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4 Growth
Delivered by:

transforming Irish industry
4 Growth is aimed at:
Fundamentally changing the face of the indigenous
Software and Technology sector by developing and
enhancing the leadership ambition, mindset and
capability of its CEOs to help them create companies
that achieve dominant market positions.
Leadership 4 Growth is a unique programme specifically
designed for CEOs of software services and technology
companies who have the ambition and potential to
achieve significant scale in their chosen markets.

What is Leadership
4 Growth?
It represents an important element This exclusive programme offers a Leadership 4 Growth combines
of Enterprise Ireland’s overall strategy breakthrough opportunity to enhance Stanford’s world-class faculty, exposure
to accelerate the development of the impact of leadership on company to and engagement with highly
world-class Irish Companies by growth. It has been created by successful entrepreneurs, a unique
helping them to build and enhance Enterprise Ireland, the Irish Software coaching and mentoring approach and
their leadership capabilities. Association, the world-renowned practical strategy execution support that
Stanford Graduate School of Business, will provide inspiration, knowledge and
with input from software services and skills tailored to your specific business.
technology CEOs, many of whom
have benefited from participation on
other Enterprise Ireland programmes.
Benefits to CEOs

It can be difficult for you as a CEO • A deeper understanding of strategy- • One-to-one coaching from highly WHO SHOULD ATTEND?
of a growing company to make the making and strategies to drive global experienced coaches with a proven
time to step back from day-to-day growth based on the latest academic methodology for helping CEOs Leadership 4 Growth is open only
operations and consider the vision, research and best practices; understand and develop their to CEOs of software services and
strategy and future path of your leadership style leading directly technology companies who are
company. This programme will afford • Frameworks and methodologies to accelerated achievement committed to leading their company to
you the opportunity to do just that in for developing the leadership of business objectives; a strong international market position.
the company of your peers and guided potential of oneself and others; It will be a demanding programme,
by Standford’s leading academic • Significant networking opportunities requiring considerable input from
faculty and top practitioners in your • A customised roadmap to help with peer CEOs, as well as Stanford participants both during the three
field. The aim of the programme is accelerate implementation faculty members and other residential modules and in the interim
to achieve tangible improvement of the insights gained professional and business leaders periods when the core concepts of the
in company performance through during the programme; participating in the programme. programme will be implemented in
a “top-down” approach driven by their companies. You must therefore be
revitalised and re-energised CEOs. willing to devote the time and resources
You will emerge from the programme required for the rigorous learning and
having gained the following: application of programme insights.
Stanford Graduate School of Business
Programme Framework
Leadership 4 Growth is quite distinct from other leadership programmes in both its
delivery and content. It will be centred around one six-day and two five-day residential
modules at the Stanford Graduate School of Business in California. The modules will
be led by Stanford faculty members with unparalleled experience in the software,
technology and leadership fields. Between modules, you will participate in a structured
ongoing programme aimed at implementing your newly-defined leadership goals.

The framework for the programme is built around the following elements:


Inspire: You will have the opportunity Coach: You will be assigned your
to learn directly from world-class own leadership coach who will work
technology company executives who with you throughout the programme
will describe how they developed their to encourage, challenge and assist
vision and strategy, what challenges you in implementing the core
they overcame and how their companies concepts learned. Focus will be on
achieved leading market positions. strengthening and enhancing your
individual characteristics and attributes
as a leader, within the context of
your ambitions for your company.

Educate: You will study entrepreneurial Execute: This is a demanding
leadership theory and case studies and programme and you will be expected
be given practical tools and techniques to take the core concepts and apply
for creating and communicating them to the leadership of your own
company vision, devising and executing company. Every support will be given
company strategy and developing during the taught modules to help you
your personal leadership skills. implement what you have learned.
Group and individual assignments
will also be allocated between the
modules, to encourage and assist you
in putting the theory into practice.
Programme Structure
The Programme will be launched in Dublin in October 2006 and the one six-day and
two five-day residential modules will be held in October 2006, February 2007 and
May 2007, with a Programme Finale in Dublin in September 2007. Each module will
focus on a key theme through the four core elements outlined above.

01 02 03
10th October 2006, Dublin, Ireland Dynamic Business Strategy High Performance Leadership Market-Focussed
22nd - 28th October 2006, 18th – 23rd February 2007, Execution & Growth
Professor George Foster, Programme Stanford, California Stanford, California 13th-18th May 2007,
Faculty Director, will introduce the Stanford, California
programme and describe the activities This module will focus on some of the You will focus on developing an
and expectations for the year ahead. newest thinking on how successful understanding of the relationship You will deepen your understanding
organisations and individuals achieve between leadership and power and of how to develop the market and
strategic leadership in a changing what must be done to achieve the customer focus critical to growth and
PROGRAMME FINALE competitive environment. Case study highest levels of performance from discuss case studies of companies who
September 2007, Dublin discussions will take place with the yourself and your management have come up with creative solutions
participation of the senior management team and organisation. for dealing with these challenges. Topics
You will participate in one of a series team of a number of companies. will also include competing in global
of CEO panels, formed by theme and With the support of your markets, marketing strategy and trends
facilitated by Professor George Foster, You will begin one-on-one meetings leadership coach you will continue in leading change in your organisation.
that showcase results/key lessons learned with your Leadership Coach and start to refine your leadership goals
from the programme experience. defining your business challenge and and development approach. You will also prioritise an action
leadership agenda which will serve as plan to accelerate progress on
roadmaps for achieving your business your business challenge over a
and leadership development goals period of several months following
over the course of the programme. Segment 3, culminating in a one
day Programme Finale in Ireland.

BETWEEN EACH • Review execution plans and progress • Participate in a virtual classroom FOR FURTHER INFORMATION
MODULE YOU WILL: through face to face meetings with session led by Professor George
your programme cohort (5 to 7 Foster to address questions and share Paula Carroll at (01) 8082561 or email:
• Access and stimulate progress CEOs sharing the same Leadership learnings surrounding progress in
on your leadership agenda Coach and a Business Tutor*). addressing your business challenge.
goals with your Leadership * The Business tutors will support Sean Faulkner at (01) 8082573 or email:
Coach via virtual conference. and facilitate the scheduled working
sessions in Dublin with your cohorts.
Stanford Graduate School of Business - Stanford University
The ‘Leadership 4 Growth’ programme takes place in the
Stanford Graduate School of Business within the Stanford
University campus, located approximately 50 kilometres
south of San Francisco, California and 30 kilometres
north of San Jose. Both cities have international airports
with connecting rail, bus and car service to the campus.

Residential Centre in private rooms FACULTY MEMBERS
Lecturer in Business; Founder and former
with high speed internet access, WILL INCLUDE:
President and CEO of Veritas Software.
voicemail service and ample study
space. Participants also have full WILLIAM P. BARNETT
access to other amenities including
Thomas M. Siebel Professor of Business
libraries, gymnasiums etc. Lecturer in Strategic Management.
Leadership, Strategy and Organisations;
Partner at Silicon Valley-based venture
Co-director of the Executive Programme
Leadership 4 Growth will be delivered GEORGE FOSTER capital firm, Benchmark Capital.
in Strategy and Organisation; Director of
by a selection of the Business School’s
Faculty Director – Leadership the Executive Management Programme:
most distinguished faculty, renowned HAYAGREEVA RAO
4 Growth Programme Gaining New Perspectives.
for their world-class research, teaching,
and practice, particularly in the high- Professor of Organisational Behaviour.
tech and software fields. From the Paul L. and Phyllis Wattis Professor of ROBERT A. BURGELMAN Atholl McBean Professor of Organisational
conceptual strategy frameworks Management; Director of the Executive Behaviour and Human Resources; Director of
Edmund W. Littlefield Professor of
of Professor Robert Burgelman, Programme for Growing Companies; the Human Resource Executive Programme.
Management, and Director of the
developed over years of work with Intel Dhirubhai Ambani Faculty Fellow in
Stanford Executive Programme. Author
Corporation, to the CEO experience Entrepreneurship for 2005-2006 GARTH SALONER
of ’ Strategy in Destiny: How Strategy-
of software entrepreneur Mark Leslie, Making Shapes a Company’s Future’. Jeffrey S. Skoll Professor of Electronic
the Stanford faculty bring a thought Commerce, Strategic Management,
leadership uniquely suited to the CHARLES A. O’REILLY III and Economics; Co-director of the
software services and technology sector. Center for Entrepreneurial Studies. Co-
Frank E. Buck Professor of Human Resources
author of ‘Strategic Management’.
Management and Organisational Behaviour;
Director of the Human Resource Executive
Programme; Director of the Leading Change
and Organisational Renewal Executive Ernest C. Arbuckle Professor of Economics;
Faculty Leader – High Programme; Hank McKinnell-Pfizer Inc; GSB Trust Faculty Fellow for 2005-2006.
Performance Leadership and Co-director of the Centre for Leadership
Executive Coaching Sessions Development & Research. Co-author of JAMES LATTIN
‘Winning Through Innovation: A Practical
Robert A. Macgowan Professor of Marketing.
Senior Lecturer in Organizational Guide to Leading Innovation and Change’.
Behaviour; Director of the Executive Full biographies are available on
Programme in Leadership; Co-author of JEFFREY PFEFFER
‘Power Up: Transforming Organisations Thomas D. Dee II Professor of Organisational
Through Shared Leadership’. Behaviour. Co-author of ‘The Knowing-
Doing Gap: How Smart Companies
Turn Knowledge Into Action’.
Enterprise Ireland is funded by the Irish Government
and part-financed by the European Union under
the National Development Plan, 2000-2006.

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