google. Also primary to our inclusive approach is extensive involvement of clients in the design process. client’s needs and budget. Sustainable/ Green Design Consulting. Workplace cultural context.drdesigngroup. ONLINE PORTFOLIO http://www. Sustainable and cost effective design solutions are essential goals in all our projects. airy and elegant living and working spaces. We are committed to finding the most appropriate design for each project. Project Management. planning and interior design.Their wide exposure and experience helps in providing innovative design solutions that are contemporary and contextual. SERVICES Architectural Design. Master Planning.D+R DESIGN We are an International design firm offering professional services in architectural design. The two founding architects of the firm have more than fifteen years of experience each in the field of design and construction. Feasibility Studies. Interior Design. Designbuild (turnkey) Interiors. USA has expaned our services and works . This is accomplished through a detailed analysis of physical conditions. This involves use of natural materials and efficient use of energies to create light.htm http://picasaweb. A third architect partner based in Seattle.

Rashmi Gupta. Rashmi Gupta had practiced design in Mumbai prior to moving to Seattle. There he worked on diverse range of large and small projects from housing to institutional projects. B. There she worked with well known architectural firms in Puget Sound focussing on northwest residential architecture. M. he has successfully designed and managed diverse range of projects including commercial. M. Barcelona Spain. educational and residential projects. Principal Architect. Her other areas of interests include furniture and industrial design. Subsequently. he worked with Charles Correa after completing undergraduate studies in architecture. He has deep interest in sustainability in the built world. His other areas of interests include building information modeling and other technologies in service of integrated design. Bangalore India. After receiving his Master of Architecture degree from MIT and design courses at Harvard GSD. She has keen interest in interior spaces and its details. Andrew Russin is a US registered architect with 20 years experience in a full range of building types. Principal Architect.Arch. Seattle and Bangalore for over fifteen years. It continues to be basis of his works. United States. Boston MA. Dominican Republic. He has specialized in Institutional and Commercial projects rangindg from laboratory design and puplic school buildings to regional retail shopping malls and speculative multifamily housing.. India. Andrew Russin. Seattle WA and most recently.Arch. Prior to founding D+R DESIGN. .D+R DESIGN Deepak Gupta.Arch. Andrew has lived and worked internationally in such diverse cities as: Washington DC. Deepak Gupta has practiced architecture in Mumbai.Arch. AIA. He is also involved in Indological studies and its relevance in contemporary Indian context. Andrew has a passion for design that extends into he broader scope of urban design and city planning. B. he pursued graduate studies in United States and then practiced in Seattle before starting his independent design practice in Bangalore. This continues to be her focus at D+R Design. Earlier in India. Principal Architect. He considers regional sensitivity and timeless design style top priority in addition to client responsiveness and successful project execution.

. India. PROFESSIONAL AFFILIATIONS Associate Member of AIA (The American Institute of Architects) Member of IIID (Institute of Indian Interior Designers) Member of COA (Council of Architecture) CONTACT email: deepak@drdesigngroup. Charles McAfee Architects and Planners. 1997 Kansas State University. WA.5. India.KS USA. USA.5000 SF office complex in downtown Wichita. USA.S. Office. Bagalkot Township.P . . Bombay. WA. USA. Bhopal.70. WA. Bellevue.Dec 2000 Terrace Park School.A townplanning and housing project in Karnataka. . USA. India. India. Bhopal. Dec 1992 . . M. EDUCATION Master of Architecture. . WA. India. residences..500 sf Office interiors for a multimedia company. Digital Kitchen. Feb 1998 . 1992 M.Arch. WA.Jan 2004 Lincoln Square.D+R DESIGN Deepak Gupta. Jan 2001 . College of Technology. Principal Architect WORK WITH OTHER FIRMS Sclater Partners Architects. . Wichita.March 1993. Bagalkot. Charles Correa Architects and Planners. .P . Bhopal.C. April 1993 .000 sf Grades K-8 School for 700 students. Integrus Architecture. USA.a state government office complex. Admiral Heights Housing. Wichita. . Bellevue Place Expansion. Manhattan. India. . Mountlake Terrace.Master Plan and design development of private school. Seattle. Vidhan Bhavan. Bachelor of Architecture. A. Bellevue. India. Seattle. April 1995 .Bandra-Kurla Commercial . USA. retail. Eastside Preparatory School.The state legislative assembly building for State of M. USA.August 1995 Office Complex.Arch. Residential and business facilities addition and expansion of existing Hyatt Hotel.May 1994 M. Hafeez Contractor Architects.2 Million sf Mixed-use development that includes office. USA. Bellevue. USA.76-unit Assisted Senior Housing with street-front retail. hotel and a multiplex theater. Seattle. . Bombay.Retail. West Seattle. USA. . India. WA. Bombay. B.

India.L. Hegde Residence. L. Landmark Restaurant. WA. . Bharat Shetty Architect & Interior Designer. Seattle. Seattle. USA.000 SF housing development with 26 units at 2000 SF each. S. B. Seattle. USA. Architecture. Shah Farmhouse. EDUCATION G.14. Highlands.32.15. Education center and a performance hall. WA.7000 SF Residence Mahesh Massand Environmental Design. Nasik. Mumbai. Rajesh Patel Architect & Interior Consultant. Jan 2001 .WA. . USA.May 2002 Brookwood .D+R DESIGN Rashmi Gupta. Seattle.Dec 2000 BIOSCI Research Canada Ltd. Office of S. Seattle. 1996.April 2004 The Triangle. USA. USA.D. R. Nair Residence. India.The Barrett Residence. USA. India.2000 SF addition to an existing historical tudor house and interior design Aamodt Residence. Mississuaga. India. . Mumbai.000 SF Research Laboratories and offices. Mumbai. Bangalore.Arch Principal Architect WORK WITH OTHER FIRMS Johnston Architects. Seattle. India. USA.500 SF Residence Dillion Residence. Mumbai. India Ltd. India. Tacoma. Seattle. ATCO PROFESSIONAL AFFILIATIONS CONTACT . WA. Baroda. India. June 1996 . India. .000 SF Native American Cultural Center that includes Library.. Mumbai. WA. Kroon Residence.. S’klallam (XCANTX) House of Knowledge. Mumbai.Feb 2000 Choksi Farmhouse. Mumbai. Karjat. India. USA. Feb 1999 . Classic Restaurant and Pub. June 2002 . India. Registered Member of COA (Council of Architecture) email: rashmi@drdesigngroup. Mumbai. WA. India. USA May 2000 . WA. Jaipur. . Canada.WA.H. Doshi Residence. India.Jan 1999 Jai Durga Hotel. Nasik. India. HI-MEDIA Laboratory. India. School of Architecture. . .3000 SF residence for a family of four Sullivan Conard Architects.3.

May 2002 . MD. WA. Payette and Associates. Bellevue Place Expansion. TN. MA July 1995 . M. USA. USA. retail. USA. USA Graham Gund Architects Inc.Retail.Indoor Football stadium in Grand Forks. Principal Architect WORK WITH OTHER FIRMS Johnston Architects. Bellevue.Dec 1995 . residences. USA EDUCATION Master of Architecture. USA.Starbuck Coffee Store. 1992 Massachusetts Institute of Technology. MA. Louis. Seattle.Student Housing at Univerisity of Puget Sound. . 1988 Washington University.July 1997 . Boston. WA.2 Million sf Mixed-use development that includes office. WA.Chemistry Building at Vanderbilt University. .Arch. LMN Architects. WA.Four luxury townhouses over shared underground parking. Seattle. WA Aug 1997 . USA. . Bellevue. . Seattle.Sixty-unit. Sclater Partners Architects.D+R DESIGN Andrew Russsin. St. WA. Seattle. USA. . Seattle. Seattle. Residential and business facilities addition and expansion of existing Hyatt Hotel.Sep 1994 . . Cambridge. MA May 1994 . USA. USA. PROFESSIONAL AFFILIATIONS Member of AIA (The American Institute of Architects) . Redmond. six-story apartment building over retail and garage Toner Townhouses . Boston.April 2002 . WA May 1996 .Five-story project with 300 units in three separate buildings over common parking garage. Bachelor of Arts. WA.Boeing Corporate Headquarters. WA. USA.. WA. USA. River Park Apartments. June 2004 . WA. Carlson Architects.April 2004 Lincoln Square.Jan 2009 Roosevelt Apartments. USA. hotel and a multiplex theater. .Public School. Seattle.

issue handling. computer expertise. culture and economy in mind. Principal. They spent several hours understanding our requirements. context. the experience is clearly visible in the professional approach. hired Deepak as a Architect in 2007 ---“Deepak and Rashmi were hired to help us convert our vision to reality. They have a keen eye to detail. He is clearly one of the most creative and technically competent architects I've had the opportunity to work with. hired Deepak as a Architect in 2006 ----“I worked for two years with Deepak at Sclater Partners architects in Seattle. 2009 Top qualities: Expert. Seattle USA. Creative Pankaj Ramani. I must say that their approach to the project from concept to execution was a very good experience. He has done a commendable job. Expert. 2009 Andrew Russin. Deepak brings a a very a thorough knowledge of architectural history. ---“It was my pleasure to work with Deepak for almost three years at Integrus Architecture. I would highly recommend Deepak and Rashmi and experience your vision transform into reality.” February 4.” February 17. USA. Creative Uma Vinay Kumar. color concepts and design in the project. clarity in plans. 2009 Douglas Bailey. Seattle. and rigorous design to all of his building projects. As a Principal I appreciated the commitment to excellence he brought to every assignment.” October 15. His designs are carefully and efficiently developed with client. Johnston Architectsworked directly with Deepak at Sclater Partners Architects. 2009 Top qualities: Personable. . quality focussed and above all continue to monitor the costs and schedules very closely. Given the several years the team has spent in the US.” June 1. Integrus Architecture managed Deepak at Integrus Architecture. Good Value. WA and corresponded with him consistently since then. Architect. transformed that into drawings and continued to oversee the execution.D+R DESIGN “We are very happy with the work done by Deepak at our apartment.

2010 Top qualities: Personable. We are extremely happy with the entire experience. Goldman Sachs. He is involved in his work with intensity and dedication. Vice President. We wanted to hire an architect who would give us good looks with cost effective material. hired Deepak as a Architect in 2010 ---“Deepak is an original thinker and has his own ideas. Expert. I am very satisfied with his/firm's work so far. 2010 Top qualities: Personable. he's open-minded and keeps upto date with technology as well which is very convenient as a client. He has a good team in place and has the capability to handle large projects. hired Deepak as a Architect in 2007.” June 29. and that is evident in his work. hired Deepak as a Architect in 2009 ----- “Deepak is the guy you want to go to if you want a design with soul. Takes personal interest in the work. Once we met Deepak. Having known Deepak and his work for almost 20 years now. hired Deepak as a Architect in 2004 .” July 4. Creative Sriram Venkat. ---“Deepak designed and built our first house in India on a turnkey basis. I can say without question that he one of the best architects I know. 2009 Top qualities: Great Results. He has my highest recommendation. He is the person to go to if you want that soulful design delivered professionally.Principal Architect D+R DESIGN “We initially chose Deepak based on his works that we came across the net. While it is still an on going project. on behalf of the Founder . ability to think out of the box and the orientation to provide a habitat that is very functional is reflected in every aspect of th house. I remember his design was chosen for the front cover of India Student Association telephone directory. His ideas have been very creative. I have recently used his services on our project. 2010 Peyush Agarwal. I should say it is also clear to his clients from the amount of time he is willing to invest in helping them recognize and articulate their needs. worked with Deepak at D+R DESIGN ---- “I have known Deepak since Kansas State University days. Creative Kishore Seetharaman. and I have known a few. Creative Supriya M.” October 10. Expert.” September 17. We are glad that we were able to appoint such a high quality professional to build something that is so dear to our heart. Delivers what he promises. 2010 Top qualities: Expert.linkedin. we knew that he would cater. and within budget. and hired Deepak more than once. His single minded commitment.D+R DESIGN Recommendations for Deepak on LINKED IN (http://www.” July 31. You only wish there were more like him contributing to the improvement of our built environment and the quality of life of its users. Expert. Creative Amarnath Poola.