL OTHERS SALES OF JUICES IN NORTH DELHI (BIG BAZAR) A WEEK y Here this graph shows that real juice has maximum no of sales in north Delhi (BIG BAZAAR) SOUTH DELHI: Total big bazaar observed:4 BRAND OF THE JUICE SALES OF THE JUICE A WEEK TROPICANA 400 REAL 360 B NATURAL 365 OTHERS 120 Graphical representation: .

SALES OF JUICES IN SOUTH DELHI (BIG BAZAR) A WEEK 450 400 350 300 250 200 150 100 50 0 TROPICANA REAL B NATURAL OTHERS SALES OF JUICES IN SOUTH DELHI (BIG BAZAR) A WEEK y Here this graph shows that B Natural juice has more sale than real juice. EAST DELHI: Total big bazaar observed: 4 BRAND OF THE JUICE SALES OF THE JUICE A WEEK TROPICANA 355 REAL 400 B NATURAL 265 OTHERS 150 . y Here we can easily observe that sale of product in market vary by the location.

WEST DELHI: Total big bazaar observed: 2 BRAND OF THE JUICE SALES OF THE JUICE A WEEK TROPICANA 255 REAL 250 B NATURAL 120 OTHERS 85 GRAPHICAL REPRESENTATION: .GRAPHICAL REPRESENTATION: SALES OF JUICES IN EAST DELHI (BIG BAZAR) A WEEK 450 400 350 300 250 200 150 100 50 0 B NATURAL REAL TROPICANA OTHERS SALES OF JUICES IN EAST DELHI (BIG BAZAR) A WEEK y Here we can easily observed that B Natural juice is less selling as compare to real and Tropicana juice.


But B Natural juice is a top competitor with real and Tropicana juice.SALES OF JUICES IN GURGAON (BIG BAZAAR) A WEEK 450 400 350 300 250 200 150 100 50 0 TROPICANA REAL B NATURAL OTHERS SALES OF JUICES IN GURGAON (BIG BAZAR) A WEEK y y Here graph shows the juice are more selling in this area. NORTH DELHI: Total reliance fresh outlet observed: 7 BRAND OF THE JUICE SALES OF THE JUICE A WEEK TROPICANA 280 REAL 300 B NATURAL 250 OTHERS 100 .



Tropicana. B Natural.SALES OF JUICES IN EAST DELHI (RELIANCE FRESH) A WEEK 200 180 160 140 120 100 80 60 40 20 0 REAL TROPICANA B NATURAL OTHERS SALES OF JUICES IN EAST DELHI (RELIANCE FRESH) A WEEK y Here graph shows the selling of juices are gradually increased (others. Real) WEST DELHI: Total reliance fresh outlet observed: BRAND OF THE JUICE SALES OF THE JUICE A WEEK TROPICANA 150 REAL 180 B NATURAL 200 OTHERS 100 GRAPHICAL REPRESENTATION: .


SALES OF JUICES IN GURGAON (RELIANCE FRESH) A WEEK 300 250 200 150 100 50 0 B NATURAL REAL TROPICANA OTHERS SALES OF JUICES IN GURGAON (RELIANCE FRESH) A WEEK y y Here graphs shows B Natural juice more selling Through out the graph representation selling of B Natural juice is more in reliance fresh outlet than big bazaar outlet respect to other brands. hence finding and conclusion may not be as useful in other geographical areas. y As the project on competition and distribution based so the result can¶t be 100% due to . LIMITATION y This survey was carried out in Delhi and NCR region at specific Big Bazar and reliance outlet at specific route.

Tropicana and Dabur which are faithful brand and customer do not change their taste and are stuck to their old brands. y y Due to lake of advertisement product was not well known to market and people. . No promoter were appointed for the brand promotion so it was not easy to attract customer. y Availability of other well know brand like. y Product is mainly located in Big Bazaar and Reliance outlate so the the most of the people were not Aware about the product. y It¶s up to retail outlet that which brand they want to put in outlet so the availability of product may constantly vary.increase in demand.

Natural has good potential to capture maximum market share in Delhi by considering following point.Natural juice are good quality product and competiting in juice market in other part of country But product have more potential and yet no placed in some required place because of following reason. . B.CONCLUSION AND RECOMMENDATION CONCLUSION The following conclusion can be drawn from competition study of B. natural juice with other Big brand in Delhi and NCR region. B.

Natural´ has weak distribution channel.SECONDARY SOURCE . hence we can easily evaluate the comparing with Tropicana ³B. From market place B. Company should do some promotional activities in market to get more attention of customer Company need to improve availability factor by covering more market area in distribution of Product to get more market share Competitor like Tropicana has more than 30 distribution agencies and B.PRIMARY SOURCE A. Meeting with Dealer and company Employees 2 . If possible company must bound distributor to keep all product in all size at the warehouse Which can help sales man to place order given by retailer.Natural has just about 10 agencies to cover delhi region.     BIBLIOGRAPHY 1 . so company must think about that. Company should take immediate action on decision which was taken in previous meeting.

B. Internet Company document Previous project Books .A. D. C.

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