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1. Syllabus
Functions of several variables, partial derivatives and applications, multiple integration, vector func-
tions, integration in vector fields.

2. Lectures
All lectures will be held in S8. The class is divided into two groups:
• Group R1 (Chemical, Mechanical, Civil): Monday periods 4–5, Wednesday period 7, Thursday
period 2.
• Group R2 (Electronic, Electrical, Computer, Survey): Tuesday periods 4–5, Wednesday period 1,
Friday period 7.

3. Tutorials
Tutorial exercises from the prescribed text book will be posted on the Mathematics 2A course site (see
below). Additional problems will be set at each tutorial session. An attendance register will be taken
at all tutorials. Students may only sign the register once the week’s problems have been satisfactorily
Tutorials will be held on Wednesday, 14:10–16:10 (S3, S4, S8) and Friday, 14:10–16:10 (S3).
Note that tutorials are two hours long. A supplemental tutorial will be held every Thursday, 12:20–
14:00 in one of the ASAP venues (2nd floor, Desmond Clarence).

4. Tests and Course Mark

There will be three tests of 60 minutes each written on the following dates:
(i) Thursday, 3 March (ii) Thursday, 31 March (iii) Thursday, 5 May.
These tests will be written in the Students’ Union hall and will start at 17:30. Details of each test will
be posted on the course site. Your course mark will be the average of the three test marks. Failure
to write a test will result in a zero mark unless supporting documentation (e.g. medical certificate)
is produced within five working days of the test date. Note that you have one week after scripts are
handed back to query your test mark. Thereafter no mark changes will be considered.

5. Duly Performed Certificates

In order to obtain a DP certificate (which allows you to write the final exam) you must attend at
least 80 % of tutorials and obtain a course mark of at least 35 %. Note that there will be no make-up

6. Exam and Assessment

One three-hour paper will count 80 % of the final mark, while your course mark will count 20 %.

7. Lecturers in Charge
Dr K Arunakirinathar (, room 304;
Dr S Moopanar, coordinator (, room 312;
Mrs J Morgan (, room 310.

8. Prescribed Book
Calculus, A Complete Course (7th edition) by Robert A Adams and Christopher Essex.

9. Course Site
Log on to using your usual lan login. Consult this site for regular course