Cues / Data

Nursing Diagnosis


Goal of Care

Subjectiv Risk for e Cues: infection related to ang poor among environme basura ntal amo sanitation rang secondary ilabay sa to socioilalom sa economic balay kai status total maanod man sa dagat. ang among hugay (tae) kay largo hulog sa

An unsanitary environment is a major factor in causation of diarrheal diseases. It could also serve as the breeding ground of animals and insects that harbor and transmit microorganism. Unsanitary environment is a direct result poverty and uncaring attitude towards the

Intervention Plan Interventio Met Reso n Measures hod urces of Need Nurs ed / e Requ Fami ired ly Cont act After 4 days After 4 days of 1. Discuss the Hom Materi of nursing community visit importance of e als intervention with appropriate environmenta Visit Resou and health health teachings l sanitation rces; teachings, given in each and its Visual the family in the implication to aids community community, they the health of people will will be able to; individuals if Huma be able to not corrected. n understand 1. Verbalize (increases resour the understan community ces: ding of seriousness awareness ) Time individual and urgency and risk of taking 2. Stress effort factors. appropriate proper hand of the actions to hygiene to stude 2. Identify prevent all individuals nt interventio in the acquiring of nurse ns to communica community (a s and prevent or first line of ble the reduce the defense diseases. family risk for against as

Objective of Care


After 4 days of nursing intervention the community people were able to verbalized understandin g about the seriousness and urgency in taking appropriate action as evidence by; a. verbalized individual risk factors b. identified interventions

ilalom sa balay kai total maanod man paingon sa dagat tapokon namo ang basura dayon kung daghan na una pasunug on as verbalize d by the communi ty people. Objectiv e Cues: *presenc e of human waste in

environment. Individuals that belong to the depressed community are not concern to what environment they have for as long as they had a place where they could live for. It because of insufficient of income that is only enough for their basic needs, focusing all their attention for earning a living, (Nursing practice in the community 4th edition, poverty and health, pg. 20.)

infection) 3. Discuss the 3. Demonstr usual places ate where insects lifestyle such as changes mosquitoes, to cockroaches, promote a rodents etc. safe lived. (to environme increase their nt. knowledge and awareness) 4. Stress the ways on how to prevent breeding sites for insects such as avoid throwing garbage underneath their houses, dispose their human waste properly etc. (to maintain cleanliness of the in the environment)



to prevent or reduce the risk for infection. Demonstrate lifestyle changes to promote a safe environment. Goal met!

the water underne ath their houses *presenc e of garbage underne ath their houses *presenc e of stagnant water *scatter ed pieces of garbage on the ground * open drainage * foulsmelling odor

5. Encourage them to have a compose pit where they could dump biodegradabl e garbage while recycle the non biodegradabl e. (to prevent scattering of garbage unto the ground and provide them a fertilizer for their plants) 7. Encourage them to avoid throwing their garbage underneath their houses. (to prevent accumulation of garbage that may serves as a breeding sites for insects)

8. Stress the importance of having a toilet. (to dispose their human waste properly)

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