the client was able to verbalize understanding of the discomfort. • Reasons for constipation may be changes produced in the digestive tract due to hormones slowing down the movement of food. • Promote adequate fluid intake. • This will promote passage of soft stool. • Inform the patient that constipation is a usual discomfort in pregnancy. • To improve consistency of stool and facilitate passage through colon. dry stool. stimulating fluids. • Instruct and encourage a diet of balanced fiber and fiber supplements. • After 8 hours of nursing interventions. • Encourage activity and exercise within • This will stimulate contractions of the intestines. including high fiber fruit juices. • The causative factors have been shown to contribute to constipation. • Sedentary lifestyle may affect elimination patterns. formed stool • Decreased in normal frequency of defecation accompanied by difficult or incomplete passage of stool and passage of excessively hard. • After 8 hours of nursing intervention.PRENATAL SUBJECTIVE: “Baket nahihirapan ako dumumi simula ng mabuntis ako?” (Why do I have difficulty in defecating since I got pregnant?) as verbalized by the patient. suggest drinking warm. • Determine fluid intake of the client. OBJECTIVE: • Request for information • Hard. • This will evaluate client’s hydration status. Added to this. activity levels and exercise pattern of the client. • GOAL COMPLETELY MET. • Note energy. • There was a significant change in bowel pattern and character of stool. during the last trimester of pregnancy there is more pressure on your rectum from your uterus. the client will verbalize understanding of etiology and appropriate interventions or solutions for individual situation. .

.PRENATAL limits of individual activity.

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