In order to make the report more realistic I have selected Hillcrest care as my company and assumed role of its human resource manager. It helped me to analyze its selection and recruitment process is in the light of human resource concepts and models and their impacts on organization.

Company profile
³Hillcrest Care seeks to provide a stable, secure and supportive environment, in which the people we care for can develop the skills and confidence necessary to help them fulfill their potential .Hillcrest is offering s 39 and 52 week residential care for looked after children in England and Wales, alongside fully registered DCSF schools which offer full curriculum coverage through qualified teachers. Hillcrest also operate national fostering services, specialist education for children with an autistic spectrum condition (ASC) (including Asperger's syndrome) and for individuals with learning disabilities´ (Hillcrest, 2009).

1.1: Analyze the personnel requirements for a specific vacancy within your chosen organization
The jobincludes a range of work activities including teaching, mentoring conducting research and adesigningthe academiccurriculum and assisting in organizing other recreational activities for students.The job analysis for this vacancy is given below

Technical skills
Candidate should be is specialist in subject of mathematics for GSSE or A level. The person should have an command over his subject and should posses god academic records so he may can teach students with confidence and he would be able to solve their queries and problems in that field.

The context The job involves a number of activities apart from teaching like designing the curriculum. motivation. For job description number of methods are used are to determine the responsibilities of a job like interviews. flexibility.2: Produce a job description for a specific vacancy within the organization Job description It includes a list of job duties. motivation and punctuality. extra work requirements reporting relationships. .The human skill The skills required for this job are empathy.So it requires a lot of hard work. 1. Similarly the process chart gives a detailed picture and sequence of tasks in a job. working condition and supervisory responsibilities. innovation and thinking out of the box approach. The teacher should also be available to students at home so that their problems of special children could be solved. good communication skills. job relation with other jobs and to whom a person reports to. The organizational chart shows the division of work in organization. assisting in planning for recreational activities for students and conducting research to increase the leaning ability of special students . questioners studying the organizational chart and process chart. adoptability. which includes core responsibilities. caring.

. prepare and deliver lecture to students and develop. tests and assignments Provide appropriate feedback on work To carry out some research and design student curriculum and recommend appropriate changes with passage of time  Assistin proposing strategies for providing students the recreation facilities. Tues. Wed.Job Description Sample Employee:Hill crest Claim number:01 Job title:Head of department of Mathematics Reports to:Principal of school Work hours:09 a.m. to Location of job 3 p. Wage:Negotiable Department Teaching Work days: Mon. Duration of job: Permanent Boston Main duties and responsibilities:  Plan. learning for special  Prepare classroom for class activities and provide a variety of learning materials and resources for use in educational activities  Identify and select different instructional resources and methods to meet students' varying needs and observe and evaluate student's performance and development    Assign and grade class work. implement practical schemes of work and lesson plans  Discovering and establishing innovative and practical ways of students. Thurs. Fri. homework.m.

1. experience personality attitude. Proven record of ability to manage time and work to strict deadlines.Job Requirements:  To participate in the administration of the department¶s programs of study and other activities of recreationparticipate in extracurricular activities such as social activities. parent meetings To communicate necessary information regularly to students. This is designed to for potential employers so the can identify weather they have the required human skills for a job or not Person Specification Sample 1. KnowledgeExpert in mathematics 2. Skills Teaching and others form of public presentation. Proven record of teaching at senior position Must have Computer skills . sporting activities.3: Produce a person specification for a specific vacancy within the organization Person Specification It lists the human requirements of job like the required education. clubs and student organizations   Participate in department and school meetings. teaching resources and methods and make relevant changes to instructional plans and activities  To maintain an awareness and observation of fire and health and safety regulation. Excellent interpersonal skills. colleagues and parents regarding student progress and student needs  keep up to date with developments in subject area.

Relevant legislation in recruitment and selection Rehabilitation of Offenders Act 1974 Race Relations Act 1976 . Personal Qualities Self motivation Interpersonal skills Problem solving ability organizing and planning Punctuality Flexibility Adaptability Essential: Desirable: 2. Curriculum design. Previous Experience Researching or teaching or other employment in mathematics Assessment of student work. Aptitude Ability to work collaboratively. Qualifications Bachelor¶s Degree or higher (Masters Degree preferred) 5. Pastoral care of students. 4. Ability to share in organization and management of masters programs.1: Explain the purpose of current employment legislation when recruiting personnel in your chosen organization In recruiting staff the following Acts of Parliament affect recruitment and selection. 6.3.

It makes our company away from discrimination in recruiting or hiring on the basis of race. Employment Equality (Sexual Orientation) Regulations 2003 Hillcrest care is committed to tackling discrimination and harassment against lesbian. language. property. Discrimination and the Human Rights Act 1998 The hillcrest care gives equal opportunity to all. association with a national minority. valuing diversity. birth or other status. national or social origin. colour. gay and bisexual people and respect the right of individuals to be open or otherwise about their sexual orientation. giving them more protection under the Law including the statutory right to strike and sets minimum employment standards. political or other opinion. . religion.Trade Union Reform and Employment Rights Act 1993 Disability and Discrimination Act 1995 (DDA) Asylum and Immigration Act 1996 Employment Relations Act 1999 Race Relations (Amendment) Act 2000 Disability Discrimination Act 2005 Employment Equality (Age) Regulations 2006 Equality Act 2006 The Employment Relations Act This law bounds the Hillcrest care to protect employees right regarding unions along with the right of statutory recognition.

Disability Discrimination Act 2005 Hillcrest care itself is s carrying various projects for disable children and is committed to addressing discrimination against disabled people and to promoting their inclusion in public life. Working Time Regulations Act 1998 It protects the employees of our company by imposing the limits on the number of hours employees are supposed to work. It also protects employees from unfair dismissal and provide compensation in case of unfair dismissal. belief sexual orientation or nationality. The Hillcrest care is fully aware if its legal and ethical responsibilities and it has taken a number of steps to incorporate the employment legislation in its policies andprocedures.2: Evaluate how employment legislation is incorporated into organizational policies and procedures for therecruitment and selection of personnel. and make every endeavor to ensure that needs and preferences are met.Equality Act 2006 All jobs are advertised in weeklyinternalvacancies. The Employment Rights Act 1996 This law says aboutthat the minimum notice for an employee to dismiss employee called statutory notice. However there are three classes of employees. However the Human resource may decide to advertise externally so that deserving candidates are selected on merit basis and the advertising is designed in a way that it should not reduce applicants on any basis of race. . In some countries we provide prayer facilities and take other actions. who are exempt:    Managing executives Family workers Religious leaders 2. Employment Equality (Religion and Belief) Regulations 2003 We value and respect the religion and belief and cultural diversity of staff working in our company in which we operate. This limits most workers to a 48-hour week.

Hillcrest care has a deep routed values of equality where people are selected and promoted on merit. Employment Tribunal This is a an independent body of senior employees set by the organization so that if anyone who feels that he have been discriminated can take their complaint to employment tribunal and if proven the company is liable to pay compensation. Sample interview y y y Tell about your previous job? Why you want to be in our company? Why are you interested to teach to special children? . 3. Training The employees are specifically the human resource team are also given a detailed orientation about legal issues and matters in recruitment. Standardized Policies of Recruitment and Selection In order to minimize any graviencies and any discrimination Hillcrest care has a set of defined procedures and steps through which employees are recruited and selected.1: Prepare documentation for a selection interview for a specific vacancy in the organization Interview is most used instrument worldwide for every job. Therefore an interview should be designed carefully in order to explore the maximum information from the potential employee.Culture and Values Research shows that employee¶s learn more from its informal culture which includes its rituals. performance appraisal and compensation. values and daily practices. similar opportunities for its to its employees are given and lawful and responsible behavior in its daily practices. Thus the predefined steps give a bench mark for comparison and reduce chances of favoritism or discrimination.

If the decision is to hire a new person the manager will contact the Human resource department to . The principal has explained me the job description and job specific requirements which helped me to formulate a formal job description and jobspecifications .2: Report on your organization and participation in a selection interview for a specific vacancy in the organization.y y y y y What is your personal educational philosophy? What are your strengths and weaknesses as a teacher? How would you individualize a curriculum for students at various levels? How would you identify special needs of students? How will you handle special children in class as they are difficult to deal with. I am the manager of human resource in hillcrest care . Their recruitment process is given below along with its pros and cons. During the interview a number of predetermined questions designed by me and principal were asked. For a vacancy post the manager discusses with itsoperation manager that weather it has to be filled or not.Then I passed it to my assistant to advertise it in order to generate the pool of candidates. The candidates were also informed to bring a number of documents so that interview panel could analyze their degrees and qualifications. After that. Vacancies When a new project is started or somebody leaves vacancies are created.The head of department of mathematics has left the school and the principalhas consulted me to recruit and hire a new person for this job.1: Critically evaluate the recruitment process in your chosen organization Hillcrest care recognizes that human resource is the key asset of the company. What methods have you used for teaching for special children? 3. Then based on our weight age criteria the person for this vacancy was rated and finally one was selected and called for job 4. Therefore it follows the standardized rules and procedures to select the rite candidate for right job. short listing is done in consultation with the principal and then my assistant called all the shortlisted candidates for an interview.

Application Forms Following are the documents required by the candidates y y y Application Form Notes for Applicants Job Description/Person Specification For Management level appointments the packs will also contain: y y y External Newsletter Service specific information Any other relevant information Internal Candidate Application Forms For employees of Hillcrest Care applying for a position internally. If vacancies are filled externally then operation manager and Human resource manager both specifies their requirements to the advertising agency to generate pool of candidates. time Venue is decided however there must be an Human resource specialist during interview. The internal hiring also motivates employees to work hard to get better positions and similarly its disadvantage is it discourages reduces fresh and diverse talent .conduct recruitment and selection process for vacant job. Thus its advantage is that operational manager knows better that a new person is needed for a job or not. the Manager may request for the vacancy to be advertised in an externalpublication. In addition. the employee is required to complete the ³Internal Candidates Application Pro-forma´. The interviewing panel.All vacant seats are usually advertised in the ³Weekly Internal Vacancies´ which is distributed to all Hillcrest services. with the exception of Management level positions where the full application form must be completed.

Who is involved in the selection process. time and venue of interview.Eligibility to Work in the UK. The advantage of panel is that the candidate is accessed technically and behaviorally by presence of human resource manager however it is time consuming and can end up in dead lock. These include Criminal Records Bureau. technical and employment forms. Then operation Manager is decides for short-listing thecandidates using the designed specification criteria. the Manager shouldshort-list with an appropriate colleague or alternatively with a member of the Human ResourcesTeam. the Personnel Administrator will liaise with theManager on the application forms received.The memo from the Manager to Human Resources will also confirm Date. Decisions made will be recorded on the Short listing for Interview Form. Invitation for an Interview The Manager of the technical department is required to consult with the human resource department so because he is responsible for ensuring that the short-listing takes place within the agreedtimescale and confirms in writing to the Personnel Administrator who willwrite to shortlisted candidates inviting them to the selection process. Qualification Checks and Short-Listed Candidate Forms. Verification The documents of successful candidate of the interview are then verified. Wherever possible. .Short-listing Once the closing date comes. Formal Interview: The technical Manager normally undertakes the role of the mean interviewer. All members divides questionregarding Human resource. The Selection Process The selection process consists of a formal interview and also other appropriate written tests relevant to the vacant position.

2: Propose justified improvements to the recruitment process in the organization a)The job advertisement should me make more appealing and specific so that more the pool of candidates is bigger. moderate Where necessary and reach agreement. y After selection takes place all the relevant documentation must be sent back to Head Officewhere they are kept securely for six months´ (PROCEDURE ± Human Resource ± Recruitment. The panel will discuss their scores. y Time spent between each interview to finalize notes and fill gap is recorded. b)The interview should be done in two phases . These notes will be used to make a decision about the appointment along with the otherselection methods used.doc 1. c) There should be role playing tests. Recruitment & Selection Policy.First interview should be done by the human resource team so that candidate gets approval from the human resource department then another interview should be arranged to evaluate the technical competencies of candidate.Notes and Records y ³Notes must be taken during each formal interview in order that there is a record and that thepanel can remember what each candidate has said. For example if it¶s a teaching job then the candidate for that position should be asked to teach in a class room so that his ability to deliver to students can be analyzed. 4. May 2008) It is helpful for tracking the hiring procedure and for legal implications Decision making When the selectionprocess is completed then each panel member will give an individual score foreach candidate using their notes to score from. .

So tomorrow when I will mean human resource manager I will have basic knowledge of these laws their purpose and their implications so I would take decisions carefully by considering these laws regarding discrimination and other issues as negligence of these laws cannot only result in penalty to the organization but also will result in bad repute of my organization and harm to my career. This part has improved my knowledge in general that what are the laws which effects the hiring and recruiting process of companies in UK. By practically conducting job analysis for a specific vacancy and designing job description and specification give me an opportunity to taste the work of a recruitment manager and after that if I goes to the company for actual work I would be able to learn and apply more quickly. Also by studying these laws I am more aware of my rights as compared to an ordinary citizen and during interviews and in hiring and selection I would be able to recognize if someone is rejecting me on unfair basis and what I can challenge that in court of law and claim for compensation and getting my rights. Furthermore it would also help me in identifying right job according to my nature and skills and It would increase my chances of being hired. experience up-to-date and more aware. The third part of my assignment I have learned to design a document of questions to be asked for a specific vacancy¶s . job description and job specification. The second part of this assignment was regarding the employment laws that how these employment laws effect my organization and how these laws are incorporated in my organization. Also I have visited the company to see the actual interview . From the very first part I have learned the concept of job analysis.As a human resource manager I would be able to identify right candidate by asking appropriate question.Values and experience you have gained from undertaking this assignment and how the knowledge gained may help your financial awareness in a corporate setting in the future In general this assignment helped not only to understand a and go through various definitions concepts and models¶ of Human resource but by practically relating this concepts to real corporate world which have enriched my knowledge. in these apparently similar terms is and what is their importance. Now I have learned what the difference.

Now being an human resource specialist I know how actually the recruitment takes place in an organization and ill ne able to give my suggestions and play my role In improving the recruitment and selection process my employer company . . In the last but not the least I have learned the recruitment process of my organization. Also when i will apply for jobs I will be able to perform better because I would be able to anticipate the questions by looking at the job specification so I would prepare them in advance.taking place so it has increased my knowledge that how interviews are conducted.

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