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What's Ajax?
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heet by
amy h

AJAX, n. acronym Buzzw

ord Bi
1. Method of making HTTP server Every ngo!
requests using Javascript code, and talking
fetching the server response without about
reloading the web browser. Short and pr Ajax,
for Asynchronous Javascript And nobody ctically
XML. Uses the XMLHTTPRequest actuall
a clue y has
Javascript object. as to w
2. Bloody overused! hat it
y is.
Ajax in a Nutshell
A way to hit your server and get some data from
it without making your poor user reload the No server requests?
whole stinkin' page. (You can send data to the It ain't Ajax.
server, too, such as form submissions.) The
HTTP request is normal, just done from
Javascript! And no reloads! Ajax Code Packages
Just the good ones!
Wha? XML? Prototype.js
Dojo Toolkit
Despite the name, XML doesn't have to be
involved. Some Ajax packages let you offload MochiKit
data formatting work to your back end so you
can return HTML and even Javascript instead of
Debugging Tools
Useful Firefox Extensions
serializing stuff. Prototype.js is one of them.
& Greasemonkey Scripts

the road from here Live HTTP Headers

Code it by hand, use a Javascript toolkit, or use a View Formatted Source
Javascript/server-side scripting language Web Developer
framework. Ruby on Rails and its clones have Tamper Data
Ajax support baked in. For other languages, XMLHTTPRequest Debugging
your best bet is one of the pure Javascript code
packages to the right.
copyright 2005 amy hoy (