Weblogic Questions asked


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What are the uses of node manager Define domains What are JVMs Explain the life cycle of weblogic server Knowledge on WLST??? What are different ways of starting a managed server? What happens to managed servers if the admin server breaks down? What are the different types of weblogic exceptions you have come across? How to resolve the issue with tooManyOpenFiles Exception? How are the username and passwords saved for weblogic? If a client invokes a request which is being auctioned by managed server A in a clustered environment, how does weblogic server processes the request in case the managed server A breaks down?(Need to answer on how the client¶s session is transferred across a cluster) What are stubs? How do you configure JMS in weblogic to use the underlying MQ of a server? What are queues and topics? What are beans?(EJB) What are different type of beans? Basic Knowledge on LDAP server used by weblogic Basic MQ commands How do you bind a node manager to a particular domain?

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