Schmidt, Vinícius Abrahão Bazana [Positions Handled / Wanted] Security information analyst; Senior Linux/BSD administrator; Senior system analyst/developer; Technical coordinator; Technology researcher/prospector; [Personal information] Indaiatuba, SP, Brazil, Married, 28 years old; mobile: +551981665517 phone: +551938167994 skype: vischmidt

If you want to hire a strong and skilled IT Consultant you will find a true one in me. Taking a closer look at these pages, you will find a driven, hard-working analyst/engineer who is always looking for innovative ways to improve processes and systems. Information Technology is one of my passions with particular emphasis on Unix-like operational systems and security development.

Graduated Technician in Data Processing at Unicamp (Cotil). I have very practical and broad knowledge in IT businesses: • Professional system analyst and developer since 2000; • Skilled technician in Unix environment since 1999 until present day, having deep skills in that platform; • Experienced in web development, for heavily accessed and interactive sites; • Logs analysis and interpretation; • Open Source enthusiast, since 1998 (but I’m not a radical); • Extensive experience (almost 8 years) in designing and implementing highly efficient and reliable data base solutions; • Capacity to understand users' needs, conciliate conflicts and developing/customizing solutions;

• • • • • • • • • • • Unix/FreeBSD & Linux ( C/C++ development, administration and automation with shell scripts) ; Web development using Java, Perl and PHP; Linux security hardening; Information security analysis (with Open Source tools); Network development, analysis, monitoring and provisioning; Data Base Architecture (design, creation, monitoring and tuning); DB Modeling (ER) with OracleDesigner, JDeveloper and others; KornShell (ksh93) and Bash; Regex, Perl and Data Mining/Transform (ETL); Version Control Systems with CVS; Object Oriented Analysis with Unified Modeling Language (UML);

Qualifications in Security Information Area
• • • • • • • • Broad and practical knowledge about vulnerabilities and risks; S.I. evangelist and enthusiast since 1997 (explaining about risks with computer virus, lost information, suggest a government institution the creation of a CSIRT, etc) ; Cryptographic libraries and workflows like GPG, OpenSSL libmcrypt and geli(bsd/file-system); Knowledge on IPSec (linux/bsd) and others VPN services like OpenVPN and SSH; Basic knowledge on ISO27k standard series; Good risks analysis evaluation and penetration tests; Good understanding about security issues on several IT areas and service layers including: development, production, network and management; Intrusion Detection Systems and Reactive Defense;

Portal and OID. CMS: joomla. squirrelmail. Security relevant tasks: Response on invasions. Security Analisys Tools: o Network Layer: nmap. File System Sharing & Management: Samba. horde/imp. JDeveloper. Single Sing-On using OpenLDAP. berolist. Spring + ZKoss (Java patterns and framework). NFS. PRO*C. DOS since 6. OpenBSD and MacOS X. Professional Historical/Experience • System Analyst-Web Developer / Security Analyst Abril Publisher (Privately Held. we have been working with special projects which have allowed us to explore (and challenge) our potentials. Team conscientization. OAS. PostgreSQL and MySQL. portaudit. cacti. SpamAssasisn. IT Consultant Angola's Metropolitan University (Higher Education industry) November 2007 — November 2009 (2 years 1 month) We have supplied a full spectrum IT consulting (through Triarius) for this Angolan university where the IT department was all designed and implemented by us. Security relevant tasks: Workshop security awareness and technical risks analysis. vuxml and many others. Working with the 3 major aspects of IT business (business-administration-people. Publishing industry) Apr 2010 — Present (3 months ) Web-developer allocated mainly on Exame. CakePHP. mailman. Tech qualifications • • • • • • • • • • Other operational systems: Microsoft Windows (since 3. Network management and tools: net-snmp. . Current Developments • • • pgpool-II (PostgreSQL’s cluster workflow). technology and security) we are capable to develop a large number of IT projects that will enable your business' development and growth. a huge web operation. • • • Dynamic routing with BGP (quagga). Advanced databases knowledge: Oracle. pftop and many others. providing diversified solutions.• • • Firewalls: Linux’s iptables/netfilter. snort. HTTP Server: deep skills on Apache’s httpd. o Operational Layer: tripwire. bind.11. • Sr.20). Mail Stuff: many others. Security relevant tasks: Head consultant & researcher. core-impact. Instant Messenger Server: OpenFire. Bacula. Novell. rkhunter. postfix. TOAD and Designer 2000. Ruby (to use with rails and metasploit). Techniques using exploits and frameworks like owasp and metasploit to prove concepts. • IT Manager / System Analyst-Developer / Security Analyst Triarius Consultoria em Tecnologia e Sistemas (Information Technology and Services industry) June 2006 — Present (4 years 1 month) Since my partner and I have founded FTP. Code auditing. ettercap. spamd. word press. AJAX and jQuery. Oracle’s Toolkits: SQLplus. Nessus. OpenBSD’s PF and basics on Microsoft’s ISA. dovecot. nagios. tcpdump and many. Cache systems: squid with dansguardian content filter.

I worked on the team responsible for designing the major data base. my priority changed to developing a custom CMS to publish static html on our servers and WAP content as well (using and PERL and PHP. Installing the 1st. The system was developed on Linux Red Hat. along with FMI consultants. which was extensively used by our team. Also. Perl. as a result. Working directly with critical systems based on HTTP service integration using cryptographic libraries and protocols. developing a specialized provisioning system that was responsible for increasing the throughput from ERP to Engineering Equipments (Nokia. First. Web Server audience analysis (using 2 different tools). implementing the first CVS server. MySQL. Security relevant tasks: Approaches on security web-development with PHP/Perl and hardening Linux servers for file-sharing and huge traffic mail system). PHP. Other special tasks in which I participated: writing a framework to permit selling web content (collection content project). Security relevant tasks: provide technical and analitical data on possible threats. When the mailing server was running by itself.000 solicited emails/day) and the development of a dozen tools to optimize my work. Conducting a small study class on JDeveloper and OC4J. member of task force on systems security. 
 . Nortel. with MySQL and Oracle databases). I was able to learn several aspects of the Telephony Business in depth. contributing many times and permitting that our sponsor would fulfill the deadline.• Consultant / Unix Developer / Database Designer M4 Systems (Information Technology and Telecommunication Services industry) January 2006 — October 2007 (1 year 10 months) Working for M4Sistemas. but the production environment was HP-UX. In this project we worked for Claro (Telmex). Jupiter has big clients such as MINFIN (Ministério das Finanças da Repulica de Angola) and other government institutions. allowing better teamwork integration. Other small but relevant tasks: implementing the CVS server. one the most important things was my capacity to learn the IT and Engineering Process and put things together. Further activities include development processes. • System Analyst / Developer / Database Designer Jupiter Development Systems (Information Technology and Services industry) June 2003 — October 2005 (2 years 5 months) Based at Angola. My major involvement was in writing the application using ANSI C and Oracle's PRO*C. I was responsible for the maintenance of a newsletters server (sending approx. Security relevant tasks: Provisioning Workflow Auditing based on new policital and mannagement goal. Apache.etc). Linux-webmail-server in an emergency situation. Ericsson. I worked with Oracle and PL/SQL (+WebTookit) to develop financial systems. 600. Publishing industry) July 2000 — June 2003 (3 years ) Work environment running Linux. PostgreSQL and Oracle. CVS. APIs and batch process to integrate MINFIN departments with estate and private banks on a single financial system. bash. creation of a proposal to create the MINFIN’s CSIRT. • System Analyst / Web Developer / System Administration Abril Publisher (Privately Held.

Universidade Estadual de Campinas – Cotil – Colégio Técnico de Limeira Professional Honors iBest2001 – working to Abril Publisher at Info website [www.infoexame. Astronomy. Security relevant tasks: I had start my study routine in information security techniques. Photography.Rio Claro – 1999 H2HC – Hackers to Hackers Conference – São Paulo – 2009 Hobbies Philately. configure and customize the horde/imp . Networks. After the first 3 months I was required to do a "special trainee job" installing a new router + firewall + squid that was used by the entire X Linux integration.
 • Trainee State University of Campinas – Unicamp – Computer Center (Higher Education industry) January 2000 — June 2000 (6 months) Working as trainee at CCUEC/Unicamp has been my dream since I first visited their installations in 1997. PHPextensions LDAP) and send my notes to the support team. In order to achieve that.11. Security relevant tasks: campus firewall manteining using old ipchains/nat. these notes were used to assist them during the implementation of a webmail solution to serve the whole university. . with OpenBSD and Linux/LIDS (firewalls too. Formal Education State University of Campinas . My primary task was to develop a special Linux course that we used to train the university system administrators. Traveling. I learned how to install. One of many tasks assigned to me was to offer a webmail service to students/professors/researchers.a webmail toolkit. PHP. Music.Technician in Data Processing – 1997 – 1999 Focus on Operation Systems. Novell 4. maintain the sanity on student’s labs. It is one of the most highly developed Computer Centers in Brazil. Researching. System Analysis & Development and Databases Unicamp . installing and administrating Linux servers as an alternative to Novell 4. Physics. of course) and PostgreSQL crypt functions. which has allowed me to learn more about] Relevant Conferences Participations • • Semana da Segurança de Informação – Unesp . • Trainee at Computers Department State University of Campinas – Tech School of Limeira (Cotil) (Higher Education industry) July 1999 — December 1999 (6 months) I was responsible for maintaining 2 computer labs (around 30 PCs each).

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