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2011-ASL UE MOCK PAPER SECTION C (Mock ) USE OF ENGLISH AS-LEVEL SECTION C READING AND LANGUAGE SYSTEMS Question-Answer Book 10. Stick a barcode label in the space provided on Page 7.P. Code: 5013 INSTRUCTIONS 1. Stick a barcode label and insert the information required in the spaces provided. Do not write in the margins. 7. Write your Candidate Number. Page 7 is orange in colour. Pages 1-6 of this Question-Answer Book will not be collected at the end of the examination. Supplementary answer sheets will be supplied on request. This Question-Answer Book contains the questions for Parts 1 and 2. Read carefully the instructions on the multiple-choice Answer Sheet. Not to be taken away before the end of the examination session © by Mia Wong P. Answers to all of Part 1 Questions 1-16 and to Part 2 Questions 17-46 should be marked on the multiple-choice answer sheet. YOU SHOULD HAND IN PAGES 7 -10 ONLY. 5. Answers to Part 2 Questions 47-95 should be written on Pages 7 to 10 of this Question-Answer Book. For multiple-choice questions. mark the question number box and stick a barcode label on each sheet and fasten them with string inside Pages 8 and 9 of this Question-Answer Book. 6.00 noon (1 1/2 hours) Q. 3. 1 . mark only ONE answer to each question. Write your Candidate Number in the space provided on Page 7. You are advised to use an HB pencil to mark all the answers on the multiple-choice Answer Sheet so that wrong marks can be completely erased with a clean rubber. 2. ANSWER ALL QUESTIONS: Marks will not be deducted for wrong answers. 8. Two or more answers will score NO MARKS. 4. Answers written in the margins will not be marked. You are advised to spend approximately 20 minutes on Part 1 (Reading) and approximately 70 minutes on Part 2 (Language Systems) 10. 9.30 am -12.

S. Many had placed 100% of their 401(k) assets in the stock rather than in the 18 other investment options they were offered. That’s why preventing such a thing from ever happening again may be impossible. Enron’s 401(k) accounts were locked while the company changed plan administrators in October. but it’s what some of them did. Now it became “Ultimately I’ll be taken care of”. which specify only how much goes into the play today. some shareholders charge top management with illegally covering up the company’s problems. The most common type of defined-contribution plan is the 401(k). one of those awful events that everyone agrees must never be allowed to happen again. business had become uncompetitive globally and began restructuring massively. With the explosion of wealth. the employees chose how much money to put into those accounts and then chose how to invest it. It’s the latest turn in the unwinding of one of the most audacious promise of the 20th century. But making sure it never happens again may not be possible. To make costs easier to control. that began in the 19th century it became possible to think about a possibility no one had dared to dream before. The fear at the center of daily living since caveman days – lack of food warmth. From the four choices given. a reversal of attitude that most rank as one of the largest in human history. The significance of the 401(k) is that it puts most of the responsibility for a person’s economic fate back on the employee. The promise was assured economic security comfort for essentially everyone in the developed world. For millennia the average person’s stance toward providing for himself had been ultimately I’m on my own. The Enron employees’ retirement disaster is part of the larger trend away from guaranteed economic security. IBM ended it’s no-layoff policy.). so employees could not have closed their accounts if they wanted to. A less visible but equally significant trend affected pensions. The shift back may take just as long. First. Within limits the employee must decide how much goes into the plan each year and how it gets invested – the two factors that will determine how much it’s worth when the employee retires. so everyone was going to end up with some Enron in his or her portfolio. The huge attitudinal shift to I’ll-be-taken-care-of took at least a generation. shelterwould at last lose its power to terrify. Americans realized that Social Security won’t provide social security for any of us. and understand not just intellectually but in their bones that. Labour unions promised not only better pay for workers but also pensions for retirees. That remarkable promise became reality in many ways. Which brings us back to Enron? Those billions of dollars in vaporized retirement savings went in employees’ 401(k) accounts.S. Giant corporations came into being and offered the possibility. to define contribution plans. AT&T fired thousands. The early hints that this promise might be broken on a large scale came in the 1980s.century quirk. © by Mia Wong P. Of course that wasn’t prudent. they’re on their own. and a few of whom killed themselves. Governments created welfare systems for anyone in need and separate programmes for the elderly (Social Security in the U. This urge is understandable and noble: thousands have lost virtually all their retirement savings with the demise of Enron stock. The other supposed guarantors of our economic security were also in decline. Enron’s Warning The miserable fate of Enron’s employees will be a landmark in business history. That is. Second. U. President Clinton signed a historic bill scaling back welfare. choose the option which best answers each question.PART 1 READING (6% of the subject mark) Read the following article and answer questions 1–16. which obligate them to pay out specified amounts years in the future. Enron matched a certain proportion of each employee’s 401(k) contribution with company stock. but that could be regarded as a freebie. when the stock was falling. You should mark your answers to questions 1-16 on the multiple-choice answer sheet. It won’t be complete until a new generation of employees see assured economic comfort as a 20th. companies moved away from defined benefit pension plans. since nothing compels a company to match employee contributions at all. because the sudden impoverishment of those Enron workers represents something even larger than it seems. with huge layoffs. many of whom found such a thing simply some cases the promise of lifetime employment plus guaranteed pensions? The cumulative effect was a fundamental change in how millions of people approached life itself. 2 . At least two special features complicate the Enron case. prompting investors to hang on when they should have sold. The trend accelerated in the 1990s as the bastions of corporate welfare faced reality. like most people in most times and places. But by far the largest cause of this human tragedy is that thousands of employees were heavily overweighed in Enron stock. Labour-union membership and power fell to their lowest levels in decades.

Lifetime employment as a promise D. C. The author is confused by the current trend. Enron’s offer was similar to a defined-benefit plan. layout unions and big corporations to guarantee economic comfort have led to a significant change in A.1. regaining 8. D. in the 1980s C. In line 13 paragraph 4. The possibility of being taken care of C. B. returning B. 1 and 3 C. in the 1990s D. the warning power of labors unions. Why does the author say at the beginning “The miserable fate of Enron’s employees will be a landmark in business history…”? A. In line 5 paragraph 2. B. lack of freedom to operate the account C. merging D. D. a 20th-century quirk C. D. Such events could happen again as it is not easy to change people’s mind. The possibility of having sufficient clothes D. D. 2 and 3 D. it is said that such events “must never be allowed to happen again”. Because such events would never happen again. on-one’s-own 12. the Enson case is complicated sometimes because of A. The possibility of having enough food B. People still trusted the Labour-Union D. 15. 3 . The money the employee inputs 2. The 401(k) made them responsible for their own future. in the 19th century B. but also that “it never happen again may not be possible”. Economic security won’t be taken for granted by future young workers. Because it signifies a turning point in economic security. 13. No. In the first paragraph. No. What is the main idea of paragraph 5? A. which of the following statements is NOT correct? A. the corporate lay-offs. In the last paragraph. legal way to deal with financial problems B. The employee’s economic fate A. Yes. C. inefficient top management D. According to paragraph 2. positive B. the economic restructuring. assured economic comfort D. Workers stand on their own feet C. B. 2. people’s social values 16. Some workers fired even committed suicide C. Workers in IBM might not be fired before B. the author wants to persuade readers to believe him. C. C. Thousands of employees chose Enron as their sole investment option mainly because A. the hyphenised phrase “I’ll-be-taken-care-of” is opposite to A. The current economic trend is confusing although the author has a clear mind. “scaling back” can be replaced by A. in the 20th century 6. sarcastic © by Mia Wong P. guaranteed economic security B. being short of stock-market knowledge 10. Yes. 14. Smart human beings might start to realize the changing economy A. Because many Enron workers lost their retirement savings. According to the passage. 401(k) assets should be placed in more than one investment option. Enron offered to add company stock to their investment. D. Is this a contradiction? A. Pensions for retirees are offered B. B. Changes in pension schemes were also part of A. Based on paragraph 3. Enron’s cases is too complex to cope with 11. B. C. C. the combined efforts by governments. Employees have to take up responsibilities for themselves. 3. The number of people believing in economic security became less and less 7. people’s living standard D. The possibility of having a house 5. Employees in Enron have different choices. what is NOT a possible way to assure economic security? A. Enron adopted the 401 (k) plan. Enron’s current situation is described and explained. people’s life styles. neutral D. The way of investment 4. reducing C. The author just states the truth of reality. Which is NOT seen as a lesson drawn from the Enron disaster? A. B. By saying so. the government cuts in welfare spending. their employers intended to cut back on pension spending. Welfare systems are created 4. negative C. B. what does the “two factors” mean? 1. D. 2 and 4 9. C. what is the word “possibility” referred to? A. In paragraph 5. people’s outlook on life. The stance of the author is A. The responsibility the employee assumes 3. 1 and 2 B. In line 14 paragraph 3. Because the company has gone bankrupt.

However. Such words may be called “popular”. Our acquaintance with them comes not from our mother’s (30) (31) or from the talk of our from books that we (32) . a multitude of words which are comparatively (27) used in ordinary conversation.that is to say. the use of “informal” and “formal” language depends on different domains. whom you are talking to. 4 . and the (356) between them and the “popular” words is of great importance to a right understanding of linguistic process. They (21) (22) (20) we should know we could not read or the common things everyday life. our language (26) acquired or learned. which we learn . that is.PART 2 LANGUAGE SYSTEMS (12% of the subject mark) From the four choices for questions 17-36. comprise the whole vocabulary. ordinary people do know when and where to speak what to whom. to of a limited class. (17) to all human meanings are known to every educated person. and are the stock in trade of all who (23) the language. there are two great classes of words which. of life. lectures that we First. Whether it is On the other hand. You should mark your answers to questions 17-36 on the multiple-choice answer sheet. from the (19) educated speakers who are discussing some particular elevated (34) above the in a style appropriately habitual degree of of our own family and from our familiar associates. choose the option which would best complete the article if inserted in the blank. home or in the market-place. do you know that in every cultivated language.or the school-mates. and and use write. since they belong to the people (25) (24) and are not the exclusive By and large. Their © by Mia Wong P. taken together. Such words are called “learned”. including (36) . Vocabulary in Mind There is a saying that “Language is made up with vocabulary”. there are those words (18) which more (33) conversation of highly we become acquainted in daily conversation. but there is little (28) to use them at (29) beings. read.

theme B. never D. relatives C. ones 21. public D. particles © by Mia Wong P. hear of B. formal D. first C. mind B. by D. at B. at large D. formative 34. distinction C. consists B. parties C. constitutes D. concern C. involve 23. prior 30. necessity 29. besides B. even B. topic C. mates B. known D. mouth C. share D. A. A. diversity D. apply C. reason D. A. A. in public B. and C. A. hire B. right B. which B. at most C. principal D. A. despite C. A. even if D. with C. knowing 18. privilege C. fellows 20. A. much C. former B. tips B. know B. at best 25. A. similarity 36. way C. A. but 32. knew C. comprises C. or D.17. those D. adopt D. attend C. composes 27. primary B. A. in spite of 22. members D. A. seldom B. lips D. A. listen 33. diversion B. often 28. use 24. participants B. idea D. 5 . A. tongue 31. formula C. A. prospect B. through 19. hear from D. point 35. A. that C. A. possession 26. care D. A. A. A.

launched the campaign of “Language purity”. B. but the 1974 Ordinance established that Chinese and English would enjoy equality of use. and de facto the more widely used medium of education. A decade or so later. During the period of British colonial rule. D. irrigated the public society. © by Mia Wong P. D. without taking Chinese into account. Fortunately. though. (41)A. cannot force people to speak English. After that. (38) A. showing the friendship between Britain and Hong Kong. D. However. cancelled the English language in Hong Kong. encourages Hong Kong people to speak English. the English language has the status of the official language of government. a failure often excused by the government as ‘non-interventionism’. (39) A. but described by others as political ‘hesitation’. 6 . the government insists that C. questioned by others. B.The following editorial is in six paragraphs. the colonial government (37) A. as a principle supported by the public. B. C. manages to make a language plan. D. You should mark your answers to questions 37-46 on the multiple-choice answer sheet. the official language of law. C. (40)A. B. B. which is pursued by the HK government. D. fails to formulate a clear language policy for the community. C. Language Planning in Hong Kong From the late 1960s to the late 1990s. determined the arrangement for the 1997 handover. choose the most suitable option so that the article makes sense as a whole. after the negotiations between Beijing and London It was not until 1974 that Chinese was recognized as a co-official language in the territory. From each set of four choices given. C. as Cantonese is the mother tongue.

D. D. © by Mia Wong P. the Hong Kong government announced that its new language policy The local linguists have been less concerned about a conflict between English and Chinese than the tension between Cantonese and Putonghua. as an official announcement: B. Similar changes have taken place in the legal system in Hong Kong. Article 9 (42)A. English may also be used as an official language by the executive authorities. higher than Chinese. legislative and judicial organs of HKSAR’. B. ‘In addition to the Chinese language. C. The use of Cantonese in Hong Kong is obviously out of step with the language policies of the PRC. C. the level of Putonghua has been increased.The position of Chinese was further strengthened by the publication of The Basic Law of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region. an increasing proportion of Cantonese was used in legislative Council speeches. a mere ‘regional dialect’ in the PRC. which outline new directions for language planning. which specifically promote Putonghua and the simplified Chinese characters. calling for people’s recognition that: (44)A. of which stated that: C. In the years immediately prior to July 1997 handover. Cantonese and Putonghua. which is by virtue good for the development of Hong Kong. indicating that: D. D. C. would be ‘to develop a civil service which is “bilateral” in English and Chinese (43)A. C. At present. more popular in mainland China. a widely spoken language. which totally opposes the public. B. Putonghua has become a hot lesson that attracts lots of learners. 7 . It is not surprising to see a new situation in Hong Kong. but meets great difficulty. and “trilingual” in English. B. Consequently. Cantonese may become (46)A. B. (45) A. without differentiating them clearly. and arouses people’s awareness of protecting their native language. D. the government is training its civil servants to speak Putonghua. The standardization of language promoted by the Chinese government will lead to the declination of other ‘regional dialects’. The ‘Bilingual Laws Project’ has resulted in a large proportion of written lays of Hong Kong translated into Chinese. In 1995.

Ngong Ping 360. during the trial-run with the maximum of 109 gondola cabins on the ropeway. with eight towers including the stations. After two months of improvement works and repair for the damages made by Typhoon Prapiroon in August 2006. system failures still occur occasionally. Cabins of the trouble-plagued Ngong Ping 360 cable car were put back on the cable for inspection and testing of the system ahead of its reopening. Fortunately. After the investigation. where the track cable acts as a rail in the sky and the haul cable pulls the cabins. The cableway and the cabins come from the Leitner Group. 500 people in the cabin were trapped for three hours. 8 . After service commencement.7 km cableway changes direction twice at the two angle stations. and the commencement date of the system was postponed. Ngong Ping 360 resumed a trial-run of 7 days from 30 August 2006. Version 1 Cable Car to Boost Tourism in Hong Kong? The tourism industry has been an important part of the economy of Hong Kong since it shifted to a service sector model in the late 1980s and early 90s. On 17 June 2006. and Skyrail-ITM was sacked from operating the service. After the incident. one on the south shore of Chek Lap Kok. A spokesman for the cableway said each cabin had been thoroughly checked and confirmed to be in good condition before being moved out of the storage area. there were no passengers inside the cabin when it fell down and no one was injured on the ground. The corporation has adopted a continuous circulating bi-cable aerial ropeway for the Project. some of them caused by strong winds. Skyrail-ITM postponed the opening day to fix the technical problems. The article below has been produced in two versions.7 km long bi-cable gondola lift system and referred to by its operators as a “cable car” linking between Tung Chung (where it connects the MTR Tung Chung station) and Ngong Ping (where the Po Lin Monastery and Tian Tan Buddha are located). Between the two terminals at Tung Chung and Ngong Ping. However. Read Version1 and then fill in he blanks in Version 2 for questions 47-67 in such a way that meaning of Version 1 is preserved. a cable car worker was charged with criminal negligence related to the incident. The system was originally scheduled to open on 24 June 2006. As a result. It is the first of its type to be installed in Hong Kong. A lot of emphasis was placed during the design development stage on harmonising the cable car development with the surrounding environment. as one of such tourism projects in Hong Kong. Therefore. the 5. the other west of Nei Lak Shan within the Lantau North Country Park. due to the incident on 17 June 2006. A travel agency said it hoped the Lantau cable car system would be up and running in time for the long Christmas holiday season. © by Mia Wong P. You should also make sure that your answers are grammatically correct.000 passengers over the Lunar New Year holidays. allows long spans between towers. paying attention to tenses. The themed village has been designed to reflect and maintain the cultural and spiritual integrity of the Ngong Ping area. a cabin arriving Ngong Ping station had a slight collision with a late departing cabin. Ngong Ping Cable Car is a 5. various tourist attractions have been built in order to attract more visitors as well as more investment. there have already been several reports of technical problems. The entire system was automatically halted by the safety system. etc. It was opened on 18 September 2006. On 11 June 2007. Version 2 has some missing words and phrases. A continuous circulating bi-cable aerial ropeway system. A further 600 visitors were trapped at the Ngong Ping station. the lift system runs across the southern shore of the Hong Kong International Airport island and Nei Lak Shan. a gondola cabin fell off the ropeway and crashed into a hilly area near Chek Lap Kok South Road. all the terminals and angle stations are designed with unique character to blend in with the ambiance. Between the Tung Chung and Ngong Ping Terminals. Now the Ngong Ping 360 cable-car system is gearing up for an estimated influx of up to 100.You should write your answer to ALL the remaining questions (47-95) in this Question – Answer Book. all trial-runs were canceled. There has been a sharp increase of mainland Chinese tourists due to the introduction of the Individual Visit Scheme in 2003. However. consists of Ngong Ping Cable Car and Ngong Ping Village. plurals. and to complement the existing attractions in the area and the cable car ride.

because of some (57) _______________________ _______________________. it was postponed. © by Mia Wong P. can draw more (49) _______________________ and (50) _______________________ flowing into the city. paying attention to tenses. It was (62) _______________________ that no one was injured. A recent incident was even frightening – a gondola cabin (61) _______________________ _______________________a hilly area. An (63) _______________________ was needed before the reopening of the Cable Car system. Note that the most suitable word MAY or MAY NOT appear in Version1.Use ONE word to fill in each blank for questions 47-67. Version 2 Building tourist (47) _______________________ is one of the best ways to boost (48) _______________________. According to (56) _______________________. Several (59) _______________________ happened which had a bad influence on tourism. as the backbone of many countries or cities. 9 . the running of the Cable Car is sensitive to (58) _______________________ _______________________. Once two adjoining cabins (60) _______________________ with each other slightly. You should make sure that your answers are grammatically correct. Based on this reason. The examination goes on (66) _______________________ and millions of passengers are (67) _______________________ for the reopening day. However. plurals. Hyphenated or contracted words count as one. (52) _______________________ which it runs across some places of interest. etc. the Cable Car should be opened on 24 June 2006. Actually. The operation of the Cable car is not smooth all the way. Ngong Ping Cable Car was established in Hong Kong so as to link two (51) _______________________. The design the Ngong Ping Cable car is unique because great emphasis was put on the (53) _______________________ between the (54) _______________________ of the cable car and the (55) _______________________. because tourism. The result was that a worker was (64) _______________________ during work and Skyrail-ITM which (65) _______________________ operated Cable Car was fired.

The journey is hard. F. the metropolitan norm of British English.For question 68-77. 73. Howard Zinn infuses the voices of blacks. What’s a caucus? How do primaries work? How can you sift through all the babble to get to the truth? “ 70 ____ D. 74. 76. Each letter should be used ONCE ONLY. The dominant view of many linguists and educators has been that it is a variety of the language that is derived from. oceanography. The emphasis is on readability. And this book can help you to pick the candidate who best represents your views 71____ 76____ J. Write the letters of the statements from Column B in the spaces provided in the Answer column as shown in the example. 77. Written by internationally respected authors. Sylvia Ashton-Warner. how could she build them a bridge to European culture? 68. step-by-step program that shows patents simply and clearly how to teach their children to read. It’s an easy-to-follow and enjoyable way to help your child gain the essential skills of reading. “Teach Your Child to Read in 100 Easy Lessons”is a complete. American Indians. Consistently lauded for its lively. they DO NOT form a complete passage. TEACHER was first published in 1963 to 73____ excited acclaim. A spectacular finish to a phenomenal series. foliage grows ominously quickly. filled with events both tragic and triumphant. this novel depicts the tactics by which political candidates either can be propelled or ambushed and their campaigns can be subverted. tennis balls appear unexpectedly. “Foundations of Sport and Exercise Psychology”. I. Earth Science offers a reader-friendly overview of our physical environment for the reader with 74____ little or no exposure to science. “Hong Kong English: Autonomy and Creativity” is one of the Asian Englishes Series. Topics covered are geology. the new edition continues to provide a thorough introduction to the key 75____ concepts in the field. Stephen King’s “Duma Key” ventures to an uninhabited Florida island where the shells 68____ groan at high tide. and bridges the gap between research and practices. and meteorology. 72. The Appeal” is John Grisham’s handy primer 69____ on a timely subject: how to rig an election. but if all statements in the exercise are put together. American politics can be confusing. 75. 10 . 77____ © by Mia Wong P. and poor laborers into this thorough narrative that spans from Christopher Columbus’s arrival to an afterword on the Clinton presidency. Blow by blow. H. 71. Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows is a bittersweet read for fans. C. Introduction to Bestsellers Column A Answers Column B A. astronomy. it provides students and new practitioners with a comprehensive view of sport and exercise psychology. “Politics For Dummies” offers all these answers and more. This final chapter is as brilliant and blinding as a phoenix’s flame. They were passionate children. bred in an ancient legend-haunted tradition. Its author. 70. 69. the statements in Column B can be paired with those in Column A so that the second statement follows most naturally from the first. war resisters. with an incredible collection of full color photographs and topographical maps. this revised and updated edition of “A People's History of the United States” turns traditional textbook history on its head. readable 72____ prose. it’s inevitable that something terribly undead will show up before the book is over. The two correctly-matched statement from Column A and B form a pair. Given this combination of author and setting. lived in New Zealand and spent many years teaching Maori children. G. B. and at least one heron flies upside-down. E.

83. As more studies have completed on the effects of GM crops. Do not make unnecessary changes. There is little evidences of health risks from eating them. 89. argued that it was a trade barrier because there is no scientific base for it. 81. But environmentalists continue to find fault with such studies and argued they are inconclusive. since there remains the slightest adverse consequences and since it is clear how they benefit from GM crops. And the studies have shown that the environmental effects on modified crops are not always as serious the greens claim. 88. they would rather not running the risk. 11 . (example b) Wrong word: underline the wrong word and write the correct word above it. 78. 90. By 1999 there were enough country to block any new approvals of GM produce. Lines (a) to (d) are examples. 93. While Americans happy to consume food made from GM crops. 82. America filed a complaint about the moratorium. 92. (example a) For questions 78-95. But their public concern over its environmental risks led EU to countries ^ demand a moratorium on imports of new GM produce. © by Mia Wong P. If you think there is no error in a line. c. 95. 87. corrections MUST be done EXACTLY as follows: Extra word: delete the extra word with a ‘X’. END OF PAPER √ Marker’s Use Only a. (example d) Genetically Modified Food The European Union had approved a number of genetically modified crops until in late 1998. 84. and write the missing word above it. opinion polls show that Europe consumers dislike the idea. 94. (example c) Missing word: mark the position of the missing word with a ‘^ ‘. 85. the greens’ case for them has weakened. 91. 79. 80. d. b. Changes to punctuation should not be made.Correct the errors in the following letter. No line has more than one error and some lines are correct. They have the attitude which. In last year. put a tick ‘ ’ at the end of the line. 86.

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