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What is IELTS?
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IELTS is the International English Language Testing System Designed to assess the English language ability of people who intend to study or work where English is the language of communication

and includes a face-to-face speaking test to ensure that candidates can really communicate effectively in English Test of communicative proficiency in English – not a test of grammar • . speaking . reading . Covers all four skills – listening. writing.What is IELTS? • Original four-skills English language test – since 1989.

What is IELTS? • Close to one million people rely on IELTS every year to access opportunities in study. careers and migration throughout the English-speaking world and beyond .

The increasing popularity of IELTS 1000000 900000 800000 700000 600000 500000 400000 300000 200000 100000 0 1995 1996 1997 1998 1999 2000 2001 2002 2003 2004 2005 2006 2007 .

UK and the U.A global test for a modern world IELTS is a truly international test in every aspect • The IELTS international partnership • British Council Australia • IDP:IELTSof Cambridge ESOL Examinations • University Test production .recognised by over 6.S.item writers in Australia. covering all the main national varieties of English Test delivery – Available in over 120 countries Test recognition. Test content – sourced globally. New Zealand.000 institutions • • • • .

Fair and Reliable • • • • Every aspect of the IELTS test .from test design and administration. regardless of nationality. to the marking and reporting of results – is subject to the highest quality controls. security procedures and integrity management practices The rigorous processes used to produce the test materials ensure that every version of the test is of a comparable level of difficulty IELTS Quality Assurance and Examiner Management Systems assure that results are consistent wherever and whenever the test is taken Fair to anyone who sits the test. gender or lifestyle . background.

Proven • • • Since 1989. it has been trusted by both candidates and institutions to provide a secure. global. authentic test which measures true to life ability to communicate in English Trusted by institutions worldwide to provide a true indication of candidates English language proficiency Trusted by students worldwide to take them where they want to go .

” Scott said. the person is trained to gauge the student’s ability. – Inside Higher Ed.. director of graduate admissions and recruiting for the University of Minnesota-Twin Cities… In IELTS. 7 August 2006 .Face-to-face Speaking • • Realistic interactive conversation Shows your real life communication skills . interview is the top advantage of IELTS… said Andrea Scott. and to increase or decrease the difficulty of the conversation to tell more..

Accessible and convenient • • • • • • • • Available in over 500 locations across 120 countries and territories You can choose from up to 4 test dates each month Results available 13 days after the test Test fee payable in local currency Wide range of practice materials to help you prepare for the test One personal copy of your Test Report Form Up to five Report Forms sent free to receiving organizations Personal and friendly service from our test centre staff .

• Institutes of further and higher education: – Australia. the United Kingdom.400 institutions including Harvard.Global acceptance – one test for many countries and many purposes IELTS is trusted and accepted by over 6. Yale and Princeton – Exit test at Hong Kong universities . United States and many other countries worldwide – In the USA. New Zealand. Hong Kong. IELTS is accepted by close to 1. South Africa. Canada. Germany.000 education institutions and organizations worldwide. France.

Canada.• Professional bodies: – Australia. New Zealand. Canada. New Zealand and the UK • Government agencies and departments: – Australia. Ireland. Canada. New Zealand. the UK and USA • Immigration authorities: – Australia. Europe. UK. USA .

A.E.Fit for purpose test – IELTS is available in two formats • Academic Test For entry to universities For professional registration • General Training Test For immigration For colleges (e.F.g. T.) Check before you enrol .

4 sections. 2 tasks Speaking 11 . 3 parts .14 minutes.IELTS Test Format Listening 30 minutes. 40 items Academic Reading 60 minutes. 40 items Academic Writing 60 minutes. 2 tasks General Training Writing 60 minutes. 40 items General Training Reading 60 minutes. 3 sections. 3 sections.

Includes monologues and conversations in a variety of English accents .Listening • • • • • • 30 minutes 40 questions. 4 sections Each question is worth one mark No penalty for wrong answers Spelling is important – can use both British and American spelling Candidates listen to a number of recorded texts.

all written for a non-specialist audience At least one of the text contains a detailed argument .can use both British and American spelling Texts are taken from books. journals and newspapers. magazines.Academic Reading • • • • • • • 60 minutes 40 questions in 3 sections Each question is worth one mark No penalty for wrong answers Spelling is important.

graph or diagram Task 2: essay of at least 250 words in response to a statement or question .Academic Writing • • • • • 2 Tasks in 60 minutes Allocate about 20 minutes Task 1 40 minutes Task 2 Task 2 is worth more marks Task 1: write description of at least 150 words based on material found in a chart. table.

Part 3: a two-way discussion where the candidate is asked to participate in a discussion of a more abstract nature.14 minutes face to face Speaking Test with a trained and certified Examiner which is as close to real life situation as possible Part 1: introduction and interview Part 2: Candidate speaks uninterrupted for 2 minutes on a given topic. 1 minute preparation time. Discussion is related to topic in part 2 .Speaking • • • • 11.

Reading. They are reported in whole bands or half bands Scores in each skill are combined to produce an ‘Overall Band Score’ between 1 to 9 .IELTS Test Results • • • Candidates receive scores on a scale from 1 to 9 – these are called Band Scores A score is given for each skills (Listening. Writing and Speaking).

IELTS Test Report Form .

Limited User Band 3 .Extremely Limited User Band 2 .The IELTS 9 Band Scale • • • • • • • • • Band 9 .Expert User Band 8 .Competent User Band 5 .Very Good User Band 7 .Intermittent User Band 1 .Modest User Band 4 .Good User Band 6 .Non User .

ielts.Preparing for the Test • • • On-line practice Published preparation materials -Official IELTS Practice Materials Preparation courses and materials are available – ask for details at our Reception counter .

How to Apply? • • • An application form Bring your original. Your face must make up 80% of the photograph area. the background must be white or light blue only • The IELTS test fee . plus a copy 2 photos (passport size) which have been taken within the last 6 months. valid passport.

Visit for • • • • • • Global list of test centres and test dates IELTS Handbook Information for Candidates Practice Materials Application Form List of universities.ielts. colleges and other institutions worldwide accepting IELTS scores .

Register today for your IELTS test - THE WORLD IS WAITING .

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